Invisible Designed Neural Coercion: Controlling Guided Missiles and Misguided Men

Since it is summertime and the living is supposed to be easy, I wish I was off on vacation or taking a break from the blog. Instead, I have been dealing with a tsunami of corroborating research materials from all over the world on this neural emphasis in education. When I was writing my book Credentialed to Destroy and documenting what the required classroom practices would be under a Competency-focus, the Common Core, or any performance ‘standard’, I came to accept that what was being mandated would have a clear neural effect. It would alter how students’ brains functioned going forward. More research assembled in various places subsequently on this blog has made it clear that those neural effects are both known and desired. It is easier to rule people with little recognition they are being coerced.

The age demographics of who voted for BREXIT seem to show that as well as a desire to be coddled. As Bandura put it in our last post, the young people in the UK believe in proxy agency and institutions instead of individual achievement. What I have now had to come to grips with though is that the neural manipulation is the purpose of education reforms and standards-based education. It is the goal precisely because it makes a person amenable to manipulation without either recognition, resistance, or protest. Surely I am exaggerating, right? On Friday, the OECD linked to this paper on “The Neuroscience of Mathematical Cognition and Learning.” It has pictures and graphs of the targeted areas as it is now clear that education intends to use “the scientific study of the biological substrates underlying cognition, specifically the neural basis of mental processes.”

Oh, c’mon, lighten up with seeing bad motives when all anyone really wants to do is help everyone learn to read fluently and be good at algebra, I can hear a few of my readers whispering. Except that is not the purpose and it is more than what is detailed at length in Credentialed to Destroy. The desire is to get everyone to ‘on-level performance’ and only to there. The hope is simply to get everyone to literacy and numeracy so they can understand and work with print, visual images, and numbers in ‘everyday life’. Prescribe a theory of classroom practices that creates “changes in neural pathways and synapses due to changes in environment and behavior.” Now are we beginning to understand the real implications of the federal ESSA law stipulating that all states must have ‘challenging academic content standards’ where behavior is the means to show ‘achievement’?

Please remember what I explained about Constructivism in Chapters 2 and 3 when you read this passage from that OECD paper’s conclusion (my italics and bolding):

“Research in cognitive neuroscience has allowed the possibility of exploring the neural basis of complex and sophisticated cognitive processes such as numerical cognition. Using an expanding range of tools from single-cell recording to brain stimulation, progress is being made in not only localising brain regions involved in overall functions, but also mapping the complexity of networks engaged in mathematical learning.

Overall, advances in cognitive neuroscience research is beginning to shed light on the ontogeny [physiology or neural formations are synonyms for that $100 word] of mathematical cognition, how cognition and behavioral performance can be modulated based on the knowledge of neuroplasticity, and how such findings can be used to understand the workings of the brain as a whole. Collaborations between scientists and educators and professionals relevant to the field of mathematics learning promises further advances in the understanding of not only mathematical cognition, but also learning in general, with long-term implications to enrich the mental wealth of mankind.”

That blog link also cites a 2007 OECD paper that came to my attention earlier in the week–“Understanding the Brain: The Birth of a Learning Science.” It outlined with numerous graphics precisely what the term Transdisciplinary is to alter and should be viewed through what UNESCO had in mind when it piloted this curriculum shift in Queensland, Australia covered here. Since what is going on in education in the name of brain-based learning was not news to me, I went quickly to the chapter called “The Ethics and Organisation of Educational Neuroscience” with its cover quotes that “Science without conscience is but the ruin of the soul” and HG Wells’ belief that “Human history becomes more and more a race between education and catastrophe.”

The chapter opens with a Martin Luther King Jr quote that–“Our scientific power has outrun our spiritual power. We have guided missiles and misguided men.” Anyone detecting a theme among these quotes on the need to force internalized shared beliefs and values via education? How about if I further quote the authors acknowledgment that “traditionally, the ethical rules concerning biomedical research on human beings follow the Nuremburg Code of 1949 and the Declaration of Helsinki of 1964.”  See what I mean about purpose and aim? The bi-directional exchange between Trans-disciplinary Research on Learning and Mandated Classroom Practices and Required Assessments of what a Student has Internalized at a Neural Level are not the only reason I linked to that Queensland post.

When I first located that 2007 paper, I followed up on the Bibliography telling me that the US NSF had established Science of Learning Centers in 2003. I pulled up those materials and presentations and recognized numerous relevant professors and institutions. We have the creator of the 1987 HOTS report and the co-director of the New Standards project in the 90s–Lauren Resnick and Roy Pea of Stanford who is also now tied to NSF’s Cyber learning initiative and Charles Fadel’s Center for Curriculum Redesign at Harvard. I knew back then these machinations were global, but not yet that we were looking at education research involving the physiology of real students in actual classrooms to “integrate insights about ‘micro-level’ mechanisms with evidence about aggregate, ‘macro-level’ outcomes that emerge from processes of implementing these mechanisms.”

In less stilted English (which I am capable of when I don’t have to quote for accuracy about indisputable aims), that would translate into monitoring the student’s neural network and which brain regions fire on prescribed tasks and how all that fits their shown behavior and how it changes. Data, data, data. Personal Identifiability is so NOT the needed area of focus in the Era of Sought Educational Neuroscience. I also wanted to go back to Queensland because there is a new Journal called the Science of Learning there and the Director of the SLC program at NSF wrote a letter to the Editor about two weeks ago. See how real time we are here at ISC in tracking what is planned for us?

I started to write that Soo-Siang Lim was with the US NSF or the US SLC Centers with their declared emphasis on the “internal world of mind and brain” since so much of the prescribed emphasis has made it to all US classrooms in the name of the Common Core standards, but yesterday when I put her name into a search engine, I found out NSF has an office in Beijing and does Science of Learning work with jetsetting PIs at the University of Hong Kong. I found out Dr Lim sued for gender discrimination after she did not get tenure for an Anatomy Professorship at Indiana before joining the NSF and beginning her tour of the world. Found videos of interviews in Rio and dubbing into other languages. Perhaps most crucially though I found a January 23-24, 2012 OECD/NSF SLC conference in Paris called “Innovation in Education: Connecting How we Learn to Educational Policy and Practice.”

Notice the presence of Dirk Van Damme. We met him when I wrote about Global Education Futures Forum and Redesigning the Future and the presence of Alexander and Kathia Laszlo as Co-chairs of the Silicon Valley event.  I could be sarcastic and say that coincidences abound but none of this is coincidental. The neural transformations being sought are the common glue that allows control without effective opposition and every wanna-be planner in the world seems to know it. It’s time we all knew it too. Also remember the quote from the head of the OECD in the Conclusion to my book that all of the OECD’s education policies are to pursue their desired plans of social, political, and economic transformations.

I must admit these last several weeks have produced many “Oh. Wow” moments in my research so I decided to go back to earlier works from decades ago, as well as now, where these aims were both clearly hoped for and sought. Turned out that in 1989 Paul Ehrlich and Robert Ornstein in New World New Mind called for governments to “make new ways of thinking and new ways of handling our problems immediately available to society’s decision-makers. And while changing the form and content of education would be a major step toward conscious evolution..” They go on to state that “there is a new understanding of the human mind, developed from modern brain research and studies of thought processes.” I have never thought it was just coincidental that under President Obama the NSF and all these education initiatives like the League of Innovative Schools report at the White House to a close Ehrlich associate–John Holdren.

Could have the motto: “Finally in a position to make it so.” Let’s come back to the present and Rebecca Costas’ 2010 book The Watchman’s Rattle: Thinking Our Way Out of Extinction. Harvard biologist E.O. Wilson wrote the Foreword and is quoted as saying in 2009 that “the real problem of humanity is the following: We have paleolithic emotions; medieval institutions; and god-like technology.” Sounds just like the quotes prefacing the OECD’s Chapter on the Ethics surrounding Educational Neuroscience and its potential, doesn’t it? It should make us all very nervous that the well-connected Ms Costas thought that the way to avoid civilizational collapse was to reject thought involving “analytical processing [and] deliberate application of strategies and operations to gradually approach a solution.”

My last quote confirms just how often the phrase ‘evidence-based policy’ in education or ‘best practices’ is obscuring a sought neural transformation in the parts of the brain trained to respond and the very nature of the student’s brain itself. Frequently the sales pitch is also put out in the name of Equity as in a 2014 paper called “Neuroscience and Education: Prime Time to Build the Bridge.” It stated that “rising education inequality is among the gravest of the world’s problems.” Now, education inequality is a natural condition of humanity throughout history. Only by interfering with people’s brains and how they process is Equity possible and that very interference is totalitarian, especially when the nature of what is being targeted is the subject of so much organized deceit.

Anyone else chilled to the bones by all this global coordination with known and Proud-of-It Authoritarian or Communist States? As I mentioned to someone yesterday, individual liberty is precious and rare in the annals of history. In the era of unrecognized Educational Neuroscience it is about to become extinct within the current generation.

In the name of obscuring slogans like Choice, Higher Standards, Personalized Learning, and Brain-Based Instruction.

I’d like to Opt Out Please.

126 thoughts on “Invisible Designed Neural Coercion: Controlling Guided Missiles and Misguided Men

  1. Chilled to the bone and Clammy too.

    Another trickle down effect resulting from the Planners aims for ensuring Neural rewiring is seamlessly delivered is that their indoctrinated educators/change agents working at the school level feel exactly zero accountability to the parents of the Anticipatory Cognitive Embodied System life forms that they welcome into their hallowed halls of education.

    This past week a friend spoke on behalf of many parents to the Headmaster of our school requesting information regarding the origin/source of a specific class curriculum and was told:

    “I am not interested in providing you with that information. I don’t see that it is helpful right now.”

    She was also warned not to go to the board in so many words.

    The Gulag walls are closing in.

    • Years ago when my two oldest were at an ‘elite’ private and I first started to figure out that changes were being made that went to the essence of what I was paying for, the Lower School Principal essentially told me my kids were at risk if I rocked the boat and disclosed what I knew. Tip of the iceberg as it turned out. She wanted my son’s superb scores and for me to feel privileged to have been included in such a group. She was also afraid I would tell what a poor job they had done teaching reading.

      ACES really is one of my favorite acronym inventions. One of the papers I read this weekend on the neural focus said it had started 15 years before in earnest. That would take it to McREL’s rollout of Achieving Excellence in Colorado that Benathy and Csik were also involved with.

  2. Nobody knows how our brain functions. Some processes are linked to certain areas in our brain, thanks to MRI scans, that’s all. So all these referrals to “neural functions” is boogus.
    It is like pointing to a digital processors circuitry : here addition is performed, there conditional jumps are taken care off. Without knowing the details.
    For our brain, do we know how information is stored : the number system used?
    Come on.

    • Hi David. Unfortunately they know quite a lot, but you are right it is the mandate under the Common Core, or doing well on PISA, and Competences globally where masses of people are being asked to perform the same tasks while info is gathered that will supposedly really give the information desired so that adaptive learning via digital platforms can really begin the process of deliberate designed neural change. That’s why it is so dangerous to think of a ‘standard’ or ‘outcome’ in terms of what you should know about history or the characters in a Jane Austin book.

      Part of the archived SLC materials on the NSF site is about 500 slides from the 2010 presentations from the various PIs of the Science of Learning Centers. A point that keeps being made and that I have seen referred to as the “tight-loose” means of finally getting the desired ed reforms in place at the school and classroom level is “Fidelity to the Design, Adaptation to the Environment.” This is also the reason the assessments now are not to be single answer and factual, but rather they probe what strategies get applied and what aspects of the given context are examined when there is no single correct answer or approach.

      This is a desired experiment and it relates directly to treating the brain as a system, cities, workplaces. All can now supposedly be planned. Mercy me, of course I know how experimental this is and that we are the experiment and no one knows how this will turn out, but that doesn’t alter this declared neural focus. There is also a desire to specify the concepts and categories to be used to guide perception and interpretation and have the brain work as if it were a digital processing, ANN-Artificial Neural Network–with the nodes being the Whole Language worked with, provided DCIs–Disciplinary Core Ideas and CCCs–Cross-Cutting Concepts and Themes. This is what Understanding by Design and Understandings of Consequences and Lynn Erickson’s Enduring Understandings are to be all about.

      If you choose not to read the links I provided and what they say is targeted and known, then I am not going to summarize them for you on this blog. ISC is like a warning beacon alerting to danger zones. I am not everyone’s personal guide available for free mapping of the details so that everyone can come through untouched through no effort of their own at protection.

      • Thank you for this reply. I do not deny that research of learning processes is interesting and challenging.
        It is my conviction that intelligence is just the ability to learn. And learning amounts to 1. experimenting 2. storing the results 3. recognizing stored results 4. acting accordingly which amounts to avoiding previously made errors.
        Self learning computer games may be programmed in this way.
        Our DNA may be regarded as “stored results of natures experiments”.

        • Please read the previous post on what Albert Bandura hoped to achieve that would biologically alter what had been genetically endowed via prescribed learning experiences to do just that. Bandura and Paul Ehrlich, by the way, are close working colleagues at Stanford. There is a paper cited in the just released Working Paper that should interest you. It was published in November 2007 in Neuron and is called “Cultural Recycling of Cortical Maps” by Stanislas Dehaene (who was at the Hong Kong SLC recently) and Laurent Cohen. As an aside I happen to have read Dehaene’s Reading in the Brain: The New Science of How We Read from 2009 so what is known to occur in a phonetically fluent brain vs one that reads primarily through Whole Words and recognised phrases is not something I do not understand. I also covered it in Chapter 2 of my book. That PI slideshow from 2010 makes it quite clear nsf was as busy crippling the brain with respect to reading and writing as it was with the Math Science Partnerships and State Systemic Initiatives I lived with here in Georgia.

          The concepts involved in what constructivist reading, math, and science and a visually-based classroom and cognitive-dissonance and values clarification and an SEL/mindfulness orientation, all of which we have tracked the mandates for, fit with what that article called ‘exaptation.’ It is the “reuse, in the course of evolution, of an ancient biological mechanism in a completely new role. In cultural learning, however, this reuse obviously does not involve any genetic reshuffling, but occurs during the life span as a result of brain plasticity.” Those neural changes during a lifetime are enough because the purpose of the changes is to create people determined to act for transformative political change in institutions and laws and to tolerate being planned for. Now you can say I cannot make a definite connection but I can with the OECD via Angel Gurria’s declared statements covered in my book.

          I can also tie that “Cultural Recycling of Cortical Maps” paper to that broader agenda because the paper was financed by the McDonnell Foundation. Its head, John Abbott, headed this 21st Century Learning Initiative as well. He also wrote a paper “Battling for the Soul of Education” written in 2014 that lays out the global vision and how Finland fits in. He wants to “instigate a collective change of heart” through brain-based schooling and declares “it’s not just the political realm, or the economic, or even the scientific or spiritual realms, but it is all of these elements of human experience that have to be considered. And considered in their entirety, not separately.”

          Not speculating in the least about what is intended, just good at grasping the implications of what I read.

          • A lot of material to read and study.
            One quick reply:
            in my view there are basically 2 ways of learning
            1. trial and error
            2. analytic reasoning
            both have their advantages.
            add 1. learned outside classrooms (or in school to provide safe environment)
            add. 2: these apply to abtract knowledge, school is better than practice
            Simulators combine 1, and 2.

  3. Awhile back these domains may not have been admitted to.

    ” However, in the national arena, standards for SEL are few and unclear. Specifically, the Common Core State Standards, which are currently being adopted by 42 states, include an attempt at SEL-related skills within interpersonal and intrapersonal domains. The interpersonal domain includes teamwork, collaboration, and leadership. The intrapersonal domain includes intellectual openness, work ethic/conscientiousness, and positive self-evaluation.”

    • That interpersonal and intrapersonal distinction is based on Robert Kegan’s work and is what the OECD calls Key Competences. Remember the Hewlett Foundation hired him and Paul Senge to evaluate whether the SBAC would be looking for ‘deeper learning’? Also Kegan is partnered with Ken Wilber is pushing Transpersonal Psychology. The ultimate in targeting the Intraindividual as game for neural manipulation.

      I have been looking at the framework for assessing ‘collaborative problem-solving’ which the OECD has added to PISA and ATC21S has created a Learning Progression for. It really is priming students to be acquiescent to their roles in an Upravleniye cooperative commonwealth planned via data based on an obligation of Equity.

      Turns out that ACER out of Australia that leads the ATC21S Initiative is also the lead institution for a Science of Learning Research Center. I guess that is why they needed the new journal linked here. Also the US founding contribution to ATC21S was funded through the NSF.

      Fun morning so far, but at least all the mysteries are being solved and the deceit and false narratives can be recognised.

        • This post bridges so much from the graphics about self-awareness and how it fits with mindfulness to redesigning the high school.

          It’s time to boldly reimagine the high-school experience—using the power of human-centered design, the latest adolescent neuroscience, and purpose learning—to usher in a new era of education that prepares students for this century, not the last. was put up the same day I wrote this post in case anyone hopes I am exaggerating. The William Damon talked about is the same prof who wrote a book with Csik and Howard Gardner wanting to change the prevailing memes to get cultural evolution.

          To quote a bit more: “But high school is about more than job readiness; it’s also a critical time for human development and establishing healthy lifelong habits. In his book Age of Opportunity: Lessons from the New Science of Adolescence adolescent psychology expert Laurence Steinberg explains, “As a second and final stage of brain plasticity, adolescence is probably the last real opportunity we have to put individuals on a healthy pathway, and to expect our interventions to have substantial and enduring effects.” The teenage years are a time when students can start imagining the lives they want to lead, and can develop the internal compass and traits that will help them live a life of purpose, meaning, and devotion to a cause bigger than themselves. This is where our high schools are really failing students. Almost nothing in the current system speaks to developing the voice of young people, their own dreams, and a sense of what’s really important to them. Instead, the system focuses on validating rampant external achievement and measuring students’ knowledge through standardized testing. No wonder students are bored, tired, and stressed.”

          • WOW. Again. The author is not pulling any punches with this bit huh?

            ” the last real opportunity we have to put individuals on a healthy pathway, and to expect our interventions to have substantial and enduring effects.”The teenage years are a time when students can start imagining the lives they want to lead, and can develop the internal compass and traits that will help them live a life of purpose, meaning, and devotion to a cause bigger than themselves.”

            Having stated that “We” ( gotta luv that ill defined WE ) will direct the student’s inner compass ” to a cause bigger than themselves” it is really rich to state in next breath that,

            “Almost nothing in the current system speaks to developing the voice of young people, their own dreams, and a sense of what’s really important to them.”

            But we know of course that is just paying lip service to what the individual might choose for themselves without having their inner keel or compass appropriately and invisibly steered by WE.

            Musn’t. Have. Autonomous. Behavior. For. Freedom. Or. Justice.

          • We have a convergence now of many sources detailing their sought for physiological convergence.

            And yes I do monitor a whole lot of sites. Happy 4th by the way. Doing my famous baked beans on sunday for a cookout. Weird after all those years at the beach for the 4th.

          • Happy 4th to you too Robin! We can all celebrate our mental freedom and our determination to ensure that the generations that follow us get to keep their axe maker minds as well.

            I’m sure the baked beans will be a hit wherever you serve them! I’m planning on some crabs, hard-shells for most everyone and maybe a soft-shell to two for me. Still can’t sell anyone else of this particular culinary delight. They don’t know what they are missing! 😉

          • I actually like soft shells, but then I had a college friend with a place on the Chesapeake bay. My kids liked calamari until a cousin’s husband told them what they were at a christmas family reunion.

            Remember as sad as these revelations are, we are not wondering anymore. We are all precisely where we need to be to protect our children and everybody else’s and this country. None of thos is in the shadows anymore. Well, maybe a little bit if we count my need to do some hard file organizing.

          • Why look! Skills become the excuse for controlling all aspects of the economy and society. Notice this was invite only in Norway this week

            And yesterday the federal Departments of Labor and Ed issued more than 4000 pages of final regs to implement the almost 800 page wioa. Remember when no one would talk about it or insisted it was about aiding people with disabilities?

            See what I mean about the excuse to turn us all into designed subjects or to fit with your new moniker–ACES. “To realise the full benefit of investments in skills, all relevant ministries (education, labour, economy, innovation, social affairs, regional development and others) across all levels of government must collaborate and coordinate their actions to ensure that individuals develop relevant skills, activate them fully in the labour market, and use them effectively in workplaces and society. Institutions and mechanisms need to be in place not only to facilitate, but also to guarantee effective collaboration and coordination across government.

            hat role can ministers play in overcoming silo-thinking where it impairs government’s ability to develop a shared and coherent vision for skills policies?
            What are the main barriers to achieving greater collaboration across ministries and levels of government on skills?
            What steps or measures have been helpful in improving collaboration and coordination across ministries and levels of government?”

            Equity and Skills Deficits–the rationales that allow totalitarian interventions in the name of supposed ‘well-being’.

            And look at the end of the Documentation for this excuse for dirigisme, the cite is to Charles Fadel and the Center for Curriculum Redesign’s 2015 book Four-Dimensional Education.

            It also ties the OECD’s Educational Neuroscience as the micro-level means and Skills as the macro-level means to control society, economies, and political institutions. It’s how we get the Great Transition with no one supposedly being the wiser because the pieces of the jigsaw are only being connected in my book Credentialed to Destroy or subsequently on this blog using what I know from book to grasp the rest of the story.


            It always gets back to race and an obligation to eliminate disparities. That of course means governments have to be in charge of steering from the micro-neural level to the meso city, community, and state wioa gets at, to the national policy area that was what that Bergen, Norway invite-only summit is about. Fascinating, isn’t it that the OECD and unesco have created templates in all these areas?

            Add on wellbeing as the overall category education and health are a component of and we get this,-gender-and-human-rights and this on enabling pathways to health equity. from Australia.

            Notice how much this has in common with the community schools agenda that is part of ESSA.

          • Look how SUN up your way is being cited in this paper as the exemplar.

            Health and success as ‘needs’. Gee. if only someone had used the term ‘success’ in the title of the most recent federal education statute everything would be so much clearer.

            Notice this is to get a masters in city planning. Fulton has an urban planner as one of their senior admins–Patrick Burke. Plus Donald Schoen of MIT of Action Research fame was an Urban Planning prof there. remember he developed the phrase Generative Metaphor? He also did his thesis on John Dewey.

      • Ohfercryinoutloud. Seriously? Stop. And dollars to donuts this mandatory yoga program will come with ample meditation practice time as well.

        • I was going back through that Ehrlich/Ornstein book and recognizing all the suggestions to get a New Mind in current documented mandates. Got to something called the jigsaw technique for the classroom. Decided to see if it was in wide use now.

          Yup. Being sold as a means to reduce racial conflict so that means all these Positive School Climate mandates force what was originally declraed to be a new way of thinking that could promote peace and disarmament during the cold war.

          Honestly though my deerstalker hat is a bit warm in the summertime. I wonder if I can get one in some kind of ghurka khaki suitable for tropical climates?

  4. An example of neuroconstricture,

    Watch the first video… pure brainwash. They have 12 choices in their ” toolbox ” of how to act/react. And they are to rely on their trusty flipbook which they can consult.
    ( bible, 10 commandments, virtues, soul, self, reason, instinct, REPLACED!)
    You can sense the shackles on their minds. AND they go home and “TEACH their parents”….

    ALSO Irina Bockova
    Nothing like a hard line communist to run the UN, after all she has been cracker jack at UNESCO..

  5. Back to that internal motivation and regulation again.

    “The reasons for learning SEL and having positive character are not for a grade or for rewards. SEL skills and character allow you to accomplish great things in the world.
    They allow you to be helpful to others, to learn effectively, to contribute to your family, friends, school, and community, and to make your life better. ”

    • Remember Character is one of the four dimensions in that ccr template created by Fadel.

      I also cited to Maurice Elias in my book and Rutgers is involved with one of the Science of Learning Centers.

        • I am not quite sure what aspect of this post raised this particular comment, but I have written that there turns out to be an overlap between this neural reengineering template and an Islamic initiative known as the Tarbiyah Project.

          Also when I was working on some of the Learning Cities research out of the UK, I came across the government pushing the taxpayer-funded schools tied to mosques to change how reading was taught. It was akin to what is called Close Reading now in the US under the Common Core. Instead of deciphering print, it is whole word concepts being sought. I found it alarming and fascinating all at once.

          • It’s an ideological war on the meaning of words? If they control the meaning of words they control the culture?

          • Very true and they know it. Now take that control over language and tie it into Interoperability Standards controlling what most students will know (without parent intervention) and you can really see how circumscribed all this becomes.

            I happen to know that the HOuston ISD is partnered in the Science of Learning Centers described in this post.

            When you control the language people ahve to think with and through virtual reality digital platforms you control the visuals of their prescribed experiences and how each student reacted to what they were immersed in, we begin to realize that Brave New World just wasn’t sufficiently imaginative. Neural manipulation without consent–it’s how to finally get Uncle Karl’s agenda in place for the benefit of the politically connected and all without protest. Even parents paying attention are being deliberately misled to look for problems with personally identifiable information or targeting religious beliefs. It’s all beliefs that are targeted.

          • That may have been somewhat true historically in the later half of the 19th and into the 20th century. To some extent Marxism is a political theory whereby the so-called intelligentsia take control of political institutions for their benefit. And Jews were overrepresented percentage wise in that group of intelligentsia.

            Marxism now though is clearly the tool of political power of all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds. On that Shanghai Summit in November I read the policy briefs yesterday and Marx would be so pleased. It’s also hard to read that Alma Ata Declaration from a Soviet Union using slave labor and refusing to allow intra-USSR travel without permission. This is about political power pure and simple and hobbling the human mind so it is unable to effectively resist or protest.

          • Which plays right into Bandura’s agency by proxy and collective efficacy from the previous post.

            Yesterday when I was following up on the concept of HiAP–Health in All Policies that was the source of all these links above it took me into the National Network for Collaboration Framework and another from SSIR called Channeling Reality that were cited in the footnote. Looking at them it was quite cl;ear that the PISA 2018 Collaborative Problem-Solving Framework was designed to monitor preparation, attitudes, and values for such a participatory democracy of stakeholders. Where the desires of someone who wants is treated as on par with someone who has earned something and wishes to keep it.

  6. I just came across this. I imagine it has been posted somewhere on this blog before.

    “Under the relentless thrust of accelerating over-population and increasing over-organization, and by means of ever more effective methods of mind-manipulation, the democracies will change their nature; the quaint old forms—elections, parliaments, Supreme Courts and all the rest—will remain. The underlying substance will be a new kind of non-violent totalitarianism. All the traditional names, all the hallowed slogans will remain exactly what they were in the good old days. Democracy and freedom will be the theme of every broadcast and editorial—but Democracy and freedom in a strictly Pickwickian sense. Meanwhile the ruling oligarchy and its highly trained elite of soldiers, policemen, thought-manufacturers and mind-manipulators will quietly run the show as they see fit. ”

    – Aldous Huxley, Brave New World Revisited, published 1958

  7. Wowza. What a bloated government to regulate all these services and people to enroll in them. Think it would have gone over well if someone took the mic and said limited government more personal responsibility? No, but it would have been fun to try. 😉

  8. Is there anything to this? It deals with “Ericksonian Talking Hypnosis” by President Obama. It is too long for me to read right now. I cut and pasted some parts.
    He mentions The Rape of the Mind book.'s_Use_of_Hidden_Hypnosis_techniques_in_His_Speeches.pdf

    “The use of Ericksnian “vagueness” in speech as a linguistic induction tool: “Change” and “Yes we can.”
    We all know Obama continually uses vague statements without being specific of their meaning, including “yes we can”, and “change.” In fact, he gets audiences to chant them.
    Remember the three dimensions of Ericksonian trance induction discussed above:
    1. Pacing and distraction of the dominant (language) hemisphere;
    2. Utilization of the dominant hemisphere, language processing which occurs below the level of awareness;
    3. Accessing of the non-dominant hemisphere; ”

    “Obama speaks for 40-50 minutes, 20-30 minute longer than most political speeches. Have you ever wondered why Obama gives these long 40-50 minute speeches? Probably not, because most people do not even realize time has gone by. This process of pacing then leading, pacing then leading, again and again, as
    well as using other hypnotic language patterns is called “stacking language patterns” (as in, one on top of the other)89 The hypnotist blends the process with embedded commands, anchors, emotional transfers, and other techniques. What occurs is that the critical factor is bored, worn down, gets tired, and stops being
    critical because it is too much work – then, the hypnotist’s effects increase.”

    “Younger people are more subject to the influence of hypnosis generally. The period from age 14 to age 21 is the best period for both speed of induction and depth of hypnosis.188 After age 20 there is a gradual decline. Younger people, and people with more intellectual minds, like readers, are also more subject to the influence of hypnosis techniques that work by distracting the conscious mind in order to access the subconscious, non-dominant hemisphere.189 This is because the processing part of the mind in these people will be more proactive in trying to solve the problems and chasing the distractions thrown by the hypnotist, as intended, leaving the subconscious more vulnerable to implanting of suggestion. Same with younger people being more creative, for similar reasons. “

    • Don’t you just love the “no nuts” request?

      Hope you had a lovely 4th. Mine had a few moments in coping with adolescent stupidity that left me feeling confused yesterday on what day it was.

    • Take a look at this brief that comes from the American Constitution Society.

      Notice how well democratic experimentalism fits with their progressive polyphonic federalism push as well as the glocal and insistence on cities being the source where the social determinants of health mandates must take place. It also reminds me of the “Fidelity to Design, Adaptation to Environment” pushed of evidence-based policymaking. Of course the Big Elephant in the room is what ‘learning’ has now come to mean and that is students’ neurological wiring being experimented on to obtain the desired behaviors.

      Bad storms here yesterday took out internet for more than 12 hours all over. Out in it with one of my kids and we watched an awning rip away and then take out a Tenth story window of a high rise before falling to the ground about 40 feet away from us while we were waiting at the light.

      Notice in this Foreword that the statement first footnoted is factually not true. It is Bruce Katz. head of Brookings’ Metropolitanism program, being cited although that is not mentioned. Classic case where the reader is supposed to believe a normative hope is a factual statement and not recognize it is a actually a druther. Also notice the presumption of the Affirmative State and the necessity for US to fall in line with the social welfare practices of Europe.

        • Luckily the storm did not last long, but it came up suddenly and was about as intense as I can remember without tornado spinoffs. It is one thing when you know something is a possibility and see it coming. I was out with one of my daughters who wanted my input on a haircut.

          Do take a look especially at that first link to “The State Role in K-12 Education: From Issuing Mandates to Experimentation.” It also furthers my understanding that most of what is happening now was truly what OBE was all about in the 90s. It was simply misunderstood at the time. Plus there were enough teachers willing to make subject content the continued focus instead of just a vehicle for activities to internally alter the student.

        • Look MM, this Reschool Colorado group admits it is trying to create the Next Stage in Human Consciousness.

          If we click through we find Robert Kegan of Harvard whose work is behind the OECD’s Key Competences as well as Ken Wilber of Transpersonal Psychology.

          This is also tied to Michael Hinojosa the past and current Dallas ISD super because this comes from the Education Reimagined publication this week and he worked on this project while he was a super in metro atlanta.

    • That’s the same Queensland, Australia which has a Science of Learning Center tied to the OECD as well as the place UNESCO chose to pilot its Essential Skills and then Trandisciplinary agenda.

      Don’t forget Michael Cole, the UCSD prof and creator of Cultural Historical Activity Theory, was a grad student of Luria’s and arranged for the English translation of his autobiography. UCSD not only has a Science of Learning Center, it has Prof Sejnowski who is on the BRAIN Institute’s Ethics Commission. It really is all coming together now while the media continues its disinformation campaign to fuel Black Lives Matter narrative.

      • Here is Frameworks framing the narrative on parenting in Australia. It’s not enough that they guide your child’s perception 6-7 hours a day in a government school the message must come from home as well.

        “This report compares public understanding of effective parenting practices with expert views and makes recommendations that advocates can use bring public views into alignment with expert perspectives.”

        • Notice that was created in connection with a hospital in Melbourne so we are back to education and health as the two cornerstones of well-being. That in turn is a governmental responsibility, not a personal one. It also fits with the Reschool Learning Early Learning Framework that assumes it is working with immigrants who need this info.

          It also fits in perfectly with the Social Determinants of Health, which makes sense as Adelaide is in Australia.

    • His knowledge of brain injury and function is used to construct the system to dumb down the natural mind functions and abilities in our children, to hobble them unseen, through doublespeak and pretend science. 21st century scorched mind policy ESSA. Teachers unknowing what they are doing following so as not to risk their jobs. SEL, Lifeskills, empathy. All of that is using LURIA.

    • Yes and I am currently reading about an Old High School in Alberta, Canada and recognizing so much about where CTE, WIOA, ESSA, and the remake of high school are all taking us. It is on page 53 of the read only pdf. The OECD touts it as an Innovative Learning Environment. Lots of links between what Reschool Colorado is pushing and the OECD. Also if you look at that Library link I put up and go to the IDEO Human-Centered Design Kit link it says the partners are the gates foundation and the Rockefeller Foundation.

  9. Scroll down to figure 3
    “One of the key aspects of this transformation is a shift from the predominance of rational learning to a wholesome balance among cognitive knowledge, development of the capacity to love, and liberation of spontaneity – what Claudio Naranjo[24] calls a tri-focal education. To heal individual consciousness – and our civilization – from the consequences of thousands of years of patriarchy and at least 30 years of materialistic excesses, education needs to foster a massive psycho-spiritual development of the population, starting with individuals who aspire to currently hold a leadership role.”

    • And Reschool Colorado cited Robert Kegan and Ken Wilber of Integral.

      It also may be why Kathia Castro Laszlo was not listed as a GEFF Silicon Valley attendee when we know sje was and why her husband touted his buenos aires connections instead of Monterrey or California.

      Also fits with Riane Eisler’s connections and interests.

  10. I cannot recall if it is from your book or the blog but remember research on changing society through experience and therefore altering human genetic code? I was listening to a broadcast discuss the Dallas events last night and the speaker referenced this research as an excuse.

    Scheduled to be in DFW in August hubby gave me the maybe you should reconsider look.

    • It is not the genetic code that gets altered and it was me quoting Albert Bandura. I also wrote in the book about Julian Huxley having the same focus. You can change the biological within the lifetime and by changing the prevailing culture lessen the ability to pass on what had been common knowledge.

      It reminds me of Ancient Rome where their recipe for concrete that was once widely known became unknown for more than a thousand years. The idea that the UN and its affiliates like the OECD and the Center for Curriculum Redesign are now creating tables that all anyone needs are Existential Competencies shows just how nonsensical these plans to subordinate people to political power have become.

      Yes, I have been thinking about our travel plans when we take our youngest to college and maybe going to get a concealed carry permit. Just imagine what next week in cleveland will be like.

      • I hate that I am not more positive about our ability to turn things around. Every time I read this blog, I am reminded of this quote:

        “It may be that the night will close over us in the end, but I believe that morning will come again. Morning always grows out of the darkness, though maybe not for the people who saw the sun go down. We are the Lantern Bearers, my friend; for us to keep something burning, to carry what light we can forward into the darkness and the wind.”
        ― Rosemary Sutcliff, The Lantern Bearers

        Somehow, we need to find a way to save and store (and hide?) Axemaker knowledge and carry it forward… It breaks my heart to think that my son will likely see the sun go down and it may only be very distant descendants that see the morning grow out of the darkness…

        • This link will not help, but it plays right into this push that policymaking, education, the law, and data together can supposedly force a Human Development Society without anyone using that phrase. That’s how it functions though.

          I think it would all be more depressing if all of this was not known or recognized by anyone not an insider for what it is. I have said this before but the chances of me being invited to or accidentally in the right places at the right time to uncover all this are quite slim. I think sunlight remains the way out.

      • I’m glad I made that decision. Especially after planning to be at the mall the day the incident occurred alone with my kids but detained by a malfunctioning sensor in the suv. I call that protection in another form.
        A local armory has ladies night, tea & targets, quite enjoyable with a group of like minded friends.

        • I remember reading a story about a hard core liberal who realized after the hurricane hit Houston in 2006 or so that there really was no effective protection for his family than what he could do. It is easier for me. My dad and grandfather were big game hunters and I learned to shoot as a child. Came in handy as a young lawyer whenever a client proposed some skeet shooting. I did not look like someone who could hit those targets reflexively.

          I will tell a funny story as neither of my parents drink or gamble. We were at a fair at an arcade when I was a kid and my dad decided to enter a shooting contest. My mom complained that that would be gambling. He retorted that there was no gamble in his entering a precision shooting contest.

          I obviously have not felt like writing this week, but remain busy researching the implications of what we are looking at. Back on track soon.

  11. Looking at that Aspen link you posted. This may seem like a silly question but I am still going to ask. Maybe another reader is wondering the same thing. The way they want to redesign things in the economy seems to elevate public sector jobs. Is that the point? No private sector to eliminate the disparities between earnings? As an example, the forum I attended Friday night talked about an initiative being pushed hard by local teachers unions. The speaker against the initiative said that it would shrink private sector with a large increase for public sector. Basically a sales tax for Oregonians with a blank check to gov’t. FYI, the president of the teachers union in my district is a campaign leader for this initiative and the budget committee president is the director for Health Care for All Oregon a sponsor. Small little epicenter of transformation I have in my little rural town.

    • Looking into the term ‘democratic experimentalism’ last week I kept coming across another phrase ‘the affirmative state.’ When I began looking into that as it is clearly linked to the education template we are dealing with so off I went to nail it down some more. I came across this Public Policy/Poli Sci Prof and he finally put into words an assumption I had longed worried about that seems to be getting at what you are asking me. I do want to remind everyone though that I know this cannot work, but then I do not work in academia, a foundation, or the public sector.–%20Taxation%20and%20the%20affirmative%20state%20–%20Norton%20August.pdf

      Look at Taxation as the Division Between Public and Private Shares of Total Income for starters.

      We also have this “Dewey, Democracy, and Democratic Experimentalism” from 2012 that says that the ed implementation we are looking at is designed to create a ‘new public’.

      • ” Taxation and the attack on the affirmative state Chapter 18 Final Draft, August 2009
        The “affirmative state” is the term we use to describe a state that plays an energetic and positive role in the society in solving collective problems and advancing public purposes.2 This includes a wide range of things: providing education, building infrastructure like roads and sewers, providing health care, public safety, subsidies for the arts and recreation, large support
        for scientific research and technological development, and so on. The affirmative state also involves regulations of various kinds of activity for the public good: regulation of pollution, health and safety in the workplace, food quality, truthful advertising, and many other things.
        In the Twentieth century there were episodes in which the affirmative state has expanded, sometimes dramatically, and episodes in which it came under concentrated attack. The two biggest episodes for the expansion of the affirmative state in the 20th century were the New Deal in the 1930s and the Great Society in the 1960s. In both of these periods of reform, the
        affirmative state was expanded because of popular democratic mobilization – the union movement was especially important in the 1930s and the civil rights movement in the 1960s.
        These popular mobilizations lead to dramatic expansions of the government’s role in society and,
        accordingly, a shift in the division of the total pie between private consumption and public purposes.
        The quarter century beginning in 1980 witnessed a relentless attack on the affirmative state, an attack that tried to undo the popular gains of the previous half century and create a world in which democratic power played a much more marginal role in social affairs. While the attack was only partially successful, it has seriously undermined state capacity to deal with the challenges of the 21st century.”

          • This garbage is really hard to stomach as I read it. Saying that these people have their head in the clouds sounds too benign when one considers what will happen to humanity if their ideas are implemented with fidelity.

          • See why I feel so compelled to tell the story? Sunlight on these intentions is the only way out. They know that and have said repeatedly that attention called to these plans will undo the ability to accomplish the goals.

            My Life’s Mission.

          • And this has just launched to fulfill the White House Smart Cities summit.

            Brookings is touting it. We are both tied to cities on the list who then coordinate with higher ed as are others who comment regularly. In Atlanta Emory now has a Center for Neuropolicy. I guess the theme is just submit people.

   shows the university affiliations. Data-driven decision-making plus jobs for former Governors and Democratic Presidential candidates.

      • I am flabbergasted. I shouldn’t be at this point but I am. This is the most obvious and facile description of collectivism I have ever read. In 2009. Whatisthematterwithpeople???!!!

        “Taxation as the division between public and private shares of total income.”
        An alternative way of thinking about taxation is to see taxation as a practical way of dividing up the total pie between private uses of income and public purposes. The “total pie” consists of all the goods and services produced in a society. It is the result of our combined, interdependent, collective effort occurring within a complex matrix of institutions, “public” and “private”. It is a genuinely social product.”

    • This also gets to your question and acknowledges it is about building a new political-economic system. Unfortunately it also dovetails with what WIOA mandates as well as ACCA–the health care law.

      It ties to this “The City as Platform: How Digital Networks are Changing Urban Life and Governance” that acknowledges that it will need a guaranteed minimum income for all. When I went back for that troubling paper from February I saw the name, David Bollier, of its author is the same as the author of this new animation and paper of Commoning as a proposed new system from Democracy Collaborative.

      Funny how it all fits with the Social Determinants of Health and Dignity for All by 2030 and none of it is sustainable without trillion dollar deficits as far as the eye can see. The wealth building is coming from government transfers and falls apart without them.

      This is a quote from the 2nd Bollier paper “Commoners are focused on
      reclaiming their “common wealth,” in both the material and political sense. They
      want to roll back the pervasive privatization and marketization of their shared
      resources—from land and water to knowledge and urban spaces—and reassert
      greater participatory control over those resources and community life.”

      “their shared resources” so this appears to simply be a proclamation now.

      • Interesting how ecosocialism is not the last report in the series, economy of provisions caps the series. Someone sure has a grudge against individual ownership be it property or education.

        “The middle circle contains the basic process of an economics of provision, which would be the same for all systems of provision: human providers transform natural provisions to provisions for our families and communities. Each one of the entries in the outer circle represents a system of provision, and each system would include all the social organizations and institutions that facilitate providing what we as families and communities need and deserve.”

        “Achieving these goals depends on us following the civic norms of equality and reciprocity in designing systems that generate such provisions as food, housing, health care, and education. Instead of examining the economy in terms of its growth, a civic economics of provision examines the economy in terms of its capacity to provide people the things they need to live well.”

        One listed change that needs to take place.
        “Associate, rather than dissociate, Europe and white America’s wealth with the misery of slavery, colonialism, and its legacy.”
        “Treat money as a civic means for making provisions rather than as a commodity/property.”

        Yikes! Who knew land I own and my savings account was creating so much unfairness for everyone else! I’m such a commons hog. 😉

  12. SAME Bollocks different day. All roads lead to Mecca.
    They are running out of different ways to say it. Marx called, he wants his Hegel back.

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