Knitting Binding Fidelities of Consciousness Individually and Globally Because the Test of a Knife is If It Cuts

We already knew the essence of what makes us individuals was being targeted each time the social science profs described us a a ‘system’. Now it appears the social scientists and educators are comparing us to cutlery. Assessing whether we will perform and behave reliably and as expected. That really is a translated quote from Dilthey as to what the Human Studies, or as he also called them–‘the moral sciences,’ were interested in monitoring and measuring. “Dilthey was anxious that his methods should be put to practical use. [Actual quote translated from German] ‘The usefulness of methods emerges from their use, just as the test of the knife is if it cuts.'” Since this is 19th Century Germany and the aspirations for the future, we now know that ultimately the knife could cut and the Germans would march thoughtlessly and emotionally to war.

Now remember all the data being gathered on students, the formative assessments, the open-ended questions on mandated tests, and the soon to be federal requirement to use digital technology to push ‘personalized learning’ and read this quote.

“So, how people think and feel, how they perceive the world and what they strive for, is due to a mental structure which has resulted from the moulding influence of physical, social, and cultural factors upon the innate configuration of the mind.”

Learning standards like the Common Core in the US and a Competency orientation generally seek to grasp the essence of the innate configuration of each student’s mind. Then activities, projects, or group problems can be chosen in a personalized, individualized fashion to manipulate that mind, at a physiological level, to interpret the world as desired. To act in it and on it, reliably. I will let that unfortunate social engineering reality sink in while I tell you where the first part of the title came from. In 1976 Harvard sociology prof Daniel Bell wrote a blueprint for aligning the social, cultural, political, and economic systems in the US away from the focus on individuals. Called The Cultural Contradictions of Capitalism, it sought to shift the US to what he italicized as state-directed economies and state-managed societies.

To accomplish that shift without a full-scale uproar over coercion and the loss of liberty required a ‘public philosophy.’ I believe that K-12 education, first via what used to be called Tranzi OBE and now going by Competency, Excellence, and a Whole Child emphasis was picked to be the means for shifting the prevailing consciousness of each student away from “an individualist ethos which at best defends the idea of personal liberty, and at worst evades the necessary social responsibilities and social sacrifices which a communal society demands. In sum, we have had no normative commitment to a public household or a public philosophy that would mediate private conflicts.”

Now remember that imperative every time you hear Collaboration as a necessary 21st Century Skill or ponder why the targeting of new values seems to pop into every assignment.  Bell bemoaned that “without a public philosophy, explicitly stated, we lack the fundamental condition whereby a modern polity can live by consensus (and without it there is only continuing conflict) and justice.” By the time Bell wrote the Afterword for the 20th Anniversary Edition of the book, he added another way of describing the needed public philosophy: “the binding fidelities of consciousness, rooted in history and tradition, kinship and race, religion and nationality, that shape the emotional consanguinity, literal or fictive, among individuals and make them one.”

In 2015 we seem to be calling such a still desired mandate Deeper Learning and required Communities of Learners in each classroom and the entire school. Anyone hoping that the plans for economies and societies have gone stale has not read the nature of the proposed  regs under WIOA just issued by the federal government. Between what is required in each state’s plans, sought in each plan, and who must benefit from the various programs, the long-sought vision is unquestionably here. What I am also saying is that the true purpose of the ESEA Rewrite, now in Congressional Conference, is to force schools to inculcate the needed public philosophy in each student, to be instilled via ‘meaningful’ assessments and required state academic goals (misleadingly labeled ‘content standards’ to deceive) grounded in behavior.

Remember my receiver analogy from the last post? Dilthey recognized that the Human Sciences needed to assess each student because “if we wish to know the meaning of behavior we must know the meanings of the behavers.” How’s that for putting student-centered learning into its true context? Dilthey recognized that out of man’s psychological reactions and attitudes to the world (now accessible on each student via all that DATA flowing into state longitudinal data systems) “grew world-views. World-views were the result of the giving of content to the forms of the mind by the historical stream. [now the Learning Registry or SAS, Pearson, Amplify, AIR, etc] They were the primary patterns in which the sensory impressions of the external world were organized. They, therefore, basically determined the thoughts, values, and action of the individual.”

Anyone beginning to get nervous about what personalized, brain-based learning actually means?  And world-views need not be true or factually grounded. Dilthey again: “Worldviews, then, were not universally valid views of the world, but rather systems of values which were widely shared.” Wrong, but commonly believed is simply not going to end well for any of us not currently in public office at the local, state, or federal levels or working for one of the agencies pushing this. Speaking of data, Bell in his 1996 Afterword also reminded us that the essence of the Post-Industrial Society is that “information, not production, became the control system of the economy.” So all the hype about manufacturing is more to aid the transition to state-directed economies and state-managed societies than anything grounded in fact.

The employers concerned with inadequate skills are actually seeing the real effects from the pushes in the 80s and 90s to make instilling a public philosophy the primary purpose of K-12 education. Back in the original 1976 body of the book, Bell explained that the public philosophy was to be “the single overriding principle…to which all persona, as members of the community, must subscribe.” In fact, Bell sought “to find a social cement for the society” in 1976, interestingly enough about the same time as state or national think tanks hyping liberty, freedom, and free enterprise began popping up.

Wouldn’t it be ironic if part of the actual purpose in some funders’ minds was to deceitfully create a means to quietly guide, and shut up, anyone noticing a shift in values and political programs? In the name of School Choice all schools, public, private, or online, could be forced to be institutions that would force the “restatement of what is legitimate (the grounded values) in a society.” That reality sure fits the facts I personally have encountered and what teachers in private schools and charters now tell me. Bell was aware and annoyed at how much the West, and the US especially, reveres the individual. His goals were:

“Where bourgeois society separated the economy from the polity, the public household [and now WIOA] joins the two, not for the fusion of powers, but the necessary coordination of effects. The public household requires a new socio-economic bill of rights [WIOA again!] which redefines for our times the social needs that the polity must try to satisfy. It establishes the public budget (How much do we want to spend, and for whom?) as the mechanism whereby the society seeks to implement ‘the good condition of human beings.'”

We can see why politicians, university profs, and district administrators are being less than forthcoming about what is really going on. All the known facts, statutory language, regulations, and anything else designed to control the classroom implementation and the social and economic consequences dovetails with all these declarations. Our students are living in a world where education is to become a means of human study. The declared intentions are to use the behavioral sciences and data from students to instill the requisite values, behaviors, and beliefs to be the needed social cement. Grounded neurally as the prevailing consciousness among a majority of future voters.

In a February 14, 2015 post I covered the just released America Next Education Reform report and its declared ties to the Heritage Foundation in particular. I just did not equate an acceptance of a welfare state as being a conservative position. Bell also called for what was laid out in that 2015 report except he attributed the same idea to economist Alice Rivlin, with an emphasis “not on public provision, but on public financing of care.” In fact, Bell reiterated his preference by saying that “what some liberals and some New Leftists have rediscovered are the virtues of decentralization and competition.” Maybe, after two failed attempts at fundamental transformation in the US, we can see why everyone with aims to steer public policy might be shouting “Local Control” in the kind of Bipartisan manner we saw with WIOA and now with the ESEA Rewrite.

I know it is quite mean of me to read what no one ever assigned to me and grasp what no one ever intended to tell me. That’s just how language intended to have legal effect works sometimes. That’s why this vision needs Axemaker Minds and to a large degree print itself to go away. Much better to embed the students in a controlled virtual reality that can be made to function in whatever way best produces the desired Public Philosophy.

I have a Public Philosophy too. It is to save as many students as possible and this great nation and other countries from a toxic vision that has already caused too much unappreciated harm.

We are now where Bell hoped to get to back in 1976 and then 1996. We had best all grasp the implications in time. Our Governors, Senators, mayors, and legislators do not intend to tell us.

It is what it is and we must deal with this head-on.


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  1. Hooray and hallelujah! You have managed to put in laymen’s terms the history of this movement with which we are confronted in 2015 just before one of the most important presidential elections in which we may ever have a chance to participate!

    When Reagan went out of office the “think tanks”–Heritage Foundation chief amongst them–moved their operations into the states in order to jumpstart this agenda. The Public Policy Foundations popped up and took the reigns of operations in each individual state, gathering in all other “conservative” organizations’ operations to move legislation and public policy into the trough at which those with the vision you have described could feed and fatten their plans.

    Presently, the reauthorization of ESEA and the Workforce Investment Opportunity Act will be the train on which these plans will ride into the next decade. Assisting this process is a myriad of organizations like American Principles Project, Heartland Institute, and so many other policy groups who are pushing a constitutional conference, choice/charter/vouchers in education and workforce training instead of academic-based education, among other “free market” ideas. Even that term is not what the average person believes it to be. We have been set up very expertly, and by many people who have no real idea what they are doing or what destination the train they are riding has in mind.

    Thank you, Robin, for turning the light on in this room. Just hope enough people will understand in time to stop this headlong dash into oblivion for this country and out chfildren.

    • AS with most things. It is not what I went looking for, but I recognize what I read and when the same theories are coming from a ‘conservative’ group.

      Yesterday I was reading about the founding of one group and a current Board member described himself as a ‘conservative communitarian’. Huh?

      The explanation for the founding had a long time regulated utility company executive returning from a Mont Pelerin meeting and decided liberty and markets needed to be celebrated. I have read Hayek, Mises, and Ayn Rand and think they give super insights into why socialism and collectivism always end in tragedy. I get when they are misquoted and it’s not free enterprise when government dictates the service, sets the standards, and provides a voucher.

      Most of these entities seem to have Boards and funders straight out of the local Chamber. That means a consanguinity now between these entities and the local and state WIOA Boards. We need to know not to take rec’s at face value. Look for conflicts. Appreciate heavily regulated industries. Be especially alert when no one has an interest in provable, relevant facts.

      This post from a blog where a number of the posters are employed by entities, if not several, in the ATLAS Network even writes about the Right/Left alliance.

      The Dr Fuller is on the Advisor Policy Board of the Convergence Re-imagining Ed Project. This was particularly timely. Convergence itself is comparable to the consensus/justice alliance Bell wrote about.

    • Communitarian carnival barker for fascist fun amitai etzioni aka GErman/Israeli WERNER FALK, Rapacious Radical of Regularness, the guru of glib the pundit of “passion” the nabob of ” nice” grandpa of grandious delusions of American/globalist common good. Advisor to Bush & Clintons… Weapon of Mass bipartisan bs.
      BE GONE!

      • I have a book on School Choice from th Heartland Institute in the early 90s where Etzioni wrote the Foreword. I was shocked. I have his book from 1983 An Immodest Agenda: Rebuilding America Before the 21st Century where he thanks the Brookings Institute because he wrote it while a fellow there. He also thanks George Soros for greatly enhancing “whatever sense of reality the book reflects.”

        That book fits with Daniel Bell’s and calls for using the schools for the requisite “character development”. I guess that’s also why he wrote the Foreword for Heartland. The awareness that with School Choice the shifts can occur without people recognizing the true nature of the shifts or that manifest coercion can exist behind a lovely phrase like School Choice.

        How’s this for a picture of a carefully constructed neural web using the Common Core learning standards?

        This is yet another place where the bedfellows seem quite strange unless there is a desired synthesis around social justice and private providers.

        • What a nice name, Heartland Institute. So nice, like a sanitorium in a cornfield.
          That Youth Summitt is more scary than Children Of The Corn!

          Gotta learn and lead the new Governance lowdown, eh for when they get appointed to say, the mayors commission on health wellness fun and lego.

        • More strange bedfellows…John Ayers (Bill’s brother) is a huge advocate of charters driven by equity (of course). He shows up in reports put out by Heartland, and free-market-limited-government-Heartland seems to be in support of systems that care for children via charters with wraparound, holistic services.

          United Opt Out and their recent allies Bill Ayers & Chris Hedges are sure to support these “decentralized” and “unionized” charters sold on promises of equity and social justice. Meanwhile these same schools are pushed by the right as institutions of choice, reflecting values related liberty and competition. So much easier to assess the “meanings of the behavers” in schools not bound by traditional boards and taxpayers.

          As most know Chicago’s K12 track record is mired in scandal. Just last year John Ayers resigned from his latest post at the Cowen Institute due to a botched report on value added measures. Data driven ed is much more complicated in practice than in theory. Too bad the children harmed by these experiments are actual human beings and not test dummies.

          • JT, Thanks for bringing up John and Bill Ayers.

            I was perplexed by their seemingly opposite positions for years. Both to the manor born and with access to the power player meetings that Robin and the rest of us fail to receive invites to.

            One a button down, tie wearing, elitist Carnegie agent and the other clothed in revolutionary black and red with pierced ear and clenched fist fighting “the Man”.

            I see now they are both performing rolls as part of the dialectic leading us to their blessed communitarian third way.

            Truly they are the very definition of evil plans hiding in plain sight.

          • This is not a minor point about an insignificant player. The Positive School Climate, anti-bullying initiatives that DoED is trying to make a matter of civil rights, and the actual definition of Career Ready all lead straight to Amitai.

            He was also at Columbia for 20 years, essentially the 60s and 70s, before moving on to GWU.

          • is the Our Common Future plans for the December Meeting in Paris.

            It says Chris Field of the Carnegie Institute is the Chair of the CFCC15 Scientific Committee. So Carnegie co-financed WOMP. Its vice-chair Richard Riley is driving much of the Competency based learning agenda and the Consortium of large countywide and suburban districts was created at his law offices in DC. Those districts all want an orientation that meets international standards that essentially becomes the UNESCO agenda.Education Counsel represents CCSSO in pushing Innovative Lab Network and Competency based education.

            And Carnegie is chairing the Future Earth/UN Post 2015 plans for all of us. So I was right and the Belmont Challenge and Future Earth ARE a continuation of the World Order Models Project work with a new name.

            Carnegie also financed the cybernetic vision for governments at all levels to coordinate. I have that book too.

   shows Kennedy School of Govt too.

          • Weren’t you a history major too?

            This is painful.

            And this is a painful view of what entrepreneurship now means.

            Brookings just did a story on governments issuing debt to fund education is OK because it leads to a higher economic growth rate. Not with pushes like this in higher ed and gaming and Competency in K-12. We are also cannibalizing our best minds who wanted to learn traditional didactic subjects and not be spoon fed Core Ideas for group discussion.

          • Oh yes Dystopian Citizenship as “Collectivism ain’t SO bad” stories ABOUND. All to create docile little middle school, black and white , fairness and justice, conform to the group, junior maoists.

          • I was a History major. And yes these links are painful. Beautiful catch on Entrepreneurship . I think Ive mentioned that Entrepreneurship was a big roll out add on to my kids former school curriculum at the time that I yanked them out. It seemed both a waste of time and nonsensical to me. Certainly nothing was being taught that made anyone any money. Micro businesses for woven bracelets etc…Really? Yeah, that and nickel won’t buy ya’ a cup of coffee. The class from what I can tell seems to have turned into a travel club. Where for a few more thousand bucks you can send your child to Nepal or Ecuador so they can be one with the indigenous people and think of ways to import their baskets to be sold on Etsy for Fair Trade Value.

          • Speaking of Entrepreneurship this link re Design Learning just came across my path. Design Learning as I’m sure I mentioned before was the specific terminology from my kids former school that finally sent me searching down the rabbit hole for answers. ( paired with entrepreneurship …it’s all I had to go on five years go )

            Understanding the behavioral psychology behind all the adaptable meanings of words these days has me reading this article and thinking it sounds like sensitivity training, group processes,higher order thinking skills.

            It’s a business “how to” Providing instruction on how invade the mind of another to exploit its vulnerabilities for product placement and sales. Oh! and All Ideas are good ideas.


          • HBR has been a big advocate of Capitalism 3.0 and distributed capitalism as our looking into Otto Scharmer and Shoshona Zuboff showed. Clayton Christensen is on the faculty at HBS and his Institute and the related Innosight Institute and Michael Horn especially are all working closely with many members of the Atlas Network.

   is Design and tied to GEFF. Remember both Harvard and MIT are named partners in Charles Fadel’s Center for Curriculum Redesign as are many of the political units like Massachusetts or South Korea or Singapore cited in the NC Plan.

            While I get my life back in shape so I can concentrate to write, this Re-engineering Futures project of MIT, Moscow, Silicon Valley, and Skolkova Business School in Russia is what GEFF is a part of. This also ties to Ervin Laszlo because his son, Alexander, is involved in it as is Tom VanderArk who advises so many school districts like Fulton and whose most recent book was sponsored by the Carnegie Corporation.

            Knewton, the adaptive learning company, is also involved. That puts President Obama’s touting of all the school district supers signing Future Ready pledges to provide personalized digital learning into context. This is what the AI people at Stanford and MIT in AI in the 70s hoped they could do–create a desired understander system at the neurological level of the brain that will interpret and perceive experiences as desired and act accordingly. That is what is being designed. The neural systems at the level of the brain and central nervous system and then the planned broader transformations in political, social, and economic systems so that meeting human needs and thinking in terms of the wider circle of compassion get programmed in. I wish that was not the story but it is. Now we can see why it always comes back to Competency and what functions as Transformational Outcomes Based Education. School Choice is a huge part of masking this massive shift while it is occurring.

          • Amitai Etzioni says about an incident in his childhood: “My friends and I slaughtered one of the chickens.”

            Well he was probably one of those jerks who pulls the wings off insects for fun too. We should not be getting morality lectures by someone like him.

            What he doesn’t understand is there there are actually people who never wanted to do those things. If he understood that, he would not have admitted what he did. We are his betters, so he does not understand us.

    • Funny. Amitai’s , I mean Werner’s, Bio did not include the following:

      “After being raised in a collective and trained as a terrorist and a revolutionary soldier, he studied the Kaballah and the Hegelian dialectic. He then devoted many years to working with Soviets and Fabians. He began agitating for “peace” in the U.S. in the 1960s and along the way he invented and developed a new science that combines economic theory with social theory. Etzioni is former USSR President Mikhail Gorbachev’s partner in the foundation of the science of socio-economics. Exactly like his Kabbalah Zionist, Russian communist, and British Fabian teachers, Etzioni insists the world is destined to evolve into a “supra-national” government. With trained men like himself in top advisory positions,…He teaches American legislators to reach bipartisan consensus and to slowly incorporate “soft core” legislation that eliminates the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights.”

      “Etzioni represents the confusion in modern party politics. His ideology ( Communitarianism ) controls the merger between the American left and right, although most Americans haven’t caught on to the name of it yet. ”

    • Marzano gets us back to that Achieving Excellence initiative Banathy and Csik created in the 80s just after GERG created with Ervin Laszlo. They did it with McREL where he was and it was piloted in Colorado districts including Littleton where Columbine was. Csik has now confessed in a book I just finished that Achieving Excellence was about dissolving individuality and creating a consciousness that can be manipulated to no longer think in terms of personal goals. Complexity, a term we just keep encountering turns out to means using all government power at every level to ensure that this vision occurs and that the communitarian ethos prevails as the guiding force everyone has learned, via K-12 education grounded in direct experience to support.

      Transformational OBE, Competency, school choice and charters are all intended to lock in this vision without it being apparent. The idea is for there to be no recourse. Charters are even described as the way to get a large group all on the same page and pushing the same transformative vision.

      I honestly feel like I am going to be physically ill from reading a vision that so thoroughly fits the facts we are dealing with. And we also have GEFF stating that P21 is a premier example of an entity pushing its vision of the future.

    • The idea originated in Georgia with a former Ed Dean at Miami and John Goodlad enthusiast from his NNER who came to Ga to be the PI under the NSF PRISM grant pushing integrated math under our new performance standards. Susan Patrick of Inacol, now heavily pushing competency-based ed said at a 2010 Ga Legislative Forum that I was at sponsored by GPPF, the Atlas Network affiliate in Ga, that the GPS were the pilot and model for what was being nationalized as the Common Core.

      To force this model under NSF’s math and science partnerships push of constructivist math Ga took $34.6 million for a 5 year grant. Kettlewell developed P-16 so that early childhood, K-12 reps, and heads of universities in this state would all be on the same page. The idea spread to other states as the template because it treats all of ed as a single system that can then dovetail with workforce readiness as its purpose aligned with state and local planned eco devt. I have read minutes where Kettlewell told balking ed profs who hated the constructivist orientation to get sociology profs to teach it this way instead. In 2009 at an NSF meeting in DC the new PI who took over after Kettlewell retired and was replaced by another Goodlad Devotee in charge of getting higher ed grad rates up, he was bragging about how much control the council gives them to keep higher ed especially compliant. That they tell the university presidents they will be graded on the ability to get outside grants for research and that the easiest ones to get pertain to K-12 research.

      I have a hard copy of the last discussion. It used to be on a server at U Ky because an ed prof there was proud of attending the meeting. Kettlewell in my early days of research was someone I checked on every 6 months or so just because something fascinating always turned up. Now P-20 fits with the whole view that education is a means of human devt to get a future citizen and worker consistent with the kind of vision Daniel Bell laid out. Harry Boyte calls it the cooperative commonwealth and Csik the Good Society. It deplores an Axemaker Mind and an independent mind.

  2. Robin – You’ve previously mentioned software and games as a mechanism for control. Thought you’d be interested in this bit from NPR discussing a new gaming system that may be as effective as medications for ADHD:

    Check the bottom of the game screen shot. “Customized just for you!”

    If you had to prove that video games can be used to adjust mental programming, what better reference than a potentially FDA approved game that does just that?

  3. Hi Robin I thought you might find this interesting, it is to do with law and I got it from this link,


    Devilling, as the period of pupillage or training to become an advocate is generally known, lasts between eight and nine months, and comprises a mix of skills training courses and time spent working with a devilmaster. The compulsory skills training courses, which are described in more detail in the following pages, are spread across the devilling period and last for about nine weeks in total. For the balance of the period of devilling, devils work closely with their devilmasters.

    All devils have a principal devilmaster who is a practising member of the junior bar of at least seven years standing, and working primarily in civil practice. Devils will also spend part of the time with another devilmaster practising in the criminal courts, and many devils spend a short period of time with a third devilmaster working in a different aspect of civil work from his or her principal devilmaster.

    In order to take a devil, a devilmaster must be approved by the Dean of Faculty. The Clerk of Faculty maintains a list of approved devilmasters, who may be contacted by email or via the Clerk’s office.

    Devils are expected to attend court with their devilmasters, and to attend consultations with solicitors instructing their devilmaster and with the solicitors’ clients. A devil will also discuss the preparation and presentation of the cases in which their devilmaster is involved and will be required to draft written pleadings and opinions.

    During the period of devilling, devils also carry out work for the Free Representation Unit. This is part of the Faculty’s commitment to providing access to justice for everyone. The Free Representation Unit enables devils to provide advice and representation to clients of Citizens Advice Bureau from across Scotland. Further information about the Faculty’s programme of free legal services may be found on the Free Legal Services Unit (FLSU) website.

    At the end of the devilling period, a devil’s admission to the Faculty is dependent on certification by his or her principal devilmaster that the devil is a fit and proper person to be an advocate, and that the devil has been involved in a wide range of work in the course of his or her devilling. A devil’s competence in a number of aspects of written and oral advocacy is assessed during devilling, and if a devil is assessed as not to be competent, he or she will not be admitted to the Faculty. Further details of this process can be found in the assessment section.

    I tell every one I meet about your blog and chalk it on walls and paths what they are doing to the children through the state schools is disgusting, and try telling people they have been brainwashed in the west, most do not like to hear that.
    Be good cliff

    • Thanks. What an odd name. Must have some scottish derivation although I have certainly known some lawyers who were devils in spirit.

      The justce advocacy reminds me that the ABA here, which if you remember from my book is pushing civic competencies that are aligned with John Dewey’s vision and not what the Constitution was created for, is forcing law schools in the US to hype a constant refrain to law students now that the purpose of the law is to foster the common good.

      Hillary Clinton was interviewed on the news last night and said she did not believe you could change people’s hearts. That you enacted new laws and regulations, looked to people’s needs and challenges, and work to change the broader systems.” I am paraphrasing except the laws and systems parts and this is the essence. I guess she learned this at Yale Law or those Renaissance gatherings or Aspen.

      This idea that we can force communitarianism via school choice where parents do not grasp what the schools are really up to or what they have agreed to. changes in laws, and using digital technology and classroom practices to redesign the brain at a neural level is horrendous, but that is where it is all going.

      Would you believe the Convergence Policy advisory board includes a psychiatrist whose specialty is “interpersonal neurobiology”? When I read his description of integrating the brain, mind, and body he sounds just like polyphonic federalism did in describing how all the levels of government would remain distinct while pulling in unison. That is why the Local Control meme is such a deliberate con.

      It’s polyphonic steering to collectivism when the systems are social, economic, and political.

      When it’s a student or adult person, the consistent term is integration. It truly is what the Macy Foundation hoped for so long ago.

      This is an unusual week as I work to get a kid off to college. She thinks I should be going everywhere with her. Messes with my posting schedule.

    • A bit of trivia, as long as we’re indulging in deviltry: Satan in Hebrew means “the accuser.” The term for prosecuting attorney in Israel is ha-satan.

      • Look at this. that came out two days ago. Notice the verbiage about “neurological-based learning” and then describing didactic education. People do not appreciate that when they use these terms there is a premise that comes with them, just like with personalized learning or Rigor.

        We know that Richard Paul’s plan that the NC Plan being pushed by North Carolina Academic Freedom Foundation to be the repeal and replace of the Common Core is designed to scramble the mind at a neurological level, even if its pushers are unaware of the background of his Critical Thinking Competency Standards. They were designed by Paul to promote dialectical thinking by name except that term is notorious so Critical Thinking is being used instead. I became familiar with Paul’s work when I was investigating Spencer Kagan in connection with his being pushed so hard in the transdisciplinary Texas schools. Yet the Plan cites Texas as one of its exemplars, extending this deceit about what is really occurring and what it means.

        I can recognize Ascending from the Abstract to the Concrete when I see it because I believe I have read just about everything on it in English.

        In discussing our strange bedfellows again the NC Plan says it came from Sandra Stotsky and Jim Milgram. If that is true it appears that given what was said at Paul’s 1992 Critical Thinking and Moral Growth Conference that the NC plan is also tied to what were called in 1992 the Standards for Teaching and Learning. Remember I wrote a trilogy talking about creating the obuchenie mindset. Today these same pushes to alter how the human brain interpret and perceives and what it is likely to act to do is being called Intrapersonal Competency per the Rand report and White House summit I wrote about too.

        Obama uses the terms Common Core and Standards for Teaching and Learning interchangeably. Now we know why beyond the Joyce Foundation funding of them in Chicago in 1992. What we did not know until recently is the ties to groups touting charters and school choice and free markets to promoting this obuchenie mindset. I guess vouchers and school choice make it seem consensual and no one is supposed to recognize what all this added up to. No wonder when I read charters they function as Tranzi OBE. No wonder no one wants to talk about the power of the accreditors.

        This Character Assessment Initiative from a site with ties to multiple members of the Atlas Network is a reminder the 2nd part of Paul’s 1980 framework was Critical Thinking and Moral Growth and hyped like GEFF building empathy through the classroom. And less that a week after Donna Garner in Texas started hyping Character Development in all classrooms as well. Doesn’t it all seem orchestrated to force us back to the 1992 template that in turn tracks back to the USSR?

        Remember Russians are our partners in GEFF and they always, at least until these ESEA Rewrites and FERPA updates become law, had more leeway to experiment neurologically. Now the US Congress is mandating such intrusions.

    • It turns aei, yet another listed member of the Atlas Network, has created this ‘conservative’ paper of its hoped ed vision for 2016.

      The authors are linked to various other Atlas members and everything is about state and local and school choice. Fits right into the NC Plan I talk about below and its advocates saying it works for public, private, homeschooled, charters, everyone. No one mentions that they are actually Progs who can best achieve their social justice visions if what they advocate for is mistakenly viewed as didactic and ‘conservative’. What a con these public policy think tanks are. No wonder I keep seeing Fordham doing this program with Brookings and that with the Center for American Progress. Genuine conservatives know governments are lousy at most things because they get to give away the upside to cronies and not suffer consequences from personal poor decisions.

      • The deceitful activity continues. If you make a plan to replace one set of notorious standards in favor of another you would think that background knowledge of the developers goals would be a priority. I suppose trusting others played a role in NC. They have been duped.

    • Great find by Anita Hoge. We have a tag already for the ASCD’s Whole Child Initiative that they have tied to the Common Core, but those links take us to great graphics like this one.

      The partnership with the cdc also plays into what is going in the Promise Neighborhoods, which were already touting the 11 federal agency involvement.

      Something I read this week explained something else about Competency. When you make the focus of the classroom creating and achieving goals, it fosters a recognition among classmates of each other’s intentions and leads to empathy. Building Empathy is a big part of what Richard Paul’s Framework seeks to create. The NC Plan’s advocates say in print and on youtube it is based on Paul’s work.

      Sometimes I think people forget I know lots of things I have not written about on the blog. Partly because I am getting ready to write the 2nd part of the story on the intended redesign of the student’s brain. Secondly because Richard Paul belonged to someone I knew was troubling, but I did not know yet precisely where his work fit in. We are also back to what Chapter 7 of the book pointed out. We always come back to the 21st century skills because they stand for desired neurological changes in the student.

      Remember also that ASCD sponsored the Enschede conference that is so crucial as I described in the book. Everything is playing out as what was sought in the 90s again right down to the NC Plan’s use of that notorious phrase “Achieving Excellence.” I bet they do not know it is tied to Columbine.

    • This is a great find and Im pretty dar’n sure that soothing and optimistic narration was performed by none other than Ashley Judd. She is one of the recent celebs co-opted into the Healthcare For All For Justice movement. I mention this because celebs are crucial for the hard sell to the masses these days.

      • Confusion and chaos keeps most heads down using phrases like ” whatever” a lot. Like a document dump the field is overwhelmed with so many saying so much the loud colorful bs messages stick. Parents are afraid to chalkenge the mirage of experts, when in fact their not understanding is due to doubletalk and duel defined phrases we know all about. It is all quite hard to believe it is actually happening and is a conspiracy to defraud america by way of damaging children. Its stuff of fiction.

  4. “Bell bemoaned that “without a public philosophy, explicitly stated, we lack the fundamental condition whereby a modern polity can live by consensus (and without it there is only continuing conflict) and justice.””

    I know it’s a cliche, but wow…just wow.

  5. Robin, you keep nailing the point.

    I remember when you used to comment on Maureen Downey’s AJC blog. Then you disappeared (or were disappeared). Maureen’s blog is for borgs/borgettes, “You will be assimilated.”

    Keep up the good work, at least until the UN shuts your Internet account down. Then keep up the good work in a different, offline realm.

    I decided to home-educate my kids, because they were being subjected to “teaching” by dumbos (that’s relative, teachers with 110-120 IQs, but my kids had 140+ IQs). In a better world, there would be laws prohibiting teaching–and rendering judgmental / permanent-record-entering authority over youngsters with 20+ higher IQs than “teachers”. For example, my 4th grader was judged, “the dumbest kid in math” by his 4th grade teacher (who gave him the lowest grade in his class). With home education, 800 SAT Math Level II, 800 GRE Quant, tutored lots of college students in calculus, earned a 3.81 first year, Ivy League university, I won’t name it, but the median SAT for freshmen was 1440, subtract legacies and athletes, 1480. Smart kids, and mine excelled.

    “Home schooling,” sniffle the dumbos. Actually, I made National Merit Scholarship Finalist, having the flu on exam day, to wit, I wasn’t at my best. If my kids could have had NMS Finalists, or even had Letter of Commendation winners, or even near-winners in elementary school, that would have been cool. Instead they had dumbos with 960-1080 SAT scores. Dumbos.

    The masters of the 21st century education universe know they are able to devise dumbo curricula employing dumbo teachers. If they admitted their curricula were solely to be taught to dumbo students, but not to intelligence-talented students, okay.

    • Thanks Mark and welcome to ISC. Hard to imagine my days of figuring out Integrated Math and all the deceit surrounding it would lead to all this. I monitor Get Schooled several times a week to see what propaganda Maureen is pushing, but when she went to registration it ceased to be a forum for getting out reliable info. It is a shame too because in Georgia so many upset about the Common Core are listening to channels that have no interest in providing accurate info of the type in my book.

      Glad you have been able to protect your own children. Mine too, but it has been so sad how many administrators have said “your kids are stand-outs. Why do you care?” Like any of us can really thrive if the surrounding society is being deliberately made dysfunctional.

      Get Schooled also makes far more sense once we know how important all the broadband initiatives and making providing it a human rights fits in with the Cox business model as a major boondoggle. I think it is why wsb was the main sponsor of (co)lab at the Woodruff Arts Center. Pushing the collectivist King’s Beloved Community model is good for their business.

      I should get back to posting in next day or two. This has been a tumultuous week and I needed to be wife and mom and a lawyer with a jugular instinct as needed. I think I can tell this ugly story in part because there are other dimensions to my life.

    • Sandra Stotsky, the only English expert on the panel that approved the Common Core ELA standards, just wrote a book about the problem of unqualified teachers.

      Another problem is jealousy. Your kid is the kind of student the teacher wishes he or she had been in their wildest dreams, easily killing stuff that the teacher couldn’t do for several more years. The teacher may still not understand the subject very well, but he or she has gotten rather good at interpersonal relations (or always was good at it, hence surviving in teaching) and can torture your kid in 100 politically correct ways.

      • In case Mark doesn’t know the story, I should add that Dr. Stotsky didn’t approve of the standards but was outvoted by the numbnuts that dominated the group by numbers.

        And for jealousy, nothing compares with school music teachers. I think they all wanted to be performers but around sophomore year of college they were counseled into music teaching because they weren’t good enough.

        Our middle school orchestra director once actually broke my son’s violin (a cheap one he kept at school, just the bridge, a cheap replaceable part, and maybe the breakage was accidental but I doubt it) then wouldn’t let him use it because she didn’t approve of the replacement bridge we put on, so this isn’t about money, but preventing him from playing.) Guess which one of them has perfect pitch and could play all 15 positions after only a few years. And now he doesn’t even play at all, because he’s allergic to practicing that would pull him away from video games.

    • I think he/she realized they were not helping the cause by calling attention to the vengeful pride at our descending into collectivism. “We are owed” is best expressed in closed forums with like minds.

      Shemeka of the various names was not banned. No one has tried to post under that IP for a while.

    • Thanks Deborah. I am and was sad his voice, like Revel’s and Kenneth Minogue’s, is no longer accessible to analyze today’s events. Thank goodness each left the body of work in print they did. Everything Conquest wrote, much of which I read when I was writing my first book, is stunningly insightful into the darkness of collectivism and tyranny.

  6. Most definitely does the Knowledge Network material give us pause. How in the world would I explain to any “normal” person what career path I had chosen if I followed any of the new definitions for “teacher”? Learning Pathway Designer, Competency Tracker, Pop-Up Reality Producer ( especially love this one!), Social Innovation Portfolio Director–need I go on? These folks will be challenged with “Developing human capital for personalized learning ecosystems . . . making future learning ecosystems vibrant for all learners.” I say what??
    In addition, the Promise Neighborhoods’ developing of a “pathway” to establish a new think tank designed to produce plans and policies for environments that will enhance mental health reminds me of the creation of “psychological climate” curriculum–later known as “School Climate”– used to psychologically subtly manipulate students/citizens to behave in certain ways.
    For Heaven’s sake, stop the passage of the ESEA Reauthorization and leave us alone!

    • Look at how prominent mental health is in this October OECD forum on how to make sure prosperity is shared by all in the global Post-2015 agenda under Program, especially the 2nd day.

      Because of what Key Competences means as my book explained and what PISA really measures, all K-12 agendas globally tie to this vision, especially that NC Plan and EdLeader 21 districts like Fulton, Cobb, and Gwinnett in north Metro Atlanta.

      The Promise Neighborhoods are merely the federal agencies advancing this global agenda that there must not be disparities within countries. from 2008 is even more explicit–“The Third E: Equity as a Condition of Sustainability.”

      MIT again is a partner in Charles Fadel’s Center for Curriculum Redesign with the state-Massachusetts-and many of the countries-South Korea and Singapore–touted by name in that NC Plan. THe OECD and UNESCO are also parties. Then MIT is also a party to the Future Earth Alliance created by the Belmont Challenge I have written about and the Re-engineering Futures program I have about to finally have the time to get back to.

      I brought up the Promise Neighborhoods when I was at a forum for (co)lab that I wrote about here. People were visibly angry this middle-aged white lady knew about the Promise Neighborhoods and recognized the need to use the Fulton charter to hobble the suburban schools from emphasizing academics. That would be the same charter that the local Atlas Network member-GPPF-touts as an exemplar of School Choice. What a farciful use of Orwellian language we have in education reform.

    • This new report from the Carnegie-created Education Commission of the States on schools promoting health as one “of the premier social anchor institutions” actually references the ASCD Whole School Whole Community Whole Child Anita Hoge located by name. “Health Barriers to Learning and the Education Opportunity Gap.”

      This also fits with a November 5-6, 2014 Forum held in DC on “Promoting Children’s Cognitive, Affective, and Behavioral Health” that I was looking at this morning. It called schools one of the “where children are seen and cared for” and called on the US to “create systems that are effective and affordable in addressing children’s needs.” We really are using the schools now to implement the Human Development Society that also fits with what is going on in the Promise Neighborhoods. Yet no one involved with any of these federal templates or ECS intends to teach reading properly or offer an old-fashioned Algebra or chemistry course.

      I think even if ECAA is not reconciled these same initiatives are being pushed via charters and vouchers. Much of the anti-Common Core crowd turns out to be 100% on board with this neurological social engineering template, either out of ignorance over the consequences of what they advocate for or because it actually fits with their worldview for the future.

  7. In light of the community schools bill S1787 I found it interesting that OR is of course already there with our SUN schools that you wrote about. In reviewing that information again I found it enlightening that the department of education also refers to the emerging effort in this system as 21st century learning centers.

    After sorting through the inbox after vacation I learned that our chief education officer has put in for retirement , dhe sits on Conley’a board, unexpected given the influx of hubs and changes being made. Something is churning and will be interesting to see who is brought in to push the incoming win a efforts.

    • This fits well with what will be considered 21st Century Learning. The change the student neurologically comes through loud and clear as does just how experimental all this push is.

      It fits with this out of EPIC finally being forthcoming on what College and Career Readiness really means. Dilthey must be pleased. You may remember that I testified last fall before the Orange County Board of Education and just about caused a riot because I accurately laid out all the things coming in under the banner of the Common Core. That EPIC report basically says OC is the guinea pig.

        • More proof the model is global.

          Also are you familiar with the Oregon Social Learning Center or Implementation Sciences International Parent Management Training? Looks like a Marion Forgatch is working there but also training in Norway, Denmark, Iceland, and the Netherlands.

          I was also looking into the Communities that Care program this morning and it said that Pennsylvania was used for a statewide pilot. That would explain much of the tenaciousness Anita Hoge has been seeing from public officials there.

          The feds are now referring to the schools as “social service systems”. Combine that with the “student-centered” personalized approach and the unappreciated definition now of ‘learning’ and we have precisely the kind of neurological interventions to restructure the brain that the Macy Foundation conferences on cybernetics in the late 40s and early 50s hoped was possible.

          I have my concentration back and everything fits even if these aims are atrocious.

          • No, not familiar with them by name but at a quick glance I know exactly what they are connected to. Eugene, U of O,
            4J district, Lane County, promise neighborhoods, HUBS, early learning etc. It is also Conley’s stomping grounds. State chief education officer was previous superintendent of 4J district. OSLC board member is also a state DOE board member. As usual many are tied to the superintendents association. A presentation to the oeib gives them direct involvement with the Governors office. Being in the southern part of the state places them closer to where the 90s convention was held in Medford that brought in Tranzi OBE and the soviet psychologists.

          • Knew you would find that one useful. Another name is Lisa Saldana.

            There are two different kind of neurological engineering going on here, but I now have both nailed down. I was just reading some early 70s work out of the AI Lab at MIT on what they hoped to be able to do to create the student as the desired Understander System.

            I would tie Saldana and Forgatch to the same neurological changes mindfulness training is getting at. I am definitely ready to write Book #2 as the Sequel as soon as ECAA is final.

          • A new charter school authorized by the state and thus having the ability to recruit across school district boundaries is touting ever cutting edge, cybernetic component I know of as the future of public education.

            This also ties to the Atlas Network via who I know who is involved with this school and also GPPF’s upcoming Legislative Forum. The synthesis just keeps getting more clearly defined. Also notice the VanderArk White Paper. That ties this to GEFF and the April Silicon Valley summit I am about to make it back to. Now we know even better how all this fits and where this is going.

          • No but his description of his area of expertise is precisely where I am finding the educational terms like Excellence, Rigor, and Quality Learning all lead to.

            This really is Neurological Social Engineering with a Collectivist Political Purpose. That says he uses imaging to monitor if the neural networks fire as desired when desired. It feels like science fiction but it’s not. will be filled by desperate parents determined to flee school systems where administrators regularly get sent to prison and few will understand that the school is pushing precisely the vision Yi Yuan Tang intends to monitor via neural imaging. The parents will accept it because it hypes 21st century learning as if that’s a desirable compliment. School choice will be hurled constantly to cover up model that intends to use the synapses of the brain to imprison the mind and personality.

  8. What are your thoughts on this article ? Homeschooling is a popular choice choice now as a solution to protecting children. With as much pull as the accreditation guru’s have I cannot imagine this is free of connections to the larger movement.

    Prof Tang uses my pet peeve of mindfulness in his work. I guess it is time to learn more about how they see mindfulness changing the brain.

    • Will ARC be aligned to Richard Paul’s critical thinking framework? remember there is that Youtube video of the advocates of the NC Plan hyping that it will fit with private and home schoolers as well.

      Liberty pushes a model that aligns with ETS’s vision of Critical Thinking already. Bryan is a VERY religiously-oriented college and seems to graduate many who then go into teaching.

      I am going back through all the GEFF materials getting ready to write except my youngest sprained her ankle in a jazz class last night and we have been at the doctor. Nerdiest reading material in the waiting room, that’s me.

      It is interesting how closely the GEFF materials fit with not just what Brookings of a Center for American Progress is pushing, but what I have read or heard from many of the different ATLAS Network entities in their reports, white papers, or programs.

    • Did you see this touting Portland as a model of Cradle to Career community partnerships?

      This says there was a conference there on it in July. Notice that three of the 6 communities attending as models were from Texas. That would fit with my opinion Texas is beyond Tranzi OBE now while certain people are still hyping No Common Core.

    • From all I understand of Mindfullness and also having been trained in Hypnosis, practicing “presence” and “mindfulness” in classrooms serves as simple light hypnosis. ( without fully informed consent of course )

      Once the child’s psyche is relaxed and opened it is THAT much easier for him or her to internalize and integrate the designed thinking lessons for desired attitudes and behaviors for optimal future actions which they practice on their computers.

      • The Mindfulness aspect and these practices turned out to be an essential component of the Neurological Social Engineering vision that will be masked by terms like Excellence, Intrapersonal Competency, and Mental well-being (a required mandate under Lamar Alexander’s Senate-passed Every Child Achieves Act). Seeing Dan Siegels’ name on the Advisory Board of the Convergence Center’s Re-imagining Education Project reminded me that not only did UCLA have a Mindsight Center he was in charge of, it is also where the federally-funded School Mental Health project is located. Siegel’s books argue that Mindfulness practices are necessary for mental well-being as is the integration of mind-body- and emotion.

        He has even coined a term for what the ECAA’s statutory language ends up mandating–Interpersonal Neurobiology. Apart from buying one of his books, this article from 2006 gives a feel for where this is all going.

        This is angst creating stuff, especially with my rereading the GEFF Future Agendas today as well. All of this ties to one person who is still around and knows Ervin Laszlo and who got invited to that Aspen Summit–Mihaly Csiksentmihalyi. There is a reason we shorthand his name to Csik. By the way, the GEFF materials also refer to flow states as does Siegel.

    • I have a very strong feeling that in the short term, as the last few systems cogs are made operational, that Home Schooling will be one of the reasons for the push for Free internet for all/ Broadband as a Human Right” along with the rationale for why” We Must Have digital learning for all/ a computer for every girl and boy. ” whether students are in a brick and mortar HUB skool or working from their kitchen table.

      • “But this robot tutor can essentially read your mind” and then intervene to change it at will with no need for parents to ever truly understand their child is now an experiemntal guinea pig.

        Have I mentioned that Knewton too is on the GEFF Advisory Board to come up with the new model for global education? The one that fits with what that Brookhaven Charter is selling to a T.

    • Most of CC was deliberately designed to mislead and cause worried parents to ask for the synthesis wanted all along. Then I write a book focused on the actual implementation that remains the factual Guide to what is rally going on more than 2 years later.

      Even the name “high stakes testing” is part of the deceit. When the actual implementation keeps using the word “psychophysiological” as its area to be altered that is far more high stakes than any end of the year assessment. Every one of these insiders too knows that Competency and learning standards like CC are all about performance assessments where the sought behavior is the answer. Yet they continue to lie to parents because that is what gets promotions, awards, and ultimately the gold-plated retirements and consulting gigs.

      If these administrators were sexually abusing the children, they would go to jail. Since they want to psychologically abuse the children so they will be compliant with all these sought broader transformations, we call these naifs and lowlifes Doctor and Super and pretend they are honorable people when they are anything but.

      • Oops, didn’t mean to post that twice. What worries me is how parents against CC are so easily pacified by ed speak…authentic assessment, testing what matters. How many kids will suffer before the curtain gets pulled back? CA schools are now telling parents that IEP’s have to meet grade level standards and ALL students–regardless of special needs–will test. This only makes sense if the goal is behavioral and not academic. IMS (partnered with the US DoED) is using these kids to test out the new APIP standards, which they claim will meet the personal needs and preferences of every student, fitting in with ESEA lingo, but really the goal is to get every student working in online learning environments. I have a hunch that IMS may end up taking over Amplify now that Murdoch is backing out.

        • Hard not to think of IMS and the Achievement Standards Network when reading GEFF materials. New York State is bringing in the lawyers now to force the assessments on reluctant parents. Opting Out is only available until the paradigm becomes formative or summative looking for HOTS. The neurological brain scrambling must not be evaded. Students will practice perceiving and interpreting and making meanings as stipulated so that the neurons that fire together will wire together. Then summative assessments can check for that and formative gets used to force the initial wiring process.

          Given where you are you really should get Dan Siegel’s book Mindsight: The Science of Personal transformation and then cross reference to all the mentions in the GEFF materials of the mind-and-body connection, hyphenated just like that.

    • I left a comment on the Utah blog as that is clearly where the link I got this morning by email originated. They need to be worried about VanderArk and not dwelling on Tucker. Tucker’s presence though is a reminder that Anthony Carnevale was also at NCEE in the late 80s and Vicki Phillips was in the 90s before going to Lancaster and then Pa and then Portland and on to the Gates Foundation. We know she was at the GELP conference in Finland and Tucker’s last book hyped “world-class systems” just like this conference. More links to GEFF, which was clearly supposed to remain subterranean.

    • Do you know why Christel is a fan of Yong Zhao? I found that very alarming. Might as well be touting Fullan or Pasi Sahlberg.

      • That is interesting. I have not heard that. My guess would be because he is anti test. I want to assume that she is unaware of the connections. Although it is hard to believe given JaKelll
        Knows better and works with her.

        • Now I see the resentment of Tucker being involved in the upcoming conference. Preference for Zhao instead with reasons that they are both against Tucker, even Ravitch is against him. Yet no asking why Ravitch promotes Zhao.Obviously she is missing vital information or is in favor of their version of equity based reforms.

          • Ravitch appears to shill for whomever her overlords recommend to her in a given month. She veers all over the place. With Fidelity. Mostly I think she is tasked with confusing issues and her readership so that no one sees what is really happening. She is the proverbial Fabian wolf in sheeps clothing. Tuckers name is to divisive right now for them to align with him. Less people know Zhao. He is safer.

          • I think Ravitch, like many Atlas Network entities parroting School Choice whatever the facts, is part of the calculated attempt to force the original vision from the mid-80s and early 90s. She hypes Opt Out wanting the parents to then view formative embedded assessments as a relief.

            I was thinking about this last night. Say someone is colorblind and you want something painted the shade we associate with maroon. If you could convince the person that maroon was bad, but burgandy paint is just the thing so they tell you yes, Burgandy would be lovely. They think they had a say in what happened when the desired result and the non-distinction between what was available never get noticed.

            They happily believe maroon and burgandy are two different colors and that the actual result was a matter of their choice. That’s essentially the dance going on. Same with the NC Plan that actually gets us back to what was pushed by the ASCD all through the 80s. I worked on that yesterday. The Talents Unlimited link I put up yesterday was a part of that and I have a 1985 book from Marzano coming tomorrow.

          • Agreed 100%. I read the Talents Unlimited document ( the inverted, opposite world meaning of these titles is seriously annoying ) and thought about Marzano and his Tactics for Thinking as well as Project Zero’s Visible Thinking and newly completed Patterns of Thinking.

            You have probably seen PZ’s Patterns page but its a gem.

            ” In short, good thinkers have the right “thinking dispositions.”

   sayeth the self appointed demi gods

          • Shari Tishman and Perkins are involved in this book from 1990 where Marzano too is cited. That Patterns of Thinking functions just like what the Critical Thinking Framework from Richard Paul works as when we follow the NC Plan. That would also fit with the NC Plan touting MA and also explain why MA does well on NAEP and PISA.

            I just downloaded an ISSS doc from 2012 that was kind enough to lay out all the connections between what is being sought in education and the social-psychological systems and the work of the tavistock Institute. It also linked CASBS to the Tavistock work.

            Woohoo!! CASBS always shows up without me looking. It has been a toner depletion morning here.

  9. Made a succinct effort to show Zhao as one in same group of reformers.

    Now we can add one popular psychology worker on a call with you not long ago to the mix. Surprisingly enough her progressive fellow psychiatric friend gt does not agree. I have watched the truth be thwarted for a long time now.

    “I read all of the articles referenced here, and (surprise) I was very impressed by the conceptual framework presented. I loved Tomlinson’s developmental markers for intellectual expertise, and didnt see how the Zhao quotes should earn him an excommunication from our list of allies. Sure, he talks about some “non-conservative” ideas, so does Ravitch, but I wonder if we “throw the baby out with the bath water” if we insist on rigid conformity in our (useful) friends…. I’m not an expert on either person’s oeuvre but I’m concerned when it appears that any digression from a specific line of thought is grounds for expulsion. They both are powerful advocates and I’m okay with supporting their points of view that bolster my causes even when they have others with which I disagree.”

    • Then I guess the proper question is precisely what are “my causes” in that quote. Supporting neurological social engineering in my mind is never OK. I think we keep running into a network where certain people get excited about blind, motivating, unquestioning beliefs that WILL prompt action.

      This continues my epiphany that my understanding that the Common Core was really leading to Competency and what the internal and external implications of that were and are that make my work verboten in many arenas. I will follow the thread through the labyrinth and as a factual matter I have largely mapped out the labyrinth now. Neurological social engineering for collectivist purposes is merely a succinct way of getting people adjusted to the provable reality.

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