Legally Imposing Mental Strait Jackets Touted as Student Success or Achievement While Paralyzing Mass Consciousness

This post was a bit delayed after the House narrowly passed its ESEA Rewrite last Thursday–called the Student Success Act–when so many of the Republican Reps were sending out false affirmations of what they had done and who they had protected. I wondered where so much inaccurate info could come. I was told repeatedly that these Pols refused to listen or even look at the statutory language that contradicted their preferred talking points. In other words, they want the binding effect against their constituents and our childrens’ minds of federal legislation while ultimately keeping deniability that “they didn’t know.” There goes any entitlement to the Honorific of “Honorable” when referring to any of these deceitful Pols who choose to remain ignorant while the US gets shoved nonconsensually into long-designed collectivism, becoming a partner in all the UN’s current mischief against the masses.

Long-planned, huh, how long? As my book Credentialed to Destroy details, the 1960s effort ignited by the original ESEA and the 90s version did not go as planned. Think of the deceit surrounding this ESEA Rewrite as simply in line with the Oligarchs and their political and corporate cronies refusing to wait any longer for mass submission. Let’s go back then to 1963 and Ervin Laszlo’s Blueprint for transitioning the West to his Essential Society where the “full satisfaction of individual demands is the main characteristic.” No mention at that time of an Obamaphone or Broadband for All, but we are all getting used to the current entitled demands. Laszlo wrote this crucial obligation that fits with his Government by Idea:

“the ultimate task of a government is to close the gap between the actual situation in the nation and this [Essential Society] Ideal.

The scheme must be built on the individual [student-centered; personalized learning]; it is to provide for his freedom and his fulfillment. Now the individual needs (i) to live, and (ii) to live satisfactorily. The first need makes a demand on the private economy to supply goods and skills for subsistence, the second on culture to provide comprehension and a solution to the problemmatic aspects of experience.”

When I keep hyping why the language in these rewrites about Competency and Higher Order Understanding and Skills is so crucial and indicates such a transformation of the historic purpose of schools that is why.  I want us to remember all the deceit from the Pols surrounding this Rewrite when I give you the name of the book these next quotes are coming from: Individualism Collectivism and Political Power. Political Power, Laszlo recognized back in 1963, before the original ESEA, could advance collectivism in those countries that has historically reverenced and protected the Individual if K-12 education could be altered for the purpose of “preventing individuals from evaluating and comprehending societal and general reality in unbiased, objective terms.” Boy, does that add further spin to all the revelations in my book.

Aspirational Collectivists, be they UN officials, Congress members, school supers, or profs, need citizens that “view reality from the subjective context of need,” even when they are dealing with objective matters. That filter needs to become the prevailing mode of comprehension of the masses and it needs to be practiced repeatedly from preschool on so it becomes a Habit of Mind and mental strait jacket. Laszlo gives the needed frame of mind or Worldview that once again fits right in to that Young Adult Success Framework linked two posts ago. It also fits with what Harvard called ‘performances of understanding’ and what is more commonly called now Formative Assessment. In other words, this is where Opt Out is really going:

” In a Communist climate, on the other hand, all things and all relations are evaluated subjectively, following the Marxian formulation of practice as the proof of knowledge, and the good of man as the criterion for the desirability of political activity. It follows then that knowledge in a Communist society represents the comprehension of the environment in the context of its effect upon man, more precisely upon the collectivity.”

And we wonder why we keep being told school must now be experiential and the experiences must be relevant and successful students are those who are “meaning makers.” Now I am switching to what it is clear both versions of the ESEA Rewrite intend to force as a matter of law. It’s why it is so atrocious for Pols to be touting this all as a return of power to the states and local schools when the feds are actually requiring by law that every other governmental entity and charters track and manipulate what Norbert Weiner called, in italics, a change in taping. That’s what he wrote that Cybernetics is all about. When that change in taping is educational and involves a student at a neurological level, as in “There is no Maginot Line of the brain,” that is called Learning.

It could be physiologically put into place and would work in human beings in a manner akin to an anti-aircraft gun’s taping of the internal calibrating mechanism: “which alters not so much the numerical data, as the process by which they are interpreted.” The feds are saying that the student’s internal taping is what must be focused on. It is disingenuous to then say that what the states and schools do is up to them. Not in the essence of what truly matters to our children and our future it is not. This Weiner explanation of cybernetic feedback, I am stating here, fits with what the House is calling Student Success and the Senate calls Every Child Achieves. Maybe this is a good time to remind also Laszlo’s point that most minds are inferior and only capable of a subjective mode of comprehension of experiences. If the same standards are required for all and the achievement gaps must be closed and Universal Design for Learning is enshrined in the legislation, this is what school becomes by default.

“feedback is a method of controlling a system by reinserting into it the results of its past performance…If the information which proceeds backward from the performance is able to change the general method and pattern of performance, we have a success which we may well be called learning.”

That’s also why it matters so much that the Senate version prescribed that the states must allow ‘performances’ to be the means of showing that its ‘content standards’ were met. Before I give the next quote from Weiner, who actually was troubled by the possibilities for governmental control of the masses all this entailed once computers truly came into their own, [Remember ECAA’ s digital mandate] let’s look at a quote from Weiner on what happens when the human mind’s ‘taping’ is being targeted for political or other purposes (italics in original):

“I have spoken of machines, but not only machines having brains of brass and thews of iron. When human atoms are knit into an organization in which they are used, not in their full right as responsible human beings, but as cogs and levers and rods [Career Pathways!], it matters little that the raw material is flesh and blood. What is used as an element in a machine, is in fact an element in the machine.”

A machine then is the person, manipulated by political power via education, but the machine extends to the workplace, society, the economy and all those other areas governments are now proclaiming as their turf. And one savvy reviewer in 1948 when Cybernetics was originally published saw the potential for governmental mischief and manipulation of human processes for political gain from the beginning. A Dominican friar, Pere Dubarle, wrote in Le Monde that these theories would tempt Pols to set up what he called machines a gouverner . I am asserting in this post that this is precisely what is occurring and why we have so much deceit surrounding this Rewrite.

“the human processes which constitute the object of government may be assimilated into [probability] games…Even though these games have an incomplete set of rules, there are other games with a very large number of players, where the data are extremely complex. The machines a gouverner will define the State as the best-informed player at each particular level [city, state, nation, global], and the State is the only supreme co-ordinator of all partial decisions. These are the enormous privileges; if they are acquired scientifically, they will permit the State under all circumstances to beat every player of a human game other than itself by offering this dilemma: either immediate ruin, or planned co-operation.”

A sobering quote, but DuBarle felt better that the computers then available lacked the capacity to determine and control the “system of psychological reactions of the players in the face of the results obtained at each instant.” That is no longer the case and the Common Core and all the other State learning standards for students the Rewrite will require are to produce exactly the mounds of data adaptive learning has always needed to change the taping at the level of the mind.

Now, given what we know (see Chapter 7 of my book especially) about the actual implementation in the classroom, we clearly are looking at education being used as a tool by Political Power at all levels for “mechanical manipulation of human situations” as DuBarle worried about. It allows Pols now and their administrative co-participants to “plan a method of paralyzing the consciousness of the masses.” Crucial since both Weiner and Laszlo admitted that is necessary for collectivism to be possible.

DuBarle said this cybernetic vision would create “a world worse than hell for every clear mind.” The Pols and their cronies thus intend, or are choosing to remain ignorant of, the use of K-12 education, enabled and mandated by federal legislation, to make sure there are no longer enough clear minds to alter the needed, prevailing subjective comprehension in enough of the masses of voters.

They may prevail, but this Clear Mind will keep telling the story of what is really transpiring in our schools and universities.

And why.


95 thoughts on “Legally Imposing Mental Strait Jackets Touted as Student Success or Achievement While Paralyzing Mass Consciousness

  1. Whites used political power for slavery and segregation. The new power is here, and we will right old wrongs. We fight aginst lingering oppression and exploiters. No longer will private privilege and antidiversity remain unadressed.

    Education in service of equality, democracy, and social justice is where we are now. You should support systems of change and institutional transformation toward a better, more inclusive future for all. We are the hope we’ve needed, now we have the political power to make history work right for us.

    • Shemeka is here for her continued Vengeance is Ours Victory Tour. I guess she hopes the Chinese keep lending to finance all this redistribution.

      • We who elected Obama did so to fundamentally transform America into the promise. Everybody knew what democracy wanted, and now here it is. No turning back. Speeding up, unstoppable. The past is finally dead. Donald Trump does not reflect who we are today. He’s a dinosaur. The last gasp. We are recording everyone who goes to his events and will track them always. We will know everything about them. We will monitor and respond. We will make sure that they can’t evade their responsibilities to pay more for carbon. They can’t be allowed to enjoy privilege when we have the power to make sure they can’t afford it anymore. We know where they live and what measures they take to avoid diversity. We will stop their self segregating tendencies. America is finally becoming what it was supposed to be. Our dream is the future. Trump will come over to our side and demand everyone embrace the browning of America. He’ll have no choice. We set tax and regulation policy, and his billions are there for us to grab.

        I’m just sick and tired of all his racist hate.

        • Shemeka I don’t know what you’re sick and tired of. Surely you can find a group simultaneously diverse and like-minded to hang with and enjoy. No need to feel sick of your lifestyle or society.

          We’re concerned about what’s going on in education, because we want to make changes for the better, and if necessary we’ll subvert the system in 100 ways to ensure our kids develop their minds rather than losing them. We are the heirs of the wisdom of those like Norbert Wiener (who was laying this out as a dark scenario, not as a desired one) who will use his warning to inform our actions. We also use the wisdom gained from those less willing to share it with us, as Robin constantly brings to our attention.

          If you don’t want the same for your kids, there’s not much I can say to you. But if you dream of controlling or dulling the minds of my kids, you’re laughably out of luck.

          • Your kids need to check their white privilege if they want a future in the new structures. They must embrace systemic diversity and admit their responsibility to do more for the oppressed and marginalized. Otherwise,

        • So I tie ECAA and the House bill to cybernetics, which is a factual assertion, and suddenly a few hours later the Senate Majority Leader invokes cloture so that the Up or Down vote has to be by Wednesday before public outcry can build.

          Then of course as happened in the House reconciliation can craft the true bill in Machine a Gouverner fashion. Then a quick up or down before anyone can read the reconciliation and it’s over.

          Enslaving the American people at the level of the mind while freeing the Mullahs for mischief. What a summer.

          Maybe after my tea I can come up with a joke.

          • I thought reconciliation was where they invoked the budget process that bypassed cloture or some other normal rules, since it’s a sort of must-pass thing. To do that with an education bill is cheating since it’s intended for budgets only, but it’s always possible. Is that what you’re referring to?

            I don’t see from the headlines that that happened with the Student Success Act in the House.

    • Reality exists apart from vacuous language like that above. E.g. in California the govt failed to build planned for damns and reservoirs ‘because of the environment.’ They also allow most such water to run out to sea to ‘protect the environment.’ The current lack of water in California is the reality.

      It is the masses who suffer the most under the systems needed to enforce such ‘inclusive’ dreams. In Mao’s Great Leap Forward around 45 million people died due to govt. Think they were all millionaires? All the political power could not grow food to feed the people. That is the reality.

      In the US all the political power of the fed govt could not get the Obamacare website working in four years. That is the reality.

      • We must tolerate a little chaos here and there to prove how much more we need to do. Obamacare didn’t need to work at first. As long as it is moving toward the goal, that’s all that matters. The chaos is temporary, and raises awarenss of the issues that affect us all. It just needs more funding to get better.

    • This is the way Red Guards used to talk through bullhorns in Tienanmen Square in the late sixties.

      Whoever wrote your scripted cant, Shemeka, is from the same school of linguistic assault and battery as the imposters in the temple like Cornell West and Richard McLaren who have been regurgitating the same densely-packed and formatted “social justice” verbiage for generations.

      What I suspect you are actually fighting for, Shemeka, is your own racial privilege and a social order in which your tribe will carry the bigger stick.

      The whole 20th century is testament to the consequences of such an approach.

        • I did not take anything from you or anyone else. Given the quality of the free information I have given out on this blog, I needn’t be told about Giving Back either.

          This kind of giveaway yesterday must have made you very happy.

          Here’s the link to the White House announcement. It is called ConnectHome and explicitly ties to the Connected Ed school component.

          With the EDA/Aspen deal yesterday involving Dalton and Atlanta and Macon in the 27 cities about to get high speed broadband so there need be no delay in watching movies, this is just more proof that the feds run deficits to bribe states and localities and interest groups that Uncle Sugar will give them things at someone else’s expense.

          When the money runs out I will still understand what is actually occurring in K-12 and higher ed and why better perhaps than anyone else on the planet. Even Linda Darling-Hammond, Lauren Resnick, Robert Kegan, or Andreas Schleicher seem to have no clue what the ramifications of what they advocate for will ultimately be.

          • We do applaud this initiative because everybody knows that the only reason African-Americans aren’t always watching Shindler’s LIst is because of slow downloads. Now they all can have true equality with the Davis Academy.

          • What? No uniforms?

            Bar and bat mitzvahs for all, preferably at the Fox or History Center at taxpayer expense?

    • All it takes is one good President to fix HUD and rewrite that rule. Of course Congress could fix the Fair Housing Act to exclude this kind of meddling, and that would override what SCOTUS just did too.

      Obama’s been pushing to force racial integration where nobody (not the whites nor the blacks) wants it, for a long time. I don’t expect any different from him.

    • That movie was lovely bit of pre programming methinks. Not unlike Hunger Games. Worth re watching that one again to get a glimpse of Glorious Next Tuesday.

    • Did you see this?

      And yes I am aware what I write reads like a bad science fiction movie or novel. Boy I wish this was fiction instead of repeatedly expressed intentions now being locked into place to use both the law and K-12 education as tools. It’s not unprecedented. It was interesting to see that although Weiner clearly saw ICT as the avenue to the plenty of a Human Development Society, he was worried about the potential of cybernetics. It also strengthens my belief that what the Gordon Commission was really doing was putting together insights and theories to be reflected in the ESEA rewrite. Anyone who believes Common Core was an end in itself is not paying attention.

      I would also add that this shows why this is a particularly dangerous time to lack a clear mind and factual knowledge.

      • Carl Rogers late in his life feared what he had done as a power for evil. His close colleague dr. william Coulson who participated closely in his research spent years fighting against its embrace by academia despite negative disasterous consequences. Many like Rogers and Coulson do report regret but that part gets pushed down the memory hole.

      • Between Duckworth’s grit assessments, the gathering of SEL data and all the other detailed information from online gaming or classroom activities this paints a very scary and sad picture. What is left to evaluate on our children? The system knows them inside and out. I can no longer advocate for leaving any child in this system. Has that changed for you? There is just so much to work around now. Even since early blogging days, look how far this has come.
        I do not see how ECAA will be stopped. Let’s be realistic, not pessimistic but realistic. It will likely pass. Can there be any going back at all?

        • It is clear, as with the lies told to Congressmen like MR Graves in the House that they so enthusiastically lap up and then trumpet, McConnell just wants to get something passed, to shift this all to Reconciliation.

          How much I have on all this defies belief. I ordered two more books today. One from 1962 that had a reprint in 1966 and the other from 1963. As I have mentioned before the great stuff is what was created before any controversy, before ESEA failed to achieve its goals for the classroom the first time.

          There was a textbook for doing all this published in 1968 and it was reprinted almost annually at least through 1977, which is the copy I found. These books are being referenced in other books that will say things like “if you really want an excellent analysis of the effect of repeated behavior on a student’s perception see _______ .” And I’m like OK, I will.

          My point is for all time we will know precisely what Congress is about to do and what it means. No ambiguity, no ability to say it does not do that.

          Do you really believe this will just continue to go on year by year when that level of confessionary declarations of what is being done is available?

          I don’t. Knowledge of this and widespread acknowledgment of it is the only way out. As we have discussed though, it would be much harder for me to know this and read what I read if my kids were not more or less grown. But again today was the constant reminder that this is all intended to be psychological outcomes desired for political manipulation locked in at a neurobiological level.

          I have said it before and I will say it again, ECAA is designed to not just allow but require what is a Josef Mengele-type psychological experiment on American and Western schoolchildren. It is being done because Pols and their cronies want political power and economic power to be once again reunited as has been the norm through most of history.

          • The Aspen Institute and the Department of Commerce announced this today as part of their Communities that Work Partnership.

            The Dalton area and NW Ga is one of them, which will only increase the already advanced case the legislature has that education=workforce devt-economic devt with them in charge. In fact one of the legislators I heard speak back at the December conference represents this area. His day job is working for a development authority. This makes Lamar’s proclamations about state and local absurd. In fact the DOC’s announcement says this joining of economic development with workforce development is a White House-driven federal policy complete with links. Those of course tie to about the time WIOA was adopted. Here’s that link.

          • Prof Hahnel has spoken at the same events as the prior governors girlfriend , Cylvia Hayes. His group has a food justice effort in a middle school that a family member attends. He’s known to be radical.

          • And the real purpose of WIOA to allow and in fact force political planning of state and local economies and the reorientation of education just keeps becoming more of an open confession. WIOA governs how the states and localities must interact with the ESEA Rewrite. Lamar keeps leaving off this part of his narrative of returning power to states and schools. Latrines have less BS than his public statements on ECAA.

            Suitable on the day of the Bipartisan Senate sellout to try to enslave our kids for their own personal benefit or the benefit of campaign contributors. Fits right in with WIOA and in fact WIOA needed the ESEA Rewrite to change the orientation of the schools to Competency/workforce development/you will be what we allow and train you to be and that’s all that’s permissable.

    • For new readers Ken Wilber is partners of some type in integral learning, transpersonal psych, with Robert Kegan. Kegan is the author of what the OECD regards as Key Competences and what Lumina is basing its Diploma Qualifications profile on for higher ed. When the Hewlett Foundation wanted to make sure that the Common Core would measure deeper learning, HOTS and its synonyms, they hired Kegan and Peter Senge of MIT to look at PARCC and SBAC to evaluate.

      Kegan’s mentor at Harvard was Lawrence Kohlberg whose stages of moral developmemt is being pushed by governments and unesco to create an obligation of universal love/good of the whole that fits with Laszlo’s Essential Society. It all comes together and much f its is in my head or a file or one of my bookshelves.

  2. Oh Shemeka. She is performing her job admirably. Clearly she is tasked by a faction working at the behest of our great leaders to be the first to comment on every one of your posts from here on out Robin. In this way she can attempt to throw less savvy commenters off the topic at hand and of course create a digital trail of race baiting. Yes ” Shemeka” is quite an adept in “her” determination to misdirect the conversation and facts to which you Robin are so credibly presenting to us for our own edification.

    Regarding the paralyzing of the consciousness of the masses, I was just discussing this very thing with a friend the other day. It seems to be growing even now. I have days when I see more clearly than I ever have before in my life what is happening to humanity and yes….this clear mind will not forget either.

    • Shemeka is very predictable as well. Her ‘a little chaos’ used to be phrased as ‘you can’t make an omelet without breaking eggs.’ This ‘chaos’ phase lasts forever. There is the ‘living in the future’ part where were are to focus on the glorious future when the ‘chaos’ is gone, instead of the reality of the present.

      When the chaos continues it will be blamed on various factions. They have been called enemies of the state, Kulaks, counter-revolutionaries, capitalist roaders, etc. With health care costs increasing the insurance companies, drug companies, hospitals, doctors, etc. will be be blamed.

      A couple years ago the costs of the Obamacare website and software were bench marked against start-ups like Facebook, Amazon, Linkedin, etc, for which the costs were known. The Obamacare website costs were 50x to 100x that expected based on the benchmarks. But it just needs more money …..

      Regarding the paralyzing of the consciousness of the masses, I see it more now as well. When Miriam Carey was shot in the back through her rear windshield 5 times in DC the MSM buried it and the police dash cam videos and security videos have been suppressed to this day. People parrot what they are told. It is scary.

  3. “We are recording everyone who goes to his events and will track them always. We will know everything about them. We will monitor and respond. We will make sure that they can’t evade their responsibilities to pay more for carbon. They can’t be allowed to enjoy privilege when we have the power to make sure they can’t afford it anymore.”

    Wow! It looks like Logan better start running again…

  4. New York had so many complaints and opt-outs from its grade 3-8 ELA and Math state tests made by Pearson, we are switching vendor to Questar. Supposedly teachers will have more input. Maybe they’ll just make the tests easier, which is really what people seem to want.

    It looks like NY State itself, without a vendor, creates the Regents Exams in various subjects normally taken in grades 9-12. This is not changing, but the old Regents exams are being replaced with new “Common Core compliant” Regents exams that always seem to be harder than what they replace.

    • How would you feel if this was the model for your local high school?

      Good news. I recognized a concept from the cybernetics textbook from 1968 laying out how to create a cybernetic system at the level of the human mind and how it would provide a superb way for invisible social control. In fact the book regards the purpose of the behavioral sciences as being social control. Anyway I recognized the OECD had another term for what what was known previously as cybernetics so I tied together that term and what the book called a necessary component of a human cybernetic system in a search.

      Out has poured paper after paper from all over the world. All from the last 15 years and many since 2008. Virtually all leaving out the term cybernetic and not mentioning Weiner, but otherwise describing the cybernetic vision. Clearly what charters are all about and PISA and over and over again the cybernetic methods are being sold as strategies for student success.

      Woohoo!! Tracking by function and knowing this thoroughly and all the synonyms makes it difficult to Idea Launder anymore.

    • Beyond Individualism: The Challenge of Inclusive Communities–way to confirm my contention in real time. Did you notice he reiterated the same primary purpose two ways? To change personal values and to changeindividual values. That’s how we move beyond individualism apart from pushing a non-Axemaker mode of comprehension. Remember I long ago tracked the definition of Career Ready to a communitarian ethos and Positive School Climate lit to Amitai Etzioni.

      That article shows how right on the money I was more than 3 years ago and the next post

      In the League of Innovative Schools/Ed Leader 21 district with its charter that forces a Competency focus that looks like Transformational OBE as described in the book, all the high schools in the high income neighborhoods are transitioning to IB diploma to obscure the switch out of the transmission of knowledge. Told you with the quotes in my book IB was a Stalking Horse not to mention that one of the authors of the Teaching for Understanding framework is also a consultant to IB–Veronica Boix-Mansilla.

      Two crucial names stand out at the end of that article beyond the obvious we talk about on this blog. Dylan Wiliam–the co-architect of formative assessment and Clay Christensen. Jeb Bush wrote a blurb for the back gushing about his book on technology in the classroom as a Disruptive Innovation. One of his co-authors was involved in the original charter concept in Minnesota and now pushes regional partnerships and other planning pushes the Rockefeller Foundation pushes and has retreats at Bellagio to pump. The other Michael Horn is quoted at the beginning of my Chapter 4 on Competency with his way to move beyond the dispute over Common Core is for states to adopt a competency focus. No mention that he was a headliner at the Carnegie funded 2011, federal Ed officials on panel, declaration that Competency was the new focus. Horn who I have heard speak several times was also the first person to use outcomes, objectives, and competencies interchangeably as terms referring to the same thing–learning goals that are action-based or value changes and not about book knowledge anymore.

      The supposedly conservative state public policy think tanks love to have Michael Horn speak and the last time I heard him he was really in Georgia to advise the legislative leaders and the Governor on the Task Force for digital learning.

      Notice how everything now ties back to either the book or what we uncovered on this blog tracking the actual implementation in real time over the past 3 years. We are going to have to rely on a point acknowledged in an essay on Social Control in the cybernetics textbook. The only means of emancipation is to grasp the nature of the chains.

      Put a check mark next to Grasping presciently for us here at ISC.

  5. Just a word or two about history: Maslow actually tried to make people understand that his hierarchy of basic needs was created for use by persons who were in the “special needs” category, not for general consumption. And Kohlberg was very depressed about his levels of moral development not leading to satisfaction and had contrived a seventh level that would have united the human and what he perceived as the divine, after which he committed suicide. Just to say that the base on which so much of what we are dealing now is built crumbled long ago.

    • Kohlberg lives on though because his Universal Love/7th level is the basis for the concept of citizenship Communist China and unesco has foisted on Hong Kong. His Moral Development framework forms a tremendous part of teacher professional devt under the Common Core because those teachers then alarmed search out more detail and find my blog. I get the name and whatever alarming thing it was tied to in the seminar. Some doozies.

      This is the original Kohlberg post from October 2012.

      Robert Kegan, whose Key Competences lay behind much of the OECD vision for K-12 and whose work is also behind the Lumina higher ed redo, was a student of Kohlberg and regarded him as his mentor. Kegan also partners with Ken Wilber of Transpersonal Psych and was who Hewlett hired along with Peter Senge to ensure PARCC and SBAC would be assessing for deep learning. As I have said deep learning functions in the same way as Laszlo’s concept of a subjective mode of comprehension.

      Maslow, as you know dropped dead from a heart attack. but he and Rogers and the nEA were also involved with the 1962 global push to suddenly target perception. I would put Laszlo’s books published in the Netherlands in the same category. A global Marxist Humananist assault on the West via its social and political institutions and education had begun. This August 2013 post talked about the 1962 book.

      I think Maslow was clearly cooperating with the MH model even if perhaps he failed to recognize that giving someone a blank cheque to be rowed, whether they choose to contribute or not, means that ultimately it gets harder to meet anyone’s needs is an open question due to his sudden death at the height of his fame. I do know though that once again Common Core professional development powerpoints and training are teaching teachers to train students to view the world through Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. The students are trained to see the meeting of needs as a personal obligation.

      If there is one thing we talk about on this blog it is that false beliefs are just as likely to prompt action as true beliefs and especially if they are grounded in emotion, known by outsiders to exist, and be there to compel predictable future behavior. The perfect cybernetic system hidden behind current terms like Equity and Excellence.

  6. Let’s also remember that over 20 years ago–when we were “developing our own curriculum-based assessments”–our states purchased test item banks from NAEP that were huge and contained items that were already constructed to test the affective (and beyond) aspect. These have been the bassist of all “standards-based” tests. Thus, when ECAA calls for states to “create their own tests,” guess where they’ll get their test items! Nothing new under the sun; just finally getting a chance to let them see the light of day.

    • CP-I just had this insight in the margin of the 1968 cybernetics textbook as I read a description of goal-directed behavior and the importance of developing a common vision and understanding. That’s the essence of standards-based education once the word ‘standards’ is known to be a synonym for goals.

      What NAEP did not have before is what LaPere and Weiner worried about–the kind of adaptive learning capability Knewton has, UNESCO, the OECD, and WEF want, and what the Jeb Bush foundation on education trumpets as its statute on Student Data Privacy. The language actually guaranteed the right for such intrusive manipulation. That’s some turning over to the states or Georgia’s awful soft skills open-ended language I wrote about in the book. Sold to the legislature as being about the need for students to learn to be punctual and tie their shoes.

    • I saw that Rubio simply did not vote on Mike Lee’s Opt Out amendment.

      What a weaselly response so as not to anger Jeb’s machine.

        • It has been complete in my head for a while, but yes the language in this version of 1177 triggered even greater tracking of the cybernetics than what I already had. The descriptions have caused me to appreciate it was always cybernetics. Competency, Transformational OBE, constructivism are either means or components of the full vision.

          Yesterday i Realized that this is what the term “metacognition” was really getting at and that takes us to David Conley squarely and his vision of College Ready and the non-cognitive.

          I had focused on tracking the mental state and how it works, but realized yesterday it is intimately tied to the activity requirement too. The subjective mode of comprehension and use of supplied concepts viewed emotionally and subjectively has to be coupled to activity. Excellence is getting at it too as it is in the subjective mode where what we feel, think, and want would be all bound together resulting in action.

          I am optimistic that this is all thoroughly understood and we are aware of all these other implicated programs that intend to create lucrative conflicts of interest involving access to taxpayer money. This would be far more confusing if I had not written the book and we didn’t already know the extent to which constructivism is not about how to teach the subject. We know the individual is under attack. I really do not think the public was supposed to know about WIOA and I knew from the day it passed and wrote about it when no one had heard of it and people maintained it was about disabilities.

          I am supposed to know this story even if that fact means certain invites get lost.

      • Unbelievable crap! “With the end of NCLB, a new frame is emerging, it’s still a little fuzzy and not nearly as monolithic, but it appears to have for pillars: broader aims including work readiness, social and emotional learning; personalized learning (while protecting student privacy), expanding formal and informal learning opportunities; and, on a slower timeline, progression based on mastery.”
        #1: 2 typos in the first 2 paragraphs – I guess his spelling/grammar is on an extended slower progression.
        #2: Wow so mastery is “on a slower timeline” aka not that important. Unfreakingbelievable. Mastery of CONTENT is what going to school is all about. I know you all have been saying this forever and I am being redundant, but I just had to comment.

        • Remember though that mastery of content does not mean “knowing” subject matter content. It means applying supplied concepts or taught skills in real world actions.

          Think of personalized learning in Vander Ark’s template as compelling the necessary subjective mode. Think of Mastery of Content as the doublecheck to see how what is internalized in the mind and literally grounded in the physiological cortex and neural structures affects ongoing behavior.

          The internal and external of what is intended to make people reliable cybernetic organisms with predictable behavior manipulated by whoever has the keys to what goes on in the schools. Pols have keys and will aid their crony contributors which is why supposed conservatives voted for this in both houses.

          The unions have the keys which is why social justice warriors like Lily of the NEA were so giddy yesterday.

          Me? I am going through the Behavioral Science/cybernetics textbook and being told useful things like it is essentially John Dewey’s social interactionist theory, which is a reminder of why he remains so influential. It also mentions GH Mead. Given that he was at Chicago his students likely influenced Ralph Tyler, Benjamin Bloom, and John Goodlad.

  7. Found something that fits with Tom Vander Ark’s vision and Lazlo’s as well. Point of publication is the key.

    “There will be, in the next generation or so, a pharmacological method of making people love their servitude, and producing dictatorship without tears, so to speak, producing a kind of painless concentration camp for entire societies, so that people will in fact have their liberties taken away from them, but will rather enjoy it, because they will be distracted from any desire to rebel by propaganda or brainwashing, or brainwashing enhanced by pharmacological methods. And this seems to be the final revolution.” ~Aldous Huxley, Tavistock Group, California Medical School, 1961
    Mission Accomplished

    • I would if someone asked, but we are in the dregs of summer and people’s minds are elsewhere. It is vital people read my book, but too many want to continue to deny what is intended even though well connected people like VanderArk (remember what he said when he came back from Russia about a year ago?) are now openly proclaiming with that framework how right I am and have been for several years now.

      People have got to let go of “i don’t want that to be the story” and deal with what is.

    • Alice Linahan just emailed me to say my interview with her on Women on the Wall on ECAA a few months ago has been downloaded 3200 times in the last 24 hours.

      • The world just gained 3200 better informed people.

        When you refer to cybernetics , what are the controls that make up that term? This has been one of the more difficult concepts for me to grasp. I would like to share with others. Could you break it down for me if you have the time?

        • I used to use cybernetics in the sense we talked about in a designed neural net created to make future behavior predictable and the person amenable to political manipulation while remaining unconscious of it. Deeper learning is a synonym for that. The link to Credentialed to Destroy that makes its insights about constructivism in Chapters 2 and 3 so crucial is that cybernetics requires constructivism to have any chance of working. The Axemaker Mind is not really subject to the herd instinct and can see reality objectively instead of just in terms of its own needs and experiences.

          When I read Benjamin Bloom’s book explanation of Mastery Learning instead of someone else’s I recognized his Taxonomy was meant to be the internal state to fit with Mastery Learning acting on the material world and interacting with people. I would have called it Laszlo’s subjective mode is a necessity but I had not read that particular book of Laszlo’s yet. One revealing book usually reveals others. Getting that aspect though tells us why Mastery Learning and Bloom’s Taxonomy are so important to OBE as described in my book and how it links to Competency as the book describes.

          One of this week’s insights has been the hyping of self-regulation as essential to a cybernetic system. It reminded me that the OECD had published a paper on Metacognition I read and in it they said that the new purpose of K-12 education was to be self-regulation. That bothered me at the time so it stuck in my brain, but when I saw that in the textbook repeatedly I decided to do a search called Metacognition Self Regulation. Out poured document after document and study after study and it fits with what the ESEA Rewrites have the feds both requiring and enabling.

          That’s when the circle closed that what Weiner called cybernetics and what the behavioral scientists like AIR, ETS, CASBS and the Gordon Commission are all pursuing and what Conley calls metacognition and the OECD touts as self-regulation is our cybernetic model or what Dewey and GH Mead called social interactionism. It explains everything we have ever encountered. What is in book 1 and the research for the sequel. What it requires is action and access to the internal source of perception. Always, always.

          Bridges across the Iron Curtain in the 50s, 60s, and 70s as if it never existed. States they are working together.

          Hope that helps. It is everything laid out here and more.

          That post was from March 2014. Yet Equity for All remains the premise of both the House and Senate versions of ESEA that still force the cybernetics vision. It’s just that lamar kept using other components of the theory in his statutory language. They want to force this model without ever using the word. Unfortunately for Congress, I was at a point in my research on all this that the particular language used simply tipped me off further. As I have said the discovery of the really revealing textbook was accidental. I was looking for a Kurt Lewin essay on Group Control. I got a lot more when the volume showed up. It’s actually what I am still working on today.

          • I am trying to think about the concepts Laszlo presents, but am distracted by his eastern mysticism. Remember we discussed him in respect to CoR and CoB along with Baha’i and the UN involvement. I doubt any yes votes yesterday realize that.

          • After plowing through Alice Bailey back in December 2012, I am used to that. Comes up so much with Robert Kegan, Ken Wilber, Senge’s Buddhism and other things I have listened to from SoL.

            There is a PhD dissertaTION from a UK prof called Stephen Sterling that talks about the desired mindset. Very graphic.

            William Spady was also into all that and Riane Eisler and David Loye. It also fits with Csik’s book Flow and the ed concept Excellence comes from him.

            Read this view of literacy and reading and you should be able to tell this is not about deciphering print.

            Did my explanation help?

          • Yes. You should see my copy of the behavioral sciences/cybernetics textbook because as you know I have always focused on the actual implementation. Here I am reading these decades old intentions and recognizing the description as some aspect of the required current implementation. One author also had a habit of specifying the full name of people whose theories he was discussing, then suddenly he referred to Etzioni. So I go to the back and sure enough it is Amitai. So before he pushed communitarianism he was involved in pushing organization theory.

            See what I mean about different ways to the same end result?

    • Obviously I started interjecting into your comment when I fixed the link.

      Lily looks like she’s having a party tonight. Perhaps to honor Paulo Freire’s vision and finally getting rid of the banking theory of education he ridiculed.

      And I am saddened by today’s tragedy in Chattanooga and those four Marines not allowed to have firearms so they were sitting ducks for someone wanting to target the military.

      Lousy day in so many ways, but an important reminder why we need to keep our minds clear and fact-based. We also need to quit acting like politicians are anything other than low-life parasites wanting to take what they can while they still can.

    • Plays right into the community colleges being part of required under WIOA local workforce boards too.

      Now that there will be federal legislation look at the open admissions of messing with the neural structure of the student’s brain.

      That article admits this is what the mandated personalized learning actually means. It is also hyping Project-Based Learning and hands-on learning as more neurologically appropriate, thus ensuring the total cybernetic model even before we get to the part of the article stressing “Perception-Action” as a new, brain-based principle.

      It is a crucial time to actually know Weiner, Laszlo, and all the other research on all this I had already pulled together. Notice how Georgia is always touted. There truly is a reason why just living here and being an alert parent gave me such a heads-up.

      • Boy! This one contains just about every shibboleth of the New Vision, in one tidy package:

        – neuroscience
        – differentiated/personalized learning
        – reading failures attributed to failure “to reconfigure” students’ brain
        – projects/hands-on learning to “fire multiple processing systems (systems!) in the brain”
        – perception/action
        – teaching through video games
        – perseverence, higher engagement, deeper learning
        – brains of dyslexic students are “different”
        – the utility of Om
        – “metacognition” (term never used, but I recognize the functional definition)

        (What a pity that Dan Willingham was made an accomplice to this tissue of (at best) half-truths. Sally Shaywitz demonstrated that whole word reading instruction deforms the way the brain looks in scans, and that intensive systematic phonics restores it. True, at the margins there is a small cohort of children with tendencies to dyslexia. Solution: “Cursive First” — never teach printing (ht Sam Blumenfeld); eagle-eyed teachers who intervene immediately at the first sign of written reversals. This takes care of 99% of the 1% with this tendency. And I have 20+ years of experience to back up the claim.)

        Anyway, how’d I do, Robin? And to think I performed this dissection/analysis without the benefit of brain reconfiguration!

        Poor Murray County. The Hispanic kids will get it in the neck. I assume Whitfield’s next.


      So they are actually levelling, workforce ready, essential skills criteria. No more college prep for anyone because college itself is being changed. Just like chapter 5 laid out.

      Creepy that the standards gets touted now in openly Fascist terms. I am really expecting a nightmare doc out of conference as it attempts to prescribe all the radicals have ever sought going back to Dewey and Ross’s vision for Social Control I explained in the book from early 20th century.

      • I still think it is remarkably quiet in states regarding WIOA. New initiatives appear and are implemented but they never say it is to comply with WIOA. I was reading that Alabama governor has issued many executive orders recently. One specifically on data collection. Perhaps they think if initiatives have different names we will not realize they go together like gears.

        How did the 90s version get stopped? Are the ones that recognized it in leadership gone?

        You toss sticky notes, I bake. Too hot for that today. Though. I intended make my kids’ favorite Blueberry jam today but the heat prevents that. It’s not 5 so adult beverage will wait.

        • It’s past 5 here and I just outlined next post. As the book says the 90s version was less stopped than not fully implemented. I think the schools, districts, and states that went to obe never went back to traditional academics, they just changed the names. Then the bad outcomes from OBE are now being used to justify a change in the approach to school as if everyone had been trying all along to teach reading or math properly.

          Well Lamar is certainly not gone and Richard Riley’s law firm represents many school districts pushing a cutting edge version of this. I know because I live in one and listen to administrators use terms I understand better than they do. Remember CCSSO and INL hired Education Counsel, the lobbying/policy arm, to push the next stage of Competency learning.

          What changed is that the parents horrified by OBE have grown children now and absent my work and a few others, the insights from the 60s and 90s would be lost to the average parent of an elementary school student. I don’t remember the 90s reforms because my kids were too young, but CPW knows, which is why her comments are so valuable.

          When it was clear the full School to Work would not be enacted, the predecessor of WIOA still got passed in 1998, setting up Workforce Investment Boards. Simply wasn’t as coordinated as what WIOA requires. In September 2000, while still in office, Riley and the then Labor Sec Alexis Herman issued regulations that I have looked at that appear to me to be an effort to remove STW from a high-profile federal initiative to having the states continue to quietly implement what was ultimately being sought. Now WIOA and the ESEA Rewrite build on all that. The SCANS documents never went away ans now get actively cited again as fitting with the required integration of CTE into academics for all students.

          As Hannibal Lecter would say, I believe it is time for a nice Chianti. No I do not have any fava beans. I did make risotto last night though.

          Not a baker, much to my kids’ chagrin. Too precise. I like messing around and improving recipes. When we got snowed in winter before last, my youngest had friends hiking over here, assuming I would be able to make something yummy even if power was out. Two of my burners still light manually.

    • This is the checklist for parents that came out from the US Department of Education yesterday.

      La Raza , America Achieves, and National PTA also involved. Consistent with the developmental focus we noted alarmingly in that Young Adult Framework, the concept of success is “in learning and in life” which does sound much like the education is for Adult Competencies, not knowledge. The checklist even uses the word ‘development’ as in “this tool provides you with a set of questions to ask, and important issues to consider when approaching your child’s teachers, principals and counselors about his or her development.”

      I learned about the Parent Guide here , but there was no link to actually read it. I had to find it because as usual Heritage uses every ed reform as an excuse to say School Choice over and over again like Dorthy trying to somehow get back to Kansas.

      No insights there into how troubling the shift to a developmental focus is or how all the school choice hype may merely be a vehicle for making all education and schools developmentally-focussed instead of about knowledge acquisition anymore.

        • I guess this is what “shemeka” under her various names and email addresses is so excited about.

          That link also has a list of Rights and it declares, contrary to the SCOTUS rulings. that all children have a civil right to an excellent education. We have tracked the meaning of excellence here at ISC to Mihaly Csiksentmihalyi, who also just happens to have been a founder of GERG-General Evolution Research Group with Laszlo and others.

          Does anyone think it is coincidental THAT vision is now being mandated as a civil right? Plus it is now covered as an obligation under what has passed House and Senate. Hard to believe it won’t remain after conference.

          Plus we know Achieving Excellence ties to Bela Banathy and the International Society of Systems Science. A civil right is just another way of euphemizing a civil right to economic justice. Not to be Scrooge but that is just asking for equity in impoverishment.

          • That is unreal! It almost seems like an onion piece. A Federal dossier is illegal, how did he skirt the law this time?

          • I suppose the impressive thing is the government appears quite able to generate databases and take “effective” action when they don’t have to interact or get in agreement with the people. The UN votes on the Iran deal tomorrow AM, too. After that, it doesn’t much matter how the Congress votes as all the horses will have left the barn. And there are people on Twitter and other social places cheering Obama on as if independent and unrestricted executive action is super terrific. Forward, anyone?

    • Ahh, the Finland as the ideal analogy and the falsehood about international ‘tests’. They are assessments tied to DeSeCo or group work. Last week the Core Knowledge blog did this to tout the OECD Skills agenda and Eric Hanushek’s new book. When I commented to ask which international assessments actually tested knowledge since none of them even claim to do that (unless it is knowledge in the sense Boulding laid out) no response back. As usual pesky facts get in the way of the desired narrative.

      This post from last summer on the real Finnish ed agenda is a good comeback

      It also fits well with today’s post.

    • This report admits that it took the Finnish decades to establish the framework for their common, comprehensive schools where all students receive an equitable education: all are taught the same information in the same way.

      When they began the reform in the early 1970s, they allowed 3 levels in math and language to assuage the nerves of teachers and parents who sensed their kids were being dumbed down. But after a decade–and after veteran teachers retired or were replaced–beginning, intermediate and advanced levels were taken away. And well trained, socially conditioned teachers were “free” to operate within the parameters of this closed circuit.

      Maybe someone should let the BATS know they can put down their torches because if they want the US to follow Finland, we are.

      • And as we know from my book, everything the OECD pushes in education is actually about achieving their broader economically “just” society now called the Great Transition.

        This came out yesterday and this vision of a right to an adequate living and to use the cities “the local fiscal systems” to achieve the OECD/UN vision is also a huge part of what makes Lamar’s hype about the local so ludicrous. The community schools agenda in the Rewrite as the locus for meeting all youth needs is also straight out of implementing this agenda.

        If we click through to the original 2013 Habitat III paper we find that Equity is to be the center of all development. Under the view expressed here governance is necessary to bind people to provide for others what they are being told is their “human right.”

        This is the backdrop that cannot allow bright kids to keep their Axemaker minds. It’s why when you search the source of the anti-tracking research you always find Jeannie Oakes, now at the Ford Foundation, basically asserting she does not like tracking because it separates the bright kids from the less bright or hard working.

        Generalized ears is both an ackward phrase but a very telling one. The Planners was people to be ready to receive the desired message without refusing to accept it at face value. That point is made more than once in various ways and fits with what British sociologist Anthony Giddens said about the accuracy of the CAGW theory. It doesn’t matter if it is true. It only matters that the theory is used to force the actual desired changes in public policy.

        That’s the kind of toxicity we are seeing now as Racism is found everywhere and the media just cannot imagine what the cause of the Chattanooga rampage might be. We ignore reality and invent new ones to push the desired narrative. The ideas that will create the desired political activity. We certainly have the public-private cronyism aspect of Fascism down. Do we have to implement the rest of Mannheim’s statement as well?

        And if that is what we are doing, then there is a historical name for this kind of society and using it is not a criticism. It’s simply a factual analysis of where we are going.

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