Megachange & Macroshift: Daily School Experience to Fuel a Revolution in Consciousness

Megachange is a term used to celebrate how classroom computers can “‘break down the barriers that traditionally separate the preletterate from the letterate [yes, that is the spelling. Literate is reserved now to mean the hoped for change in ways of thinking], the concrete from the abstract, the bodily from the disembodied. ” It puts the focus on the visual and how things are used. It dislodges the “privileged position of text” and allows “dynamic media” to guide perception of the world. It no longer sees ‘learning as facts and skills to be acquired.” Instead, via the data captured by adaptive software, digital learning will allow room for what was supposedly rejected by traditional, instructional oriented education, which “had no explicit concern for feelings or for personality or for development of the individual on a level that was not reducible to such specific atoms of learning.”

That discussion of megachange was from an MIT Professor, Seymour Papert, in his 1993 book Children’s Machine: Rethinking School in the Age of the Computer. Papert’s work is seen by the well-funded Edutopia site as relevant to how digital learning should be implemented under the Common Core. That means that Papert’s theories of Constructionism [seeming to update Piotr Galperin’s theories via the computer] come in as do his desire to create a new view of knowledge grounded in experience. He wants to see a shift in organizations, communities, and in our view of knowledge–from hierarchy to hetarchy. Nothing is to be treated as inherently superior and hetarchy creates a “system in which each element is equally ruled by all others.”

Of course, element is used here not as a modular component of a computer program, but as a substitute for actual people. Hetarchy is a communitarian concept where the will of the majority binds all. Democratic, but tyranny for the minority. It fits right in with a cooperative commonwealth or King’s Beloved Community concept of the future, but is definitely not grounded in our current political structures and institutions. That of course is where the Holos Consciousness comes in. Papert thanks Nicholas Negroponte by name and mentions his founding of the MIT Media Lab in the book. Why did I start with megachange in education instead of going straight into the nature of the Macroshift? Because this is how the Ervin Laszlo defined the Breakthrough Scenario to get to a Holos Consciousness in a critical mass of people:

“A new vision of self, others, and nature surfaces on the Internet, on television, and in the communication networks of enterprises, communities, and ethnic groups…Global news and entertainment media explore fresh perspectives and emerging social and cultural innovations. The public’s goals and ambitions become reoriented–toward ‘the good life’ conceived not as amassing the greatest possible amount of money and material goods but as finding meaningful personal relationships and caring for others and for nature…”

Yes, I do get how much of that is going on now, including last Friday’s announcement the US is turning over control of the Internet to the same UN-affiliated entity, ITU, that is pushing the Information Society vision so hard now (including the recent Sakhalin Declaration on IML-Information and Media Literacy). Does this part sound familiar as well? “Funds and capital are channeled from military and defense applications and the demands of an affluent minority to the needs of the people who make up the bulk of the society. Measures are implemented to safeguard the environment, create an effective system of food and resource distribution, and develop and put to work sustainable energy, transport, and agricultural technologies…More and more people enter the Internet and other communication systems  as active dialogue partners. Their communication reinforces solidarity and uncovers further areas of mutual interest.”

That’s the vision of a World shifting towards a Holos Consciousness. It follows that quote with a blurb from Gandhi that “our world has enough to provide for people’s need, but not enough to provide for their greed.” Of course we have all noticed that the people pushing this so-called planetary ethic of altruism from school district offices to the universities to charitable foundations are exceptionally well-paid from taxpayer funds or tuition or untaxed endowments or trusts. Like Al Gore’s jetting about, the point is not how the creators intend to live, but how the rest of us should. My observation in my book and this blog on where education reform always ends up sure does make more sense when we understand that “a macroshift is a transformation of civilization in which the technology [ICT in case that is not obvious] is the driver and the values and consciousness of a critical mass of people the decider.”

And how do we guide consciousness to what is desired? By altering “values, worldviews, and ethics.” People need to change “their preferences, priorities, values and beliefs,” which is of course much easier if they are convinced that the planet is in environmental crisis from human behavior and the current nature of the economy. Let’s put last week’s Climate Depot story of junior high students unable to sleep because of concern over global warming catastrophes in light of this aim. The emphasis in the 90s on what was then called outcomes based education and what is pushed as social and emotional learning, Whole Child, and soft skills now makes so much more sense with the admission it is:

“the values, beliefs, and ethics that can bring our macroshift to a humane and sustainable conclusion. These ‘soft’ factors in the life of society are the new imperatives of our time–they are even more essential to success than the traditional ‘hard’ factors of economic, political, and business engineering and reengineering.” If the duration of this same intent and targeting of consciousness over decades surprises you and seems a bit conspiratorial, the Preface to the Macroshift book actually contains a shout-out to the creators of the 1970s World Order Models Project, by name, although WOMP itself is not mentioned. Many people have told me the WOMP post is the most alarming wake-up call they have ever read on this blog. The described organic reorientation of K-12 education fits perfectly with Papert’s goals for computer learning and the recently announced global curriculum redesign project with many of the same players involved with the Macroshift to a Holos Consciousness. It also ties the transition to the goals of “socialism with a human face’ described in that post. Yes, quoting Gandhi about needs is so much better from a PR standpoint than attributing the desired planetary ethic to Marx. However, the desired slogan of “Live in a way that enables others to live as well” is unquestionably a simple restatement of Uncle Karl’s small c vision–his human development theory. It was also tied to society getting to a certain stage of technological development that would supposedly allow everyone’s needs to be met without beggaring everyone.

In ancient times all roads led to Rome. In the 21st century all education and other radical reforms of institutions and political structures seem to always wind back to that chronically unemployed 19th century moocher with a toxic vision. Which is why we keep the vision without attributing it back to the notorious name where it really started. Marx WAS right that consciousness was the essential component of getting a desired revolution in the real world. He was wrong though to believe it would be a natural by-product of social class. Holos Consciousness or insisting that learning be about concrete experiences that are relevant to real world problems are both just the latest attempts to alter consciousness in ways advantageous to anyone with hopes for radical transformation. Computers again are just a tool that lets those experiences be programmed as desired.

It is in light of these transformational goals that the push for mindful, contemplative experiences should be seen. It is how students get the announced goal of a new kind of rationality. One that, as Papert noted above, does not privilege print. It is no accident that  Macroshift uses the Greek term for the written word-Logos-to describe the kind of rationality it wants schools and the media and entertainment to squelch. It claims “Logos-inspired evolution was materialistic and conquest-and-consumption-oriented. The alternative to it is evolution centered on human development and development of human communities.”

By admission this Holos Consciousness is rooted in deep spiritual practices. It is a “collective evolution” with nothing but disdain for the individual. It is all about “adjusting our values, aspirations, and behaviors.” The latter of course is accomplished via the collection of data on students using poorly understood definitions of Competency, Student Growth, and Student Achievement.

At no time are parents ever likely to hear the phrases–Marxist Humanism, Holos Consciousness, or the planetary ethic. Yet compliance with all these visions, which are in fact euphemisms for each other, will be actively guided, measured, and cultivated.

From the reading selections to learning tasks to classroom topics and vocabulary to the nature of the open-ended problems on assessments and projects and digital curricula and online games.

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    • Hi Martha. Sorry you were stuck in comments. Making dinner. Clam linguine on St Patricks Day.

      Thanks for the link and welcome to ISC. I heard a very troubling story today from another state where the teacher told the parents who had ever right to be outraged that their children were theirs to instruct.

      What a mentality we are dealing with. I pointed out what Roberto Mangabierra Unger wrote that I mentioned in the previous post. We really are going to have to fight on so many fronts. Otherwise these theories will be implemented, breaking everything that has ever worked well. Never fixing what is broken.

      • Robin-

        I just learned that in my 12 ( almost 13 ) year old’s private middle school they will be eliminating all but two final exams for students at the end of the year.

        I knew this was coming. I have heard admin. from several area private schools discuss whether final exams were even important any longer for some time. Mid terms were done away with two years ago in high school.

        I understand that some people will question final exams in middle school at all. It is after all middle school. But to me it smacks of a beta test. A Will It Play In Peoria? type of thing.

        It is only a matter of time before the Private High Schools eliminate final exams as well. Along with awards ceremonies. How else can we all become more equal?

        • A brief addendum to the likelihood of vanishing or watered down academic awards ceremonies:

          What is telling for me is that the administrators who have been hinting at the inequality of academic awards for exceptional effort and achievement seem to have no problem with awards for sports teams and /or players.

        • Mari- this is something I have talked with kids about. The admins have used every excuse in the book to avoid acknowledging they do not want info on what students actually know in terms of facts.

          The reality, unfortunately,is these decisions are being made by people who are well paid despite the fact they actually know little.

          Your story and my experiences are why I worry when people try to just see this as a public school issue.

          • No education there. There is definitely a consistent effort to make it appear to school children that stupid is the way to go, so as not to allow culture in the population and no competition for control. Who would have thought that our country would be busy destroying the culture of an entire nation of people, which if this is allowed to continue will happen.

          • Good grief. Parents can’t pay enough attention to what’s going on in school. Recently I had a text issue with a teacher, an innaproprite Vietnam book, far left leaning, shedding soldiers in a negative light. I declined permission and asked for alternate assignment. School sent back Ayn Rand book. I laughed, but if you object they automatically assume you are of a certain view.
            A recent development here.
            Perhaps OR should be concerned that he is advising our State SI.

          • Wow. Im sort of freaking out. My kids have heard all the words Im sorry to say but books like THAT are not okay in the school library.

            I just asked my 13 year old to look for me. Not get it mind you, just tell me if its there.


          • Mari-speaking of 13 year olds, this is nothing but social interaction using tools like a computer to create things

            The tangential content supposedly being illustrated is just the excuse for the activity. Also notice that all that explaining of thinking is precisely how teachers or the computers know precisely what strategies are used and which concepts are applied to untaught or ambiguous problems. Making Learning Visible is simply asking students to reveal their inner mental states so they can be consciously manipulated by the curriculum and via computer.

            To show they have a Growth Mindset. Carol Dweck’s Fixed vs Growth Mindset and Angela Duckworth’s Grit, both of which go to getting at those inner mental states, was rolled out last week in Germany. Pushed by an ICT company as usual.

      • Along the same line, here is a link from Natural News Common Core is spearheaded by the federal government, and has been intentionally designed to make children mentally ill and as confused as possible.

        It appears a faction of the US government has a plan to bring our nation down to Feudalism with a Rentier Economy where the populace being made massively ignorant will be easy to control by the few private Rentier Capitalists. Rentier capitalism is a term used to describe economic practices of parasitic monopolization of access to any kind of property and gaining significant amount of profit without contribution to society. … Somehow the Common Core Curriculum must be stopped and those who are behind it must be made known, because what they have planned is the total destruction of a great nation, the USA.

        • Martha-I think your term Rentier Capitalists is what is also called Corporatist and For Benefit Capitalism and a Support Economy. Basically only businesses that agree to cooperate with the political agenda get to prosper. No independent business people just trying to provide what busy people voluntarily want to pay for.

          Are we on the same wavelength? It is OK if we are not but the economic vision is too closely aligned with the ed transformation for us not to be trying to appreciate that vision together.

          • Not to get off the obscenity of the Common Core Curriculum, but just stating a cause for a Common Core Curriculum.

            rentier – A person who makes income from rent.

            In a Rentier Economy of a Feudal System, which is where the USA appears to be headed, the rentiers will control the making and enforcing of legislated law and order. As a result the majority population will be bound to the land to pay rent. The rentiers then use “engineered artificial scarcity” to use the populace as a workforce, therefore the people will be dumbed down to what is required by a rentier economy. It is the only thing that could be a reason for the government teaching the New World Order’s Common Core Curriculum in public schools.

          • OK Martha, but if you look at the tags Capitalism 3.0 and Shoshana Zuboff you will find the economic vision that goes along with the Common Core. I agree it is exploitative and that large businesses see government direction as a means not to have to worry about consumers and competition anymore. It’s why we have the large Chamber of Commerce ad buy on Fox to supposedly embarrass conservatives into abandoning opposition. I have also written about the UN-affiliated vision being pushed by GRLI–Globally Responsible Leadership Initiative–business schools. It strikes me as a historian that it is a fascist economy and that Megachange & Macroshift have a fascist interest in dictating the use of the mind and even likely emotional responses. To me rentier is a distraction, especially since lucky me gets to attend Equity Atlas rollouts and read all about Transit-Oriented Development and attend Housing forums. It is the public sector that wants to control who lives where and in what circumstances. Big Business knows it can profit in a need economy, instead of a consumption economy, if the politicos pick it to be a designated provider.

            Getting back purely to the Common Core, if indeed this was a good idea for classrooms, there would be no need to preempt discussion to prevent continued scrutiny. I have joked that the Chamber should hire the British actor who voices the Daleks on Doctor Who. Can’t you just hear that voice announcing “Resistance is Futile” and “Your Children are Now Ours”?

          • “Big Business knows it can profit in a need economy, instead of a consumption economy,” I agree.

            Personally, I think people everywhere need to join the brave lady in this video to stop the Common Core Curriculum in its tracks because I do not think there is ever a need in any way for any citizen of the USA to be dumbed down for a Need Economy. When I was in school an English teacher told all of us that we were separate individuals and never to be followers, that we would not have different fingerprints if we were not different and I think she was correct in her assessment. I do not go along with anything about the Common Core Curriculum in anyway and no one who wants their children to be creative inventors or presidents will if they are aware. Awareness as to what the Common Core Initiative actually is doing to our children is an imperative.

          • Well said Martha. If people understood what formative assessment was or how much the actual Common Core relies on it, they would feel like they had woken up in a scifi plot.

            Common Core, beyond the troubling emphasis on social and emotional learning and acceptance of a communitarian ethos (which is directly traceable to guidelines on Career Ready) is directly seeking to both interfere with and then guide the mental representations of reality so that future behavior becomes predictable and easily subject to propaganda pressure and the herd instinct.

            Florida announced yesterday it would be using AIR, whose research and background is in the behavioral sciences, to do the new state assessments. They will not be assessing for knowledge in the traditional sense. Florida and Texas both basically pioneered pushing Norman Webb’s Depth of Knowledge on their previous assessments and this is supposedly a step beyond. It was not reasuring to read that Minnesota and Oregon are 2 states already using the AIR ‘test.’

          • It definitely is not reassuring when Minnesota, who used to be the epitome of knowledge in education has fallen to educating their citizens to be drones and dumbas — very sad, and it is the same curriculum for those who home school. It has to be changed, otherwise this will reduce our country to less than 3rd World in short order. I think the State of North Dakota will still want an educated public, since North Dakota is the only state in the USA with a Public Banking System that I think should be used by the Fed and all states in the USA. Here is the links: and Banking in the interest of the public would insure that there would be no conspiracies to dumb down the public.

          • Martha-

            We had this discussion a while back and that North Dakota bank ties into Gar Alperovitz and his Democracy Collaborative work. Too Big to Fail banking of the kind we have and the Federal Reserve, a private entity with public power, are inherently cronyistic so I will not defend that. You may or may not know I am a securities lawyer by training. Before I understood education, I was General Counsel of an NYSE health care company. Before that I was at a large law firm and one of my specialties was doing savings and loan conversions from mutual entities owned by depositors to publicly held companies.

            My point is I know a great deal about industries created by that nexus of public money and regulator power for private benefit and how it corrupts incentives. I also know a lot about regulatory capture. Public banking will of necessity become cronyistic because there is no genuine downside to abuse. It will be captured by the political process and Gar, in his Good Society work, acknowledges as much.

            The Common Core benefits people who are politically connected and no one else. It is behavioral in its focus and consistently rejects the transmission of knowledge as traditionally understood. I wrote a post about UNESCO’s vision a while ago that the combo of values and vocational and nothing else was a way to create citizen drones. Programmed and stripped of individuality. I have learned much more since I wrote that and it all tracks back to citizen drone being as apt a phrase as mind arson for what is being planned.

          • The State of North Dakota has been public since 1919, so I wonder how their schools are being run. Hopefully someone will get some objective factual statistics on how education is going in the State of North Dakota. It would appear that dumbing their public down would not be in their best interest.

  1. If there is some way to strengthen these women’s stand in their fight against the Common Core Curriculum, it would be good.

  2. “Resistance is Futile”

    “Your Children are Now Ours”

    Is that from 1984 – the dystopian novel? NO !

    That’s from the author of this blog — Invisible Serfs Collar. She’s hyperventilating? NO ! She’s just let her mind go into “free association” mode and imagined that A VOICE OF DOOM was announcing:

    “Resistance is Futile”

    “Your Children are Now Ours”

    Well, people, that’s no put-on ! It’s real and happening NOW, in Scotland.

    Ironic and prophetic, isn’t it, that the Masthead of this blog features an 18th Century serf’s collar from Scotland !

    My radar on parent rights invasions must have slipped because I came late on this story, but here it is. Excuse my literary digressions — I’m in hyperventilation state myself due to this shocking news.

    Feb 19, 2014 saw the passage of the “Children and Young People Bill”, a reform to make Scotland “the best place in the world to grow up”. Upon birth a child will have a Named Person designated as guardian and when in school the principal will have that role till the child is 18. They will be paid state overseers seeking out parental child abuse.

    Please just Google these words — Scotland legislation state guardian each child — and you will be shocked at the dismay, the fears, the Bolshie terms being used to describe this so-called “humanitarian” move.

    How this law got passed is a mystery to me, given the amount of opposition we are now seeing. The methods and lobbies involved need serious examination.

    Of course, this has serious relevance to our discussions and the sneaky ways in which Common Core and 21st Century Learning are now being imposed in the “Free World”. Wonder if Scotland’s education system is also into “transformation”? Hmmm?

      • Anon-

        Following this cybernetic angle of the theory of how to gain control over human behavior that started with Seymour Papert’s constructionism and the implications of the MIT Media Lab work and I found a document that pertains to education globally but it originated at U-Edinburgh. 2011 publication. It is all about the necessity to manage society, but not have it top down as in the USSR and ed policy is designed around that.

        I have the UN committing to same vision back in the 90s and calling it cybernetics by name.

        It’s all coming together and is built on what I described in book. The only thing really missing is the name cybernetics and how important digital learning is to it.

        So glad I brought the Club of Rome into the last chapter. Turns out they are deeply involved in this idea of socio-cybernetic management as well. I can see how what was known as OBE in the 90s, especially the Transformational version, fits with cybernetics. Values, attitudes, and beliefs all influence the goals anyone is likely to seek, especially if the mind is relatively free of accurate info. Just the reason to limit reading and math and science as described in Chapters 2 and 3.

        Even Jaan Valsiner agrees, once that abstract mind, the Axemaker mind as I named it, has been nourished via symbol systems it is not predictable nor subject to the kind of mental redevelopment plan Vygotsky envisions in his Double Stimulation experiment for change. Who’d have thought teaching a child to read properly may soon count as a revolutionary act of defiance?

      • The following is the John Birch Society link, you have to follow it all the way through to know, but at the end they encourage you to join the John Birch Society.
        The John Birch Society is a Conservative Right-Wing EXTREMIST organization that only appears to be populace, wolves dressed up in a sheep’s suits to lead the unaware sheep. Please listen to Claire Conner.

        • John Birch has been instrumental in exposing the UN Agenda 21 program for global Marxism, Common Core is the educational plan for this program. It is really important for people like Ronnie Dugger and his ilk to go around and drop propaganda into comment boxes where the truth is being exposed. yawn, this is boring me…

          • Common Core education has nothing at all to do with the benefit of the populace. Common Core is a Right-Wing Agenda to control the populace for Right-Wing benefit.

          • Quigley has exposed this failed paradigm. Did you read Tragedy and Hope? Or were you too busy watching MSNBC?

          • Martha–CC benefits anyone who is politically connected, left or right. It benefits the unions every bit as much as the tech companies who sell all those laptops. It really is neither a left or right wing issue although everything ties back to a managed society via the public sector. Visions that this time public employees will not gorge themselves on taxpayer money are not proving true on the front end of this implementation or there would not be such lucrative deceit.

          • Robin,

            “…. although everything ties back to a managed society via the public sector. Visions that this time public employees will not gorge themselves on taxpayer money are not proving true on the front end of this implementation or there would not be such lucrative deceit.” — Robin 4:32 pm, March 25, 2014

            Lucrative deceit is an understatement. The only public gorging of taxpayer’s public money that I am aware of is the Congress and the President of both the Obama administration and the Bush administration allowing public money bailouts of the corrupt banks over and over again and the Private Federal Reserve’s continuous bailouts and all the “fiat money” that the public has to stand good for. Anytime public money is being used it is a Left issue, since the public is the Left. The Right is the Big Banks and the Big Corporations and the Elite.

          • That’s not the Right. They all love the public sector. They are at the table and get bailed out and regulators prevent competition. Look at who their dollars fund.

            I want to get back to education. I tell other parts of the story to get where this is headed and I get the broad picture, but let’s get back to the elements of this post.

            And play nice and respectful with other posters.

          • Martha- I warned on continuing the JBS discussion. Comment is gone and it was both in accurate and disrespectful to equate it with the Tea Party.

          • Martha-you tried to hijack this blog once before under a different name. I was curious what point you wanted to push this time and we can now see it.

            As I said then, you are welcome to create a blog to express your POV on the Common Core and Dewey and Progressivism and Big Business as the Right. You can put up the link to that blog in the comments here. You do not get to hijack mine or try to distract me from important research to try to compel me into jousting with your Strawmen du Jour.

            Also neither Diane Ravitch or the HuffPo wants their articles quoted in full. That a copyright problem and has also been taken down.

          • Like Gates and his vaccines who was raised as a eugenicist by his planned parenthood father like Al Gore and his UN climate change insanity, like green biz and green jobs, and the Rothschild but who goes around singing the praises of sustainability, like Ted Turner and his “Christians are losers”, an Aspen and Soros who both fund Common Core as do the Gates. Wow so many right wing nuts bringing us the 21st cantury socialism.

  3. Today discovered mindfulness practices hidden in student physical education class. Hidden under the name fit kids. A permission slip came home seeking approval to use student in video on fit kids. This time the entire program name was listed. Fit kids strong body’s strong minds. I about panicked! Looked it up and sure enough, it is a PBIS program. Asked child if breathing exercises are included, he answered yes. Likely he didn’t understand why mommy was about to flip her lid! Talking with gypsy principal proved to be even more infuriating. She now knows I know full well what she’s up to and that did not go over well. Decided today that 4th grader will finish the remainder of the year with the complete understanding child is not to participate, and will not return next year. Gypsy said we don’t call it
    ” mindfulness” we call it brain breaks. I don’t care what you call it, it’s the same thing. Comminicating with gypsy principal once they have been caught, entire new ball game, and game it is. Today, check mate. Who knows for tomorrow.
    Thank you Robin for providing the information you do. If it were not for your book and blog I wouldn’t have recognized it. I am grateful for the information you provide. Raising my glass to you, cheers!

  4. In Scotland, as well as the new Scottish Bill which introduces a named person to oversee the wellbeing of every child from birth to 18, we also have the Curriculum for excellence. Experiences and outcomes, as well as wellbeing are an integral part of Curriculum for Excellence. There`s also a great emphasis on global citizenship, human rights and empathy.

    Any of this sound familiar ?

    • Absolutely Alice. Sounds like Mihaly Csiksentmihalyi and Banathy’s definition of excellence of aligning what students think, feel, and want in a single activity. UNESCO and OECD are the global drivers. Empathy is Kohlberg’s Stages of Moral Development culminating in Universal Love. Human rights is an affirmative obligation to take care of everyone’s needs.

      It’s a global vision. Welcome to ISC, where we are tracking it in its entirety, in real time, and all over the world.

  5. Fed $$$ for values clar, SEL, etc..

    Australian planning document a21 lays it out


    Nancy pelosi a 21

    Earth summit insider reveals plan

    Obama sebilius cradle to grave

    A rash of evidence links above the town hall article is Sebilius reaching for the same thing as the commenter from scotland reveals..
    The town planning and education are 2 important planks of the millenium development goals of the UN.
    ( being pushed also at private Catholic schools BIG time by the rad fem nun pushers)

    For example our small suburban town council government has suggested leasing our small k-12 public school? Why? The school super is suggesting making it a charter…why? They built 2 big useless projects creating huge debt for the 150 year old debt free school. Created a financial burden that was not there. Dialectics. Now word of merging it to huge neighboring towns is back in the news. The town ” revitalization plan” includes making all school fields available to ” all people” like what is that? Like for occupiers or squatters or developers or people from the city?
    They have artificially blighted the town ( 2 developers own every building now, eminent domain used to get space for parking and gazebo) so taxes averted elsewhere, empty stores or vital stores replaced with community art center and used clothing shops. Etc.. There was infrastructure grants used carefully cloaked, gas lines and water pipe upgrades paid by our tax money for use by developers eventual building smart growth high density mixed use.. A ” community alliance” whos board do not even live here. Scam.
    . Anyway the point is it is all the UN MDG’s, A21, being implemented internationally, here Scotland Australia, Turkey..
    The point is the predators are coming from every angle.
    The school curriculum, school structure, robot teacher ” practicioners” , you know it is sounding like a mental hospital. Little craft breaks, breathing exercizes, wellness, , group therapy, emotional social requirements, sexy porn ed, endless postermaking and little acting out of tiny snippets of stories, brain study of specimen future workforce …
    Its sounds Like rehab or a concentration camp with mengele.
    Honestly it is sick.
    Venting Robin, forgive

    • Madmommy:

      The link you posted is of the John Birch Society. The John Birch Society IS the EXTREME RIGHT. The John Birch Society is a Conservative Republican Right-Wing Movement that uses propaganda to seduce the populace away from anything that is in their best interest. Claire Conner grew up in a John Birch Society family and she knows exactly what the John Birch Society stands for and I hope you will listen to her speech all the way through:

        • Liz-it turns out my following the cybernetic thread through the Labyrinth is 100% on the money.

          Did you know ‘cyber’ is actually the Greek word for ‘piloted’? So cyberlearning would actually properly translate as piloted or programmed behavior.

          • to MarthaA about John Dewey

            Progressivism Is A Problem, & Dewey Is The Father Of Progressivism

            I am a grandparent and involved with education issues for over 40 years. I soon realized — along with others — that there were TWO main points-of-view in an obvious contest for education styles. One that I cared about was the traditional/classical basic skills school of thought which was very open about its mission and which depended on public opinion for any changes. On the other hand there was a rather aggressive movement called progressive education, which cared more for process rather than content, and its methods did not always keep parents in the picture.

            For a quick catch-up on this history and Dewey’s role please read —
            John Dewey Is a Fraud by Bruce Deitrick Price.

            By the way, Dewey made many great observations, but it was the projects that emerged that a good number of people object to. Here are a few quick quotes from this article I’m recommending:

            – [Progressives] wanted curricula that created leveling, not excellence.

            – The progressives who control education deified John Dewey and placed him on a pedestal, but that was a marketing tool.

            – The Education Establishment today will not tell the truth about Whole Word, Reform Math, Constructivism, Cooperative Learning, self-esteem, Learning Styles, Common Core, or just about anything else they do in the public schools. There are many lies, but the big lie is that John Dewey is a great educator. He was a great socialist. He was a titan at articulating how we might implement social engineering, but he was not an educator as traditionally understood.

          • Tunya–

            I understand the US Secretary of Ed is attending this. in New Zealand. The drumbeat to get everyone pushing obuchenie continues apace.

            Bet there is a large turnout from your neck of the proverbial woods as well.

        • Sorry Liz, Claire Conner’s link is the absence of propaganda. No hired thugs here. Apparently you have been led by propaganda too long, so long that you can’t tell the difference when propaganda isn’t present. Listen to Claire Conner again, because Claire Conner was a member of the propagandistic John Birch Society helping her family lead the unaware, and actually was fooled into thinking that the John Birch Society was the way to go for the populace, until she started seeing there were differences in what they say and what they do. Her parents weren’t even able to help her with college even though they were high up in the Conservative Republican’s John Birch Society:

          • OH (eyes rolling) She is a progressive for a free democracy and just society.

          • Liz:

            “OH (eyes rolling) She is a progressive for a free democracy and just society.
            Brruhahahahahhahahah!” — Liz on March 25, 2014 at 12:24 pm

            Claire Conner does stand for democracy and a just society. Since you purport that progress and freedom as a democratic just society are humorous; do you feel the USA as a whole should not be progressive, democratic and free?

          • So you don’t watch the videos you link and post and you go around trying to debate people in comments. Do you have a life? I do. I have to testify in the house tomorrow, bye.

          • Martha-I will answer that one. Not if it is John Dewey’s vision of democracy or Woodrow Wilson or Gar Alperowitz’s version of progressivism.

          • Eleanor Rosevelt dancing in her designed and failed utopian progressive village, where social workers met with each family to discuss nutrition for their children and how to parent:
            Eleanor signs the UN Declaration of Human Rights:
            The 15 ways the UN Charter Violates the US Constitution and
            ALL the Common Core LINKS to PDFs on my blog here:
            The link above also contains:
            UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights
            US Constitution
            Universal Declaration of Human rights vs US Constitution
            HINT the Constitution wins out

            The John Birch Society Constitution Class.

            I am not a member of JB, I don’t agree with every group, but I know one thing, I CHOOSE THE US CONSTITUTION OVER THE UN CHARTER and I link to ALL these documents to support my belief.

            The Agenda 21 pdf is listed at that link as well and please see chapter 36.
            Have a nice day Martha.

          • And that really is the last mention of JBS please.

            How’s this for a troubling quote on why the UN needs control over ed globally to enact its cybernetic agenda. And yes they do use that term “Cybernetics of Social Change.”

            This is a quote from Federico Mayor, a former Director General of UNESCO, that dovetials closely with Irina Bokova’s philosophy that she recently laid out here.

            And by ‘science’ it is the behavioral sciences like psychology and human sciences like education and anthropology and sociology she is referring.

            Mayor: “the challenge in bridging the gap between science and decisionmaking is in blending reasoning with vision.”

            They do intend to govern us, don’t they?

          • The John Birch Society is the elite and corporate and fascist power in government posing as a populace “good old boy — just like you” movement but the elite control the movement from the top and have all the followers just line up and do as they are told.. Any real populace movement starts at the bottom. Talking about the education of the populace as if the populace is a “mob” is a John Birch Society tactic. There will NEVER be a proper education for the populace from any member of the John Birch Society.

          • Martha-you see the JBS are far more influential than is my experience and Larry McDonald was my congressman growing up. He also threw me out of his office when I asked to the point questions on a Close-Up trip when I was about 15.

            Warning: This JBS discussion has gone on long enough. I let you say it was a bad source. Liz says you are wrong. Further discussion is off the point and I will delete it.

            Club of Budapest though would indicate that JBS was correct in seeing the UN as a place up to no good.

          • I agree they have little influence, I am not a member. I watched their video on Agenda 21 which was correct.

          • Robin,
            I do not know or care to know anything about Gar Alperowitz’s; I had never heard of him until you mentioned him, and neither had I ever heard of John Dewey until you mentioned his name, so I looked up what I could find on Wikipedia and found he was an educational reformer, but nothing of any consequence other than some quotes on another site supposedly made by John Dewey that I have quoted since they do not appear outrageous at all; I will look further, and I am also checking to find out what Woodrow Wilson’s philosophy was relative to education, since I have no idea at all; nothing on Wikipedia. You mentioned Gar Alperowitz before; I checked him out on Wikipedia, since I had never heard of him either, and as I have told you before I have nothing to do in any way with Gar Alperowitz and Wikipedia doesn’t show him into education, either.

            “Anyone who has begun to think, places some portion of the world in jeopardy.” — John Dewey [This could be the reason real thought is being put down.]

            “The outstanding problem of the Public is discovery and identification of itself.” — John Dewey [I agree with this.]

            “The aim of education should be to teach us rather how to think, than what to think — rather to improve our minds, so as to enable us to think for ourselves, than to load the memory with the thoughts of other men.” — John Dewey [What’s wrong with this?]

            “The self is not something ready-made, but something in continuous formation through choice of action.” — John Dewey [ Isn’t this true?]

            “The aim of education is to enable individuals to continue their education … (and) the object and reward of learning is continued capacity for growth. Now this idea cannot be applied to all the members of a society except where intercourse of man with man is mutual, and except where there is adequate provision for the reconstruction of social habits and institutions by means of wide stimulation arising from equitably distributed interests. And this means a democratic society.” — John Dewey [ Equality for all can only happen through mutual education.]

            “We naturally associate democracy, to be sure, with freedom of action, but freedom of action without freed capacity of thought behind it is only chaos” — John Dewey [Freedom of action without free capacity of thought is what brought the Dark Ages.]

            “The good man is the man who, no matter how morally unworthy he has been, is moving to become better” — John Dewey [ Movement to become better shows understanding that change is necessary.]

            “To find out what one is fitted to do and to secure an opportunity to do it is the key to happiness” — John Dewey [A difficult process for those who are fit and capable of doing anything.]

            “When men think and believe in one set of symbols and act in ways which are contrary to their professed and conscious ideas, confusion and insincerity are bound to result” — John Dewey [This is our government today and has been since Ronald Reagan became President.]


            Robin, What is it that John Dewey says that you disagree with?

          • Martha- I talk extensively about Dewey in my book and my concerns with his philosophy. I do not rehash the book on the blog.

            I bring up Gar because he is hugely influential and his Democracy Collaborative seems to be the template being pushed for the economy, workplace, society.

            When you brought up the North dakota bank, that and the Mondragon coop in Spain, are like Exhibits A and B that just keep being cited.

            It’s OK that we have different visions of the way the world can work. My point is to recognize when someone is using an argument I have seen before.

            I think the next post will show further why it is absurd to call CC a right wing plot. It may benefit certain groups you regard as right wing but it is also indisputably Karl Marx’s human development vision of a needs economy when traced all the way through.

            Oven timer going off. I really am mom still.

          • OMG!!!!! John Birch used Alinsky tactics against the LEFT!!! SHOCKING!!


            God please keep this country a representative republic and not a mob rule democracy!! The reason everybody should not vote:

            You stupid twit, my father was a communist, he came her to be a “Change Maker” maybe we imagined all those Marxist rants we had to listen too. This woman was probably one of his students. She is a communist it’s like listening to Bill Ayers. The states can build their own highways, what are will little kindergartners? Help big government we need highways…go back to Fox, we are not fooled here.

          • “OMG!!!!! John Birch used Alinsky tactics against the LEFT!!! SHOCKING!!” — Liz on March 25, 2014 at 12:32 pm

            “Against the LEFT” — The John Birch Society is “against the Left.” The Left is the 97% Majority Population. I keep hoping the Left as a majority will STOP being such followers. It’s time a change. The Left needs to be using Alinsky’s tactics against the Conservative Right’s elite and corporate power that control our education system in the USA.

  6. Liz on March 25, 2014 at 3:12 pm said:

    “Oh do share your source for statistics with us dear.” — Liz on March 25, 2014 at 3:12 pm

    Well, dear, if you are speaking to me, you will have to specify what statistics you are talking about. .

    • It helps in a conversation to read your own posts. So sorry that you hate the populace but I am not surprised. I took psychology. It must be the number you want after the FEMA death camps do their thing with the help of your friends. I do hope you have not convinced yourself you can escape God’s judgment, you can’t.

  7. God Bless America
    Land that I love
    Stand beside her
    And guide her
    In the night with a light from above
    From the mountains
    To Illinois prairies
    To the ocean to the sea
    God Bless America, my home sweet home.

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