Neurological Social Engineering Designed for Collectivist Political Purposes: the Real Purpose of K-12 Standards

I really wish there was still some doubt on what Learning Standards or Competency actually mean or what they intend to alter. No one is openly admitting to us that in the future all that is desired are ‘existential competencies’, a ‘natural science worldview’, or a mind that can be easily read via Knewton adaptive software. We may find the aims sickening, but apparently the planning locations have been glorious. Can you believe our invite to the April 1-3, 2015 Global Education Futures-Forum California: Toward Learner-Centered Lifelong Learning never arrived? We could have stayed at the Five-Star Rosewood Sands Hill Luxury Hotel  in Menlo Park and planned the future of learning globally while hanging out with tech titans there for the Global Technology Symposium. With rooms starting at $600 a night, we too could have lived the Jet Set Life while planning how to meet people’s ‘needs’.

Since we were not invited and did not get to nestle our heads in high-thread count linens, who was there and how did this catch my eye? In early August ISSS-the International Systems Science Society-had its annual meeting in Berlin. Speaking on education were Alexander Laszlo, Ervin’s son and like him a former ISSS President, and a Pavel Luksha. Luksha is Russian but is involved with a project with MIT called Re-Engineering Futures. The California Forum was part of that work getting ready for a Kazan World Skills conference in May, the global World Skills conference in Brazil in early August, and then on to Singapore this fall. The final vision gets presented in Davos in January once again amidst the private jets, luxury linens, and foie gras This is all apparently how global plans can get marketed as local or even as something called the North Carolina Plan laid out in the comments with links on the previous post. is not a hot link because something is screwy with my computer this morning, but it is the site for the Global Education Futures Forum. What I am describing can be found there. Please pay special attention to the GEFF Advisory Board since it is linked to the Center for Curriculum Redesign because Charles Fadel is a listed member as is an Under Secretary of the OECD. Knewton has a representative which is why this week’s Wired article on the ability to read student’s minds is timely. Another listed member of the GEFF Advisory Board is Alexander Laszlo, who undoubtedly learned about collectivism’s need for a subjective mode of consciousness from his dad instead of the Grimm fairy tales most of us heard as children.

Finally, we have former Gates Foundation exec Tom VanderArk listed, which means that the Brookhaven Innovation Charter just approved in Georgia (links in comments on previous post) that says it is based on VanderArk’s White Paper and the Hewlett Foundation push around Deeper Learning is tied to the GEFF vision. So are school districts like Fulton and other League of Innovative Schools districts that we have covered as bringing him in to consult and train. The entire state of Utah and the concept of Competency (just the means to stealthily impose that subjective mode) get implicated because next Tuesday and Wednesday, September 2 and 3, 2015 there is a Statewide Joint Conference there on Competency-Based education with VanderArk as the speaker on both days. Also speaking is Marc Tucker of the National Center on Education and the Economy so we also have the Common Core being shoved away as we get back to NCEE’s New Standards Project from the 90s, renamed now as Competency-Based Education.

All of this fits perfectly with what my book Credentialed to Destroy foresaw. Chapter 4 on Competency is even more timely now than when it was written. One of the themes of the California Forum apart from the death of the Gutenberg Era and divvying up the billion dollar EdTech market was “How will educational ecosystems for emerging social practices be created?” Now I can scream all day long that the new forms of assessment are not in fact tests and are looking to create and monitor desired behaviors, but there is nothing like the concept of virtual reality prisons to make the point. This is from a GEFF 2014 report called Future Agendas for Global Education .

In following up on all the intended uses of gamification and virtual reality in education of the future, the report mentions that “Besides that, gamification can be efficiently used to redesign the penitentiary system.” Now when we read the following quote, we need to appreciate that if these adaptive software and virtual reality worlds are powerful enough to remediate dysfunctional behavior, what is the effect of constant embedding over K-12 on normal minds?

“application of maturing virtual simulations can allow (within the coming decade) to create realistic virtual worlds, ‘virtual jails’ that help delinquents correct their dysfunctional behavior and acquire socially acceptable ways of conduct–for instance, re-living the criminal action from different positions (of a violator, of a victim, of a police officer who searches for an offender, etc.) and their mastering the proper way of acting [Mastery Learning?]. Such educational solutions could become a more humane way to rehabilitate criminals–and similar solutions can be applied to help re-qualify ‘accidentally alienated’ citizens, e.g. those dismissed from jobs due to skill mismatch. We believe that, since early 2020s, virtual reality worlds will be used as temporary holding places for unemployed and as a cheap alternative for vocational education & training. Also, virtual worlds that help replace dysfunctional behavior patterns with functional ones can be used to deal with traumatic experiences and improve lives of ‘clinically normal’ people that suffer from dependencies, bad habits or fears. ‘Psychodrama worlds’ where people play together and live lief stories of each other could gain wide popularity as an alternative to group therapy by mid-2020s, not only (and not so much) as a clinical psychotherapy, but as part of standard educational trajectory for a majority of population.”

Now in a world where following the misleading phrase Career Ready Practices as the new purpose of K-12 leads us straight to a communitarian obligation to others and so does the now obligatory Positive School Climate, do we really think ‘dysfunctional behaviors’ will be cigarette smoking and eating disorders? No because the next paragraph states that “any gamified practice has an educational dimension, because the game clearly defines desirable and undesirable behaviors.” That is what makes it educational in this Brave New World that is no longer a work of fiction at all. Educational Dimension=altering human behaviors. No wonder the ESEA Rewrite the US Senate passed binds all states to use performance assessments to examine academic results. All behavioral too.

Honestly I think the life of Five Star luxury being pursued to foist this education and Future Transformation vision must addle the brain at some level. How else to explain an insistence that “we now know too much” and that we need only “adequate science and technologies to be maintained and developed going forward.” No wonder we have repeated proclamations that the Gutenberg Era is over. It created the concept of the individual and liberated the human mind. Our wannabe political Overlords want to take all that away and the tech companies want to sell public officials the means to do just that.

What parent when they opt for a Charter School for their child that hypes 21st Century Learning or who wishes for vouchers to escape bad neighborhood schools understands that they are really tapping into a GEFF plan to “reorganize the institutions of cognition and knowledge management.”? Now given the sorts of facts I turn up and papers and confessional books through the decades I can appreciate why this collectivist vision needs Mind Arson and knowledge management.

Repeat after me: We will NOT acquiesce.

Please take the blinders OFF about what formative assessments and a Whole Child focus around digital learning really mean. Otherwise, these planners want to create a Neuroweb of manipulated collective consciousness that is reminiscent of what Star Trek called the Borg. When people in positions of power with access to taxpayer money at the global, national, state, and local levels write of a desire to transform K-12 education and the very concept of learning and wish to “create semantic Internet and supporting artificial intelligence solutions that will structure human knowledge, and scientific knowledge in particular,” we need to listen.

Now we know why digital learning is so crucial to all these future models of education. It’s not a better way to teach math or reading or about making backpacks lighter. It’s about rewiring the brain for collectivist political purposes and it is a Bipartisan pursuit going on all over the globe.

Thankfully we know about the agenda and the links into our local classrooms. Will accurate knowledge reach enough parents and taxpayers in time or will the manufactured hype surrounding the Common Core continue to obscure the actual story?

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  1. Nothing is wrong with trying to eradicate bigotry and prejudice. Even if we need to literaly go into students brains with electric probes to cauterize and remove those structures deemed incompatibile with democratic equality, we shouldn’t hesitiate to do it.

    Electro shock therepy combined with aggressive remedial drug therapy is our hope.

    Science should be in service of those who care. We are the ultimate light of humanity who will finally heal the suffering and stop the hate.

    We know where hate resides. We must attack it right there. students shouldn’t be thought of as having any rights that can be used to hurt the rest of us. Hitler could have been cured by our science. Let’s eradicate the hate, one child at a time.

    • Sounds like a plan Sherikia.

      But just so we know what internalized and integrated blissful perceptions of equality looks like once your desired interventions are fully enacted, ( like …if the probes are painful upon application or if the meds make a person nauseous ? ) how about you test it all out first on yourself . For all of us. For the Common Good.

      As you said , Science should be in service of those who care.


      • I was just thinking of you since I know the whole hubris of design send you into a frenzy.

        Did you know that back in 1988 the annual Asilomar Conferences on the Comprehensive Design of Social Systems began? Many of the same people involved with McREL’s A+ Achieving Excellence like Csik and Bela Banathy and our friend Christakis of Structured Design Dialogue and reimagining MOOCs are involved. So is Alexander Laszlo and his wife Kathia who are at that April Menlo Park GEFF conference too. Kathia says that Bela Banathy is her mentor.

        • Oh joy. This paper is brutal. The human being as sub system. Where the stakeholders must design our future existentence, as if it was a canvas, their aspirations for the co evolution of us all.

          Do you ever get the feeling that if these grasping, sycophant knuckleheads were denied the use of the words Stakeholder, Leverage, or Collective etc…that their internal programs might short circuit?
          Thanks for this !

    • You’re a perfect example of the type of person that would abuse this and do so willingly.

      Hitler would have been cured? You *are* Hitler, you just don’t realize it. You are the dark of humanity, the need to control and manipulate is not caring nor the light of humanity.

      None are as blind as those who will not see.

  2. Ah, my good friend Sherikia, sounds like you could use some Code Switching of your own. Why don’t you sign up for the first treatment then tell or demonstrate for us how successful it can be?

    • Nothing like admitting that Community Schools are grounded in the Progressive Era visions of John Dewey and Jane Addams.

      The GEFF materials also make numerous references to fulfilling Dewey’s dream and especially bringing down any barriers between schools and society. I am going back to repeat my Mrs Astor’s ballroom comment from my book.

      When the US functions like Venezuala and toilet paper is unavailable, will these planners begin to recognize where this is all going?

      Plus this new book tells us again how important Positive School Climate is to changing the function of education to behavioral change.

      • Which is why Fullan and Linda Darling Hammond were sure to include school climate in the new School Quality Index used to rate the schools in our CA CORE districts.

        • It is why Adelman of the School Mental Health Project at UCLA hypes Whole Child and PSC as if they are two sides of the same coin. Fits perfectly with that Rand report and White House Summit on Intrapersonal and Interpersonal Competency.

          I wanted you to see this. Now go to Pages 39-40 and read about “authentic assessment” from 20 years ago. Doesn’t the TU template fit with what is now being called Project-Based Learning? Doesn’t it fit with the required integration of CTE into academics for all students?

          Look at that 1988 Educational Leadership on Teaching Thinking and notice Jay McTighe–the co-creator of Understanding by Design. Remember how much teacher training and professional development he and Grant Wiggins have done in Texas in recent years. Now also remember that NC Plan not only touts Critical Thinking and Moral Growth but also Texas. There’s actually not a controversy over what is coming. Just attempts to guide the reintroduction of this same vision without a way out this time. Well, there is a way out. Accurately comprehending and documenting what is really going on, which is precisely what I have done.

          • Fits perfectly. Interesting TU was originally funded by ESEA. Clarifies why we suddenly have more “specialty” high schools designed to train students for various sectors in the workforce–Parents are now being told that their child must pick a pathway no later than 11th grade. TU and all of its forms are euphemisms for forced compliance in a planned economy / collectivist society.

    • Your privilege is showing. I don’t need those therapies because I’ve made my commitment to social justice. Once I committed more will to fighting hate, it was easy. I’m a leader in my community.

      White privilege is the system in your head that obstructs your empathy for the underserved and oppressed minorities.

      But we will change your system. Notice anything different this year from last, and the last before, etc. back to your excessively privileged upbringing in a by gone era, gone for good, that is.

      We are winning.

      • Good, enjoy leading your community. Fortunately it isn’t mine.

        If you lived in my community, you wouldn’t have many followers for your leadership.

        • He is also the author of what I just posted to mc. Once I realized this morning Marzano and McREL were also tied to this Learning to Think template and it went back to 85 that put McREL’s involvement in A+ Achieving Excellence with Csik and banathy into a new, even more troubling context.

          That epiphany is caused a flood this afternoon with my husband looking up from time to time with his “do you really need to print that out?” look. Just call me the Toner Queen and keep the ink cartridges in stock.

    • From that load of bollocks article:

      “Study of immediate reality does something else of vital importance in learning—it triggers emotion. Love it or hate it, a kid’s “right-here, right-now” matters. And because it matters, it’s unfailingly, indisputably relevant.”

      AKA- transdisciplinary enabling of behaviors, values, and attitudes which psychologically infantilize generations of students who might otherwise have become mature rational adults.

  3. Yes our science should be yielded to. When we helped Teddy Kennedy’s sister she was much easier to handle at yacht parties. These methods will help all children transform for the 21st century without a scalpel,( only difficult students who resist our interventions). Yes we will attack hate inside the brains of preschool children before they are poisoned by their families if we cannot just abort them. We will fulfill the wish of our forefathers and bring children into the light. stop resisting.

    • We are most excited about the pre conception gene therapies that will engineer much improved and long overdue sperm and eggs without the dna that makes hate feelings possible. It will be illegal for parents to conceive their child with the pre dna revolution sperm and egg. Unless they have been science corrected at the molecular genetic level, they can’t make babies. The only parents who will legally conceive babies will be licensed by our genetic testers. That’s what bioengineering regulation is all about. We’ve got secret funding that you can’ never see.

      In our better future, there will be NO BLONDE BLUE EYED BABIES, because those racist genes will have been eradicated. We will finally defeat the white NASDP Nazis.

      The best part is that if an accident happens and some mutation arises and the blonde blue eyed gene raises it’s ugly head, we can snip it right there during prenatal care.

      Womb lodged babies will be constantly monitored by our social science humanitarian experts. Anything thing that looks problematic will be dosed immediately and either flush eliminated or absorbed into host tissue. I prefer the flush because it proves our lack of tolerance for the shameful past.

      You think I’m kidding because you can’t vision of true democracy. Our open society will end your narrow thinking.

      If you don’t agree that I’m right, that’s proof that our new process would allow anybody like you to make things worse for the rest of us.

      You think I’m kidding but look around and see my success.

    • Your childish drivel is no match for the Freedom lectures my students…of many cultural hertitages…get in my classroom…all those mischievous boys…I encourage their energetic mayhem. You might be surprised by the resistance you meet from those of us who are training our students subversively on a model based on the glory of the individual. I cannot wait to see the confrontation.

    • You and Sherikia are really jealous of us aren’t you? Look, we help you a lot and do more for you than anyone else, but still there’s a difference and we will continue to be different. Look at all the ridiculous stuff you are dreaming up hoping to change that just a little.

    • …because it’s……wait for it…….Futile?

      Are you taking his show on the road? Really, you are killin’ it. Good stuff. The tix will be one Fixed Price right?

      Strike while the hammer and sickle are hot. You might get step and repeat at the next totalitarian red carpet event.

  4. If these ‘good enough’ technology policies had been in place 20 years ago ….. then
    no smart phones, no 3D printing, no drones, no lap top computers, no LCD/LED TV/computer screens, no Uber, etc. Actually they likely would have been developed but outside of the US; outside the reach of US ‘educators.’ Nothing stops Samsung from developing and making devices in Korea. Nothing stops US teachers from investing in Samsung or buying Samsung devices. It just means US educated students will be unemployed and unable to work in those industries or afford those products. Steve Jobs told Obama that the plants making glass for Apple i-phones were built in China because of US govt regulations and added costs, not cheaper labor costs.

    As the US turns into Detroit the teachers will not be paid much either. The US cannot force China or Germany or Korea to dumb down their education systems.

    Young people ‘educated’ using these modern methods are going to run into job requirements like those below. If they do not have those skills or comparable they will be unemployable. The ‘educators’ can ignore reality but their students cannot ignore the consequences of ignoring reality.

    E.g. here are parts of some job postings on local craigslist

    This position requires a high attention to detail, self-initiative, collaboration skills, and the ability to work in an entrepreneurial environment. Specific technical skills required are:
    • LAMP stack (Linux, Apache, MySql and PHP), both developing LAMP stack applications and administering all the layers of the LAMP stack
    • Magento ecommerce platform experience
    • Symfony application framework
    • Basic knowledge of web technologies; HTTP, HTML, CSS & Javascript at a minimum
    • Basic knowledge of PDF technology
    • Basic knowledge of desktop publishing and DTP tools — particularly InDesign
    • Very comfortable with sh (bash) and perl programming
    • Familiarity with Chef (and enough knowledge of Ruby programming to work with Chef) and AWS deployment are highly desired.

    • Small business accounting and monthly/yearly compilations including financial statement preparation for review
    • Payroll calculation and quarterly report filings
    • Individual and business tax preparation
    • Reconciling bank and credit card accounts for small business clients
    • Extended hours and commitment during the busy tax season will be rewarded with great flexibility during the remaining 8 months of the year!

    • Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting (Associates Degree w/emphasis in Accounting and equivalent experience will be considered)
    • Currently have (or desire to acquire) CPA or EA licensure
    • 1-3 years Small Business Accounting experience
    • Experience with Creative Solutions software (Accounting CS, Ultra Tax, etc.) and Quickbooks is a plus
    • Strong written and verbal communication skills and the ability to work with multiple clients in different industries.

    Looking for experienced mold maker / Machinist for 1st shift position , being proficient with mastercam , fadal and Haas machining centers a plus.
    Also looking for Machinists for cleaning , repairing and making revisions on plastic injection tooling.

  5. One thing to keep in mind is that a lot of this stuff is junk science being sold as business plans. In short, I doubt any of this works. But of course the purveyors of this b.s. could care less so long as they get their money upfront and are held harmless on the back end. If we can’t stop this train wreck, then we should demand guarantees of success and no excuses or indemnifications. When this goes belly-up, these people need to pay with cash and even jail time.

    • I think ‘success’ is guaranteed. I’ll bet those formative assessments all demonstrate ‘success.’ No racial achievement gap either. Everyone gets a medal and a juice box.

        • Their misuse and false statements about chaos, complexity, thermodynamics etc. show they never had a successful modernist learning experience themselves. They obviously know nothing about the technical ideas they use as pseudo-justification of abandoning the knowledge of the past 500 years. What a word salad.

          • David:
            “Word salad.” Snort! Very funny and very accurate. I believe Robin mentioned the guy who generated something like word salad and had it published in a journal. I think it was in her book. He then let it be known his article was gibberish; to prove a point.

            I have a technical background and they have no clue about technical terms they throw about.

      • Whoa . That slideshare gives Freddie Kruger a run for his money.

        These people don’t like to actually talk much to other human beings do they ? Their plans are based on a fascinating mix of ideas that seem seeded in fearing and avoiding any human interaction on the one hand , while conceding that if interaction must happen for the collective then trampling any personal boundary is fair game and not a concern of note.

        It seems like these planners are despotically inclined aspbergers sufferers.

        • mc:

          I noticed the same thing about my kids’ HS teachers and especially these ‘educators.’ They do not get out much. Most adults deal with a variety of other adults in their work lives. These ‘educators’ seem to only deal with other ‘educators’ and their students. Reality is optional for them.

          Mao was a butcher and mass murderer. He did make ‘educators’ move to the country and raise pigs so at least he had a little good in him.

      • That slideshare is horrifying–disembodied consciousness and black swan digital immortality. Too bad these Russian futurists are serious and not just writing a script for a sci-fi horror film.

        • Not just serious but this is a formal alliance with mit and lists itself as silicon valley and moscow.

          Turns out also that ASCD had had a Systems thinking and Chaos Theory division for years pushing this designing social systems vision. I have pulled up the newsletters and one includes Governor Moonbeam going on and on about Ivan Illich’s “deschooling” work as the preferred course.

          There is also a complaint about the 2001 ASCD conference in Boston where too many educators are still pushing knowledge assimilation.

          These entities in the last several years have also become part of the International Federation for Systems Research. You can imagine my disdain when in 2013 IFSR started thanking the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation for its grants. I guess MS benefits from a redesigned social systems world with socially engineered minds of putty.

        • As I started reading that link, I had a sudden vision of “The Head” from C.S. Lewis’ That Hideous Strength coalesce before me. Lewis was even more of a prophet than Huxley, in my opinion.

    • David you have brought up a really excellent point. There is a great deal of damage these digital software learning programs can do and we should take it seriously and push back hard. The lack of true academics and conditioning to groupthink are plenty egregious.

      However, a tremendous amount of this so called educational neuroscience is untested and resting on utopian wishes of unicorns and rainbows.

      My son is still green around the gills in terms of his depth of knowledge as a neurobiology/ pre med major in college but he has discussed with me on several occasions that the so called facts about neuroscience that self appointed Ed experts bandy about amounts to a hill of beans.

      Most actual neuroscientists, not behavioral psychologists, will tell you they don’t know jack about the brain much less how to control it for desired and permanent outcomes.

      Of course none of this means that long term damage to an individual’s psyche or a culture’s historical knowledge base still cannot be achieved or an economy wrecked for generations.

      The human soul is a formidable opponent. I don’t think it can be subjugated in perpetuity. But I Don’t want to chance it to find out.

      We still need to fight this tooth and nail. When the planners so clearly tell us what they intend it would be a mistake to not believe them.

    • “If we can’t stop this train wreck, then we should demand guarantees of success and no excuses or indemnifications.”

      Be aware, naive one – The glaring beauty our federal and state system is the more it FAILS, the more it spends to “fix it.”
      Non-ed. case in point, the NC Global Transpark, a $150 million publicly funded hole of an airport which has “created” 450 jobs in twenty years by giving its main tenant facilities, tax abatements and free rent to keep it there. It’s still being state funded (by ME) year after year.

      US education was ruined with the Dick and Jane series, in my estimation, and similar numb-nuts reading around1960. The US Dept of Education was established in 1979. They do such harm directing, regulating and overseeing – and now literally arm-twisting/bribing states to suck up to Common Core. They aren’t responsible to anyone, remember that. Tell me, readers. Do you EVER read about the US Dept of Ed being blamed or taking blame for anything? If so, add below. Equally, they cannot take CREDIT for anything either because they are a useless, failed entity.

      Read this joke: the National Education Goals (Act) co-written by the then Governor Bill Clinton, 1994 which starts:
      “The Congress declares that the National Education Goals are the following:
      (A) By the year 2000, all children in America will start school ready to learn.”

      The entire Act, including funding implications, is linked there.
      Know thy recent history~

      • LN-this is from the recent Digital Promise, LIS, fed ED meeting on building up clusters and working with local and state governments to reinvent govt itself.

        Notice the involvement in Chicago of former NC Governor Bev Perdue. It’s on page 2.

        “Graduate Our Students Ready to Be Engaged Citizens”–

        Yes, with brains and personalities socially engineered to do just that in the vision the UN published on August 12, 2015.

        • i just came across this.

          August 31, 2015 by henrydampier 1 Comment
          Training a Bureaucratic Population

          Mass education of populations, originally developed as a means of improving the military readiness of the population in an era of mass conscription, has developed into a tool for the preparation of mass bureaucratic labor forces. Because mass conscription has lost its military relevance and has lost the political support of Western elites, education has turned into a sort of vestigial bureaucracy mostly dedicated towards its own survival and expansion.

          What’s important about developing a bureaucrat is creating the correct emotional temperament. It doesn’t have much to do with cultivating excellence, because the presence of excellence tends to be disruptive to any bureaucratic setting, as excellence tends to be unpredictable and challenging to account for. Adult bureaucrats tend to complain a lot about ‘stress,’ in part because they have been trained from an early age to respond to distress resulting from verbal disapproval by authorities and peers. This takes a lot of repetitive operant conditioning, which is one of the top reasons why school curricula tend to be so repetitive and pointless on the surface. The purpose isn’t to create good calculators or a labor force aware of trigonometry, but to create a mass of people who are docile, predictable, and easily frightened into compliance.

          The long term consequence of this has been an overproduction in clerk-like personalities. Because the state mandates that everyone go through clerk training, you wind up with a homogenous population marked by the character traits that have been historically associated with clerks — bad physical health, obedience to authority, intense respect for arbitrary rules, a weak aesthetic sensibility, an obsession with official approval, and androgyny.

          In a super-bureaucratic society, anyone who is not a bureaucrat tends to be regarded as a bad or unclean person without dignity and deserving of pity. This is one of the reasons why American thinkers tend to pathologize any mode of production or way of life that doesn’t involve a life of desk work. And even modes of life that don’t involve desk work need to be brought under the rule and regulation of desk-workers — physical space must be brought under ‘code,’ while mental work can be left relatively free — Peter Thiel says that this is the reason for the divergence in the rate of innovation between the ‘world of bits’ and the ‘world of atoms.’

          Everywhere that this mass education model has been in place for significant amounts of time, there is an oversupply in aimless bureaucrat-people without bureaucracies to stuff them into. Europe in particular suffers from ‘mass youth unemployment,’ especially among the educated, which is because they have been educated to fill slots in imaginary bureaucracies which both don’t exist and are uneconomical where they do exist. Because educational bureaucracies have watered down their own standards over the years to be able to accommodate the entire population, many of these aimless bureaucrats are also unsuited for any pursuit that requires much real expertise. Further, their mentalities have been shaped to expect a didactic, predictable, safe, office-existence in which people tell them what they need to ‘learn,’ and then they complete an assignment graded by a light hand.

      • LN,
        Is the US Dept. of Ed failed entity ? I’m thinking ‘failure’ depends upon one’s definition of what is ‘success’. ( wink wink)

        It seems to me based on Robins research as well as many other documents I have read that The Dept. of Ed has achieved everything it intended to from its inception.

        The founders true goals for the Dept. Of Ed. were never the goals that they stated to the masses. Success for the Planners looks like failure to us.

        This is the formula across the board .

  6. Just have to tell Sherikia one more thing: Your planned society sounds very dull and boring. Would hate to have to only encounter “people like me/you” every day. Yawn. But I can put you on my prayer list and pray that you might actually encounter Truth one day soon.

    • Here’s the Plan. dated August 12, 2015 . These idiots living at taxpayer expense at all levels will turn us all into Venezuela.

      This shows the states that have already set up local sector partnerships getting ready for both wioa and the Common Core as workforce development.

      • I can’t imagine these ‘partnerships’ generating anything more than more ‘word salad.’ I may be proven wrong.

        These ‘educators’ seldom seek the advice of working teachers, much less that of parents who are doctors, lawyers, engineers, etc. For the ‘educators’ to actually seek input from some guy running an auto repair shop does not seem likely to me.

        • eclectic-the businessmen or women in various states who are part of these sector partnerships have told me privately that when they try to explain to K-12 admins or university admins what they actually need for prospective employees to get hired, the admins refuse to listen.

          What this does encourage is cronyism and the kind of “let’s now restrain consumption, but increase the number of consumers so our revenue does not fall” mentality the UN wants in its post-2015 plan I linked to this am. It also encourages city councils, mayors, legislators, and governors to believe they are the economic drivers in their state. Meantime they court big business with ridiculous tax breaks and the number of sites devoted to healthcare facilities continues to expand as if the entire economy can be based on meeting everyone’s needs for physical and mental well-being. Brought to us by the same people forcing Michelle’s delicious school lunches on us by fiat.

      • I have articles that acknowledge that the computer coding push is precisely because it will rewire the mind away from the magic created by 2nd order symbol systems like algebra and phonetics. I thought about that when I was in San Francisco in June and that school district announced it would be pushing computer coding in all grades. The neurological social engineering is not my interpretation of the impact of what is being advocated. It’s the known and desired result and has been for decades.

        Look at some of what Seymour Papert and Mitchell Resnick have written about Logo and what they mean by the term constructionism.

        I went shopping online yesterday because something Marzano published for McRel in 1985 arrived and the bibliography was once again an announcement of how long this push has been in the works and how it has always been tied to using the Soviet research as well. It was fascinating too to look for the old books and discover they had come back into print within the last year or two.

        And Marzano cites Richard Paul’s work, which I was able to locate that had been in Educational Leadership in 1984. I read the article this morning and it ridiculed Ronald Reagan for his ethnocentric, non-dialectical, view of the Soviet Union as the evil empire. Now how will such rhetoric, once known, play out with the people who fund the advocates of that NC Plan.

        MC is so right. Fed Ed clearly published A Nation at Risk to jump start the cybernetic model and then have it masquerade as ‘thinking skills’ or strong sense critical thinking. It dovetials perfectly with what PISA and NAEP assess for now and what the OECD calls Key Competences based on Kegan’s stages work.

        I am so proud of how on the money my first book is on what matters and how researching the sequel has let me recognize what the ECAA and the NC Plan and UNESCO, the OECD, and GEFF are all doing in time. Now I can take this back to Luria as well because Marzano cited him. He also uses the term Higher Order Thinking Skills in 1985 and ties it to what he describes as ‘dialectical thinking’. He contrasts it with technical thinking that had previously been promoted by schools where there is a known, fixed answer that can be determined by applying the appropriate procedures.

      • Too bad many parents don’t understand the difference between coding and computation. Most are naively impressed with the shiny new tablets. Scary times.

        • Why are you saying this is not intellectual?

          Does that look like working with abstract symbol systems to create functions? And to think hubby’s first job came in high school when someone called the calculus teacher to see if he knew of a student who could create software programs via mathematics. How old-fashioned. Of course that was back in the days of mainframes and punch cards.

          Had an uncle who used to get excited to get access to a Cray at 2:30 am to run calculations. Now laptops can do it.

          Also love this confession from Seymour Papert who helped found the ai lab at mit–“the whole point of Logo is to change everything else.”

          You teach children coding because you want to change how their brain processes.

          • Oh my, too bad the Lifelong Kindergarten group fails to see the rich irony in their name. This reform if successful will produce generations of adults who function like children…driven by unbridled and unchecked emotions divorced from all reason. Again, I know too many parents who are so impressed that their young kids are already coding.

          • Take a look at this going on your way and appreciate this is part of cradle to career.

            The coding excitement reminds me of the tony day care center that was touting its computer lab and my husband said he did not want our kids in there. They should be on the playground or doing puzzles.

            I do not know anyone sophisticated about computers who did not limit their own children’s proximity to them when they were young. We used to joke by upper el that the strongest students were all the ones whose parents refused to let them have Gameboys. Now the toddlers play with their cell phones instead of talking at the grocery store.

          • You might want to switch over to the comments in the new post.

            This is a hideous agenda. It’s why I cannot go fully silent no matter how much work I still have to get through. It is all just confirming and mostly it all seems to start with a shout-out to CASBS.

            Did you notice Wharton B School is called tavistock West because of its social systems science agenda in the IFSR 2012 papers. That matters because the new Super of the Conversion Charter, League of Innovative Schools, EdLeader21 local school district doesn’t have an ed degree. He has an MBA from Wharton.

            Another senior admin in the same district has his degree in Urban Planning. Social systems–that’s what schools are now and so are students.

    • Having just come from a Housing Forum on the new “Affirmatively Furthering Inclusive Housing” slide 22 fits with the constant refrain of it being federal policy but the states and localities are where it gets implemented. That presentation overall struck me as criminally duplicitous given what constitutes a “high performing country.” As anyone who has read my book knows PISA is not about academic knowledge and closing the gap on an assessment looking to measure what strategies get used when there is no correct answer simply brings in the Richard Paul dialectical thinking from his Framework or what Marzano laid out as “Thinking Skills: A Conceptual Framework” for McREL. It is where HOTS and Rigor and Levels 3&4 of DOK are getting at. It is not independent thinking. It’s just that the extent of the social engineered neural structures to guide thoughts, behaviors, and thinking grounded in emotions are not apparent to the students or the parents.

      Internationally benchmarked languag is clearly building on NCEE’s New Standards Project from the 90s that 26 states were in and Lauren Resnick and Tucker headed. I guess we should see the Common Core and competency-based ed as forcing all the recalcitrant states and districts into the NSP/ UNESCO/ OECD Key Competences template.

      The “what we are doing is not working, let’s try something new” is so disingenuous given that I have a well-documenetd book laying out the deliberate blowing up of academics in the 60s and then again in the 90s. I think we need to remember that Anthony Carnevale was also director of NCEE about the time he wrote the Workplace Basics manuals for the Department of Labor. is that post. I think what the Utah legislature and Board of Regents are really doing here is going along with the K-12 education is now workforce development and tied to the state WIOA Plan we have coming due. We are going to change K-12 to NCEE’s template from NSP and Carnevale’s Manuals which were created for a Changing Workforce template once before, but we do not want to frame what we are doing in those terms. That would be imprudent to our political careers or those of the people who appointed us. We are going to the change the child and restructure their minds and personalities template, but we are going to frame it for PR purposes as simply being a matter of making Utah internationally competitive. Something that can be shown to result in improvement since we are counting value and attitude changes and alterations to behaviors instead of actual knowledge of academic subjects.

      Utah becomes a cronyistic delight along the lines of what the US Chamber of Commerce laid out in its Managing the Talent Pipeline paper and what the NGA hypes as Sector Strategies. Parents see improving results because they do not understand formative assessment or what constitutes ‘achievement’ under new federal crieria. brainwashing essentially gets described as improving and achieving, success and student growth. The Salt Lake City MTO is celebrated as being a national model of using scenario future planning. With this model of ed, the whole state is gambling on the basis of Future scenario planning.

        • Listening to the live stream for Utah conference.
          After the break will be assessing competencies. Right now the talk is soft skills, your favorite, said with extreme sarcasm.

          Link to live stream for others.

          • Before Stiggins was involved with formative assessment and meaningful assessment it turns out he was involved with what was called in the late 80s and early 90s the Critical Thinking push. from 1990

            So was Richard Paul as in the NC Plan and Arthur Costa whose 1990 booklet on Developing Minds referenced Marzano pushing this same template at McREL in 1985. Twice Marzano referred to it as the cybernetic model of the mind because it was about following and adjusting behaviors based on intentions.

            Everything now being called Competency fits with what was touted as Critical Thinking before and that I recognize as cybernetics even before Marzano’s useful confession. It appears that the NC Plan is merely getting back to template sought before OBE controversies and SCANS horror prevented the final transformation in the 90s. Also gets at the states and districts reluctant to join NSP in 90s. Shoved into the cybernetic model anyway.

            Yesterday was an email MA is pushing to go back to its previous standards, but that push tracks to a community college ed prof working with Stotsky and Pioneer. Thus sounds remarkably similar to the NC Plan.

            I am also ready to tie the concept of charters to CASBS and its subsidiary General Systems Research Group that renamed itself as ISSS. ISSS of course is tied to both Laszlos and thus GEFF. Pioneer just loves charters. Everything is coming together.

            I am reviewing the very useful but not discussed Gordon Commission Technical Report before writing again. Stumbled across it this morning. It also fits with the language of that GEFF report.

      • This fits with what I heard yesterday at that forum

        I also heard a great deal of statements about ‘systems’ as if cities, people, places, economies, can just be redesigned with laws, regulations, and enough federal funding.

        Richard Rothstein, who is cited in that article, does most of his work in K-12 education.

        This article from yesterday and Chicago also fits.

        People all over the country want President Obama to be pushing this hard and through the courts during his last 18 months in office. One lady stood up and insisted policymakers had an obligation to understand how she feels living in public housing and to meet her needs. Fits with that Life-Long Kindergarten approach to coding.

          • An employee of the Ga affiliate of the Atlas Network was at the Atlanta Housing Forum’s “Affirmatively Furthering Inclusive Housing” meeting yesterday and asking questions about how to keep people from being so afraid of Section 8 housing near their neighborhoods.

            Fits perfectly with the Education Next embrace of the welfare state, but with private providers.

   is the guy from Pioneer involved with the Mass rollback. Look at what else he is involved in.

          • This just gets more interesting. In 1995 Diane ravitch, who of course was part of the Gordon Commission, published a book National Standards in American Education: A Citizen’s Guide published by the Brookings Institute. In the Preface she thanks Lamar Alexander for recruiting her to fed ED to take on the standards issue. Then she lists the people at fed Ed she wants to thank for having worked with her there on standards-related issues. Ted Rebarber is one of the people she cites.

            So we really are developing a tremendous amount of evidence of people today who were involved with what was called the Standards for Teaching and Learning back in 1992 who seem to be pushing a vision for the classroom that fits with what ran off the tracks in the 90s before full implementation.

    • Yes, this is his specialty how to best educate young men of color.

      He has also left NYU to join the UCLA faculty in May 2015. That puts him on the same campus as Eva Baker and CRESST, Dan Siegel and his Mindsight to physically change how students’ brains work, Adelman and the School Mental Health project, and the researchers who left Harvard to push how to best integrate throughout metro areas. That Brookhaven Charter fits that template with its ability to draw across school district lines. Its physical location abuts at least 3 distinct school districts: Atlanta as in the cheating scandal, Fulton of League of Innovative Schools and its Tranzi OBE conversion charter, and Dekalb with its larcenious administrators legacy. All would make parents want to flee, never recognizing they are going from frying pan to the fire because the language used disguises the nature of the changes unless someone is familiar with my work.

  7. At this point we have unacknowledged involvement in NC, TX, and added Utah this week. I highly suspect CA as well.

    Perhaps it is a case of denial. If no one forces us to tak about it it is not happening.

    • And Massachusetts

      And now New York jumps on

      All of these will stay with performance standards and competency-based ed and Critical Thinking comparable to what Facione cooked up for California so long ago. Pearson publishes his work now and incorporates it into its curriculum products.

      • Yes, that sure does. Perhaps even more after looking at the BOD. Turnipseed was past chair at p21, dabbled at Clinton Global.

        Good timing to begin this nonprofit adventure, plan nearly in order. Just need O to sign that esea !

      • Oh my, really has many facets to that board. Add a 23 year Rand veteran , and a workforce investment board pro. Whoops, cannot leave out Hammond. What a cozy group of ed deformers .

      • Another article from LDH selling a false narrative about why students no longer need to memorize facts and learn info related to bodies of knowledge…Not sure if folks realize “The quantity of human knowledge is exploding. According to UC Berkeley researchers, between 1999 and 2002, there was more new knowledge created in the world than in the entire history of the world preceding.” I’m sorry but this is a ridiculous statement and the faulty logic that produced it is at the center of this disastrous ed reform.

        • It ranks up there with the excuse that Einstein turned the physics world upside down. Yet in most situations Newtonian physics is still the valid model. In most of the situations where the Second Law of Thermodynamics is hyped, it’s not actually applicable. None of us are apparently supposed to know enough facts to pick up on invalid rationales, false narratives, or inapt analogies.

          What LDH is really fostering is the vision laid out here without admitting it. Truly some doozy quotes there and she was part of this Commission.

          Thanks for the link.

          • The worst of this is that LDH is so influential in the education schools. I have a colleague getting her masters. First of all, she is sweet and lovely but no intellectual giant. Unfortunately, education pays according to accumulationcof degrees, and even more unfortunately these degrees are the equivalent of getting a degree off the back of a matchbook in the 60s. LDH is the author of the textbooks used for this one year nonlinear “masters”, also known as indoctrination.

          • Your point brings out the importance of the Inadvertent Change Agent that I raised in my book. If the Framework is implemented with fidelity in the classroom, the teacher or principal may never actually know what it was really designed to do. Yet it can be making the desired neurological changes so that the students become designed, malleable ‘systems’.

            LDH does a great deal of work with both UNESCO and the OECD and thus the ed schools adherence to her vision is part of how UNESCO and the OECD’s and GEFF’s visions all quietly come into the local classroom.

          • I read the whole Gordon commission link, and even though I see how the sausage is made, was filled with dismay. Yes I am subversive and teach the individual not the collective, but this is an overwhelming force.

          • It is overwhelming and Edmund Gordon actually fesses up in several places that this goes to a desire to reimagine what it means to be human. It’s worse for me because I can see how what he lays out as a desire is actually already incorporated into legal mandates. Likewise, I can track his intentional control of goal-directed behavior back to Wilhelm Dilthey and to Bloom’s Mastery Learning and to Csik’s Excellence and Marzano and McREL’s Learning to Learn.

            Some days all of this documentation is like swimming and sewage and trying not to drown before I can get out. I need to be in the water though to appreciate the extent to which I am looking at the same ideas because of common language or clearly common functions across decades and countries. Scardamelia & Bereiter are also tied to stints at the Center for Advanced Studies in the Behavioral Sciences. CASBS is of course in Palo Alto where LDH is as well. Not a coincidence at all.

          • Also take a look at this and the Relational Teaching Framework.

            How do you truly teach the individual in the sense of transmitting the best that has been thought and written over the generations in this kind of relational, collective vision of “Brother’s Keeper”?

            How does a workplace function apart from being a source of jobs? Is this any way to serve a customer?

          • Jane-take a look at this and think about the implications of redefining Literacy as a “proficiency measured on a continuum.” That is a behavior and looking to see what is in the bank of known words and associated concepts. Apparently, and it is something I am aware of, Education for Sustainable Development needs a circumscribed and dictated mind and personality. It is interesting as the Laszlos also push ESD except to them it is an acronym for Evolutionary Systems Design with the systems being people, but also broader systems like cities, neighborhoods, economies, and new form of governance like Direct Consensus Democracy that an ASCD newsletter was hyping this weekend from about ten years ago.


            It looks to me like either acronym has same intent and function out of our prying sight.

        • A question for them: Did it ever make sense for anyone to learn facts since people could not learn everything in the world or is this a recent thing?

          Do they propose introducing their ‘evidence based’ methods in medical schools? Engineering schools? Auto mechanic schools? Maybe those places are the first places students will be expected to memorize facts. Maybe MDs will graduate by saying “that thingy hanging down from the bigger whatsit over there.” “Nurse, hand me a whatchamacallit.”

          From the link. Whatajoke.

          “We are building a team of researchers, educators, policy experts and communicators who can marshal, translate and disseminate research for federal, state, and local policymakers; work with other organizations to host policy briefings, seminars and debates; and engage in outreach and networking activities to help districts, states, and federal agencies learn from what works.

          The Learning Policy Institute is based on a set of values that considers a high-quality education that helps all students prepare for the challenges of our fast-changing, knowledge-based society to be an essential component of a 21st century democracy. We will follow the evidence wherever it leads, and will work with those of any political affiliation or point of view who share that commitment. “

          • Eclectic–it is no accident LPI is launching just when WIOA state plans are due. Look at the confessions in this document presented a month ago at the National Conference of State Legislatures.

            Also notice the emphasis on PPPs and Pay-for-Performance.

            NCSL is the perfect example of a TOGA–translocal organizations of Government Actors coming together to create a public sector-led society. Love the confession of what I said more than a year ago. WIOA lets Governors drive economic development in their state. Only a zero sum or negative sum ways given that they raid from each other and tie these plans to organized Mind Arson.

    • I was poking around this troubling vision this morning and how well connected this vision is per the Home Page.

      Notice the presence of a “Charter School Advisor” on the List of Affiliates.

      That struck down law reminds me of the voter approved Ga law that the Brookhaven Charter got its approval under.

        • Once again proving my point about the IB curriculum being a stalking horse for where the Common Core wants to take everyone. Turning the magnificent human mind into manipulated synapses and socially engineered neural connections tied to emotions so that students believe in collectivism and the need for dramatic transformations not just at the personal system level of the brain and central nervous system, but in the broader systems of the economy, society, and political structures and attendant rights and responsibilities.

          Interesting that IB cites Paul’s work too. LDH cites the IB examinations as cutting edge assessments. Probably because they get at precisely the level od neurological social engineering and whether it has taken hold in a meaningful way. I just finished Marzano’s framework and darned if in 1985 he didn’t use the term ‘milestones’ to describe the intermediate changes that would need to be monitored at the level of the student.

          That matters because Georgia calls its new state required assessments based on David Conley’s work the Georgia Milestones. I do not think that is coincidental since CCGPS has been renamed suddenly by the Georgia state Board of Education as the Standards of Excellence. There of course is the connection to Csik’s vision of Excellence as combining what is thought, felt, and desired. Plus Georgia’s State School Board Association and State School Super Association hired McREL a few years ago to create the dreadful Excellence and Equity vision for Georgia K-12 that truly hopes for minds of manipulated mental goo.

          As we keep discussing it is all coming together and it is all accurately understood here at ISC as long as people have read my book Credentialed to Destroy . Knowing the mandated implementation details through the decades and their purpose is necessary to appreciate the rest of the story.

      • Question for you. When looking at the charter contracts, is it the state ruric that controls the non academic focus or the district approved to have the charter.

        Rubric can be found here.

        Was examining the charters that have been approved recently for an acquaintance . All of them have equity as a focus and all the initiatives we see are involved . Many in WA see “choice ” as a solution.

        • There is a document on Quality involving Colorado, Arizona, Ohio, and Florida that is the template going forward. I have been working through fun things like with the same Alexander from this post and my brain feels mushy. Cold meds are not helping. Note to Self: Going to a pig picking during ragweed season can make for a miserable night.

 shows the coordination and purpose. I have a 1988 document that has been taken down now from ERIC written by Ray Budde called “Education by Charter: Restructuring School Districts. Key to Long-Term Continuing Improvement in American Education.” It is quite definitive on what a scam charters were alway intended to be. They fit with what Alexander lays out in that paper and what Bela Banathy called social systems design.

          When I had the thought to combine a search of Ray Budde and Bela Banathy it pulled up that Budde first presented that charter vision in 1974 at a meeting of GSRG/CASBS. GSRG–General Systems Research Group was a subsidiary of the Center for Advanced Studies in the Behavioral Sciences. In 1988 GSRG renamed itself as the ISSS discussed in this post.

          Marzano in the McREL Thinking Skills booklet from 1985 not only cites Richard Paul’s Critical Thinking work and graphically describes what Learning-to-Learn really means, he describes the need for Restructuring to force the new vision of education. The new vision fits with what charters push consistently in their actual language and what Budde foresaw. I also managed to track down Budde presenting on education at a 1982 GSRG meeting banathy chaired.

          Kathia Castro Laszlo, Alexander’s wife, has written about how she sees Banathy as a mentor. These are the Bela Banathy posts from September 2012 and take us back to the Achieving Excellence piloting that would be implicated at Columbine.

 has a full title of “To Create the Behavior Government Officials Want in Future Citizens.”

          Next was . Alexander Laszlo’s work, which I was not familiar with in 2012, makes it graphically clear that is precisely where GEFF, Excellence, and charters are all actually going.

          Many see choice as the solution because this is what aei, cato, the heritage foundation and their state affiliates all push. Did you happen to notice that one affiliate, the Reason Foundation, was a member of that network pushing for Public-Private Partnerships? In fact, all the entities that belong to the Atlas Network I have encountered are fond of that PPP framework. Charters fit within that Private entities, perhaps not paying taxes as they qualify as nonprofits, getting taxpayer revenue, to provide ‘public’ services.

  8. Whole-Language Movement & 21st C Learning Initiatives

    Does anyone else see the parallels, the narratives, the methods of the whole-language movement in all this? Of the 51 consultants to the Gordon Commission was one Luis C. Moll, Professor of Language, Reading and Culture, College of Education University of Arizona. She is an expert on Vygotsky in the whole-language classroom. U of A seems to have been, probably still is, a hot bed for whole-language spokespersons.

    • Tunya–it ties to creating the desired neural net of concepts, cross-cutting principles, vocabulary, and practiced behaviors tied to created emotions that are what Radical Ed Reform is getting at. Fluent phonetic reading makes the desired Mind almost impossible to construct as desired and also has the wrong physiological part of the brain engaged to be able to reliable guide behavior and manipulate perception.

      There is a saying in cybernetics that really explains why I found what is in Chapter 2 on reading and 3 on math and science. It’s why Competency keeps coming back. Cybernetics requires constructivism. Education cannot be about known facts. It has to be about behavior and creating that subjective mode of comprehension as Ervin Laszlo recognized in those books from the early 60s on collectivism I cited. The need for Equity or schools to no longer be sorting mechanisms or to be ‘internationally competitive’ or to meet workplace needs are all just plausible excuses over the decades to get the same vision going on in the classroom. Too much consistency across the decades between what was sought, especially in the 80s, and the 4Cs of 21st Century Learning now.

      Have you ever looked into Lauren Resnick’s Accountable Talk? These people really do want to circumscribe and specify the tools for thought and the visual images attached to all vocabulary. They want videos and games dramatizing action instead of readers privately imagining it within their own personally created neural nets.

  9. WOW. Lots more at the link. Several books mentioned.
    Very good article.

    How To Escape The Age Of Mass Delusion
    Mass delusion is an important tool of oppressors because they can’t survive free expression. That’s why the First Amendment’s a target.
    Stella Morabito
    By Stella Morabito
    June 8, 2015

    Nearly 100 years ago, Walter Lippmann wrote about “the manufacture of consent” in his classic work, “Public Opinion.” On the heels of that book, Edward Bernays penned a little volume called “Propaganda,” in which he stated that an elite would always be responsible for making the public aware of “new ideas” which the public would then act upon as the elite nudged them into it. Related, but more in-depth is Jacques Ellul’s 1962 book, “Propaganda: The Formation of Men’s Attitudes.”

    Political propaganda aims to mobilize the masses to move an agenda forward. That’s most effectively done when the masses are unaware of the process. It’s what “community organizers” work towards, whether they know it or not. Once the masses are mobilized to push for a cause, the propagandists’ goals can be put into law.

    Propaganda Is Directing Us Leftward

    American conservatives are by and large clueless about propaganda methods and tactics. And it shows. There are virtually no conservative social psychologists around. You’d think once a liberal social psychologist hits the public over the head with this fact some on the Right would take notice and at least try to get clued in.
    American conservatives are by and large clueless about propaganda methods and tactics. And it shows.

    Meanwhile, the Left has been employing social psychology and depth psychology on the masses for decades. President Obama’s campaign staff was filled with social psychologists. In this context, those who believe conservatives can subsist on reason and logic alone are kidding themselves. It’s no wonder GOP leaders are caving on so many principles, and being absorbed so easily into the Left’s machine.

    Our Age of Mass Delusion and Logicide

    But it was all so predictable.

    One of the best books that cracks the code on what we are living through was written by Dutch psychiatrist Joost A. M. Meerloo about 60 years ago. Mull over the first line of his book’s forward, and you will think he is writing about today: “This book attempts to depict the strange transformation of the free human mind into an automatically responding machine – a transformation which can be brought about by some of the cultural undercurrents in our present-day society as well as by deliberate experiments in the service of a political ideology.”
    When it comes to understanding the inner workings of social psychology and political correctness, we seem to be at a loss.

    That’s from “The Rape of the Mind: The Psychology of Thought Control, Menticide, and Brainwashing” (1956). There is indeed a war on the private mind, as Kevin Williamson explained in a recent National Review column. Unfortunately, too many Americans have been sleeping through most of its propaganda battles, and for a very long time. When it comes to understanding the inner workings of social psychology and political correctness, we seem to be at a loss.

    Meanwhile, the power elites who now control the media, academia, and Hollywood seem to understand social psychology well enough to exploit it on a massive scale. They have engaged in psychological warfare against the private mind by inducing “collective belief formation.” There’s really nothing new here. Conditioning and nudging the masses into groupthink is a very old trick of all wannabe dictators. The bloody twentieth century is filled to the gills with examples.

    Yet it feels like we’ve awakened to an ambush. A lot of Americans watched in shock while cultish mobs suddenly attacked the RFRA that Pence initially defended. But the groundwork for mass hysteria like this was stealthily laid for decades, and the minefields sown.
    The groundwork for mass hysteria like this was stealthily laid for decades, and the minefields sown.

    Family breakdown led to community breakdown, which we can see in the decline of trust in society. Ignorance was cultivated in the schools through political correctness and squashing free debate. The academy’s disparaging of western civilization virtually wiped out respect for any serious study of history and civics, as well as for the Socratic method and the rules of civil discourse. Political correctness sewed confusion into the language, particularly regarding identity politics. Youth are now set to be programmed for conformity through the K-12 “Common Core” curriculum mandates.

    • I have never read a charter that did not have illuminating language. By the way this fits perfectly with the systems thinking view of Choice. I was just reading a conference report that came out of the Asilomar Conversations for Designing Comprehensive Social Systems that Banathy started and the Laszlo’s are involved in.

      I have trouble writing on days when my family is home so I am going back through everything I have pulled together in last ten days or so and rereading. Boy, it dovetials with the Whole Child, Positive School Climate, School Choice hype that is contrary to facts, communitarian ethos, need for Whole Language, constructivism, subjective mode of consciousness. It’s all explicitly there. I am glad I have charted the actual implementation so carefully and comprehensively. It’s like an epiphany where I go “Oooh, I know what you are calling yourself now and where you are hiding.’

      It also explains the need for Affirmative Student Codes of Conduct.

    • If you want to poke around while I also deal with a sick college child, the name is Sherryl Stalinski and she is the Executive Director of the Aurora Now Foundation and a fellow at the International Systems Institute Banathy started to push designed social systems. I had to teach college kid how to make the chicken broth tonics I developed in the wake of pneumonia last winter. Now I have to ship her a pot.

      Since it is a holiday and it will soon be 5 in Newfoundland, I suggest reading her “Toward Authentic Community” with an adult beverage. I think we have our answer on why the Career Ready actually tracked back to communitarianism and Positive School Climate to Amitai Etzioni.

        • I had not seen that and hubby is a Tech grad. My tonics seem to be working but I will look into that. I am afaid daughter’s had turned from a sore throat with fever to a tearful phone call this am as it had become an acute earache. Antibiotics for her.

          I have looked at Asilomar and the Fuschl Conversations in Austria along with the 2010 and 12 IFSR conferences that ISSS and ISI are a part of. I can see how it all fits, but all that figuring has left me tired.

      • Robin,

        Have you scanned this page from Aurora Now and Stalinski?

        There are some gems here.

        “Computer-Aided Dialogue for Addressing Complex Societal Issues

        Complex systems can be challenging to design, and quite impossible to fix when they are not functioning optimally. Addressing the systemic mess of complex organizational and societal issues, as well as designing ways to re-create them to be healthy, viable and sustainable can be aided with the help of computer software technologies. (Christakis, 1996, 2001; Judge, 1998).”


        “The Design Conversation ( you know I cherish this. )

        Dialogue which seeks to create, redesign or refine human systems requires competence in the area of design. The design conversation engages participants in both generative and strategic dialogue in order to gain design competence and effectively conceptualize and create complex human systems. (Banathy, 1996; Laszlo, Laszlo, et al, 1996; Stalinski 2001)

        Also I read the following regarding (complexity) where it is defined as ( Differentiation ) which word appears in every document I have ever read out of any of these systems folks, UN, Club of Rome etc…

        “Jay Earley (1997) articulates the same fundamental processes of integration as von Bertalanffy by concluding that “differentiation (complexity), autonomy and wholeness are the three basic tendencies of evolution.”……”The evolutionary process is not reliant merely on differentiation, but on “appropriate relationship of differentiated systems components; ”
        So Im finally understanding what is meant by complexity and what referencing it means to these utopian totalitarian systems planners. They are saying that the complex (differentiated/diverse) manner of human emotions, cognitions and psychology is only going to become even more unwieldy ( for the planners) and so such tendency to complexity and uniqueness/specialization in humans demands control and defined boundaries ( lenses/frameworks) for shared understandings ( hive mind ) of the planners choosing, so that we all smile like zombies and do our work without complaint. For free. With meager rations. And coveralls.

        I have been reading “complexity” for years as if it something the serfs should dread but Im seeing now that complexity is a nightmare for systems freaks and in writing this it is code for

        ” Vee Must Kontrol Zem.”

        • I did not get to this but the cause of the complexity that requires systems science and systems thinking as the solution is the very desire to plan and redesign people, places, economies. society, and political governance in the first place. We are an increasingly complex society because they want the local, state, regional, national, and global pulling towards a common, collectivist vision. We are complex because they want each of us to have common meanings, values, perceptions, and ultimately likely behaviors.

          We are ‘complex’ because that is the needed explanation for these wholesale changes that do not fit with facts. It’s like the oft-stated need to do well on PISA when one can only do well on PISA by pushing the Equity DeSeCo systems vision in the first place.

          On Stalinski, I put up her “On Authentic Community” on the previous post last night. It was from the ISSS World Congress 2000 and the Asilomar Conversation Community in November 1999. Now remember two thing, all the calls by the Opt Out people for “authentic assessment” and the fact that HOTS was first piloted by ETS in Tucson in the mid-80s and that is ehre P21 was started before joining CCSSO in DC. It is where EdLeader 21, that seeks to destroy academics in large suburban districts is based now. It is where the League of Innovative Schools went for one of their first conferences to look at the practices of local schools and push Competency practices per the graphics available. It is where Peter Senge, another noted systems thinker frequently quoted in these materials, loved to have hos Camp Snowball.

          Awfully coincidental isn’t it?

          • Awfully.
            Im surprised they did not choose Phoenix. The rising from the ashes association just seems too ideal for them all to have avoided that locale.

    • The D Schon in your link is Donald Schon. He is the Urban Planning prof at MIT who wrote his Doctoral Thesis on John Dewey and created the term Generative Metaphor. The word system is a Generative Metaphor and systems thinking is explicitly required under WIOA to be deemed Career Ready or Workforce Ready. Doesn’t that marry well with what we know College Ready Means?

      Fits with what we know once we scrap through the misleading definitions and Orwellian language. Schon and Chris Argyris are listed by Senge as his mentors and they created the concept of Action Research. The K-12 classroom under Competency and 21st century learning and HOTS mandates is the forum for Action Research blending theory and practices and collecting data to see what happens. Then maybe download a different curriculum from the Learning Registry until the desired neurological changes are being consistently observed in open-ended problems, assessments, and projects.

    • Sorry…clicked too soon…

      related to this article I looked up Ackoff who was protege of El Guru Peter Drucker and one of Ackoff’s key contributions to systems theory/management was his idea of “formulating the mess”.

      That is, any system contains the seeds of its own destruction, therefore identifying those seeds and creating scenarios where the undesirable might occur informs the systems directors how to manage their systems cogs to avoid negative potentialities.

      Is it reasonable to hypothesize that it is this foundational philosophy in corporate speak which is behind entities like the McRel Lab, excessive summative assessments, formative assessments, role playing/gaming learning etc…?

      Obviously, it is all for the purposes of control and if you are ideologically a collectivist/communitarian the corporate systems philosophy is window dressing but if you are a trying to influence a capitalist and steer him to collectivism then hiding your aims in systems management is just the trick.

      Perhaps Im giving the corporate elite too much credit.

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