Openly Admitting Global Coordination to Impose Behavioral Programming Using Education and the Law

I thought about using the word Conspiracy in the title but I was afraid readers might be confused and think we are merely theorizing. Oh no, turns out that in 2012 there was another of those Movers and Shakers meetings we were not invited to. GELP–Global Education Leaders Program–chose to have that particular meeting in Helsinki, Finland with sponsorship from the Gates Foundation, Promethean Boards (in case you have always wondered why they get bought and then remain in boxes), and Cisco. Apparently they all wanted to look up close at the Finnish education system we met in the last post. The US-based CCSSO, the formal sponsors of the Common Core State Standards in the US, was also there, except the focus was on its Innovation Learning Network–ILN–and what CCSS is really bridging the US towards.

Yes, I did go through and systematically download all those presentations. Hope you had a more congenial Saturday than me, but it was all in a good cause. The GELP Co-Director, Tony MacKay from Australia (also heads ATC21S for those who have read the book. The rest of you are missing the foundation of this story) kindly announced in a related paper on Future-Oriented Education he placed on a New Zealand Server that GELP has been “designed to accelerate and sustain transformation within GELP members ‘local’ systems and nations–and to advocate and continually refine the vision of 21st century teaching and learning.”

When we first encountered the Consortium vision I warned in that March 3, 2014 post that the Gypsy Supers were lobbying DC for supposed ‘local’ power to impose what was actually a global vision. But I did not at that time know about GELP or that Helsinki Conference or Tony MacKay’s useful admission of a global effort that can be deceitfully sold as ‘homemade’. The law firm (whose education practice we have tied to the creation of that Consortium, the Fulton County Conversion Charter that contractually guts academics whatever the School Board believes, and the affirmative Student Code of Conduct) is cited by CCSSO, through its Education Counsel affiliate, to be working with ILN and the CCSSO to shift states and districts towards the Competency-oriented Next Generation Learning. (Chapter 4 of my book as I did accurately perceive where CCSSI was really going).

Now that we better appreciate how people can become bound via laws and documents with legal effect to Transformative Social Change whatever the personal intentions of the drafting lawyers or the authorizing institutions are, I want to call your attention to a group in the past who advocated for a similar strategy of how to quietly get such change in place. The Fabian Socialists (who still exist and were involved in Anthony Giddens’ The Global Third Way conference I wrote about) were willing to be gradual and employ stealth. But as the motto of this stained glass window shows with its image of a molten world being hammered on an anvil into the desired shape–“Remould It Nearer to the Hearts Desire,” the end vision is fundamental transformation, like it or not. Whether we are even aware or not.

The law and education globally are both being used to drive wholesale, nonconsensual change at the level of the human mind and personality for purposes of behavioral programming to go along with the same type of vision the Fabian Socialists have always sought. I speak Educationese fluently now and the consistency is stunning. One more point, another of the profs advocating this vision, Princeton’s Philip Pettit, keeps mentioning this same phrasing in his 2014 book Just Freedom: A Moral Compass for a Complex World:

“How should a government organize the shared legal and economic lives of its citizens?”

The answer is that it should not, but Pettit like Nussbaum with her Human Rights work, intends to use the law as a tool to organize nonconsensual submission anyway. We may not have ever thought of the law or education as affirmative weapons for wholesale social change, but they are very good at that purpose. Plus the advocates get to live off the bounty of the taxes we must all pay.

Now we can shift back to Nussbaum and Jeremy Rifkin and Finland once again to fully appreciate the why of what is to be changed. As the GELP conference admitted, the Fabian-adored ‘welfare state’ is crucial to the success of this vision of education transformation globally in so many ways. In talking about the need for classwork and literature assigned to build a compassionate imagination, Martha Nussbaum wrote:

“they are led to notice the sufferings of other living creatures with a new keenness. At this point stories can then begin to confront children more plainly with the uneven fortunes of life, convincing them emotionally of their urgency and importance. ‘Let him see, let him feel the human calamities,’ Rousseau writes of his imaginary pupil. ‘Unsettle and frighten his imagination with the perils by which every human being is constantly surrounded. Let him see around him all these abysses, and, hearing you describe them, hold onto you for fear of falling into them.'”

Now how much more powerful is that intended behavioral manipulation when married to Video Gaming in the classroom? No wonder Amplify hypes its Zombie Apocalypse for Middle Schoolers. Now Jeremy Rifkin, in order to nurture and ‘grow’ (as in Student Growth as the new definition of achievement) this ’empathic impulse’ happens to cite a Professor Kenneth Gergen and his idea that we move from a “self-centered system of beliefs [as in mine and thine] to a consciousness of an inseparable relatedness with others.” Now in case you are tempted to consider this all tenured mumbo-jumbo cultivated in the shade of all that ivy, remember Gergen was on the Gordon Commission in charge of the future of US student assessment and his Appreciative Inquiry Model [see tags] is commonly now used by urban school systems and community organizers.

So when education critics carelessly assume that the word ‘assessment’ is interchangeable with ‘test’ they lose much of the intended psychological transformation via the classroom experience. They miss that Gergen, the Gordon Commission, Rifkin, Nussbaum, and influential others ALL want to stress a shift to activity and experience precisely because they want to replace the historic concept of the individual with the ‘relational self.’ Having the classroom nurture the belief that a student’s Identity is changeable and simply “a unique constellation of relational experiences with one another.” And why would these people want such a thing? For the Fabian Socialist change of course, but they cannot phrase it that way as we parents and taxpayers would almost certainly rebel.

Instead, as Rifkin states, students get told over years “the idea that those same embedded relationships and experiences make one a unique being, different from all others. It is only by keeping the distinction in mind that empathic consciousness can continue to grow and become the psychic and social glue for a global consciousness.”

That’s why requiring students to have and demonstrate empathy towards one another in the classroom in a new type of legally coercive Student Code of Conduct is such a big deal. As Rifkin admits, the desired transformational glue vanishes once students once again see themselves as individuals instead of “a unique ensemble of relationships.”  Remember in the last post when the Finnish Curriculum for Global Education wanted to require students to “promote the common good” and aspire for a “common understanding” via the classroom? This is verbatim how the Finns break that requirement down into subgoals with the student age range in brackets. Since other countries like the US intend the same approach (as the Rockefeller Foundation funded Communication for Social Change confirmed as well), but without this blueprint for our eyes, here it is anyway:

[5-6]:  To practice bringing up important topics of discussion that are interesting to oneself and others.

To practice a polite and dignified manner of speaking. (To be continued in all age groups.)

[7-8]: To learn to weigh one’s views in the light of facts.

To learn to listen to and ponder carefully the viewpoints presented by others. (To be continued in age group 9-10).

To practice a polite and dignified manner of speaking. ( To be continued in all age groups).

[9-10]: To learn to listen to and ponder carefully the viewpoints presented by others. (Continued from age group 7-8).

To practice striving for a shared view in conversation.

To practice a polite and dignified manner of speaking. (To be continued in all age groups.)

[11-12]: To learn to make joint decisions on the basis of views arrived at mutually (To be continued in age group 13-14.)

To learn to keep one’s emotions under control and one’s thoughts as objective as possible during consultation. (To be continued in age group 13-14.)

To practice a polite and dignified manner of speaking. (To be continued in all age groups.)

[13-14]: To learn to make joint decisions on the basis of views arrived at mutually. (Continued from age group 11-12).

That’s the end of the Finnish vision for Global Education. It’s how education to fulfill the vision of the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights gets met. It’s the embodiment in how to educate to create a Mindset to see oneself as a “citizen of humanity” ready to fulfill now imposed obligations to serve the “well-being of all” occurs.

The phrase “behavioral programming’ in the title now seems like an understatement, doesn’t it?

13 thoughts on “Openly Admitting Global Coordination to Impose Behavioral Programming Using Education and the Law

  1. Robin,

    Interesting. I had to read this post three times to finally be able to detach emotionally and assess objectively.

    It seems the collectivists have figured out to use some of the Baha’i values to engage an enthusiastic international group to collaborate with them. I think the Baha’is are not given the whole picture to understand their role in its final composition…they think the Fabians ( of course, they don’t call themselves that as someone might catch on) are people of same spirit. Yes, the Baha’i Faith does teach that we are all people “of the same stock”, that we are brothers and sisters, created equal in spirit in the sight of a loving God. And to be a force for good in the world. But, to be a force for good, the child’s mind must be awakened and challenged, the spirit to be enlivened and encouraged to strive for his/her own brilliance, sharpen their desire for independent investigation of truth, develop his/ her unique capacities and to sharpen critical thinking skills… For how else is one to discern between the good and the bad? And a moral education is different than a course in Ethics.

    Empathy, compassion and dedication to use one’s skills and talents in service of others is meritorious, and much of the barbarism rampant today would be alleviated if more cultures held these virtues as worthy.

    The Godless character of the collectivist, statist, utopian society sets up, by requirement, a society of rulers and the ruled. This pedagogy you reveal dulls the spirit, makes timid and uncertain the child, and prevents the full development of the individual human. Mental illnesses will go through the roof! It’s crazy, but in such a scenario I’m tempted to be a barbarian!

    Thank you, Robin…Godspeed!

    • You are welcome. This was what I was seeing before. ALL institutions are at risk. Anything, like the law or religion, that can be used to bind will be misportrayed or misleadingly used. This truly is about power and control. The mention of the Fabians is not an analogy. This is precisely the use of ALL cultural institutions they intended to foster. Did you notice the Wolf in sheepskin in that window? At least I throw in some ironic humor to relieve the darkness of this vision.

      Whether called Common Core or 21st century learning or global citizenship, this aim is behavioral control and the targeting of perception to manipulate future behavior. I think it is Professor Petit who actually states at one point that the targeting of worldview will not work if the student recognizes it is being targeted and sculpted. They can thus know they are changing perspectives and shifting values, but they must not know quite why.

      Well, apparently it is now my life’s mission to play Paul Revere to alert everyone that the Fabians are not just coming. They are here and so many of their primary agents may not even know the true aims of what they are imposing as public policy. It is personally lucrative from the taxpayer money pot and no one seems to ask follow up questions. Acting as a Fabian while never having heard of them.

      Now that’s the essence of behavioral programming.

  2. This blog post, seemingly unrelated, started me thinking:

    The post talks about the success of discouraging teen smoking by telling them about how the companies were manipulating them and how THAT message got through where all the sermonizing couldn’t. And encourages people to approach issues of on-line advertising and distractions the same way. Perhaps what you need is to find someone who could summarize your research and make it accessible to teens/college-aged students and emphasize the non-consensual manipulation. It especially hits them at a time when they are trying to find and assert independence. It could help them realize that big government is just as scary as big business–and the marriage of the two that much worse!

    • You are out of the filter. I was at the hearing involving the federal role in education in the state of Georgia.

      Alvin Wilbanks, the Super of Gwinnett, the largest school district in the state started talking about engagement and activities and then the new 3 Rs of rigor, relevance, and relationships. I wanted to high five my tracking skill. I wrote that post 2 years ago.

      Your point about teenagers and college kids is well taken. Believe it or not, it is something my kids and especially their friends do want to talk to me about. They are very worried. This targeting of perception and training kids to respond arationally and instinctively is a tremendous component of what really does make the actual implementation intentional behavioral programming. Not necessarily by the teacher, but certainly it’s what the creators intend.

      Given the almost Pinocchio like deceit from public officials and employees I heard today, many may not know all the ins and outs behind the need for deceit but they do know they are deliberately misleading the public.

  3. Fabians — Educate, Agitate, Organise — Celebrate 130 Years Of Success

    It’s no wonder we are experiencing acceleration in the various 21st Century Learning initiatives in various parts of the world. It’s been a long-held agenda of the Fabian Society to implant socialism — gradually, incrementally & with attrition of old ways — in as many places as possible. They place great store on the “emancipatory power of schooling, its ability to lift people out of poverty and deliver social justice.” A 130-year anniversary year is a great opportunity to count the red pins on the global map.

    Coincidentally, when Al Gore came to Toronto last Fall, the Premier of Ontario (a former trustee and Minister of Education) did publicly announce: “We need to find space to focus on higher-order skills like creativity, collaboration, community and critical thinking.” That’s one of the mantras of 21stCL project. So, is Gore an enforcer for the Fabians? Maybe that was a coincidence? Not a coincidence, but a historical fact, is that a current Fabian Society executive member, Marcus Roberts, had worked on the Gore, Kerry and Obama presidential campaigns.

    What’s not sure at this moment is EXACTLY where the leadership resides for these coercive 21st CL initiatives or if it is dispersed but coordinated nonetheless.

    This blog, and this particular post, provides a comprehensive survey of some major players in public education transformation and their chummy adherence to the uniform codes and mantras AND methods (stealth and slick propaganda).

    Yes GELP (Global Education Leaders Program) has been active here in BC, Canada. In fact we’re one of their main jurisdictions (Brazil, British Columbia, Canada, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China, Colorado, Finland, India, Kentucky, KwaZulu-Natal, New York City, USA, New Zealand, South Korea, Victoria, Australia).

    And this new author mentioned, Philip Pettit, who is part of this global vision offering a “moral compass for a complex world”, well I’ve just read a review from a fan, Cecile Laborde, who says: [this book is] “a vigorous, brilliant and inspiring manifesto for progressive politics” so we know where Pettit’s coming from.

    Robin found it telling that this Georgia Superintendent, Wilbanks, is still parroting another of 21st CL mantras — “the new 3 Rs of rigor, relevance, and relationships”. Well, he’s due for a visit from the enforcers of Common Core REVISED TALKING POINTS. They are NOT to mention rigor. “The Common Core message so far has been a head message. We’ve done a good job talking about facts and figures. But we need to move 18 inches south and start talking about a heart message,” says Wes Farno about the NEW PR.

    Now, doesn’t that “heart message” just sound like SEL (social emotional learning) but now targeted to a new audience — not students but parents and public. Now that is a switch. They had no use for parents in their earlier onslaught but now that opposition to CC is growing, now they’re going to LOVE parents, in the cause of “It’s for the children!”

    Please go to Jay P Greene’s site and use his link for POLITICO article, “Moms winning the Common Core war” — [Might hit a firewall if you go to Politico directly.]

    • Tunya-I am so glad you went into those GELP materials and recognized the BC and Canadian involvement. It’s why I say this is happening whatever the intentions of elected leaders like your Harper. The local level simply gets in the mayors involved with ICLEI and the Clinton Global Initiative Cities Initiative that Bloomberg is now involved in too-C40. That was apparent in that hearing yesterday. None of the supers, even panel members, were volunteering that part of the federal role now in education in Georgia is simply to bypass the State to avoid 10th Amendment arguments and contract directly with the local districts.

      Super Robert Avossa, a panel member, did not point out that our Conversion Charter Fulton has become a member of the federal government’s Digital Promise sponsored League of Innovative Schools. Nor did he volunteer that LIS’s spring conference in Tucson was all about shifting to Competency-based education and that meant that was the focus now of the feds. Usefully that also fits with what is described as “workforce preparedness” as the new focus of K-12 under the federally enacted Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act President Obama signed about a week ago. Oh, I forgot. Fulton has the new affirmative Student Code of Conduct for parents to sign on to as they sign the student handbook at the beginning of the year, misleadingly thinking that the changes are about student dress code shifts and not transitioning to CFSC (explained below) and this Finn ladder that will become obscured as Student Growth. That would explain why the assessment arm of CCSSO involved with ILN was rejoicing in its tweets over the weekend about Ga’s new Student Growth Model. Part of the trackable Growth will be in the extent of the Shared Understanding within a classroom and school. Ooooh, I love a good Epiphany while I explain something!!!

      Wilbanks also did not volunteer that he heads that Consortium I wrote about in this post or that it is lobbying the feds to get ‘local’ control and a focus on SEL just as you mentioned as the focus in Canada.

      One element I did not get to focus on in this post is that MacKay creating that “teaching and learning” paper for GELP and placing it in NZ but for global reference means that the obuchenie mindset, as we have tracked it down through this blog, is the global model.

      We also know that the Fabians (it is such a handy reference of the intent to use the law and cultural institutions to force nonconsensual Marxist Humanism by fiat that we will use it for shorthand even if the actual participants have never heard of the Webbs) adore that same Competency model and that it is the focus now of the CCSSO and their lawyers-Education Counsel-as the new form of Accountability and also it is the focus of the CCSSO Innovation Learning Network and thus GELP.

      One more point, a veteran of the education wars yesterday shared that when Competency-Based Education reared up formally in the states in the early 80s it divided the student into 5 parts: self, family, citizen, worker, and consumer. I immediately thought of Urie Bronfenbrenner’s Ecological Systems Theory-BEST-created about the same time. BEST to represent physical reality and Competency to get at the social reality fits perfectly with what the Rockefeller Communication For Social Change laid out. Take each student’s perceptions of physical and social realities when they enter a classroom and alter those values, attitudes, and beliefs (as explained in my book) until they have a Shared Understanding. Just as the Finns laid out for us so usefully, which is why I quoted it verbatim. Using the Discourse Classroom and obuchenie techniques of course since those techniques are what now make one an Effective Teacher, the measurement that replaced Highly Qualified in the ESEA waivers.

      One more point, we know BEST is back because it shows up formally in the Social Studies C3 Framework CCSSO was involved with. We also know it matters to the view of Competency because ‘systems thinking’ is a required element under WIOA of workforce preparedness.

      I woke up early thinking through the implications of what was said, misstated, and left out yesterday. A very good use of the afternoon even if the bench left my back feeling like a bowling ball had hit it repeatedly by last night.

      Time for a nice cuppa of China Rose loose tea from my favorite tea shop. Did I ever tell you about the time I had tea at the Empress Hotel in Victoria, BC?

    • Ok, this just gets better and better. Guess who sponsored and spoke at the 2012 Georgia Forward Education Summit?

      Sponsored by the Southeastern Division of the Finnish American Chamber of Commerce and the keynote speaker was Finnish author Anu Partanen talking about the lessons the Finnish education system holds for Georgia. And the only school district in the entire state showing up as having an invited rep is Fulton County. Could this be where the idea of the affirmative Student Code came from to get the effect of the Finnish Global Citizenship curriculum and subgoals without having to put it in writing?

      Here is the info on the invited rep, who is Deputy Super-Academics and it is just full of talk about the importance of engagement and rigor, relevance, and relationships to the new cc classroom.

      He obviously is on the same page as Wilbanks’ testimony yesterday on the differences.

      More indications that what Georgia is really transitioning to with Fulton in the lead (the CoLab summit in Sept 2013 also mentioned that Fulton had gotten a multimillion dollar grant from the state of Ga to pilot Competency. I remember wondering if that was funding the $2500/day in consulting charges for school governance training) is holistic personality development a la Finland besides the language of that charter is what Partanen said.

      Before I get to that though another participant was Dana Rickman who heads the Education Fellows Program of IEL in Ga that we talked about. She would have done the “I used to think, and now I think” type Delphi-oriented training GPEE says goes on with its fellows) that I wrote about here.

      So the federal government is pushing an unsupported view of districts Equity legal obligations under civil rights laws that was also unmentioned yesterday. The Ga School Board Association and School Superintendents Association likewise issued a report requiring Equity and Excellence in Georgia. As I wrote they hired McREL the education lab behind the Bela Banathy influenced view of Excellence that was ultimately implicated in Columbine and also created the concept of Second Order Change.

      Now Partanen’s slide heading says this: ” Finland made a conscious decision to make equity the focus of its education system. Excellence was not a focus but has been a byproduct.” So when you make equity the focus, harmonious personality development becomes the real focus because emotions and physical activity are the only experiences and capacity all students share.

      Excellence is defined by Mihaly Csiksentmihalyi as aligning what is wished for, felt, and thought in a single instinctive action not associated with rational thought. Which also aligns with the real Social Science interpretation of Competency.

      We also know that Fulton insists on using Spence Rogers and its Performance Excellence For All Kids (PEAK) for teacher professional development. We know that Rogers was the co-creator of Transformational OBE with the better known Bill Spady.

      We also know that Bela Banathy used the term Excellence and that the Hewlett Foundation told us here that the purpose of ‘deeper learning’ is to “equalize education for all students.”

      We know that deeper learning is the essence of the actual CC implementation and what is actually to be assessed in each student. We also know that Bela Banathy and Csik were both involved along with Riane Eisler (the new caring economics and also a new 3 Rs advocate) with Ervin Laszlo in that GERG in the early 80s to create a nonrational consciousness grounded in emotion that could supposedly drive a peaceful cultural evolution. We know that Laszlo now calls this Holos Consciousness and it has ties both to the WIOA required systems thinking and social and emotional learning now to all be hidden in the term Competency.

      As I wrote in Chapter 4 of my book in what may be one of the world’s great understatements “Competency-How to Hide Multiple Revolutions in a Single Word.”

      Well, I clearly got lots of epiphanies from yesterday’s meeting, which is why CFSC hates an Axemaker Mind with access to its own store of facts.

      • Oh. My. Goodness.
        You had quite the day! I would need more than tea. Adult beverage needed. The focus of equity is here as well. It is not just in the schools though. More on that later.
        Board meetings about to ramp up again here. This info will be flowing out soon.

        • This came out from the OECD today.

          Notice the incessant drumbeat now for the vocational incorporation for all students. The creation of a mindset that is ready to act predictably in everyday situations.

          Those links I gave to the National Skills Standards Board and our musing on why NSSB may be the only existing entity in federal government history to supposedly shut down. Quickly too. I mean don’t they still monitor whale oil for energy in some department? Anyway, they are quite clear that the Perkins Act of 1990 intended to get US high schools to shift to get polytechism for all using Beck’s vision from the book. It did not happen. There was outcry over School to Work and outcomes based education. Now we are getting it quietly under WIOA, Competency globally grounded in values alteration within each student, and what Philip Petit conceded would by necessity be a coercive state.

          Just like those armed guards ready to escort out and arrest anyone Wednesday who recognized the verbal misleading going on. If you are astute and caring enough about a clear effort to seize each child’s mind and personality in the State of Georgia to manipulate at will, subject to whatever political edict Congress, the legislature, or a school administrator adopt, the Chairman of the House Education Committee wants to make sure you are not allowed to muddy the waters of what the Kangaroo Court hears. Then its nonexperts can vote on what the rest of us are to simply accept as the consensus reality on the federal role in education.

          The Red Queen commands that this is what Georgia taxpayers accept as the truth and now shut up. We have an economy and society to divvy up among ourselves and our friends.

          Good grief. Truth and a genuine regard for the best interests of Georgia’s children does not need police power to control objections to what is being said.

          • I was just thinking about training up the workforce of the next generation when I found this article on LinkedIn:

            It’s the age-old problem of job training. Just as we can’t predict the next “big thing”, we can’t predict what will be needed to make it. The skills needed to produce novel technology are unknown. By the time you know what training a specialized job needs, it’s too late to bring people to the skill level before technology has turned the crank again.

          • Yes, Mike, but that is a low threshold in the WIOA. Since it was signed this has been announced

            It is supposedly based on this Workforce Innovation Now in Denver

            All created with federal funding even before WIOA. Not really sustainable and without much knowledge and a mind deliberately cultivated not to respond rationally to any given situation we really are setting ourselves up for expectations that cannot possibly be met.

            It’s easier for me to gain new knowledge because I know what expertise feels like. This new model disparages the very idea of expertise.

            “Public-private collaborations such as these will serve a dual purpose: to ensure that our nation’s infrastructure needs begin to be addressed and to ensure that the residents most affected by urban infrastructure projects have access to the well-paying job opportunities. In doing so, leaders will help to truly strengthen the economic recovery once and for all. ”

            Not how it will work.

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