Persuading Americans in Sufficient Numbers to See Economic and Social Rights as an Entitlement of Being Alive

I was going to call our conclusion of the Human Rights Trilogy by a different title. “Quietly Enshrining a Global Ethic of Binding Values, Irrevocable Standards, and Requisite Personal Attitudes” would have aptly communicated the intended lack of tolerated diversity of opinions in the future. If those aims, authorized and enforced by government officials and publicly-funded institutions like schools or charitable foundations, seem like fundamental infringements to us, perhaps, it is because so many of the explicit plans intended to bind all of us–irrevocably is the giddy term I regularly encounter–are not on our radar. We look at education in light of what it meant to us or it needs to be or at religion in light of our personal faith.

We have no idea that back in 1993 the Parliament of the World’s Religions, meeting in Chicago, issued  a Declaration Toward a Global Ethic that many people in authority have considered to be a binding action plan for transforming the future ever since. Transformation of Consciousness, both of individuals and society generally, was so front and center to these plans that it got an ! exclamation mark for emphasis. It also called for a “Commitment to a Culture of Solidarity and a Just Economic Order” and a “distinction must be made between necessary and limitless consumption.” Since the previous page stated:

“Young people must learn at home and at school that property, limited though it may be, carries with it an obligation, and that its uses should at the same time serve the common good. Only thus can a just economic order be built up.

If the plight of the poorest billions on the planet, particularly women and children, is to be improved, the world economy must be structured more justly. Individual good deeds, and assistance projects, indispensable though they be, are insufficient. The participation of all states and the authority of international organizations are needed to build just economic institutions.”

And we wonder why such similar education reforms, pushed via the OECD, UN entities, and various benefiting multinational corporations, are now going on all over the world. So many people are quite well aware of what we now all need to be acutely aware of. Education, like religions, once guided by leaders with the requisite transformative vision: “can provide what obviously cannot be attained by economic plans, political programs, or legal regulations alone–a change in the inner orientation, the whole mentality, the ‘hearts’ of people, and a conversion from a false path to a new orientation for life. Humankind urgently needs social and ecological reforms, but it needs spiritual renewal just as urgently.”

The emphasis we keep encountering in Radical Education Reform and the actual Common Core implementation on the Whole Child, social and emotional learning, Positive School Climate, mindfulness training, Engaging Activities for All students, are all ultimately teeing up precisely what advocates of a new Universal Consensus Global Ethic to obtain a Just Economic Order want and need targeted. And I am not being Scrooge or a Selfish Sally pointing all this out. I just think we may end up with a world that works about as well in the future as the typical US VA hospital does now if we are not careful. After all Facing History and Ourselves ended its Choosing to Participate curriculum we have looked at in this Trilogy by creating the mistaken belief that the War on Poverty in the 1960s had its available resources, and thus its chance for success, cut by the competition for funds from the Vietnam War.

The personal heartache and lost billions spent creating terrible incentives get left out of this version of history, lest accurate facts interfere with a willingness to try again. While our young people are being treated to programs long on emotions and short on a narrative grounded in what actually occurred and what the consequences were and are, the adult activists living off tax money, tuition, and grants have now decreed in earnest that “economic justice work in the United States” should now be framed in terms of human rights. “The 99% Solution: Human Rights and Economic Justice in the United States,” a recent law review article, wants to move away from “thinking about social justice in exclusively constitutional or civil rights terms” to a “worldview” that we are “all human and born equal in dignity and rights.”

One way to look at that NEA CARE Guide and the FHAO curricula we have been looking at is to prime young people for the very Global Ethic and Human Rights vision all these advocates desire. If you remember President Obama desperately sought to nominate a federal appellate judge who saw national education standards as the avenue to push just such an economic justice as a legal right vision. When I first encountered FHAO I wrote that misteaching the causes of the Holocaust struck me as a most dangerous thing. These curricula designed to inspire, tug at the heart strings, or nurture grievances–whatever will prompt future actions for transformative change–are also playing in a most dangerous cultural zone.

Dr Tucker excitedly proclaims that “using human rights not only changes how we conceive of and relate to one another, it also fundamentally alters our relationship to the government. The power of rights belongs to us rather than the state.” Baloney and demerits to the Articles Editor who let that whopper through to publication. Rights that only exist via the constant intervening of government are certainly NOT independent of it. Dr Tucker also points to the Mississippi Workers’ Center as an exemplar of the human rights work she wants to envision going on everywhere. See what you think will be the end result of fostering beliefs like this in workers and minorities–“It has to be [seen as] an international human rights struggle. It is not by default that you are poor. It is not because you messed up. It is by design. You are treated this way because of the historical system of slavery and human bondage.”

Not a helpful worldview to be sponsoring. To think I once wondered why a school district math director in a meeting with suburban parents concerned about integrated math started off with such a look of abject malevolence towards the parents before a word was spoken. So much cultivated antipathy, grounded in inaccuracies, to fuel political transformation. Not just in education graduate programs but throughout the social sciences especially. Credentialed to Destroy indeed.

Following up on Dr Tucker led me to the US Human Rights Fund and Larry Cox explaining that the Ford Foundation “has long played a critical and invaluable role in building a global human rights movement.” If you believe such work will require a Revolution of the Mind, as Ford named a Tucker paper it underwrote, it certainly explains so much of Ford’s education and Line of Plenty economic justice grantmaking.

Speaking of Larry Cox, on November 15, 2013, the latest initiative to finally achieve that Global Ethic from 1993 as well as Martin Luther King’s Beloved Community launched. The Kairos Center for Religions, Rights and Social Justice is headed by Cox and is seen as a movement to finally fulfill the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Kairos is an ancient Greek word for a time when conditions are right for the accomplishment of a crucial action; the opportune and decisive moment; also a moment when the eternal breaks into history.

That would NOT be history as in past events, but history that deliberately misportrays past events to justify action in the present to try to alter the future. Lots of people now are using both education and religion and any other institution they can control to take those crucial actions in what they see as a decisive moment.

Economic and Social Justice as a Human Right. What if all that is left after the Mind Arson, the Personality Manipulation, the Consciousness Transformation, and the Redistribution is a right to the dust of what once made us great?


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    • Carol,

      Great link. Fits right in with this troubling link that is the parent of the Center for Digital Education. All about using social media to build a consensus in a so-called ‘participatory democracy’ a la Dewey and then have it be binding on all.

      The changes in K-12 education are all crucial for this vision.

  1. So in one of the scrolling pics on the erepublic website there, in all his corrupt glory, was Kevin Johnson, mayor of Sacramento and blushing husband of Michelle Rhee, CCSS’s very own poster girl and power player. I thought everyone knew he had bad baggage yet they still put him out there like a success, which in a typical education deforming kinda way he is. Both those website links above made me sick to my stomach, as if I was still teaching and had to show up at work tomorrow with a big grin, a willing spirit and a heart full of love like I did for all those years.

    I am enrolling my 14 year old grandson into a Florida public HS which is as close to traditional as any in our county, bordering Florida’s OC and Disney. The hometown feel there is still strong, the state has given it an A the last few years and I used to work for the principal in MS so he’s a known quantity to me. He’s not the best but he’s home grown in the town, has the support of the super and often means well. I don’t know the rest of the admin. Several math and LA teachers are my friends, I might be able to hand choose some of them, and he just started freshman football with a coach we know and likepersonally. Also an ex colleague who cared enough to ask for me specifically to tutor his middle school teams when we worked together.

    I say all that to say this, my son, his dad, and I know what the CC has planned for our children, but he wants to go to school and is pretty unflappable when it comes to his own individualism. He prays with me on the way to school, and will drop everything and pray when that is needed.
    He scores well in state tests, works very little as he has never been motivated by grades or most of his teachers. Not self motivated much either. (Having a good learning year in football which he really wants to get into may finally awaken his passion) he’s a WOW gamer with his Dad and Sister. Jake hasn’t experienced gaming in school at all and was at an A rated farely traditional school. His lazybself barely passed a STEM elective that was all on computer and disappointing to him.

    I feel guilty for putting him at a PS but he wants this, and I homeschool/virtual school his 16 yr old sister. His Dad and I will watch him,
    day by day and debrief him constantly. He adores his Dad, mom is a no show, and I am his head cheerleader. It helps that I have known admin at all his schools, and a few good teachers who can recommend other good teachers and we might survive four years there. I continue to pray daily for all my publicly schooled bambinos. Just like my folks did.

  2. Wow. Both of those links are frightening. Under the first I skimmed the article ” Making Public Participation Legal and almost screamed. What the? ”

    “Most of the laws that govern public participation in the United States are over thirty years old. They do not match the expectations and capacities of citizens today, they pre-date the Internet, and they do not reflect the lessons learned in the last two decades about how citizens and governments can work together.”

    Nonsense. Doublespeak. Since when did citizens in this nation become a separate entity from the government leaders THEY elect? Our government according to our constitution is comprised of the nation’s citizens and are our representatives not our overlords.

    Never mind that the the article seems to be promoting lessons in how to manage consensus with the rabble employing the Delphi Technique. Just make ’em think they have a say. Let them Tweet their grievances.

    • Mari-wait until you see where I am going with this.

      And guess what? We can now tie Gorby to the World Order Models Project as of 1986.

      Sure puts that period I described in the book into even more fascinating juxtaposition of Public Story/ Private Dance than we ever appreciated. No wonder I found what is detailed in the 90s.

      Anyway it’s all about Governance over people without any ability to actually veto that consensus. This post flows directly into the next while also serving to conclude the utter fascination with ‘human rights.’

      Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed is another being featured on the eRepublic site. Sure puts a spin on why digital learning is so crucial. Control the images in the mind plus all that data to plan with.

      Reed spoke twice at the (co)lab summit that so reminded me of the Turchenko Model for the West when I first saw the flyer. When I attended last September the two themes that jumped out were all the references to King’s Beloved Community as a matter of fact goal of where ed was taking us and the repeated mentions of ‘governance.’ As it was used it was all about the majority being able to bind everyone to its vision of what the future ought to look like.

      I also downloaded that “Making Public Participation Legal.” Hard not to see that as less a matter of authorizing legality and more a matter of authorizing an ability to bind all under specified conditions.

    • Matt Leighninger’s book The Next Form of Democracy: How Expert Rule is Giving Way to Shared Governance…” that was cited on Carol’s link just came this afternoon. Turns out he is involved in the National League of Cities, which would explain all the mentions at (co)lab using the NLC term ‘democratic governance.’

      It’s all about regional planning, race relations, and there’s even a chapter on “Marrying Schools and Communities.”

      When I did that post on Sweden and its shifts in the 60s, one of the methods to get everyone on the same shared template were called Study Circles. Leighninger turns out to be a Senior Associate at the Study Circles Resource Center now conveniently operating in the US.

      Houston, we indeed have a nonconsensual coup going on.

      • Robin, Now I’m understanding why so many adopt ideas that are destructive. Their livelihoods depend on it. The justification of many jobs depend on it. If we want to know the direction society is going in, we should look at what courses are offered at the Universities.

        • And the grants Carol. That was originally how I came to this. Discovering virtually everyone cited as supporting the controversial integrated math mandate in Georgia back around 2003 was actually, quietly, a recipient under a $33 million grant from the NSF to push what would become the pilot for Common Core math.

          I also urge parents quite sure where their child should be going to college to read the course catalog. You may well discover none of the type of courses everyone assumes still exist are even offered.

          I have been thinking about what turned up yesterday as I followed up on some insights from writing this post. I think there are other countries that will continue to quietly take care of their best students because they actually do want to prosper in the 21st century, even if it is in an authoritarian alliance between governments and business as Singapore and Korea already use. The US though, apparently must pay penance for having been great. In the zero sum fallacy, we must have less and extinguish our finest minds, so others can supposedly have more.

          Don’t forget that older post I wrote about C40 that Bloomberg now heads and the Clintons Global Initiative pushes or the one on the Global Cities Education Network JP Morgan pushes as well as the Rockefeller created New Asia (behind the CCSSO’s embrace of Global Competency as a quiet CC mandate as the book explains). Katz speaks at the Global Cities summits. He spoke at the one in Atlanta.

          I also suspect the push in Dallas for some type of home rule charter fits with the Global Cities vision of the government, universities, nonprofits, and Big Business alliance. Katz mentions apprenticeships from the UK.

          Always look for the conflict of interest or true beneficiary when someone is advocating for ed reforms that seem destructive. Destruction can be very reenforcing for anyone already at the table. It simply makes new, unapproved innovation very difficult. Cui bono?

          • Dear Robin, Oh I very much understand. One reason the new technology for spying has me so very concerned.

          • Carol-this from the UK (our partner in the Belmont Challenge) makes it quite clear the authoritarian route is to be the new norm for dealing with non-true believers.


            I am still reading but I am told there is even a Behavioural Change Wheel. It’s also all about how to force decision-making regardless of objections and the shift to a socially just society. Hard to reconcile that with authoritarianism but then I have not lived my life feeding from the public sector/charitable foundation trough.

          • Reading this make me sick to my stomach. Toleration of diversity? Toleration by whom? Diversity, they say it’s because of diversity we can no longer agree to anything, thus the need for those smarter then ourselves to direct us! Which dissenting viewpoints deserve to be heard? Climate Scientist need a working relationship with Social and Behavioral Scientist? Decision making through the collective process? A certain conduct in exchange for public funding? They are told to employ the successful narrative, including personalizing their story, drawing on emotions and expressing their opinions…..This is the exact directives given for gun control advocates.
            It states Climate Science has developed into a major enterprise with hundreds of thousands of researchers. Billions spent on research. Um, I thought these progressives were against big business.
            Robin, the mold is the same for whatever topic they are talking about. This fits the narrative for Deliberate Democracy also.

          • Carol-this explains why there is such consistency.

            I just finished a book by Carol Gould from 1988 called Rethinking Democracy: Freedom and Social Cooperation in politics, economy, and society. I had seen it cited and know what is being sought at the UN and OECD levels now. From the book research I knew how critical 1988 was in terms of prepping for misdirection. It makes it quite clear to me that CAGW and the low carbon hyping are just excuses to drive people into cities where the deliberative democracy mandate based on Racial Equity Outcomes becomes possible.

            The language in her book of the required social reciprocity fits with what I explained in the book that the OECD is calling Key Competences based on Robert Kegan’s work. It also fits with what CTE laid out oddly as the Career Ready criteria. Over and over again I am running into descriptions that fit the actual implementation we are dealing with. That means the actual intentions for those theories come too.

            Interestingly Gould thanks the Rockefeller Foundation for funding her work. They also, like Ford, Carnegie, Kellogg and others, are the funders of Aspen. None of this is accidental. They also funded the Holmes Report that I describe in the book as so crucial to the change in education. These charitable foundations are the constant along with what everyone quietly acknowledges is Marxist Humanism in the West that went through all the requisite technology stages to supposedly allow to “each according to his needs.”

            The kind of factual discussion I am trying to create with the book and on this blog as events transpire is precisely the kind of airing out these education reforms centered on Mind Arson are designed to circumvent.

          • Thing is Robin, all/everyone is in place. This is an implementation of something that’s long been in the making.

          • At the Atlanta Regional Commission breakfast that Katz spoke at, there was a politico at the table who asked why I was there. I said I wrote about education and had tracked through the documents to this Low Carbon/Metropolitanism vision tied to destroying the academics in the suburban areas where it remained intact. He looked at me and grinned and said “You are very good and absolutely right, but it’s too late to stop.”

            I said maybe so, but I can tell the story, which is what I am going to do. He said “why do you care so much. Anyone who can figure out what they were never told will do just fine.”

            I explained to a group I spoke to last week that if you call for an organized effort involving people from every sector working together around a shared vision it sure would look to an outsider like a conspiracy. It’s a power play and those have been happening since the beginning of time.

            I think all my history reading helps me take this in stride. That and being the Axemaker Mind from Hell who really does try to figure things out. The number of places I have just happened to be in that turned out to be a crucial element is truly amazing. Did you know I knew Dean Rusk? Had numerous conversations with him when I was in college and he would come back to Davidson to visit the first women’s eating house that was named in his honor. He even hung out at our Shrimp Boil at Homecoming in 1979 and drank too much beer talking about being the boy from Canton, Georgia. I think back on that when I look at the World Order Models Project or the fact that he recruited Louis Sohn to work with him at the Rusk Center where I went to law school. Sohn turns out to have done the write-up on the 72 conference in Stockholm on the Human Environment.

            Hard to read Chapter 6 of the book and not realize how much that is happening now was hoped for in the 60s.

          • What is it that draws men and women to this type of endeavor? Is it power, name recognition, needing to prove self worth/over inflated ego? I just don’t get how a person embraces the enslavement of others. I just don’t get it.

          • Yes, yesterday at 7:59 AM. I knew I had seen it.

            I am a little more erratic in the summer in my postings as my kids come and go and want the family cook, chauffeur, travel planner, and all around gofer to be available on demand.

            I think the number of people who recognize the intent of all the pieces is hopefully small. It is why these unbelievably lucrative conflicts of interest are cultivated.

            It’s also why ed doctorates are being given out for an ability to sit up and advocate and implement on demand with no questions asked.

            Stupid or greedy people will do what you want if the money is there. Plenty of fine people are caught in the middle with lousy info or just trying to buy time and still teach knowledge.

          • What I wouldn’t give to go back in the time of raising my children those were the happiest…..

            Well, we are now seeing what the founders were talking about when they said a Republic couldn’t stand without virtue and morals. I have grown to really dislike the word Democracy. I use to talk back to George Bush went he was on television talking about our Democracy, wanting to spread Democracy. I can’t for the life of me believe he was ignorant.

          • Yes Carol. One to doctor then another to the dentist and then another wants me to watch the US-Germany World Cup soccer game.

            Democracy squelches genuine innovation because it outnumbers it and it fuels the devastating righteousness of envy. In the name of the people and justice we just keep turning over more power to governments. Who then lie about VA wait times to get bonuses even though people die.

            Loved the Iowahawk tweet yesterday that “Subpoenas make computer systems crash.” What horrific examples we now have on why outsourcing autonomy away from individuals will end poorly for all but the planning few.

          • The VA thing is a miserable sore spot for me at this time. My husband passed away from a heart attack four months ago and I’m kicking myself for having him go back into the VA system after we had taken him out because it was so crappy. Wait time wasn’t the issue, it was what they were willing to do for care. He had a Heart Attack while active duty in the military but they couldn’t do by-pass because of where one of his blockages was located. So they said they would keep a close eye on his arteries and hold off until they had no choice. Well, with budget cuts they had to stop doing the more expensive test and just went back to the walking stress test. So I had him go outside the system to have stents put in but then he want back into the VA system for follow up care. Stupid, stupid, stupid! Believe me, my regrets are deep……
            The problem being Robin is they own the minds of the youth. You get it, you have taken the time to find out what is really going on and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the fact you are willing to use your time to help educate all of us. What I’ve done over the years is watch and try to understand how we have gotten to this place. How the destruction of our society, our government has taken place. I was raising my children when Outcome Based Education was rolled out and they started giving trophies for everyone who sneezed. I thought it all was insanity but couldn’t find anyone who agreed with me or seemed to care. I guess you could say I was viewed like Chicken Little, a real downer and who wants to listen to that? I wish I had answers.

  3. Hi Robin-

    “Anyway it’s all about Governance over people without any ability to actually veto that consensus.”

    Ain’t this the truth. The video link that one of your readers posted in your previous post is very good. The speaker does an excellent job of showing how CCSS were maneuvered into state ed curriculums without being voted on by anyone anywhere.

    This really is the sickest, most duplicitous coup conducted on humanity ever.

    On a semi related note I was just looking for information about a quote from Saul Alinsky regarding the need to separate sex from morality in order to achieve Marxist mindsets. This certainly seems to be the push in Ed now and it has been culturally since the 60’s. I stumbled on the list in the link below. It all rings true. Nothing accidental here.

    • Thanks Anon. I see the sex push as about the primacy of direct experience over the mental and trying to make that a matter of habit. Same with the drug use.

      Yesterday I finished the most graphic book written in the 90s by 2 University of Melbourne ed profs but published simultaneously in the UK, US, Canada, and Australia. Knowledge really is viewed as an impediment to reimagining the future as it might be. Thought to get in the way of creativity.

      At least on this blog and in my book we are accurately grounding what is happening in education to its actual aims so we can monitor what is in fact the real attempted coup. Thanks for joining in the dialogue.

  4. Hi Robin-

    It really is all about ” Governance over people without any ability to actually veto that consensus.”

    The video posted by one of your commenters from your previous post is excellent. The speaker does an outstanding job of showing how CCSS was maneuvered into state Ed curriculums without being voted on by anyone anywhere. It seems as though there have been Trojan Horses Galore. Almost like Russian nesting dolls.

    On a semi related note I stumbled upon the link below looking for information about a statement by Saul Alinsky that separating sex from morality was key in fostering a Marxist mindset. That certainly has been the push culturally for decades and now in Ed it is mainstream as well.

    This list is somewhat jaw dropping in that all of it has been accomplished since the author’s writing in 1958.

    • No problem. Because I am nothing if not tenacious about tracking all this I also now have a copy of Northwestern law prof John O McGinnis’ 2013 book Accelerating Democracy: Transforming Governance Through Technology.

      I was rather surprised when it showed up with the endorsement of Instapundit on the back cover.

  5. Robin-

    I agree. You are right again as usual. ” the sex push as about the primacy of direct experience over the mental and trying to make that a matter of habit. Same with the drug use.”

    Perfectly stated.

  6. “Mind Arson, Personality Manipulation, Consciousness Transformation, and Redistribution.” In other words, dedicated to the destruction of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

    • Hi Jeanne,

      Take a look at this new post out of UNESCO on the post-2015 ed agenda.

      It’s all about monitoring attitudes towards social justice and molding citizens to fit with the desired social cohesion and democracy. It’s not about voting either.

      It is unbelievably foolish to pretend we can “construct” the world and future we want. Tell that to the people in Mosul and Tikrit this week. Reality is indeed a bitch, especially when so much focus goes to selecting the desired ‘lenses’ to obscure what is actually happening and what it’s true significance is.

      • Thank you for that link, Robin. At the heart of this is nothing more than a modern-day tower of Babel, i.e., humanism. It’s man striving to make himself the center of things, making himself God. It’s the oldest lie, and it will never work, because God has already told us that it won’t.

        • Jeanne-Here’s another that goes to the essence of what I am so worried about. You cannot redistribute what you don;t have.

          I never read these plans without noting they always take existing levels of production for granted. That’s not how it works. It’s why Russia went from being a grain exporter to importing in the face of starvation. It was not the fertile capacity of the land that changed.

          • I have just learned that my 14 year old relative is going to have to put a condom on a cucumber in her sex education class. She has had learning how to learn, – boring she says – and global citizenship and sustainable development. She has made cakes and ate them in class whilst this is called health and wellbeing. This bright girl who has a great attendance record is bored and does not want to go to school.

            In Scotland it is called Curriculum for excellence.

            It is anything but.

  7. I brought your book with me on a lengthy drive yesterday. It has been several months since my last read. The more reports I read, the more I learn from this blog, the more the book fits. Each read through I think a new “aha”! Is found. Yesterday I was struck by the phrase “Academic Marxists”. That section really resonated in my mind, given the math issues my district has been having. Parents know there is something wrong, they just don’t know enough to pin point it.

    • LL-watch this Aspen video that came out today in anticipation of next week’s report.

      How can anyone watch that and not recognize the mindlessness being celebrated?

      When I watch these Aspen pushes it reminds me of what they wanted to achieve in the 70s under Harlan Cleveland’s leadership. I think the methods for gutting what made the US great have changed, but not those goals.

      Maybe those kids can become grown-ups being paid living wages created by fairy dust and the sale of unicorn horns while they play all day with digital devices and ‘collaborate’ with each other.

  8. Well now, I guess the Aspen Institute has been mighty profitable, as a nonprofit no doubt, since the chairman, big daddy Robert Steel, has a little party planned for his baby girl’s wedding day.

    Apparently you can mess up a pristine environment if it’s for a worthy cause. Then you can wrap everything up the next day and continue planning the fate of the world where the elites get to do what they want and the proles follow orders as usual. The MSM news might never pick this story up but the Brits recognize the abuses of royalty when they see it. In America, of course, we don’t have royalty. Yeah right.

    • Tina-so the new head of Aspen has a background in city administration and that’s the area Bloomberg, his old boss, has gone into on behalf of the UN and this is also the area that the Clinton Global Initiative is pushing the strongest.

      Where the action is needs to be where our individual and collective focus needs to be.

    • Tina-Racial Equity Theory of Change or RETOC is just one of Aspen’s current projects.

      Notice that achieving these designs is using the same term ‘Backward Mapping’ that the local school district is using to implement the same theory of change when it involves individuals, instead of communities and institutions. That would be the omnipresent UbD–Understanding by Design.

      I have been very busy this morning since an insight on governance set off a deluge of documents. That was one of them.

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