Police Power to Compel Adult Beliefs; Meanwhile Values Manipulation Captures Young Minds Forever

Armed guards at a public hearing supposedly to look into, via committee, the federal role in education in Georgia. Ready to escort out and maybe arrest anyone who tried to interject accurate facts into a scripted effort to decree what the accepted beliefs could be. Interested citizens who recognized the misstatements, irrelevancies, material omissions, and conceded facts with behavioral programming implications, in what they were hearing and thus felt compelled to stand up and yell “Liars, Liars, Pants on Fire” would be met with all the power of the coercive state. Ready to dictate what its citizens must now accept as their knowledge and beliefs. Now, I was too busy taking voluminous notes to feel the need to comment. I was there after all because I wanted to know what particular falsehoods citizens were going to be urged to believe.

I have written up some of my insights and the implications for my book and this blog in two long comments to the previous post. Readers should take a look at those to fully grasp  what was inadvertently conceded as the speakers desperately tried to obscure the feds bullying behavior with states back in 2009. I want to deal with the need for police power and this determined need to create false beliefs in adult citizens if they are paying attention and in virtually all students now as they move through what is now called the P-20 process. Education from preschool to graduate school is all now to be about being “more of a ‘value producing agency’ than an information-dispensing institution.”

What I grasped on Wednesday was that the state and local school administrators, with the help of certain of their elected political buddies, intended to implement Competency as Milton Rokeach first theorized about, and the WIOA and the GELP-Global Education Leaders Program (last post)’s Next Generation Learning, are now quietly pursuing. Searches since then have made it clear that while the excitement in the US is over the Common Core, Next Generation Learning is pursuing the actual behavioral programming intentions globally on parallel tracks mostly hidden from US taxpayers.

Now my kids will confirm that my tombstone should probably read “Never Lie to Her. She Always Immediately Knew and Went Looking for the Why.” The good news is that GELP and the US-centered CCSSO Innovative Learning Network (last post) have all confirmed literally that the actual description from documents I described in my book is still the intended trajectory. Unfortunately, they also confirm it is for the wholesale political, social, and economic transformations I also disturbingly lay out. With a touch of humor and irony as possible.  Hooray for timely prescience!

What I want to do today is talk about the whys of the need for behavioral programming of students and coercing adults in their own beliefs. Why is competency-based learning so alarming to me? Before I get to what Milton Rokeach laid out in his federally-sponsored research in the 60s and 70s as the use of the term-Competency-to obscure what was to be values clarification, I want to remind everyone that the theorists for this Equity for All, Just Freedom, Human Rights as Economic Justice view of the future all concede that their vision will entail a coercive state. The armed enforcers the other day are simply a sign that public officials have decided to impose on us without consent or discussion what is known as the Flyvbjerg (no, I cannot pronounce it either but I have his book) Social Science Debate in Scandinavian countries.

The debate concerns the role of the social sciences in Western societies in the future. Since we Americans or Canadians or English or Australians might object to the planned shifts in society and the use of education to consummate the shift just as the Fabians imagined, we get lied to. If we recognize something is amiss and want to point it out in the prescribed public forum, we may be subject to arrest. We are not supposed to recognize the behavioral programming. Honestly, read this recent vision of the transformational purposes coming to a classroom and tell me its not about changing the child. http://www.edutopia.org/pdfs/blogs/edutopia-finley-9ways-plan-transformational-lessons.pdf

Flyvbjerg, who I will just call Flyv from now on (his advocacy though has now gained him an Oxford professorship), pointed out that “rationality may endanger sensitivity to context, experience, and intuition.” Keep that in mind when even the advocating district supers admit consistently the new classroom focus is to be on student ‘engagement’ and group activities. Neither of those builds up the rational mind in the sense the West, its prosperity, and the historic concept of the individual are all built around. Flyv wanted to make education in the West about discussing values, interests, and who has power. Remembering again that Charter District Fulton has announced remaking its high schools around ‘problem-based learning,’ Flyv viewed this power, interests, values emphasis as necessary if education is to produce adults ready “to think about what can be done to the problems and risks of our time.”

Since you probably do not have a copy of Making Social Science Matter, I will enlighten you that Flyv and the Competency advocates really are talking about education that now enshrines that “personal experience via trial-and-error is more important than context-independent, explicit, verbally formulated facts and rules.” That’s the real reason textbooks and lectures are going away and terms like assessment, ‘productive struggle’ and ‘rigor’ get substituted deceitfully to obscure this shift. Now Flyv conceded that this “experience-based behavior” substitution that gets hidden also now under terms like Excellence and Quality Learning instead of the historic “rule-based, rational mode of conceiving human activity” has so much destructive potential that the following exchange was proudly cited:

“Jurgen Habermas (a noted radical prof and modern Dewey advocate), after hearing Hubert Dreyfus present the model to him at Frankfurt University [exclaimed]: ‘you are talking about skills like hammering and chess, but what you really want to do is undermine Western society.’ To which Dreyfus replied, ‘you are right, that’s exactly what it comes to.”

Undermining Western society is a good reason to rely on a police presence to control what can be said, deceit by administrators well-paid for being willing to push this vision no matter what, and Orwellian definitions of terms. Now I first wrote about Rokeach here  http://www.invisibleserfscollar.com/targeting-student-values-attitudes-and-beliefs-to-control-future-behavior/ . Competency IS a dangerous concept, as Rokeach used it, and our modern day global transformationalists are now using it. I went back to my copy of his 1979 Understanding Human Values: Individual and Social where he readily acknowledged that creating a “state of self-dissatisfaction”  via “value confrontation” is the “basic psychological mechanism that generates such a sequence of enduring change.” The purpose of Competency in education now, whatever it means to the layman, has to do with “man’s power to alter experimentally another person’s basic values and control the direction of the change.”

Highly useful if the intentions of the 21st Century are to once again put political power thoroughly in charge of people and economies, which is precisely what open declarations of influential people admit is going on. I am going to end this post with another Rokeach quote that I believe tells us why the Finns developed what I am calling the Finnish Ladder Towards Consensus Collectivism and why US administrators are bringing it in as required systems thinking, Fostering Communities of Learners, Competency-based education, Discourse Classroom, or an affirmative Student Code of Conduct.

“I believe that a value education program will turn out to be illusory or self-deceptive if the sole focus is on the students’ own values…A more genuine self-awareness will, I believe, be achieved as a result of stimulating a comparison process, in which what we find out about ourselves is compared with what we find out about significant others. Experimental evidence…suggests that, in the process of making such comparisons between self and others, we will often become dissatisfied with what we have found out about ourselves, because it violates our conceptions of ourselves as competent and moral human beings. Such states of self-dissatisfaction are empirically found to lead to long-term change and, as a consequence, to long-term changes in related values, attitudes, and behavior.”

Just the view of education needed then for personal transformation as an unconscious reflex to foster broader fundamental social transformations. I am going to continue in the next post talking about the consistency in what is being sought.

We can now see why politicians, public employees, and private sector cronies all personally prospering from this unappreciated Statist vision would want a police presence to prevent someone like me from explaining with facts and documents what is really going on.

So I write. Aren’t you glad books and blogs remain an available avenue for a factual discussion?

10 thoughts on “Police Power to Compel Adult Beliefs; Meanwhile Values Manipulation Captures Young Minds Forever

    • Newt tends to support whatever brings in the speaking fees from what I have seen over the years. http://www.invisibleserfscollar.com/megachange-macroshift-daily-school-experience-to-fuel-a-revolution-in-consciousness/ is what the creator of MIT’s AI Lab says is the intent of the digital learning push.

      As I wrote in the FuturICT post these adaptive software programs know the student and what motivates them and drives their strategies than the student himself is aware of. All that lovely data on what is necessary to create noetic change and fashion a steerable keel at the level of the human mind and personality is what blended learning throws out. Plus you substitute the visual and the experiential for the mental and symbol systems. Hence my analogy of uninventing the printing press and its ignition of the mind and much of the modern concept of the individual.

      • If they are not keeping that data a on SLDS systems in each state, where are they hiding it and how? Our system is directly tied into DOLETA. I caught WICHE in meeting minutes stating they are using SAT info and the DMV to make matches.

        • Districts. That was apparent from last Wednesday’s hearings and my jaunts through the intertube docs.

          People are focussed on what the feds and states have but not the incredible volume of data that the districts and schools now have. Hence the federal Digital promise and dealing directly with ‘volunteering’ school districts.

          Parents, students, and taxpayers are not volunteering but they are the real volunteers. aka guinea pigs.

    • Carol-Newt is also quite aware of this Corporatist push that is a key component of who really benefits from digital learning. This alliance between government and Big Business is a huge component of how the elite would like the 21st century to work. The Mossava-Rahman Center for Business and Government at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government is the exemplar now of this vision. Interesting former Treasury Secretary Larry Summers has now gone back to head that. This is an example of the Global Vision and also ties into the UN’s Post-2015 plans for all of us not considered to be “Distinguished Persons” entitled to be in the planning class. http://www.hks.harvard.edu/m-rcbg/CSRI/CSRI_BAA_TPI_New_Global_Partnership_With_Business_Sept2013.pdf

      • Robin, Is there anyone, even one person at a National level you are aware of that is fighting this? It seems to me the table has been already set for this new world government and everyone is fighting for a place at it.

        • Carol-I have been very busy since yesterday’s post documenting just how much deceit is going on at the federal level on this and the states as I wrote about. Downloading proof and reading reports and watching departments of the federal DoED no one really knows about requiring these Career Pathways nationally and the blending of CTE training with academic coursework for all students. Then the same site will link to the OECD’s new Skills report.

          It is quite clear that the drummed up ‘skills shortage’ is simply a means of combining education at all levels, workforce development, and economic development at all levels and force private employers into the planning net. Even before WIOA but that cemented this vision. No wonder few want to talk about it. Interestingly enough the Rockefeeler created and influential Council on Foreign Relations did do a story the day after WIOA was signed. http://blogs.cfr.org/renewing-america/2014/07/10/congresss-job-training-overhaul-a-modest-step-in-the-right-direction/

          I also noticed JP Morgan Chase and the Joyce Foundation on the Board of the Aspen Institute’s Skills for America’s Future. The oligarchy is quite aware of what WIOA really locks in and is darn excited about it. World government makes people think there will be a Parliament somewhere. This is simply a determination that people basically exist now for the benefit of the politically connected and those elite get to set the rules that will bind them. Like China, everything gets done or not because it will benefit or protect the politically connected. The India term for this was License Raj and it is horrifically inefficient and shuts down genuine innovation.

          I am worried, but at the same time I am accurately tracking all this in real time. The machinations are rather intriguing. I think one problem that has been unappreciated is that School to Work may not have gone into full effect, but the dynamics seem to have continued on with federal funding during the GWB years. Then ramped into overdrive when Obama became President. I went back and looked at Teaxs again this morning and that new Center for Employability Outcomes. Under Future Plans of this now existing Common Skills Language Platform created with federal dollars and ready to be a national template, http://www.c4eo.org/#!future-plans/c1s3h is language about “Patterned after the EuroPass concept of the portable skills credential.”

          That Certificate of Initial Mastery concept as it was called in the 90s and related visions under SCANS and School to Work and the National Skills Standards Board were hugely unpopular and ferociously fought previously. Now because it is in a Red State that “did not adopt the Common Core,” it’s not on the popular radar.

          No entity has pushed polytechism as the vision for all harder than the Southern Regional Education Board. Gene Bottoms created the related techademics in the 70s when he was at the Ga DoED and it appears to me to still ground sreb’s High Schools that Work vision. The Texans should be quite nervous that the sreb trumpets http://www.sreb.org/page/1516/college_and_career_readiness_in_texas.html Texas as the first state to engage in its Statewide College/Career Readiness Initiative back in 2006. Their STAAR assessment already emphasizes Depth of Knowledge using Norman Webb’s rubric and rigor using Karen Hess’ matrix. The state already has a P-16 continuum in place and many of its Supers are on record as intending to instill John Dewe’s vision of Democracy using education. All of its major cities and its medium too have school districts tied to the Alinsky-inspired Alliance Network of community organizers that is tied to IAF. They even train school board members in cities like Austin. That suggests they trained Maria Carstarphen, Atlanta’s New Super.

          There is a way out, but it involves appreciating their is a clear coordinated effort here that will destroy prosperity going forward if left in place.

          • Yesterday I came across more information on Oregon’s role. Oregon was the first to implement and pilot the certificate of mastery (still used). Vera Katz ,previous mayor of Portland, and Speaker of the House, board member of NCEE , along with Marc Tucker, Hillary Clinton implemented the pilot in
            1991 under the “21st century schools act”. Still active in 2005 the CIM/CAM in Oregon is notorious for failure. The department department of education still has it listed as policy, just moved ahead with changing the names.

            To me, living here, it explains a lot. Our populace, has slowly changed to a Socialist/ Marxist run State. The citizens vote for the change constantly. It worked, they have successfully changed students here and created the changes they are looking for. No wonder we are said to be the farthest along.

            I came across this, thought you might like to see what the growing BAT teachers movement was pushing at their most recent march on Washington last week.

          • LL-using Minecraft in 8th grade to “build a society” and have that be a lesson in “economics and government.” http://www.dailyunion.com/news/article_86253984-197e-11e4-ae62-001a4bcf6878.html

            Unlike the real world, consequences get shaped by the variables created by the software designer.

            In the real world, bad actions and disregard for foreseeable consequences would be the leading cause of famines. In the modern age only political dysfunction can cause a genuine famine.

            Do you think the 8th graders will also learn what happened to the Ukraine and how it was once a grain exporter to the world?

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