Prerequisite for Social Justice and Equity: the Evidence Base for Transforming Hearts and Minds

I found a good example of why social and emotional learning, under its various euphemistic names, just keeps being inserted as a critical, mandatory component of what Preschool through College education must now be, whatever the parental outcry through the decades. The Aspen NCSEAD covered in the last post is merely the most recent, but its assembly of a so-called Council of Distinguished Scientists to create a Consensus Statement of the Evidence Base for Learning and Student Success is an attempt to leap over previous outcries and local obstacles to quietly impose the controversial model as a requirement under federal law. Let’s go back then and be sure of the precise political and economic theory being brought in through the classrooms, using childrens’ minds and personalities as the invisible conduit.

One of the cited sources for the statement that all reason must be grounded in emotion and that the two cannot be separated in instruction anymore was a 1992 book Reason and Emotion written by a John Macmurray. He regarded “intellectual awareness” as “egocentric” since it “uses the senses as its instrument.” Instead, Macmurray called for the “wider use of the senses for the joy of living in them.” Methinks, Macmurray would have adored the Maker Movement and Project-based Learning and a STEAM focus since that is clearly what he desired. Thankfully he gave a wonderful metaphor for the kind of outcome from school curriculum he wanted so let’s borrow it for the insights.

“…the direct sensual awareness has its centre in the world outside, in the thing that is sensed and loved for its own sake. There is a drawing of George Morrow’s which illustrates the difference humorously, It shows a couple standing on a hilltop watching a sunset. The sky is aglow with bars of bright clouds. ‘What a lovely sunset,’ the woman says to her husband. ‘That reminds me,’ he answers. ‘Do remember to tell our landlady that I like my bacon streaky.'”

So EVERY student must now have “training in this capacity to live in the senses.” Why? we can ask, but only if we are aware of this shift in focus. We cannot ask if we are lost in  deliberately deceitful narratives insisting that social and emotional learning is somehow about a federal database of personally identifiable information. Education now is supposed to become “training in sensitiveness.” Then our future behaviors and “modes of action” and awareness should not be determined by the individualistic, logical, dreaded Axemaker Mind–“if we limit awareness so that it merely feeds the intellect with the material for thought, our actions will be intellectually determined.”

Horrors! then to anyone with transformation on the mind, which would include Macmurray. It turns out his book was not written in 1992, merely republished by his estate. Nor was it originally written in 1962. That was the Second Edition somehow magically timed to coincide with what we now know was the first launch of the Marxist Humanist (MH) vision of education by the NEA and humanist psychologists like Carl Rogers and Abraham Maslow. is that old post. No, the First Edition of that book came out in 1935, a decade when plenty of people were interested in political and economic transformation. Insisting that education must be about the cultivation of emotion and social development matters more than ever now if the basis for the assertion is:

“Emotion is not the Cinderella of our inner life, to be kept in her place among the cinders in the kitchen. Our emotional life is us in a way our intellectual life cannot be; in that it alone contains the motives from which our conduct springs.”

I will let you in on a little secret. I recognized the MH vision throughout Macmurray’s book, but that was very confusing as Professor Daniel Bell writing in the late 50s while a fellow at the always troublesome Center for Advanced Studies in the Behavioral Sciences stated that Marx’s work laying out his Human Development Society vision and its need to control morals and consciousness was unavailable in English until 1956. My first thought was that maybe Macmurray read German and thus had earlier access to the long-unknown early Marx work. Good reasoning, but Macmurray himself in the 60s wrote that his interest and access came from being invited to a “conference held in October 1932 which brought together a number of leading religious and lay thinkers to ponder the question of the rejuvenation of Christianity in the modern world…”

That would explain the false narratives we keep running into surrounding the Common Core by people who go out of their way to wear their religious beliefs and their role in their daily lives on their sleeves, wouldn’t it? So if influential people have from the get-go seen religious faith and education as the two main conduits for the MH vision and its desire to transform the world through individual hearts and minds, let’s look at Macmurray’s vision since he did not mince his words. If the vision of education as activity to thread together the cognitive, social, and emotional is to guide modern education, let’s see what Macmurray told us was the purpose of that vision. Macmurray did not see religion as a matter of personal faith; rather, it was a

“demand for a new step in the creation of human society…universal in its extent, based upon the communion of persons…We have to address ourselves to the task of creating the life of truly personal relationship between men, and of destroying those elements in modern society which frustrate and deny it.”

Suddenly, we have a merger of what religion is supposed to be about with what education is now supposed to create. Eliminating a curriculum grounded in the intellect is the essential first step. Macmurray’s statements from the 30s sound a great deal like the rationale for why 21st century education must be relevant to the real world and authentic to everyday life:

“unless you deal with these external conditions you cannot develop a true moral attitude to anything. Indeed, the effort to construct a true and just order of society is the main part of the effort to create a true moral outlook. The two things are intimately bound up. Those people who try strenuously to develop moral and religious ideals in the community without altering the conditions of life are trying to make bricks without straw.”

So emotion has to be actively cultivated in every classroom as a new definition of what enables student success because, in reality, it is a necessary component of the “task of creating conscious community among all men everywhere–nothing less, and it necessarily included all the conditions, economic, political, and personal, which are involved in this…a new and universally human social order.”

Now if the NCSEAD was using that rationale as its sales pitch for what it asserts as ‘evidence-based’ under ESSA, we could protest such a wholesale transformation, especially since it is unquestionably grounded in a notorious political philosophy with much blood in its history. So we aren’t supposed to know and simply defer to the eminence of the Appeal to Authority of the Council of Distinguished Scientists statement released September 13, 2017. All hail! No one notice that we are dealing with lots of the very same people tied to lots of the controversies in education including the Dalai Lama’s desire to cultivate a global Holos Consciousness (a very long way from an Axemaker Mind). I am going to pick a member that may be less familiar to you, Gloria Ladson-Billings, an ed prof who wants a culturally relevant pedagogy “committed to social justice and equity.’

How nice to be able to mandate that controversial agenda under the Evidence Base Consensus Statement for Learning. If what you have desired since at least 1995 is to “help students to recognize, understand, and critique social inequities” of course you are going to adore education grounded in emotion instead of the intellect for the very reasons Macmurray laid out. His desired focus on material conditions–economic, political, and personal–is a perfect fit for Ladson-Billings’ desire that teachers no longer be “reluctant to identify political underpinnings of the students’ community and social world.” She wants to implement the vision of acknowledged radical Paulo Freire (who was also an advisor to the World Council of Churches which is probably not an accident) that teaching should be ‘mining’ or pulling knowledge out of the life experiences of the students.

So suddenly Student Success and a supposed prerequisite to academic success turns out to be about forcing classroom practices “through which people are incited to acquire a particular ‘moral character’. As both a political and practical activity, it attempts to influence the occurrence and qualities of experiences.” Those experiences again that allow for the direct training of the student’s senses until the desired behaviors become Habits of Mind.

I am pretty sure we are never supposed to actually look up the cited sources in all these footnotes. I think we are merely supposed to blindly accept what is asserted as the Consensus Statement of the Council of Distinguished Scientists. We are most assuredly not supposed to track the mandated practices back to its actual goal:

“This dictates its goal, which can be nothing short of the complete integration of all human beings in community and of humanity with the world in which it lives.”

Someone really should have omitted the reference to the philosopher who was among the first to write about Marx’s Human Development Society in English.

No wonder there is such a determination to quash any outbreak of Axemaker Minds in this current generation of students. They are to be emotionally charged to be the desired Marxian Makers of History asked to finally bring about the “material sharing of our material substance. Until our material possessions are at the disposal of all those with whom we are in communion for their need, it is idle to talk of sharing our lives, or of having the reality of our lives in common.”

If that’s the prerequisite for this emotional, collaborative vision of education, by all means let’s talk about it instead of simply being asked to embrace it via a Consensus Statement of Distinguished Scientists.

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  1. What, if any, high schools or colleges/universities do you know still educate with the “Axemaker Mind”approach? Our youngest is a sophomore in high school and I’m wondering if there’s still time to jump ship

    • None that I am aware of although many of the schools are still successful at keeping that reality from the parents. I am even seeing more and more privates touting using the Emilia Reggio approach, That’s simply a euphemism for sociocultural and also tracks back to what produced the Red Brigade. This is a global template and the Common Core was simply the nationalization of learning standards since only 26 states had signed up for the NSP in the 90s, its predecessor.

      Perhaps other parents would be willing to share their stories from just this school year. I have certainly heard some doozies by email in recent months. It is certainly not the False Narrative’s panacea of Classical Education, which fits Macmurray’s vision virtually to a ‘t’. It is my personal belief that much of the False Narratives, much like with school choice, is to make people belive they successfully escaped a threat they were misled about. Because they never saw the true nature of the threat, they cannot recognize the solution is still targeting the Whole Child and their internalized basis for decisionmaking. What Bill Spady of Tranzi OBE fame called the student’s purpose, philosophy, and principles when he renamed Tranzi OBE as authentic education reform.

    • This is another member of the Council. Nothing says insider like winning the 2016 Urie Bronfenbrenner Award. After all, he and USSR psychologist Leontiev called this assault on the West via the psyche the Great Experiment.

      If your goal, as this article states, is to “apply developmental psychology to society” few ways could be more influential than an invisible mandate under a federal law few have actually read and the regulations under it DeVos has issued. is the post where I covered Urie and Leontiev back in early 2013.

        • From the link about David Osher: ‘Dr. Osher focuses on controlling negative emotions so children and youth can be proactive, strategic, and reflective’.

          That is, so that children are not skeptical and deliberative (not acting without thinking), analytical (tearing systems apart and examining them) and confident of their findings so as not get emotionally attacked by guilt or shame for thinking something different to their compatriots.

          Negativity could be a sign that something is very wrong and we should protect ourselves!

          • It gets worse. Apart from now funding the Science of Virtues at U-Chicago, the Jubilee Centre with its Knightly Virtues curricula and its Moral Development Framework and with two more members of the Council Angela Duckworth and Martin Seligman explicitly a part of the global Positive Education and PERMA template, Positive Neuroscience, and prospective Psychology initiatives, in 2012 and 2013 the Templeton Foundation spent $3.6 million to fund the New Paths to Purpose Project at U-Chicago that Yeager is also a part of.

            U-Chicago appears to have eliminated the pages that used to exist on the project, possibly because this week’s newest award Nobel winner in economics, Richard Thaler, led the project. Turns out U-Chicago’s Center for Decision Research (precisely what competency-based ed really targets) is the “world’s oldest academic center devoted to studying how individuals form judgments and make decisions.” No wonder CASEL wanted to relocate there from Yale.

            I was able to find a graphic and video though that are both worth looking at here. I kept stopping the video as it overflowed with all the relevant buzz words.

            Do you know what Kenneth Boulding said was the essence of turning humans into steerable systems? Controlling their guiding purpose. I believe Macmurray was saying the same thing without using the word system since he was writing in the 30s. He was simply describing the essence and its function.

      • Here is Greenberg: “My work has also been nurtured and supported by Edna Bennett Pierce, who has the vision to see the impact that prevention science can have for supporting children’s development in a rapidly changing world,” he said.”

        Prevention meaning, prevention of learning facts, how to read, history, discern truth, love family… it is same old stuff that has so many titles. Hidden behind words like thriving flourishing excellence etc, hiding behind drop out prevention, violence prevention, pregnancy prevention, Thats part of the trick. Its sustainable development, its 21st century learnig, its Understanding by Design, habits of mind critical thinking Etc….

        When they call it human development in Greenbergs professorship people think it is one thing when its obvious to us he means marx’s human development society.

        Here is Tim Shriver, brother of Maria Shriver, BFF of Oprah… pushing SEL in Cleveland…
        He is on board of CASEL and sponsored by Aspen Institute. He memorized the talking points, even softened them.

        • This is the link to the report I referenced in this post that shows Mark Greenberg as part of the Council of Distinguished Scientists.

          Notice Martin West is as well and he was Lamar Alexander advisor on drafting ESSA, even offering testimony. Immoradano-Yang brings in a tie to BRAIN Initiative and Damasio of Descartes Error fame. Makes perfect sense if the Axemaker Mind is the acid that dissolves all these attempts to neurally manipulate the mind into a steerable, malleable system.

          Plus Martin West is the Editor-in-Chief of Education Next financed by the Bradley Foundation, which is also the publisher of Joy Pullmann’s book on the Common Core. We thus have direct ties from the False narrative to this Council, which would also explain the constant effort to misdefine competency-based education. West is also the deputy chief of the PEPG Program at Harvard’s Kennedy School that Jeb Bush chaired. It is also where the Gates and Bradley Foundations and AEI and Heritage all come to advocate for School Choice.

          Did you notice that Jeb Bush spoke about a week ago to the Templeton Foundation Center for the Constitution in Philadelphia? The same one we found had developed a communitarian-focused redefinition of what Liberty means? is that old post and how it led to the Science of Virtues Initiative.

          It makes perfect sense now to have that Initiative where the Center for Decision Research is located as CDR is the “world’s oldest academic center devoted to studying how individuals form judgments and make decisions.” Precisely what Tranzi OBE, the NCSEAD template, and competency-based education when accurately defined using Michael Horn’s own language as well as what is in my book Credentialed to Destroy all aim to use a new kind of education to control. Also what is controlled by targeting Purpose, which makes sense since David Yeager is another member of the Council.

        • MM–this is the kind of article to a very real problem that is so tragic.

          If we go through to the actual linked NYT story and someone is an ISC/CtD reader we can recognize the effects on these students of a HOTS, conceptual thinking with wicked problems and ‘rigor’ orientation on students. Yet the actual article misdescribes competency-based ed and makes it the fault of standardized testing.

          Then we have the link to Karen Effrem’s article that again misrepresents SEL while ending with two examples of manipulation that are true because Jane Robbins swiped them from this blog’s posts to be part of her slideshow without attribution. So much easier than actually reading Macgonnigal or Gee’s books like I did. Yet the readers of all these nationally distributed posts believe they are receiving accurate information.

          Meanwhile the psychological manipulation continues so we will have more Jake in the future and Jillians precisely because this False Narrative hid the true nature of the manipulation behind perfidious ‘framing’. The states do not need to separately assess SEL. It is embedded in the nature of the HOTS mandate as well as what competency-based ed is when accurately described.

          Formative assessment most certainly includes SEL, but no reader of these articles is to know that. And the tragedy and Child Abuse in the Classroom rolls on, in large part now BECAUSE of these False Narratives.

          Meanwhile, this document details even more of he student and his or her mind as a system. Precisely Gee’s point, which is why that appropriated quote fits with his earlier work on Whole Language. Also notice the important role of ‘framing’ and using story-telling to create a narrative.

          The False Narrative is using these same techniques on parents and taxpayers via nationally distributed blog posts in a coordinated effort. Effrem says all these people are working together. That’s probably why everyone keeps offering up the panacea of Classical Education too. It too, of course, treats the student as a system, but only ISC/CtD readers get that.

          If this was all a movie, the hurricane hole that appears to be the port in the storm would be covertly controlled by the very pirates the boat owners believe they have escaped from. While they take their dinghy to go out to dinner with drinks to celebrate their safe delivery, their boat can be ransacked with impunity and their children kidnapped with ease.

          Except the analogy does not quite work because those parents would have immediate, tangible proof that they had been had and believed something that wasn’t true.

    • We’re in a public HS in New York state. Perhaps fortunately, we have to watch our district budget very carefully, and so we have hardly any young teachers. Our teachers all have 20 years of experience or so, from a somewhat better generation.

      This is junior year for my younger son, the year of maximum stress. But it’s been his favorite year. He’s past the stage of Common Core Regents classes, past the “aggressive mediocrity” he’s had all along, and mostly on to AP classes taught by the most traditional and academic, even quirky, teachers. It’s a good year, filled with learning and not much in the way of social agendas.

      I hope we can keep this track in our school. We have a concentration of activist parents on a Board advisory committee, and hopefully we’ve scuttled an attempt to water this down in the interest of new-agey agendas, that one administrator seemed to want to do.

      I’d homeschool for elementary if I had it to do over again. All they need from it is reading, writing and arithmetic, everything else is worthless at best, and some abuse happened. (We didn’t.) But middle and high school have enough substance that it’s worth going to school — but then there’s the agendas. HS has better than middle school in that regard, for us.

    • I had not, but doesn’t that put everything I have been desperately trying to warn people about in a single 2 minute video put out this week. “A new type of highly evolved human being” is also where the GEFF initiative claims to lead if you follow my original research from 2015 and not Anita Hoge’s recent misguided bastardization of what is going on this summer.

      Pavel Luksha’s declarations cannot be understood without a thorough knowledge of systems science. In fact, that is how I located Luksha and GEFF 2035 if you remember. CASBS fellows in the 50s created the General Systems Research Group to create ‘systems science’ with its targeting of the human brain with education reforms as the means of access. GSRG decades later merges with ISSS–the International Systems Science Society. Luksha spoke at their 2015 annual meeting and Ervin Laszlo’s son, Alexander, was the then ISSS President. Ervin Laszlo was one of the founders of the Club of Budapest which is pushing the Holos Consciousness mentioned in this post. He was also a founder in 1986 of the both sides of the Cold War represented–General evolution Research Group. That evolution again was driven by changing culture by changing individual consciousness.

      Precisely what the last two posts especially as well as that video are all about.

      • Wait. What? I thought this was all about Corporate America and Bill Gates making a profit off my children and removing teachers and all their benefits from the classroom. How dare you suggest anything other than that is going on Robin. I hope you hear my sarcasm. I am so sick of that argument by various different groups. Okay, momentary rant… moving on.

        • Did you see this?

          Data mining has nothing to do with PII and education’s use of data for Big Data purposes doesn’t either. It’s not connected to how the SDGs will be implemented and Restoring FERPA will have no effect on any of these things. IEEE is involved with this because they are also involved with ISSS and have been for a long time. When people like Lynn Taylor use a blog to spread false information or inaccurate interpretations, it makes it that much harder for the real plans for neural rewiring in pursuit of those SDGs to get out.

          Classical Education relies on the same kind of emotional rationality that Macmurray desired. I also doubt it’s a coincidence that Yeager has a liberal arts degree from Notre Dame. I wondered if he ever had a class with Narvaez or Alasdair MacIntyre. Here’s another quote from Macmurray that reminds me of the panaceas that somehow get offered up by the false narrative:” communion is the keyword of religion…religion is the pressure to live in terms of the reality of persons who are not ourselves; the craving of our reason to recognize and unite with reason in the world outside us; the urge to enter into full mutual relationship with other persons…”

          This is just before Macmurray’s chapter on the “urgent need for a proper training of the emotions” in case anyone thinks I go looking for Uncle Karl. “Tribes unite into cities, cities into nations, nations into empires; and throughout history the range of effective human community increases–in depth as well as breadth. Wherever you find the effort to achieve human equality. to overcome the enmities and self-interests that separate individuals and classes and nations and races, you are discovering the working of religion–of religious reason–in man. You find it, for example, at the basis of modern communism, for all its confessions of atheism.

          You find Karl Marx describing the whole stretch of human history from the breakdown of primitive tribal communism to the establishment of universal communism–the unification of all nations and races in the community of the world–which is his apocalypse, the brotherhood of men that is to be [Your video]–you find him describing the intermediate stage, as the result of the estrangement (Entfremdung) of Man from himself, from his own reality; and the establishment of communism as the reconciliation of man with himself.

          That is religious insight–partial and incomplete, but essentially religious. For the great negation of religion is individualism, egocentricity become a philosophy; and it is inherently atheist, however much it says ‘Lord, Lord'”

          We cannot deal with where we are being taken in the name of education, religion, Equity, self-government or any of these other euphemisms until we recognize this common ancestry and where it wants to go. Frightening for me is how much this reads like the Hardwired to Connect vision that ties through its Bradley Foundation funding to so many of the purported foes of the Common Core and vocal advocates for School Choice.

          • The enormity of these lies and processes are such that people will not, even when presented with evidence, be able to bring themselves to believe – let alone change or defend themselves.

            It reminds me of the Orthodox Church in Greece during the Ottoman occupation. They new they could be faced with complete annihilation and so created a secret world where their culture and language could be taught and exist. It seems that this may be the only way to preserve some seeds within the population possible of germinating and providing an alternative to the beehive.

      • That eminent historian, Dan Brown, agrees with Mr. Macmurray about the essence of religion:

        FRANKFURT (Reuters) – Humanity no longer needs God but may with the help of artificial intelligence develop a new form of collective consciousness that fulfils the role of religion, U.S. author Dan Brown said on Thursday…

        “Christianity, Judaism and Islam all share a gospel, loosely, and it’s important that we all realise that,” he said. “Our religions are much more similar than they are different.”

        Turning to the future, Brown said technological change and the development of artificial intelligence would transform the concept of the divine.

        “We will start to find our spiritual experiences through our interconnections with each other,” he said, forecasting the emergence of “some form of global consciousness that we perceive and that becomes our divine”.

        One thing is for sure — the interconnectedness of the types who start to spout this stuff simultaneously.

        • This would be a useful article for parents upset about mindfulness to take to the school insisting on it or school district.

          Love how it openly admits it is grounded in Buddhism.

          Dan Brown’s dad is the math teacher at tony Phillips Exeter boarding school. He is also the author of the classic Algebra texts rarely used anymore because it has worked examples, instead of concepts and ‘productive struggle’.

          • I am running into a problem with “productive struggle” right now. My so-far-promising 11th grader is taking a physics course where he has to work out a problem. He utterly refuses to sit down and work it out from first principles, and the thought of it is throwing him into an emotional blockage. He is literally blocking out the productive work he needs to do.

            I don’t know what to do. Learning this sort of thing was really why I wanted him to take the physics course. Now it seems he’s been blocked against it somehow. Sure it’s a step and some hard work, but I’ve never seen such an emotional blockage before.

        • Will they decide also that humanity no longer needs cookies or air conditioning? Cuz humanity has been trained ie so evolved that we dont need God, but what if we want it? Is this to each acording to his need , ie the collective need? Who decides what the collective humanity needs or no longer needs? Oh right Oprah!

        • Take a look at this

          William Spady, who created Tranzi OBE and who whitewashed it after Columbine as “authentic education reforms” stated in a 2002 book the Convergence Center said recently they were reading so I did to that education needs to control the students’ internalized “purpose, philosophy, and principles”. That’s why we have a convergence with religion and the desire to control at a neural level.

    • How do you have
      ” limitless possibilities” when the ” point of life is giving back to the collective” ?? This is the creepiest thing next to the new Pennywise. (stephenKing’s IT movie)

      Its also such a trite madison avenue montage that could be selling computers, yogurt or travel insurance.

    • I am glad we will no longer be formal members, but the 15 years since bush 43 brought us back in will still have an enduring legacy. The local districts and private schools have absorbed the toxic template. The accreditors like AdvancED will remain the midwives of Julian Huxley’s vision of using ed for cultural evolution.

      Good time to remember this old post on their Scientific Humanism push under Bokova.

      • The agenda moves on regardless of who is in at the top, politically.

        In Australia, the federal government also makes a show of opposing some of the globalist policies but, in fact, has not moved away from the internationalist agenda one bit. What I have seen, is that at the local and state levels go it alone and are more emboldened than ever.

        Maybe that is the aim. Maybe all this populism is posturing to get the activists moving up a gear. It is obvious that the chaos level is being increased.

  2. This is despicable brainwashing. Anyone who lets this happen to their children should be in court. These teachers should also be in court. This has to be challenged right now and by all of us!

    • Speaking of brainwashing, read the activities described in this League of Innovative Schools/NSF-funded report released October 2. They are determined for students to envision themselves as systems and ones that can ‘die off’ if they overconsume resources.

      Unlike the real world, virtual reality will show whatever effects it has been programmed to show and do it vividly. Also notice interest in emotion and affect.

      • For all their verbosity, we can see through to the core of their prattle. I love how they refer to one of the 21st century skills as ‘creative expression’. When you have one basic plan to bamboozle the children (and adults), creative expression or BS is very important. I am starting to see through the fog at the moment and can see a way to confront these people. Their goal is clear as you have shown all along, Robin, and now the method is clear as well.

        Logic, argumentation and creative expression are useless if your premises and definitions are all wrong or prescribed by someone else. You will inevitably arrive at their goals. See how cunning they are?

        We must not accept their premises as we must not accept the premises of ‘White Privilege’, ‘Critical Race Theory’, ‘Gender Studies’, ‘Diversity’, ‘Inclusiveness’, ‘Equity’ and any other postmodernist rubbish aimed at destroying our civilizations.

        • Talk about confirmation this targeting of ‘attitudes and attributes’ via education is a global template comes from here.

          Once again Templeton funded. You should check on what they are funding Down Under.

          And then there is this Notice the Pathways graphic and how it ends up with characteristics that look just like a Learner Profile or Portrait of a Graduate. Also notice how the Global Citizens in the Making works and its targeting of 12-14 year olds fits with what I laid out in CtD about the known times when the brain is physiologically the most malleable.

          Following up on that last link led me to discover something called “Pathway Models of Resilience” going on all over the world, including Oz.

          • The Templeton Foundation is a modest grant contributor in Australia.

            As you have shown and wikipedia mentions:

            ‘[t]he John Templeton Foundation (Templeton Foundation) is a philanthropic organization with a spiritual or religious inclination that funds inter-disciplinary research about human purpose and ultimate reality’.

            It is obviously one of the religious actor in this global process of transformation.

            What I did find that may be useful is a site that allows us to see at a glance the myriad of grants by sector and what they are for.


          • Notice how much this vision of the planned and plannable future is about explicitly controlling human behavior.

            This is how data gets used and it’s not about PII. It’s about getting to the stipulated ‘outcomes’. Screaming about federal mandates as the bogeyman is a misdirect when the local has always been the implementation point. Just get the school supers, principals, mayors, and city councils all signed up. That’s especially easy when one group wants promotions and gold-plated, taxpayer funded pensions and the others act as lobbyists in their day jobs.

          • Apparently the Templeton F is now doing grants to community-based org’s to train parents so that they themselves as well as their children will learn to put the greater good of the community above their own self-interest.

            The Greater Good Science Center in Berkeley, California is the admin.

            This is from the RFP just out:

            2017 REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS
            Greater Good Parenting: Raising Caring, Courageous Kids
            Page 3
            The goal of this project is to equip community-based organizations with
            research-based knowledge and resources that can help parents guide
            their children toward choices that place the long-term good of their
            communities ahead of their immediate self-interest
            . It seeks to bridge the
            divide between research and practice, making parents and parent educators
            more aware of important insights that have grown out of research published
            over the last two decades.
            Awards of between $25,000 and $150,000 will support parenting education
            programs that teach research-based skills and insights to parents. While the
            programs do not explicitly need to teach parents the science behind their
            the programs themselves should be committed to incorporating
            recent scientific findings
            . Specifically, in addition to providing funding,
            this initiative will point awardees toward relevant research that can enhance
            their work, and connect them with scientific advisors who will consult on the
            development and evaluation of their programs. Each awardee will have the
            chance to work with a team of experts who can help them tease out the practical
            implications of relevant research, use this research to make their work stronger,
            and consider how to evaluate the impact of their programs more effectively.
            We are specifically interested in proposals that would nurture in children
            the beliefs or behaviors that place the long-term good of one’s communities
            ahead of one’s immediate self-interest; this encompasses ethical behavior
            toward others, skills that support strong relationships, and a general
            commitment to the greater good. More specific examples of “prosocial” skills—
            ones that motivate children to act for the benefit of others rather than their
            own personal gain or immediate self-interest—include:

            A conscious, deliberate decision to release feelings of
            resentment or vengeance toward a person or group who has harmed
            us, giving up the desire or power to punish. It does not mean forgetting,
            condoning, or excusing offenses. Nor does it require the forgiver to reconcile
            with the person who harmed him or her. Instead, it brings the forgiver peace
            of mind and frees him or her from corrosive anger.

            Not simply giving but giving more than is expected in a
            situation, incurring a cost to promote someone else’s welfare.

            Acknowledging the gifts and benefits we’ve received and
            recognizing that the sources of this goodness come from outside of
            ourselves. That means recognizing how other people, or even higher powers,
            have given us gifts to help us achieve the good things in our lives, and
            feeling thankful to them for those gifts.

            Behaving or expressing yourself in a way that is fair, free of deceit,
            and morally correct. It provides the foundation for trust, which is a key
            component of thriving relationships, families, and society.

            Being able to see and accept one’s own strengths and limitations
            without defensiveness or judgment. According to researchers Joseph
            Chancellor and Sonja Lyubomirsky, humility involves having “a calm,
            accepting self-concept that is not hypersensitive to ego-threats,” the ability
            to perceive oneself and others clearly (without the need to exaggerate or
            debase), being open to new information, being focused on others, and
            believing that you are generally no better (or worse) than others.

            Service to others without expectation of reward or repayment, not
            limited to romantic relationships.

            According to researcher William Damon, this is an “intention to
            accomplish something that is at the same time meaningful to the self and
            consequential for the world beyond the self.” In other words, a drive to do
            something that feels personally meaningful but is also directed toward
            improving the lives of others.

            Being consistently good in quality or performance; behaving
            responsibly, by actually doing what we pledge to do.
            Programs can zero in on how to develop specific qualities from this list (e.g., how
            do we help children build gratitude?) and/or can be focused more generally on
            creating home environments that nurture a range of interpersonal strengths.
            While the final programs do not necessarily need to explicitly cite research on
            prosocial skills to parents, the proposals for funding should make clear what kind
            of research will inform the program development and explain in general terms
            how this research will be incorporated into the program design. ”

            Look who is to apply–

            “Schools, school networks, religious organizations (including religious schools),
            and any other organization with an established connection to a parent
            population and an interest in producing resources that help parents nurture
            caring children are welcome to apply. Up to half—and at least a quarter—of
            the funding will be awarded to faith-based organizations.”

            Looks like Templeton funds the whole thing. Marx’s moral revolution brought to us in the name of well-being.

          • They’ve redefined “Generosity” and “Love”, the rest of it doesn’t look too bad. But I guess we should watch out word games around Generosity and Love in what is to come.

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