Priming the Springs of Action: Reconstituting We the People Via Internalized Habits and Values

Rather than continue on with what is going on now behind our backs in K-12 education globally, let’s go back in time first to pick up some of the ‘deep pillars’ from the late 80s and 90s that ground the supposed “social capital that is comprised of human character, competence and values.” In my book Credentialed to Destroy I laid out the template for what was called Transformational Outcomes Based Education. I also covered events taking place in the mid to late 80s in the West that suggested insider preparation for the “Fall” of the Berlin Wall and Communism. Today’s post should be seen as building on the Deep Pillars also laid out in the book. We need to grasp every aspect that political insiders, think tanks, institutions of faith, and other public policy forces who turned out to be involved, were quietly advocating and implementing to achieve a particular vision for the future.

This is from an essay “Citizenship: Transcending Left and Right” contained in a 2004 book Building a Community of Citizens: Civil Society in the 21st Century. I found it referenced in footnotes as I followed up again on the deceit surrounding the Common Core and other education ‘reforms’ currently. If this quote reminds anyone else of Amitai Etzioni’s New Golden Rule, he is listed as a consultant on the book. As we have encountered the Bradley Foundation a great deal as we have followed widely disseminated education narratives that happen to be false, I should note that their then President, Michael Joyce, also wrote one of the essays in that book.

“A closer look at these issues will reveal that today’s crisis of values has nothing whatever to do with ‘capitalist’ and ‘socialist’ institutions. It is a by-product of individualism…The real source of these problems is in us, as we search for a way to integrate the modern emphasis on individual self-expression with a vision of values, community, and purpose that transcends the individual self–a way to integrate freedom and order.”

How often do we now hear the phrases ‘self-government’ or ‘self-governance’? We simply assume it means something having to do with our individual autonomy. Turns out we get to have a “new kind of politics” grounded in psychology and the “self-governance of individuals and communities…[a] two-dimensional value system underlies the self-governing approach to the world, which borrows the best of both capitalism and socialism and combines them in an integrated vision.” That would be an integrated vision of course to be imposed invisibly by Bipartisan laws few read, a new vision of education, and “a change in the spirit of individuals and the community that comprises them.”

Let’s skip to another book from 1998 brought to us by the Center for Public Justice that “pursues civic education programs from the standpoint of a comprehensive Christian worldview. The Center advocates equal public treatment of all faiths and seeks political reforms to strengthen the diverse institutions of civil society.” It turned out that Antonio Gramsci was not the only visionary to see Marching through the Institutions as the way to later prevailing consciousness and culture. So have groups, politicians, and think tanks many of us have simply assumed to be representative of Conservatism. It turns out though that the best way to get Marx’s Moral Revolution in place is to get religious faiths on board as well, control education, and redefine concepts like Liberty and Freedom we all think we understand.

Naming Educators as the Levers Shifting the Human Personality To Marx’s Moral Revolution

is the post I have to simply assume everyone is familiar with so we can move forward to what was laid out in then Senator Dan Coats’ 1998 Kuyper Lecture and printed as Mending Fences: Renewing Justice Between Government and Civil Society . It is once again selling the vision that liberty requires a certain kind of citizenry and democracy is a “set of habits…[that] depends on an internalized willingness to respect the rights and dignity of others.” All of our encounters with Classical Education about the principles of the Good, Character, and Virtues appear to go back to this vision where “these virtues require more than intellectual assent; they must take root not only in minds but in hearts.”

Yet again, we have a vision where civil society institutions are supposed to “protect against individualism, turning our attention to the needs of others, the benefits of cooperation, the necessity of trust, and the value of the common good.” All citizens and especially students with their still pliable minds and hearts need “those ideas and sentiments” that will free “individuals from the solitude of their selfishness.” When I wrote Credentialed to Destroy I laid out the transformational vision of Social Reconstructionists. I cited to admitted progressives who had been explicit about their intentions. Turns out so have the so-called Right and institutions of faith and they have resurrected a Dutch politician from the 19th century, Abraham Kuyper to do that while pretending a reconstructionist aim is simply a matter of faith. (Italics in original in Mending Fences)

There is a common good greater than individual rights, and society must actively and tirelessly seek it. Kuyper exclaimed, “We shall not be satisfied with the structure of society until it offers all human beings an existence worthy of man.” In a beautiful passage Pope John XXIII defines the common good as “the sum total of those conditions of social living, whereby men are enabled more fully and more readily to achieve their own perfections.”

But I did promise deep pillars and we have remained in the 90s, haven’t we? In my tiptoeing through the footnotes, I not only found the books cited above, but also a 2007 book Godly Republic: A Centrist Blueprint for America’s Faith-Based Future. Written by John DiIulio, Bush 43’s first faith-based czar, it had an Appendix I had never seen referenced before from June 25, 1988. The document was called the Williamsburg Charter: A National Celebration and Reaffirmation of the First Amendment Religious Liberty Clauses and whatever the 100 highly influential people who signed the charter thought they were endorsing, the actual function of the document is to commit to an internalized Marxian moral revolution. Yes, I am sure as I have read a lot of the language when no one is pretending anything other than driving the deep pillars the Human Development Society would need in values, beliefs, emotions and other motivators of future action.

Yes the references are a bit oblique at first, tucked away into phrases like the “remarkable opportunity for the expansion of liberty” and a desire for the “ordering of society” around common “commitments and ideals” that all people are to live by. It is inherent in the language too that “rights are universal and responsibilities mutual.” Remember the definition of ‘precepts’ from the last post and their current sudden ubiquity, as we go back to the paragraph that follows “A time for reconstruction” heading:

“We believe, finally, that the time is ripe for a genuine expansion of democratic liberty, and that this goal may be attained through a new engagement of citizens in a debate that is reordered in accord with constitutional first principles and considerations of the common good. This amounts to no less than the reconstitution of a free republican people in our day. Careful consideration of three precepts would advance this possibility.”

First, the criteria must be mutual which gets translated to mean that the “intention of the Framers” is not enough. We reconstituted citizens must also internalize as  habits “consideration of immutable principles of justice.” Should we look to Kuyper or a 1930s Pope as quoted above? Secondly, the “Consensus must be Dynamic”. One wonders if an earlier draft said Dialectical instead, but that might be too obvious to get all 100 signatures. We are told that “Reconstitution requires a shared understanding of the relationship between the Constitution and the society it is to serve.” We the People must affirm those principles in practice. Supposedly this mandate is NOT authoritarian because it is civil society imposing at the level of hearts and minds in order to “contribute to the spiritual and moral foundations of democracy.”

That’s clearly John Dewey’s definition of democracy which explains why one of the Rockefeller heirs wrote a book about him and his work driving a Religious Humanism vision that I keep hearing being mirrored in Faux Narratives. The third precept is that the “Compact Must Be Mutual”. Suddenly, “the First Amendment…is the epitome of public justice and serves as the Golden Rule for civic life.” Personally, I think being told by so many public officials that a “general consent to the obligations of citizenship is therefore inherent in the American experiment, both as a founding principle (‘We the people”) and as a matter of daily practice” is certainly a violation of the spirit of the phrase “the government shall not…”

Let’s end there as these quotes place so much of what I documented in my book and then later on this blog into their true transformative functions. The empathy push from the last post makes so much more sense if we now supposedly have a “responsibility to comprehend” the perspectives of others. Pushing a common core of mandated values, attitudes, and beliefs fits with a desire for “a broad, active community of understanding to be sustained.”

Take a look at that Williamsburg Charter in one of the variety of places it can be found. It will do wonders toward our finally achieving an accurate “community of understanding” about what is truly going on in education and why.


23 thoughts on “Priming the Springs of Action: Reconstituting We the People Via Internalized Habits and Values

  1. I remember very well when that Williamsburg Charter was introduced. You’re right: A whole slew of the accepted “Conservatives” of that day had all signed on. Never completely understood how they were all duped into signing. If I recall correctly, it was introduced about the same time Library Court, the Heritage Foundation-led lobbying group that convened itself in DC to set the agenda for conservative action by all the established Rigt Wing groups. Have a feeling there must have been some “common support” for the actions of this clique.

    • I am going to move the comment to mc from the previous post over here as well. Yes, indeed the names on that list fit like a constructed bulwark as everyone agrees to jump off the cliff based on this new paradigm, this new view of liberty and society, this new view of faith itself. Chamber of Commerce. Mormons, catholics, 7th day adventists, baptists, evangelicals. It’s like some thought it was actually about faith and others knew exactly that the foundation for the Human Development Society was at last being embraced by all of America’s primary institutions.

      Then aren’t we glad I have this fine library now of what gets cited in the footnotes of the pertinent documents? Don Eberly, who wrote Building a Community of Citizens which also has an essay by Mr Cooperative Commonwealth and President Obama’s favorite community organizer, Harry Boyte, wrote the first essay “The Quest for a Civil Society”. He also worked for Bush 43.

      He says “chief among the objectives of this [civil society] movement will be forging a new consensus on the basic values upon which a free society rests. Citizens and leaders from all sectors of society will be needed to rebuild American greatness around the tripod of character, community, and culture.” No wonder Amitai Etzioni’s work popped up when I first encountered a Positive School Climate mandate back in 2012.

      Eberly also insists that “The objective of ethical renewal is the renewal of people and their social institutions, not just government.” Sponsored by people who have been lying to us about what they are up to in the name of education and frequently investing in the designated providers of the new vision.

      One last quote: “The citizen in a liberal society is one who can rise above purely private calculation that comes with competitive individualism and can dwell cooperatively in community.”

      I bolded the adverbs used in another passage to point out what this balance of ordered freedom and society really mean. We get to be subordinated but not wholly or entirely submerged nor totally subjugated.

      If you notice Coretta Scott King and Ted Kennedy were both signatories. I don’t think this is what “Free at Last” actually meant, nor do I want mandatory values and character lectures from someone who left a poor girl to drown rather than admit he was a playboy. The heads of both the Dem and Rep party. Dukakis just before he was nominated when he still headed NGA. Bill Bennett who still did not mention the existence of Project Education Reform : Time for Results. The heads of Cato, Heritage, and AEI.

      I was afraid if I provided a hot link it would be down in a heart beat. Even authors of the charter fail to mention it in subsequent writing.

      I wondered if you were familiar with the Charter as it has been on my radar all of three days. It really does bring together though people associated with Dominionism from what you and others have explained to me and the new ed reform template. Another author, Os Guinness. actually lived with Francis Schaeffer at L’Abri because I looked him up just before writing this after he was cited as an author of the Williamsburg Charter, wrote a book about this in 1990 that Brookings published, and then wrote an essay “Religion in the Civil Public Square” for the Eberly book. I wanted to see if he was still alive. He is and still writing.

    • That comment was getting too long, but Os Guinness was pushing what he called a “Charter for the Third Century.” Again we are to have a balanced, supposedly Third Way where “the third step in reforging the public philosophy is to introduce the concept of covenantalism, or chartered pluralism, as the basis of the public philosophy.” Bringing this forward before I continue with the quote I noticed the Kern Family Foundation officials had been attending Jubilee Centre Conferences. That matters because another employee, Greg Forster, is also employed by the Friedman Foundation that is now renamed as EdChoice. He wrote the troubling new concept of Accountability I covered that we can now see just swims in this balance between individualism and totalitarianism. He was also involved in what appears to be a coordinated narrative around Closing the Door on Innovation that sought to create a false narrative around the Common Core and federalism. Turns out to be tied to the same groups involved with this Charter.

      Mustn’t know and will not stop could be the refrain here. Covenantal liberty would also be called ‘federal’ liberty but it works much like what we noticed the Templeton Foundation funded for the US Constitution Center in Philly to push on students. Such a federal liberty “combines the best, and avoids the worst. of the libertarian and communitarian visions.” Maybe they could call it the Responsive Communitarian Platform like Amitai Etzioni did? The idea is that we need “common principles of action”, which is one of the referrents to the title of this post.

      Guinness also thinks public education will need to formulate and instill a ‘common core’ of values in this vision. Catchy phrase there.

      “If this vision of a promise-keeping covenant gains acceptance in the three main arenas of conflict–public policy debates, the resort to law, and public education–and if it succeeds in addressing their problems constructively, chartered pluralism could serve as a public philosophy for the public square, truly a charter for religion and public life in America’s third century of constitutional government.”

      Except it’s actually not about religion is it? It’s about the common desire and ability to control and manipulate hearts and minds in the 21st century at least until this new type of education is more broadly understood. Explains all the deceit though by people with ties to that Williamsburg Charter and the subsequent funders of this MH vision under its various euphemisms in the 90s up to now.

    • Have you seen this and is this discussed Phoenix meeting on your radar?

      Route 50 could hardly be more progressive and the Heartland Institute is in fact not “right-wing” at all. Any entity that has communitarian Amitai Etzioni write the Foreword for their book on School Choice are either lousy researchers or on board for his Active Society agenda.

      By the way DiIluio says at the end of the book that the Williamsburg Charter was mentioned, but hard to find a copy of until someone at Betsy deVos’ alma mater, Calvin College, gave him a copy in 2006 when he was visiting there. Telling, huh? It’s also where the national expert on faith based org’s, Stephen Monsma, is in the poli sci department. I looked him up and he died several months ago. Also the False Narrative wants to draw attention to public-private partnerships involving business, but the more likely PPPs are apparently to be with FBOs.

      Hard not to think of Turchenko from my book.

  2. On a much less cerebral note but still related, have you ever seen the spoof movie Idiocracy? It is not high brow but in a cartoonish manner it provides a fairly accurate representation of where western civilization is headed. In some aspects we are already arrived at the point the film says is our destiny.

    When I read the quote below I thought ,’ herein lies the premise, problem and ultimately disaster. No matter how collectivism is dressed up and marketed or taught to pliable k-12 minds it’s not going to work as the planners envision. For a short time perhaps. But even with A.I. and implanted microchips and a cashless society, human nature will break through the programming and what remains of manipulated human beings will be an angry ( perhaps even ambitious for something individual but they may not recognize the urge) and dumbed down lot. Not a great combination.

    .”One last quote: “The citizen in a liberal society is one who can rise above purely private calculation that comes with competitive individualism and can dwell cooperatively in community.”

    • The problem with believing we can break through the programming goes back to the widespread false narratives about sel being about databases of PII. In the actual theory being used to rewire the human brain both the brain and language itself are viewed as ‘systems’. Your or my kids perhaps can reject the programming because they get vaccinated at home with ideas and vocabulary and hopefully lots of reading against the desire to turn both human traits into closed systems. That will not be true of the average kid. If much of the false narrative surrounding the Common Core steers parents into assuming certain online providers or Classical Schools are the answer and they are in turn premised on the brain and language being closed systems, thought itself is still locked into place.

      I did not intend this to be a cerebral post. It shows why there was such determination in that APP/Pioneer paper to misrepresent what Tranzi OBE and competency-based education mean in order to sell the new Catholic Curriculum Frameworks. Pioneer later began touting those frameworks for Jewish schools too. Makes more sense with an awareness of the Wmsburg Charter. It’s not just Kevin Ryan at BU and also Karen Bohlin now tied to the Jubilee Centre’s Knightly Virtues curriculum. She comes up in a thanks to another Bradley F financed book on this topic called Ambiguous Embrace. Its author is also at BU. Remember that is also where the NSF-funded Science of Learning Center CELEST is.

      • How depressing, but yes I see how “closing the door on innovation” ahem, will work for most average bears. Frankly, I already see how it has affected my youngest. She is not a goner but deprograming her is no small task. Depressing. I said that already. 🙁

        • This is how Betsy DeVos’ regulations last week on evidence-based in school improvement and all other projects under ESSA defined the term Logic Model. It first noted that it is synonymous with the phrase “theory of action.” Then it goes on to state that it “means a framework that identifies key project components of the proposed project (i.e., the active ingredients that are hypothesized to be critical to achieving the relevant outcomes) and describes the theoretical and operational among the key project components and relevant outcomes.”

          That’s hugely experimental on our children and the use of the desired values and motivating ideas then counts as a relevant outcome. Logic Model might seem vague and it would be if the Ed Tech industry had not released what it really means with much greater specificity the previous week, which I happen to have a copy of. Then I cross-referenced the Ed Tech guidelines on Logic Model with the Pay for Success criteria and ding. ding. ding. it was winner winner chicken dinner.

          Hypothesized to be critical–Talk about Marxian Theory in Practice.

          Also remember DiIulio is now back at U-Penn with its AISP push for state integrated data bases across all areas of social needs (just like the MH theory) and with Amy Gutman heading the Neuroethics Commission of the BRAIN Initiative. You know, the one that interprets their calling to mean it is only ethical for people to have the desired beliefs and values held at a neurobiological level?

          Who wrote a book about Education for Democracy that argued for just such a right? And now they think they have the theories in place to do just that. Meanwhile the false narrative crowd has parents believing all will be well if they simply download the Student Privacy Toolkit.

  3. I know I have stated something like this before in comments on another post but reading this particular post I am reminded to substitute the unambiguous words ‘ Welfare State’ for Civil Society and ‘ Controllable’ for ‘Sustainable’ whenever I read about or hear about plans for our Glorious Next Tuesday Shared Common Good.

    • I will switch to Mending Fences again and with the Pope Paul II quote remember it was under his push at the Vatican that IMBES was created in 2002. This is not anti-faith. I view this is a total corruption of faith that needs to be accurately perceievd. Preventing that is why my life has been a roller coaster of deceptions trying to shut me up for at least 3 years.

      “The renewal of liberal democracy will depend first and foremost on the strength of families, churches, and synagogues, which create citizens with the moral tools to cooperate in the common good. Pope John Paul II has stated, “…the Christian churches and the world religions will have a preeminent role in building a society worthy of man.” Later the role of virtues and the ties to the Marxian man as a maker of history once the needed moral revolution occurs is here “people will only undertake those tasks if they believe with all their heart and mind that these tasks are good, noble, and virtuous–not just choices but immutable truths and moral laws and religious callings.”

      That is straight out of Revolution of the Heart’s view of agency-based education or what the CLT looks for and what Classical Education states it wishes to create. That’s not coincidental. It;s simply not supposed to be accurately perceived. I clearly do not have the desired worldview and my brain is anything but a closed system.

  4. I discovered this published in 1991. Here is the abstract to what appears to be a lengthy article:

    Pope John Paul’s great vision of communitarianism and a New Global Order has yet to receive the recognition it deserves in furthering the understanding that humanity is built on religious values, without which transformations in totalitarian regimes would have been impossible. The essence of communitarianism, as put forth by the Vatican, consists of seeking middle ground between Marxist collectivism and rigid individualism and capitalism. Phillips traces the history of communitarianism through Aristotelian and Judeo-Christian writings, clarifying the proper function of the community in helping individuals help themselves by mobilizing church resources and countering anti-religious movements such as Nazism and communism. Communitarianism presents an encouraging universal notion of freedom, transcending the one-sided stances of Marxism and libertarian capitalism and promoting the vision of a unified human destiny.

    Yet another manifestation of Convergence. It also puts all those Vatican conferences into some context.

    • Yes, the creation of IMBES–the International Mind Brain Education Society. I am so glad you found such a clear quote reflecting the ties to the MH vision as “The Republic’s Faith-Based Future” chapter (remember DiIulio is at Penn which is also where Seligman is creating his Positive and Education Psychology vision with comparable goals and a slightly different rationale) states that Di Iulio hates to travel abroad. Yet he says he made an exception in 1998 at the invitation of the Vatican and that he spoke before the very same Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences that created IMBES about 5 years later. DiIulio is upset that the Founders never laid out a clear obligation in the Constitution to “provide help to people in need”.

      He also lays out the rationale for exactly the kind of internalized neural installation of the MH template Tranzi OBE and IMBES were created to do when he states “the common good as a strong human impulse only comes to practical fruition in societies where it has been woven into prevailing political theory and reflected in living constitutional norms.” Precisely what the 100 signers of the Williamsburg Charter and the institutions representing millions that lay behind them intended to do.

      He goes on ” In order to get people to cooperate with this civic ideal and selflessly serve people in need, it helps to have an overarching and widely shared conception of why such good works are good and may even sometimes be morally required.” He goes on with ever greater specificity and complaints about “this profound philosophical failure” to lay out our social duties regarding the common good. Then he talks about joking with Al Gore in May 1999 (he worked with both the Bush 43 and Gore campaigns on these issues in the 2000 election and is also close to former Ed Sec Bill Bennett who has never been forthcoming about his Project Education Reform : Time for Results) about the need to “Think Catholic” and follow the Catechism whether one is actually Catholic or not. Here’s that quote:

      “But I was only half-joking [When he responded to Gore with “Well, would you like to become Catholic?]. When it comes to defining the common good in a theologically anchored and intellectually coherent yet practical fashion, there is, I believe, no one source better or truer than my beloevd Catechism, especially the parts that deal with ‘human community.’

      As I argued in 1998 before the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences at the Vatican, modern Catholics have a time-tested way, made consistent in the twentieth century with representative democratic ideals [Say what? The welfare state?], of thinking about individual rights in relation to social duties. Essentially, to ‘think Catholic’ here means to uunderstand core Catholic theological precepts as they relate to traditional Catholic social teachings– universal social teachings that can be embraced even by citizens who totally reject some or all of the Catholic theological precepts from which they are derived.”

      We have here a joining together of Marx and his Human Development Society vision with supposedly what Catholic social teaching compels ready to get government money to be the community human services provider to meet those needs that are the purpose of the Human Development Society. No wonder there is such deceit and this all goes back to when Bush was still governor in Texas. DiIulio also lays out Hillary Clinton’s embrace of this agenda from her time as First Lady and then in her Senate campaign. Actually I would peg it from when she wrote her thesis at Wellesley on Saul Alinsky. Obama also embraced this agenda and it is mostly being hidden now as Evidence-based Policymaking. No wonder we got the Student Unit Record diversion offered up as a distraction by our Common Core/SEL False Narrativists.

      Finally there are also ties between that Godly Republic book, the Williamsburg Charter, and the data-driven social control laid out last fall, whoever the next President was. It would explain the Senate slow walking so many of the Trump nominees.

      • “that the words you hear affect how the brain is wired”–
        …Sustainable, Civil Society, Collective, Communitarian, Common Good, Rights and Responsibilities, Dignity, Diversity, etc…

        a/k/a Habits of Mind

        • Talk about wanting to control the vocabulary that creates thought itself.

          Look it has a teaching guide too!.

          Both published yesterday. While the rest of us ordinary people are consumed with getting our kids out the door to start another school year somewhere.

          I think the False Narratives rely not only on the Chinese term xuanchuan techniques laid out here, but also on the better known term desinformatsiya. I suspect the False Narrative crowd will not be picking up those terms like they have Upravleniye and Dirigiste.

          I do original research. Others simply read this blog or my book and then mine like a predatory parrot to appear authoritative while they mislead and practice xuanchuan and desinformatsiya.

          • WOWzers!!! This Lexicon of Lies and toolkit is ridiculous. On the one hand it makes me chuckle because the Planners are clearly panicking a little bit to feel they must hustle out thought control directives like this one right now. Is the curtain lifting perhaps? They are trying hard to tug it down that is for sure.

            I love the repetition of the vague and all encompassing word ” Problematic”. For Whom ? is what the remaining actually inquisitive minds left on this planet should be thinking .

          • I had a hard time believing that the average person doesn’t know the difference between disinformation and misinformation. It’s a shame they won’t use the networks as examples of Fake News.

            I have been tracking a Big Data NSF funded initiative quietly created over the past two to three years. It is also explicitly tied to their Neuroscience funding such as the BRAIN Initiative. Among the partners who can request grant funding are state departments of ed and other statewide ed org’s as well as local school districts. It’s all deidentified data so the PII disinformation campaign as well as the “will they be ready for algebra?” has people looking in the wrong direction.

            I am bringing an enormous amount together in between errands. Did you know dryer cloths make good packing separators? Me neither.

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