Quoting Che Guevara and Importing Personalizedategic from Russia Seems Odd for a Cold War Victor

Buckle Up. Once again we are being played now in a way that fits the Blueprints from decades ago. Let’s look together so we can shield ourselves and our children from the deliberate assaults on our very Consciousness. In the last post, when I chose the “Incarcerated by their Minds” quote, I knew it fit with the expressed goals for what a Whole Child emphasis and Student-Centered learning were really designed to do. What I did not know yet was that ‘Consciousness as a Prison’ that needs to be broken out of was a favorite metaphor of many of the New Age writers and Systems Thinkers we have encountered. The 1968 SRI study we began looking at in the last post recommended a 1978 book New Age Politics: Healing Self and Society. In a Chapter on how to see through to the prison, it laid out what needs to change and why as follows (my bolding and comments in brackets):

inner structures, to deep-seated changes in states of mind, points of view, custom and routine, personality and consciousness…this is the level where the Six-Sided Prison can be found.

This third level of history isn’t impossible to change; but it is the hardest to change. It is…a ‘transformation of culture so large that it isn’t an event any more.’ No wonder most political activists have chosen to ignore it! [but not education, sociology, psych, or poli sci profs].

And yet–and yet–if it’s true that governments and economic systems determine the nature of events, as the Marxists say, then it’s also true that the third level of history determines the nature of the governments and economic systems, and the context, the atmosphere, the quality of events. [Remember the omnipresent PBIS and Positive School Climate with only the rationales varying].

If we simply ignore the third level of analysis until ‘later’ we’ll end up with no social evolution at all, in any deep sense. And we may end up with a stronger Prison.”

I mentioned the Cold War, a theme I developed extensively in my book, but Mark Satin in 1978 cited that Alexander Solzhenitsyn and the other Russian dissidents were actually pushing a “material limits to growth” and “calls for political and economic decentralization” that sounds much like what the UN is now calling Localization per the last post. Turns out someone has planned a Local/Global spin for a while because Chapter 16 of Satin’s book was called “Localization: Celebration of Diversity” with a vision for community-based decision-making that could be something Amitai Etzioni, the Ford Foundation, or the Brookings Metropolitanism vision would call for today (because they are). The Russian component of the New Age Politics book ended with this vision–

“Once understood and adopted, this principle diverts us–as individuals, in all forms of human association, societies and nations–from outward to inward development…”

There’s  a rather constant drumbeat for this now apart from all the social and emotional learning and restorative justice practices in schools and classrooms we have looked at. This is bigger and from every direction as adults and all institutions get targeted. Last Thursday I was at the “Wisdom, Moderation and Opportunity” put on by an Atlas Network affiliate, the Georgia Public Policy Foundation, with speeches with ties to other Network members. The Luncheon Keynote Speaker, Arthur Brooks, president of AEI, insisted that to be a Conservative required having the Heart of a Servant. A true, little c conservative, would probably know from history that telling people what must motivate them is authoritarian, not conservative. Those systems thinkers we met in the September 28 Menticide post pushing how to force Creative Altruism into future human personalities would have loved that speech.

Call it Conservative and then describe a long-pushed Progressive, Internationalist, or Communitarian Idea seems to have been a common theme among speakers. From citing constantly an obligation to meet people’s needs and aid their well-being to the audience hissing when a questioner asked Nevada legislator Scott Hammond, about the actual student choice in his touted “near-universal Education Savings Account legislation,” there was a decided emphasis on a vision of the future that fits perfectly with what Uncle Karl called the Human Development Society. Which is fascinating timing as Friday, the Great Transition Initiative (has a tag as I have previously tied this to the OECD and what the PISA assessment is really driving) released this jaw-dropping paper.  http://www.greattransition.org/images/GTI_publications/Foster-Marxism-and-Ecology.pdf

If I covered everything in that confession that tied to these various programs and education initiatives I have been describing, it would turn this post into a book. Instead, let’s go to the section called “The Great Convergence” and remember the Re-Imagining Education link from two posts ago from the Bipartisan Convergence Center. In the GTI link we are told:

“Development, particularly in the rich economies, must assume a new form: qualitative, collective, and cultural–emphasizing sustainable human development in harmony with Marx’s original view of socialism. As Lewis Mumford argued, a stationary state promoting ecological ends, requires for its fulfillment the egalitarian conditions of ‘basic communism,’ with production determined ‘according to need, not according to ability or productive contribution.’ [Footnote is to Marx and his Gotha Programme book].

Such a shift away from capital accumulation and towards a system of meeting collective needs based on a principle of enough is obviously impossible under the regime of capital accumulation. What is required, then, is an ecological and social revolution that will facilitate a society of ecological sustainability and substantive equality.”

That agenda is the UN’s Vision 2030 and Sustainable Development Goals that our political leaders have already signed us up for. They are not citing Marx or basic communism, at least to us, but this is the grounding nevertheless. As Foster admits “In this Great Transition, I believe socialists will play the leading role, even as the meaning of socialism evolves” [Required Heart of a Servant, perhaps?] as we all are shoved, with deceitful definitions and government programs no one tells us about, for “establishing more egalitarian conditions and processes for governing global society, including the requisite ecological, social, and economic planning.”

Existing inequalities and hype over Climate Change then are just excuses to plan and tell most of us what we can be and what we must do. When the Frameworks Institute last week put out a report “Talking Human Services” http://frameworksinstitute.org/assets/files/humanservices/nhsa_mm_final_2015.pdf , they intended to reframe prevailing perceptions in ways that fit with this desired communistic Human Development Society. They simply left that part out of why something is ‘desirable’ or not. The Notorious Che Guevara comes into this vision because of a 2008 speech John Bellamy Foster gave in Australia that was published as http://monthlyreview.org/2008/11/01/ecology-and-the-transition-from-capitalism-to-socialism/

Foster made it clear that the emphasis, per Che, would not be economic development but on the “need to develop socialist humanity.” That’s the part the UN leaves out when they tout Human Development as a goal. It means “a revolutionizing practice that revolutionizes human beings themselves.” When the Georgia DoED speaker stated that PBIS and Positive School Climate were not going away, he meant that the entire emphasis of school, starting in preschool, has changed. Social and emotional learning are not add-ons. The mandated shift is this revolutionizing process that targets ‘inner development,’ internalized images of how the world works, and appropriate future goals.

The obnoxious audience response to a heartfelt attempt to bring pertinent facts to the sales pitch of School Choice was a reminder to me that the current head of the cited ESA designer–the Friedman Foundation, Robert Enlow, is just one of a myriad of figures who keep popping up with ties to Seattle Pacific University. Others were Richard J Spady and Richard Kirby. (Civilization Building Leadership and the UNESCO-tied ed vision Nurturing Civilization Builders) That latter book cited a Tatyana Tsyrlina who is now Tsyrlina-Spady and an adjunct at SPU. In 2009 she started the Russian-American Education Forum, an online journal that first came up when I was looking at Arizona charter schools. It can be read in English or Russian, which means odd words come up like Personalizedategic.

I am quoting in particular from the November 1, 2010 Newsletter http://www.rus-ameeduforum.com/ but any of the newsletters describe a supposedly Russian vision for education that is being implemented in US schools. It explains the reasons for the task emphasis that figures so prominently in the actual Common Core implementation (Chapter 7 of my book) and also the real rationale behind “student-centered learning.” As students master each task, it “has some personal meaning for each of them.” Remember inner development? Well, the Russians do because they give us the reason for Rigor and assessments where there is no single correct answer.

Under “Personality-developing model,” we finally learn that “Personality development is possible only when a student’s level of knowledge and skills cannot meet the requirements of a given educational situation.” This gap then pulls a student’s “needs and motives” into play and forces the student to “exercise introspection and stimulates their self-reflection.” The “self-reflection is a primary contributor to personal development” and gets at the inner dimension–“the inner learning process, and its interconnected structural elements” consisting of “students’ activities, personal experience, and self-reflections.”

This Personality-Development model “helps students accumulate necessary skills and experience related to self-realization, self-organization, self-regulation, self-control, and self-management.” It sounds just like what the CCSSO is calling Competency-Based education in the US and what UNESCO calls the same thing globally in English-speaking countries.

It also “forms and develops personal values and has a strong effect on both intellect and motivation.” Sounds like everything our transformational social engineers need, so what’s Personalizedategic? That’s the final model that relates to the real world and remembers that “one of the main objectives of education is to prepare students for future adult life.” Sound familiar? It also explains all the various Redesign of High School initiatives. How about “the teaching process should include a system of interconnected, complementary situations that stimulate students’ personal development and challenge them to design key life strategies.” Now remember, this is translated from Russian into English in what could hardly be a better vision for mental disarmament of a once, and maybe future, foe.

Examples of life strategies are “choosing future profession, choosing a college, or realizing personal plans. Strategies are most likely successful when students know how to identify and utilize their personal traits, I-concepts, and real life situations, for the promotion of their success in the real world.”

Big shifts in the nature of education. Revolutionary shifts. Every one of these shifts targeting inner development gets hidden by terms like College and Career Ready, Student Growth, Every Child Achieves, and Success for All.

Now look at everything the UN is pushing and the events in Iran and Syria and think about what Putin knows about the true nature of the Cold War and how to invisibly overwhelm a population without firing a shot.

No wonder he is so cocky and chose to come to New York City in September for the final rollout of what has been building up for so long.




73 thoughts on “Quoting Che Guevara and Importing Personalizedategic from Russia Seems Odd for a Cold War Victor

  1. Ah, we’re down to it. You’ve removed the final veil, Salome! We’ve been aiding our downfall all along.

    As you know, I can tell tales of the Richard Spady family’s participation in bringing us to this point, including his establishing of recognition of personsages like Barbara Marx Hubbard by the World Future Society as contributing positively to our progress down this path. Spady’s son, Jim, and his wife, Fawn, of Washington state have led the effort to bring “choice,” charters and vouchers to legislative reality there, aided by an exhaustive list of “conservative” organizations–including Heritage Foundation, Focus on the Family, American Enterprise Foundation, Bill Bennett and his orbit of organizations, Rand Corporation, etc., etc., etc.–in the face of evidence that that path would lead us into the box envisioned by the writers you quote. Newt Gingrich and his friends, including Alvin Toffler, have aided and abetted this vision through the World Future Society and other avenues, to this day–regardless of what personal or religious transformations Gingrich has claimed. The “conservative” wing of the Republican Party can lay claim to being the promoter of this vision more than any other single entity. For shame.

    Thanks, as always, for sharing truth.

    • Wish all this truth did not exist to tell, but the behavior on this when pertinent facts do come up is quite alarming.

      It is Richard Kirby who co-wrote the ed book where Barbara Marx Hubbard leads a peace mission during the height of the Cold war that teacher Barbara Ray Gilles goes on. Kirby was a religious futurist. This is from the tribute when he passed away several years ago. http://www.wnrf.org/cms/chaplain-stars-kirby.shtml Enlow’s bio has him getting a BA from SPU and then doing graduate work in theology in the UK while also being involved in education. http://www.edchoice.org/our-team/robert-c-enlow/ Interesting, especially as when I tracked a conference on Transpersonal Humanism yesterday it kept citing the work on the 1993 World Parliament of Religions.

      If someone does not want to hear facts, they are telling us they have created a false narrative. Hammond made it crystal clear that all entities taking money will have to meet certain criteria to be eligible. That’s how School Choice becomes a compliance mechanism eradicating all alternative ed visions. I noticed that Boehner’s DC vouchers bill makes the accreditors the police. As you know I cover their vision of education and the requisite non-academic emphasis in my book.

      Thanks for the kind words. Another speaker kept touting his close relationship with Bill & Melinda Gates and the need for Global Health Equity. Every single speaker seemed to be designed to build up the Human Development Society vision in someone aware of it. Even the tile terms ‘wisdom’ and ‘moderation’ evoke the New Agey themes.

  2. Just a word about Richard Kirby. It was Richard Spady who sponsored him into the positions he occupied, including the director of the Network of Religious Futurists. Spady introduced him to BM Hubbard and many Theosophists who gravitate toward Hubbard and the WFS.

    • I am digesting that link I just put up about children being natural Platonists who can believe in the Ideal as Real and who need to be cleansed of preexisting perceptions.

      I did not get to Nicholas Negroponte but the Head of the MIT Media Lab and the co-author with Ervin Laszlo of the Holos Consciousness is speaking this week in Denver at the annual Education Summit of Jeb’s old group that Condi Rice now heads. He is pushing One Laptop per Child. How much easier will that initiative make it to control inner development and create personality-developing education?

  3. Am only part way through this and I’m busily scraping my jaw off my lap as I wrap my noggin around the inverted language that determines an individual’s sovereign consciousness is a prison. And yet…and yet…. That same private consciousness manipulated by and for another’s will and desires is not a jail but freedom.

    Oh dear. Really. This is the very perverted and quiet justification for “your freedom is your slavery”the planners are resting their case on.

    I. Do. Not. Consent.

    • Not consenting is irrelevant until these real intentions and the true meanings of initiatives become known.

      Since I was already long, but knew all this related to each other I left out the six sides. They are Patriarchal Attitudes ( I wrote Riane Eisler in margin), Egocentricity (remember the actual definition of Career Ready?), Scientific Single Vision (Reread my Chapter 3 on how no one is trying to properly teach math or science now for this reason), the Bureaucratic Mentality (vouchers and crony providers and touting as Free Enterprise solves this), Nationalism (supposedly commensurate with lack of satisfaction in life with frankfurt schooler Erich Fromm as the cite), and the Big City Outlook.

      Yes, your mind is a prison so we will manipulate it without your consent as the new purpose of school. Then we will use adaptive learning software and formative assessment to ensure the new desired Worldview and personality are lastingly locked in at a neurobiological level.

      Big bucks for pushing this vision. Not much so far for accurately and demonstrably understanding it, except a clear conscience.

  4. A clear conscience is worth more than gold or silver. Let’s hope and pray that our children/grandchildren will have one to combat this diabolical scheme.

  5. I noticed the use of GUILT in the marketing/consumer sphere on steriods after 9/11 then go sub-orbital around Obama’s election. Once only the realm of Catholic nuns and Jewish mothers.
    Whole foods was once called fresh fields in the beginning, the implanting of ideas words and slogans relating to secular communitarian Guilt rather than that once reserved for patriarchies of family and religion. Now instead of doing good for Mom and Dad or God, we are to do it for the community. Secular highjacking in all spheres. Now Taking it to the third sphere. The third space. The need for govt messaging to occupy not only the home( tv/internet) the workplace and the “play” space. Live Work Play, we’ve all seen that bile rise in every town revitalization and flags wayfinding signs, human scale street lighting, safe routes to school, aging in place, gazebos and core values, smart cities, livable cities… Yadda yadda. Occupation of the third space with GUILT reminders for the COMMUNITY, your kibbutz Kontrol center reminding you to behave as the community wants you to or you will be shamed. Like in whole foods you are shamed by even a yogurt container.
    Manditory volunteerism fits this bill.
    And here is a penultimate example sent to me tonight of the vainglorious insanity of communitarian religion.

    • Thanks, I think, for that horrifying link, but it does fit with what Jane MacGonnigal of Institute for the Future declared games in education and digital learning would be used for. Look at this from the links below http://www.birth2012boston.com/Evolutionary-Hubs.html

      Did you know there was an Evolving Tampa Bay movement?

      Hard to look at Classroom Circles again after these guidelines. http://www.birth2012boston.com/Article—Evolutionary-Hub-Guidelines.html An individual teacher may not know this or Principal, but the child becomes habituated to the practice. When we click evolve.org from that wheel, it takes us to Hubbard’s web page where she says the Restorative Justice practices, Aps declared it was using at the School Justice Summit, are a part of this Conscious Evolution push.

      See why I physically go to these programs to listen, even when it is painful?

  6. Absolutely agree about the Compassion Games group! They are indicative of what the World Parlaiment of Religions just held in Utah was all about. Volunteerism and compassion are the new currency in the coming society.

    • This is the Wheel of Co-Creation hyped at LL’s link. http://www.birth2012boston.com/Article—Wheel-of-Co-Creation.html It was created by Barbara Marx-Hubbard, but look at all these links.

      It was SRI that pointed to the New Age Politics book, so I got it and then immediately recognized both ideas advocated and people involved.

      This is all happening around us and when the admin from Atlanta Public Schools spoke, she said PBIS is merely a part of Positive Behavior Systems generally that also includes Restorative Justice Practices and their anti-bullying work. This is how, along with gaming and adaptive digital learning generally, we treat students as if they are Holons. Chapter 3 in the SRI book Changing Images of Man, which is the ultimate double entendre title, was “The Human as Evolving Holos: the View of Modern Systems Theory.” No wonder Negroponte is going to Denver and Barbara Marx Hubbard is with Laszlo in Monterrey this week.

      Speaking of Co-Creation, I just pulled my Nurturing Civilization Builders: Birthing the Best Schools in the World which Gilles co-wrote with Richard S Kirby. Barbara Ray Gilles’ business card is inside with her email and phone number. It has a header “Educating Humanity with Hope” and then this quote at the bottom that goes along with her declared ties to Hubbard and the Compassion games link too–“Nurturing the compassionate genius within while co-creating a world that works for all.”

      Wow. Need to check more of those links.

    • CP=please make sure Anita Hoge knows that the UNESCO Creating Empathy in Youth chair is headquartered at Penn State. http://en.unesco.org/node/251531

      I am systematically going through the programme and related documents from the Youth Summit that started today in Paris and it is a treasure trove confirming that I am precisely on what has been and is going on and how it ties to the SRI work, the OECD’s Great transition and Green Growth work, and little c communism for us all.

      It also explains the need for formative assessment and the reform of high school.

      To anyone who has ever called me a conspiracy theorist, these links show I am no theorist. Just an able Collusion Tracker who recognizes the implications of what I read in what are explicit declarations of intent by very connected people such as former UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown or former Secretary of State Madeline Albright’s daughter. Everybody wants those tax-free lucrative salaries and pensions from the UN.

    • No and CPW will want to see as it is not just Ervin Laszlo, but also Barbara Marx Hubbard. This is the Agenda. http://encuentromundialdevalores.org/eng/wp-content/uploads/sites/2/2015/08/PROGRAMA_PARA_WEB_ENGLISH_-B1.jpg

      Great find and it’s next week. Wheel of Co-Creation. I saw last night that Arthur Brooks of AEI is doing the evening keynote from 6:30-8:30 at the Excellence in Education annual summit in Denver this week. Condi Rice, Nicholas Negroponte (Holos Consciousness) Sugata Mitri (just give everyone a computer again) and then Brooks that night. He actually first came on my radar when he kept touting Jonathan Haidt’s book as I had read it and it pushed the Eastern spirituality instead of the Descartian, traditional rational mind. I wondered why? I don’t anymore.

      Turns out Mitri’s first SOLE-Self-Organized Learning Environment has opened in Nyc. http://blog.ted.com/the-first-school-in-the-cloud-learning-lab-in-the-united-states-opens-in-harlem/ What a systems design dream if students are actually holons, it would be hard to come up with a more effective means of implementing a theory.

      Do you know what a holon is? It was in the 1982 SRI book when the study was finally published. It is the idea of turning a human being into a “goal-directed, ‘adaptive’ learning system. Others game and program “self-conscious awareness and the use of symbolic-conceptual systems to guide his behavior.” Can you say Whole Language instead of fluent, phonetic reading or making CDIs–specified Core Disciplinary Ideas and CCCs–Cross-Cutting Themes and Enduring Understandings was is meant by knowledge now? Talk about buzz words. It’s like Pavlov’s dog, except it is ideas and the associations in the real world tied to them, being used.

      • Wouldn’t that come under the heading Mind Control? taking a captured prisoner of war and using mental manipulation to make him change his own mind to spill secrets? Then manipulating him further to reframe his worldview and work for captors? Is he not Holon or human capital? Same as students today. Same ww2 and cold war
        “scientists” now employed by educrat think tanks using WW1 research. Pas de différence!

        • It is mind control, but it is still a malleable mind and with all these hidden definitions and active deceit, it is hard to catch. I remember watching Robert Avossa, then the Fulton Super and now Palm Beach’s lie to a roomful of parents and several school board members about what Rigor meant. He had a merry look in his eyes too as if it was all a game. It is, a very lucrative one. That is one I can testify to because I was there and know Rigor, but it replicates itself now far and wide.

          I was just reading something Amitai Etzioni wrote in the 60s on the “need for dynamic interchange between personal self-realization and societal activation.” I remembered that link to Mitra I just put up this morning and the SOLE–Self-Organized Learning Environment. SOLE is clearly a means for education as personal self-realization and then the cloud captures a student’s personal characteristics initially, what the learning experiences are, and then what changes. It absolutely fits with what Etzioni wanted and also with the student as a Holon.

          No wonder no one is to teach reading properly. It destroys the social engineering template and runs the danger someone will do what I am doing, tracing the declarations backwards to what they actually mean.

  7. Lets backward map the acute mental illness of minds who would perpatrate such fraud on children and society. Lets test their social and emotional learning and see if they meet our standards. Lets make up some goofy slogans and repeat vague words and create long papers using Piaget style faux erudite gibberish. Lets create a matrix ( spread out!) a web of little groups and call for action! Get grants from others spouting declarations and morph again into other think tanks and speak more gibberish, then regroup with our journo friends and tell them a slogan to repeat and call for action again! We Must! Its robust! Its rigor! for the community!!!!

    • Welcome back Ann.

      These posts are nuggets of just some of what I am capturing or can interpret from writing that book and now having researched its sequel.

      As painful as it is, I do know what is going on and what was always intended. Serendipitous that I keep pulling on threads and then out come the confessions of people who matter.

  8. “It is Csikszentmihalyi who taught us that, in order for us to engage in the task of directed evolution, we need to first attain a genuine understanding of evolution itself. This is something that Banathy also maintained.

    We also need a moral code to guide our choices. Csikszentmihalyi noted that this code should take into account “the wisdom of tradition, yet it is inspired by the future rather than the past; it should specify right as being the unfolding of maximum individual potential joined with the achievement of the greatest social and environmental harmony.”

    Barbara Hubbard, a futurist, suggests that we are seeking a new, guiding worldview. She tells us that “this guiding worldview is, I believe, conscious evolution. It holds that through our unprecedented scientific, social, and spiritual capabilities we can evolve consciously and co-creatively with nature and with the deeper patterns of creation.”

    Duane Elgin, an American author, believes that conscious evolution brings the era of reconciliation. In his book, Awakening Earth, Elgin defines a number of reconciliations that we third generation and emerging fourth generation humans need to settle. They include spiritual, racial, ethnic, gender, ecological, generational, and economic reconciliations.

    Bánáthy reminded us that we attain evolutionary consciousness as we understand how evolution has worked in the past and what conditions were necessary for the emergence of a new generation of humans. Aside from the attainment of an evolutionary consciousness, the social scientist identified four prerequisites for engaging in conscious evolution:

    The acquisition of evolutionary competence by evolutionary learning,
    Attaining competence in social systems design,
    Having a willingness to engage in conscious evolution and, above all,
    Changing our own consciousness.”


  9. Is Brain Drain Or Diversion Of Talented Youth Likely ?

    Reading the information on the Global Dignity Day site — which BTW is today, annually the third Wed of October — many thoughts come to mind. http://globaldignity.org/

    1) Of course, I’m for dignity and discussion of values, but where does it stop — the designation of school days as special, off-the-curriculum activity? Will there be competition from other idea-promoters for equal time — Grit, Empathy, Collaboration, Resilience, Growth Mindset, Character, etc. Days?

    2 I wonder and worry that so much money is being directed to values-teaching instead of being directed to gaining academic skills. Just what are the goals of the Global Shapers Community, an initiative of the World Economic Forum with partners like Coca-Cola, etc?

    3 Will the youth selected to be leaders in these “social entrepreneurship” projects be encouraged and enticed into the fields of social promotion? These are fields, which really don’t pay for themselves and are not really self-supporting or pay taxes. They rely totally on donations and contributions from agencies, NGOs, government funds and corporate funds.

    4 Will these young talented leaders become a steadily increasing brain-drain from fields which DO contribute to economic and political civic health of communities and families?

    5 From the evidence gathered by this one blog, Invisible Serfs Collar, it seems convincing that there are MANY similar projects world-wide with these same characteristics as noted above. It appears like such a glaring avoidance of the basics needed by so many, many young people in this world. Many psychologists will tell you that self-esteem is highly correlated with mastery of the basics in literacy and math. Why is there such a concerted effort to steer away from the basics by so many education establishments and their generous voluntary donors? This trend should be mapped and tracked in some central war room — and publically being called-out. Let people see the red pins on the wall map and see if they’re part of this agenda to homogenize youth to collective mentalities.

    • The Frameworks Institute is targeting framing the story on childhood mental health in Canada and its ties to future brain development. http://www.frameworksinstitute.org/canada-child-mental-health.html

      Are you familiar with the Alberta Family Wellness Initiative?

      More proof this is a global template about obtaining a means and consensus to exercise control over people as individuals in order to plan societies and economies going forward.

      Human dignity, mental health, and wellness are much more effective euphemisms aren’t they to obscure the reality?

    • This just came out http://www.oecd-ilibrary.org/education/schooling-redesigned_9789264245914-en but it lists British Columbia as one of the places that served as a Learning Laboratory for creating this new model where we shift away from “in the past, education was about teaching people something.”

      Creating a reliable compass certainly sounds like a different metaphor than sculpting a steerable keel, but it is that same cybernetic vision of targeting the internalized that sri wanted and that unesco called the well-organized mind instead of a well-stocked one.

      Fits right into last week’s call for the Great Transition and little ‘c’ communism apparently to not know much. Came out yesterday.

  10. See links in article. Georgia, Texas, Oregon, Pennsylvania plus more. Oregon has bern doing this for a long time. We had one of the first student data systems.

    “K-12 school systems in more than a dozen cities and counties have quietly begun linking children’s educational records with data from other government agencies, covering everything from children’s mental-health status to their history of child-welfare placements and their involvement in the juvenile-justice system.

    Proponents say that such intergovernmental “integrated data systems” can yield powerful insights that promote a more holistic understanding of children’s experiences. They point to an emerging track record of the information being used to improve policy, service delivery, and program evaluation.”


  11. “That’s why the President has called for whole-school transformation of the high school experience, and visited leading examples such as Manor New Tech in Texas and P-TECH in New York. These next-gen schools are breaking out new approaches to: help their students excel by implementing personalized learning for all students; rethinking the use of time during the school day to match student needs; assessing learning in ways that let students demonstrate mastery, creativity, and critical thinking; providing high-quality and continuous professional development to support educators; and a slew of other school redesigns and evidence-based practices to help students chart a course for life-long success.”



    Two links, that may put me in comment purgatory again. 🙂

    • Those would actually be the wrong two examples to use since it simply feeds into that OECD Schooling Redesigned paper when you read it all the way through. As you know I covered P-Tech in my book and what it relates to and the New Tech Network was identified by the OECD as a model tied now to the Great Transition.

      The language in the intro to the blog post ties the redesign to the cybernetic vision and everything else I have documented.

      Fits right into that Project XQ and what we have documented as why NGA says they created the Common Core.

    • And to go with it they come out against testing http://www.nytimes.com/2015/10/25/us/obama-administration-calls-for-limits-on-testing-in-schools.html?emc=edit_na_20151024&nlid=56621974&ref=cta&_r=0

      If you notice the article says the CCSSI specifies what “skills” students are to have. That’s the content-skills, just as I have been saying. Also the tests are to be “meaningful demonstrations and applications”, I.e, performance assessments.

        • What is left unsaid is that this fits completely with that OECD paper that came out on October 22 that I put up Friday above in the comments.

          I saw this paper when it came out and with this announcement of Gates and Hewlett money to pilot in places not already pushing, we get local implementation, whatever happens in Congress with the conference combined new ESEA from ECAA and the House version, the Student Success Act.

          We knew the OECD was pushing this from my book. VanderArk’s involvement ties this to GEFF and the Silicon Valley forum last April. Again we are back to Global/Local, aren’t we?

        • Here is the actual State Action Plan. Notice that it was embargoed until noon, Saturday, October 24. Released as football kickoffs began all over the country. That takes the Friday news dump tradition and puts it on steroids. http://blogs.edweek.org/edweek/campaign-k-12/Assessment%20Fact%20Sheet.pdf

          http://nepc.colorado.edu/files/mathis_rbopm-1_0.pdf is the NEPC’s spin out today. In my reading Mathis is adopting the position of the School Mental Health project at UCLA that there can be no academic emphasis in K-12 or obligations until all students physical, social, and emotional needs are met. An indirect call-out then for schools as community health centers in the name of Accountability.

          Tracking back to your link to Tom VanderArk and his touting of that 2014 LDH brief–“college and career expectations” per the White House Plan is an obligation for “meaningful learning” to be measured. That in turn gets at what the student has internalized and how it relates to what he or she believes and values and whether and under what circumstances the student will be motivated to act.

          • I have been in hearings with Buzz and he comes across as a well-intentioned moron, but that egregious piece of legislation he sponsored got him to Denver. Jeb’s Foundation for Excellence in Education took credit for the language. The bill actually authorizes the highly intrusive “adaptive learning” manipulation of each student from their internalized mental images to their values, attitudes, and beliefs and every other aspect of their personality.

            All in the name of Student privacy. Nothing private in a world where schools have been explicitly authorized by the Georgia legislature to do that. Buzz also blogs at Peach Pundit which excitedly touted to Transdisciplinary Brookhaven Charter School. Apparently minds of jelly think that’s a good template for everyone else.

            I am almost done with what I have been working on so hard all week–a 700 page book. All these people, whether they know it or not, are pimping for the Third Way Theory of Societal Guidance Amitai Etzioni created in the 60s. It would work not just for the US or UK, but would also be the model for USSR and China. Coordinated political control at every level without that being apparent. The adaptive software manipulation this bill authorizes creates the needed control without the level of authoritarianism being apparent. Too bad I monitor all this now as do readers like you.

            There was no thought at all from the Georgia legislature when thy adopted that statute. Most probably never read it. It was artfully drafted though by someone to affirmatively authorize Mind Arson and personality Manipulation in the name of Student privacy, a problem that is consistently being misdescribed. Probably to create the demand for a remedy like this that pushes the “well-organized” as dictated by politicians wanting power and money instead of a “well-stocked mind” that would recognize the manipulation and the effect of the language used in the statute.

          • This stuff makes me want to scream like a hungry, tired toddler…TOLD YOU SO! Robin called it long ago–the cry for less testing would be used to usher in the real deal: formative assessments that create a seamless loop from learning to testing. The fact that some actually see this announcement as positive is unbelievable. When will people wake up?

          • There is only one explanation for that noon Saturday embargo–to be featured on weekend news programs as a positive (heard it last night on ABC as something to make students happy) and the front page of the Sunday New York Times newspaper. All the news many people who view themselves as well-educated ever read.

            Remember it’s all about framing the message and guiding perception.

          • “We need to change the way we think and act.” http://en.unesco.org/themes/education-sustainable-development What better way to do that and monitor than formative assessment?

            Plus Sustainable Development is being treated as a theme at this Youth Summit that will need to be monitored and incorporated into quality education. Want to know what a CCC is? It is part of the gates-funded Next Generation Science Standards that states are adopting and that is incorporated into the Common Core ELA work. It calls for CDIs–Core Disciplinary Ideas, but also Cross-Cutting Concepts and Themes. Just like what UNESCO wants. Remember too that they and the OECD are named partners in Charles Fadel’s Center for Curriculum Redesign that MIT, Harvard, and Stanford are also all partners to.

            It all fits.

    • Yes. What is so fascinating is that it clearly is the impetus for creating the Club of Rome and the World Order Models Project to further this vision that we are now seeing as the UN’s Vision of Dignity for All by 2030 covered in this post that our world leaders have decided to impose on us all. Education is viewed by Etzioni as the way to gain the desired control, which also extended to knowledge generally and technological innovation, without the level of coercion being obvious.

      Want to know who Etzioni thanks on the Acknowledgments page? Ralph Tyler–father of a new kind of assessment and a new kind of high school in the Eight Year Study (look at Friday and Saturday’s administration news dump and both recall Tyler’s work. He is also the father of NAEP and the architect of vision in 1968 for the feds to control the state departments of ed.

      Etzioni also thanks the ubiquitous Center for the Advanced Studies in the Behavioral Sciences where he was when he started the book. Then he goes to the Rockefeller Foundation created and funded Social Science Research Council for a year. Finally, the National Science Foundation is listed as covering the last year of research and writing.

      Mary Ann Glendon also thanks Etzioni in her 1991 Rights Talk. As I just wrote on the cover page before I lost my epiphany from finishing AS, Glendon is using her authority as a Harvard Law prof to take the vision of man and humanity that SRI laid out in their report as necessary and so did Etzioni and try to assert it is a legal requirement.

      Back to our Friday and Saturday news dump from DC, what constitutes a required assessment of ‘meaningful learning’ and what the now explicitly authorized Adaptive Learning Buzz Brockaway’s statute that DQC and jeb and condi’s EIE conference wants to tout, all get at the extent to which a student has the very necessary attitudes, values, beliefs, and likely behaviors that ETzioni, SRI, and Amy Gutmann in her 1986 Democratic Education all said was necessary. If not present to the desired extent or at all, adaptive learning and assessment for learning (aka formative assessment) both can be used to create that in a student’s internalized neural net.

      When assessment shows that has occurred, we will have Student Growth as required by the feds for a teacher to be deemed effective. It also qualifies as student SUccess (the House term) and Achievement (the Senate) under the ESEA Rewrites now being redrafted for final approval.

      • Plus now we know why Etzioni left Columbia and the Harvard B School stint in late 80s to be at GWU. DC is the best place to pursue this vision for political direction of American society at all levels without it being apparent.

        Clear to me too that WIOA is a classic case of what he stated would be needed for societal guidance. Instead of prescription he hyped what he called contextuating uses of political power. I think PBIS and Positive School Climate also fit that bill. The coercion is there but less obvious because it is embedded in a definition or required situation and most people will never see the mandate or appreciate the Orwellian shift that is so apparent in the White House/Ed Dept Assessment Fact Sheet for example or Lamar’s ECAA.

  12. Robin I follow your blog daiy and am reading your book. I need to admit this information is just over my head. I considered myself an intelligent educated person until now but you all are way above my level! At the same time I really do want to get this so please indulge me a dumb question. How does Obama’s coming out with this statement about too much testing play into this. Is this the phase where all academic testing is discarded and the new assessments implemented? Will they be couched in different terms so as not to alarm parents? Seems like this is an important turning point but haven’t seen much talk about it. How can Obama implement reduced testing? Is he trying to impact the esea authorization bill? Not sure what his role could be. With a year left in his administration I am looking for alot to be done. Curious you or your viewers comments. Thanks so much for everything.

    • No need to apologize. I have been at this for years which is why I can read the language in that Fact Sheet Testing Action Plan like it was Latin and I was Cicero. First, the actual definition of Learning is changing values, attitudes, beliefs, or behaviors. If we change any of the above, we can hype Student Learning, Growth, Achievement, or Success. They are all obscuring that this is not about knowledge except specified concepts that are to act as perceptual lenses.

      Higher Order Thinking Skills= College and Career Ready=Meaningful Learning per lines 3 and 5 of the Abstract to the LDH new Accountability paper from 2014 that Tom VanderArk was hyping yesterday.

      Both HOTS and meaningful learning are looking to see what strategies do you use and what concepts are applied when it is an ambiguous question to which there is no single correct answer. It also wants to know what causes are person to want to act. What motivates them. All these are essentially the internalized Image we have of how the world works and how it should work. Also Rigor gets at the same thing. Both Rigor and HOTS originally track to Lauren Resnick who has a tag.

      If you combine the fact sheet with what these phrases really mean and what is in the LDH report, the White House and fed ED are saying you must assess annually to determine what a student’s internalized image looks like. You will see I cover formative assessment, Learning Progressions, and those Gates-financed learning tasks in the book. That is also crucial to interpreting the fact sheet. Notice parents have a right to see what states specify which is largely summative. No right provided for all those formative assessments and performance assessments embedded in claswork or games designed to dramatize how students are to see the world.

      Does that help? When the fact Sheet uses the word test it is clear by and large they mean tasks, performances, projects, gaming. Content is also not knowledge in the traditional sense. It is knowing how to do a desired skill and when to do it.

      I can pull up specific posts like the original one on HOTS describing the 1987 report from the National Research Council. I do not want to overwhelm you and no question is dumb. You will find the book helps a great deal. It was and is the foundation. Everything else we now know is overlaid and consistent with what is in the book. I just have more detail and now I know much more of the how and why of the desired Worldview.

      When the White House calls that new high school summit for November it is still based on the polytech model and P-Tech described in the book. Competency=based education is the successor to the Common Core, but I had already caught that and elaborated on all that in the book.

      Remember you cannot control the perception of someone who is a fluent reader with a well-stocked mind. At its core the Fact Sheet says no state can make a well-stocked mind the point of school anymore.

      Obama can implement this via the accreditors who act as the enforcers and poison delivery system while raking in taxpayer money. All covered in Chapter 7. Also feds largely control the state ed departments financially.

  13. Thanks Robin for responding. I have so much to read! I saw this article and it talks about how the feds might help “implement” the proposed reduction in testing:
    It includes the following quote:
    “Multiple Measures: The administration also promises technical support and, in some cases, money to states that want to expand the use of portfolios, projects, technology-supported assessments, competency-based assessments, student surveys, measures of school climate and discipline and other indicators besides standardized tests to determine how well students are learning and schools are functioning. The plan also calls on Congress to fund states that want to “audit” their testing and cut back on redundant or low-quality tests.”

    Wow – all of those are exactly what you are talking about. So see if am I getting this right? Again bribing with federal dollars to get states/localities to do what the feds want. PARCC and Smarter Balance Testing stay for now as a yearly exam? – but let’s get ready for a wave of surveys about school climate and social/emotional dispositions?… My child takes MAP testing. I wonder what happens to that. I just keep thinking that the Common Core tests (PARCC/Smarter Balance) will go by the wayside soon as too stressful. Do you have an opinion on that possibility?

    • Don’t forget that SBAC, PARCC and others such as IMS Global Learning Consortium have all received federal $$ and have been developing formative (computer adaptive) assessments all along. And CRESST–the home of SBAC–has been working on assessing non-cognitive skills for over a decade. The appearance of Obama’s announcement being a shift is smoke and mirrors. These large consortia will now receive more federal money to finish the job.

    • Agency tracks back to Stanford psychologist Albert Bandura who also works closely with Paul Ehrlich who co-wrote New World New Mind back in 1989 giving rise to my Axemaker Mind famous metaphor. His co-author Robert Ornstein is widely cited by Mark Satin in the New Age Politicsbook described in this post.

      I found Bandura when I was tracking down the meaning of the term ‘life skills’ that was being written into so many charters. It took me to a WHO document on mental health from 1993 that cited Bandura and his human agency work. See what I mean about the commonality once a certain level is reached?

        • Lions and Tigers and Bears?

          Yes, today is the day that all the declarations came into place. We will create peace in the minds of men, indeed.

          I took a break earlier and watched last night’s episode of Quantico and then started some chickpea soup for dinner.

          To think I started the day ready to write and by noon I had additional proof and corroboration of absolutely everything in my book.

          I have also learned two new German words-Gestaltungkomptenz or ‘reflexive competence’, which means an awareness of contextual factors. It “entails learners being able to adapt knowledge and practices to new situations and reflect critically on the integrated social, environmental and economic implications of what they are doing–not just for themselves, but also for the collective.” Plus, Handlungskomptenz or ‘action competence’. which is the “ability and readiness of the individual to use knowledge along with personal, social, and methodological competencies and conduct him or herself in a considered and individually and socially responsible manner.”

          Good luck getting the invading migrants who are complaining about the food and accommodations to go along with that Frau Merkel.

      • Also can’t help but notice this from the article about Zuckerburgs school:

        “In partnership with Ravenswood Family Health Center, ”

        Worth considering that Ravenswood Family Health might be associated with SRI. SRI’s address is 333 Ravenswood Avenue. All of which means CASBS cannot be far behind.

        Sweet of the Zuckerburgs to have offer a k-12 student population ripe for studying and experimentation to the curious social scientists next door. Bless their hearts.

          • Except those grants are available to all states so ILN has served its purpose as the incubator for the assessments and forms of classroom practices that get at monitoring and manipulating the internalized Image, including values, of how the World does and should work. Now it goes national so it can hook into the Global/Local template that was laid out in another UNESCO report “Unleashing the Potential” released September 29, 2015. It was released just after that UN session in NYC made our adoption of the SDGs official so the full-scale implementation could begin and tie into WIOA. I also think it is why the Reps are giving two years authority on the budget nd raising debt ceiling. Now all those fed agencies can fund the tied initiatives, like the regional Manufacturing Institutes and Promise Neighborhoods and the ed funding, so the Fascist vision grounded in Equity and Amitai’s prescription for an Active Society gets launched in earnest.

            Because forcing an ‘authentic consensus’ that we need to be ruled by our political class is so much kinder than the mass murder the USSR and especially China engaged in. There was a point when the book basically said that. We want our way but the authoritarian rule must be masked and education and the law are the two primary handservants.

          • http://www.agi.harvard.edu/projects/TeachingandAgency.pdf just came out from Harvard on closing the Achievement Gap via “Engagement, Mindsets, and Agency”.

            As LL warned that’s the new name for Non-Cognitive factors. That’s how you close the achievement gap. By not making K-12 education about teaching something. You make it about altering who the student is and what motivates them and altering what they believe and habituating desired conduct.

            That is Equity with Excellence and that was also the name of that fedEd report trying to invoke that emphasis under the civil rights laws. LDH was on that task force about the time she came up with that Accountability report on meaningful learning and formative assessment that Tom VanderArk touted last weekend as meeting the new fed Testing Action Plan.

            We do have a convergence going on.

            This further proves it. Harry Boyte, who has a tag and is the community organizer President Obama idolized and who created the cooperative commonwealth concept that fits with the Active Society, just penned this arguing that education is the new frontier for achieving democracy. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/harry-boyte/education-as-a-new-fronti_b_8338944.html

  14. Experimental Schools OK If Voluntary Enrollment

    If you SIGN-IN your kids into an experimental school — and SIGN-OFF on another part of intake paperwork obtaining your permission to have your kids in unproven trials — I think it’s OK.

    Conversely, every parent who becomes aware of unproven techniques being employed with their children they should have every right to EXIT to another program more satisfactory to the parents without additional cost.

    Benefactors who donate considerable funds for exceptional educational programs that haven’t been field tested should, in my opinion, have their own children enrolled in these programs.

    Look at the case of John D. Rockefeller Jr. He enrolled his four sons — Nelson, Laurence, Winthrop, and David — in Dewey’s Progressive Lincoln School in New York in the 1920s. Phonics was bypassed in favor of look-say method. It was claimed that that turned the boys into dyslexics.

    “Yes, they had plenty of money, but their life-long reading handicap deprived them of the great pleasures of reading”. http://www.slblf.com/john-deweys-plan-to-dumb-down-america.html

    Nelson Rockefeller even admitted in a speech that he had to memorize all of his public speeches because he couldn’t read.

    John D Rockefeller donated $3 million to this school.

  15. Food for thought this morning from Dostoevsky’s Grand Inquisitor, figure of the anti-Christ, addressing Christ (Brothers Karamazov):

    Hadst Thou accepted that last counsel of the mighty spirit [satan], Thou wouldst have accomplished all that man seeks on earth–that is, someone to worship, someone to keep his conscience, and some means of uniting all in one unanimous and harmonious ant-heap, for the craving for universal unity is the third and last anguish of men. Mankind as a whole has always striven to organise a universal state. There have been many great nations with great histories, but the more highly they were developed the more unhappy they were, for they felt more acutely than other people the craving for world-wide union. The great conquerors, Timours and Ghenghis-Khans, whirled like hurricanes over the face of the earth striving to subdue its people, and they too were but the unconscious expression of the same craving for universal unity.

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