Reliable Compass: Wiring a Neural Noetic Keel without Popular Outrage or Scrutiny

How often do we see education changes pushed in the name of being ‘internationally competitive’? Let’s take a look at something Andreas Schleicher of the OECD said just a few months ago: “In the past, education was about teaching people something. Now, it’s about making sure that students develop a reliable compass and the navigation skills to find their own way through an increasingly uncertain, volatile, and ambiguous world.” Disagree with that new vision of education? Well, realistically most of us do not get a chance to because that wholesale shift in direction is hidden behind a phrase we simply assume we understand.

Let’s try another one, should the primary purpose of education in the 21st Century be “the intentional attempt in schools to foster the development of students’ psychological characteristics that motivate and enable them to act in ethical, democratic, and socially effective ways”? Again, that’s a shift that parents or taxpayers may never see as it hides behind phrases like Whole Child, Classical or Character Education, or College and Career Ready. In other words, if the typical child is being supplied with the Ideas and Concepts to guide their thinking in predictable ways, we adults are likewise being supplied with poorly grasped new definitions and false narratives about the Common Core or competency-based education that are also intended to guide our thinking and areas of concern.

While my tendons were healing I noticed a sudden push from a variety of education sites for a Parent Toolkit for Student Privacy that I decided to take a look at. I read it and recognized that it wasn’t going to solve the real problems and its release would simply obscure parents ever truly grasping the nature of these education ‘reforms’ and the purpose of standards and data gathering. To use Schleicher’s term, the internalized compass at the level of our children’s minds and personalities would still be wired up at school and parents would remain unaware. Meanwhile they would believe they had ‘protected their child.’ Since parents would remain unaware of the presence of the compass they could not discern the vision it was invisibly steering their child to adopt and support in daily behaviors.

When I started looking more into that Toolkit I saw admitted Progs and purported conservative think tanks and education blogs all writing about this supposed new panacea. After years of doing Due Diligence on desired acquisitions, my gut instinct is always to first look for the funding. In this case, it was not one of the usual suspects like Hewlett, Gates, or Carnegie. Instead, a Rose Foundation was credited. It turned out to be a social justice advocacy based in Oakland, California that functions as a philanthropy pass through so maybe a better-known or infamous charitable name did fund that toolkit after all. lays out the Rose vision for how to achieve Community Change

Sponsoring a Privacy Toolkit that essentially misdirects the attention of concerned and attentive parents  makes perfect sense for an advocacy seeking community change if the building block for the desired change is creating that desired ‘reliable compass’ within each student during their years of schooling. People cannot rally against initiatives they are unaware of because of a coordinated effort to deceive them. It just cannot be coincidental that so many pushed the same largely irrelevant to the actual problem panacea at the same time. We are apparently supposed to believe that there is a database of PII-Personally Identifiable Information–that will be used to track our child and control their future opportunities for work. We are also being misled that nothing imposed at the state or local level can be dangerous. Sure it can, especially when we are being lied to so we are all unawares.

Last week, the “Engaging the Private Sector and Developing Partnerships to Advance Health and the Sustainable Development Goals” report was released after 2016 workshops took place in NYC and London. Another lost invite. It was all about the need for transforming partnerships at the local level that include business and bind to a different vision of the economy and the purpose of business.” Still think the local is a way out and it is the feds in DC who are the primary promoters of evil? This SDG vision and expansive view of health needs a vision of education that “can facilitate changes in values, worldviews, and behaviour at the level of the individual, community and society as a whole. This works particularly well when agreement exists on common values and the best and most desirable behaviours.”

Agreement exists all right, but it is not on hardly any parents’ radars because of all this organized deceit. A philanthropy interested in social justice and community change would have every reason under this vision of how to achieve the SDGs to push a Privacy Toolkit that makes the desired changes at the level of the individual easier because it is the classic “Look Squirrel!” misdirection. How do we get the desired “empowered, critical, mindful, and competent citizens”? Remember the Positive Education report I covered in the March 6 “Radio Silence” post or the “Inside Out” aims from the last post? Does anyone doubt that the Reliable Compass will also serve as the desired internalized component of Amitai Etzioni’s New Golden Rule I covered on April 4 in “Embody or Perish”?

The June 2017 IPEN Newsletter hyped a new Framework for Character Education in Schools from the same Jubilee Centre we met in this post from last spring on the supposed Science of Virtues. Notice that same aim as well as the word redefinition technique we are still dealing with now. In that case it was what the word ‘Liberty’ is now to mean behind our back. See if this does not sound like the same aims we encountered above repeatedly.

“Schools should consider questions about the kinds of persons their students will become, how the development of good character contributes to a flourishing life, and how to balance various virtues and values…Schools should and do aid students in learning to know the good, love the good, and do the good…Human flourishing is the widely accepted goal of life. To flourish is not only to be happy, but to fulfill one’s potential. Flourishing is the ultimate aim of character education. Human flourishing requires the acquisition and development of intellectual, moral, and civic virtues, excellence specific to diverse domains of practice or human endeavour, and generic virtues of self-management (known as enabling or performance virtues).”

Let’s take a break from that quote to catch our breath and mull over just how manipulative and hidden those aims are. After all, those very same ‘enabling or performance virtues’ are outlined in standards for social and emotional learning. The Faux Narrative though has parents convinced we are back to a concerning database of PII and their poor tracked child. Do you remember my warning about the Marxian Human Development Society and the new kind of citizen with different internalized personal traits, values, and beliefs it would need? Doesn’t this all just fit perfectly? No wonder our attention keeps being directed in unison elsewhere.

“Character education teaches the acquisition and strengthening of virtues: the traits that sustain a well-rounded life and a thriving society…Students also need to grow in their understanding of what is good or valuable and their ability to protect and advance what is good. They need to develop a commitment to serving others, which is an essential manifestation of good character in action.”

If that sounds rather collectivist, it’s because that is precisely the intent we were never supposed to grasp. If fundamental to transforming “social and institutional conditions within all human beings can flourish” is instilling an internalized “ethos of cooperation and mutual goodwill,” what better tool could there be than using education to make that the nature of the “reliable compass”?

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    • Dr Dodd’s testimony though is about CPUSA and capital C Communism. That was and is an evil beast but Marxism Leninism and Marxist Humanism are actually not the same ideology even though both are supposedly grounded in the same writer and political philosopher. The Human Development Society needed a magic technology that Marx believed only capitalism could produce. Daniel Bell back in 1957 made the point while at the CASBS that the West now had access to more of Marx’s writings on the future and human relations via new translations than anything Lenin had in 1917.

      That why, as this post laid out in 1962 Professor Robert Tucker can write that the West is much closer to fulfilling the technology needs required for communism than anything the USSR or China has created. I remember where I was when I read that. Sitting on a bar stool stuck while one of my daughters had a dance class too far from home for me to leave the area.

      As that post quotes the “world revolution will be the universal act of human self change.” Sounds like what all these references to Virtues and Character formation are getting at, doesn’t it? “the revolution involved is not a political one but rather a revolution of man’s attitude towards himself and the purposes of his existence, a revolution of values.”

      Just like what is laid out in the Council for Civil Society and Hardwired to Connect to call out two other sources from the Right Pincer with this vision.

      So Dr Dodd is right about the use of the schools and all-encompassing visions, but that was a different ideology. This one is easier to spin in ways that make it seem less toxic. Little c communism has to control what is thought, felt, and believed. It cannot just be about controlling behavior anymore.

      • I do think Dodd thoroughly grasped how the March through the Institutions would work.

        That prediction fits with the Special Rome edition to the World Happiness Report. That report as well as Jubilee keep bringing up Alasdair Macintyre as support for their vision. I finished his After Virtue over the weekend and it was so apt it was painful to read. His vision though he called a balance between Stalinism and ‘liberal individualism’.

        That’s a lot to be deceitful about. Imagine my horror upon discovering he was a prof emeritus at Notre Dame. There was a famous anti-CC narrative held there in 2013 that APP and Pioneer sponsored. I have been hearing from parents for years on all the corralling attempts at that event.

        • I think that we have to let go of why we are here and simply prepare to understand and depending on your capacities, inform others and speculate about how to protect your children, yourselves and pass down to future generations some of the things you value. This may be done individually, but I fear it will need communities which support each other and become ways of taking things into the future.

          Below is another link about why education must change. This is the crowd that were involved in the Circular Economy conference. They are very respected and often quoted.

          Funnily enough, there was another Dodd – Norman Dodd. He was a director on the Reece Committee looking into Tax Exempt foundations. In an interview with G. Edward Griffin he mentions how back in the early part of the century (20th), foundations were hoping to bring about wars, influence their duration and that their goals (given to them by Washington) was to see a merging of the systems of communism and capitalism. Sound familiar? You will not believe your ears. I don’t think it was a take over of one or other system, but a big experiment.

          • As CtD described in depth Harlan Cleveland said the same in the late 80s and it was also an issue with the World Order Models Program with those same foundations. The original WOMP post is here and it also explains what I usually shorthand as the MH vision, going back to my discussion yesterday with Mad Mommy.

            Referring to my library, because I have so many of the WOMP books through the years and tracked the MH vision in the 60s, I know this is what is today called Systems Thinking and is tied to the GEFF work I first called attention to back in 2015, shortly after the Silicon Valley conference. That was how I found GEFF originally. I was following up on entities and people I knew were tied to WOMP and CASBS. All those connections get lost without that library and having actually read all those sources. With them though the light is quite blaring.

            When people talk or write about the Reese Commission I have always thought that knowledge of the MH vision, rather than through the lens of the Cold war, makes what the philanthropies hoped o achieve all the clearer. In my mind that same kind of desired Convergence can be seen here , which clearly also aims to control what guides thought processes today in adults. That post is tied to both the Call for Civil Society and the Hardwired to Connect communitarian pushes I warned about in the March 27 “revolution of the Heart” post.

          • This turns out to be tied to High Tech High in the US so it is tied to the Knowledge Works Inside out paper as HTH was part of their network. Also Charles Fadel of CCR and Boston University.

   Professor Karen Bohlin of BU’s Center for Character and Social Responsibility wrote the Foreword for the Jubilee Centre’s Knightly Virtues curriculum that I did not get a chance to talk about yet.

            Notice the express links too to the community. More reason for the Student Data Privacy Toolkit to fit in with Rose’s actual agenda. Their agenda fits nicely with this one. “Building blocks of a sustainable well-being society.”

            Remember what Stalin said about why he allowed Finland to remain independent? It was where the USSR piloted experiemnts it wanted to push on the West?

  1. “To correctly conceive the world”

    (“can’t you see it my way ” or ” the world as it SHOULD be”)

    “Marxism is the only philosophy which, for the first time, has pointed out that simply to know is but meaningless. What is the use of just knowing, if we cannot apply the knowledge in practice? That is, Marxism holds that the task of philosophy is not only to know the world but to change it as well. So we see that the difference between Marxism and the other philosophies is this that while all other philosophies confine their task to interpreting the world, with Marxism the task is not merely to interpret – it is to know, interpret, correctly conceive the world, and also to help accelerate the process of change of this world.”

    “Simply to know is but meaningless”

    Thats like verbatim from National Science Standards ” less facts” more inquiry!

  2. Without Deception there is no communism, the end justifies the means. Problem is there is no end. And when useful idiots and well meaning workers for causes realize, like Dodd did that its all a grand vessel for extortion and corruption and a hoax and a pox on humanity there are alway New recruits organized to take their place.

    Yes big C wore out morphed to
    little c. That could be wearing out, Werner Falk and Gyorgy Swartz are getting up there in years. What will be next Cc 2.0?

  3. That Better Angels website is very revealing. ‘Bad Right’, ‘bad left’, ‘extremist everybody else’, so in on their white steads come the good guys, those speaking calm, peace, nice words. These people will ask us to consider the children, the future, the earth and its creatures. We are all one humanity. And it will sound good and nice and irresistible.

    I for one cannot understand how the richest people are always so philanthropic. They are always after the good; especially for the lot of the world. Is it compensating for their lives somehow. Maybe, but I would hazard a guess that given their actions, we are powerless to point at them and question their motives, reveal alternative reasons for what they are doing. They are immune from any suspicion and can push their ‘great works’ through foundations and grants.

    I have been reading some of the early publications by one of these organisations – the Club of Rome. The book, The Human Quality (Pergamon, 1977), by Aurelio Peccei is very revealing and deserves a good read. His biography reveals that the ‘noted industrialist’ was a socialist leaning, anti-fascist, globe trotter, multi-lingual, industrial and consulting firm founder. His great aim was to develop the world, make it better for all. Forgive my cynicism, but ‘world changers’ and ‘global do-gooders’ scare the living daylights out of me.

    There is a whole series of books talking about population, development and new international economic order. They are from Pergamon Press and should be at your university library. The ones to read after this one are:

    1) Goals in a Global Community, the original background papers for the goals of mankind (a report to the club o rome), Pergamon , 1977, Ervin Lazlo and Judah Bierman

    And this one deserves a very close read. This one shows how the west was to develop the ‘less developed’ world. How money, training, industry, tariffs and the like would mean the de-industrialization of the west and how population and resource control was the real motivation and development, amongst other things, were to be the methods.

    2) The objectives of the new international economic order, Pergamon Policy Studies, 1978, Ervin Laszlo and others.

    • I have a lot of Laszlo books going back decades. This post lays out why values and a normative ideology to guide behavior are so important to his vision. Also remember his son and daughter-in-law were among the primary hosts of the GEFF Silicon Valley event. Alexander has been a past president of ISSS, which is what the General Systems research Group merged into. They created systems thinking at CASBS in the 50s.

      I find Alexander Christakis’ work on Structured Design Dialogue and how he wanted CoR to go in a normative direction instead of the Forrester/Meadows science vision it adopted to be fascinating. That discussion is here

      Christo’s role in GERG ties him to Ervin Laszlo, Bela Banathy, and Mihaly Csiksentmihali whose work is what Excellence in education really means. Aligning what is thought, felt, and desired.

      • Those two old links are great. I know that it is often said that people act more out of emotion than rationality, but this is not a weakness. Until recently, knowledge has been closely controlled.It is obvious that it is due to the fact that a person or family for that matter can only know so much of the complexities and inter-relationships to do with economics, society, nature and the world. This is not unreasonable. Those who are part of institutions and networks that are functioning in a disinterested role and have access to knowledge, networks and much wider perspective, can be ‘rational’ or confident because they do not have the anxiety of ignorance. I believe that this lack of knowledge and anxiety is known and instead is used as an excuse to belittle normal people and to give themselves the excuse to run their lives. This would be mildly excusable if they acted only for the benefit of the people, but as you say, Robin, they use science and coercion to create in peoples minds the reality that squares with their view of the world.

        It seems that the CoR has the role of selling the the global issues of choice and planning and informing the mindset of scientists, administrators and industry. It is the technocratic side of the process of transformation.

        These other groups concerning the mind, education, postmodernism, entertainment and economic pressures are for teaching the young directly, and breaking the ‘grown-ups’, so to speak internal structures, and filling them with incessant narratives about what they should feel, value, believe and do to survive now (economically) and in the future (sustainability).

        Create the Skinner Box and train all that it is normal and lovely to be in it. It looks very close in there!

  4. Shaping “approved” perspectives one survey at a time. Transforming Ed recently partnered with My Student Survey, whose founder “was the principal investigator for the student survey pilot of more than 15,000 students in 7 districts as part of Georgia’s Race to the Top initiative.” Reading through the goals of this partnership make clear that public schooling has absolutely nothing to do with content knowledge. It’s pure madness.

    • Thanks. Good to see you back. It’s like that Henry County Georgia quote the Convergence Center think tank was touting on what kind of kid you would want to live next door to.

      The Finns are at least upfront about the purpose of academic course names as merely providing contextual activities to create the desired “frame of orientation” within the student. It’s why we find so much role playing in courses still named Social Studies or History.

      Here’s another quote from later in the framework: “The process of being educated in virtue is not only one of acquiring ideas. [Prescribed by the government to create good citizens!] It is about belonging and living within a community…” I am really getting tired of that c word, aren’t you?

      Here’s more and ultimately let’s face it, this is what Tranzi OBE is really about, despite the Faux Narrative of that APP/Pioneer paper to lay the groundwork for the Catholic Curriculum Frameworks. No wonder Truth in American Education was also pushing that Student Data Privacy Toolkit. “Each school needs to describe the kinds of persons it wants to help develop and then outline the philosophy that underlies its approach in the development of students. The philosophy and approach should involve clear ethical expectations [remember my post about UNESCO’s Ethical Framework?] of students and teachers, and modelling by teachers to guide the building of individual virtues in students[ student-centered learning!]. Schools should provide opportunities for students to not just think and do, but also understand what it means to be and become a mature, reflective person. They should help prepare students for the tests of life, rather than simply a life of tests.”

      Those of us paying attention to the language in school and district charters and private and parochial school mission statements will have noticed that is precisely what they have been doing. School Choice is simply another smokescreen to both obscure this real aim at the internalized basis of behavior as well as to put taxpayer money in coffers that are either running low or who seek to gain from these public-private partnerships. That’s precisely what that NAS document on achieving the SDGs laid out. Provide the desired service under “our terms” and get the money.

      Here’s a good example.

      • Regarding this: “Schools should provide opportunities for students to not just think and do, but also understand what it means to be and become a mature, reflective person,” look at CASEL’s latest contest for SEL products. My favorite is the “Social Detective” created by Panorama. It’s made up of performance tasks where students get to assess the values of others by observing their behavior / choices. It’s like a sick joke…only it’s real and naive parents still assume performance tasks are academic in nature.

        • On another note I saw this and recognized the Faux Narrative theme and the paragraph of the Classical Education Graduate Profile description that doesn’t call it that.

          Curious I put in the author’s name and Duke Pesta and up comes the video posted two days ago where the author endorsed that FPA program. The one where the people came on the blog and were so nasty without ever wanting to address the facts in their own descriptions. By the way, while I could not write I watched all those videos with the woman who had commented here who was their Curriculum director, Lynn Taylor (who blogs at the Common Core Diva and just loves that workforce narrative), and someone else. Anyway, it was a managed narrative but also a confessional because there are all these things I understand from working on the sequel to CtD that have never been mentioned here at ISC. Yet those phrases are dropping into the discussion just like they would if someone was developing a curriculum backward mapping from the actual end goals.

          Thought you would appreciate that since you too got involved in those scuffles over what it means to teach “through ideas”.

    • By the way the IBM sources in that “Computing Brains” link in turn state that it is Gwinnett County, Georgia’s largest school district, who is working with IBM on their transformative model.

      Since we have talked so much about what is really going on with Finland and it was Glenn Beck’s push of Finland in his book on the Common Core with Kyle Olson (also a pusher of this Toolkit) that first made me realize the state think tanks were deliberately leading parents astray, take a look at this link from summer 2016. Since parents in your area of the country believe Betsy DeVos’ outrageously false statement that “the Common Core is really gone” look at slide 7 and its true purpose.

      Also look at slide 11 and you can see how this Toolkit and creating a Look Squirrel! mechanism works for the Rose Foundation’s ultimate vision. “Educating Individuals for a Sustainable Humanity” indeed.

      • Just took a glance at the link and then googled Academy for Systemic Change that produced that slide 7 Common Core playbook graphic. The Academy cite posts an announcement of this event from last January: “At the end of January 2017, our very own Faculty member, John P Milton, and Academy Fellow, Jenny Menke, will be running their 4th annual Sacred Passage retreat at Luna Lodge in the Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica.

        “Taking place January 29 – February 9, this program offers deep restoration, inner transformation and deep ecological communion in the heart of the primary rainforest.

        “John and Jenny teach participants how to come into a deep state of relaxation while simultaneously cultivating a profound experience of Presence. Each morning begins with a Qi Gong and Gaia Flow practice, which supports the release of blockages stored within mind and body, and the experience also introduces tools to strengthen and refine your senses through training in the 9 Perceptual Fields of Awareness. Other teachings can include various shamanic techniques, emotional transformation practices, wilderness skills, overtoning, practices for cultivating Nature’s Elements that are unique to Way of Nature, the Eleven Directions Ceremony, and ways to make a heart connection to other species.”

        New Age connection is incontrovertible.

        • Absolutely, which is why the False Narrative is needed to stop this very kind of veil lifting.

          Turns out Fadel also chairs the OECD’s Business Commission–BIAC. That ties then to the Schleicher quote and the vision for business to be the provider of the designated ‘needs’ under PPPs in the 21st Century.

          The foremost of the systems to be transformed and thus controlled is the human mind and its sense of Identity. Fits with the GEFF ties too as the OECD’s Dirk Van Damme is involved with that Board.

          Thanks for finding that.

          I see it turns out to be tied to Peter Senge and also Dartmouth which was an early leader in the Cognitive Neuroscience work. Camp Snowball reminds me of the early days of the blog. Notice that David Cooperrider, a student of Senge’s and creator of Appreciative Inquiry, is one of the speakers in this week’s Fifth World Congress in Positive Psychology in Montreal. Turns out systems thinking and positive psychology are headed to the same destination with the same tools and slightly different labels.

          • Thanks JST. Using peer pressure to enforce the desired “shared understandings” and “normative concerns” internalized unconsciously within the student as the motivator of their future behavior and the behavior they want to see in others. I am in the waiting room yesterday for hours and reading my nerdy books and footnotes and highlighting away. One of the quotes made me think of the Jubilee Centre and their Knightly Virtues curriculum that would also work much like these CASEL tasks.

            It was from our communitarian sociology prof and developer of the New Golden Rule Third Way vision from 2001, Amitai Etzioni. It’s also why it matters so much that it was the Positive School Climate mandate that first led me to his work.: “The key point in my view is that while voluntary associations create certain kinds of interpersonal bonds that encourage cooperation in limited but important ways, these activities in themselves are not generative of (or revitalizing of) the kind of normative concern, the feelings of moral endangerment or hope, that compel people into activities of social change…”

            Parents fail to grasp that what you have laid out as well as me are treated as qualities necessary for success in the 21st century. It’s an updated Turchenko with both churches and business deeming to be partners with government to meet the needs of all for Health and the SDGs. Will you work together to achieve these normative goals for what might be? Meanwhile think of all the historic knowledge being flushed away. Think of the children being neurally sculpted to be the desired Change Agents needed with no desire to protest.

          • “Empathy was at the core of a project done by grade 2 students.”

            Every one of these is a group activity to change how students see the world and what needs to change. The desired neural change is not the result of some interface with technology. That can work, but it’s not the daily threat. Making that the hype means parents are unaware of the real threats. When I wrote those GEFF posts back in 2015, it was not some assault from Russia. Tom VanderArk is or has been a consultant to the local school district my children graduated from. By the time of the last one, the school was shifting fast to the Tranzi OBE Graduate Profile with me recognizing what I was looking at and biting my tongue because parents wanted to believe all was Ok. After all, their kids was in x or y honor society.

    • Have you seen this just out from CASEL?

      Positive Youth Development is NOT a supplement. It’s the main point and notice once again the references to “flourishing”.

      Also take a look at this

      I also just found the entire book uploaded to a site in Canada. This is why we have a merger of academic and mental health outcomes when we push long enough.

  5. I know these articles are a ‘dime a dozen’ now, but they still irks me.

    I understand that there are people for whom this is an issue, such as those with hyper anxiety and the terrible issues it can cause. For the majority of people, this bias keeps them not only from dying but from exploitation and misery. This is cynically manipulating people into domestication. It is also being used by business to weed out vulnerable people as well. A lot of corporations would contract the devil as a consultant if it meant increasing price per share or if the Harvard Business Review mentioned it!

  6. This is a bit more blatant, but still a mechanism for controlling thought and restricting any counter information from reaching the students: Mr. Briggs has put out several articles on American colleges and how non-conforming professors are being identified, isolated, and removed.

  7. Caught up on the latest posts. The recent conversations bring back memories of Turchenko. If memory serves me right didn’t he say we needed technology? Or am I just recalling parts of CtD?

    I still think parents see the usual subject papers coming home and choose to disregard the suspicion of manipulation because any concerns get explained away by trained teachers & administrators who know just what to say about new teaching methods and the value of soft skills. They still think the system has good intentions and rationalize away oddities.

    As a nation the bloated Govt and pols have told us what is best for us. Now they bypass all choice and go directly for shaping the minds and emotions of our children. I’ve mentioned my niece before who has been consumed and fully morphed into this new type of person. She is 11. You could tell her a straight up fact and she will dispute it because her heart says that her idea is right and facts do not matter because feelings are more important.

    Lately I feel like we really are living in a Paul Harvey story.

    • I think you are recalling the parts of Turchenko I laid out in the book, but yes Turchenko’s vision fits perfectly with this Civil Society vision. Computers in his vision were not yet adaptive to the personality and existing mental web, but that hope existed. I think I have mentioned that the translator of Turchenko is still a prof at NW, but does not include that particular work on his cv.

      Getting caught up couldn’t you also see the reason for all the coordinated deceit surrounding the Common Core? We are supposed to be enraged and then blindly reach for the offered panacea of School Choice, never recognizing that it explicitly uses the same real undisclosed template to shape the minds and create a Revolution of the Heart.

      And then CtD and ISC came along. If so much of this deceit were not pushed by people who demonstrably advertise their religiosity and its role in their daily lives, I do believe someone would have gotten a voodoo doll made of me by now. Maybe they did and stabbed the right wrist?

      Is the niece the daughter of the relative who couldn’t stop crying after November’s election? Those must be fun nightly dinners.

      • Indeed. She is.
        Yes, I see the deception they are offering. Sometimes it seems just because the parent is in control of the choice of ‘schooling’ that satisfies many as if they were safe not realising there’s no difference. I’ve seen parents get uncomfortable then brush it off because it creates ideas and questions they don’t want to think about.

        The religious nature of some of the false teachers so to speak ensures a certain level of trust by those of the same religion or close to the same that they are being lead in a right direction.

        Do you still think the children under the age of 14 are still the largest victims here? Or does it not matter any longer?

        • I think it is very difficult to overcome completely what is hardwired in when the brain is its most plastic and malleable so the early years are primetime as is the desire to reeducate parents to adopt compatible practices in the home. I downloaded this yesterday as I am looking into documenting the neurobiological implications of these mandated ed practices before going back to the Jubilee Centre and some other materials.

          Notice that site is also tied to the funder of the Science of Virtues at Chicago . That was published in 2010 and is called “the Developing Social Brain : Implications for Education.”

          This morning’s research also pulled up this conference in early August at the UN on using Youth Resilience to achieve the SDGs.

          I am in fact at the bottom of all this: how it works and what it is intended to do. Too bad the coordinated false narratives and mistaken narratives distract the parents trying to see from what is really going on. Of course that is the entire purpose, but at least all those books and documents I have gathered and read outline an unmistakeable picture.

        • Look at what Templeton has moved on to supporting now. It is tied to the same U-Chicago Arete Institute involved previously with the science of virtue.

          The Enhancing Life Project has its Capstone Program in early August as well. That’s the program. I guess they are moving to other Civil Society institutions and not just transforming the internalized neural level of the students.

  8. “Educating the whole child for self­-awareness and self­-understanding, the curriculum integrates mindfulness for stress management and self­-control; contemplative movements, postures and breathing for physical awareness and agility; nutritional knowledge for healthy eating; and social and emotional skills for effective interpersonal relationships. Elementary ­school students will learn to cultivate focus, resilience, empathy, connection, and well­being as the basis for academic and personal success.”

    • Does anyone know some important people in Kentucky? — people sensitive to privacy concerns and intrusions into family domain? People who can become part of this project from a participant/observer status? People who understand psychology thoroughly? People who understand and know the history of FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, 1974). They need to look into this project (20,000 children over six years). Look at the next sentences of this obviously experimental and untested program:

      “The structure and size of the project will yield an unprecedented breadth and depth of data on the dynamics and effects of such an educational approach. With public elementary schools in Louisville, Kentucky as its proving ground in the 28th largest school district in the United States, the findings will be applicable nationwide.”

      • You need to give the source of what you are quoting from, but Kentucky has been cutting edge for more than 25 years at this point. It is where Gene Willoit relocated to after launching the Common Core. Its Center for Innovation in Education is what a number of the state plans under ESSA are utilizing.

          • I would look for someone fighting that Sclechter Center during that time period. Lewis J Perelman’s 1992 book (I have it on loan from another ISC reader) School’s Out: A Radical New Formula for the Revitalization of America’s Educational System laid out the role of Kentucky in particular as well as Deborah Cole’s Colorado.

            I will have to look at my notes to see if Kentucky was part of Project Education Reform in the mid-80s.

        • Take a look at this and remember if it is mandated under federal law and laid out pursuant to state law, exactly what are you going to get a lawyer to protect you from?

          The only thing a lawyer can really do is precisely what I do: translate these provisions into ordinary English and try to raise awareness through writing.

          “Linda Darling-Hammond, president of the Learning Policy Institute, stressed that social and emotional learning doesn’t have to be done as an add-on, but can happen as part of regular classroom teaching. So if students are sitting at a table together working on a lesson, for example, the teacher can instruct them about words they should use as part of the discussion that show respect for those around them.

          Is having your speech prescribed in public school an infringement of 1st Amendment rights? It’s a good question. Is purportedly disrespectful language now akin to yelling “fire!” in a crowded theatre. Do we have an obligation to pretend everyone is intelligent when many people are duller than a butter knife?

          • Surely, at least one parent in the 50 schools, 20,000 K-5 public school population, would take offense at this Compassionate Schools Project! Surely one parent could object to not giving informed consent to this experiment in one-size-fits all progressive-humanism. Aren’t we supposed to be assured that proper protocols are followed in human experimentation?

            The more I study the FERPA implications the more I see that a sharp lawyer would be a great asset for such a parent. Of course, court action would be a likely path to follow to establish the wrong-headedness of this project, or at least as it applies to parents who don’t want their kid involved. Two periods per week, not just integrated into all classes about respectful words to use in discussion. There will be extensive data-mining to ascertain if the correct social-emotional-assets are being acquired. Assessments will be intrusive into the minds of the children — thus building up the PII profiles on each child.

            In 2012, In Vancouver, Canada, at one of the sessions of the AERA annual conference I heard Peter McLaren say: “I am a Marxist Humanist”. Is there a very large difference from “progressive-humanist” or is this just a semantic variation? Gene Wilhoit, long associated with CC, CCSO and now heading this CSP is identified on the internet with the progressive-humanist philosophy. Doesn’t this feel religious?

            Yes, I am a Canadian and I watch very closely what is happening in the US. What happens in North American education generally is universal. Remember the social-esteem craze, now being denounced as a “con” and ”hoax”. It happened to us at the same time. I became involved in education reform at the time the FERPA initiatives were taking place.

            At this point I think this Kentucky project is one of the most aggressive examples of the “social license” educators assume they have. Gradually, if people don’t protest, these educators feel they can get away with more impositions without our knowledge or permission.

            True, shining the light and raising awareness is so important and this blog does that — in spades! However, there comes a time for some action. I would like to see the bibliography for this Compassionate Schools project. And hopefully, a parent or more in Kentucky will take offense about this project if they get to know about its implications.

          • If a state creates a Framework for the qualities and personal characteristics it wishes schools to create in their students, A Graduate Profile is the term South Carolina uses in its ESSA plan for example, why do you assume that those internalized characteristics can only be implemented with PII? Remember my point about centripetal, not centrifugal? These are the goals we want all students to meet is centripetal. It is not a database of PII nor is there anything static about what is meant by ‘continuous improvement’. A student’s neural hardware and what functions as the software programming of his or her mind and personality can be thoroughly reengineered and NEVER trigger FERPA.

            Most of the discussions of the various think tank employees on this point have simply been Red Herrings designed to avert attention from inconvenient facts like the Catholic Curriculum Frameworks also being grounded in behavioral science methods to reengineer the student from the Inside Out. The Neil Flinders book I took the quote Revolution of the Heart from was published by the Mormon Church Press. My following up on the various false narratives also led me to last month’s 25th anniversary Repairing the Ruins project that also seemed to want to use education to create ‘well-ordered souls’ rather than a factual body of knowledge. Betsy DeVos’ life activities as an adult kept pulling up the work of Dutch Calvinist Abraham Kuyper so often that I finally read a cited biography of him to get a better sense of why. This quote of his may give us insights on why so many want to use this kind of education as a tool without having to own up to parents or taxpayers that they are doing that or why.

            From a keynote speech at the Christian Social Congress in 1991 and cited in Lew Daly’s 2009 book God’s Economy: Faith-Based Initiatives and the Caring State. To answer the rest of your question I do believe Marxist Humanists, progressive humanists, and many think tanks that call themselves conservative all want just such a supposed Caring State that ensures certain beliefs, values, and personal characteristics in their citizens.

            “The Christian religion speaks of a lost paradise, a state of purity from which we fell…Springing from God’s love, the Christian religion brings loving compassion into the world. Over against that compassion, the French Revolution [Kuyper is viewing this not as a historical event but as the trigger of ideas he wishes to reject] placed the egoism of a passionate struggle for possessions. And finally, to touch on the real point that lies at the heart of the social problem, the Christian religion seeks personal human dignity in the social relationships of an organically integrated society. The French revolution disturbed the organic tissue, broke those social bonds, and left nothing but the monotonous, self-seeking individual asserting his own self-sufficiency.”

            Everything from the UNESCO Ethical Framework to the Call for Civil Society and Hardwired to Connect to mandated Positive School Climates to that Special Rome Edition to the 2016 World Happiness Report to Larry Arnn’s vision of the Founding Fathers that struck me as fictitious (remember it is tied though to the Barney Charter Initiative and Classical Education) to the hype for the CLT instead of the SAT to Amitai Etzioni’s New Golden Rule are ALL framed with just that same sort of explicit hostility to the individual. They are ALL framed in terms of communitarianism.

            At least Willhoit and McLaren are upfront about their intentions for education. So much of the false narrative surrounding the Common Core has been to impose the same essential vision as what Louisville has launched under the Compassionate Schools Project. Parents do not know that though because the language in the charters goes unread and the mission statements unappreciated. Meanwhile parents still don’t grasp how mentally controlling it is to be told what is Good, True, and Beautiful and to practice how to bring these concepts about in the real world.

            Again, that is also not a transmission of knowledge curriculum for the individual. It wants very much to control thought, guide perception, and dictate what motivates behavior and interprets daily experiences. Hyping PII gets in the way of just how manipulative all these forms of ‘student-centered’, competency-based learning, and standards-based reforms actually are.

            Tell Congress and the legislatures to quit okaying these intrusions into the Whole Child and ‘brain-based learning’.

      • Thanks for this example of school public relations. Most often school stories are not investigative or because of independent sources. These school stories are usually derivative from the news release issued by the professional public relations staff. You will hear what the office wants the public to hear and they even provide the links to staff that are good to interview for candid remarks. That’s how a lazy press works. That’s how an education system waylays or ambushes possible negative comments to come, laying the groundwork for advancing to larger territory.

        This story about the meditation/mindfulness sessions in the schools in Jefferson County, Kentucky, is interesting. Seeing the planted interviews, being with religious schools (Catholic and Presbyterian) is a dead giveaway that the major project is “religious” in nature: progressive-humanism as I see it. If the pilot programs produce praising comments from staff, students and parents from religious schools, then those in public schools should not be concerned, eh?

        Another big problem I have with the Compassionate Schools Project is its intended universalism. Why should there be these continuing drives to bring forth refinements on the one-size-fits-all model? It is intended to go to the national level after the six-year fine-tuning.

  9. “Every one of these is a group activity to change how students see the world and what needs to change. The desired neural change is not the result of some interface with technology. That can work, but it’s not the daily threat.”

    Proudly “low-tech” education in Finland, in the vanguard of establishing the 21st century mindset, confirms this observation.

    Interesting that the OECD “tends to refer to ‘character’ in
    the form of ‘social and emotional skills,'” according to footnote in that BIAC doc. Not exactly breaking news but useful to thrust under the gaze of those innocents who are all for former but properly appalled by the latter.

    Hope that the ailing chicks are back to full function. I know that wisdom teeth can be a real pain in the — jaw.

    • My vegetarian Sans the wisdom teeth daughter had me turn my risotto recipe into veggie friendly including Parmesan that was not PR with those enzymes she has always consumed until now. I added lemongrass to make the broth and that was a winner.

      The other is still ailing and just had me make her oatmeal. Been running mega errands between the two as they have a Puny Contest. Things just got a lot clearer in my mind on the why of what these various supposedly right think tanks push and the deceit surrounding the Common Core and School Choice. Yesterday one mentioned a Charles Koch essay calling for a “Science of Liberty”. Since we know Templeton funds many of these same think tanks and they have redefined Liberty with those clear communitarian overtones I decided to read it while everyone else slept in.

      It’s systems thinking clear as day. How’s this? “…since liberty has to do with how we live and work together, the practitioners of its science must live its concepts and values to understand liberty.” Doesn’t that sound experiential? It is an understanding “which can only be gained by practice.” Which sounds just like the competency-based ed, doesn’t it? “The ability to skillfully use concepts without thinking about them is developed only in living them, by applying them until they become extensions of ourselves. Only then can we become masters of the art of selecting the best tools for the problem, of improving the power of our concepts to solve problems, and of using our framework to see new problems.”

      There’s more, but it is the Tranzi OBE vision because it is systems thinking hiding as the “Science of Liberty”. I did write in the margin, being the naughty analyst that I am, that his fondness for conceptual frameworks to guide our actions and perception certainly explained all those APUSH analyses that refused to explain what lenses are or what a framework is. If Koch wants ‘new ways of thinking’ that “take off our ‘mind-forged manacles,'” his funding beneficiaries are unlikely to point that out in their commentaries.

      Fits right in with what the Jubilee Centre is pushing–“live the concepts and values of liberty”—as well as what Classical Education hypes as the True, Good, and Beautiful.

      Did you notice the reference Martha Nussbaum made to the work of Marx when he was younger? She never explained the importance of that, but it is where the Human Development Society and the little c version of communism are found. It was not translated out of German until mid-20th century or so. It is what Marxist Humanism and systems thinking seek to achieve.

      See my mind is still working even if my kids think I am primarily their cook and gopher running errands.

      • Robin,
        You may have explained in past posts who the individuals were that originally translated Marx’s early writings in the mid 20th century but could you refresh me? Where did they work/teach? Who funded them?

        • Daniel Bell refers to them in a stint in the late 50s at the CASBS and about how ‘we’ now know more about Marx’s true plans for humanity than what was available to Lenin at the time of the Bolshevik Revolution.

          I think it also popped on my radar when I read Leszek Kolakowski’s 1978 Main Currents of Marxism: The Breakdown that had been translated from Polish into English. That in turn led me to Princeton Professor and Sovietologist Robert Tucker who had lived in the USSR and was fluent in Russian. That was covered in this old post from May 2013. I understood about the Human development Society and its relevance to the ed vision as I was editing CtD and made a few changes to the final transcript as we were going to press that summer.

          There was also a Centre for Russian Studies or Institute set up in 1948 at Harvard with Carnegie funding. It issued numerous books in English that are clearly influenced by the MH model and propagating it. I have those too. I think that Institute existed for ten years.

  10. From Instapundit:
    JUNE 28, 2017
    WHEN ACADEMICS LIE AND SMEAR: Nancy MacLean’s Distortion of James Buchanan’s Statement. “My Economic colleague Russ Roberts has pointed to a passage of Nancy MacLean’s recent book, Democracy in Chains: A Deep History of the Radical Right’s Stealth Plan for America, in which Professor MacLean left key words out of a quote from Tyler Cowen, thus seriously distorting his meaning. A Facebook friend, Christopher Fleming, has pointed out that she has done the same thing with a quote from James Buchanan, the main player in her book. See if you can tell the difference between what he says and what she claims he says.”

    Directly prefacing the second quote you pulled:

    “As Jim Buchanan pointed out last night, focusing on the tools is what has undermined the effectiveness of the economics profession. This ability to skillfully use concepts…etc.”

    Do we trust Mr. Koch’s representation of Buchanan’s point, here? I tracked down his speech and read the context. I grant that the “focusing on tools” reference might have occurred during a non-recorded Q&A following the speech. Barring that possibility, while criticizing the technical excesses of economics (econometrics?) that distract economists with the shiny new analytic “tools” independent of sensible results, Buchanan insists on the centrality of the market exchange of individuals which alone define value. “Any such enthusiasm must, however, be tempered by the unwillingness to
    assume the patemalistic arrogance generally characteristic of intellectuals
    of all varieties in the form of expressed preferences for what values persons
    should pursue, whether in exchange dealings or in collective action.
    Only if individuals are free to interact, one with another, can they achieve
    their own (emphasized in original) values.” It was Koch’s decision to make use of Buchanan inappropriately to support his communitarian definition of liberty. Note also his approving reference to Howard Gardner.

    Yes, I did notice Nussbaum’s passing reference to “the young Marx.”

    I thought it was interesting that I came across these two references to Buchanan being misrepresented or misused on two consecutive days. Distorting and misrepresenting authorities appears to be SOP.

    • This was the article that referenced the Koch essay “Creating a Science of Liberty”.

      I read the original Doherty essay it came from too. Honestly between the Koch and Bradley Foundation funding this is a huge part of the financing for the Right Pincer. If it’s not just the Left steering us to systems science and also the perceived right, it means CtD is not just the accurate story of what is really going on in ed. It is also acting as a solvent to flush out hidden parts of the story as people seek to spin its conclusions into other stories to defuse what is really sought.

      When I was musing last night over what is gained by divorcing the GEFF posts from their origination here and the accurate interpretations, that was one of my conclusions. If you wanted to exorcize GEFF from its actual systems science links. And less than 12 hours later I stumble across this Koch essay. No wonder this same crew is also tied to Neuroeconomics.

      I did notice the reference to Gardner. It was in the context of what really constitutes ‘understanding’.

      Repeat after me : “I am not a system and neither are my children. There are blueprints on how to turn children into systems and we have them and understand them. Not in the Gardner or Koch sense of understand. It’s an old fashioned Axemaker Mind analysis grounded in facts. The kind of understanding that can stand alone against hurricane force winds and not doubt its accuracy. It is what it is and we get to grasp its essence with enough hard work.”

      But it is tiring. Time to watch more Dr Who Christmas specials.

    • Remember Gardner first came on the scene via MACOS: Man: A Course of Study. Since you have read the Bellagio papers from 1968, you should appreciate that I am back between the wars in a book I saw mentioned in some footnotes explaining the ‘Science of Man’ for social engineering and control pursued by the Rockefeller Foundation. It is grounded in what is laid out in their own archives. It also explains how the RF funded the creation of the molecular biology research out of such a vision, even though most of the funded researchers remained unaware of the actual purposes of their work.

      For a while I had been watching what is being funded in the name of Conservatism and faith having ties to what was originally funded directly by the RF. It also talks about the massive investment in the 50s by the Ford Foundation with advice from the RF and scientific profs at CalTech in the ‘behavioral sciences’, but no heads up they are referring to CASBS or what will become ‘systems science’. As usual a certain amount is hidden unless you are already familiar with much of the story.

      Made grits for the Puny children in between chapters.

      • Important Question: If you put salt and pepper in grits, are you a Yankee?

        That’s been a major discussion since I got here.

        • No, but one trick I now do is add chive and onion cream cheese to the water when I bring it to a boil along with the salt. Picked that up from the times I go on to make an actual Grits casserole–one of my son’s very favorite things to eat in the world.

          You can never get the salt right unless it is in water initially. Fresh ground pepper goes in at the end with butter and usually sharp cheddar cheese.

          No one can hear me speak and call me a Yankee. I can turn ‘y’all’ into three syllables.

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