Resistance-Proof Biosocial Revolution Undisclosed at the Neural Level of Students’ Minds

Let’s start off with a quote I have had since I did the ACES post on April 30. “In social cognitive theory, sociostructural factors operate through psychological mechanisms of the self system to produce behavioral effects.” Now that may sound like a mouthful, but if we substitute ‘a person’ or ‘the student’ for ‘self system’ the meaning is clearer. Now we have discussed that Karl Marx is widely recognized now as having been a lousy economist. Less recognized though is how his related sales pitch that social revolution could be achieved if ‘Man’ would simply become a Maker of History is still wildly reverenced, especially in education. So let’s now add in another quote from the same 2001 Annual Review of Psychology article by Albert Bandura to shake out that other mouthful–‘sociostructural factors.’

“The self system is not merely a conduit for sociostructural influences. Although the self is socially constituted, by exercising self-influence human agents operate generatively and proactively, not just reactively, to shape the character of their social systems. In these agentic transactions, people are producers [Making History!] as well as products of social systems. Personal agency and social structure operate interdependently. Social structures are created by human activity [and especially laws and other legal vehicles like charters] and sociostructural practices [here comes the law again which is why we now have edicts about Positive School Climate and required proactive approaches to bullying and Restorative Justice], in turn, impose constraints and provide enabling resources and opportunity structures for personal development and functioning.”

I learned a new word this week that is typically used in a military context–Schwerpunkt–but which fits even better in the human and behavioral sciences, which is what education and even the law have now become tools for. It means “weight (or focus) of effort” and the weight or focus of effort in education ‘reforms’, as we finally began to confront in earnest in the last post, involves trying to lock-in desired “psychosocial changes and levels of functioning” at a biological, neural level because, quite simply, genetic social engineering by governments would take too long.

Anyone else fascinated to learn that “social efforts to change lives for the better require merging diverse self-interests in support of common core values and goals.” There’s that phrase again so I decided to bold it for emphasis. The real common core operates at an internalized, psychological, neural level and another word for those internalized goals practiced repeatedly through prescribed educational activities would be ‘standards’ as in standards-based, student-centered ‘reforms’.

Now just to provide some hint of just why I decided to add Schwerpunkt to our quiver of useful vocabulary terms to capture the essence of the desired transformational changes, let’s cover just a few of the confirming revelations that have popped out in just the last week. I recognized, for example, that Professor Damasio’s 2010 book Self Comes to Mind was actually restating Bandura’s work without mentioning him so I did a search to see if others had recognized the link. Out the connections spewed across the globe in languages I did not speak and had to translate, but our Google overlords kindly told me that both men’s work deal with the psychological means for the “self-regulation of thought and moral conduct.” Goes better than a slice of bacon then with those needed “common core values and goals.”

We have Teaching Students to Drive Their Brains recommended for summer reading complete with not-so-amusing graphics of Upper Elementary Students being taught to visualize using their Brain Cars. That fits though with our learning that there was a K-12 component to the Pacific Northwest Neuroscience Neighborhood part of the BRAIN Initiative. It is called Noggin and there are numerous detailed links in the comments to the last post with pictures as well as the revelation that Fulton’s new Super as of June 1, Jeff Rose, came from one of the Noggin districts. What are the odds? from What Works Cities (and what precisely ‘evidence-based’ policymaking turns out to mean) admits that changing behavior is official government policy across US federal agencies and also globally. Finally we have showing a Texas school that is pushing an emotionally-grounded moral thinking of the kind Professors Damasio and Bandura promote as what a new kind of 21st century learning grounded in Equity should look like. All this makes sense though if we go back to what Bandura wrote in 2001 and recognize that when charters (like Fulton’s) refer obliquely to a euphemism like ‘life skills’ as the new focus of schools they are actually incorporating Bandura’s work. I am nothing if not a good researcher after all so of course I can prove it.

Since what that charter really intended to lock in for a particular school district, and what ESSA has now done to every school district, is grounded in Bandura’s work and he said it was to drive Biosocial Coevolution, let’s tear away the shroud of euphemisms and look at these intentions in the sunlight. Now if I give a hot link to the article it will be off the server within the hour so I will just continue to make reference to it. When located, however, just go to page 18 to the section called “Emerging Primacy of Human Agency in Biosocial Coevolution” and think about how lucrative it is for the lawyers, administrators, and consultants working to change education because “psychology is the one discipline that uniquely encompasses the complex interplay between intrapersonal, biological, interpersonal, and sociostructural determinants of human functioning.”

I am going to interrupt the quote to point out that this is the reason all these learning theories of education want to dethrone the rational Prefrontal Cortex from being a primary driver of human behavior. It’s an obstacle to what Bandura will momentarily call the desired Collective Efficacy. Back to the next line of the quote now: “Psychology is, therefore, best suited to advance understanding of the integrated biopsychosocial nature of humans and how they manage and shape the everyday world around them.” Beginning to finally see the clear reason for all the deceit, euphemisms, and use of misdescribed legal mandates to force these political uses of psychological theories invisibly imposed via education? Recognize now why school board members are trained to defer to anyone with an education degree? They are deferring to a revolutionary shift in the conception of what human beings can be, imposed while most are led to believe we are still talking about academics.

Charters, legislation, and reinterpretations of civil rights laws are simply not being accurately presented as mechanisms for the ‘biologizing of psychology,” even though that is the decades-long  Schwerpunkt focus of all K-12 education reforms. It’s also why my book Credentialed to Destroy is even more relevant now than when it was written. It recognized the required focus of efforts long before I grasped that everything laid out actually had an intended biological component of desired neural effects. Bandura was stunningly revelatory so let’s keep listening. He told us that the “selection pressures of social and technological innovations on biological evolution get ignored,” which may be the most succinct rationale for the digital learning mandates we will find. After all, “human evolution provides bodily structures and biological potentialities, not behavioral dictates. Psychosocial influences operate through these biological resources to fashion adaptive forms of behavior.”

Prescribed adaptations and forms of behavior with no need to admit the manipulation out loud. Tuck it into charters or statutes no one else reads or required instructional practices no one explains accurately and suddenly education and the law can be tools taking advantage of the known, but usually undisclosed, “malleability of evolved dispositions.” Seeing the avenue of unimpeded social change as being through the manipulation of the known plasticity of the human brain and nervous system and then refusing to openly declare that actual intent. Recognizing that the real aim of Competency, the Common Core, and what were misleadingly called the Reading and Math Wars was about deliberate targeting of the “specialized neurophysiological structures and mechanisms that had evolved over time.”

Targeting “these advanced neural systems [that] are specialized for channeling attention, detecting the causal structure of the outside world, transforming that information into abstract representations, and integrating and using them for adaptive purposes,” except due to undisclosed neural manipulation the goals and purposes are no longer really your own. Think of the desired History Maker to Change Existing Systems while once again listening to what Bandura aimed at: “These evolved information processing systems provide the capacity for the very agentic characteristics that are distinctly human–generative symbolization, forethought, evaluative self-regulation, reflective self-consciousness, and symbolic communication.”   Just what Noggin and Brain Car Lessons train students to be comfortable allowing others to manipulate instead of holding sacred. What Professors Immordino-Yang and Damasio block off access to with their hype of learning grounded in emotion.

We didn’t really think all these reforms would be disclosed accurately as the “psychosocial side of coevolution gains ascendancy,” did we? Good thing I can recognize what I am looking at by now even when no one actually meant for such a confession to come out. This was how Bandura ended so let me quote and then translate.

“What is technologically possible eventually gets applied. As previously noted, the genetic factors provide only potentialities, not the finished psychosocial attributes. However, there is no shortage of individuals with the resources and belief in genetic determinism to underwrite attempts at genetic engineering of human nature. The values to which we subscribe and the social systems we devise to oversee the uses to which our powerful technologies are put will play a vital role in what we become and how we shape our destiny.”

What Bandura proposed, and what education and the law have now locked in, is that those values and social systems are no longer a matter of personal choice. The choices have been made for us. The social engineering of human nature is now being attempted at a biological and neural level and we are all literally in the midst of what Soviet Psychologist Leontiev called the Great Experiment back in the 60s. Political power wants to dictate what those ‘psychosocial attributes’ will be and circumscribe what regions of the brain are likely to be used by the typical student when they become an adult.

And the euphemism for that latter neural manipulation is College and Career Ready.

I really do need to create an ISC Dictionary of True Meanings for 21st Century Guidance to Avoid Psychological Manipulation, don’t I?


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  1. “Less recognized though is how his [Marx] related sales pitch that social revolution could be achieved if ‘Man’ would simply become a Maker of History…”

    Is this our newly heralded
    Double meanings rule with these cats. Like how many craft breweries and pottery paint shops and dogcoffeebike bars can be SUSTAINABLE? Makers of History seems more like it, the craft jewelery mavens and the rest must be subsidized and are fronting the developers landbanking for the micro-apartments and tiny house neighborhoods for the the new Neural Neighborhoods!

    • This is from an earlier part of the paper under the section called “Physicalistic Theory of Human Agency”: “people are not just onlooking hosts of internal mechanisms orchestrated by environmental events. They are agents of experiences rather than simply undergoers of experiences…Research on brain development underscores the influential role that agentic action plays in shaping the neuronal and functional structure of the brain. It is not just exposure to stimulation, but agentic action in exploring, manipulating, and influencing the environment that counts. [A good description of the Maker Movement there]. By regulating their motivation and activities, people produce the experiences that form the functional neurobiological substrate of symbolic, social, psychomotor, and other skills.”

      All prescribed of course the create the neural substrate desired by others. As Bandura said “to be an agent is to intentionally make things happen by one’s actions.” And education becomes about creating the neural structures that are likely to force desired actions. It’s the same rationale that did not want subjects to learn to read, except this is far more hidden precisely because there is so much deceit. In the end though this desire to force personal control without being seen to force it is driving this template.

      It makes me profoundly sad that this is the clear aim, but we cannot avoid this template until we recognize the true aims. That is the danger of it being undisclosed so I am disclosing it.

      • So, clearly this idiotic Maker Movement has “some” change agent value as it is orchestrating specific “student centered’ experiments which will have certain “collective” outcomes that will naturally reinforce what is being indoctrinated into the same young minds in other classes.

        Its also useful as non academic lego time when actual reading and mathematics fluency is discouraged BUT isn’t the Maker Movement also a whole lotta smoke and mirrors quietly, stupidly conditioning parents and teachers alike to the fact, through tangible gears and widgets, that children are having their experiences spoon fed to them so they will act in a certain , predictable manner ?

        These ” Maker Spaces” are so unbelievably moronic I have a hard time listening to people gush about any of it. It seems to me they are a relatively short term means to an end manipulation to provide a feel good visual to bring the adult masses into the fold of correct thinking just as much as it is a means of conditioning kids.

        Congrats, Parents, your kid can play in a sandbox and follow playtime instructions with other kids. Its Broffenbrenner’s vision for U.S. middle and high school students that he observed in Soviet pre schools. Collective conditioning and playtime practice. ” Nyet nyet Olga you musn’t play alone. Stay with the group DA?”

        And reading Bandura here makes me want to scream:
        They are agents of experiences rather than simply undergoers of experiences…
        Really Genius? Thanks for the 411. Good to know ya’ll figured out that manipulated, twisted and distorted psyches will act unconsciously on their experiences. ( Lemme guess. Admirer of Luria?? ) Especially if they are deprived of reason and logic and the ability to form abstract thought and reach independent rational conclusions.

        Arg. Rant # 427 over. Dang it.

    • “DOGCOFFEEBIKE Bars” Hahahahahahahaha! Thanks MM for that visual. Snort, snicker, guffaw.

      All Hail The Great Gaia Bike Path!

  2. Please proceed with the ISC Dictionary of Terms. Parents have been left out of the public education loop long enough because of the use of educational code language on the part of elitist “educators.”

  3. And we are now pushing this into mainstream education seminars.

    “Scott Barry Kaufman is a cognitive psychologist who studies the development of intelligence, creativity, and personality. In his book Ungifted: Intelligence Redefined, he takes a look at why our society is so obsessed with measuring intelligence, instead of using the test results to inform tailored interventions to help all people succeed. He is the Scientific Director of The Imagination Institute and a researcher in the Positive Psychology Center at the University of Pennsylvania, where he investigates the measurement and development of imagination. His new book about creativity and imagination is Wired to Create: Unraveling the Mysteries of the Creative Mind (co-authored with Carolyn Gregoire).

    Kaufman was formerly an adjunct assistant professor of psychology at New York University. He is a co-founder of popular nonprofit website The Creativity Post, writes the blog “Beautiful Minds” for Scientific American Mind, and is co-editor of the book The Philosophy of Creativity: New Essays. Kaufman is on the editorial board of journals BioMed Central Psychology and Journal of Intelligence. He has a doctorate in cognitive psychology from Yale University and a master’s degree in experimental psychology from Cambridge University, where he was a Gates Cambridge Scholar.”

    • That is where Greenberg is and Angela Duckworth and we know from IMBES conference in 2014 that Grit and Perseverence are really just tools to access what the student has internalized that guide and motivate their behavior. This also ties to the National Growth Mindset study.

      Amy Gutmann is Pres of U-Penn and co-chair of the Bioethics Commission with a program that aligns with her Democratic Education book. See why I decided the word Schwerpunkt was useful?

      Left out is the recognition that Positive Psychology is recognized as a tool to advance via education the political agenda of the Marxist Humanists. The books I have, however, admit that and also say no one can stop what they do not recognize as a threat or that a back door is open.

      This really does turn our schools into psychological Auschwitzes and SCT is embedded in ESSA through what gets funding and what classroom practices are required and what really constitutes a well-rounded education.

      Remember I first recognized where this happiness and positive psych push was going back in 2012 in the early days of the blog. Back when the posts were much shorter and single topic and there were not so many balls in the air. We are getting back to that now as the core of all the seeming tangents has become quite visible.

      This is the International Meaning Conference that Center at Penn is hyping. Good thing we have already covered the Templeton Foundation and the NIH-funded Science of Virtues and seen Duckworth’s involvement. That link ties it all together with what we now are covering as the BRAIN Initiative and HBP.

      • Notice we have apparently moved on to the Second Wave of Positive Psychology–PP2.0.

        More here

        Notice also we have an alignment between what is being pushed via education on classrooms and what is being pushed in the name of a new view of health care. Both are centered on physical and mental wellbeing, which probablt NOT coincidentally is what the MH crowd wants to achieve as the Human Development Society.

        Quoting: “the concept of good cannot be entirely based on “the inherent worth of virtue and on the subjective markers of that worth” (p. 633), because such a view heavily reflects the individualistic bias of contemporary Western societies without considering the value-systems of more collectivist societies. Research on virtues needs to recognize cultural differences as we move toward an international PP.

        An international PP. Sounds like it needs an anthem. See how everyone is actually headed to the same place that is undisclosed? If the control is internalized and invisible, resistance is not just futile. It is not even on the radar of needed responses as parents put their loved ones on school buses or drop them off in car pool. I remember my 3rd grade son’s response to Everyday Math. “Why can’t they just teach Base 10 properly so we can move on to fractions.” Because arithmetic was no longer the purpose of math class turns out to be the real answer. He already had his Axemaker Mind though and still does.

        • Discovered this interesting bio under Speakers for the conference: “Dmitry Leontiev, Ph.D., Dr. Sc., is Head of the International laboratory of positive psychology of motivation and personality at Higher School of Economics, Moscow, Russia, Professor of psychology, Lomonosov Moscow State University, the founder and the head of Institute of Existential Psychology and Life Enhancement (EXPLIEN) in Moscow. He strives to integrate the existentialist approach to human personality with cultural-historical activity theory approach and synergetic views on human self-regulation and self-organization. Author of numerous publications in psychology of personality and motivation, theory and history of psychology, psychology of art and empirical aesthetics. Both his Ph.D. and habilitation works were focused on the problem of personal meaning. Dmitry is a recipient of the Promotional Award of Viktor Frankl Foundation of the city of Vienna (2004), honorary member of Society for Logotherapy and Existential Analysis by Viktor Frankl Institute (Vienna).”

          Yes, comrade, the familiar surname is no accident: he is the grandson of the original. The Higher School of Economics is where Michael Barber, of Pearson fame, hangs out when he’s not ruining British education.

          • Thanks for that Deborah. Yes, Urie Bronfenbrenner really was a grad psych student of Leontiev’s in the 60s when he made the Great experiment comment and Michael Cole, creator of Cultural-Historical Activity Theory and tied to HOTS architect in 1987 and the New Standards Project co-chair Lauren Resnick via ISCAR was a grad exchange student of Luria’s. Everybody has always been working together on this. We were just not supposed to know that.

            I read that Wong paper I linked on PP2.0 and it pretty much covers everything including Jerome Bruner. It cited to a 2009 Kenneth Sheldon paper “providing the Scientific Backbone for Positive Psychology: A Multi-Level Conception of Human Thriving.” Located that and the first cite in its biblio is to this Albert Bandura paper. from 1989 “Self-regulation of motivation and action through internal standards and goal systems.”

            We are truly full circle and the insiders are telling us it’s all connected now that we know where to look and I have Robin’s ISC Dictionary in my head and in the vicinity of my computer.

        • Oh my.
          Just checked out that PP2.0 conference.
          Not very ‘diverse’ is it?
          But I guess the rules are different for the overlords and reality constrictors…I mean constructors.

      • Ooh Robin,
        Guess what I just discovered? Last fall in my 9th graders Health and Wellness. ( LAWD do I dislike the WELLNESS word ) she was asked to fill out a GRIT survey written by dear Duckworth. Oh yes indeedy.
        Now I have yet to learn whether this was a hard copy done cluelessly for the student’s own edification or if it was collected by the school for their own files or quite possibly for University Of Penn’s files.
        I am so overjoyed.

        • basically has a coming together of the brain rewiring, digital learning mandates. and using data to solve problems and force Equity in broader ‘systems’ just as FuturICT and Sandy Pentland laid out for the UN.

          It is all coming together nicely and I have lots of graphs and visual descriptions now available for powerpoint presentations when I speak. As alarming as all this is, I have a tsunami of proof backing it up.

          I do not think it is a coincidence that Penn’s Wharton School that was home to some of the seminal social systems ‘research’ in the 70s and 80s now has the Positive Psychology Center to get the needed ‘attributes’ or dispositions internalized, do you?

          • No, I do not think it is a coincidence that “Penn’s Wharton School that was home to some of the seminal social systems ‘research’ in the 70s and 80s now has the Positive Psychology Center to get the needed ‘attributes’ or dispositions internalized.”

            And related to all of Penn’s determination to interfere with the sovereign individual is that in addition to the above research, for several years Penn was home to a School for Human Sexual Studies program. It is unclear to me exactly when and how the program was passed off to Widener at some point in the last 10 years or so but basically the whole operation, professors included moved south on I -95. Perhaps so the spotlight for this really marxist humanist and bizarre program would not be so directed upon Penn’s Ivy walls? Maybe it was too blatantly destructive even for Penn?

            I mention this because Penn/Wideners Human Sexuality Program places a heavy emphasis on POSITIVE sex education. Its an anything goes as long as it feels good philosophy devoid of teaching emotional, physical, psychological consequences. It is a program that essentially teaches people to disconnect from their inner knowing, internal radar. Dare I say soul? One more way Penn has contributed to the foundation of remaking the New Global Man.

          • Oh yes it does. Of course they have been working on variations on this theme for ages and the reality, the real reality of impoverished neighborhoods, not the unicorn and rainbows constructed one that eclectic accurately referred to, never seems to change. But backing up what you have always said Robin these baloney inclusive programs are a boon for ‘stakeholders’ with access to the tax payer trough.

            Reading this piece I’ve decided for myself that the word ‘Engage’ in any of its forms is THE most overused and sustainably Orwellian term currently peppering the english language. Cleveland’s Inclusive Circle seems like a Boa Constrictor hug than an ‘Engaging’ embrace.

            Is there a way off this carnival ride?

      • I’ve done a little snooping around on the Positive Psychology Center website and discovered the PP has been used in the US military for the better part of a decade. I couldn’t help contrasting this therapeutic approach to PTS and related ailments in troops returning from the Middle East with this interesting article:

        I had been aware of the shocking difference between the behavior of American POWs and Turkish POWs during the Korean War, and the article shines a light on it. Do you think the Turkish soldiers had been trained in Grit and Growth Mindset?

        • Thanks for the link to the Turks’ behavior in the Korean War. My late father told me the same thing about the Turk POWs in Korea.

          I admire grit but I suspect it means something different as now taught in schools. I still remember the Robert Service poem The Quitter.

          The Quitter
          When you’re lost in the Wild, and you’re scared as a child,
          And Death looks you bang in the eye,
          And you’re sore as a boil, it’s according to Hoyle
          To cock your revolver and . . . die.
          But the Code of a Man says: “Fight all you can,”
          And self-dissolution is barred.
          In hunger and woe, oh, it’s easy to blow . . .
          It’s the hell-served-for-breakfast that’s hard.

          “You’re sick of the game!” Well, now that’s a shame.
          You’re young and you’re brave and you’re bright.
          “You’ve had a raw deal!” I know — but don’t squeal,
          Buck up, do your damnedest, and fight.
          It’s the plugging away that will win you the day,
          So don’t be a piker, old pard!
          Just draw on your grit, it’s so easy to quit.
          It’s the keeping-your chin-up that’s hard.

          It’s easy to cry that you’re beaten — and die;
          It’s easy to crawfish and crawl;
          But to fight and to fight when hope’s out of sight —
          Why that’s the best game of them all!
          And though you come out of each gruelling bout,
          All broken and battered and scarred,
          Just have one more try — it’s dead easy to die,
          It’s the keeping-on-living that’s hard.

          • Yes, eclectic, I was being ironic with my question at the end of my post. Oh well, we can cheer up because Congress is one step away from requiring the drafting of our daughters into the military, so they can enjoy the Grit-enhancing exercises Service describes.

            I offer this Kipling selection as a response to yours. It expresses the operation of the, uh, Growth Mindset:

            The Gods of the Copybook Headings

            AS I PASS through my incarnations in every age and race,
            I make my proper prostrations to the Gods of the Market Place.
            Peering through reverent fingers I watch them flourish and fall,
            And the Gods of the Copybook Headings, I notice, outlast them all.

            We were living in trees when they met us. They showed us each in turn
            That Water would certainly wet us, as Fire would certainly burn:
            But we found them lacking in Uplift, Vision and Breadth of Mind,
            So we left them to teach the Gorillas while we followed the March of Mankind.

            We moved as the Spirit listed. They never altered their pace,
            Being neither cloud nor wind-borne like the Gods of the Market Place,
            But they always caught up with our progress, and presently word would come
            That a tribe had been wiped off its icefield, or the lights had gone out in Rome.

            With the Hopes that our World is built on they were utterly out of touch,
            They denied that the Moon was Stilton; they denied she was even Dutch;
            They denied that Wishes were Horses; they denied that a Pig had Wings;
            So we worshipped the Gods of the Market Who promised these beautiful things.

            When the Cambrian measures were forming, They promised perpetual peace.
            They swore, if we gave them our weapons, that the wars of the tribes would cease.
            But when we disarmed They sold us and delivered us bound to our foe,
            And the Gods of the Copybook Headings said: “Stick to the Devil you know.”

            On the first Feminian Sandstones we were promised the Fuller Life
            (Which started by loving our neighbour and ended by loving his wife)
            Till our women had no more children and the men lost reason and faith,
            And the Gods of the Copybook Headings said: “The Wages of Sin is Death.”

            In the Carboniferous Epoch we were promised abundance for all,
            By robbing selected Peter to pay for collective Paul;
            But, though we had plenty of money, there was nothing our money could buy,
            And the Gods of the Copybook Headings said: “If you don’t work you die.”

            Then the Gods of the Market tumbled, and their smooth-tongued wizards withdrew
            And the hearts of the meanest were humbled and began to believe it was true
            That All is not Gold that Glitters, and Two and Two make Four
            And the Gods of the Copybook Headings limped up to explain it once more.

            As it will be in the future, it was at the birth of Man
            There are only four things certain since Social Progress began.
            That the Dog returns to his Vomit and the Sow returns to her Mire,
            And the burnt Fool’s bandaged finger goes wabbling back to the Fire;

            And that after this is accomplished, and the brave new world begins
            When all men are paid for existing and no man must pay for his sins,
            As surely as Water will wet us, as surely as Fire will burn,
            The Gods of the Copybook Headings with terror and slaughter return!

  4. And now the “self systems” are ready to be trained so they can perform the tasks we consider necessary–or NOT perform the tasks they would have selected for themselves if they could use their mental capacities to choose their futures for themselves.

    • I have been quite busy this morning continuing to track Bandura and there is no question whatsoever now that ESSA, Carol Dweck’s Growth Mindset, Angela Duckworth’s Grit and Perseverence that won her a lucrative MacArthur grant, Tranzi OBE, and ‘standards-based reforms all track back to Bandura’s work perfectly.

      That means there is a continuous, provable track for what federal law now mandates all states must do and his declared intentions to force Biosocial revolution.

      Another term I find apart from self system is Integrated Learning System and the assumption from the non-ISC dictionary holder is that the reference is to some type of computer database. Instead ILS is yet another name for a neurally manipulated student. It is another thing Fulton has been involved in and it is why, I believe, the Clarke County Super was initially deemed to be a compatible successor to Avossa. I think this brain-based alteration is what won him the National Super of the Year. The willingness to turn schools into Psychological Auschwitzes also likely led to a willingness to ignore that poor girl’s rape at an local high school.

      Csik is also showing up regularly so there’s again the link to Excellence and what the civil rights laws misinterpretations are trying to force.

      • Anticipatory Cognitive Embodied System was more descriptive of the aspiration, but it is a mouthful. Hence the ACES acronym.

        • Hey! I know! Designated at birth names and genders are SO 20th century lets just forget all that meany-pants enslavement and free ourselves with MEANINGFUL monikers.

          I’ll go first. Please designate me as:

  5. Yep, Robin, we need that dictionary of real meanings ASAP.

    Robin, was it you that recommended the book ” WE” by Yevgeny Zamyatin to me? I am reading it and this post strikes me as an apt explanation of the hoped for mandated biosocial world that our overlords desire and Zamyatin depicted in his dystopian novel.

    Now in Zamyatin’s vision human beings are devoid of the gamut of human emotions and imagination. What I am understanding from your research is that our Planners intend to target and use preK -12, messy, unpredictable, imaginative Emotions at this stage of co-evolution to evolve the human species to something essentially emotion and imagination free just as in the story ” WE”.

    It will not work as they hope of course. No, their aims will create a hot psychosocial evolutionary mess in no time at all. But you have always been right, the damage done to thousands of years of culture will be stunning in the meantime. The Guardians and Monitors really could do with a long re-think on this one.

    I recommend WE to all and sundry.

    • No, it is actually the opposite. Our thoughts are never to be emotion-free and much action will be prompted out of emotion based on known prescribed prompts that the planners are aware of but the typical person is not. The parts of the brains known to indicate the Axemaker Mind is in control and the neural net is not connected as desired with the prescribed concepts and categories guiding ‘understanding’ better not be shown to be firing on =any imaging studies or some Principal is in trouble. The links on the previous post take us to the automatic research.

      What is enormously worrisome to me is that when I followed up on Tanya Chartrand to see where she was now she has moved on to Duke where she teaches undergrads, grads, and Ph.D’s using these theories from her perches in the Department of Psych & Neuroscience (yes, that’s now a single department) and from the Fuqua School of Business. So what is in fact an aspirational theory of how the mind can be rewired to work via the right kind of instructional practices is taught to these Future Masters of the Universe as how the mind already works.

      Bargh has moved on to Yale where he has created the Automaticity in Cognition, Motivation, and Evaluation Laboratory.

      Going back to Bandura and because I know from something Paul Ehrlich wrote that this vision guides UNESCO and other UN entities in their view of education, emotions have a huge impact on moral thinking and values and iamgining how the world might be reshaped. This is also probably why the aces search pulled up that bandura article and I pulled it because I knew bandura was tied to charter language and had been proclaimed the world’s most cited living psychologist.

      “through the exercise of forethought, people motivate themselves and guide their actions in anticipation of future events. When projected over a long time course on matters of value, a forethoughtful perspective provides direction, coherence, and meaning to one’s life…

      Future events cannot, of course, be causes of current motivation and action because they have no actual existence. However, by being represented cognitively in the present, foreseeable future events are converted into current motivators and regulators of behavior. In this form of anticipatory self-guidance, behavior is motivated and directed by projected goals and anticipated outcomes rather than being pulled by an unrealized future state.”

      Emotions are far more motivating than rational thought and far more likely to push in a normative direction of what might be. Think about politicians, the media, and advertisers knowing what images, ideas, and emotions have been manipulated and assessed for via education from an early age but the individual does not. Yes, this would be quite the mess and honestly it already is in many places from earlier components of these ideas.

      • Okay, Thanks for that. I see it. i.e.; The earth is hottening up, the water is evaporating, repent , repent, tiny houses for all and no electric on Sundays for Gaia.” says Susie when she comes home from second grade. She remains reactive and emotionally triggered in this area as an adult to accept/vote for any policy that protects Gaia even if it means less freedoms and personal income for herself even while others live well at her expense .

        I suppose what I am wondering about and imagining ( sorry overlords ) is that over time as specific emotions are targeted, prodded for predictable motivation to action on a mass scale, ( as Axe Maker brain regions go dark ) won’t the range of naturally occurring emotions start to become smaller at some point ? (Im picturing in my minds eye those flat affect Fulton County students advocating for technology in the classroom for personalized learning.)

        As mass motivation and behavior become more controlled and predictable I foresee acceptable emotions becoming eventually rote and robot like even as emotions are relied upon to gain control over people. Individuals will not feel what they are not entrained to feel. Soon enough we will have conditioned as children parents raising conditioned ( at home and at school ) kids.

        As desired reactivity is entrained and independent imagination shrinks and reason goes down the memory hole and we eventually get to the insisted upon ” What Might be” won’t the available range of normal emotions becomes smaller and smaller over time? Invisibly?

        Im also thinking that Fear ( masked as do gooderness) is being targeted and fomented in so many ways in schools as well as the culture at large. And Fear is The Great Range of Emotion Killer. Nothing like it to keep people locked up and shut down. Fear conditioning of the systemic sustainable variety as an example beginning in kindergarten will deaden sensibilities to emotional nuance in no time. That is one way to get robots.

        And if Fear is relied upon as a primary motivator as it appears to be despite the academic’s happy talk isn’t the flip side of locked in robots, angry robots? Im thinking Columbine. If memory serves besides the angry aggressors there were quite a few flat affect students interviewed as well.

        But does the science that you have read at this point show that the planner’s emotion targeting is much more “personalized” and sophisticated for the long haul than I can conceive so that the robot, passive or haywire, outcome is not inevitable?

        • I posted a nice long response right as blog went down. Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi or Csik as we call him as in this and elsewhere wrote a 2009 paper called “The Promise of Positive Psychology” that is getting cited in papers discussed this morning. I was able to locate a copy and he winds up with “So one of our major tasks as Positive Psychologists is to help young people get joy from helping evolution.” Yes, emotions are front and center as they are more likely to compel action. Continuing: “we have to find ways to make social justice and cooperation like a game that is enjoyable and challenging.” No emotive adjectives there, huh?

          If people wonder why I have to bring up Uncle Karl, well we do get to recognize the template and I am not the one that has him front and center for the plans. We are supposed to “develop rules for a new social contract…and if you really look at what is happening, however, it seems that Marx has been vindicated if not on the local, then at least on the global level.” He wants to taget consciousness just like Professor Damasio and Csik is on the faculty at Saybrook so he has access to Ervin’s son Alexander and wife Kathia. There is the links to ISSS and GEFF 2035 and Pavel Luksha and Reengineering Futures with MIT. Csik was involved with GERG so he knows Ervin too and Riane Eisler and David Loye and Banathy who first helped come up with the idea of charters at CASBS.

          This cannot be coincidental and we have every right to recognize it accurately for what it is

        • Very perceptive exchange between mc and Robin. I think there could very well be an ultimate convergence between socialization via the emotions and the ultimate deadening of the affect as a result of this manipulation. Except that there will always be outbreaks, even if Alphas, Deltas and Gammas are produced in the lab, as with The Savage. “Anti-social behavior.” In real life, and tragically, without the aid of genetic manipulation, Columbine. Heroically, Vladimir Bukovsky.

          • Anon-I pointed out to someone after the tragedy in Orlando that Columbine was only remembered as a horrific shooting crime because the bombs did not go off. Little did I know that comment would be read by someone with a sibling on the swat team on that day. They wrote that there were more than 80 ieds in place that day. The plan was for something much more horrific.

            When I first did this story about how that part of Colorado had been piloting Banathy and Csik’s Achieving Excellence I always thought it was related. Now that the neural rewiring elements can be shown to be known and intentional at least at the level of the theory creators, I feel even more strongly this is a time bomb we are playing with and that term is not just metaphorical.

   is an old post, but given what we now know it is more pertinent than ever.

            Thanks for the kind words. Glad the blog is back up after numerous phone calls to WP.

          • Robin, I posted that comment under my own name. Still a kink in the website?

            Let’s see how this one appears after I hit Post Comment

          • I knew it was you from ip address. Hopefully no more kinks.

            Yet more proof it is about the needed neural level. Read about the PhD candidate reviewing the book. Heard Tony Wagner speak twice. Serious attitudes and one of the first to push the New 3 Rs. When he came to speak at my alma mater Davidson about entrepreneurship a few years ago the Alumni Office insisted that new video had been made of his presentation.

            Yes, entrepreneurship is another term in the ISC dictionary. Love the point about google since I happen to hear a carnegie mellon presentation bragging about their close ties to google. It actually does like to find talent still at top schools.

            Then there is this in lovely Santa Barbara this summer.

  6. Madmommy and mc, you guys slay me. DOGCOFFEEBIKE Bars etc.

    I don’t mind some of the ‘maker’ stuff as an alternative to Facebook. I think kids should take more shop just to show them there is such a thing as reality. Reality is not a ‘construct.’

    Local news on a gypsy super.
    “Math and reading scores have fallen, student violence had teachers considering a strike, and St. Paul families increasingly are choosing charters and suburban public schools.”

    But she is hispanic ……

  7. One of the early shootings was in Moses Lake Wa. In 96. In 98 the Thurston shooting occurred in Oregon near U of October where transformation central is in this state. If you recall Banathay was involved with Far West Ed Lab and Spady and the transformation plan. Oregon passed the act for 21st century education (Vera Katz, Hillary ed)in 1992 so, it only takes five to six years to begin turning brains into mush. I have mentioned before that I was a student at the beginning of implementation and recall telling my AP history teacher something was not right with the moral questions on the class survey.
    Certainly a frightening future ahead.

  8. Robin’s earlier quote, reposted below, sums up the (dark) intent of career pathways and clarifies the now ubiquitous classroom practice of “goal setting.” Personalized learning via online adaptive environments is based on the faulty premise that students will have the freedom to pave their own learning pathway. To begin, however, they must first pick a destination (i.e. a career). And the backward mapping begins…over the course of his/her schooling, the student is conditioned & motivated (at a subconscious level) to reach her goal. The student will never know his path was pre-designed, like a well manicured planned city. So little freedom. So much deception.

    Thanks for the connection between Bandura’s work and that of Dweck and Duckworth. Curious what you think of Duckworth’s announcement on her site that her methods should not be used to measure school, teacher, or student performance. Seems to be a wrench in ED’s agenda. But it’s not slowing down CA CORE districts. Just this spring, students took psychological surveys that had 60-80 questions, which is not even legal under current ED Code. Im sure the data is going to Chris Gabrieli at Transforming Ed to fine tune his MESH project…wonder if this work is connected to Tessera?

    “through the exercise of forethought, people motivate themselves and guide their actions in anticipation of future events. When projected over a long time course on matters of value, a forethoughtful perspective provides direction, coherence, and meaning to one’s life…

    Future events cannot, of course, be causes of current motivation and action because they have no actual existence. However, by being represented cognitively in the present, foreseeable future events are converted into current motivators and regulators of behavior. In this form of anticipatory self-guidance, behavior is motivated and directed by projected goals and anticipated outcomes rather than being pulled by an unrealized future state.”

    • Was not ignoring you but was out of town with some of my kids. My feet hurt from all the walking.

      Frameworks is now working with the White House and we get this stunning pitch: “The goal of all social storytelling is to help people understand enough of the gist of a socio-political problem so that they can prioritize it as a public issue and consider viable alternative solutions,” Bales said. “That is what we need to do if we are to help people understand STEM and early learning.”

      This is link to announcement on coordination involving STEM and early learning, which we know is also the Maker Movement.

  9. I couldn’t post right under Robin’s post about Cleveland. I was there several years ago. It is what you would expect for a declining rust belt city. There was also something strange. Every here and there were out of place very modern buildings that looked out of place. Most or all were public as I recall. To get from the airport to the rental cars you had to ride a bus to an odd brand new ‘transit hub’ where all the rental call places had to located. They could have been near the airport otherwise.

    It was like a cargo cult. I think they associated. nice buildings with prosperity so they built nice buildings with tax money so prosperity would come. Also building provided some jobs.

  10. “Fast forward to the day I visited: the classroom abuzz with conversation and learning. They were creating stop motion animation videos based on a topic they learned about during the year. Complicated subjects…. Black Lives Matter Movement, Genocide, Immigration, Animal Rights. I naively asked Emily how she picked the topics they discussed. She said, “They tell me what they want to learn about.”Ten-and eleven-year-old learners are affected by complicated, relevant issues, but often we don’t let them engage with those issues in the classroom. The Hive Society proves that if students are given the opportunity to interact with relevant concepts they are curious about, they will engage in deep learning.”

    This from the Knowledgeworks link above about the Texas elementary school. Notice what the students “want to learn about” when “allowed” to pursue “their own interests”: Black Lives Matter Movement, Genocide, Immigration, Animal Rights.

    Wow. It’s uncanny how these kids spontaneously gravitate to the right issues.

    • Isn’t that such a coincidence? Because ,who really needs knowledge of anything other than emotionally charged political causes when you can simply Google facts? Said with sarcasm……

      • And now we have university systems hyping their ‘research’ under the BRAIN Initiative.

        All I could think as I read i was how the dean of that a&s school was the same PI under the constructivist math and science NSF grant who bragged about how they forced the various heads of the colleges and universities to accede to higher ed pushing these absurd ed policies. That now were known to have a neural hardwiring effect that they are taking dollars to research.

        I am adding this after mulling it over night. If UGA is involved in the BRAIN Initiative research, then so is Athens-Clarke County schools. That suggests the allure of the previous selection for Fulton’s new super was his experience with this neuro-redesign emphasis implementing Bandura’s and other psychology programs created to implement Marxist political programs via the human mind. It is what Dewey, Luria, Leontiev, Michael Cole and CHAT, Vygotsky all hoped for and the Maker Movement hype is just a rename of all the activity theory and ‘cultural action research’ like ISCAR that sent Cole, Lauren Resnick, and Yrjo Engestrom to Rome to be on the executive committee in 2013.

      • wow! Interesting how the paper says they are playing with influencing unconscious behaviors but choose to call it ‘automatic behavior’. Maybe Frameworks helped them discover that steering ‘automatic behavior ‘ of the governed would be better received than stating the intent of altering the populations unconscious thought patterns.

        The contrasting model of behaviour change focuses on the more automatic processes of judgment and influence – what Robert Cialdini calls „click, whirr‟
        processes of mind. This shifts the focus of attention away from facts and information, and towards altering the context within which people act. We might call
        this the „context‟ model of behaviour change. The context model recognises that that people are sometimes seemingly irrational and inconsistent in their choices, often because they are influenced by surrounding factors. Therefore, it focuses
        more on „changing behaviour without changing minds‟.

        More generally, it has been found that existing „changing minds‟ theories and methods leave a substantial proportion of the variance in behaviour to be explained.21 For example, one meta-analysis of pro-environmental behaviours reported that at least 80% of the factors influencing behaviour did not result from knowledge or awareness. And insofar as the bettereducated, higher income, more advantaged minds are the first and easiest minds to change, inequalities in health and wellbeing may be widened by information campaigns. We therefore need to see if accounting for and influencing the context – the „Automatic System‟ – can help use resources more efficiently and fairly.

        • I finished the paper about 15 minutes ago and know precisely how ESSA was written to force the targeting of both Systems 1 & 2 in return for federal money.

          The key confession is on page 63 and it is precisely why I am forced to reveal some things on this blog in advance of the next book because of the gravity of what is being attempted and how it clearly ties to what was laid out in Credentialed to Destroy. My bolding of paragraph 2.

          “Policy-makers know that attempts to change citizens’ behaviour may well be controversial. This is particularly true given new evidence about how people act, and new ways of applying this evidence. Government legitimacy rests on the fact it represents and serves the people, and thus it is vital that their views are taken into account when considering any attempt to influence their behaviour.

          Framing is crucial when attempting to engage the public with behaviour change. As Gillian Norton has pointed out, ‘Talking about behaviour change is a sure fire way of making sure it doesn’t happen.’ Across government, many of our interviewees have argued that ‘behaviour change is an unhelpful term.’ ‘Behaviour’, in particular, has negative and paternalistic associations.

          Of course, there are good reasons why public acceptability should not be the sole or determining condition for going forward with behaviour change.”

          On that cheery note, I can take Walking the Brooklyn Bridge off my personal bucket list as well as one of my kids. Had three lovely Italian dinners in neighborhood restaurants where we were the only tourists. What good is it to be a researcher if I cannot use it to find great neighborhood restaurants in Brooklyn Heights or the East Village so that my kids can ultimately get around well and safely without me?

          Did get sought out by a group of 5th graders, with a teacher, doing an assigned scavenger hunt in central park where they used a pen to show me the image they were looking for and it was tragically clear none of them could read the text. It told them the Delacortes Clock was at the Central Park zoo where they had just come from. I wanted to cry at all the psychological experiemnts those kids have been subjected to and none of them can read a body of text with unfamiliar words. How ironic I was the lady they came up to seeking help as we were trying to get back to check out of hotel. I waved for my kids to go on and then intercepted them as we all turned and crossed at Park and 56th. Hard to shake a mom who knows the city better than them.

    • Thank you. Not news to me but it will certainly help other readers as we adjust to this reality. Weissburg is involved with casel and Maurice Elias is cited in several footnotes to my book. I will point out as well that character in one of the four dimensions now being touted by Charles Fadel (see tag) and the super-connected Center for Curriculum Redesign.

    • Director of the Mind, Brain, and Education Project at Harvard that is creating the Science of the Individual we have talked about.

      Leading an international movement to connect biology and cognitive science to education, I am founding president of the International Mind, Brain, and Education Society and founding editor of the journal Mind, Brain, and Education (Blackwell), which received the award for Best New Journal by the Association of American Publishers.” would mean that he works closely with IMMordino-Yang of USC and the push to make thought grounded in emotion to utilize those regions of the brain. Glad I have a link in my book to the pertinent study on emotional thought being known to use different physical regions of the brain. It means Damasio is closely connected to IMBES and CCR even if he is not cited because of his working relationship with I-Y and thus this is all tied to Human Brain Project.

      It says MBE grew from the Mind, Brain, Behavior Program at Harvard. Let’s not forget that Harvard is a partner and the home of CCR as well.

      Thanks. Everybody loves graphics. Will put up the link to the Science of the Individual post.

      Here it is

    • Did you know bush 41 had decreed 1990-2000 as the Decade of the Brain? is from the Library of Congress

      Sure does put the New Standards Project right where it was intended to push, doesn’t it? Good, ol, Lamar, his ed sec, was just going for that final layup with ESSA’s language. is from Canada but the cites are from US. NAFTA I suppose.

    • Thanks for this link yesterday. By the time I was done it turned up all sorts of previously obscured goodies including the OECD’s confessions that intervening at a neural level can be justified because we live in an era of “guided missiles and misguided men.” Also turned up the NSF-funded Science of Learning Centers that ran from 2006 to this year. Everyone from Roy Pea, Lauren Resnick, Stanford, John Bransford (creator of our Learning definition), Sejnowski from the Bioethics Commission of the BRAIN Initiative, Roy Pea, Salk Center I-Y and Damasio are tied to, Michael Cole’s group at UCSD, Chicago and our Science of Virtues, etc have all shown up. Funny how 2006 coincides with the states suddenly deciding to create the Common core, huh which mandated common learning standards consistent with all that SLC work.

      With Brexit, June 23, 2016 was a good day for our Not Serfs Yet campaign. lays out that the purpose of higher ed is to lead the way in cultivating the values, ethics, and mindset needed to create the desired Human Development Society.

      I am adding this because it is David Christian of the Gates-funded Big History Project that we happen to know is tied to Moscow State as well applauding the above vision for higher ed and it serving as a conduit for the Great Transition (has tags).

      Here is the David Christian/Big History post Think of how everything is suddenly coming together. When I was looking for that link I came across another Roy Pea post where I had pointed out that Pea is now involved with Charles Fadel and the Center for Curriculum Redesign. SLCs kept their head down, birthed CCSSI, and now want to morph into other related projects without all the interconnections being known. Too late.

  11. For which link are you “giving thanks,” Robin? One that you (or another commenter) has posted? Or one for which you prefer not to provide a hot link?

    I’m reading a fascinating book titled The Transformation of the School, first published in 1961. It is astounding how far back the progessivist vision goes. Dewey was almost a late-comer. The language and references sound completely contemporary; only the technology was lacking to create the New Socialized Man.

    It goes far to explain that scene in one of the Little House on the Prairie novels (Laura Engels Wilder) where Almanzo’s sister arrives fresh from New York to try out her teaching techniques on the frontier and bores the kids into catatonia by spending hours having them work on memorizing “Jesus wept.” I was always struck by that scene, providing as it does a snapshot of the progressivist practice of treating children as if they are morons. I always suspected it was anachronistic, since it is set in the 1880s or so. Now I understand it was no anachronism.

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