Revealing the Ruse that Masks the Level of Global Coordination Around Education

December in Paris is not nearly as lovely as April in Paris, but the food remains delicious and the vistas from the Eiffel Tower are still worth the climb. But once again our invites were lost. Wouldn’t we all like to be consulted about “The World We Want” instead of merely picking up most of the bill and being told how we must change? But no, UNESCO and UNICEF held a Thematic Consultation meeting on December 5-6, 2013 of the North American States, Western Europe, and Turkey to lay out the Post-2015 Development Agenda and left us out of the room. Unfortunately, we and our children remained very much on the agenda.

In case you are thinking that “someone’s” participation as speakers or attendees is no reason to assume US or Canadian or UK ed policies are actually being determined abroad and most definitely no longer at the district or school levels, how would you feel about a link to the US DoED first ever “International Strategy”? Published in November 2012 just after someone got reelected and apparently we all shifted into a whole new level of planned implementation. And I scoured that document and I can see we agreed to work with the OECD as to what is meant by “internationally benchmarking” what is going on in our schools. We also signed on with international labor representing teachers’ unions globally, but there was nary a mention of the Common Core.

Just like it was merely a ruse to get US schools on board with the OECD’s Great Transition we have talked about (and mourned over the implications of). It also mentions though a great deal about Quality Learning and Equity and Global Competency and 21st Century Skills and working with Brazil to Eliminate Racial and Ethnic Discrimination and Promote Equality. It shows such openmindedness that an open socialist orientation in one country is no longer a barrier to a Joint Action Plan.  It’s also so nice to see the US commitment to participation in all those international assessments that were actually created to drive global convergence around the Great Transition/Time to redistribute based on Uncle Karl’s vision of the Future. All put into place through education changes driven by poorly understood international assessments. No, that’s not my opinion. I have a copy of Torsten Husen’s The Learning Society where he laid out what these assessments were actually evaluating, and what the intentions were. He helped create them all.

Based on that Brookings Institute link in the last post Husen would be so pleased that the non-Scandinavian countries are finally going along with his desire that “educational planning must be integrated with social and economic planning in general.” Honestly, from just the documents I have read in the last few weeks, I am not sure there is much now not being planned on our behalf in any of these areas. And I know for sure that in the age of the Whole Child Initiative and the social and emotional learning/Positive Behavior mandates that Husen’s desire to put “more stress on the emotional life of the children” is definitely part of the current gameplan. It’s been almost 40 years since Husen wrote that book (1974), but we had already noticed that the underlying vision never varies.

So what’s the current post-2015 UN/OECD Development Agenda the feds have committed us to? And all those pundits and politicians and foundation employees denying the extent of the federal overreach should look at this line from “Succeeding Globally Through International Education and Engagement” (my bolding):

“The Department will also examine how the learning can be applied in the United States and at what level (national, state, district or school).”

Somehow it’s beginning to feel like we have federal and international bureaucrats looking at our suburbs and schools, public and private, and our students and rubbing their hands together gleefully muttering “Mine, Mine, All Mine. For Years At a Time.” So what do these schemers have in mind in the post-2015 vision for us all? Well, that Paris meeting said “achieving sustainable development requires a change in the way people think and act, and this is where education has a crucial role to play.” Especially now that the US Secretary of Education has declared we are all in with the international agenda. We all are to get the “opportunity to acquire the knowledge, skills, attitudes and values necessary to cope with existing and emerging challenges and shape resilient and sustainable societies.”

Oh I do hope we are not first on the list for some reeducation to drop our attachment to the Unitary Self as john a powell disdainfully called it. Then there was also the thematic discussion on Global Citizenship Education (which apparently will not be celebrating its foundations every 4th of July).  GCE “aims to empower learners to engage and assume active roles both locally and globally to face and resolve global challenges and ultimately to become proactive contributors to a more just, peaceful, tolerant, inclusive and secure and sustainable world.” With unicorn rides every other Friday afternoon. Please note that “youth is a particularly important target group” for GCE. Target group? Could we get more of an admission of propagandist intent via the schools and universities?

Then we also have “Quality of Education and Learning Outcomes.” Remember outcomes always has to do with behavioral or personality changes in the student, and it should greatly trouble us that the UN is deeply interested in this regard in “the new digital platforms on which teaching and learning are taking place and through which knowledge, skills and values are developed, transmitted, validated, and applied by young people.” And we parents and taxpayers may not be able to see what will be assaulting our students and what virtual worlds they are to be embedded in for much of their school time, but apparently UN personnel may have better luck. Checking out the potential for the unfiltered indoctrination of politically desired new values, attitudes, and beliefs thought to be amenable to global transformation. We would be worried if any of these entities had expressed intentions about wanting radical change. Oh, wait. Ooops.

Actually I suppose we should be grateful that the ruse surrounding the Common Core in the US as an excuse to cover up the sought radical changes in student perceptions about the world and their future has increasingly come out into the open. The links clearly go far beyond the accreditation agencies’ loyalties now and where Linda Darling-Hammond is jetting off to speak at. I want to finish this post with a British Professor who reaches out to all sorts of names and entities to describe the extent of the active coordination throughout the Anglosphere. His name is Guy Claxton and this was the 2006 Keynote Address to the British Educational Association’s Annual Conference. Called “Expanding the Capacity to Learn: A New End for Education?” the speech gives us the answer of why the US in February 2013 added Dispositions to the list of what it would mean to be College, Career, and Citizenship Ready.

Claxton believes it “is education’s most basic job to expand all young people’s emotional and intellectual resources to cope with life.” And yes that was his order of emphasis and like the UN, he wants everyone able to “cope” with the 21st century. Being left out is the 21st Century going through The Great Transition being launched by bureaucrats, politicians, and professors without our knowledge and consent. No wonder there is such concern for how we will cope. Claxton wants us to be “able to stay calm, focused and engaged when we don’t know what to do” which he believes will be augmented through new “emotional and personal attitudes, beliefs and tolerances” that are to become new habits of mind and character traits. Somehow we will all be better prepared for what is intended for us if we have a “tolerance for hazy or non-articulate ways of knowing.”

So we will do better under these officially hoped for scenarios if we have a Muddled Mind? Well, yes, apparently “those who have no tolerance for fogginess–who have been trained to think that confusion is a sign of stupidity, for instance–have therefore reduced their capacity to learn.” Claxton wants to reverse “any acquired intolerance for confusion.” And he calls all this developing dispositions in italics for emphasis just like that. And dispositions are so important because they “refine our sense of when it is appropriate to use a particular ability.” Then Claxton has this in parentheses– “to become more ready.”

So I think all the references to College Ready, Citizenship Ready, Standards for Career Readiness, etc. as the preferred euphemisms for the Common Core are not about getting students ready for the world and those institutions as they currently exist. All the references to Standards of Readiness seem to be getting at whether the student has developed a willingness to act and to “persist in the face of difficulty.” Let’s call it Grit and Perseverance for short. At least the new Principals and District Supers are being told their credentials are issued to enable them to be Social Change Agents. We are apparently about to embark on the creation of a huge corps of social change agents who are not being told what is being sought. Who ARE being targeted on the basis of what remains malleable to change. Who are being trained to act despite confusion and to keep at it whatever the immediate consequences.

We are going to come back to this next time as I have the new international Quality frameworks and they leave no doubt about the extent that it is student behavior being targeted.

We know why now. And how. We need to examine the methods next.

36 thoughts on “Revealing the Ruse that Masks the Level of Global Coordination Around Education

  1. I’m sick. I keep having this vision of myself as some old crone tending a kommunity’s fire, whispering oral histories of what humans once were and who we can become once again to my grandchildren when they return home from their day of Werker Schooling and before they venture out to the kommunity’s vertical garden to pull potatoes.

    • Mari,

      I am not trying to make anyone feel sick, but honestly there really is not any ambiguity about what is intended at this point. Now people involved are essentially calling out to each other in very graphic terms. Claxton kept going on about Carol Dweck and her Growth Mindset and David Perkins at Harvard and his work. I knew I knew the name but its the Understandings of Consequence being funded by NSF and tied to the very kind of learning progressions Claxton is writing about. Also tied to that post I wrote about CORE–Cognitive Reorganization. He’s also listing the group he coordinates with in Australia.

      Keeps mentioning Lauren Resnick’s work. She basically created the terms rigor and higher order thinking skills. is a new ed videogame to “teach” desired social skills. Hard to make this up.

    • I feel the same way, Mari. It seems to me as if we are living in the first stages of Ira Levin’s book, This Perfect Day. Frightening. By the way, are you the same Mari whose voice was silenced so abruptly on a certain Ms. Wolf’s facebook page? If so, then I just want to say that I have missed your contributions to the conversations there and it’s good to see you here.

      • Hi Judy,

        It probably won’t help to know that in about March the White House decided it needed a Senior Adviser for digital media to push gaming in education.

        There is nothing I say that shocks people more than this gaming emphasis in the schools. At least now we just keep making the connection that muddled minds is the actual intention.

        Welcome to ISC.


      • Hi Judy,

        Why, Yes! I am the self same individual who Ms. Red Riding Wolf decided to silence from her constitutional right to free speech. ( On a public forum ) Apparently, she dislikes people who challenge her belief that NGO’s (otherwise known as unelected and unaccountable quasi-legal governing bodies ) are not the best thing for our republic. In her democratic determination I am considered to be engaging in UnCivil conversation. Ironical no?

        UnCivil Conversation is the new weapon in manipulating public discourse and controlling dissent. All Shaming All the time.

        And I decided to come back with a beard ( which I have never done before and feel strange about and which you have probably guessed at by now) not to change her mind. That is a pipe dream, but to throw a wrench into her obnoxious indoctrination and groupthink plans. Just my opinion of course.- “Zeitgeistklemheist”

        And Thanks.:)

  2. The reason confusion is o.k. is that they want us to remain in “flux”/chaos/the “pain” zone/ cognitive dissonance so that we can be molded!! Giving the thesis and antithesis simultaneously is what causes this supposed “higher order thinking” . It is Russian programming /torture or good cop bad cop technique!!! It’s been used a lonnnnnng time!!!! This international push has been going on with UNESCO and U.N. Sustainable Cairo Summitt , etc, etc, U.S. Education for all Conference for years! All parties, and all administrations involved. Reagan even signed the Carnegie Agreement, and Russian ed. push!

    • Hi Leigh Anne. Welcome to ISC commenting. I thought you might appreciate this new link to the UK explaining that learning and socializing are not separate or distinct activities. It also wants the distinction between teachers and students to simply be experienced and inexperienced learners. It truly all is experience and social interaction and as little mental activity as possible without phrasing it quite that way.

      We are seeing schools laid out and constructed based on these same principles in the US now, but more tactfully described to try to prevent the “Say What?” moment from parents and taxpayers.


  3. Cold-Blooded Human Capital Deliberations

    It made me cringe to read the seemingly well-meaning words of Arne Duncan in that US Department of Education strategy paper — Succeeding Globally Through International Education and Engagement — linked above.

    *** “Education is now the key to eliminating gender inequality, to reducing poverty, to creating a sustainable planet, to preventing needless deaths and illness, and to fostering peace. And in a knowledge economy, education is the new currency by which nations maintain economic competitiveness and global prosperity. Education today is inseparable from the development of human capital.” —Secretary Arne Duncan, March 3, 2011

    Human capital is definitely a cold-blooded term. It pops up when people talk about “the population explosion”, about eugenics, about assisted suicide.

    I cringe because I remember when schools, for what lessons I’m not sure, used lifeboat exercises in classes. Maybe it was their version of “critical thinking” ?

    There was usually a granny on board. Who was to be thrown out so that the others could survive?

    I’m a granny now, wasn’t then, but now anything along these lines makes me cringe. Then I’m reminded about a northern culture that would put out their old folks on an iceflow. Then, recently (check it out on the Internet) there has been tons of discussion about “throwing granny under the bus” or “over the cliff”.

    This is how Wikipedia starts to describe human capital:

    *** “Human capital is the stock of competencies, knowledge, social and personality attributes, including creativity, embodied in the ability to perform labor so as to produce economic value.”

    It’s disturbing to read such calculating* statements as Education Secretary Duncan’s above.

    I think “ruse”** in the title of this post is so appropriate as we keep our total beings alert to the methods being used to shepherd us “sheep” into some compliant new world order.

    [*calculating — scheming, manipulative, devious, shrewd, conniving . . .]
    [**ruse — trick, subterfuge, pretext, deception . . .]

    • This is actually a reply to Tunya and a welcome to Judy and Leigh Anne,

      When what the US is pushing and the UK and Canada aligns with what the Communist Party of China with its disdain for feng shui and censorship thinks now fits China, we are all going in a common evil direction. came out yesterday.

      When I watch OECD or UNESCO ed conferences such as a recent Linda Darling-Hammond talk on “equity” ironically, it is clear the two entities are pursuining a common ed effort. Unfortunately it is Marx and Dewey’s. Makes the groundwork laid in the first and 2nd chapters of the book all the more crucial as an explanatory “lens.”

      Revealing the Ruse and Molding Minds. Let me know if someone starts a contest on the next bit of alliteration I will use.

    • Boy is this post from Daniel Greenfield timely given what we are seeing extinguished all over the Anglosphere.

      It will be even more acute after the next two posts. Yes we are doing another trilogy that I already have mapped out in my head. Genuine freedom is very much under attack in a “needs-based” society of the sort that creates platinum-plated with jewelled inlays for the politicians and planners. Politicians who lose their jobs from the ire of voters if this gets discovered simply assume they can fall into the lucrative bureaucracy/consulting class or go to work for venture capitalists who have learned to specialize in these “public/private partnerships.

      We are in trouble when taxpayers are on the downside hook in every direction.

    • I do wonder how well the indoctrination is absorbed by the young and how far does it have to go before they can’t shake it off. Here’s a story from Australia:

      While this is about climate change, it does demonstrate that some of the kids can push back against a position that is almost overwhelmingly against them. In this case there was probably family support on the topic.

      I do wonder if anyone has investigated or written about how firmly some of these ideas become entrenched with different periods of training. Maybe something from cult de-programing? Of course, all of these events will be caused by outsiders and not represent the result of an internal struggle.

      • Mike-I lay out in the book that at least from the 70s on the educators pushing this global consciousness have known that the critical period of malleability is before age 15. In fact that recognition greatly influenced the creation of middle schools. They were always designed to be non-academic during the final crucial period.

        • Robin,

          This is SO true. When I think back to my own Quaker Middle school education circa 1978 with the “open classroom” format and its emphasis on emotional development over learning facts and concepts I could scream.

          Three years of my life I have never been SO bored and frustrated.

          Fast Forward to six years ago when my oldest daughter was in 6th grade. The math curriculum at her then supposedly top notch private school was beyond weak. She had completed the years workbook by Thanksgiving break. The administration said she should not move so fast. I told her full steam ahead if she felt like it and understood it. By Christmas there was nothing for her to do. They refused to advance her. We pushed and demanded more for our tuition. She did not need another study hall. They “paid’ for a Stanford Ed Computer game. It would not let her move beyond a certain level every class period and required an online interview with a Stanford teacher weekly. It was deadly.

          She hated it. We hated it. And now I understand why.

          Pure Poison.

    • I’m not as disturbed by calculating statements about human capital:

      (1) It’s a well known term from economics. It’s economics-speak. They are discussing education in economic terms.

      (2) At least they are calculating something. Some education options these days seem just like pathways to student loans that the student won’t be able to repay.

      But the problem is where they lie about what they’re doing and make attitude training a part of education. Social studies teachers have had a license to do this for a long time, but now it seems to be getting more entrenched.

      • Hi David. I encourage you to read the Rowson RSA paper Tunya linked. I have just finished it and can see how it all fits together. It explicitly tackles shifting values and attitudes and insists on accepting climate change as a given to force collective behavioral change and social transformation. I agree human capital is an economic term but it is not the way someone like Mark Tucker uses it or Anthony Carnevale. But they very much appreciate people assuming the economic meaning, much like critical thinking.

        Rowson does a call out to Robert Kegan which we have already considered and keeps mentioning how to achieve the desired transition. Well worth your time as a long time reader of the blog.

        I can see how this fits specifically with where I was going in next two posts before taking time for the holidays to play mom with my mostly grown kids. As disturbing as what I write about can sometimes be, I hope everyone takes the time to remember that they remain the best antidote for these machinations in immunizing against much of the intended effect.

        • I saw that reference to Kegan in Rowson’s RSA thing. Well that RSA site is full of a lot of disturbing stuff, I guess the only question is whether anyone takes it seriously. RSA says they’re a nonprofit devoted to that sort of thing, they are a “Royal Society” of something, but I am not sure that denotes any official acceptance, even though the best known “Royal Society” is a highly respected scientific organization. I think I could start RSBBL, the Royal Society of Belly Button Lint, and nobody could stop me. But my RSBBL would have no funding. What is RSA’s funding?

          I looked up Mark Tucker and got a link to his “Tough Choices or Tough Times” report, sold here:

          and did a “search inside” for “human capital”. It returned 3 links, and the only meaningful one didn’t look wrong. But I’ll be on the lookout for misuses of the phrase or maybe you could point me more specifically.

          • David,

            Bishop Hill blog mentioned that this report was funded by some Corporatist philanthropist group in the UK, but I am also concerned with having Roberto Unger speak (I watched the whole broadcast) and the spirituality push and how it dovetails with what is being pushed here in clasrooms as mindfulness training and contemplative education and mental health first aid. There’s a great deal of cooperation which is not a surprise as the US and UK are the named creators and funders behind the Belmont Challenge. Not that I have seen the oECD’s Great Transition docs, it is clear the me that BC was the Obama and Labour’s recommencement of a pursuit of redistribution that went back to 60s as we have now seen. We are going to subjective well-being again next and that report is explicitly issued in cooperation with the UK.

            Having what affects us on UK or NZ servers makes it harder to find. Reading the reports and seeing the cites makes the extent of the coordination unmistakeable.

            I have Tucker’s Surpassing Shanghai book and the 1986 transformative A Nation Prepared report back when he was still the Exec Director of the Carnegie Forum on Education and the Economy. That entity came out of agreements signed between the US and Carnegie and our State department with the Soviets in 1985. That’s why everyone is always so hyper about his use of human capital. Charlotte Iserbyt is the best source on those 85 agreements.

            Marc Tucker and Lauren Resnick (who created the expression rigor as I have noted and who chaired 1987 panel created the mischievous term ‘higher order thinking skills’) chaired the New Standards Project and were behind much of the 90s effort at radical ed reform. He has kept a lower profile this time, but Lauren was on CC approval board and is deeply involved with the OECD’s ed pushed now and is mentioned and cited by Claxton quite a bit. As is your favorite Carol Dweck.

            Some of the veterans of the 90s wars read this site. Hopefully one of them can chime in with anecdotes of Tucker. In the 90s effort School to Work was more upfront as a component. Now this is quietly coming in as Career Pathways and a restructuring of the high school. It was also the subject of an IBM report as I mentioned in the book.

          • I know you find this whole gaming emphasis for all to be rather shocking but here’s the announcement it will be pushed even harder in 2014.

            It’s important to remember Jane McGonnigal’s announced intention for game designers to incorporate the desired beliefs and perceptions that students are to develop into the designs of these games. Plus we have Willis Harman saying back in the 80s in his book Global Mind Change that people cannot separate what they feel in a virtual reality experience from something that is not deliberately contrived in real life.

   is the Bishop Hill story. Let me go look at RSA funding.

          • Here is the paper on developing Competences. This reflects OECD’s vision and it is how all student’s can learn. It is quite graphic about shifting away from content.

            Competence is now used by the OECD, but it was conceived by Ivan Illich as essential for a socialist future as a competence emphasis for all would gut the division of labor as no one would have specialized knowledge. It would also force people to work together because experiential knowledge is all basically anyone would have.

            We are getting the same push but in the US it usually lurks as 21st century learning and skills. Illich described the value of competence in the same series of books that Kenneth Boulding first laid out The Great Transition vision in 1962. So the same term is unlikely to be coincidental especially because I still encounter regular cites to Illich’s future visions for society.

          • Thanks for the additional info, Robin — I’ll have a look as soon as I get a little time!

            These people do give me the willies, but even without them or their brave new curricula we have just plain evil social engineering going on among Social Studies teachers already. Maybe others are not having this problem, but my younger son definitely is — they HATE him. No exaggeration, they use deceit and trickery to prevent him from just getting along by complying and not making waves.

            Sorry, it’s off topic, I do not wish our problems institutionalized further and visited on others.

          • David-real time descriptions of what is going on in the classroom are NEVER off topic.

            It is social engineering and many of the people who have been promoted to be administrators or who have received ed doctorates got the degree or promotion precisely because they met the needed criteria of being a moral or mental midget. Empowered precisely because they are mediocre and quite defensive about it. Meanwhile the fine, knowledgeable teachers are having their jobs and careers threatened if they continue to try to make knowledge the point of the classroom.

            If only we had the Redcoat band to play “The World Turned Upside Down” as they did after the Yorktown surrender. Wouldn’t that be fitting?

  4. Students As Skeptics

    As I was reading the story about RSA and “Planning Education Spaces” (link above) I was bombarded by another emerging story, also related to RSA.

    RSA issued a huge report today, “A New Agenda on Climate Change”. Some of the news stories said:

    – UK citizens think keeping libraries open is more important than combatting climate change. New RSA research.

    – 64% accept reality of climate change but do nothing about it. Why?,-cognition-and-creativity/social-brain/reports/a-new-agenda-on-climate-change

    Noting the References this report used we can quickly see that some of the most sophisticated psychological warfare and behavioural change strategies are to be engaged to counter this “stealth denial”.

    In the comments (Yes, they can be very educational.) I found two gems: One was a suggestion of a book to help “immunize” our kids —
    “One of the most supportive things a parent can do is to present a book called, “Sophie’s World”, by Jostien Gaarder, a Norwegian, to their children. The book introduces teenagers to philosophy and logical thought, skills which will sustain them through life and help them to map their way through the trials the World will send their way. Especially the understanding they will develop will help them to formulate and pose pertinent questions and to discern the difference between a worldview based on facts and logic and a worldview constructed from narrative, thus insulating them somewhat from the Left/Green ideology.”

    The second gem was a link to a story today from Australia
    Two high school students take on teacher over climate and win standing ovation.

    I provided a comment, #54, but it’s hung up in moderation. I submitted the UK guidelines that are, by law, to be followed if Gore’s Inconvenient Truth film is to be show in class. I did this to show that a parent can take an issue such as this to court and have legal remedies applied when indoctrination is evident, and to suggest that with guidelines in place, controversial topics can be discussed in schools if “errors” in propaganda pieces are part of the teaching/learning scenario.

    In view of these current devastating “transformations” swamping us some tactics, besides outright EXIT, could include equipping youth with tools to discern and challenge offending material.

    • Tunya-I have been waiting for that report. Jonathan Rowson is also the person in charge of the Social Brain Project I wrote about.

      All of the pushes from every direction are determined to push climate change (a/k/a changing the built environment everyone has been growing up in) with the new idea of a better environment. It is always social systems that are the true target along with the insistence of seeing people and their voluntary cooperative arrangements as systems to now be controlled.

      Glad you are familiar with Jo Nova’s site. I comment there when I have an applicable point and check it out every few days. Guy Claxton also mentioned who he was working with on all this in Australia and New Zealand.

  5. Interesting, Mike86, to find the same outstanding story from Australia.

    Did you do a comment? I did, but it’s hung up in moderation, #54. This is what I said:

    Anti-indoctrination Law in UK School Act (1996) Section 406 says that education authorities “shall forbid…the promotion of partisan political views in the teaching of any subject in the school”. Controversial topics, under Section 407, requires that students “are offered a balanced presentation of opposing views”.

    When Gore’s film was shown in 2008 in class without any balance a father took the issue to court. He won, was awarded 2/3 costs against the Government and changed history in that any future showings of the film in UK government schools must follow these:

    GUIDELINES for showing “An Inconvenient Truth”

    1. State that the Film is a political work and promotes only one side of the argument.
    2. If teachers present the Film without making this plain they may be in breach of section 406 and guilty of political indoctrination.
    3. Nine inaccuracies have to be specifically drawn to the attention of school children.

    Error one — A sea-level rise of up to 20 feet would be caused by melting of either West Antarctica or Greenland “in the near future”. The judge’s finding: “This is distinctly alarmist and part of Mr Gore’s ”wake-up call“. It was common ground that if Greenland melted it would release this amount of water – “but only after, and over, millennia.”
    Error two — Low-lying inhabited Pacific atolls are already “being inundated because of anthropogenic global warming.” Judge: There was no evidence of any evacuation having yet happened.
    Error three — The film described global warming potentially “shutting down the Ocean Conveyor” – the process by which the Gulf Stream is carried over the North Atlantic to Western Europe. Judge: According to IPCC, it was “very unlikely” it would be shut down, though it might slow down.
    Error four —Two graphs, one plotting a rise in C02 and the other the rise in temperature over a period of 650,000 years, showed “an exact fit”, said Gore. Judge: Although there was general scientific agreement that there was a connection, “the two graphs do not establish what Mr Gore asserts”.
    Error five — The disappearance of snow on Mt Kilimanjaro was expressly attributable to global warming. Judge: The scientific consensus was that it cannot be established that the recession of snows on Mt Kilimanjaro is mainly attributable to human-induced climate change.
    Error six — The drying up of Lake Chad was used in the film as a prime example of a catastrophic result of global warming. Judge: “It is generally accepted that the evidence remains insufficient to establish such an attribution. It is apparently considered to be far more likely to result from other factors, such as population increase and over-grazing, and regional climate variability.”
    Error seven — Hurricane Katrina and the consequent devastation in New Orleans due to global warming. Judge: There is “insufficient evidence to show that”.
    Error eight — For the first time, polar bears were being found that had actually drowned “swimming long distances – up to 60 miles – to find ice”. Judge: “The only scientific study that either side before me can find is one which indicates that four polar bears have recently been found drowned because of a storm.” That was not to say there might not in future be drowning-related deaths of bears if the trend of regression of pack ice continued – “but it plainly does not support Mr Gore’s description”.
    Error nine — Coral reefs all over the world were bleaching because of global warming and other factors. Judge: The IPCC had reported that, if temperatures were to rise by 1-3 degrees centigrade, there would be increased coral bleaching and mortality, unless the coral could adapt. But separating the impacts of stresses due to climate change from other stresses, such as over-fishing, and pollution was difficult.

        • Thanks for that Robin. And if the for profit prisons are not releasing inmates quickly enough to provide workers for the green infrastructure building, the CEO’s just have to look to the local schools for helping hands;

          “The new Kensington Creative + Performing Arts High School, which is LEED Platinum, has green roofs, rainwater cisterns, and an underground detention facility.”

          Performing arts Schools and Detention facilities are two things I always think of as fitting together naturally.

          Last thing: Heard a local story on NPR this AM gushing over a private Catholic Charter school in Philadelphia whose benefactors provide “free” 12,000.00 tuition to students in need. The gloriously happy 14 year old girl who was interviewed got to spend a certain number of hours weekly performing her “Work Study” at the nearby offices of Independence Blue Cross Blue Shield.

          • Ah, apprenticeships. So that the “learning” is active and in context and practicing for adult roles.

            And the student learns to view business as something that takes in money from customers but which also works hand in hand with delineated goals of government.

            Gag. Off to write after a morning immersed in OECD materials. Did you know the NYC schools began piloting OECD’s Innovative Learning Environments concepts back in 2002? That would be about the time Joel Klein started as their Chancellor. No wonder he wants new kinds of minds to be created by digital learning globally if NYC was involved with the OECD’s visions for transformative change along with having the UN headquartered within the district.

            I have also alerted Tunya on what the documents said British Columbia was doing.

    • I didn’t comment on Jo Nova’s page for that article but do from time to time. I keep up with WUWT, Nova’s, and a few others in that genre. The funny thing is, if I had left a comment it likely would’ve included a link to here.

      • Mike-I will always pick up far more traffic if a reader links to me or recommends vs anything I can say.

        Given the links in Australia and New Zealand to what is happening here and in the UK and what I will lay out in next two posts, her readers want to know this info. I get some traffic from there and also catallaxy-the libertarian blog.

    • Yes LL. With its long term history of outcomes based education going back to the 80s and its use of Norman Webb’s Depth of Knowledge in its classrooms and now on its STAAR assessments and using Grant Wiggins and Jay McTighe’s Understanding by Design for professional development, Texas did not need to join CCSSI to get the desired national and international implementation within its classrooms.

      Plus under the Positive School Climate XO and the current reading of federal disabilities law, invisible behavioral mandates like this also come in.

      Houston is certainly being richly rewarded for its Appreciative Inquiry focus in the classrooms and throughout local government generally.

  6. Everyday A New Slap In The Face

    Following on the heels of yesterday’s “Call to Arms” by the UK group, the RSA, on the “urgent” need to sway more people — that is, swing more public opinion — to the Green cause, today’s news has yet another NGO calling for societal shift.

    Let’s pause a moment to ask a rhetorical question: Are these clamorous, insistent groups simply a result of an overproduction of “social scientists” making work for themselves? Sure are a lot of them, and they appear pretty well subsidized. And, so many seem to have goals, besides jobs, of political agendas to change society and the world!

    So today’s headlines in the UK scream — “Middle Class Parents ‘Cheating’ School System”, “Parents ‘lie’ for best schooling”. Mind, this is not just a British issue. It’s a recurring, perennial media issue in Canada, USA, Australia, NZ.

    The Report — Parent Power? – Using money and information to boost children’s chances of educational success — is, to be honest, probably very helpful to the parent cause.

    The report starts out: “Every parent wants to do the best for their child.” But it’s the headlines that hurt:

    – lying on application forms, feigning religion, using cunning schemes, moving to best schools catchment, underhand schemes, etc. etc.

    A few news reports state that these are “desperate tactics being used to get children a decent education.”

    The Sutton Trust is an educational charity in the United Kingdom, which aims to improve social mobility and address educational disadvantage. I think this is a good report to help these aims. What I do deplore is the “liberal” press condemning parents who seek the best for their children. I see this knee-jerk behavior of media as one of the dependable ruses that lobbies can count on in pushing their causes.

    For our discussion on these ISC pages I must say it was a blessed relief to not come across a single reference to 21st Century skills or human capital or social/emotional learning.

    I would love to see the education community SHIFT BACK to the important education issues from reports such as this instead of coercively pushing for some New Age competencies that have yet to be proven as being needed for the future. The unintended consequences could be catastrophic!

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