Shared Reality is Essential but Not Enough. Shared Values Must Also be Instilled to Get Collective Action Globally

After the last post insisting we must all shift to new mental models, the drumbeat of the need to “create a shared reality” as this article laid out explicitly, which was then reenforced by what the Chinese government is calling its Beijing Principles on Artificial Intelligence for Children, has been exceptionally acute. In either vision, AI in education using the kind of LMS we have covered, and the Chinese have been investing in, will be used to “help guide children to form sound and scientific values” as the English translation stated. Given the source, it is especially hard not to remember that ‘scientific values’ sounds a lot like Uncle Karl’s assertion that a ‘moral revolution’ wiithin each individual, or at least the vast majority of present and future citizens, would be necessary for his vision that clearly lies at the core of the “Thriving Together” vision we covered in the last post–the Human Development Society as he called it. Science means social science in other words.

As this previous post in the same series as the one above put it –“AI is quickly being incorporated into every aspect of learning and systems that support learners–with the opportunity to extend access to powerful learning.” AI thus is a key component of the “visual and logic tools for building a shared reality” which it asserts is essential in order to “invent for equity” and “offer every person on earth access to high-quality learning.” Since that term was also discussed in the Beijing Principles, let’s quote them since we have a common core of common language now being used around the world:

Quality education

The development of AI should help provide more inclusive, fairer, and quality education for children. The development of AI should help protect children’s right to education, help provide children with scientific, high-quality, and ethical educations, help children fully develop their personalities, talents, and abilities, and help avoid dangerous, coercive, unhealthy, and immoral educations.

This link, which came out October 8, is also using much of the same language and conceptions as the Beijing Principles in its vision of “an education system that provides every single child access to what they need to thrive.” I would argue that “help stimulate children’s potential” is a suitable euphemism for what we are encountering as a prerequisite to ‘thrive’. It also fits with what in the US is now being asserted as “essential for our democracy” with its questions: “What effect does the way we all consume news and media have on our society? On our ability to live up to the ideals of democracy?” for each student as part of its Election and Polarization curricula.

A shared reality certainly would cut down on Polarization, wouldn’t it? That’s precisely what the first article laid out in detail

The fundamental problem is one of communication, “The problem of persuasion, the problem of getting people to agree on a shared consensus view of reality, and to acknowledge basic facts and to have their probability assessments of various outcomes to converge through honest conversation,” explained neuroscientist and author Sam Harris

The interrelated problems we face don’t have simple solutions and their early data sets haven’t yielded conclusive answers. Nonetheless, it’s hard to make progress without starting with a common fact base and a shared sense of reality.

Shared reality is the necessary first step of leadership whether that’s a school, a company, or a country. Shared reality starts with the facts but because those are open to interpretation, the shared reality is most likely to emerge within the identity of membership– citizenship of a city or stakeholder of a school system. You’ve got to invite people into a system to have a shot at a shared reality.

Seriously, if I got a quarter for every time that article used the phrase ‘shared reality’, I could have an excellent lunch. Let’s keep looking at why that shared reality and shared values are so crucial that we must  be coerced by the media, tech companies, and all our educational institutions at every level in to migrating to one. As this final link puts it “Mental models underpin systems” and our man-made systems are all targeted for transformation in the 21st century so we can all THRIVE! makes it clear that this means targeting the “values and beliefs that influence how people understand and act in the world.They come from lived experiences.” So if AI gets used to manipulate those ‘lived experiences’ to gain desired internalized changes in students via virtual reality delivered through an LMS, or Project-Based Learning with certain stipulated goals to reach a consensus within the group, we get to alter mental models, with few parents much the wiser on the nature of the shift.

As that final link also asserts, “we all have mental models [that] affect our beliefs, our actions, and our systems’ behavior [so] we can no longer allow those mental models to remain hidden.” Or more crucially, and this is why Tranzi OBE, as described in my book Credentialed to Destroy, remains ubiquitous with only new euphemisms for it changing. The mental models CANNOT remain hidden because our mental models CANNOT remain UNCHANGED.

Shared Reality as an Invention Opportunity

Access to quality learning for the (soon to be) 8 billion of us depends on inventing combinations of new tools and agreements that will expand access to powerful learning and lives of opportunity.

Our list of invention opportunities starts in an unlikely place–a shared set of facts and ways to interpret those shared facts that will enable communities (and countries) to move forward together. Creating a shared reality–a common situational awareness that enables collective action–requires shared facts, shared values, and shared models.

1. Shared Facts. Shared reality tools will, in some ways, be the opposite of current versions of social media which have crafted self-reinforcing information gullies and propagated difference and viral hate…

2. Shared Values. Humans interrupt facts through complicated values-based filters that are shaped by groups we associate with. This tribal psychology motivates how we behave to fit in with our peers.

“At times, since belonging goals are so vital to our survival, we value signaling that we are good members of our tribes much more than we value being correct, and in those circumstances, we will choose to be wrong — if signaling we believe wrong things seems like it will keep us in good standing with our peers,” said David McRaney about why some people don’t wear masks in a pandemic.

As a result of these thick and influential group memberships, just laying out the facts isn’t enough to create a shared reality. It requires involvement and enrollment in shared values.

Journalist Jad Abumrad realized that “hammering at a scientific truth when someone has suffered, that wasn’t going to heal anything.” He began thinking of his job as leading “people to moments of struggle because the truth is no longer just a set of facts to be captured. It’s become a process. It’s gone from being a noun to being a verb. Increasingly in this confusing world, we need to be the bridge between those differences…

These education examples suggest that facilitating shared values are key to doing important sustained collective work. However, as a verb, values dynamic, integrated, and sustained.

3. Shared Models. Three days before landfall, the National Weather Service predicted the time and the location Hurricane Laura would hit the Louisiana coast (see featured image). Scientists at the National Hurricane Center blend information from a half a dozen computer models to achieve super-accurate forecasts. These models save lives and reduce property damage by driving collective action.

Shared realities will be based, in part, on the collective adoption of predictive models.

“Collective adoption of predictive models” like those Climate Change models that never come true or the outlandish predictions of Covid mortality from the Imperial College of London that became the basis for the emergency lockdowns all over the world back in March. We can see the rationale for all the mind arson documented by this blog since I started writing if we must all accept a consensus view of reality because:

It turns out it’s hard to facilitate a shared reality–but it looks more important than ever for moving forward together for communities and countries. A shared sense of what’s happening and what that means is critical for collective action.

There’s that collective action obligation for us again, which then gets followed up by a call for “the invention of new trusted curated sources of truth.” We will talk about that in the next post because using false assertions of Disinformation turns out to be an attempt to get precisely that in place. We can think of calls for a shared reality and values with new mental models as the resculpting of the interior receiver of information within each person. Disinformation seems to be about squelching forbidden information that escaped into the public domain without authorization. It must not be widely read or listened to lest it imperil the desired transformations and willingness to engage in the desired collective actions.

Or help elect any politicians not on board with this agenda for the reimagined role of communication in the 21st century.


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    • How’s this for a confession? Notice the 3rd author is a Professor of Earth System Science. That ties him to the Belmont Challenge that caused me to start this blog. The author from National Academy of Sciences is who pushed the Soviet psych work back in 2012 that I wrote about at the time.

      The announcement of this year’s Nobel Prize laureates is an ideal occasion to appreciate how much we owe to basic science, and how scientists have come together like never before to help stop COVID-19. To overcome the pandemic and meet the other global challenges we face, we must follow their example – and their lead.

      STOCKHOLM – The announcement of this year’s Nobel Prize laureates should remind us of the many contributions basic science has made to contemporary life. With COVID-19 ravaging much of humanity, and the world anxiously awaiting a breakthrough that can end the pandemic, we can no longer take science for granted. And the global science community, for its part, has risen to the occasion in unprecedented ways, not only to develop vaccines, therapies, and diagnostics, but also to improve our understanding of the virus and the best strategies to protect ourselves…

      There are also deepening social and economic crises. The pandemic has battered national economies, exacerbated many forms of inequality, and sown distrust and social unrest around the world. We rely ever more on technology to conduct our daily lives, educate our children, and connect with each other, but we have yet to do enough to prevent the same technology from being used to amplify dangerous misinformation, inflame social unrest, and leave vulnerable communities even further behind.Just as scientists and researchers have come together in unprecedented ways to fight the pandemic, so must we mobilize our best and brightest minds to tackle these other global emergencies. Like COVID-19, none can be stopped anywhere until it is stopped everywhere.Drawing lessons from the global pandemic response and recovery efforts, our organizations will host a virtual Nobel Prize Summit next spring, with the theme “Our Planet, Our Future.” The event will bring together Nobel laureates, leading thinkers, policymakers, business innovators, and youth leaders to discuss how progress can be made against climate change, inequality, and the potential harms of powerful new technologies. The ultimate goal will be to build a more resilient, sustainable future for everyone.In our Anthropocene epoch, we acknowledge that humankind has become the single most important force acting on the planet. We also should recognize that our own encroachments on nature are the common denominator underlying today’s global crises. There is a growing body of evidence to show that not only climate change, but also disease outbreaks, are linked to human development and biodiversity loss…

      The current crisis thus should be a transformative moment for humanity. We are seeing firsthand just how much our individual futures depend on the collective health and safety of all people and of our natural world. Though science cannot provide all the answers, it clearly is the most important tool we have, not only for stopping the pandemic, but also for building resilience into our infrastructure and economy.

      My bolding.

      • Well the Nobel entity has always been part of the club, yes, in its promotion of ‘scientism’ and FAKE peace prize winners. It is just another global brand name people associate with “intelligence”, the IQ variety.

        The real IQ variety, the non-scientism-ists know that a kind of truth is out there, and they are not too concerned with who does and doesn’t ‘like’ them in their quest for it.

        Honestly, the author of this statement:

        “With COVID-19 ravaging much of humanity, and the world anxiously awaiting a breakthrough that can end the pandemic, we can no longer take science for granted.”

        should be ashamed of himself.

        Is this personage located in Sweden — a country that did not submit to the lockdowns?

        For some wonderful reason, I have been privileged to know quite a few Axmaker science brains, and can tell you ‘they’ never make absurd statements like that.

        They NEVER over- or under-estimate the value of their work.

        By never over-estimating, I can tell you that I used to know a cohort of U.C. Berkeley physicists, who, to that last brain, professed a belief in a ‘designed’ universe. We used to go out on Marin County beaches and set of ‘gear’…equipment they had ‘borrowed’ from their labs. We were using it to ‘listen’ to the music of the universe, and we all knew that music is composed, not random.

        I have been watching Kerry Mullis vids…and, what a humble, Nobel Prize winner, a guy who describes in a TedTalk the pure joy he and a neighbor kid experienced in attempting to develop in their backyards, rocket technology to beat the Russians…and, with Kerry’s mom screaming out the window about eye protection.

        Dr. Mullis had said for 30 plus years that Anthony Fauci is “an asshole”, who “killed a lot of people” with the HIV is the cause of AIDS construct. And, he also said, repeatedly, that the PCR technology he had developed (i.e. did not discover like it was lying around a lab, as per the L.A. Times obit), and for which he won/shared a Nobel Prize, should never be used as it was used in HIV/AIDS diagnostic protocols…and, we could say ‘ditto’ for Covid-19.

        Science, the real kind, listens to many voices/perspectives — have we seen that with Covid-19?

        Anyway, its a big, bad delusion machine with a global foot-print, and we ALL know this, so what is the solution?

        So the Nobel establishment ‘seems’ to care about science, but does not seem to listen to the scientific findings and opinions of the people it identified and honored as having cared a lot about science.

        • Science invariably means social science locked in at a physiological level that goes to motivations to act as the latest Getting Smart column put it. Meanwhile we get these aspirations

          Given the immediacy of critical impacts on local economies of the pandemic, it is imperative that communities respond with feasible and effective plans and actions to help offset losses to local economic health which in turn impacts social and physical health of residents.We recommend that as part of their managing for the impacts of COVID-19,communities re-organize their economic plans, goals and metrics from financial towell-being based so that communities and individuals define success based on their happiness, community well-being and ecological sustainability rather than financial wealth and income. We point to The Happiness Policy Handbook(2019) which offers steps, tools and resources for such as re-organization. This handbook is written for community members who want to engage their local governments and residents in planning for policy change to support well-being; it includes examples of how to develop proclamations, policies, forums and other participatory methods for achieving well-being (Musikanski et al.2019).

          from “When Will the Pandemic End? Suggestions for US Communities to Manage Well-Being in the Face of COVID-19” published in The International Journal of Community Well-Being which magically calls for such a Community Development Framework as the solution. All roads again lead to…

          Here’s the link to article

          and this is the one from Tom VanderArk

          • I am adding this useful confession from Down Under that is honest about the ‘concepts, skills, and dispositions” which are being standardized globally

            We do, at my school, plan the big picture, of course. We build on where the learners have come from and ensure clarity on the conceptual direction. We know what we hope the learners will come to understand and the skills and dispositions required to support the learning. But plans are flexible and responsive to what the learners reveal. The individuality of the journey, the specific teachable moments, and the ways the learning might impact or transform each learner, depend on how the inquiry unfolds.

            My bolding for emphasis.

          • Is Martin Seligman involved in “The Happiness Index”?

            On a related but obtuse note, I was listening to the Catholic scholar, Jesse Russell discuss ‘innovations’ related to the pandemic. He dredged up an observation made by the oft-maligned Martin Heidegger. Heidegger believed that humans were meant “to live poetical lives”. He was then encroachment of scientism, technology, and technocracy as operating in direct opposition to this mandate. I would offer that lives lived ‘poetically’ cannot be assessed on a “Happiness Index”. Russell also discussed how the gutting of the Humanities had meant that generations (now) had not engaged, philosophically, with the larger issues in life, and which include “death”, and, hence the absolute panic about a relatively benign virus. I am thinking, here, of my N.Z. intern telling me that her island nation was now wholly committed to preventing even ‘one’ more death from Covid-19. Rationale, grounded in reality people, do not think and act in this manner.

            So, you nix all the real meaning-making structures — philosophical, theological, replace these with the so-called social sciences, and scientism, and the system then drives itself — fear/panic >> technocratic solutions.

          • I interviewed Patrick Wood, who wrote Technocracy Rising several years ago. During our discussion he spoke about the church growth movement and how it was connected to Technocracy and Peter Drucker. Peter Drucker and the church growth movement?! That made the connection to Judith McLemore’s The Aspen Institute and Marxist Praxis paper – how leadership coaching was part of this social engineering program. I was sick to my stomach as I realized the work I was doing as an executive coach was contributing to this!

            I had already been researching John Bowlby, Eric Trist and Tavistock. An EQ assessment I use provides information on ‘relationship strategies’ (codeword for a person’s attachment style). I wanted to learn more about attachment theory and why so few people understood it and that’s when I made the connection to Tavistock (and the WHO). I realized that this was all connected to cybernetics and using the ‘environment’ to create insecure attachment (in particular dissociation/fearful-avoidant attachment). That’s when I discovered Bateson’s ‘communication’ work (the double bind and the desire to induce mass schizophrenia using communication. Cybernetics).

            Back to coaching… I came across a paper The Secret History of Coaching My hunch is this author was influenced by The Hidden History of Coaching. Looking at all of the connections and how they tie into Werner Erhard. Erhard had been connected to Scientology at one time (CIA officer Miles Copeland recruited L. Ron Hubbard to head Scientology. I am betting that there’s a connection there to Werner also. BTW, Miles Copeland is the father of Steward Copeland of the band The Police). Let’s also consider that Bateson was part of the OSS, the precursor to the CIA…

            Along this research journey I discovered Robin’s work. 2 years ago I asked her if she would do a podcast with me as I was so impressed with her work and she agreed! (

            I fear that menticide has been achieved for the masses, who lack the capacity to think for themselves. It’s along the lines of the comment the young woman made to Crowder… Imagine the young adults learning today via online courses. They are the future doctors, nurses, etc. (well, to the degree they aren’t replaced by technology). The masses arrogance coupled with ignorance is mind boggling. There is no curiosity or questioning the narratives provided for them to consume! And in this kind of world, people who are intelligent, curious and have the ability to critically think look like the crazy ones! I could never have imagined that they could pull off what they’ve done over the past 8 months and will not allow myself to consider what’s coming with the next ‘lockdowns’.

            It reminds me of Fromm’s work (while I don’t think he was a fan of humanity, he did provide some great insights) on the necrophilic character. “The passion to destroy life and the attraction to all that is dead”. I question all of the time, can anything be done at this point?

          • Thanks Kathy. Basically the same institutions working to control consciousness itself are manipulating who controls political power when the entire future vision is premised on a politically organized society and economy.

            Your comment on the role of environment a/k/a ‘ecosystem’ in the cybernetic vision reminded me of this Building Equitable Learning Environments Framework that crawled out after I watched this webinar recently. It really crystallizes the connection between mandated experiences and desired outcomes that have literally changed who the student is at the level of perception, motivation, and future decision-making capacity.

            That slide show in turn links to an Education Trust report called “Social and Emotional Development Through an Equity Lens” that both makes the real purpose of the 1691 Project crystal clear. The allegations of ‘400 years of systemic oppression’ get used as the excuse to require Equity in Outcomes that makes the remedy to get at student’s at the internalized, physiological level (And we wonder why they vote en masse now as they do). It then has in its Footnote 11 a specially created link to the 2020 Science of Learning and Development Alliance we already encountered in connection with digital learning platforms. The brief got its funding from the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative. That’s money funded by the very platforms that have hyped disinformation about the current President and the rampant corruption surrounding Biden and now insists that statistically impossible comments about the election cannot be repeated. At its core, we have a planned political coup that is to be carried out using the “known malleability of the brain” to create the “physical and psychological attributes” needed by the collectivist, MH society the Dem platform calls Building Back Better.

            Following all this we have explicit admissions that student-centered, competency-based learning is actually designed to create “justice-oriented citizens” with that commitment and its compulsion to act in certain ways designed into the mandated learning experiences. Coaching had to be altered to the same template for the same reason as higher ed had to be changed as I covered in CtD.

            Speaking of cybernetics there is an old Karl Deutsch book Levers of Government book that hatched from his time at CASBS and funded by Carnegie that lays out the cybernetic vision of governments at all levels in this vision that the Soviets referred to as Upravleniye. I think the best way to describe the angst of Trump prevailing in 2016 unexpectedly with the willingness of the media and tech platforms to work to push fraud in 2020 when it looked like a reelection was in process was that the cybernetic vision which also goes by systems thinking requires control of the Levers of Government by willing collaborators in the cybernetic vision. That’s not Trump, even if his ed Department under DeVos is still funding the vision via its ed labs and CEDS.

            With respect to your last question on what can be done, I intend to continue to comprehend and document precisely what has occurred, how, and what it aims to transform. That’s really all I can do. At the level of ed and the targeting of the human mind as part of this vision, who is President will not really change what is being done. It simply affects how openly it is being done. But the broader template does need the systemic racism hype and the fears cultivated by the Covid overhype. It also needs the broader regulation pushed by the climate change hype. It mandates thinking in terms of systems. As this article linked to this morning on “Statecraft in the digital age” put it, the Upravleniye, systems thinking approach a/k/a the Marxist Humanist vision wants governments now “affirmatively seeking to intervene in their causes” instead of just being “determined to manage social problems as they bubble up into crises”.

            Going after the causes means that no aspect of political autonomy, the economy, or society can now escape governmental micromanagement. If it’s not overt and direct, it can be through mandated ‘standards’ or frameworks like CCSSI, which few truly appreciate for the Rule of Law tool, governments seeking to control results tools they actually are when what ISO or NIST actually does is accurately appreciated. The Competency frameworks for coaching required to be accredited is another example of such an indirect, but still mandatory tool that forces desired changes at the level of behavior, the mind, and ‘human attributes’ a/k/a personality.

            That was long-winded but apt.

        • Martin Seligman, Mr. $30M no bid contract winner. Imagine what experiments he led at Guantanamo Bay… Marty and his partner Ed Diener; subjective happiness. Happiness, positivity, optimism (remember Seligman’s book on that? The Optimistic Child?).

          Heidigger’s work is foundational to coaching, and to the obfuscation of reality we’re expected to accept. I do not know enough about Heidigger to know if he/his work was maligned – especially in the context of ontological coaching. His work is foundational to ontological coaching which takes us to Fernando Flores. Cybersyn. Just who is Fernando Flores (we’re supposed to believe that when he was 27 years old, this engineering student was chosen to be Allende’s pick for Minister of Finance for Chile?! And that Amnesty International ‘rescued’ him and sent him and his family to CA so he could work with John Searles and then Werner Erhard?).

          People cannot begin to imagine how all of these good sounding memes manipulate their ability to think and make accurate meaning. I’ve been reading through several books from the Transactions of the Macy Conferences as part of the research I’ve done on Cybernetics & social engineering. It’s mind boggling. It is unfortunate that humans are credulous and don’t consider to consider that they’re being manipulated.

          I’ve also been following the McKinsey publications. While they talk about consumer demand changing the truth is they are changing what people ‘demand’ and are creating what they call the ‘next new normal conusmer’. Humans as resources; consumers. Accenture’s Julie Sweet has been speaking about how 10 years of change has been created in less than 7 months (by turning the flu into a ‘pandemic’). It’s shocking and it’s all out there for people to discover – unfortunately even if they do, they don’t grasp what it means.

          I was listening to an Adweek podcast today on AI and natural language processing. I thought NLP and how it ties into neurolinguistic programming NLP. What we don’t know about ourselves can and is used to manipulate us to accept what we should reject.

          All of this brings to mind Robots, Men & Minds (Bertanalaffy, 1967) “In the end, the effects of modern psychotechniques and behavioral engineering amount to functional decerebralization, that is, exclusion of higher cerebral centers and mental faculties—almost as efficiently as if these were removed by surgical operation. Then the behavior of rats, cats and the mentally defective can indeed serve as model of “human behavior.” Not even the threat of atomic annihilation can change the ways of a manipulated humanity, which are almost as strongly ingrained as the instinctive urge of a herd of lemmings, leading them irresistibly into self- destruction. In “mentalistic” terms, the same may be termed menticide (Meerloo, 1954; von Bertalanffy, 1960c); a procedure actually more efficient and irrevocable than clumsy attempts at genocide. For, thanks to the regenerative powers of nature, genocide, at least up till now, has proved to be rather ineffective. Extermination of millions did not destroy the races and peoples concerned but was quickly followed by replacement and even population explosion. Menticide, in contrast, is highly successful and irreversible. If a population is manipulated in the right ways, it cannot transmit, to coming generations, values and freedom it has lost itself; and this is precisely what psychological manipulation aims at and has widely achieved.”

          • Thanks. We lost power because of Hurricane Zeta and just got it back. Everyone is out of comment purgatory.

            Excellent comments all. Still dealing with a post-surgical family member so in and out a lot.

          • Heidegger, Ontological Coaching, various

            Kathy, you and I seem to be on the same beat!

            Ontological Coaching — as far as I am concerned, this is a tone’y, pretentious title for ‘est’. Erhard, though incredibly ill-educated liked to associate himself with ‘thinkers’. Heidegger was one of these. (Note, I have yet to completely ferret out how they misappropriated his work, but I assure you they did.) They do the same thing with John Searle.

            Agree that Fernando Flores’ bio is fishy as hell! “Who is he, really?” is a very good question. I can tell you that he ‘partnered’ with Werner Erhard, an ex-used car salesmen in the development of patented ‘technology’, which was to bring cybernetics to forms of project management. The two engaged in money laundering related to ‘est’.

            On ‘menticide’, (great word!!!) I note that ‘the American people’, quite a few of them, are content that they have elected as their president a manifestly senile candidate — does know one notice? I noted same related Mueller’s testimony at the impeachment hearing. When I expressed my concern to American friends that he seemed to be ‘diminished’, they could not understand what I was talking about.

            And speaking of diminished capacity, I watched the ‘comedian’ Steven Crowder discourse with university students on the topic of the ACB appointment to the Supreme Court. When Crowder cited a legal precedent for ‘X’, a female student opined, “that happened a long time ago.” Crowder responded, “that happened three years ago.” These are the people who vote for senile candidates, who are also manifestly corrupt.

          • To Kathy, see my comments in interspersed in your text.

            I interviewed Patrick Wood, who wrote Technocracy Rising several years ago. During our discussion he spoke about the church growth movement and how it was connected to Technocracy and Peter Drucker. Peter Drucker and the church growth movement?!

            That made the connection to Judith McLemore’s The Aspen Institute and Marxist Praxis paper – how leadership coaching was part of this social engineering program. I was sick to my stomach as I realized the work I was doing as an executive coach was contributing to this!

            I had already been researching John Bowlby, Eric Trist and Tavistock. An EQ assessment I use provides information on ‘relationship strategies’ (codeword for a person’s attachment style). I wanted to learn more about attachment theory and why so few people understood it and that’s when I made the connection to Tavistock (and the WHO). I realized that this was all connected to cybernetics and using the ‘environment’ to create insecure attachment (in particular dissociation/fearful-avoidant attachment). That’s when I discovered Bateson’s ‘communication’ work (the double bind and the desire to induce mass schizophrenia using communication. Cybernetics).

            Back to coaching… I came across a paper The Secret History of Coaching My hunch is this author was influenced by The Hidden History of Coaching. Looking at all of the connections and how they tie into Werner Erhard. Erhard had been connected to Scientology at one time (CIA officer Miles Copeland recruited L. Ron Hubbard to head Scientology. I am betting that there’s a connection there to Werner also. BTW, Miles Copeland is the father of Steward Copeland of the band The Police). Let’s also consider that Bateson was part of the OSS, the precursor to the CIA…

            Along this research journey I discovered Robin’s work. 2 years ago I asked her if she would do a podcast with me as I was so impressed with her work and she agreed! (

            On Werner Erhard, there is a lot less there than meets the eye. I do not believe he read anything after ‘Dianetics’, though his handlers promote him as one of the “greatest intellectuals of the 20th Century”. est/Landmark, for whatever else it may be is a pyramid-style fraud scheme.>

            I fear that menticide has been achieved for the masses, who lack the capacity to think for themselves. It’s along the lines of the comment the young woman made to Crowder… Imagine the young adults learning today via online courses. They are the future doctors, nurses, etc. (well, to the degree they aren’t replaced by technology). The masses arrogance coupled with ignorance is mind boggling.

            There is no curiosity or questioning the narratives provided for them to consume! And in this kind of world, people who are intelligent, curious and have the ability to critically think look like the crazy ones! I could never have imagined that they could pull off what they’ve done over the past 8 months and will not allow myself to consider what’s coming with the next ‘lockdowns’.

            It reminds me of Fromm’s work (while I don’t think he was a fan of humanity, he did provide some great insights) on the necrophilic character. “The passion to destroy life and the attraction to all that is dead”. I question all of the time, can anything be done at this point?

          • Look at what JAMA is pushing to get us to a ‘healthy democracy.’

            False beliefs about COVID-19 are also more likely to occur in someone who has faulty systems for monitoring and evaluating scientific information. When physicians determine the efficacy of medication like hydroxychloroquine, they read research studies, evaluate the adverse effects of the drug, and some may even study the pharmacokinetics before deciding whether prescribing the medicine is worth the risk. This process of logic and reasoning is not accessible just to physicians or scientists. It is learned in elementary school and high school and is later sharpened by solving problems in work, college, and graduate school. If that process of balancing and comparing all sides of an issue is not taught, an individual is more susceptible to believing false information. Developing frontal circuitry to support the process of reasoning is part of education and science literacy and stands at the core of a healthy democracy.

            Not how physicians actually work in my experience, but here’s the link. It compares ‘false beliefs’ about covid that may in fact be true (like massive voter fraud in the US, especially in Fulton County where I happen to live) to having dementia. Quite a jump the shark article, but covid doubt shows the need to rewire the brain? Quite the sudden refrain.

            By the way I am having trouble differentiating what you are saying vs Kathy. What we are all recognizing though, and it goes to that JAMA article too, is that this global transformation push begins with having people hold false beliefs that they erroneously believe to be true, that merit governments stepping in to reorganize the society, economy, and culture. As one of yesterday’s frameworks articles in ed defined it Equity is now to be “Seeing what should not be and envisioning what could be to create a more inclusive world.”

            That required ‘seeing’ requires neural circuitry created by learning experiences (which digital platforms are especially useful at generating as Jane MacGonnigal crowed about in her ISTE keynote years ago) that instill the desired beliefs to guide perception. Notice the author is on the science board of the Buck Institute, which is the generator of the Framework for what constitutes HQPBL–High Quality Project Based Learning. It is High Quality because it generates the desired beliefs, values, and emotions in students. A big part of the desired consciousness is getting people to believe in climate change, systemic racism, covid risks beyond common sense, etc. while self righteously believing they are all true. If you don’t accept the required narrative you get accused of denying the science and believing in conspiracies.

            The reality is that generating the requisite False Consciousness does require a great deal of coordination among tech companies, the media, education institutions, and politicians at all levels. We see it openly in the EU surrounding what constitutes Media Literacy Standards and the fights against alleged diinformation. Disinformation gets redefined by these Boards as unapproved beliefs that have nothing to do with veracity. Unapproved beliefs get in the way of ‘shared meaning making’ and ‘common purpose’, which are the prerequisite for people to cease acting as independent individuals and commence acting as the designed systems these visions all have in common. How to control people in the West without it being apparent. There’s a reason these plans function just like what the CCP longs for and what Vygotsky wrote that would create the perfect Soviet citizen via education. Now those practices get embedded in HQPBL and hyped as “scientific, rational thinking fit for a healthy democracy”.

            The kids seem to be locked in and it is now the adults being targeted whenever they do not have the desired consciousness. Nothing like the news media telling exiled Cubans in Florida that they fell for disinformation about socialism. Only Bernie Sanders or the Jacobin magazine are quite that open. We get calls instead about Equity or ‘Targeted Universalism’ which Kamala then cackles about. She cackles because what she is describing is intended to function as little c communism without using either the c word or the s word. That’s why I always recognize Tranzi OBE by its FUNCTION. That’s how we also need to recognize the MH vision. It requires political power (even if it takes massive fraud to get it) and a false consciousness to get it in place. No wonder tech platforms and the media conspire with certain politicians and academia all over the world to force this vision of the future. They need each other because of the key roles information and political power play together to force the desired transformation.

            If you recognize the clear coordination and why it must coordinate to get the stated goals, you get accused of “having false beliefs similar to having dementia? Ironic since apparently end-stage dementia is now a suitable characteristic to be a President. Only in a puppet state which is apparently where the US is headed. What an utterly dangerous world that is. I wonder who will invade where in such circumstances?

          • Speaking of Stewart Copeland et al, there is a brilliant exposé of the counter culture movement by David McGowan entitled ” Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon”. In it he chronicles how the 60’s was not simply infiltrated or co-opted by the CIA, but rather was conceived, birthed and run from start to finish by intelligence. He died but his daughter runs his website now- Center for an Informed America.

          • I removed the duplicate comment. One of the webinars I watched early in the summer involving a Google subsidiary called Gooru and its ceo crowing that using competency frameworks they will be able to track the student’s mind and personality and where he or she is relative to what is desired in much the same way as how google maps works. It’s all about where you are relative to where you want to go.

            It was sponsored by DARPA. That’s not a theory. It was the listed sponsor.

   gets to the report issued post-webinar in September.

            The Navigator works by locating every students’ current knowledge and skills, providing them a personalized route for learning using open curated resources and making reroute suggestions based on their performance until they reach their learning destination as seen in Figure 1. (01) Locate: Learning Navigator “locates” each student — which means it pinpoints exactly which knowledge and skills they have already attained and which they have yet to learn. It locates them when they begin their learning and it continues to update their location in real-time as they progress. Whether students and teachers are utilizing the resources in the catalog, or are engaged in complex, interactive activities — like projects, essays, proofs, presentations, debates, etc. — they can create digital data from every learning activity. The Navigator can then use that data to provide real-time updates about each student’s progress. (02) Curate: The Navigator also includes a catalog of millions of curated and organized resources that students and teachers can use to meet learner exactly where they are. It offers students personalized curated courses to their learning destinations with well tagged open resources and question. (03) Facilitate: As students study these courses, Learning Navigator helps teachers facilitate personalized learning by monitoring students’ progress, engaging the class in live assessments for a real-time update on student understanding and suggesting additional activities to help students stay on track. (04) Mediate: Gooru uses principles of learning from the science of learning coupled with data science to suggest personalized pathways. Given a student’s learning destination, the Navigator, based on the student’s profile, personalizes the route to their destination and makes reroute suggestions based on their performance. . .

            Navigated Learning is a pedagogical approach that combines the learning sciences and data sciences to foster learning across all learners and all settings. Navigated Learning enables students to achieve learning outcomes in a competency-based ecosystem, where competencies comprise of academic expectations that are designed at local, state, and national levels. The construct of “competency” goes beyond traditional learning; it includes both cognitive and non–cognitive skills (e.g. critical thinking, creative thinking, collaboration, and metacognition)). Competency-based framework is motivated by the objective of ensuring that students achieve the desired competencies through the normal classroom process or where required, through additional instruction, practice time, and academic support. Navigated Learning places the interaction of the learner, teacher, and system at the center of the learning ecosystem. Pinpointing the learner’s location based on the learner’s prior knowledge, experiences, and complex identity informs all aspects of the Navigated Learning experience. The learner and teacher set a destination, the competencies the learner masters in a given period of time, to set expectations and goals for each student. Navigated Learning is premised in the principle that to navigate a learner, we have to first, locate them. The learner’s location will then inform their learning “route”. The learner can thereafter be navigated and continuously “rerouted” based on their strengths, preferences and gaps learning styles until they reach their stated destination.

            Parent company controls who gets to see what via search engines relative to election and candidates with no censoring of provably false inflammatory stories and censoring of material provably true stories. New America F its money set up lays out months ago all the changes that would occur globally as a result of a Biden Admin.

          • Kathy, can you provide the names of the books you have been reading on the Macy Conferences…thank you.

            On McKinsey, you may or may not know that they were one of the first firms to implement ‘Ontological Leadership Development’ programs, globally.

            I have been researching the psychological casualties of these transformational learning programs, and know of at least three legal actions filed by employees of ONE branch of McKinsey, post-participation in an ‘Ontological Leadership Development Program’. I think there are many more. And, this brings us to a core fraud extant in programs that claim at once to be ‘transformational’, but not psychological in nature…how they skirt regulation.

            And, moving from the ridiculous to the ridiculous, I am currently participating in a Psalms reading group that is being co-facilitated by an ‘Ontological Coach’. This has become an act of pure subjective reflection — how each member ‘feels’ about a particular verse. Each time ANYONE asks for context of a verse, we are told that context is irrelevant. So it goes.

            I had a discussion about Martin Heidegger with this coach and now have a better idea of how his work was ‘used’ to give credibility to technologies that I think come from other sources — truly. My thesis is that early ‘est’ programs, the technology, was appropriated not from Mind Dynamics (the William Everett ‘program’) but from a much more psychologically lethal twin, Leadership Dynamics, which I believe has its origins in military training programs. I think all the elements of ‘est’ are contained in that program, and whatever got tacked on, including Stanford Zen, Martin Heidegger, and cybernetic theory, was done ‘after the fact’. If you read the William Bartley, paid for by Erhard ha

            On NLP, I have deeply researched the various Richard Bandler scandals…if scandal is the right word. The murder of Corine Christensen is a good example of collusion between the media and judiciary to cover up the obvious. It also examples how people attached to these groups are falsely characterized. It works both ways. Christensen was not a local ‘prostitute’ as was reported in the MSM. She was Richard Bandler’s bookkeeper, who was coincidentally enlisted by Bandler to sexually compromise the wealthier and more influential members of his NLP clientele. Over in ‘est’ land, Thomas Leonard was not a ‘financial planner’ who happened to notice that he could deliver better results to this clients by adopting a coaching approach. Thomas was Erhard’s financial planner and his clients MUST to have been attached to ‘est’ in some way. The narrative constructed by Vikki Brock, fake Ph.D. of the professional histories of ‘influencers’ in the coaching field is ludicrous, e.g. she describes Leonard (who possessed a certificate from a mail-order correspondence school in ‘Financial Planning’, and Laura Whitmore (a CPA) as coming out of the world of ‘Finance’.

            Which brings me back to ‘Dr.’ Richard Bandler who I do not believe possesses a doctoral degree in any subject but advertises himself as a Ph.D. on his website and in the context of his programs.

            Going back to Martin Heidegger and ‘est’…and Flores for that matter, I see their influence as being an act of reverse engineering. When I said above, and with regard to Werner Erhard and est, that there is less there than meets the eye, I meant that ‘est’ was fully formed at the date of its introduction, 1971, and was, I believe a rip-off of two ‘programs’, Alexander Everett’s Mind Dynamics, and its much more psychologically lethal twin, Leadership Dynamics, being proffered by pyramid schemer, William Penn Patrick. How Patrick came upon this ‘program’ that resembles survival training used by branches of the U.S. military is a ‘?’, but I am pretty confident that Werner Erhard did not intellectually engage the work of Martin Heidegger, or the practice of Stanford Zen, or cybernetic theory, in ‘constructing’ ‘est’.

            If you read the paid for by Erhard hagiography of Erhard ‘written’ by William Bartley, you can see how a dying of cancer philosopher was employed to put lipstick on a pig. I am confident that if you put a gun to Werner Erhard’s head, he could not explain his own creation.

          • Sorry about my blippy post below…I kept losing text from the screen, and started over. Could be me, could be glitches in the system. Anyway, I hope you get my gist.

  1. Shared values:

    I ran into a former client today who an international fund manager. He had told me on the front-end of the lockdown that a sacrifice of 2,000,000 citizens would be preferable to what would result from an economic shutdown. He has all the figures in his head, I am sure. But, on this sunny day we marveled together how the population seems completely oblivious to the implications of what is still transpiring. We both rated this interruption to life as significantly exceeding the 3/11 quake, tsunami, and triple reactor meltdown. Same response to that, though.

    I have always thought that one of the great things about human beings is that they will pull together in times of crisis. In this case, we have human beings whose mental model, and shared values have equipped them to wait passively for the great transformation. Heck, we beat TOGETHER, a strain of the common cold.

    Japan used to be second only to France in tobacco consumption. Probably killed a few people, but it was convivial and glue’ey as shared vices go. Now, the evil doers are socially-reviled and share their elicit pleasure while herded into pens on street corners…but, it is all for the COMMON GOOD.

    A German friend of long Japan vintage remarked, today, that in classic Japanese film sagas the hero in distress is usually provided with an answer to his dilemma by some social outcast, or an ‘old’ and wise person who is just ‘hanging out’, is part of the scenery…a smoker, for instance.

    Now, we only have mental models/coupled with good public virtues to guide us.

    Robin, I do maintain that JP is further along on this path than is CN.

    • Wouldn’t you agree that the culture created by the dominant religious traditions in both Asian countries is far more amenable to collectivism and disparaging of individualism than the West has been historically? The lockdowns have shown many in the West are fundamentally sheep who think political operators have a right to dictate to them it seems.

      I am going to link to something on reading that is just out from influential Luck Calkins who has been the main Whole Language advocate for more than a generation. Its change in direction to what was known all along is consistent with my theorizing in CtD that constructivism, be it in language, math, or science, is really about circumscribing what can be known. Now we know it is about shared mental models deliberately instilled neurally, but this about face now that we have essentially prescribed the desired concepts to be known is exactly what I have been expecting.

      Now that knowledge is to be circumscribed and made a common core for the shared view of reality there needs to be sufficient phonemic awareness to turn the prescribed concepts into rote learning. Calkins’ Writing Across the Curriculum and Reading Comprehension initiatives were attempts to make sure the conceptual knowledge–Ascending from the Abstract to the Concrete–focus got brought in. Now that it is enshrined in learning standards tied to data standards fitted to an LMS and PBL rubrics, we get an explicit call for PA. I had intuited this was what was happening in the sudden about faces on this issue.

      Calkins’ changing views could shift the way millions of children are taught to read. Her curriculum is the third most widely used core reading program in the nation, according to a 2019 Education Week survey. In addition, her group at Columbia works with teachers in at least 30 countries, including Mexico, Singapore and Japan.

      states that her curriculum is very influential where you are. is where that quote I just added came from.

      “The shift comes amid a national debate about how schools teach reading, prompted in part by APM Reports’ coverage of the topic in the past three years. A spokesperson for Teachers College didn’t respond to a request for comment on Friday.”

      Bingo. There is a webinar tomorrow put on by two think tanks, one supposedly on the right–AEI–and the other the Rockefeller created and UN-tied Brookings on getting us “From Me to We”. I would say that is the communitarian ethos in earnest. It turns out to be tied to this

      Now won’t the Aspen’s NCSEAD–the National Commission on Social Emotional and Academic Development come in handy for creating the desired mindsets these Social Fabric Weavers need?

      I would argue that we in the uS are to get virtually the same ethos the CCP prescribed to Hong Kong in its Citizenship Curriculum it prescribed controversially when it took over at the expiration of the lease. And for the same reason.

      Isn’t Quality Learning a much more euphonious description for a Comrade Curriculum?

      • I will carefully read your attachments in the AM. On the ‘culture’ piece and I will speak, here, only of Japan ,I think the ‘communitarian’ tag is a bit of a misnomer. I try to put my finger on how to best describe the behavior because for me, ‘communitarianism’ connotes collaboration and emotional and psychological intimacy within a group. These qualities are missing in great part, which makes collective resistance to anything problematic. I have been thinking about the traits, orientations I see, everyday, and wondering if they are more the outcome of recent changes in the education system. What I see is RADICAL subjectivity coupled with narcissistic traits. I think that the subjectivity precludes both empathy and a meta-analysis of ‘anything’ and the narcissism drives conformity.

        Back on your links later.

        • This is about a new book out today from Tom VanderArk.

          We are thrilled to announce that today Difference Making at the Heart of Learning, the new book by Tom Vander Ark and Emily Liebtag, is OUT!

          After thousands of school visits and co-authoring The Power of Place, Tom and Emily noticed that schools that make purpose and community the core of learning tend to have exceptional results. These learners feel empowered, curious and full of agency. You can buy it now.

          Today’s learners know they face a complex future. They yearn to live in a world where people are working with purpose, leading with character and making a difference. Learning to identify problems and use smart tools to develop meaningful solutions will help them make a difference in their families, their communities and for society.

          They need your help. This inspirational, yet practical guide shows educators how to build on students’ own talents and interests to develop their desire for a better world, entrepreneurial mindset and personal leadership skills.

          I bolded that phrase about making purpose and community the core of learning because it turns the student, like it or not, into a system that is in turn embedded in another system–the community. That’s part of what I mean by communitarianism. I don’t think it is an accident that we associate that doctrine, that popped out at first from Positive School Climate mandates, with Amitai Etzioni [who has his own tag]. He was also involved with cybernetics in the early days, showing up in gootnotes to books I have. Cybernetics, to work, needs to ultimately be grounded in a contrived neural net internalized within each student, which is precisely what these posts are about. It is how Tranzi OBE really works. It is also why when I first saw the Quality Assurance Accreditation Standards from ADvancED that I covered in CtD and later saw the documents involving the Belmont Challenge and Earth System Science Partnership, I had no doubt that the creators of those accreditation standards were familiar with the aims of ESSP and Belmont.

          It also fits with a document from the Reimagine America’s Schools Forum and the vision of Community Schools 3.0 laid out here from mid-September

          The COVID crisis presents a unique moment for necessary educational transformation. With the Community Schools 3.0 concept, we reimagine public schools not only as the vibrant center for student growth with active and inquiry based learning (STEM, STEAM, Maker learning). But also extending its mission to become a multi partner resource for the entire neighborhood with support and access to a wide range of needs in otherwise underserved communities. Instead of accepting the current social, economic and educational limitations, we can reimagine community schools as the foundation for a much-needed transformation, not only in how we learn, but how we approach social and racial justice, viewing all of our children as unique individuals to educate and nurture.

          Your comments on actual results would fit with my long-term experience that school shootings that were intended to be mass events against strangers tend to happen at places pushing Tranzi OBE in earnest. To manipulate students into being the desired, politically useful systems, important anchors to our historic way of existing in the world and among each other get ripped away. Intentions do not necessarily create the desired results.

          • “a system that is in turn embedded in another system–the community”…yes, in that sense, yes…with regard to ‘the Japanese’. The ‘community’ has become a vague construct, though, in that there is no COMMUNITY, just an idea of it.

            And, this is why we see the ‘automatic pilot’ behavior, here, and in the wake of every disaster; you, in the States may be seeing this, too.

            On all the jargon contained in the above; it reminds me of an engagement I had with a client, Bank President, who had the rare, “Axmaker Mind”. This guy told me he would double my fee, and out of his own pocket if I would dump the consulting jargon! The stuff has really reached colossal levels of snake-oilery.

            On the school shooting/Tranzi OBE connection…I am thinking of quite a few bizarre cases of Japanese kids just “going off” psychologically and doing horrific things. Quite a lot of these incidents, which just get covered up. Also, really wacky workplace behavior is swept under the rug.

  2. On a related note, I had a long conversation with an ‘Integral’ coach, yesterday. Having dug a little deeper into the origins of this approach, it would seem to loop directly back to Stanford’s Center for Asian Studies, Alan Watts (the totally FAKE Zen guy), and an interim organization that became the California Institute of Integral Studies, which is, BTW, celebrating 50 years of ‘transformational’ education. Their website is now a paean to Ruth Bader Ginsberg, BLM, and CA forrest fires.

    In this LONG conversation, with a guy who must have been quite bright, even an Axmaker, at some point in his life, my sense was that the goal of the/a integral ‘mental model’ is the avoidance of conflict, controversy — and this is where the dumb, fake Buddhist equanimity enters the picture. As with ‘est’, the signature framework is that there is no reality with a big ‘R’, but only our subjective constructs of this…and, well, DUH, on a level…and, from these disparate realities comes the COMMON VALUE structure…but, VALUE is really the operative word, Robin, because VALUES originate in MORAL FRAMEWORKS that are not the product of communitarian hive-mind’s.

    What has struck me lately in ALL of what is unfolding, and I have said it before, is how dated all this stuff is. I am a classically inclined but do believe that incremental forward movement occurs in various human endeavors — that we, as individuals acquire knowledge and skills, that we as participants in a field or discipline refine our understanding.

    Not with this bunch! I am currently contemplating a return to the U.S., and specifically the West Coast. Most people worry about culture shock when they have not lived in their home country/home culture for many years. No concern on my part, I don’t think I missed a beat, and not even the politicians change, EVER.

      • No…may lose my visa…exploring options.

        Here is one for you — a family member wants to send me a ‘check’. Japanese banks are not accepting any documents originating in the U.S. — Covid-19 cooties, which can apparently live on surfaces for days and survive exposure to cold/high altitude in cargo holds. I guess this means all snail mail from U.S. cannot be accessed in Japan.

        I have been watching Kerry Mullis (R.I.P.) interviews, and am pretty sure that were he alive, he would say that any positive results based in the test HE invented are moot.

        • Yes, referring to a positive result as a ‘case’ is one of the great travesties of this entire episode. It is a hypersensitive test, but hyping cases keeps the rationale for the desired transformations in play.

          Yesterday was a two webinar day and the first one hyped this legislation that I am still looking at as well as tying SEL to creating the “desired traits of citizenship” in a way that reminded me of that post on using LMS’s to create the Chinese social credit system desired characteristics in people. The SEL “must be transformative and needs to develop the requisite competencies to address inequities in society.”

          The 2nd one was co-sponsored by Brookings and AEI and talked about the need for moral transformation within individuals, except the moderator Yuval Levin acted like he did not know how that could happen outside religion. That contradicts the footnotes in one of his earlier books though which was what alerted me to the White House Summit under Bush 43 touting the use of a new vision of K-12 that would create “a new kind of human being” as Newt Gingrich gushed about in the minutes. Listening to these webinars with the kind of comprehensive documentation I possess at this point in my journey is quite eerie. The dots have all been connected and the results colored in. I just like a good confession as well as noticing when someone is trying to mislead and what direction they try to go in.

          Apparently the Chairmanof the Board at Brookings is now a prof at prestigious Tsinghua University. Pretty direct connections then between CCP and Brookings. Makes sense then to have a webinar to celebreate a new book that seeks to “target people’s primary conceptions of who they are in order to make people reframe their obligations to each other”. Sounds like Tranzi OBE to me. Or as Robert Putnam put it yesterday “what is really required as a prerequisite is a moral revolution–a self-reflective moral change within the individual. We must change the morals in America and that change begins with the conception of ‘me’.

          There’s an alarming consistency in what is being laid out, especially with my knowledge of what is sought coupled to the how K-12 and higher ed are being systematically and deliberately shifted.

        • Look at what is rolling out nationally in US with this as the pilot.

          Dr. Riley has envisioned a world where students can leverage the best of what teachers offer and combine it with the latest in what technology and innovation can provide. This combination is a form of blended learning that engages students at a new level. Dr. Riley’s vision is in perfect alignment with ImaginX, who believes that immersive learning does not replace human interaction; rather, it enhances human and social interaction.

          Dr. Riley has invested years to create a highly engaging environment with blended learning. After visiting Oral Roberts University in 2019 and testing immersive learning capabilities with augmented and virtual reality, she knew it could meet her vision for personalizing student’s education pathways and learning. Dr. Riley states, “I am elated that technology has evolved to the point that education can be advanced to new levels of engagement while taking blended learning to a new level.” Riley stated, “Oral Roberts University created the perfect environment, where educators can see the depth and breadth of immersive learning, while helping us find the right solutions and partners to make it a reality at Nathan Hale High School.”

          Just like what Jane MacGonnigal of Institute for the Future trumpeted years ago in her book and the ISTE keynote she gave. Create the experiences via VR to create the desired minds and personalities. Gets us the desired moral revolution laid out in yesterday’s webinr to boot. No accident.

          • On the one hand, the students are having trouble learning enough from their K-12 teachers. On the other hand, they’ll be autodidacts, like maybe graduate students, and combine multiple learning modes to extract the best from each to support their independent learning.

            Sounds like a nice idea but it’s actually nonsense. And they know that of course.

        • Oh. My.

          The Aurora Institute today released, A Promise for Equitable Futures: Enabling Systems Change to Scale Educational and Economic Mobility Pathways , a new book that calls for the systematic dismantling of the traditional time- and place-bound structures that mark our current K-12 education system.

          In its place, states would build systems of governance, policy, and infrastructure to certify that learners who demonstrate competencies in K-12, postsecondary, workforce, and community settings will have access to continuing education and a purposeful, living-wage career.

          The book urges states to establish a “Learner Promise,” a commitment that every learner will have access and support to pursue a certified pathway with system-wide opportunities that guarantee entry into a meaningful, chosen career that will build social and economic capital over the course of their lives. In addition, states would commit to taking the systemic action to specifically disrupt inequities in access, engagement, and attainment for Black, Latinx, Indigenous people, and people from low-income households.

          Moreover, states would let go of the notion that education should be a linear, time-bound sequence of learning that occurs within institutions of formal education. Rather, K-12 education can be reimagined as a “learning ecosystem.” A more aligned, coherent ecosystem would be an equitable, dynamic, and responsive system in which learners can customize their learning experiences.

          “As a nation, we have been taught to believe in a story that goes like this: success in college is the way to a good job. Success in high school is the way to a good college, and schools are equalizers where motivated, capable youth can achieve mobility along a certain and certified path,” said author Katherine Casey. “The problem with this story is that it is not true.”

          Co-author Susan Patrick, President and CEO of the Aurora Institute, asks, “How can we scale innovations with supportive policies and practices? A Promise for Equitable Futures is a call to action for states with policy recommendations to create aligned, coherent competency-based education and workforce development systems throughout K-12 education, postsecondary, and the workforce. It challenges policy leaders to fundamentally rethink the structure and design of education systems and makes a collective call to develop new equity-driven ecosystems for lifelong learning in the United States.”

          The siloed, factory-model of today’s education system was designed more than 100 years ago to send some young people to college, send some to the trades, and to assimilate the rest into a dominant culture. Today, the evolving realities of work and learning demand that all learners receive some postsecondary education. It’s also clear that a four-year degree is not the sole pathway to social and economic mobility. The incredible costs of increasing inequality on our world make the inequitable outcomes of our current education system intolerable.

  3. In re Heidegger and “poetic lives”: Beware Nazis rhapsodizing over poetic lives. I place them in close proximity with the Truth-Beauty-Goodness gang (cf. Bishop Barron). They have totalitarian impulses that are mirror images of the 4th Industrial Revolution/scientistic/technocratic utopians. I opt for a Third Way: Those who eschew appeals to sentiment(ality) as well as technofascism and align themselves with the hard, narrow path of the heroic virtues — courage, patience, diligence, perseverance, fortitude, loyalty, generosity, faithfulness. Willingness to stand against the crowd.

    • I think Russell misquoted Heidegger with his “poetical lives”, which I think is quite “poetical”. It seems to be my destiny on the blog to argue minor clemency for reviled, lapsed-Catholic philosophers, e.g. Foucault. Ever read the love letters of Martin Heidegger and Hannah Arendt? A complex man living in a complex time. How come we don’t single out in the same way, academics who were seduced by Bolshevism? But, all that said, your point is well-taken. Thank you!

  4. I never read the letters although I understood that she suffered an unrequited passion for him. I may be mistaken in this; you know more.

    Perhaps we don’t single out the Bolshevik academics because their name is legion.

    • Just wanted to link to this as I have been dealing with a child and sinus surgery this past Monday. Not a happy time in this household.

      Transformation Design is a longer-term change strategy that’s focused on culture and systems. It can prevent school districts from adopting a trendy learning strategy as a one-off reform firecracker that fizzles before it has a real chance to dazzle. It can prevent school districts from relying on change management strategies that have started new initiatives but haven’t actually changed the experiences and outcomes that matter most… those that COVID-19 and the BLM movement won’t let us ignore any longer.

      From the district partners, our team learned how to achieve a reimagined, equitable version of teaching and learning—where learners are active participants in their learning journey and every learner is celebrated for their gifts and has what they need to succeed. What we learned is that the process to get there must involve active participants at all levels of the system. In particular, it must include those who are traditionally shut out of such efforts. It requires active listening, building trust, encouraging difficult conversations, distributing leadership, and embracing diversity, equity, inclusion, justice, and liberation. That’s what Transformation Design can help your district do: trust your people and unleash their creativity to imagine a new future; shift your district culture to align with your goals; develop cycles of iteration relying on collaboration over hierarchy and innovation over compliance; accept the messiness and learn from it rather than fight it; commit long-term to changes that take a long time; take small steps aimed at solving challenges everyone agrees need rethinking; and get started by activating students, educators, families, and community partners to drive your transformation.

      Also listened yesterday to yet another Equity seminar which made the cybernetic, results based accountability vision quite explicit. Showed once again that FSG graphic with mental models as the base for lasting change to human systems.

      Quite eerie when we put all the pieces together as I have.

  5. “Dear Miss Arendt!

    I must come see you this evening and speak to your heart.

    Everything should be simple and clear and pure between us. Only then will we be worthy of having been allowed to meet. You are my pupil and I your teacher, but that is only the occasion for what has happened to us.

    I will never be able to call you mine, but from now on you will belong in my life, and it shall grow with you.

    We never know what we can become for others through our Being.”

    Apparently, this affair of the mind was consummated. She later married another academic, but Heidegger and Arendt corresponded for 50 years.

    Truth is stranger than fiction.

  6. Hi all

    I know it is on a tangent but the link below allows you to put into context if you have an overarching statement of goals. We can infer a higher goal avian , but I will let others come to their conclusions.

    At the risk of not being ‘woke’, I will claim my right as a thinking, sentient person to pursue truth anywhere. If we are to survive, we must be aware of our surroundings and get as true a model as we can and not let others describe, analyse, narrate the model to our minds or we will forever be in their constructed world, using their lexicon and grammar.

    Also, people should be aware that behaviour, repertoires dictate perception or awareness. As new behaviours are now put in under the excuse of CVD19, they are breaking our connections to society (including school, church and established institutions and practices). They will now feed in new ideas for a new society and way of living. Schools have been doing this and the MSM. Now, it is happening for real for the rest of society.

    The trick to keeping sane in the coming years is to take emotion out of our analyses and map what is going on. Easier said than done!

  7. I will belabor this topic, because, 1) I think the use and misuse of Heidegger’s philosophy to some extent informs the programs and agendas Robin so relentlessly posts, and 2) it provide an apt example of how historical characters — their lives, loves, follies and good works — are turned into cartoon characters for the purpose of propaganda.

    I read:

    The hard-back copy came into my hands as part of a ‘care package’ of English-language books brought to me by an American consultant. I imagine that “Letters — 1925-1975” had been on the bargain table at Borders Books.

    I read it as a ‘love story’, which is what I choose to believe this relationship was. Also, it was very interesting as a ‘thought partnership’ that had extended over decades and had enriched the work of both philosophers. I note that Princeton Press has published a couple of works that treat Heidegger/Arendt as a progressive philosophical dialog.

    Now I note that some folks just need to make political hay out of everything, and I see that not one but two plays have been produced, which treat this pretty ancient topic, and ODDLY, in the same year.

    Both are didactic, and about as subtle as a case of gonorrhea. In the first treatment, Arendt — who was, BTW, the aggressor in the affair –is a victim who has “internalized her oppressor” (quite literally, you could say). In the second treatment, the ‘brilliant’ Martin Heidegger and his unfortunate and temporary political affiliations, are used to example HOW/WHY so-called ‘intelligent’ people could support a Hilterian buffoon like Donald J. Trump.

    I suggest that anyone interested in getting at something approximating the true nature of this relationship, should just read the g.d. letters; existentially, phenomenologically, ;-). Maybe, an outcome of that reading might possibly be that at least a few human beings are a lot richer and BETTER in their nature, really, than the propagandists would have us believe.

    Anyway, so ends my engagement with ISC.

  8. To Live4Ever…

    Dave McGowan was a total stud of independent researchers, and his death was ‘untimely’. I had the misfortune of living in L.A., and working for a lifestyle publication that documented popular culture of the day. It was pretty clear from earliest days that they were ‘inventing’ popular culture rather than documenting it. Dave McGowan was 100% correct in his assessment of the Laurel Canyon scene, the relationships, and the anomalies.

    I was corresponding with him with regard to what I thought might have represented a second wave of FAKE, manufactured rock & roll ensembles, and, specifically, The Red Hot Chile Peppers, when he was succumbing to his lung cancer thing.

    To the point of ‘made-up’ bio’s in the social sciences, and coach world…these people have made-up bio’s, too. I met Michael Balzary, aka, “Flea” when he was 18 year’s old. His sister was my colleague at the aforementioned ‘lifestyle’ publication. Ever meet a very diminutive, pimply-faced adolescent male who can hardly string sentences together? Never heard about any interest in music, or his playing in a band. Ever hear of such a person being anointed as a major rock star a year later?

    I met “Flea” at his family’s home in Laurel Canyon. His step-father was the jazz musician, Walter Urban. I remember wondering, “HOW MUCH MONEY CAN A SESSION MUSICIAN ACTUALLY MAKE?,” because this home was lavish…w/ huge pool…and multiple guest houses.

    I dated a guy who worked for the same publication, a “photographer”, who essentially manufactured these people…and, I am not talking about grooming, or the refinement of an image or brand…I mean the whole enchilada. They are COMPLETELY manufactured.

    R.I.P. to Dave McGowan!

    • This is from Living Cities, started by the Rockefeller and Ford Foundations, but now tied to virtually all the major foundations and financial institutions:

      Democracy, Reckoning & Renewal

      Today, we celebrate the democratic process. New leadership in our nation’s highest office will give the country an opportunity to reflect on our history and create a path forward to a society in which all people in U.S. cities are economically secure, building wealth, and living abundant, dignified, and connected lives. We have had many opportunities before to collectively reckon with our past and imagine a better future, such as the end of the Civil War, the civil rights movement of the 1950s and 1960s, and most recently, the Great Recession of 2008. Yet we have consistently chosen not to do the necessary work to repair past harms. It is our hope that President-elect Biden and Vice President-elect Harris do not miss this opportunity to center racial equity to build a better country.

      More immediately, Biden and Harris are inheriting an economic shutdown fueled by the COVID-19 crisis that has hit Black and brown communities especially hard. There are still widening racial gaps that urgently need to be addressed at the local level, and it’s up to local leaders to work to close them. Their first priorities in office should be to center those communities and ensure that their recovery is paramount to our nation’s collective rebuilding. We will hold the Biden administration accountable to their stated commitments on racial equity, and in particular, to Black America.

      To do so, we call on the Biden administration to prioritize the following recommendations as they plan for their agenda:

      Reckon with the long-term effects of racism on our nation. As we work to close the income and wealth gaps, we must honestly reckon with our history and its implications on the current context. We must support residents and leaders who are willing to put their social capital on the line to learn together about racial equity, the history of race in their own cities and to hold themselves and their organizations accountable to change. Places like Buffalo, Cleveland, and New Orleans have already trained thousands of residents and government employees and are leading the way.
      Address long-standing power imbalances. This reckoning will necessarily lead to a conversation about who has historically had power, and who hasn’t. With federal, state and local government decision-making, power must shift to an accountability relationship with the community members who are most affected by the decisions being made. We need to disrupt the behaviors and beliefs of those in leadership who are perpetuating racial gaps, continuing to fail to address history, and undermining our ability to see and approach each other with the fullness of our humanity. So many of the root causes of racial inequity are within the power of government to affect. The Biden administration has the opportunity to reimagine the operations and everyday functions of government to engage communities and earn public trust.
      Invest in and empower cities. The COVID-19 crisis has affirmed the importance of strong, nimble and competent local government, especially at the city level. Mayors and other local officials have been on the frontlines, shutting down their cities, coordinating medical supplies, and advocating for their constituents’ needs, in the absence of federal leadership. Additional funding and support should be given to local governments to help them manage their recovery and create more equitable systems.
      Change the way capital flows. COVID-19 has cost us millions of jobs, with businesses owned by people of color suffering a disproportionate share of the losses—a result of the racial wealth gap, the legacy of racism in banking, and myriad inequities in entrepreneurial ecosystems. These barriers were in place long before COVID-19, and it remains critical that we undo them. The Biden administration should encourage policies and practices that put people of color in decision-making positions in investment institutions, and challenge definitions of creditworthiness and other norms.

      Living Cities is guided by a set of values that keep us grounded in and accountable to the Black and brown communities in which we work. We will stay committed to these values throughout the length of the Biden administration, and push him and those in government to realize their promise of a better, united country. We will work with our members and partners to ensure they live these values as well and join us on our journey.

      The statement came out about 5 minutes after the media declared the election to be over.

      • For what it is worth, I spoke with a collaborator in Madrid, tonight…an ‘actual’ survivor of Covid-19, an economist and public policy wonk. I believe it is safe to say that there is no longer any shared meaning among Spaniards with regard to the dangers of the coronavirus. Massive and not peaceful demonstrations in Barcelona, with other cities following suit.

        On another note, a not brain-dead American journo living in Japan has tallied up the Obama/Biden global scorecard for the murder, impoverishment, and now enslavement (Libya) of brown and black people. They hold the record!!!

        • My 2 cents on the reset, while mom an pop get disenfranchised, lose the family business, and hit the skids, what never seems to get mentioned is the effect on the drug cartels. I think they are in a turf war to end all turf wars. Think about the huge losses in the airline industry. Fewer flights makes it easier to keep tabs on the drug traffic. Also the winner gets a monopoly on the global chemtrailing. I don’t have any skin in the game, it’s just fascinating to watch.

          • Liv4ever, I think there has been a tendency in this quarter to over-intellectualize the enemy. I could only gain traction in my research into the warm and fuzzy coaching field when I began to see it as organized crime.

            Don’t know if you have seen the ‘Hunter Biden’ vids, which are now viral in Asia thanks to the Taiwanese oligarch who dropped them onto the net. Unless Hunter has a voice and body-double, he and his family seem to have been up just about every form of perfidy imaginable in the PRC. It is amazing how this stuff rears its head over and over again but is rationalized. If it looks like a duck, it is very often a duck.

          • This was referenced in the Gooru NILE document–

            From 2015, it is pertinent to coaching shifts as well. Also the NILE document makes a reference of how the same conception of ‘standards’ works in India, so this is a provably global shift that the covid hype has essentially forced everywhere.

            What I have read about that video would seem to make it clear cut, beyond being partners with a ccp sub bank, that no one in asia or elsewhere who has seen that video can respect the US. How can that not ultimately affect us in the area of military conflicts? Respect matters in so many cultures and how can that video not destroy any chance of that?

            I also am reminded of how long the Tranzi OBE template has been in place in certain places in k-12 ans higher ed’s cultivation of desired worldviews instead of a body of knowledge. The latter leads to an understanding of the grave implications of all that has occurred surrounding this US election. This was for all the marbles this time. Permanently, except as a facade of democracy in its non-economic, transformational sense.

    • The whole nirvana, chili peppers etc grunge ugly death precipice thing always read manufactured to me, another op, pied piper style.
      Boom. Thanks Leslie.

  9. Election fall-out, and this surprised me…spoke with Japanese collaborators tonight…these folks are seeking funding for Japanese precision science, and global partners. With the news of a “Biden presidency”…they will not be courting U.S. firms…will go to the PRC before they do that. The U.S. needs to sort itself out…it’s embarrassing…

    Hey Robin, how about focusing on the 5-10% of humans who will not accept “what they are doing to us.” What is it that differentiates these people? You can flip an entire system with less.

    • I you asked about Hunter Biden ? Well I haven’t payed much attention. I’m not saying it’s true or false, but in the light of fake news everything has to be reviewed. I don’t see the point of investing energy in the political process. “Out of the mouth of 2 or 3 witnesses, every matter is firmly established “. 1 Timothy 5:19, Deuteronomy 19:15. Of course, , I realize there are other ways to find out what really is going on, I just think it devolves into gossip on the internet or electioneering, because I don’t know these poeple personally, but to me it’s all theater of the absurd. However I do enjoy corresponding with you and Robin and it’s a privilege to be able to share my views. Actually I carry a weight on my shoulders that I wouldn’t wish on anyone. You see there is another layer to this onion. Originally I mentioned the Copelands. I should have known better because I first heard about Robin from Jan Irvin and Logosmedia. So then most likely we have all heard about the secret history of fm and laying the (grateful) dead to rest and burning man and Salem and on and on.
      My point in bringing up McGowan is that the problems we face do not stop with the dumbing down of the kids, as Robin so eloquently exposes. The problem is system wide. Virtually everywhere you turn is corruption on a massive scale. Not just the schools but the music and entertainment industry, the medical combine, farming, you name it ! Well, permit me to quote Hitler… of course we are properly repulsed by that name. He famously said ‘ if you are going to lie, tell a big lie, then everyone wil believe you.” What he meant is that it you are going to deceive, it must be on a grand scale. To wit, man on the moon- fake, Boston marathon bombing- fake, Sandy Hook- fake, bataclan fake Brussels bombing fake, Paris attacks fake, Stockholm truck attack fake, Berlin truck attack fake, Nice, France Bastille day truck attack fake.

      Look, I don’t want to interfere if the powers that be think we need a global reset. Of course we need one. But thank Jehovah God that I have someone to talk to, because I feel like the weight of the world is on my shoulders.

  10. You asked me about Hunter Biden… well I can’t say that I follow the campaign mud slinging. Whether or not it is true , I can’t say, but it wouldn’t surprise me. In light of the current revelations about fake news, everything we hear must be scrutinized. But because I don’t have any personal knowledge about it, I have nothing to add. “Out of the mouth of 2 or 3 witnesses every matter is firmly established.” 1 Timothy 5:19, Deuteronomy 19:15. Of course there are other ways to figure out what really happened. The reason why I mentioned the Copelands though, was to illustrate that corruption is system wide. Of course I should have known better because I found out about Robin from Jan Irvin and Logosmedia. I also learned from him about laying the (grateful) dead to rest, burning man, Salem and more. Not just the schools, as Robin so eloquently exposes, but everywhere you look, schools, entertainment industry big pharma, farming, you name it ! I don’t need any more convincing, and yet there is another layer or two to this onion.
    About 5 years ago I became well aware of certain facts about the world we live in that are so shocking that to hear of them would strain the credibility of even the most seasoned ” conspiracy theorist “. Every day since then I carry a weight on my shoulders that is extremely hard to bear. Permit me to quote Hitler, of course we are properly repulsed and disgusted with Hitler but he famously said, that if you want to tell a lie, tell a big one because no one will believe you if you tell a little lie. Well, some things got lost in the Translation from the German. What he meant was that if you want to deceive the people, you have to do it on a grand scale, then they will believe you. To wit, man on the moon-fake. Sandy hook- fake. Boston marathon bombing- fake. Bataclan theater- fake, aurora batman fake, columbine fake, Stockholm Berlin Nice truck attacks all fake ! …And yet there is another layer !!!
    Thanks be to Jehovah God that I can share my thoughts with you, because it’s like carrying the world on my shoulders.

    • Yeh, there is another layer. A pattern I note with the selection cycle in the U.S. is that like clockwork we can count on somebody, somewhere dropping information that is so disgusting that the other side can easily dismiss it is election-related dis-info….just to be stuff like John Edwards fathered a child with a mistress; now it is snuff films, or the prelude to. So, it is impossible to not be deeply disturbed, while at the same time having one’s concerns dismissed as ridiculous.

      I got into one of these discussions with a potential collaborator who was living in the CHAZ/CHOP city…and, could not fathom my concern for his well-being/safety. We/I got on the topic of Joe Biden’s inappropriate touching and sniffing of females of various ages — WELL DOCUMENTED. This guy had a ready explanation and tried to make ME feel GUILTY for mocking a man who had suffered so much in his life…huh? It is said of Donald Trump that he could kill kittens in Time Square and his base would not care. The same would seem to be true of Joe Biden, and he’s senile, too!

      I guess we are, now, privy to the exquisite mechanics of the color revolutions that have been promulgated in so many societies other than our own. Trump supporters will go out protesting a rigged election…third parties shoot people on both sides of the equation and its on. The media will play it like a Wirlitzer. I am glad you have a god you believe in.

  11. To Robin’s point in her Nov 9 post, THE POINT, or A POINT of a lot of what we are seeing is to destroy trust in, and respect for Western democracies. I feel like we are back in Lehman Shock days when I frequently found myself being spat on while on the street by the citizens of my Asian capital who were so DISGUSTED with the whole thing. People who had scrimped and saved their whole life…you know. I would say these vids are 100% authentic and they cover the dirty deals, which Hunter describes in exquisite detail. The sexual stuff is pixelated for tender eyes but it clearly involves under-aged persons. One vignette is filmed stateside at the Chateau Marmont, which just happens to be located at the base of LAUREL CANYON. I guess with these things, my thought is that it hardly matter who the producers were — just that people who should care, DO NOT. It is sort of like, “Bill Clinton rapes people”…who cares.

    What I am trying to get my head around in terms of the EVIL-MOMETER, is that it would appear that this whole Covid-19 thing, the lockdown for which has killed millions, globally, will/is just disappearing from the goldfish memories of Americans and could very well just be gone without many of them noticing. I think it was Joe Atwill and Tim Kelly who recently noted that these global bogeymen never overlap. One threat disappears as another takes its place and, sometimes we get the mongrel crisis, which can include a FAKE virus, climate change and racism in one trauma-based mind control cocktail extravaganza…and, the goldfish don’t notice.

    I guess Common Core was the preparation for this…though, one ‘humorist’ has described the Keystone Cops’ style vote fraud as having been a gift of Common Core.

      • I think it will end in the U.S. when people take to the streets to end it. Otherwise, it will be provisional with PC’s being allowed respites as long as they are serving the cause.

        I have meditating on when I first observed FERAL behavior among members of the LEFT. I recall a much younger boyfriend and I discussing the Clarence Thomas confirmation hearings. I believe I had expressed skepticism about the public hair on the can of Coke remark…that seemed to been elevated to the status of divining rod of Thomas’s character, and fitness for the role. My Cal-educated paramour went ballistic and pointed a loaded gun at my head. WOW! Many years later, I saw this lunacy again during a vacation in Thailand…which coincided with the SCOTUS confirmation of George W. Bush as POTUS. A liberal hive-mind had converged in the TV room of our low-end health spa, and there ensued Biblical-level gnashing of teeth and tearing of hair — now they LOVE or at least tolerate this guy. This state does resemble demonic possession, when you think about it. We’ve seen fours years of it with Trump. Thou Hitler wasn’t channeled into the Oval Office and very few of the teeth mashers can articulate a single Trump policy decision, vigilance must be maintained until his final hour of ‘command/control’.

        On the Justinian Deception, I was not familiar with this construct, so thank you. Having labored in the so-called legal sector, I had kinda caught onto the idea that that system is masking another system.

        • Quite the details on Philly here

          Remember in my book where I laid out how socialism, whatever euphemisms it uses to obscure itself until power has been grasped politically, requires ignorance and levelling knowledge among the population. That’s precisely what we are seeing here and this push to let the media lie with immunity and then anoint the political leader.

          Would you believe I got a webinar invite from a Harvard Center asserting that the CCP had preserved its stranglehold on power for so long because of its performance utility on its people’s well-being? That’s just a sick perspective. Ignore Mussolini’s Fascism because he made the trains run on time?

          It’s OK to be totalitarian and regard people as subjects and malleable clay as long as ‘well-being’ is the mantra in the 21st century?

          • Howdy…! I guess I’m kinda late to the party on the China issue. I would like to interject my 2 cents worth and that is that Mao graduated from Yale and was skull and bones. This fact goes a long way to explaining why he destroyed so much of China’s cultural heritage. I also know personally a Jesuit priest who marched across China, saving souls no doubt ( please note: sarcasm meter in full deflection mode ). I guess it was during or after World War II. I also grew up with a kid whose father marched across China with OSS. When you stand back and look at the big picture what do we see? Every manner of trinkets and beads flooding into the west from China… every sort of widget, be it tools or car parts, you name it. These little grey bags are shipped via Ali Baba half way around the world are subsidized, yes SUBSIDIZED, but wait it gets worse. In Europe, most products must carry a CE emblem which is like UL ( underwriters laboratory ). In the most brazen fashion, these Chinese products copied this logo and claim ce stands for Chinese export. So the floodgates are open allowing cheap Chinese products into Europe and the west. Of course the beaurocrats turn a blind eye as they stuff the bribery loot into their burgeoning gunnysacks. All these factors considered, spells out that China is being run by the US. Of course I don’t mean the average citizens of these countries but powerful monied interests who happen to be yellow or white are colluding.
            Earlier in this thread, one of the commenters gave a link to a video you did on YouTube, the Stellar Hour dated October 2, 2018. I am so glad I found this video. I didn’t know that it existed. I searched with DuckDuckGo and thought I had found all the content you have generated in that format but this is new. I assume I don’t have to tell you about filter bubbles and echo chambers. (In case you don’t know about them, there is a great tedtalk by a man named Parisi, called beware online filter bubbles). I first started following your work some time ago but this video on the Stellar hour brought new information to light. I didn’t realize how serious the guildism in the teaching World had become. I was aware that medical doctors are being systematically shunted into the goose step parade but the Stellar hour vid really drove home the point about how desperate the plight that honest teachers are facing. Well, the sum of all your research is a huge amount of information and if one of the key concepts flew over my head it’s no surprise. I guess I will just have to buy your book. Wink wink
            Well one other thing, I have difficulty reading your blogs. I consider myself to be way above average reading skills but you got some serious brainpower goin on lady ! Your videos on the other hand are much easier for me to follow. I understand every word when you are giving talks. Thanks so much for your excellent work !

            I forgot to mention that fascism isn’t all bad. Especially when you consider the state of the art of German beer. German beer is labeled ‘reinheits gebot’ which means purity standard. Also take for example a city in India like Calcutta. 20 million population and counting and 20 % of them openly defecate on the streets. Of course no one likes to be told what to do but sheesh !!! Of course I realize fascism isn’t the answer but clearly this situation is out of hand and I don’t see how forming a kumbaja circle is going to effectively deal with this level of anarchy and chaos.

          • CNN coverage of the vote tally for Pennsylvania shows the flipping begin. Trump actually lost 20,000 votes before the viewers’ eyes.

            Apparently, similar anomalies occurred in the 2016 election.

          • Leslie, but how do we know any of this is true? How can we fact check. Ask yourself, is this admissible in a court of law. It’s third party hearsay. I contend that it is all scripted out drama, eye candy, fear porn to boost view counts and sell ad space.
            Going in to the election, I was convinced that Trump would sweep it. But if the media presents it as a horse race, suddenly it is far more interesting and you can extend the theater into the indefinite futur. Win win for the media moguls.

          • Just reread this. The question at the end of your post could just as easily apply to the U.S., now. Robin, I have traveled extensively in the PRC and can reflect with appreciation on the changes that have been wrought, miraculous, actually. While I can’t claim to have met every citizen, those I have encountered seem to pretty sophisticated, very worldly, well-informed and work HARD to stay well-informed. Everybody has a VPN, and they can tell you more about U.S. politics than most Americans, and many other subjects.

            How PRC culture has always been described to me is that there is a rigid, totalitarian crust covering miles of magma below…which is indigenous Chinese culture, or cultures because there are many…..there is a strong entrepreneurial culture, which I think requires individuality…WHICH we don’t have here. The people are really energized and hopeful, and proud of their nation. Maybe it is Mussolini’s Italy but it doesn’t feel like it. I would say Japan comes closer. But, I am no doubt wrong in all of this.

          • This thread has more convolutions than a rhinoceros hide by the way.

            David McGowan’s second book “Understanding the F-Word” is a deep dive in to the presidency. It chronicles over 100 years of 20th century American Presidents. Almost without exception, the ” saints” that we were taught to worship, have problems with the biographical details. It goes a long way to help understand the current election spectacle. F stands for fascism.


        • You could be right that an open rebellion will bring an end to the pandemic. On the other hand, it could be the plan all along, to put the population under so much pressure that people are driven into an insurrection. Of course the jack boots will be shiny and waiting.
          With regard to Clarence Thomas and the pubLic (sic) hair, I fail to see what the big deal is. Seriously though…
          Once you understand that the whole debacle of the Clarence Thomas hearing was a scripted out ” reality” tv show, it takes the edge off. Yes, I said fake. The scotus is fake, the potus is fake. Don’t ask me how I know this.
          I have done extensive research on the Justinian deception. There are hundreds of videos on YouTube that generally go in the ” straw man” argument category. Of course I already mentioned Romley Stewart. A much more condensed and coherent version can be found at “Liberty on the Land ” podcast with Curtis Stone and featuring Cal Washington. Disclaimer: I don’t recommend trying to do what they talk about, but it is a fascinating journey into the inner workings of the legal system.

          • pubic/public, same dif…the spat with my then thoroughly brainwashed bf was really extraordinary….he was defending the honor of Anita Hill, and I frankly didn’t care about the hair on the can. Remember, in intersectional politics a black person with a vagina trumps one w/o.

            As far as ending the pandemic, and the rest of the nonsense, Trump has been threatening to declassify everything, which, as far as I am concerned should be done in any case. Should that glorious event ever happen, I will bombard my torments with ALL the pics…before consigning them to a level of social ostracism generally reserved for pedos and the like, which they probably are…and, speaking of…

            what would you estimate to be the % of American males who are addicted to pornography? What impact do you think this may have on overall behavior?

            I ask because of the American males I have encountered in Japan over the last few years, I would say 90%, and I mean addicted to the degree that it interferes with all aspects of their life and livelihood. I had one boss who was nailed by his previous employer, an American investment bank, for masturbating at work. He denied this, so they had a forensic team take samples from his computer terminal. I had a research partner, who had to keep a separate domicile from that of his wife, because he was at it 24/7, and was even busted on several occasions by employees delivering packages. I briefly befriended a retired U.S. military careerist, now in the corporate world who was in and out of 12-step groups for the same activity. I just wonder what this does to the male mind, over time…could it account for goldfish attention spans, or why my male interns couldn’t read a written text longer than 200 words.

            Your thoughts, public or pubic, would be very welcome.

  12. As far as legal codes go, Japan, the third-largest economy pretty much functions w/o anything resembling a legal system. The “Mimpo” or Civil Code can be read in its entirety in a long weekend. There is no case law. The is the one country on earth in which foreign-operated, international law firms outperform domestic international law firms, which are just translation mills. I am one of the few ‘non-Japanese’ to have brought an action in the muni court — wrongful termination; I was fired because it was found out I had been approached by a competitor intent on recruiting me. I ended up writing all of my own pleadings…and providing legal advise to my Japanese attorneys. Years before then, and while laboring for a Japanese international law firm, I had learned to stuff briefcases full of cash to bribe judges. To this day, I do not know how Japan can attract foreign investment, and that such investors would encounter more legal protection in the state of Iran…or the PRC, really, any state.

    • Leslie, to your point about porn addiction. Your examples are of American men, and I don’t doubt that the statistic is astronomical, but I have read that it is also an absolute scourge in Japan, contributing as one factor in the plunging marriage-and-fertility rates. I’d be interested to have your input on this.

      • Former scourge I would say.

        E. Michael Jones says that as was the case with Germany, Japan was inundated with pornography during the occupation.

        It certainly used to be ever-present in the public sphere…but, not so much now. I am sure online consumption is robust, but I don’t see guys leering over the magazine racks anymore.

        As for the declining birthrate, I sure do see a LOT of babies and note more ‘3’ kid families than was usual in the past. Hard to know what is true about anything that gets reported, anywhere.

        • Does it really need to be said, just how toxic pornography is?

          Can a man rake fire to his chest and not get burned ? We who have fled to the refuge view pornography as jagged rocks below the surface that prevent men from voyaging like Drake, Cook Magellan yar..yo ho..we keep a weathered eye on the goal and avoid distractions just as the lord warned us. Otherwise we could get shipwrecked and not complete the mission to navigate the treacherous internet and discover truths so carefully hidden.

          I think there is something else affecting the attention spans of your interns … 3 things at least . Distractions, stress and toxic environment. My wife has trouble finding qualified help too.
          First off I’m from the generation that went outside and played. With the advent of video games, I am horrified at the negative impact on society of the Pokémon go generation. Secondly Japan is known for its workaholic culture. This is unsustainable and leads to burnout, even among young people.
          Third though I think an even larger looming problem is air pollution. A U.K. Telegraph landmark study shows that everyone is functioning in a diminished capacity across the board, in all walks of life and every age group and every category. The study names air pollution as the culprit. While this is true, at the same time it is a limited hangout. That is, their is an elephant in the sky that they are purposely ignoring, as Dane Wiggington of is so fond of saying. Deliberate spraying of nano particulates of aluminum has been documented for over 20 years so please don’t play ostrich and try to wave this away as conspiracy theory.
          Dane Wiggington attempted to set up a booth at a national Alzheimer’s convention and they refused to honor his contract. Well, there are lots of words to describe this but betrayal certainly comes to mind. This message is being systematically concealed in a desperate race against the clock. The very ones who we invested so much of our trust in, are the very ones selling us out. Robin Eubanks has proven this beyond any shadow of doubt in the arena of education. But in fact, a similar situation exists in this area as well.

        • That is very interesting, and a demonstration that green sprigs of humanity obstinately push themselves up against all odds. The same thing is reported in Israel, where warnings of the Jewish population being extinguished by virtue of Arab birthrates appear to have been negated by an Israeli baby boom, thus reversing one of the lowest birthrates in the world. Sort of like the Dead Sea coming to life in the last few years.

          Was the pornography inundation in Japan and Germany a deliberate policy of the Occupation forces for the purpose of demoralizing and emasculating the populations? To extend the metaphor with which I began, to sow the earth with salt?

          • Yes, a deliberate policy.

            I am not sure ‘why’ the Japanese are breeding their brains out, but they seem to be.

  13. Leslie, You said you don’t know why the U.S. invests in Japan. I guess I don’t know either. I have my ideas but it would be easier to try to disentangle a cat’s hairball. I view world politics through the lens of U.S. hegemony. I see Japan, Korea, Vietnam as toeholds in the Far East for western concerns. The situation is fluid though and hard to really read the pulse of it, because now western influence has overrun the continent of Asia, so the toehold concept no longer fits. You no doubt have heard about the zombie banks in Japan?

    On the subject of common law, an exhaustive ( exhausting ) resource can be found at annavonreitzdaughtcalm. There are videos and even hundreds of pdfs to checkout.
    I would like to give you the cliff notes or boil it down to a snapshot sized chunk but it is an humongous amount of material.
    Here are just of few of the more eye popping points she discusses. But as with all things legal they tend to branch out in all directions. Everyone has their own opinion. Everyone has a theory. The basic argument is that when a human being is born, an account is started in the form of a birth certificate. But because they spell your name in capitals it is a legal fiction. The vast majority don’t even realize these accounts exist, so they never claim it. So you are then considered lost at sea. Under the maritime construct this means you are dead, or rather the corporation that was formed in your behalf is a dead entity with unclaimed funds, chalking up interest. There was a guy who figured this out and started paying his bills with his social security number. The way he did it, was to have checks printed up with his ss# printed at the lower left after the bank routing number. This actually worked for a while. I don’t recommend attempting this. But the idea of free money always seem to get people’s attention.
    Then there is the bit about the u.s. flag with gold fringe. This means admiralty jurisdiction. It’s not the U.S. flag. Admiralty has authority over the earth’s waters. But what about if the ship is in dry dock. According to admiralty law everything that ship touches including the dry dock and so forth, now becomes under the domain of the admiralty. This is why courts are called a dock.
    Anna also goes on to explain that the United States was bankrupt after the civil war and a new constitution was written up with capital letters, unbeknownst to the vast majority. This corporation went bankrupt as well and now we are living under a third constitution which appears to be just like the original but is not. In the original document lawyers are outlawed in the United States.
    So there you have it, the tip of an enormous iceberg just waiting to destroy your career. I do not recommend invoking your rights in this way. I do not recommend that you assert that you are a common man or woman on the land and thus not subject to the authority of the admiralty. No I do not recommend throwing your career away in this fashion but it’s fun to read about and learn about it. Sometimes discretion really is the better part of valor. Who really is the faithful and discreet slave?

  14. Re: goldfish attention spans of interns,

    Does it really need to be said, just how toxic pornography is?

    Can a man rake fire to his chest and not get burned ? We who have fled to the refuge view pornography as jagged rocks below the surface that prevent men from voyaging like Drake, Cook, Magellan yar..yo ho..we keep a weathered eye on the goal and avoid distractions just as the lord warned us. Otherwise we could get shipwrecked and not complete the mission to navigate the treacherous internet and discover truths so carefully hidden.

    I think there is something else affecting the attention spans of your interns … 3 things at least . Distractions, stress and toxic environment. My wife has trouble finding qualified help too.
    First off I’m from the generation that went outside and played. With the advent of video games, I am horrified at the negative impact on society of the Pokémon go generation. Secondly Japan is known for its workaholic culture. This is unsustainable and leads to burnout, even among young people.
    Third though I think an even larger looming problem is air pollution. A U.K. Telegraph landmark study shows that everyone is functioning in a diminished capacity across the board, in all walks of life and every age group and every category. The study names air pollution as the culprit. While this is true, at the same time it is a limited hangout. That is, their is an elephant in the sky that they are purposely ignoring, as Dane Wiggington of is so fond of saying. Deliberate spraying of nano particulates of aluminum has been documented for over 20 years so please don’t play ostrich and try to wave this away as conspiracy theory.
    Dane Wiggington attempted to set up a booth at a national Alzheimer’s convention and they refused to honor his contract. Well, there are lots of words to describe this but betrayal certainly comes to mind. This message is being systematically concealed in a desperate race against the clock. The very ones who we invested so much of our trust in, are the very ones selling us out. Robin Eubanks has proven this beyond any shadow of doubt in the arena of education. But in fact, a similar situation exists in this area as well.

  15. My interns are all foreign, U.S., U.K., NZ, AUS, DEUTCHLAND — same pattern, with Americans being the most goldfish-like.

    Agree with the importance of “go out and play”. Jonathan Haidt (not one of Robin’s favorite people) links play, the outdoor kind, to how children learn to manage risk, physical and social. If there is not a level of danger (you can get hurt) there is no growth.

    Did you hear that the Girl Scout’s of American are now WOKE, and have opened their ranks to any person who identifies as a ‘girl’; no more adventures in the woods or skill building, other than DIVERSITY SENSITIVITY. Haidt would say that Girl Scout’s of the past developed primal confidence in not setting themselves on fire when they made S’mores. Bodies of knowledge.

    A brain on porn is a sad thing indeed. I was talking to a friend about 12-step programs, of which porn-addiction is a grown genre. His perspective was that porn-addiction is qualitatively different than alcohol or drug abuse; that it destroys the soul at deepest level. Huge industry, though, that will never be scrutinized.

    Just got a registered letter from a Japanese court — can’t imagine why, but my name was written in BLOCK LETTERS. I don’t doubt what you report.

  16. Back to the ‘Laurel Canyon’ discussion, and, sorry Robin for shifting the focus of your blog, but this is relevant.

    Here is an interview with a former ANTIFA ‘activist’:

    While most observers of ANTIFA trace the history of the organization to Weimar, Germany, this guy says the U.S. iteration evolved out of the anarcho-punk movement of the 1980’s, which had a fecund base in Los Angeles, CA. His observations correspond to my memories as a film student, and sometimes journalist circulating in this world. As previously mentioned, I saw the complete manufacture of bands, and individual performers in this genre. I saw/felt nothing organic in this ‘movement’. Quite a few of the people who were packaged as ‘stars’ were simple dope-addled losers, frequently a-political, certainly not driven by any coherent ideology.

    During this time, I was befriended by a quite elderly Time/Life photographer/journalist, who, in his dotage liked to have me drive him around L.A. to various locations at which he explained how various social memes and propaganda campaigns were constructed. He seemed to want to ‘confess’ his involvement in all of this. I would say that ANTIFA, as the former member describes it, is just an iteration of Dave McGowan described in his own research.

    • Hey Leslie… have you ever heard of Robert Whitaker. He has a website madinamericadaughtcalm. He wrote a book called “Anatomy of an Epidemic “

    • No problem. While you were shifting I took my mom and daughters on a blue ridge parkway drive.

      It is a lovely, but dangerous, drive. Good to shift my focus for a few days.

  17. Hey Leslie, Have you ever heard of Robert Whitaker ? He has a website…. He wrote a book “Anatomy of an Epidemic “

        • I read a synopsis of this work, and not while driving. It reminded me of recent reports by Jon Rappoport and specific to the % of college students who are taking psychotropic drugs, which may, in part, explain the snowflake behavior. To me, this goes back to Haidt’s comments about how children learn to manager risk. Rappoport observes that, formerly, university students somehow managed to process feelings of loneliness and alienation experience on a large campus; that they are under-equipped to handle their workload; that their lover had jilted them — ON THERE OWN. Now these discomforts are diagnosed and medicated.

          I had my own experience of this not so long after I graduated from university and had moved to a new city. In the 18 months prior to this relocation, my father had died and the love of my life had been killed on his motorcycle in a hit-and-run, I was very, very sad…overwhelmed as you can imagine. I saw an S.F. psychiatrist, gave him my recent history, WAS LABELED as an X and walked out with a script. The scripts continued until I relocated to Japan, and then just kinda forgot about my ‘condition’.
          I have heard the same story from many expats, here.

          Based on my own experience, I would say that the 1/3 of university students who are taking drugs like Zoloft would be highly suggestible.

          • My kids have always thought the attention-regulating drugs, from what they saw with peers, became gateways to stronger drugs because the kids learned to accept chemical mood regulation as normal and desirable.

            On point

            Notice this quote

            Among the fifteen, are challenges to create an “accountability 2.0” and develop the mechanisms that can bring people together to share diverse perspectives and support community agreement on the aims and purposes of education. These mechanisms are essential for fostering the common understanding and collective responsibility that fuel the social movements we need to dismantle systemic racism, create equitable educational opportunities, and transform education.

            ‘Common understanding and collective responsibility’ sure sounds like a needed internalized common core that goes to the role of heart, mind, and soul in future decision-making to me.

  18. Yes on that note . . .

    The seemingly inexorable advance (but some of us hope not! ) toward the “common understanding and collective responsibility” . . .

    I briefly glanced at that Top 20 Principles From Psychology For PreK-12 Teaching and Learning earlier linked by Robin, I noticed one psychologist, Isaac Prilleltensky, is a member of this Coalition for Psychology in Schools and Education. He is one psychologist who is into Critical Psychology or even more intrusively into Critical Community Psychology. In a chapter entitled: Community Psychology: Advancing Social Justice, (Critical Psychology, 2nd Ed, 2009) he says:

    “Justice, then consists of two complementary statements:
    1 To each (individual, family, community, or public institution) according to her or his needs, ability, effort, opportunities, rights and power, and
    2 From each (individual, family, community, or public institution) according to her or his needs, ability, obligation, duties, opportunity and privilege.”

    Sounds ominous to me. This branch of psychology, the critical psychology path, adopts “praxis” as a method, which is active engagement and not as an objective professional.

    • Tunya,

      I have been corresponding for a few years now with a survivor of Landmark Education. Most people become involved with Landmark (which is ‘est’) because they are seeking some form of self-improvement, sometimes very modest or based on a vague feeling that one wants to feel better about one’s life and the world. Once inculcated into the group-think, and once one sees behind the curtain of manipulation, it is very difficult to leave.

      I asked my correspondent if she could describe what Landmark really is. Her one word response was, “Bolshevism”.

      She often describes (with horror) an exercise that is conducted in Landmark ‘training’ sessions. She calls this “chocolate or vanilla”. Apparently, participants are presented with two flavors of ice cream, and asked to choose the one they prefer. Very occasionally, a participant will say, “I don’t like either flavor”, but the majority do express a preference. Next, they are told they ‘may’ have the flavor they don’t prefer AND WILL LIKE IT JUST AS MUCH.

      My informant tells me that she is aware of not one person in her rural county in Colorado who did not express a preference (vote) for Donald Trump. Still, it seems her country and state is now BLUE. You ‘may’ have the flavor you do not prefer, and you WILL LIKE IT because the group has chosen.

      How many K-12 teachers sign on to that role with the idea that they will be engaging in a utopian exercise to right the injustices of the world? Not many, I would reckon. How many parents get their young children dressed for school thinking they are sending them off to participate in programs that were engineered in Bela Kuhn’s Hungary.

      My friend in Colorado reports that neither she nor her neighbors will EVER regard a Biden presidency as legitimate.

    • Fits though with this new purpose of schools.

      Prioritizing civics is not purely about understanding government, but rather, understanding how to participate as reflective, engaged citizens. The entire purpose of our school system should be to foster this engaged citizenry…We have an opportunity to re-imagine our education system and invest in a new kind of civics that empowers students to improve their communities.

      Students in middle school and high school can debate local community issues that affect their everyday lives.

      In math class, they can work to understand the true reality of economic inequality across the country. In science class, they can investigate the causes of, and potential solutions to, climate change.

      School becomes relevant. Democracy becomes vibrant. This is not an immediate solution to our long-term woes. But it’s a necessary one. We need to repay that long-accumulated civic debt.

      We can put education for democracy front and center by bringing this type of experiential civics to classrooms in all 50 states by 2026, to coincide with the 250th anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence.

      To put our country on a path toward a more perfect union, we need to move beyond simplistic understandings and analyses of our democratic woes, and look to long-term, foundational solutions.

      We need to build a better tomorrow where young people grow up in a nation that recognizes the benefits of both understanding and participating in their democracy. Our unity, our vibrancy and our collective future depend on it.

      Somehow, now, all futures are collective.

      Adding this that I know will interest you as I gradually catch up on my correspondence.

      A historic coalition of the world’s biggest education multilaterals in partnership with over 600 civil society organizations, research organizations, foundations, media, youth, and influencers have joined the Save Our Future campaign to call for urgent investment in education to prevent a generational catastrophe. ​

      During the Global Education Meeting (2020 GEM) convened by UNESCO on October 22nd, this unprecedented coalition launched the Save Our Future White Paper that puts forward an evidence-based roadmap with seven priority areas for action to protect and reimagine education systems post-COVID-19. The White Paper was also highlighted at the World Economic Forum Jobs Reset Summit on the same day. Read Director Liesbet Steer’s blog on why this paper is so pivotal to help us defend education for the world’s children.

      The White Paper was the result of collaboration among more than 100 researchers around the world who contributed to working groups that brought the best evidence together to inform the paper’s priorities. The working groups’ background papers are available on the campaign website.

      • From the Intro–

        Education is clearly a victim of the pandemic, but it can also be a key driver of the recovery. Ed-ucation creates the health workers, educators, entrepreneurs, engineers, activists, and politicians essential for creating more resilient systems for the future. Education is at the heart of the entire sustainable development agenda, benefiting global economies and individual incomes, and serv-ing as a powerful driver for healthy populations and a peaceful planet. Protecting and upholding the human right to education is the key to addressing the economic, health, environmental, and social crises we face—and the opportunity to build back better.We need to get foundational learning right for all children and young people. Education is a source of hope and many have inspiring visions to use the pandemic to reset education systems so they can deliver better: harnessing connectivity and integrated technological solutions; delivering personalized learning to all; and building the skills required for innovation and lifelong learning. This paper is inspired by this hopeful vision. However, it also conveys a stark message—the future reality for vast swathes of the world’s children will continue to be illiteracy and wasted potential unless we take urgent and radical action. The starting point for this action needs to be inclusive, engaging, and adaptive education that builds foundational skills including literacy, numeracy, and socio-emotional learning for all learners at all levels of education. Foundational skills can no longer be viewed as one priority amongst many. We need to make the case that developing these skills across the entire school system and at all ages must be the key priority in low- and middle-income countries. This does not mean other skills or higher levels of education should be ignored. It does mean, however, that we urgently need to raise awareness of the scale of the crisis in foundational learning and drive radical and sustained action to tackle it.Education and health are society’s most foundational investments and the two must be in bal-ance and harmony. They make up two of our fundamental human rights: the right to a standard of living adequate for health and well-being (Article 25) and the right to education (Article 26). If we fail with these foundational investments, we fail the next generation and the future of our societies. Other Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), like climate action, will never be achieved without education. Education is the only way to sustainably #SaveOurFuture.

        • Current ‘victim’ of the pandemic is the husband of my web designer and her three year-old daughter. He had a mild fever and was ‘tested’ (positive)…and, then same for the little girl. Dad has already recovered from this symptom but is quarantined with others in a business hotel, meaning he is living in a tiny room alone for ten days and is told when he can retrieve his pre-packaged meal from a cart in the hall, in solitude. His/their daughter, I am betting will be symptom-free.

          My web designer has two realities to reconcile — an already recovered husband, and a daughter with no symptoms AND the extraordinary measures the Japanese government is taking to prevent the spread of this lethal contagion.

          I visited a client firm, yesterday, that had also had an outbreak and, again, the only symptom noted was the quarantine of the a-symptomatic, which is to say everyone of tested positive.

          She resolves this conundrum by reasoning that Covid-19 MUST be serious BECAUSE such extraordinary measures are being taken by THE GOVERNMENT. We are in the flu and cold season, so really, who will know the difference between that and a THIRD WAVE.

          This is, in my mind, somehow akin to the spate of economists and mathematicians in the U.S. now saying in lock-step that they ‘see’ no evidence of voter fraud. Its a big country, which sloppily implemented a new process, and a reasonable person would infer that there are likely SOME instances of untoward behavior.

          A mental model is being created that links the pandemic to opportunities for educational change — huh?…say this enough times and it will be true. As a priest friend said to me, this is mass hypnosis.

  19. I watched that interview yesterday as I nursed a bad cold. I highly recommend the video and look forward to reading the translation of the leaked “panic” paper.

    Actually, it may go beyond mass hypnosis. Cue up to 39:26 where Catherine Austin Fitts asks, “Did I tell you my Antifa story?”

    • How very right I have been. will interest you.

      Its creator was a presenter on a webinar today that was right after the two days I have spent on the global program called “AI and the Rule of Law”. My goodness IEEE has been busy and coordinating with unesco, oecd, council of europe, big law, tech companies. Just wow.

      They keep referring to ‘standards’ as a form of “soft law”.

      My brain is tired.

    • The ‘panic’ paper has been translated and you can “Dogpile” it. On the German attorney’s assessment…I had not been aware, previously, that German ‘experts’ were involved in this ‘thing’, but this would make sense in terms of the need to evolve the hoax, credibly, in the EU.

      It is FULL-ON in Japan, now, the THIRD WAVE…with citizens wearing masks AND latex gloving. ‘Cases’ are abundant..but, no real symptoms…beyond minor fever, sniffles. I had a bout of lethargy a few days ago, felt FUNKY, and figured it came and went. I keep looking for anyone who knows anyone who was seriously ill, or died.

      I am told, “Leslie-san, we KNOW this is nothing, but we must show solidarity and proper behavior toward others!” I rest my F’ing case.

      So, Robin, other than being a prescient genius to all of this, what do you plan on doing about it?

      How did you ‘feel’ about Thomas “The World is Flat” Friedman urging his fellow zealots to commit felony voter fraud in your state?

      Or, Andrew Yang, for that matter…

      Shouldn’t you be overseeing/caring about the achievement of a clean election???

      What is the important thing to do, now?

      Yeh, you got ‘it’, are totally right…but, the bitter pill is, “so what?”…

      I have been dealing with this C.R.A.P. for years….and, know that A.C.T.I.O.N. is the answer…

      • Yes, I am sad at the ridiculous levels of fraud being openly tolerated in this state, but it is also frustrating to hear the False Narrative crowd suddenly warning about the WEF and “The Great Reset” when I documented all this years ago. The major tech companies were all over the program Monday and Tuesday and some of the employees seem so intoxicated with this vision of what the world can now become that they literally seemed either high or a bit mad. is the agenda. is from another webinar yesterday after the “AI and the Rule of Law” one. Look at the materials from Credential Engine especially and see the role of the accreditors I first laid out in CtD. You and I have also discussed how they act as the enforcers for a new and requisite vision in executive coaching as well. Notice it gets hidden as Quality Assurance when transformative vision compliance would be more accurate.

      • Speaking of the Great Reset, this is out today.

        Human-centered learning would represent a systemic shift that would align learning structures, policies, practices and learning experiences around the flourishing and well-being of the people involved in education – including students, teachers, administrators, families and community members.

        Envisioning Human-Centered Learning Systems describes a bold vision for education that would enable life-affirming experiences and outcomes for everyone involved in learning systems. It expands on the human-centered learning provocation introduced in Forecast 5.0: Navigating the Future of Learning, detailing the essential elements of human-centered learning: education liberates young people to participate fully in society; schools organize for love and belonging; leadership is intentionally inclusive and co-creative; and learning becomes a lifelong personal practice.

        This vision for the future of learning places the healthy development, well-being and creative potential of all people at the center of learning systems. It provides an aspirational, shared focus for meeting the challenges of a rapidly changing and uncertain future. It also provides a frame for examining our existing assumptions about learning and identifying where they might need to shift.

        Among the key takeaways from Envisioning Human-Centered Learning Systems are:

        Learn about the four essential elements of human-centered learning
        Engage in guided reflection about the elements of this vision
        Access bold strategic steps, along with related actions, for aligning educational systems, structures, policies, practices and learning experiences with the vision for human-centered learning systems
        See key insights about shifting society’s collective educational vision toward a human-centered perspective in order to cultivate vibrant and responsive learning communities and learning ecosystems

        Join us in imagining what this vision for the future of learning could mean – and how we might get there.

    • Take a look at this published yesterday

      Rethinking how universities, nonprofits, and training institutes educate the next generation of social innovators is both a responsibility and a challenge for the social change sector. Younger generations motivated to address social and environmental problems must navigate profound shifts in their own lives, in their communities, and in the domains where they hope to engage. Change is increasingly complex in character, unfolding across multiple sectors and geographies simultaneously, and at an exponentially faster pace. Instead of being an anomaly, challenges emerging from the COVID-19 pandemic, for example, may well point to a new normal. At the same time, young people are entering the sector with significantly lower levels of well-being than their predecessors, even as social innovators already in the field are burning out at unprecedented levels. Young people, particularly those under 25, are currently experiencing steep increases in mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety.

      Taken together, these challenges make it clear that social innovation education must invest just as much time and effort in developing the inner well-being of student change makers—those aiming to engage in building a healthy, just, and caring society—as it does in developing their expertise of systemic challenges in the outer world.

      Students’ understanding of their own inner world directly affects their ability to achieve positive change and sustain themselves through social innovation work over the long-term. The change they hope to cultivate in the world is connected to cultivating and using inner skills to effect outer change. A field of social innovation that educates for inner well-being both theoretically and experientially—where more experienced change makers model it and mentor the next generation—would be more resilient, less prone to causing burn-out, better able to navigate social challenges, and ultimately more effective at promoting a healthy and sustainable world.

      To encourage this shift, The Wellbeing Project (TWP), along with Stanford University’s division of Health and Human Performance and the University of Virginia’s Contemplative Sciences Center, created an international consortium of teams from universities and institutes called The Wellbeing, Innovation, and Social Change in Education (WISE) Network in 2018. The network is dedicated to developing educational models and methodologies that support student and sector well-being, and sees well-being as an essential element of promoting positive social change. WISE education models integrate insights from the fields of neuroscience, behavioral epigenetics, psychology, applied humanities, and the arts to understand the factors that optimize emotional, psychological, social, and physical “flourishing”—the development of our full potential and a deep sense of well-being. The network believes that flourishing arises from the integration of well-being, contemplation, and social innovation, and that it occurs via engagement within ourselves, in our relationships, and with the world. When successful, it has the power to positively change individuals, communities, and societies.

      Also did you notice that Aurora link on Slide 12 stated that the Portrait of a Graduate “identifies the ideal characteristics of a Utah graduate after going through the K-12 system. These are aspirations not necessarily meant to be quantified and measured. These characteristics begin at home and are cultivated in educational settings.”

      Emphasis taken from slide.

      • I don’t remember where I heard this, but it corresponds with what I saw going on in human resource management circles; that being that in the firsts MONTHS of the corona lock-down, government workers were being beseeched by ‘vendors’ selling solutions for the “new normal”. These memes need to be traced to their source. We need to take a look at terms like “well-being” (“-“, no “-“), “flourishing”, “transformation” and the lot, because these are nonsense words.

        Word has it that the firm selling Dominion software has disappeared.

        • Good point… follow the money…

          Also have you ever stopped to consider just how and why literally overnight, phrases like “social distancing” are so thickly interwoven into the fabric of society’s collective hive mind consciousness. It’s not just the power of a fascist unilateral propaganda machine in the hands of 4 or 5 mega corporations. I feel so alone in this darkness.

        • Good point… follow the money…

          Also, have you ever noticed how literally overnight, phrases like “social distancing” have been so thickly woven into the collective, hive mind narrative of society. This is owing to more than just a unilateral fascist media machinery composed of 4 or 5 super mega corporations goosestepping in lockstep with each other. But few want to hear this or allow it to penetrate into their conscience. The majority won’t accept this, so they are unequipped to peel away even the next few layers. How will they react when they are confronted with yet deeper levels of shenanigans that are playing them like pianos? I feel so alone. Sometimes I wish I could be Little man Tate, at the end of the movie where he pretends to be stupid just so he can fit in. But I can’t unknow what I know.

          • Follow the timing. It takes many months or years to engineer the solutions being offered for the “new normal”. I could watch these being rolled out on Linkedin in the second month of the lockdown. On the “phrases”, you could see this pattern with so-called mass shootings, as well. or the Boston bombing ‘thing’. My oddest encounter with this transpired during a week of coach ‘training’, and during which the killing of OBL was announced with details unfolding. Oh the jubilation in the group, tinged with blood lust. And, I just kept thinking out loud…like, “isn’t it kinda funny that he was living all this time less than a mile from a Pakistani military establishment with a U.S. intelligence center located therein?…or, “wouldn’t you think they would make every effort to take him ALIVE?”, or, “doesn’t what was reported to have been on his bookshelves sound like propaganda?” I didn’t pass the course, btw.

            I used the phrase, “I can’t know unknow what I know” with a fellow coach a day ago. He assured me that I could.

    • This is a fascinating story. Here is my ANTIFA story. I was working p/t in a Berlitz learning center delivering business communication skills training. This was back in 2016 and before and after the Trump election. This was my first brush with BLM, and BLM in the heads of white liberal recent grads of U.S. universities. I didn’t know what to make of it, in that there were no black people in our environment, or one or two working at other facilities. I casually asked, “Don’t all lives matter?” and instantly became THE ENEMY. As the election approached, I tried to discuss pros and cons of each party’s platform, and the candidates in a neutral way. I tried to explain, event drew of a chart to explain the doubts I had about Hillary Clinton and the DNC. Deaf ears. When Trump won…I made some sort of spontaneous gesture with my arms that was interpreted as a Nazi salute. I had no idea what they were talking about. Fitz’s Pokemon theory may be right on!!! I was harassed out of the company, which I will probably have to explain to Tokyo immigration — I would not know whare to begin.

      • Well, it gets used to ‘modernize knowledge’ starting with math:

        November 19, 2019 The Center for Curriculum Redesign (CCR) is pleased to announce it has received support from MathWorks to develop “21st Century Mathematics” courseware online, aimed at assisting high, middle and lower school teachers and students.

        The Mathematics courseware covers ten areas of change in PISA Mathematics 2021, stemming from recommendations the CCR produced for the OECD’s PISA 2021 and Australia’s ACARA. The courseware brings together into a single cohesive implementation, all of modernized knowledge – context, content and concepts -, interdisciplinarity and projects, and skills, character and meta-learning abilities. The design will allow for self-paced student work, significant teacher professional development, and demonstrate multiple pedagogical approaches to courseware publishers.

        Andreas Schleicher, director of OECD’s Directorate for Education and Skills, has commended CCR’s work for its contribution to PISA Maths 2021 in a recent letter, also stating: “Starting with the Stockholm conference in 2014 in conjunction with the OECD, followed by colloquia in East Hampton NY and Cambridge MA, and culminating with the Geneva conference in 2018, the CCR has doggedly pursued an agenda of relevance and modernization of education standards and assessments, applied to Mathematics in this case.”

        The first module of ten that will be featured in the courseware will be available on the OpenEdx platform in March 2020. For inquiries, please contact

        Jack Little, president and cofounder of MathWorks, stated: “Evolving the way STEM subjects are taught and learned is critical to inspiring the future generation of mathematicians, engineers and scientists. MathWorks is pleased to support CCR’s courseware initiative.”

        Charles Fadel, founder of the CCR, added: “It is very rewarding when open-minded thought leaders recognize and embrace the need for moving Mathematics forward. This courseware reflects the needs of this century’s leading-edge mathematics professions such as Data Scientists, Algorithmics, etc. coupled with a far deeper understanding of fundamental math topics such as proportionality and number sense. This comprehensive design will appeal to a significantly larger number of users, who are unfortunately too often turned off by the partial irrelevance of many mathematics subjects, and the poor pedagogical practices associated with them. takes you to the modernize knowledge paper “Knowledge for the Age of Artificial Intelligence: What Should Students Learn?”

        If people thought of learning standards for what they actually are–creating a contrived neural net–people would have a much better idea of how the war on culture is really being conducted.

    • My 2 cents worth… it’s going to be very difficult going forward, trying to dissect the carcass of the voter fraud debacle. While on the one hand it is purely scripted theater designed to garner view counts and sell advertisements, on the other hand if it does resonate with the fluoride damaged public conscience enough to cause a groundswell of outrage, the media moguls are ready and waiting to pounce on yet another opportunity to greedily sell that story. At which point they can engineer another backlash, outrage , backlash, outrage, cycling indefinitely. Controlling the narrative, as they do, at every twist and turn like a rigged Super Bowl game, stuffing massive amounts of cash into their already bulging pockets earned of human misery, they can extend this fiasco indefinitely.

      Step back for a minute and look at the big picture. Notice the flags in the video. They have a gold edging. This is not the American flag but something else. Some say it is a maritime flag. Also if you go back and review just about any trump official White House video, the flag behind him is generally folded in such a way that you can’t see the gold fringe. Don’t buy their fear porn. It’s an actor based reality.

      • It’s an actor based reality.

        Agree. But, certain actors are less capable of malevolence than are others. Still, the whole thing reminds me of that routine a comedian named Kevin Nealon did years ago, i.e. “would you prefer a sharp stick in the eye, or to have your testicles put in a vice…and, on and on and on, with the Hobson’s choices. I guess this is part of the mind-f technology.

        Still, I think withdrawing completely from the ‘choice game’ is not the answer. Right now, I am following the various class action projects (lockdown-related) that accruing globally. This assumes a functional legal system in at least a few jurisdictions, but in any case legal actions are a great way to surface data and to take it public. Gotta be ‘hopeful’ on some level.

        • Well there is hope…I have hope… out of respect for Robin Eubanks I don’t hijack this thread into a religious can of worms. I ve seen that happen to many a good blog.
          However i think it I is safe to say that studying nature can help us to focus on the more important things and have peace of mind. Studying nature is the opposite of what the social engineers are trying to distract us with.

  20. Update on my local Covid-19 situation. Father and child of my web designer now quarantined in Japanese business hotel, which my person tells me is “like a prison”. My person tested positive, yesterday, but does not have to go to the prison. She reports having a headache (which maybe has to do with locking your three year-old up in a prison), but was given no restrictions…she was off to shop for groceries last I heard.

    The Spanish Flu this ain’t, but then neither was the Spanish Flu.

    • Yikes! I was known to occasionally ask my kids to please go to another part of the house for a while when they were that age.

      On another note, of covid being the reason what was long desired gets put into place we have this

      Playback reminds me of the Minerva platform the chinese have now invested in. We really are in line to have sculpted consciousness with all this.

      • Imagine spending months locked down in an apartment the size of your walk-in wardrobe closet, or doing same with little kids. Much of the world has undergone this experience. If this Covid-19 matter was engineering or the hyping engineered, it is hard to imagine a penalty/punishment that would match the crime. I tend to be Old Testament when it comes to this sort of thing, and think that punishment needs to be meted out to all members of the family, including maids and pets, otherwise you get the trans-generational crime stuff like we have with the Biden family…

        • Do you celebrate Thanksgiving with expat’s over there? Caught up on cooking until tomorrow except, of course, there is still dinner tonight. Looks like chicken fajitas over grits.

 has come out. The wholesale manipulation at every level of the systems to be controlled, including people and political systems a la the covid hype and the over the top election fraud and censoring of it, makes the future quite unfortunate if more people do not recognize what is going on globally and how it all fits.

          Think of controlling Self Direction itself without that being apparent.

          Tree is up as well because my youngest panicked when the long time church lot we used failed to open this year. Our cats just love the tree water given off by Fraser Firs. It’s like champagne to them.

          • No longer do I celebrate Thanksgiving w/ expats, but I will share FOR NEXT YEAR, the best cranberry chutney recipe on planet earth.

            Take two bags of fresh cranberries; add one pint maple syrup; add 1 cup thinly sliced kumquats. Simmer until soft and somewhat reduced. Pour into jar(s) and chill. Even the Japanese like this!!!

          • That does sound good. My middle child and I make cranberry relish with fresh cranberries, sugar, port wine, lemon zest and a bit of juice, orange zest and a bit of juice, and simmer. I make it the day before to chill as well.

            Have you seen this from October?

            “Total well being” is a reason to hack voting machines to put an anointed puppet in place to enable the fundamental transformation. Too few recognize all this begins at the level of the human mind, but as I noted in CtD, it doesn’t stop there. All human institutions, including cities and workplaces are simply systems to be redesigned to have new goals.

            Remember Danielle Allen and her Equality and Education book? She was on a AEI webinar this past week following up on the From Me to We agenda with Robert Putnam. She was heralding a new kind of citizen to be cultivated via education and apparently has a global vision involving all institutions reflecting a population’s demographic makeup. Robert George, who was so involved with the Common Core False Narrative and its think tank propagators, was so proud of her in the webinar and talked about how she was a former student of his at princeton, pbk, before moving on to King’s College cambridge as a Marshall Scholar and eventually getting PhD’s in two areas.

            A fellow Master of the Universe, in other words, full of theories to be implemented via the law and public policy, to yield a better tomorrow. Somehow all these visions require a cultivated internalized common core anchored at the level of the heart of mind. Precisely where our focus has been here at ISC.

  21. Regarding my favorite topic, which is ACTION:

    There is a Japanese citizen who dresses in a Donald J. Trump costume and surrounds himself with U.S. flags, who has positioned himself on a soapbox on strategic corners in Tokyo. He has a sign English/Japanese that says “Sydney Powell will drop the Kraken”…he has translated into Japanese a good bit of data related to a stolen U.S. election and is handing this out to Japanese passersby. This may sound nuts, but this fellow and his sign are likely seen by millions of people each day. A few will go home and investigate and these folks will tell they neighbors and workmates. Let’s call him a HERO, ok?

    • Thank you. It is ubiquitous because, like Climate Change and covid, it is a reason to treat all Human institutions including people, as malleable to political power to reach declared collective goals during the 2020s.

      We are all just systems now to have our common purpose and understandings assigned to us.

      The idea that there is a Bipartisan COvid Collaborative now brought to us by the same insiders who created and misrepresented the Common Core and competency frameworks is just downright Orwellian.

      It is from the EdSurge article. Notice too the reference to the AEI think tank. The same entity sponsoring Danielle Allen, From Me to We with Robert Putnam, and the SEL/normative shift that fits with Pope Francis’ Humanity 2.0 Initiative. It is probably not a coincidence one of the co-authors of that paper is tied to Francis” Scholas Initiative. I just looked it up and got this quote on Education

      Education is not just about knowing things,” said the Pope. Rather, to educate is “to listen, to create culture and to celebrate.” He stressed that if education is unable to listen, create, and celebrate, “it cannot educate.”

      Pope Francis went on to say education must harmonize “the language of thought with feelings and actions” and speak the language of the head, the heart and the hands.

      • Education is not just about knowing things,” said the Pope. Rather, to educate is “to listen, to create culture and to celebrate.” He stressed that if education is unable to listen, create, and celebrate, “it cannot educate.”

        ARGH!!! spare me!!! I guess education is about listening to everyone but the army of sexual abuse survivors whose voices have been shut-down in the Francis ‘c’hurch.

        On the alleged coalition of Covid-19 fighters, did you see the Lawrence Fox/Piers Morgan blow out? Fox described a NORMAL dinner party he had hosted in his home, and Morgan accused him being, essentially, Typhoid Mary.

        As I predicted, the Covid-19 sufferers in my circle are fully recovered and report the whole event to have been very much like suffering from a bad cold, or mild flu…somewhere in between. Isn’t the common cold a ‘coronavirus’?

        Anyway, Robin…I have been digging into copious amounts of ‘commie’ literature, which kinda segues into coaching field nonsense…and, I am looking for where the ‘code’ words like “well-being”, “flourishing”….are coming from…these are NOT terms used in mainstream psych literature…and, they are used so relentlessly by ‘you know who’, I am thinking they are drawn from occult or occulted texts, or languages other than English…say, German, Russian??? In any case, it is instructive to review the ‘commie crap’, to really pick up the tone that is always used to sell ‘utopia’.

    • Ubiquitous is the right term for all of these human improvement projects. I am currently coaching a newly minted Ph.D in sustainability science, Tokyo University, WHO REALLY DOES WANT TO HELP THE DESPERATELY POOR in her native Africa…she is a survivor, herself.

      We have discussed the projects — WELL-FUNDED she has worked on at Tokyo University. Something about measuring the impact of biofuels used in cooking on women and children. I think this could be “wood”. 10 million yen spent on hotel rooms, computer modeling programs, conferences — not one woman or child HELPED! And, then there was the ‘bee’ project, and half a dozen others…no improvement in the “well-being’ of any person!!!

      • Targeted Universalism and its implications, sold as a means of creating well-being, is something we all need to understand.

        This extended moment has the potential to be a catalyst for changes that many organizers, educators, activists, and policymakers have been working toward for generations. We are in the middle of a bridge from what was to what might be — we are in a liminal space. How might we recognize the sanctity of this moment to make transformative and immutable progress on social and racial justice? How might we slow down long enough to notice and reflect the transitional space we are in, to notice what is shifting and be open to new possibilities that are emerging? How might we lead in ways that facilitates healing and connection and ensures that everyone has power to co-design a future where we all belong?

        …Simply stated, Targeted Universalism is an approach to advancing equity and justice that acknowledges our common goals and shared fate as human beings, while also addressing the stark contrasts in access to opportunity between different groups of people as a result of structural racism and other forms of systemic oppression and “othering”. Targeted Universalism centers listening to and understanding the experiences of people who we have most marginalized and who are experiencing the greatest harm in our current systems in order to expand what powell calls the “Circle of Human Concern”. Done well, this approach redistributes power so that the voices of people who are least well served in the current system are prominent in decision making and governance and their experiences and needs are centered in the development priorities and new approaches. Through listening, we come to understand the policies, practices, and structures that are causing harm and that we must change to create more just systems and greater well-being in our communities.

        Viva La Revolution! and Equity as a mandate.

        • They will ‘eat’ their own. Last night I read a recently published book on the Esalen Institute. The author spent 300 pages critiquing the spiritual ‘privilege’ of the founders, faculty, and participants. It never ends.

          • Couple of tidbits from the Esalen text. After struggling to find sustainable sources of funding for the ‘Institute’, Michael Murphey went to Laurence Rockefeller, who was more than happy to oblige and over many years.

            Also, the author discusses, in detail, the spate of suicides that occurred among the early core members. The number is ‘9’, with ‘4’ on-site, and ‘5’ occurring on properties adjacent to Esalen, where the victims were staying when they participated in self-actualization programs; most of the deaths were correlated with Fritz Perls ‘gestalt’ sessions.

          • Laurence was the funding behind the New Asia Society that was and is so involved with the global template in education.

            CASEL, of course, was also started with foundation money back when it was at Yale and involved James Comer. I think Eillen is still on board now that it is at U-I/Chicago.

  22. My year-abroad-in Japan program was a spin-off of the New Asia Society cabal. I can tell you that what Alan Watts (lifetime actor) actually knew about ZEN practice could be inscribed on the head of a pin. There are several interviews in which Watts openly mocks his fake guru status.

    I can tell you that the provost of my Japan adventure was dismissed from the university for embezzling funds. We were all living in substandard housing and eating ‘white’ food three times a day, while he, a man of the cloth was using the program funding to finance his adventures in the Willow World, also known as the Pillow World.
    Watts was a notorious womanizer, as well.

      • Yep– well, we did discuss the one-size fits all coach competency frameworks– which came straight out of Esalen, as far as I can. I just read John Marks’ “In Search of the Manchurian Candidate.,,CIA docs” etc. Lot’s of info on the Human Ecology Fund and its administrators– Carl Rogers being WAY UP on the list! And, if I may go back to Esalen and Murphy, in particular, His range of personal ‘interests’ did not strike me as plausible. Yes, I could get the Easterrn religions thing, given the time, but does this jive with an interest in the paranormal, remote viewing. When I read Marks’ book, Murphey’s ”interests’ align with a lot o Human Ecology Fund projects, even the more bizarre one’s.

        Price as always been an interesting character in that he experienced his fateful first psychotic episode while studying under agents of the Asia Studies Society. Perhaps this was the first of many psychotic breaks to be experienced among the Esalen set and its many spin-offs.

        Read in another book related to the New Age and narcissism in American culture that there were ‘hundreds’ of Esalen-type centers operating at the same time across the U.S….mini-Esalens. WHO set these up?

  23. I am sitting in a Starbucks overlooking a boulevard in Shibuya. Passing by with police escort are about 1,000 ‘protestors’ flying the ANTIFA flag.

    I have heard that SOROS, et al., have spent about 1.4 trillion to drive this THING globally.

    I have been very interested in Gen. Flynn’s statements, of late. I do believe that he “has the pictures” when it comes to SOROS and his friends.

    Otherwise, I re-read Juri Lina’s “Under the Sign of the Scorpion” last night. It seems to me that there are parallels between the efforts documented by Lina of a SINGLE media source on the eve of the ‘revolution’ documenting that Lenin, Trotsky and their buds were being sponsored at that time by elements in the German government — were TRAITORS, in essence. Though published…and though a hew and a cry went up to investigate this revelation — NOBODY EVER DID — with lethal implications for what Lina estimates to have been 127,000,000 people. I see about as much resolve in the U.S,

  24. Related to ‘lifetime actors’, I have been thinking about Obama. I remember the first red flag went up for me when he made some preposterous statement about the U.S. Constitution. I discovered that he had not been a ‘Professor of Constitutional Law’ at the University of Chicago, but an occasional visiting lecturer. Ditto for his legal career. He did not amass enough hours to qualify as an associate at his law firm. Senate career is a bit like this, too…hard to figure out how it happened in the first place, and then hardly a stellar performance. He really was not competent to perform the POTUS role…but, now, looks like a genius compared to Biden. I would assume K. Harris is equally qualified.

    • Take a look at this program.


      Many students today are struggling in school and feeling lost, detached, and uncertain about their future. But educators can help students reconnect to themselves, their school community, and to their learning by providing students with a sense of purpose, meaning, and belonging. Psychological sciences research has found that we can improve motivation and learning and help students overcome challenges in school and in life by creating meaning and purpose; changing their self-stories; promoting a sense of belonging; and cultivating curiosity and exploration. Psychologist Scott Barry Kaufman proposes that Psychologist Abraham Maslow’s “Hierarchy of Needs” is more like a ship than a pyramid where the sails that propel self-transcendence and success in navigating life’s challenges are purpose, love, and exploration.

      This virtual conference will explore the importance of purpose, meaning, self-stories, and belonging and how they are all connected to student success and wellbeing. Discover how to teach meaningful learning; provide students with a sense of purpose; help students feel a sense of belonging; create positive self-stories, and cultivate curiosity and exploration in schools to improve achievement and student resilience as they navigate the shoals of school and life’s uncertainty and challenges.

      Harris’ laugh like a hyena seems to be a nervous habit caused by her lack of brain cell activity. Like biden, she seems to be a puppet. I think I read somewhere that her husband has ties to the man soros just promoted to be head of his Open Society Foundations. Looks like we are in real danger of heading full speed down the road I first wrote about in CtD as envisioned by goodlad and brameld and glimpsed at the 2012 global conference that caused me to start this blog. The implications of a world where people have become systems to be manipulated via education and media coverage is precisely what I knew was being sought and had hoped we could be steered from in time.

      If we can’t be steered away, I am certainly not sorry I became an expert on what is coming and what the likely implications are.

      • I would like to propose that students can quell their anxiety in a rudderless world by contributing their efforts to global class-action litigation against the usual suspects. I mean getting involved in these cases would be hugely educational for ages 12>.

          • Yep…on the fraud bit.

            I had a weird epiphany, today, and with regard to the Japanese education system, which I have been discussing with my international Ph.D. client. She made a comment that catalyzed this moment of ‘truth’. The comment was that the Japanese do not accept universal bodies of knowledge, and therefore will dismiss what a non-Japanese says on ANY topic, with the possible exceptions of some STEM stuff, and I mean, “possible”. This is quite true, in my experience. Also, levels of competency in many fields are VERY low, academics don’t teach, HR managers don’t manager HR functions — this runs across the board. I think of the Japanese as the original postmodern — we will construct our own reality folks. This reaches ASTONISHING levels. Don’t know where I am going with this, but any thoughts you have, Robin would be appreciated.

            What concerns me is that I think ‘we’ are at, where ‘you’ are going.

            Oh yes, and back to John Marks’ “In Search of the Manchurian Candidate…” Marks makes the point that the Manchurian mind control stuff was a minor agenda of the MKULTRA and succeeding projects — that it was really about TOTAL social control. Also, he talks a lot about the Vacaville State Prison experiments — which my brother-in-law was heavily involved in. I cried when I read these bits. My sister was kind of a Kay Grigg’s type figure, always trying to tell people about all of the weirdness that was going on, with nobody believing her.

          • When you said ‘ I think we are “at” where we are going’ , it reminded me of something Robin said once about what will happen when everyone figures out that everyone in this collective rowboat we call modern society figures out that there are fewer people doing the actual rowing than the majority which is just along for the ride.
            I think one of the goals of the global reset disguised as a pandemic is to bring hyperinflation to heel. I haven’t heard much about this though. If that is the case then we possibly give the Davos crowd some credit. I’m only sucking up to them because if I do wind up in prison, I would like a cell with wifi. Seriously though if it was left up to me to rule the world, we wouldn’t have made it this far.
            Anyhow, another goal is to reduce human activity that is heating up the globe. I realize global warming is a controversial topic. It’s controversial by design. But I have personally witnessed decline in glaciers. Also, I have never been to the North Pole but it reportedly is navigable for the first time in history. I think I already mentioned Dane Wiggington and his site Geoengineeringwatchdaughtork. So the earth is warming up. It is not up for debate as far as I’m concerned.
            Anyhow back to the subject of just who is doing the rowing, take for example the lowly potato. Every step of the process of cultivating, harvesting, processing, packaging,shipping,marketing is 100% mechanized, completely untouched by human hands. Each seedling, each spud, each package is nurtured and fondled in the caress of the iron claws of the fascist regime. The entire process requires about 5 warm bodies to feed a million people. Bottom line, fewer jobs. We are left only with the task of stuffing our pie holes. Maybe the dark agenda is just a hoax to bluff everyone into minding their manners so we don’t capsize our little boat.

    • That’s all fine and dandy… but now we have to defend against bill gates kill switch. “You have to have a plan” Clint Eastwood in Gran Torino

  25. On another but related note, I was listening to Jay Dyer discuss the infiltration by intelligence agencies of many religious orders. Dyer observed that targeted, in particular, were the evangelicals, or those orders that focused on ‘experience’ rather than dogma. There is a strong anti-rational agenda in all of this…meaning easier to program people who are operating purely from an emotional space and one in which ‘truth’ is revealed.

    • Precisely the realm of BELE–Building Equitable Learning Environments. Yesterday was yet another webinar and this one yet again revealed just how crucial Qualifications Frameworks have been to this global picture of social control via what information is known and how the brain has been trained to process it. Turns out Gates wasn’t just funding the Common Core learning tasks and progressions as laid out in CtD or the Achievement Standards Network that we have discussed here at ISC. He has also funded the “Building Equitable Pathways” initiative that ties so much together, including how wioa and essa interrelate and also tie to Evidence-Based Policymaking. and this quote

      This work, funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, aims to provide youth with the information and support they need to make informed choices for their futures—especially young people who have too often been denied access to these key resources. The goal is to dramatically increase the number of young people, ages 14 to 24, who are Black, Latinx, or experiencing poverty, who have the agency, social capital, skills, and credentials needed to thrive in the workforce and in life. A deep commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion stands at the heart of this initiative.

      from here. Also notice the link to the Equitable Recovery Hub.

        • Maybe that is in the works as a plan b. Let’s say that popular opinion shifts against Gates. In that case he will be replaced by another “messiah” . Gates will get the golden parachute and the new CEO will take on the role of carrying out the corporations dictates.

        • Gates is known in TECH circles as a complete tosser, so his re-invention as a compassionate virus fighter is truly, Orwellian.

          The goal is to dramatically increase the number of young people, ages 14 to 24, who are Black, Latinx, or experiencing poverty, who have the agency, social capital, skills, and credentials needed to thrive in the workforce and in life. A deep commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion stands at the heart of this initiative.

          On the hypocrisy of all of this, a current client informs that she, an African female scientist, was only included in meetings of her climate change foundation cohort when a photo op existed — see, seeming to be ‘diverse’ was as important as ‘seeming’ to fight climate change.

          • I had a case in CA in the mid-90s and ended up sitting next to the head of a well-known tech company who had recently been on a magazine cover with gates and gerstner. Spent hours learning all about the personalities of the tech giants and all sorts of goofy stories, including about how eccentric steve jobs was.

            I was on a webinar this week (until my youngest called for me to please pick her up as we are car sharing and someone got a nail in the rear tire). The Equity agenda involved a student who was breaking my heart. She clearly LOVED the new type of educational environment, but remains uneducated but FEELS empowered. It was all rather sickening.

            I promise to get something new up soon. I really have been doing webinars most days for the last month. Lots of confirmations.

          • Speaking of the Pandemic’s uses–

            Towards a resilient and sustainable digital society
            One of the most pressing challenges and responsibilities for Europe is keeping our planet and people healthy and better preserving our natural foundations of life. The COVID-19 pandemic has provided a warning that new crises of unforeseen nature are likely to emerge in the future. In times where healthcare systems are under unprecedented pressure, digital solutions have proved essential in crisis management. We ought to explore and continuously follow up on the “lessons to be learned” from the COVID-19 pandemic and the boost it has given to digital transformation. We also need to make sure that the increasing use of digital technologies does not harm but rather contributes to people’s physical and psychological well-being. In addition, the digital transformation in Europe needs to be closely aligned with the 2030 Agenda for Sustain-able Development and the Paris Agreement as well as the goals of the European Green Deal. With reference to the current work on Council Conclusions on “Digitalisation for the Benefit of the Environment”, we need to ensure that a sustainable digital transformation serves our citizens and businesses on an individual level as well as our society as a whole, while at the same time safeguarding the preservation of our natural foundations of life.

   from the 8th. This week.

          • Guess who else shifted to the same template of “well-rounded quality education” to change thinnking and “develop positive attitudes”? China

   I watched a new NCEE interview of John MacKay (remember when he headed ATC21S based in Australia that I covered in CtD?) speaking with John White and he was pushing the global vision. They mentioned “their mutual friend David Albury” and his vision of innovation as what the Biden Administration should be pushing where education will become formative, not just performative and move us beyond ‘naked individualism’ and divisive discourse.

            So I found this in Australia from 2016 and it just happens to mention that China had shifted to an “ideas curriculum”. Since I understand the significance of Ascending from the Abstract to the Concrete as developed by the Soviets and Ilyenkov as a new kind of Dialectical Materialism suitable for the MH vision that caught my eye. As the House TV actor used to say: “That explains everything”.


          • Just got an email that Frameworks has joined together with a Center for Translational Neuroscience at U-Oregon.

            Perhaps they can take a look at the neural structures driving Antifa.

            We have moved Christmas Eve up to today because of expected bad weather tomorrow and yesterday I made a tripled serving of my famous Bolognese sauce, a holiday tradition. Doing it outside with in-laws and my mom to keep the younger generation from fretting so much. I think the tendency of colleges to make worldview formation instead of knowledge the focus makes recent college grads in the habit of thinking through theories and thus amenable to things that strike us old-timers as unlikely. I was explaining the ridiculous levels of PCR cycles being used to declare someone as positive, despite no chance for being contagious and a refusal to disclose what the actual PCR was.

            How’s this for a sentiment from Frameworks sent out near the holidays.

            Historically, pandemics have forced humans to break with the past and imagine their world anew. This one is no different. It is a portal, a gateway between one world and the next.

            We can choose to walk through it, dragging the carcasses of our prejudice and hatred, our avarice, our data banks and dead ideas, our dead rivers and smoky skies behind us. Or we can walk through lightly, with little luggage, ready to imagine another world. And ready to fight for it.

            Arundhati Roy, The Pandemic is a Portal

            I am thankful at least for the clarity I now have as to what is being attempted and why. If there is any chance to stop this usurpation of the independence of the human mind from political manipulation it lies in understanding the nature of what is being attempted.

            Happy holidays to all. Hopefully will get something up soon. Much has come together since I wrote this post. The level of confessions has been staggering, which is again something to be grateful for. No need to extrapolate at this point at all. Of course it was the previous extrapolations that told me which groups and institutions to be reading and listening to now. I did need that Deerstalker cap initially to make it to all the confessions now.

            Adding this link as apparently the Roy quote from April available on youtube is now being used as a selling point for the UN’s SDG’s/No One Left Behind By 2030 agenda.

            Well of course, like the emperor in Star Wars, all this has been foreseen here at ISC.

  26. On the coaching front…organizations that I think are complete fronts are: OD Network, U.S. and international bodies, and founded by Edgar Schein. The Society for Organizational Learning (SOL) founded by Peter Senge; virtually ALL coaching networks that were generated by est/Landmark members — all of them.

  27. Update on the ‘evil’ PRC. A Shanghai-based Chinese woman who participates in my weekly Psalms reading group, reported that the CCP has ended its repression of Christian church-goer’s. She said citizens are freely attending the denominations of their choice. Not, what one is hearing in the U.S. news.

    • But are they free now to choose because the denominations have now bowed to ccp authority as to what they can teach and preach? In other words, you now have free access to this belief system because we have quietly changed what the offered belief system will be?

      Notice how international this effort is

          • The Designing for Learning Primer issued by Transcend Education in February 2020 was cited in one of this week’s webinars. I have been rereading this morning thinking about chan zuckerburg financing this along with dropboxes in this ‘special’ US election and grants to money of the counties where the funny business occurred. The biblio cites a Louis Cozolino and his book called The Social Neuroscience of Education. I was not familiar with his work and found this interview that reminded me of many of your concerns going back to the work being done at Esalen and the prisons.

            Oh. Wow. I am adding this quote because it really is right on the money with our dialogue on this going back years.

            SR: Ants are very interesting. That’s a great way to look at it and I completely agree. Moving away from neuroscience for a moment, I’m curious about how your clinical work has changed over the years.
            LC: It’s changed constantly. When I started as a student of pastoral counseling at the Harvard Divinity School, Carl Rogers was one of my teachers, so my first real training was Rogerian. The reason I got interested in counseling in the first place was reading Fritz Perls’ Gestalt Therapy. Then when I ended up at UCLA I realized you have to learn cognitive behavioral therapy whether you like it or not. So I was trained in that. I did a couple of years at a family therapy institute in Westwood in L.A. My supervisors were psychodynamic and my therapist at the time was a Jungian, and then I had a couple of other therapists who were psychodynamic and Gestalt.

            I was working with people who had been severely traumatized as kids, so I got interested in neuroscience through a study of memory, trying to figure out what the heck was going with the memories of people who’d suffered severe trauma.

            Since then, my heart is more in the object relations world, I think mostly because it matches my personality and the type of relationships I like to create with people. But I’ve woven in neuroscience, attachment theory, a bit of EMDR, some meditation and self-awareness exercises. It’s a hodgepodge of all the different things that I’ve learned, but I don’t really feel like I’ve got a hammer and everybody who comes in is a nail. It’s more like I’ve got a toolbox of 30 or 40 years of things that I’ve been collecting and I try to figure out how to match as best I can to the needs and the interests of the client.

        • Look at what Facing History and Ourselves thinks history and lit teachers should be doing starting in 2021

          A New Approach to Teaching the Reconstruction Era

          How does society rebuild after extraordinary division and trauma, when the ideals and values of democracy are most vulnerable?

          The Reconstruction era, most commonly viewed as the period from 1865 to 1877, was a monumental struggle for freedom and democracy in the face of violent backlash. The study of the Reconstruction era in American history is essential to an understanding of citizenship and democracy in the United States today.

          During this course, you will examine this significant period in US history, when Americans were faced with the challenge of restoring a nation amid the social and political upheaval of the Civil War. You will learn to teach about the Reconstruction era using an approach that helps students connect this history to their own lives and the choices they make today.

          By the end of this course, you will be able to:

          Plan and implement a unit of study, built on the Facing History methodology, that focuses on the Reconstruction era of American history and the challenges of creating a just democracy in a time of deep division

          Use key resources and teaching strategies to help students explore the idea that democracy can only remain vital through the active, thoughtful, and responsible participation of its citizens

          Use historical and contemporary examples to develop students’ understanding of Reconstruction’s legacy and the importance of presenting an accurate account of this era

          Learn how to facilitate respectful classroom discussions on difficult issues such as racism, bigotry, and other forms of exclusion in a way that invites personal reflection and critical analysis
          Use new teaching strategies that help students interrogate texts, write and think critically, and discuss controversial issues respectfully

          ” A just democracy in a time of deep division”.

  28. Robin, you have been prolific.

    Cozolino’s brain vomit resembles that of my brother-in-law.

    I have been re-reading Solzhenitzn’s final work and cross referencing it with various Juri Lina writings. Both writers have helped me understand ONE thing, that being that the so-called ‘communists’ were not concurrently atheists — they ‘were’ practicing their religion.

    • Additionally, a great deal of this information became available in 1991 and with the opening of the Soviet archives. A great deal of this information was made public to the citizens of the Russian Federation, e.g. mass graves were located. Seems like pretty big news to me. How come nobody in M’urica seems to know about this?

      • They falsely believed that “we won” and that the threat of communism was over. The info in the last chapter of CtD was simply not on their radar. Probably one reason the book was essentially not to be mentioned by anyone connected to the supposedly conservative state think tanks.

        Just saw this is launching in 2021. Good way to get that noosphere consciousness.

        The goal of the Research on Emerging Technologies for Teaching and Learning (RETTL) program is to support transformative research on advanced technologies for teaching and learning to educate a new generation of students, teachers, educators, and mentors to excel in highly technological and collaborative environments of the future.

        • Maybe, the mistake was to call it “communism” as opposed to a looting operation? Seems to me that the looting 2.0 of the Russian people was accomplished by Summers and Sachs in the early 90’s. Harvard paid the cost of doing business fine.

          • It is so much easier to address this junk if you look at the outcomes, and not the ideology. Do here really was no need to analyze any of their activities through psychological lenses, which kinda assumes that at least some people were acting with good intention. If an organization’s business model is built on money laundering, I don’t think we have to spend too much time on all the cult framework models. Who cares, really. Same thing with the ‘communists’ — waste of time imputing to them some sort of lofty but misguided human purpose. They were/are thugs…who simply use forms of mind control to render their victims ripe for the picking. Also, they get help from the most unlikely places.

          • Speaking of kleptocracy as a form of government, take a look at this, which is the focus of a webinar this afternoon.

            Now is not the time to focus on “getting back to normal.” We need to leapfrog “normal” and aim for something better. We look forward to working with the Biden Administration to create a more resilient, more prosperous, and more equitable future. The following memorandum provides a series of detailed recommendations for policy and regulatory actions which could have a significant, and transformative effect improving the outcomes of systems and institutions that were failing far too many people, even before the pandemic.

            Disparities in health, well-being, and opportunity should matter to us all because the plight of vulnerable populations truly affects everyone. Inequality puts a strain on the vitality and competitiveness of metro areas, suburbs,and rural communities alike. But when all people throughout a community can access good jobs, quality education and training opportunities, and a decent standard of living, they all contribute to the growth of a healthy business ecosystem and an inclusive regional economy. Equitable and attainable workforce participation also contributes to the dynamic economic activity that makes communities prosperous and resilient.

            We urge the Biden Administration to think boldly about the nation’s future and how best to build human capital—especially howto scale education and workforce development solutions that can achieve an equitable and lasting economic recovery.Our nation’s recovery must ensure transformation of outdated education and workforce development systems, foster community revitalization, and provide individuals from all backgrounds with career and educational opportunities and the supports they need to succeed. It should also ensure that businesses have the skilled talent they need to compete in the global economy.

            The question now in front of policymakers, as well as business and civic leaders,is how to create the conditions for an economic recovery that everyone can contribute to and benefit from. Experience and evidence tell us that it will take a strong investment in building the nation’s human capital—with careful attention to people and communities that have historically been denied opportunity. This requires concerted and consistent action across three policy pillars:

            1. Help all people rebound and advance by providing immediate aid to equip individuals with the knowledge, tools, and experiences they need to succeed.
            2. Revitalize regional economies in an inclusive manner to produce sustainable economic growth for all.
            3. Redesign education and workforce development systems to address the needs of a rapidly changing economy by scaling what works and dismantling inequities to better serve the needs of all workers, learners, and businesses.

            Also available are concession to be the provider of unicorns because they are so popular with children. Who says they can not be made to exist by government fiat? Just make it a public policy goal.

        • The pattern w/ the Soviet Union, and the PRC, for that matter, was to collapse the indigenous economy, call ‘communism’ a failure, and then move in with AID, un-repayable loans, and U.S., U.K., French, German or Dutch corporate investment. 80% of corporations in the PRC are ‘foreign-owned’, maybe more. ‘They’ knew that they had ‘defeated’ communism because ‘they’ were already onto the next phase of social, spiritual, economic co-option, IMHO.

          • Take a look at this and “the need to raise children with equity mindsets”. The right kind of belief system.

            Cartoon Network is proving that an audience is never too young, or old, to be educated about racial equality—in this case, with a new anti-racism PSA.

            Although officially released a week ago, a clip of a new PSA Cartoon Network posted to TikTok is now being widely shared across social media platforms. The PSA features Cartoon Network show “Steven Universe” character Pearl challenging viewers to ask themselves exactly what they are learning in classrooms—and to keep in mind who is telling the story.

            We see Pearl (voiced by DeeDee Magno Hall) speaking to a classroom of students, with a powerful message to share:

            “These textbooks are incomplete,” says the alien. “There were Black Roman warriors, Black medieval knights, Black classical musicians, Black cowboys, Black fighter pilots. Where are they? I worry about you humans. You rely on these stories to know your own history. Thanks to systemic racism, most of your storytellers prioritized white accomplishments which leaves you with an incomplete picture.”

      • Well the conversation has come full circle, beginning with a shared reality all the way to mass graves in Russia. What more can I say except that you don’t have to go as far as Russia. Here is a map of mass graves in the Emerald Isle.

        “Ireland 1845-1850, the Perfect Holocaust” by Christ Fogarty. Chris is interviewed by thkelly67. The real truth about the so-called potato famine is so shocking, it literally felt like getting socked in the gut. Well,well,well…and what made it all possible? A coordinated collusion of the church, selling out their own people by the millions.

        • I heard this show and went to Fogarty’s blog. Oh yeh, this story is a horrifying one. If memory serves, the Church was complicit but was not the only ‘actor’. Thanks for sharing this resource!

  29. Robin, thanks for post above about JFF —

    leapfrog “normal”

    Thanks for another term, like “reset” that we are to watch for, thanks to the “opportunities”
    pandemic and postpandemic provide.

    How much influence does JFF have, and who are they? Besides this Transition Paper, do they also have a 3-inch Transition Binder all ready?

    I see they are somewhat about “competency based education”.

  30. Robin, thanks for the post of 12/15 on Covid and commie brainwashing techniques. I have been thinking about a couple of things…in part related to disinformation, and how it works.

    OK, you have many times referenced China and it social credit scoring. Here is ‘how’ I understood this policy. It was my impression that SCSing originally was devised as criteria for the ability to buy a house or apartment. After your TARP funds got shipped to the PRC a gagillion apartment units were constructed. Unfortunately, these were beyond the means of many Chinese and, well, there was a great deal of defaulting on mortgages. So, moving forward, those who aspired to buy an apartment were awarded X points for being married, X points for having been employed in a stable job for X…etc. Honestly, in all my time there, I never heard a Chinese person refer to a social credit score.

    Onto other disinfo — I finished the Juri Lina book last night and what really staggered me was his description of the environmental impact of ‘communist’ eco’nomic management, as in, 1 in 5 Russian children being born with birth defects owing to the absolute fouling of the environment, and the PRC is infinitely worse!!!

    Things can look kinda normal on the surface in a large urban area, but localized Westerners pointed out to me a number of extraordinary practices. OK, if you go to the Costo-equivalent in Shanghai, you will see two grades of cooking oil. One grade is light in color, what you would buy off a shelf in the U.S. The other is quite dark, like burned butter. If you walk around Chinese cities, many are criss-crossed by small waterway channels, maybe two meters wide that seem to be carrying refuse SOMEWHERE. You will see all sort of garbage in these conduits, including human feces. You will also often see an oily slick on the top of its all. That is cooking oil that has been tossed in the canal. I think you see where I am going, here — the lower grade of cooking oil has been recycled from this slick.

    Anyway, it is fair to query any New Green Deal Warrior about socialism’s history of ecological fastidiousness — these people are completely full of shit.

      • This is a great perspective that pertains to covid.

        A reader recently brought to my attention an article that C.S. Lewis had written on the panic over the prospect of an atomic bomb attack that had seized the members of his generation. Lewis’s contemporaries at least had something truly dangerous to fear, for an atomic bomb, being an indiscriminate killer, was certain to leave in its wake widespread destruction and death. Nothing remotely similar can be said for COVID. Still, it is worth revisiting Lewis’s sagacious counsel, as his words resonate, or should resonate, more profoundly for those of us living today than perhaps at any other time within recent memory.

        In “On Living in an Atomic Age,” Lewis shares how he is “tempted to reply” to those who question how life should proceed under the constant threat of nuclear attack. “’Why, as you would have lived in the sixteenth century when the plague visited London almost every year, or as you would have lived in a Viking age when raiders from Scandinavia might land and cut your throat at night; or indeed, as you are already living in an age of cancer, an age of syphilis, an age of paralysis, an age of air raids, an age of railway accidents, an age of motor accident.’”

        Lewis elaborates, warning against the loss of perspective that arises “by exaggerating the novelty of our situation.” Death was “a certainty” long before the invention of the atomic bomb. What “the scientists” have done is simply add “one more chance of painful and premature death to a world which already bristled with such chances [.]”

        This being the case, if and when it comes, “let that bomb…find us doing sensible and human things—praying, working, teaching, reading, listening to music, bathing the children, playing tennis, chatting to our friends over a pint and a game of darts,” and “not huddled together like frightened sheep and thinking about bombs. They may break our bodies…but they need not dominate our minds [.]”

        Lewis concludes with a warning that all of us in the “COVID era” should take to heart:

        “Nothing is more likely to destroy a species or a nation than a determination to survive at all costs.”

        From here

    • The world continues to feel more like a spoof than reality.

      From December 8. I guess it goes well with Humanity 2.0 and IMBES. Was on a webinar yesterday with a new alliance called the Science of Learning and Development that says it is backed by the Zuckerburg Foundation. I guess it goes with all those dropboxes it also funded.

      • Go figure on this one: The Council for Inclusive Capitalism referenced in this article was founded by Lynn Forester De Rothschild. Sounds super ‘inclusive’. Yes, Robin, it is a spoof.

        • How’s this for an early Christmas present?

          How Governments can and should steer their societies?

          Success is a change in habits and in hearts and minds. But the causal process is complex. Sometimes believing precedes doing. Some-times it’s the other way around. For example, first people are forced not to smoke in public places or are required to separate their waste for recycling. Later on they come to believe it’s good and start to feel virtuous as they act in different ways. Some governments have succeeded in steering the big ship of society; others just encountered resistance or derision.

          In other words, steering a society is not at all like steering a ship or a plane. It’s more like steering a flock or a herd. Along the way it requires reassurance, description of barriers and setbacks, running commentary, and rapid action to overcome blockages. This can be difficult. Steering societies to greater tolerance (whether of refugees, transgender people or Roma) often sparks backlashes. Take-up of new opportunities – such as for lifelong learning – may be disappointing. Or there may be complex dynamics. A contemporary example is plastics: what narrative should be offered on plastic recy-cling now that parts of the system have collapsed, and how to deal with complex second order effects (e.g. that awareness of recycling can lead to more materials use not less)?

          Changing habits of mind, heads, and hearts just happen to be the realm of learning standards, whether as called Tranzi OBE in CtD or Portrait of a Graduate now. This is all about turning us invisibly into steerable systems with young people grounded in theory and taught that their Identity is a malleable construct. All grounded in Culture Theory. Fits with all those Finnish Transversal Competencies and their being an ed guinea pig for what then gets exported to larger countries.

          I am adding this because we have both the Chinese Social Credit System as an exemplar as well as what readers of CtD will recognize as the Turchenko model the Soviets created and then promptly has=d translated into English in the 70s.

          This century there are plenty of major tasks requiring steering, including achieving net zero goals, adjusting systems and attitudes to ageing, and genuinely moving towards a culture of lifelong learning.

          The past couple of decades have generated quite a few new tools for steering. There are the very prominent ones of nudges (derived from behavioural economics and psychology) and everyday tools like SMS and targeted messaging that can be used to promote fitness or diets. China’s social credit and feedback systems can be understood as a cluster of powerful new devices for steering behaviour. A very different example are inclusive partnerships with civil society and big business, mobilising its role as employer and provider of consumer goods. There is also now better understanding of how to use cellular methods for more profound behaviour change (where the nudge methods don’t generally work). Governments also increasingly use the language of systems change and whole systems approaches: this recent UK government report on climate change is a good example, though it misses many vital dimensions.

          In my book ‘The Art of Public Strategy’ I argued that how government works, and how it steers, has to reflect the extent of its access to both power and knowledge. Where there is very strong knowledge and power some steering tasks can be implemented using classic government methods (law, directive and performance management). But where knowledge is imperfect there needs to be experimentation to discover what actually works; and where government lacks power (which is most of the time) there needs to be partnership with society, business and others. It follows that most programmes for steering require a combination of top down, middle out and bottom up.

          In my report on how to organise centres of government I also showed the big gap between how most of them are structured and both the contemporary tasks they face (from pandemics to climate change, trust-building to mental health) and tools available (from data to social media). This framework has been applied in a few governments, but most are much better designed for short-term firefighting rather than long-term steering.Perhaps the most important insight of recent years is that steering always involves growing new capabilities, whether in tiers of government, or in business or in society.

          Explains so much. Look especially at that chart on page 12. This is unquestionably the Upravleniye vision for managing the West again developed by the Soviets, but also pushed by systems theorists like the Laszlos–father and sons.

        • I am adding this on my point above about Finland because it turns out Brookings had a paper on this and was again using Finland as the reason to alter ed globally to do well on PISA. Please see my more relevant than ever discussion on DeSeCo and the creation of PISA in CtD.

          If we teach using a breadth of skills approach, we adapt how we teach to the ways that human brains learn. In short, our global, “factory-based” models of education were fashioned as “sage on the stage,” or “empty vessel,” approaches in which teachers are purveyors of knowledge that is poured into the empty heads of eager students.26-28 This contrasts with the more Socratic “guide at the side” models in which children are active participants in their own learning.29 Internationally, this approach contributed to Finland’s educational success. There, high-stakes standardized tests were exchanged for a pedagogical approach that emphasizes collaboration and frequent opportunities for students to be engaged learners and to make their own decisions in the classroom—ideas that ironically originated in the United States, but were widely implemented in Finland.30 In fact, a growing number of countries, including Chile, Sweden, and Singapore, are following in Finland’s footsteps and dropping high stakes testing in favor of more equitable models that focus on the role of play and whole-child education.31 Finland also emphasizes educational and broader societal equity, as well as teacher education that attracts highly motivated teacher candidates with evidence-based training. These features act in concert with the pedagogical methods described here to foster Finland’s remarkable educational prowess.

          From here

          I was also on a webinar explaining how ‘e-learning experiences’ are to be standardized and the presenter gave as an example K-12 digital learning in response to the ‘Common Core competencies‘. Yet another aspect that CtD nailed years ago because I understood the law was being used to force a madate of a particular vision. Now that Demos paper on steering openly calls the law a major resource to force the desired steering.

          • Finland’s renowned educational prowess … well I can think of exactly one leading intellectual that’s come from Finland, and that’s Linus Torvalds who lead the development of Linux.

            He eventually moved to California.

            There may be other worthy ones I don’t know about, but it’s not like the place is producing lots of Nobel Prize winners.

            Maybe what they’re praising is the non-diverse educational outcomes — very few fail to learn basic academic skills. But does it have anything to do with their population that’s not diverse in other ways either?

          • Stalin always said Finland was a perfect place to experiment with theories that could then be exported to the West. Supposedly it is why he never invaded.

            I was just reading this on the lockdowns in Europe exceeding anything Lenin could have dreamed of when it comes to population control.

            He is wrong though about a couple of things. First, he misspells dirigisme and then he misattributes it as social control. No, that would be Upravleniye, which is precisely where all this is leading.

            Secondly, all skies are not the same. We had a reminder here in the Atlanta area Christmas Eve after unexpected snow showers in mid-afternoon were followed by the most unexpectedly brilliant pink sky to the West beyond the clouds and with the sun setting to the West. The science nerd I am married to explained to our kids something about refracting out the blue green spectrum of light that is normally dominant. Everyone who saw it was struck by its intensity and unusual spectrums of light. A fitting end to 2020.

            It turns out too that Jupiter and Saturn are not the only convergences going on. The link between the Prog narrative on education led by LDH as an exemplar (and she is advising Biden just like she did Obama) and the coordinated False Narrative on the Common Core that commenced in earnest in 2011 and has always put out superficially cogent explanations that are only disprovable by someone like me that knows this area thoroughly has come together. Will try to get something short up before I shift into black eyed peas, greens, and cornbread preparation.

    • Notice once again the determination to rewire the brain to create the desired citizens for ‘democracy’. Whatever it takes to get transformationalists pulling the levers of political power apparently.

      Most of us know that education needs to transform to meet the demands of a changing world, but we struggle with the details of making this a reality.

      In 2012, my two co-founders and I were a little curriculum department at a network of schools in Washington, DC. We puzzled over how the prescribed curriculum or required standards of learning could be harnessed to allow students to transfer their understanding to new situations.

      After many years of tinkering, iterating, risk-taking, and synthesizing countless approaches and research, we have recently boiled it down to a few steps and ways to approach teaching, which we call the ACT Model for learning that transfers: Acquire understanding of single concepts; Connect those concepts in relationships; Transfer those connections to new situations. It’s simple yet powerful.

      …The most frequent and immediate change we see is intentional planning for organizing concepts that build a structure or framework of understanding in the brain. Teachers organize their units to have an overarching frame, so that all of the various activities help students to connect what they are learning to their lives outside of school. What felt disjointed or fragmented now feels connected and whole, to students and teachers alike.

      Her group is called Education to Change the World and based on the quote above, it’s prerequisite is a manipulated neural net internalized as the basis of motivation, perception, and decision-making. I knew that but the current confirmations just get coming.

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