Still a Frightening Prospect and No Longer Far Away at All

Why is it that what appears to most people to be innocent phrases of general intent like school choice, social emotional learning standards, the rule of law, or competence (just to cite a few examples I have dealt with) provoke such a strong, specific reaction from me? Because I read the books and articles where people lay out intentions that were never meant to be openly and accurately discussed. For example, back on October 27- November 2, 1968, just before the close and contentious US Presidential election, the Rockefeller Foundation turned over its lovely Bellagio, Italy retreat to the OECD Long-Range Forecasting and Planning Symposium. Once again our invites were lost, but this retreat focused on a “new kind of planning” and the redesign of social systems and the need to “dynamically change human values” to fit with this desire to plan “the creation of a future society.”

The ‘old’ concept of planning had been “essentially short-range in scope” with a concentration “on changing variables within a given system.” Out with the Old and In with the New was big in that epochal year of student riots around the world. The ‘new’ planning would be “essentially long-range in scope” with its concentration “on changing the system itself, i.e. its structure as well as its variables”. All those things I am so concerned about discussing on this blog or in my book Credentialed to Destroy go to invisibly implementing that second conception of planning. The word ‘system’ itself, unfortunately, includes people, hopefully captured during their neurobiologically most malleable years at school. Let me quote from just how extensive the desired planning was and where our title comes from as it is my belief that this is still where the Right and Left Pincer action of the think tanks, politicians, and governments at all levels in every country are taking us.

“The dominant concern over systems design, which expressed itself in the discussions, clearly arises from the recognition that planning ought to be integrative, i.e, cutting across a multitude of dimensions, in particular, social, economic, political, psychological, anthropological, and technological dimensions…the discussions of the Symposium dealt exclusively with two type of joint systems only–the society/technology and the man/society systems.

This restriction was also borne out by the statement that mankind, in its evolutionary process, is now moving from the era of environmental control (achieved through technology) into the era of social systems, whereas the era of individual systems is still far away–indeed a frightening prospect.”

A frightening prospect indeed and precisely where student-centered personalized learning is unquestionably taking us, but that’s not what we are talking about today. I want to explain what happens when the desire for such planning and redesign of what people are at an internalized level, and the human institutions and places they interact with daily, decides to use the law to obtain the necessary coercion. When someone begins to tout the Rule of Law from now on, I want everyone’s anti-manipulation radar to begin to spin at Full Alert Status. Let’s start with a book communitarian prof Amitai Etzioni, who is also the Active Society architect, touted as “If you are going to read only one book in preparation for the 90s–make it this one”–Mary Ann Glendon’s Rights Talk.

Now I had already encountered Professor Glendon insisting that the Rule of Law must be used to get the Universal Declaration of Human Rights into daily operation as a binding obligation. She had already moved well beyond any historic sense of the term–Rule of Law.  In her 1991 book she complained that the law has for too long ignored its potential for a “right ordering of our lives together” where there would no longer be “silence with respect to personal, civic, and collective responsibilities.” If someone sees “legal discourse…as the most important tributary to political discourse” where is it they want to start? Why that would be at the now familiar levels of education and media coverage that “help to shape the interior world of beliefs, attitudes, dreams and yearnings that are the hidden springs of individual and social action.”

A bit more recent Call to Arms for the Global Planning Set is “The Global Values Discourse” from 2012 from Garry Jacobs and Winston Nagan. It lets us know that commencing in 2010 the influential Club of Rome (also started at Bellagio about the same time as that planning conference) and the WAAS–World Academy of Arts & Sciences–laying out an affirmative, normative use of the law for “charting a better collective future for humanity based on universal values for sustaining a world order in the common interest.” If that sounds glorious, be careful as Brazil and Venezuela got touted as early implementers of this Human Development vision and both now have platitudes, dysfunction, and a shortage of toilet paper.

Nevertheless, the point of this post is to alert us all that the Rule of Law now is often obscuring a reality that seeks to “alter our fundamental conception of the source of rights throughout the world and weave a new narrative that embraces and assigns a rightful place to the individual, the community, the nation-state and humanity.” How many of us are aware that the same Institute for the Future which wants to redesign education and use gaming to recreate desired mindsets has also created “An Inventors Toolkit” called “Governance for the Future.” If that’s not concerning enough as a means “to reimagine society for an age of planetary challenges and human responsibility,” how about their involvement in the April 2013 Reconstitutional Convention, “convening a community of social inventors and innovators passionate in designing and creating new governance systems.”

Now if we visit that site we will find Texas Law Professor Sanford Levinson as one of the listed speakers talking about “Is ‘Reflection and Choice’ Possible in the 21st Century?” If that name is familiar he was the first to call for a Constitutional Convention in his 2006 book Our Undemocratic Constitution. His work for a Recon Con should concern us in contemplating where such a Convention of the States would really end up. So should his prior work for the Soros-funded Constitution in 2020 that I have also written about. It does look like the Right and Left Pincers are all interested in disregarding our current Constitution as in the way of pursuing what Justice Breyer called Active Liberty in the August 15 Hic Sunt Dracones post.

Also be aware that in 2008 Columbia Human Rights Law Review published a special issue to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights. That issue insisted that this aggressive conception of Human Rights being asserted now in the legal training of lawyers “are rooted not in constitutions, treaties, or legislative acts, but in our very structures as human beings. According to [UDHR], these rights are universal because they are ‘indispensable for…[the] dignity and the free development of…[human] personality.'” Now I may recognize a direct quote from Uncle Karl when I read it, but the average law student does not when told this is the purpose now of the law.

Moreover there is no tip off in the law article on what the UDHR was in turn quoting from. Just one final opening sentence that “They are rights that every government, from the weakest to the most powerful, is legally and morally bound to respect, protect, and fulfill.” It should bother us that the US Human Rights Fund created a report called the Revolution of the Mind. Just like every other revolutionary, they recognize that to be successful in the long run it is the individual mind and personality that must be controlled and redesigned. Unfortunately, no one seems to regard this as a Frightening Prospect anymore. Just a necessary and exciting one that can now be successfully hidden in an online gaming assessment, unappreciated language in a charter, or in the terms outlining acceptable learning methods to be deemed a qualified provider able to accept money from an Education Savings Account.

Out of sight doesn’t mean the Rule of Law with its acute interest in planning at all levels and implementing the UDHR, like it or not, isn’t being bindingly put into place. Just because we do not consider ourselves to be governed doesn’t mean that others have not conceived plans to limit what we can be and control what we must do. Here’s a good example that’s probably completely off our radars. In October 2016 the Habitat III conference commences in Quito with all sorts of revolutionary binding plans for us. is the most recent draft of those plans. A few days before in Bogota (keeping it in same continent and he World Summit of Local and Regional Leaders laying out their plans for us. Here is the UCLG Definition of Local Governance:

“Governance is made up of the political and institutional processes through which decisions are taken and implemented. Governance is most effective when these processes are participatory, accountable, transparent, efficient, inclusive, and respect the rule of law. Good governance is particularly important at local level, where governments interact with citizens and communities on a daily basis.”

I could add that those governments are almost never forthcoming in those daily interactions about what they are really up to, but my point in this post is the dangers in failing to appreciate when planning and the rule of law are actually being used to impose the Human Development Society’s tenets with most of us being none the wiser. In other words, I want people to recognise what is being attempted before the toilet paper runs out and more minds are manipulated as if they were simply malleable play-doh that needs to be made amenable to these plans and new values. In late 2014, HUD commenced a National Preparatory process to implement the rights and obligations being laid out at Habitat III. shows that process in case we also missed that invite.

Anyone hear of the Affirmatively Furthering Inclusive Housing edict? That’s part of the Habitat III creation of new obligations and responsibilities. There were also HUD co-hosted Regional Convenings in Chicago on March 31 (Learning from the City), Philadelphia on May 17 (The City We Want & Need), Denver on May 20, Miami on June 13, and El Paso, Texas on June 22-23, 2016 in case we are neither employees of the Chamber of Commerce or community organizers and thus failed to get an invite.

With respect to the true nature of education reforms, the dramatic alteration in the purpose of the law and what the phrase Rule of Law actually now means, or what is really being imposed on us in the name of meeting human needs, none of us can dissent if we buy into all the false narratives floating around. These have been created by connected entities like think tanks or the Frameworks Institute or even formerly trusted institutions like the PTA , Girl Scouts, or even local churches precisely so laws can be used to bind and ultimately stifle dissent. Our job as still free parents, citizens, and taxpayers is to recognize all these coordinated plans for what they are and what they intend to do to us.

These are all frightening prospects and some are no longer far away at all.

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  1. BGC- After being a student at Georgia universities for now my fourth year, which includes the Univ.Of Georgia, Georgia Southern, West Georgia Univ., and Armstrong Univ. in Savannah, Most of the students are indoctrinated, they have no choice. Armstrong was the most balanced, ( which means you could choose a few courses in English that did not teach Social Justice such as Shakespeare and Chaucer, but UGA has managed to connect Shakespeare to “Women’s .Lib,” and all Post Colonial Literature courses find a lessor know or unknown authors to criticize the US and England for wiping out all of the innocent natives. Social Justice themes have overtaken Literature and History. The most controversial and radical center is West Georgia Univ, with their online courses, courtesy of the state where all indoctrination is handled by the professor in each class. Any descendent input is frozen by the computer. I have witnessed all. There is a way to confront that, which I employed at four of the institutions.

    • Bgc-I read the 2011 book The Techno-Human Condition this summer which in turn cited a 1973 paper by Rittel & Webber called “Dilemmas in a General Theory of Planning.” When I looked for it, one of the many places I found it was on a Ga Tech website as it was being assigned as part of public policy planning curriculum.

      Here’s a quote “In a setting in which a plurality of publics is politically pursuing a diversity of goals, how is the larger society to deal with its wicked problems in a planful way. How are goals to be set, when the valuative bases are so diverse?” Imagine being credentialed with a Masters or Doctorate to get a job with all these incorporated cities around metro atlanta because naive citizens thought that was the best way to protect themselves from the bad ideas of the City of Atlanta itself. Instead with each incorporation they were turning ever more power to the ARC. The Obama administration bumped up the power of the MPOs just this summer.

  2. See, Robin, it’s posts like this one that made me stop reading you.

    This is scary stuff. And I see it happening in my own city, yet I’m helpless to stop it. There’s a local activist fighting against Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030 implementation, and he’s treated like he’s a nutball. Simply attending meetings and speaking up isn’t getting him anywhere but brought to the attention of the Bad Guys. He IS spreading some awareness, but at great personal cost, and I doubt it’s enough anyway.

    “Learned helplessness” is a powerful tool.

    • In the last 10 days or so I have gone through all the papers I collected in more than 3 years of research. I have sorted it based on what broader plans I know it relates to as well as what precisely is being implemented in education. I have gotten reaquainted with the enormity of what is being planned and just how long it has been going on. This post was a warning of what I can see of the law as a weapon that is meant to be invisible.

      It is also probably the last of the longer explanations I will write until after I get the sequel in the hands of editors. I am going to stay with the blog somewhat because who else accurately and immediately recognizes the essence of what they see at this point and how it all fits together. Plus as my children say, I am inside my head too much every day when I write anyway. Chatting on the blog about what is happening to people in real time remains a good relief.

      I am easily the least nutty person you will ever meet with a mean sense of humor. It does help given the seriousness of this story that seems to have decided I am its designated spokesperson. I tend to think what is more scary than the factual posts I alert people with would be having all this till occurring without recognizing what is going on. I remain astonished that professors will simply write about targeting the ‘microlevel’ and not have any empathy for the real people and especially children they are actually describing. I agree these are scary plans, but they are indisputably real and extraordinarily well-documented. In my book I mentioned how proud Brameld was with all the Marxism students took in never realizing that was the true source. The idea that law students are those being trained now and not just sociology students who at least had cause to be careful as to the source is beyond alarming.

      Glad you came back at some point and please stay. Otherwise ‘evidence-based policymaking’ becomes a script to force us into something we once fought wars to reject.

      Actually after I finished this post I went to mop the kitchen floor and bake some chicken thighs for a lemony chicken risotto I am making for dinner. Nothing like cooking to keep it all into prespective.

    • I am in a group that collects the various strategies used to silence people. Many who are attacked detect a “devise”, but not wanting to appear nutty or paranoid, don’t chase it down which would reveal a technique was precisely what they experienced. Here is one book written on some strategies: “Social Justice Warriors (SJWs) always lie” and how to handle them.

      American Thinker had these comments on the book, “nobody does anything about them, except for controversialist Vox Day who has just released an ebook on how to fight back against the SJWs, SJWs Always Lie: Taking Down the Thought Police.

      The book is an extension of numerous blog posts on Day’s take-no-prisoners Vox Popoli blog, and tells readers how to recognize SJWs, how to deal with an SJW attack on you at work, how to fight back against the SJWs”

      Read more:
      Follow us: @AmericanThinker on Twitter | AmericanThinker on Facebook

  3. “Because I read the books and articles where people lay out intentions that were never meant to be openly and accurately discussed.”

    I urge every to listen to this audio of an except from Propaganda historian Alex Carey’s book explaining what “think tanks” truely are. We have all been lead to believe think tanks are bastians of high quality intellect, but are just highly paid propaganda producers whose talent is bought and sold to make the most absurd sound justifiable. Probably like acadamia, full of “spooks” (cia assets paid and papered to pose as professors and scholars in campuses which are really “fronts”). This excerpt explains think tank created “treetop propaganda” which is aimed at policy and law makers, leadership level, etc. vs their “grassroots propaganda” which would be aimed at the students, masses, etc.:

    • Thank you for posting this! I have only listened to the intro (I went to the beginning), but I can tell, it’s exactly what I’ve been looking for.

      And away I go 🙂

    • I listened to the whole thing. The information is excellent, though I think the author and I may place blame in different places. I’m more of the mind that government intervention is more dangerous than business, that these corporations couldn’t have the power they do without the cooperation of government.

      In any case, it was well worth the hour spent listening.

    • I don’t agree with the video’s perspective. Its objection to neoconservatism is that it isn’t big government liberalism. Mine is that it isn’t real conservatism either.

      For one thing, I think the whole movement is neoconservatism, both the treetops and the grassroots. Maybe it was divided, I didn’t notice but then I wasn’t looking for details. It all just felt wrong to me, from beginning to end.

      It was sold to the Republican audience as being conservatism, and the old flavor (say, Coolidge, or Goldwater) was taken away. So this is all they had. They voted for people like Romney because the Dem candidates made even less sense, and they were told to like it. It seems they never really believed the propaganda too deeply.

      Because Trump came along, gave them an old timey choice, and a large number of Republicans dumped the party line like the manipulated trash it was. The “evangelicals” (Why is that even a political category? Just because it ties to a segmented message used to keep those people in line.) were supposed to vote for Cruz, a very serious candidate, but they couldn’t leave him fast enough to go to Trump. You don’t have to be pro-Trump to see it this way, although I am. You just have to observe what happened in the Republican primaries.

      The video’s “treetops” positions are vs. strawmen.
      Clean Air? That’s a new policy since the 1970.

      Social responsibility to provide jobs for all who want them? Where did that come from? Economists have spoken of a natural rate of unemployment as long as I’ve been aware of such things. A couple hundred years ago you followed your father into his trade, and the government probably didn’t know or care.

      Union power? Before FDR, not that long ago there was no such thing as unions at all.

      Government involvement in the economy? That’s another place where the video assumes the New Deal was the status quo.

      • As to your points take a look at this just announced program from the US Chamber of Commerce.

        In particular I noticed the Data for Good panel with a senior fellow from the Mercatus Center heading the panel. When I first discovered there was an Atlas Network and that it was the overarching entity of lots of think tanks who claimed to be conservative, but whose rhetoric and hyped speakers did not fit, my research kept taking me to the Mercatus Center. F H Buckley of The Way Back with its fondness for citing Marxists without noting their known alliance is also tied to mercatus. The Law & Economics program he heads is, I believe, pushing the conceptions of the Process Theory of the Law with different rationales. It fits with what I have been able to piece together, but then I am a lawyer who both knows economics as well as other behavioral sciences. I can recognize what I am looking at, however, someone else categorizes it to obscure why one should be careful using the offered market-based analysis.

        This also launched this week. for Workforce Partnerships. Turchenko must be so happy his template is in such widespread use.

      • “I don’t agree with the video’s perspective.” I agree and didn’t remember to point out my intention was to point out my alarm is with the “techniques” being used at the leadership and follower levels. I study “technique” so much that I rarely address the perspective because it is usually also part of the technique and here is why:

        In Antony Suttons intro to his book, “America’s Secret Establishment”, Sutton says this: “my real intent, to generate an exploration of Hegelian influence in modern America, … this can be attributed to an educational system based on a statist-Hegelian philosophy, and which has already achieved the “dumbing down” of America.

        This disastrous, destructive philosophy, the source of both Nazism and Marxism, has infected and corrupted our constitutional republic. Much of the blame for this corruption is with an elitist group of Yalie “Bonesmen.” Their symbol of Skull and Bones, and their Hegelian philosophy, says it all, although with typical duplicity, they would have you believe otherwise.

        …Our two-party Republican-Democrat (= one Hegelian party, no one else welcome or allowed) system is a reflection of this Hegelianism. A small group – a very small group – by using Hegel, can manipulate, and to some extent, control society for its own purposes.”

        This is why I focus so strongly on technique; I figure if “their” mouth is moving, they are probably performing a technique. “They” play both sides of all fences.

        The “evangelicals” (Why is that even a political category? Foundationally, non-Catholic Christianity, the belief man is created and given rights by God that no man is allowed to take away, is the biggest obstacle to the One World System. The powers-that-be pretend to give this mostly-publically-schooled, Hegalinized, group a voice but infiltrate this group, subvert then justify. Its a show leaving the bulk of this deceived, trusting, group scratching their heads.

        “The video’s “treetops” positions” Do you think the Dallas Police shooting is going to make officers more suspicious of non-police than they already were?

        “Social responsibility to provide jobs for all who want them?” I think this question came from Noam Chomsky (looks like a spook to me); how nice of him to point out the technique for people like me looking for “techniques”. I only agree that this is a propaganda technique: steering what questions are shown to be important so that their “experts” can give a complicated justifiable answer.

  4. It’s AFFH, Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing

    and we in Westchester County NY have been under a settlement related to it for 7 years. The time is about up. Maybe it expires about the same time as Obama’s term in office, or even sooner, and we can just drop all the nonsense.

    They’ve been developing helpful data, so that entities eager to comply with their obligations related to it can know how to do it. LOL, this is they way they write their stuff.

    It applies only to those who have a nexus to HUD. Fortunately most entities can avoid that just not by taking any of their filthy money. Then they won’t be asking you embarrassing questions about all the sort of stuff covered by this cool mapping tool. It’s surely helpful if you’re moving to a new city and want to know where the bad neighborhoods are.

        • Guess what is once again being hyped? In it we learn that governments should steer, not row. Sound familiar?

          When I put the term ‘catalytic government’ into a search engine one of the results was from the Peoples Republic of China in 2015. That’s a bit alarming, huh? Stay dry this holiday weekend as Hermine churns through. Hard to believe Florida went more than a decade between storms hitting. I was there in 2004 when Francis came through Labor Day Weekend and for Dennis in 2005 as it took the crest off the dunes all along 30-A. My middle child still remembers what it is like to go to the grocery before a storm and it be all grown men filling up carts with beer.

          The search also pulled up this eric link. Notice the end where the Education Commission of the States says these principles apply to all publicly-funded institutions. Now think of various measures having to do with subjective wellbeing as being the performance measures at issue. Feeling reengineered yet?

          • “…the primary goal was to create teacher leaders who would develop meaningful and engaging learning experiences using technology.”

            Teacher Leaders, eh? A/K/A Kapos. Control Agents. Nice to now how easy they are to collaborate with so that kids’ thinking can be made visible for meaningful and excellent changing.
            Dear Lord.
            Even better when the digital group project can make every students thinking visible to everyone all at once. Digitally designed thinking, peer pressure and conformity is a boon for glorious next Tuesday.

            At daughter’s convocation ceremony last weekend the president of the esteemed university actually said ” We all know that groups think better than individuals alone.”
            True Story.

          • Yes my husband had a similar reaction to what was said at my youngest’s convocation. It wasn’t news to me, but it is now so open. One parent picked up on a comment made and asked a follow-up question into precisely what they meant by Change Agent Training. The example provided was rather disingenuous although the relieved parent took it at face value apparently.

            Take a look at what is casually admitted to here on precisely what learning analytics is doing.

        • Madmommy that’s a great article. Astorino is an absolute hero. I’ll supply some funny details below.

          We were put under this settlement because our previous County Executive, Spano (his family is big in garbage hauling, not that there’s anything wrong with that; now his brother is Mayor of Yonkers) took HUD money and didn’t do as promised with it. This created a weakness that HUD used to force us into the 7 year agreement. I still remember about 7 years ago getting a flyer in the mailbox telling us that as a very white community, we were a “Community of Opportunity” for this new inclusion initiative, where “fair and affordable” housing would be built and people of the right color found to live in them. Then I and many of my neighbors started finding out what was going on. Astorino ran on the Republican line for County Executive and won that election (don’t recall if it was before or after the flyer) and the next one.

          It’s a settlement between HUD and Westchester County. Within the county are Towns (every square inch is within some Town), Villages and Cities — none of which have any contract with HUD. We have Home Rule under the NY State Constitution, so what really should have happened was the County should have kept trying to comply with its deal, but Towns and Villages that didn’t want it would just refuse to build it. Zoning would be a strong reason for such a refusal, but other things like Town planning board approval should work as well. I don’t know why that didn’t happen anywhere. There was blanket publicity about our “obligation” to build this housing, even though only Astorino’s county government had any such obligation.

          Governor Cuomo has been sneakily trying to promote regionalism and undermine Home Rule by giving lower taxes to regional projects, which create some binding legal ties and weaken local independence. He tried that a few years, nobody took the bait, and that effort seems to have gone dormant.

          The Housing Settlement turned our whole county Republican, although only by a small margin. Same for my Town. When I spoke to our newly elected Republican Town Supervisor at a party, I had had several glasses of wine already (the theme was wine tasting, I am telling you the truth) and so I was uninhibited. I said my wife and I didn’t want this housing in town and couldn’t he just ignore the whole thing due to Home Rule. He said he and the town attorney (a very solid sober guy, we’re lucky to have him) were scared Obama would step in with federal oversight of our little town. He was scared to death of that. And so we have plans to build a little bit of this housing, down near the other affordable housing we built about 10 years ago, when a Dem was Supervisor.

          The previous Town Supervisor, a Dem, served for a long time. He is an architect. His firm designed the proposed Affordable Housing to be located in (wait for it) Chappaqua! But Hillary doesn’t have to worry. The location of this planned housing is not next to her house. It’s on a sort of three sided plot of land, with a freeway on one side, a busy road on one side, and the commuter train line on the remaining side, barely big enough to fit the building.

          and the judge in that story even says Astorino broke some rule by not pushing hard enough to overcome the opposition in Chappaqua. As best I can make out, that opposition was appalled that nobody, rich or poor, should live in that location, and that a better location could be found near the village center.

          This says something about Democrats. I haven’t heard Bill or Hillary weigh in on the housing settlement at all.

          Personally I don’t mind if they build on that ridiculous patch of ground between the highways and the train. And then nobody moves in, and it’s all OK.

          I don’t live in Chappaqua but about 15 miles away.

          The 7 years are about up. I haven’t heard of any extensions in the works. Maybe when the period is expired, we can just stop all the projects where ground was not broken, and maybe some where it was, or convert them to better market-rate projects.

          • Obviously the NW is nothing like your area in development, however, the housing debacle is still present here. The most popular action of choice in this part of the country is to change the zoning of a plot then force the housing right in the middle of the town. Typically next to or near a library/ community center that has been remodeled using urban renewal funds.

          • LL-there is a road redesign here where I live that makes no sense and when questioned about the design the idiot mayor here in sandy springs (who works as a lobbyist for a law firm wanting to expand its municipal bond practice during the week) said that it was not possible to not change the road because that would mean returning federal dollars.

          • I saw something on the news about NorthWest landlords being forced to take tenants on a first-come first-serve basis, in an effort to quell discrimination. Have you heard about this? Has the policy been implemented?

          • Similar but stealthier in my town. Lots of land banking and mystery shops and fly by night restaurants… All so shady. I just wonder about the drips of this only coming from Kurtz then silence. Smart growth seems to have been another me hanism for boosting fed money for ” and other ” activities and change agent pockets. Few poor people are moving to these swanky high density places. Thats the front. Minimums that cant be met.
            Remember the ” poor door ” story out of brooklyn?

        • All this we hear about “over population” is not about “science”, but about “sustainability” for the new one world government as well. That is why they need to control who gets medical services and who gets pain control only.

          • War and vaccines and eventually gun control, are actually population control devises for aiding the government in their sustainable control over everyone on the plantation (oops, I mean planet). Google “democide” (death by government). Government is the biggest killer on the planet and they want to take our guns? Lets hope the mother load of Americans don’t fall for it, lest we go the way of Russian and Chinese governments executing millions of their citizens in the name of “sustainability”.

            Here is a cute little “Psyop” (psychological operation) I have now heard of being repeated in 3 schools to terrify children into being anti-gun.

          • I’m sorry; I don’t mean to beat a dead horse, but this hits too close to home on too many fronts.

            Has the government wondered WHY all these kids are addicted to drugs? (Never mind that the term “addiction” gets spread around like butter.) Maybe they’re traumatized by the new educational techniques. Maybe they’re pissed off (excuse me) that their parents dumped them in daycare at six weeks old. Maybe they don’t have dads. Or maybe, they’re rebelling against the system, like I (stupidly) did–and playing right into the Controllers’ hands. I learned a LOT during my foray into…and out of…drug abuse, without the “help” of government, and I’m better for it. Kind of like an “adult”.

            And now, when my husband legitimately needs pain relieving drugs, he can’t get them. It’s like they WANT him to stop working. (I’m sorry, I’m starting to sound…paranoid.)

          • I am so sorry for your husband. I am missing the receptors and have been at stroke levels of pain before with the doctors wondering quite what to do. Pain can make you feel inhuman as you will your way through it.

            The fact that the White House held a symposium this June called Artificial Intelligence for Social Good is just more icing on this planning cake but it is what it is.

            Having someone from Microsoft do the keynote certainly puts this all into perspective, especially given all the funding from Gates into the real classroom implementation around a neurobiological emphasis as well as MS being a partner in Fadel’s Center for Curriculum Redesign.

            We can choose to ignore or to track but there really is no ambiguity as to what is literally being planned for us. That handy dandy Rule of Law is set to be used too. If not one of those Bipartisan, Bicameral statutes in pursuit of cybernetic steering at all levels of government there is always Obama’s pen and an Executive Order as appears to be the case with bypassing the Senate on the Climate Change treaty. Anything that forces the steering apparently.

          • Look at the age of who needs to be made aware of the SDGs and the preferred level of implementation.

            No telling what the poor children will come to believe that isn’t actually so in order to change their behavior in preferred ways.

            Nomenklatura remains a very good descriptive term, just like upravleniye. Those who can wealth from controlling power and political institutions. Who needs to actually own anything or be productive? That reality is what starts the journey to Brazil or Venezuela.

            This is also interesting.

          • With the new “War On Opiates”, pain relief is no longer available to whomever needs it. Any medication with hydrocodone (“Vicodin”) in it became federally regulated as of late 2014; now, Obama is implementing a task force to go after over-prescribing doctors.

            My husband can’t get the relief he needs, AND IT’S WRONG.

          • Recynd,
            Off ISC topic but related to pain:
            I am so sorry to hear about your husband’s ( and Robin’s) pain. My husband is dealing with this now too unfortunately. And the control of medicines for mature adults is truly getting out of hand I agree. Something to look into which some people have good results with, although it is not a quick fix and takes time for pain management, is pancreatic enzymes. Specifically the Wobenzyme N brand. Check it out. It may help. It may not but its worth a shot.

        • Oh that Future of Life bit is a treat. Were the glorious participants in Puerto Rico when they sprayed for Zika with toxic Naled? Sorry. Too Dark.

          • Did you notice the omnipresent Cass sunstein present at the related Effective Altruism conference? Honestly these people do believe behavioral science can run the world and no one will notice, We have noticed.

            Just back from a pig roast. Time for football.

          • Cannot comment on thread above so will insert here.
            At daughter’s convocation ceremony last weekend the president of the esteemed university actually said ” We all know that groups think better than individuals alone.”
            True Story.

            Aces, a note for you I thought you may find entertaining, Robin too. As a member of the school improvement team at a small private school our most recent 6 hour (torture) workshop had us immediately separated into preselected group seating. Being familiar with the set up and observant while mingling I noticed one name tag at each cell had a green dot in the corner, including mine. Did not take long to discover those flagged had working knowledge of educational history and current culture change attempts. I guess the new principal, a former public administrator who adores service learning, wanted no dissent. In frustration with his plan I posed questions to fellow green dotters in group discussion to distract from some planned discourse. When I stayed to help clean up the administrator asked why I chose to ask questions to those individuals. I responded that I noticed his game and wanted to play along with the other green dot chess pieces. He laughed and openly said he wondered if he’d get caught flagging the ‘philosophers’ at each table. Oy! See, they are like robots, just chugging along implementing their training.

  5. Not sure you’ll be able to follow my train of thought, but I have been thinking about the fact that we have a candidate for president who wants to bring back manufacturing to this country. I remember clearly when it was dismantled and forced into other countries at the hands of think tank proposals when the Heritage Foundation and a few others like it put NAFTA together during the final Reagan Administration. Bill Clinton is being blamed for signing NAFTA, but that was the last step in putting that piece of law into action, not the formulating and writing of its text.

    While I am not a Clinton ( any of them ) fan, I have to give credit where it’s due. Newt Gingrich, Alvin Toffler and other “thinkers” of the World Future Society aided the effort with their projections of the United States becoming the “information center” for the world. That precluded the US having a manufacturing base and being self sufficient. That train of thought and action is one of the things that has set us up to become a country of people who are trapped inside our brains, not having a fully developed “body” to use, making us ripe for the abuse that comes with social and emotional learning, common core, etc.

    It’s time to examine what the “thinkers” have done to us and give them the boot.

    • Thanks CPW. Speaking of thinkers look at the Mindfulness now openly coming into so many of our schools. With it we get the body but a vastly diminished brain.

      I was too busy in the 90s with small children and grasping all the changes to healthcare to really get all the hype over nafta. Glad we have veterans like you who have vivid memories of what was said and done at the time.

    • I think the right word for it is “neocons”. Not sure if they’re much different from the opposing party, “neolibs”. Both worthless, both use Newspeak to style themselves as “conservatives” and “liberals”, which they’re not.

      Reagan started off good and turned into a mess. Gingrich did some weird neo- type things too. I remember when that Toffler-esque stuff was the rage. It sold books, but did anyone actually take it seriously as more than some tentative ideas and thoughts? Apparently so. To be honest, some of our typical phrases “American dream”, and of course Reagan’s “shining city on a hill”, invoke a freedom from reality that’s dangerous to your wealth. Let’s be rooted in reality. Well I’m a Capricorn so that’s how I think, but I also think it’s right and it’s saved me many times.

      When people compare Trump to Reagan, I think they’re underselling Trump. Trump is truly old-school. He’s a builder. He has to do it right so his buildings actually get built and don’t then fall down. He’s tethered to reality, and exactly the sort of Axemaker that they’re trying to breed out of our population.

  6. 2 things:

    Psychometric tricksters history…

    As for mindfulness:

    Mindfulness and dissociation:

    Mindfulness and huypnotherapy:

    Mindfulness as religion:



    She links it directly to “Contemplation” & “meditation” ; saying: “We have to be able to bring contemplative practice into the classroom, under a different name because obviously people will say, ‘Oh, meditation, this is Bhuddist’, or whatever. Well, his holiness absolutely doesn’t have any denomination!”

    training in public schools. The program, called MindUP™, is described on the Hawn Institute website as “a comprehensive social and emotional learning program for pre-kindergarten through eighth-grade students, and is informed by current research in the fields of cognitive neuroscience, mindful education, social and emotional learning, positive psychology, and evidence-based teaching practices.”

    “He maintains that the teaching of mindfulness meditation closely parallels the use of hypnosis in psychotherapy. As he sees it, both rely on the power of suggestion, and the key to both lies in the mind’s ability to dissociate – to separate consciousness into different parts.”

    So basically Wellness means just about anything that makes you FEEL good.
    Mindfulness is a trancey traineide to dissociation, however you call it and trauma through SEL efforts, scary books, clowns in the woods, CNN you name it helps do the job.

  7. Yes, yes, yes! I have observed the same (not to mention all the new “traffic cams” installed at virtually every intersection and freeway on/off ramps). These gigantic companies control us hand-in-glove with the government. Where do you suppose all that pension money is invested? Government OWNS many/most of these conglomerates…or maybe it’s the other way around.

    You have helped solidify a connection that I’ve been aware of for some time now (Intel)…I will check out Corbett’s piece (I’m a subscriber, but I miss as much or more than I catch).

    Thanks for the response. You’re a font of information, truly. Cheers!

  8. What I meant to point out with my comment about some people getting medical care and some getting pain medication only is that they aren’t even going to try to cure some curable people. Curing measures will be stopped for some, but they might give them pain meds just to keep them comfortable while they are dying unnecessarily from a curable condition in the name of population control. Why would they want to waste ever depleting and expensive medical resources on people who are not part of the work force? It will become like veterany medicine. If spot is too old, it may not be worth $3,000 fixing a broken leg for example. It is up to the person paying the vet bill. And since the government is going to be in charge of doling out limited medical services, they will decide who get real treatment and who doesn’t; like one does now concerning their pets.

  9. You mentioned “Affirmatively Furthering Inclusive Housing .”

    I recall reading, within the past half year, about Dubuque IA. They were giving priority in public housing to city, then county, then state residents, as I best recall. Sorry, no links.

    Under threat of massive lawsuits, they agreed to the Fed’s demand that they become part of the Chicago metro housing region. Chicago is at least a three hour drive to the East. You see granting priority to locals was ‘racist.’ Now they have to give equal or greater access to section 8 holders from Chicago.

    • They are linking to rob the Dubuque coffers. Its regionalism, bypassing town boundaries. Our town got linked with towns an hour away in a different county. Wha? AFFH affirmatively furthering fair housing and its lead up hiding behind EQUITY whatever they want you to believe to get you to not see them changing your zoning, raising your taxes and taking your vote.

      • On point this came out today

        The actual report is 558 pages but is fully consistent with what I warned about in my book Credentialed to Destroy: “Now, more than ever, education has a responsibility to foster the right type of skills, attitudes and behavior that will lead to sustainable and inclusive growth.”

        The Dirigiste world of Planning contemplated first at Bellagio needs people who do not know much and will ape their assigned narrative. I am scheduled to go to a Housing Forum tomorrow which will be interesting given what I know about Habitat III and what our federal agencies are pushing at the state and local level.

        • Trade you links. Poking around with one of your quotes in this post.
          “Solutions to all global problems lie in the way we teach students to think. Our classrooms need fewer teachers and more facilitators. Teaching is the best way to learn. Genius can be taught! Slight adjustments to the daily schedule can enhance creativity in all. Knowledge is a blessing and not a curse only when it is tempered by values. The focus of education is moving from ‘learning to know’ to ‘learning to do’ to ‘learning to be’ to ‘learning to live together’. Education is educational only when the outcomes are uncertain, not when it is about securing a preconceived set of outcomes. The system that teaches how to make a living must be balanced with the system that shows how to make a life.”

          • Remember from the link I had put up from the previous post that the OECD and the UN entities have officially launched on the KLSC agenda–Knowledge, Learning, and Social Change–towards what they call Mode 2 Knowledge. Your link, which is so reminiscent of the language from the DeLors Report from UNESCO in the 90s, is simply another way of stating that Knowledge 2 pursuit. The Club of Rome in 70s called it innovative learning as opposed to maintenance learning. The truth is it’s the circumscribed mindset needed for submission to all this desired political planning without any protest.

            When I read that 2012 paper it reminded me of all the deceit that goes on in Texas pushed by Donna Garner and Alice Linahan as they prattle on about Type 2 instruction whatever the realities. The Type 2 vs Type 1 instruction metaphor does 2 things. It obscures the reality of the shift in all schools to Mode 2 knowledge. It also incites parents to flee to alternatives-private, charter, or online–that are still pushing Mode 2 Knowledge and changing the child psychologically but the parent falsely believes they have successfully evaded the Common Core. Whereever the children flee to rakes in the money while still going after the child’s mindset and personality, unopposed because the parents never were accurately told what was really going on.

            By the way, did you know Mary Ann Glendon and Robert George are good friends? Mary Ann is also cited in the book I am currently reading The Last Utopia. I am trying to figure out why Harvard decided in 2010 it wanted to get out a false narrative essentially obscuring the history around human rights and the UDHR. As we all know, I learn a great deal when I am reading something clearly created to be what we are supposed to believe.

          • “By the way, did you know Mary Ann Glendon and Robert George…”

            When I read a couple paragraphs of Mary Ann Glendon’s writing, my first two thoughts were “jesuit” and “royal society”. About 30 seconds of google confirmed she had both associations.

            This short article by Phillip Collins, author of the very interesting book, “Assendancy of Scientific Dictatorship”, gives a little info on what the “Royal Societies” are really up to. (kind of like “think tanks” and “acadamia”)

            The text in this profile on the Royal Society of The Arts of which Phillip Lombardo, of the Stanford Prison Experiment, and President of the President of the Sciences, has a connection (He is the reason I found this profile) is rather interesting: “At first glance this operation looks pretty insignificant, it looks after the encouragement of arts.
            If there is one thing I have learned on my journey tis the fact what people think they understand, is exactly what the elite want them to understand, in the RSA we have a premier example of just such a play. To the masses the word Art has serene images of masterpieces in music, poetry and paint, but the word art in the occult world has a very different meaning altogether.
            Within the Occult world the term Arts relates to the practice of the magical arts, so one has to see the real meaning in the House of Windsor control network named the Royal Society of the Arts.
            – See more at:

          • I will leave those links up, but please be careful about something that ends on a page that says “Return to the Illuminati page.” I get there are related tangents some people like to trace out, but I really don’t ever follow a track until I absolutely have to.

            Also not following your House of Windsor reference. Samuel Moyn, the author of The Last Utopia I finished today did a shout out in the Acknowledgments to Glendon, but he also contradicted her earlier book I cited. Anyway he described a Jacques Maritain as an inspiration for human rights and the Catholic embrace of it and what he called the personalizing of the individual. It made me think of George so I looked up a connection and both george and glendon came up. Then I did just them and numerous connections came out.

            I also was not aware in law school that Louis Sohn had had his fingers in so many pies. The students called him Yoda because that is who he resembled.

          • I originally found that profile from a link from the RSA’s own website and thought it a striking smoking gun.

            In the 1668 book, “The Way Of Light”, author John Amos Comenius coined the term “illuminati” in addressing the August “Royal Society” (the first formal scientists). He outlined their scientific purpose, “which is to secure… the empire of the human mind over matter.””

            The connection of the “Royal Societies” and the word “Illuminati”, although historically very important, one would have to wonder the real reason for the banned (weaponized?) term.

            These “Royal Societies” have a common thread to be watched traveling through science orthodoxy, the arts, mental health guidance, desired legislation, social planning, education, sustainability-so-called, etc.

          • I understand it is a factual historic term, but a casual reader does not.

            My oldest son when I was writing my first book would ask me how my Illuminati elucidation was going. He thought it was quite funny. I did not. Seriously there is so much factual material here I would never want someone to reject it out of hand because to a casual reader some of the comments sound like a conspiracy theory. As you know my retort is I do not theorize and anything I write about is factual. Secondly, the correct term with respect to collaborating with deceit to gain economic and/or political power is collusion.

            We chase down factual, demonstrable, consequential collusion here at ISC. I don’t want to lose the attention of someone because what seems too fantastic to accept also sounds to them like a place where allegations are made that cannot be factually backed up or shown to be relevant. A wide variety read here and comments should reflect that.

        • The local control bit is beyond ridiculous! Barf.

          The mental health guide is disturbing. Considering how students are being trained to view their unchecked, raw emotion through a lens of victimization, the new social standards that privilege meta-cognition over factual reality will inevitably lead to depression & anxiety. In fact, thinking about one’s thinking is a characteristic associated with several mental illnesses. Here’s to a generation of college students who will unknowingly relinquish their right to privacy in hopes of feeling happy, balanced, sane. When counseling and data driven interventions fail them, they can dull their charged emotions and over processed “realities” with psychotropics. To say it’s criminal is an understatement.

    • I am back and rather in shock. The assumption is that we are a thoroughly politically administered society. If you want to have a say, run for office because elected officials are the policymakers. Consistent with my warnings about the rule of law, I was told it is mayors and city council members that need targeting because the goal is desired legislation.

      These people think prosperity can be created from a pirate economy. Oh and we are a democracy and everyone should have input into how public monies get used. Everyone is also quite sure that if you build infrastructure prosperity will result. I took very good notes, but there is no recognition that there are consequences to insisting that the parasitic public sector gets to be the boss of all.

      Your link is consistent with that vision as well as what the word Sustainable actually means when we chase through what the SDGs require. People think there will be some big announcement that they can then fight. No, this is all to be a matter of legislation, goals to be met, and data to measure how close the goals are to being met. There is a hugely alarming McKinsey report that just came out that is easier to find than have me link. “Policy in the data age: Data enablement for the common good.” It really provides a good sense for the extent to which we are all about to be administered so we will learn to act collectively and speak with one voice as this morning’s speakers kept reiterating. We are to come to agreement on goals and act in unison.

      As I kept explaining in my book, there can be no mass prosperity in a society with no respect for the individual yet that is this vision and it is everywhere once we begin to listen.

        • Also, in re Jacques Maritain, referenced earlier: Maritain is considered the reigning “neo-Thomist” of the 20th century. He supposedly brought Thomas Aquinas “up to date” using his, er, 20th century critical thinking skills. He also happens to have been a pen-pal of Saul Alinsky and I read somewhere recently, one of the drafters of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Thought you’d want to know where he fits into this cabal.

          • That fits Deborah. What it made me think of is all the research I did into what precisely Classical Ed was, especially since the Search Engine overlords insisted that I had to delete 4 of the 5 February posts on that topic to remove the warning label from blog. Those were not random posts and tied classical ed to the cybernetic vision. I guess that reality is impermissable so now the whole story goes in my next book.

            Anyway as Moyn is laying out the basis for a conception of human rights I wondered at the similarity to where Classical Ed ended up and the ties to the Atlas Network. Anyway, I pondered the similarities and wondered if Classical Ed is really another means to lay a foundation for a Christian basis for obligations to humanity in the name of human rights.

            Speaking of Atlas it appears AEI is coordinating with Results for America to eliminate poverty. It reenforces my well-researched belief that evidence-based policymaking is how little c communism in the form of the Human Development Society and legislation prescribing desired results is how it all comes in invisibly while we were supposed to be none the wiser.

   is also graphic that it is how the student perceives the world that is being targeted.

        • Nor did I get an invite to this in Montreal that started today. Solidarity and social economy implemented at the level of cities. All that is needed apparently is the right legislation.

          I am physically worn out from the implications of what I heard this mornng, coupled to the reality that I may have been the only one there he didn’t believe that with will and action the world can become whatever a majority wishes.

      • How can they demand you remove posts? Simply because they dislike the message? Are they as offended as all the crying Bernie supporters? What’s up with that?

        • Well they get to classify the blog and remove the ability to search for it. regular readers can find but no one new.

          Ostracize digitally the truth you cannot eradicate I suppose.

          Long day. It sometimes hurts to recognize what I know and realize I am listening to people who believe unicorns can be available as gifts if they just pass the right piece of legislation.

          • “The paleontological establishment can control which hypotheses will be constructed through textbooks and the curriculum. In this way, students are brainwashed into a pseudo-reality controlled by the text material and the teacher’s authority.” -Robbin Koefoed

            In defense of Robbin Koefoed, this link goes to a painting of some scientists examining a Piltdown skull which was confirmed by the Smithsonian to be a hoax. Links to each person in the painting, are provided. A couple of them have been sufficiently busted commiting science fraud.

    • The reason innocent sounding phrases provoke such a strong emotional reaction is because you are smelling the dirty rat that is “fabian socialism”; revolution by evolution and the eubiquitous deceit and hubris thereof.

      I was going to give a link to a gut-wrenching website called “The Great Deceit”, on this topic, but it is gone; (I smell another rat). It showed the level of deceit in which our culture of love of truth, goodness, and decency, is being murdered. Luckily, there is a book by the same name, (author might be the same party as the website; also gut-wrenching), by the same name, “The Great Deceipt: Social Pseudo Science” which is a pricey book, but the full text is posted here:

        • Don’t get me started with these, “it’s for the children” lackeys.

          The people in your linked article are kowtowing to the “Fabian” plan and program the book “The Great Deceit” exposes. I read a bunch of similar stuff to the book on the discontinued website years ago and now re-reading the material. It looks much worse now that so many things they explained that were hidden a few years ago, stuff I believed but couldn’t prove, are now out in the open.

          • When you can monetize the Human Development Society, you will get business people and those wanting more return on an investment than the almost 0% available at a bank clamoring for governments at all levels to assume the obligation to meet ‘human needs’ and provide for ‘subjective wellbeing.’ They profit from all the planning. That is precisely what this model does. came out yesterday.

            Benefits the Atlas Network funders and we already know from my research on this in the past that Soros, the White House, and the investment banks Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, and JP Morgan Chase are pushing for this. You get the control of Fabian Socialism over people, the economy, and society generally, while the well-connected personally profit from access to revenue from the taxpayer through taxes and the issuance of bonds.

            Monetizing Karl Marx’s vision as updated by the Webbs and now the Davos crowd as well as the Mont Pelerin. Lucrative template, but it’s certainly not ‘free enterprise’.

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