Subjugating the Subjective Factor Via Public Policy Cloaking Upravleniye–Another Useful Term

In his book The Flight from Truth, Jean-Francois Revel noted that most people are indifferent to knowledge. It appears that the so-called ‘conservative’ public policy think tanks have been relying on that truism in constructing their narratives about what is actually going on in education. Only “a tiny minority of human beings,” he wrote, are willing “humbly to explore reality and to expose ourselves to unknown information.” All these redefinitions pushed by public policy entities like Freedom, School Choice, Liberty, Limited Government, Standards, etc. all seem to rely on the truth that “the ideas that interest us most are not new ideas, they are ideas we are accustomed to.” We believe we know what all these terms mean and do not recognize they have become tools of a new political ideology.

Revel pointed out that a young Latin scholar, Georg Friedrich Grotefend, achieved the ability to decipher the Assyrian cuneiform inscriptions at Persepolis. The scholars in Germany were apathetic to the news this 2000 year old secret had been unlocked by someone Not of Their Set of Insiders. There was Henry C. Rawlinson, “an amateur researcher who finally succeeded in deciphering Mesopotamian script,” despite a background in military service for the East India Tea Company. Academic Hellenists also did not welcome the twentieth century’s cracking of the so-called ‘linear B’ script of Crete by an architect. Revel noted that all three men: “even though their main activities did not make them part of the university world, were by no means dilettantes. They simply lacked academic degrees. Well prepared for the tasks they tackled, they had personally undertaken serious and even more exhaustive studies than those of the professionals of their discipline.”

Needless to say I can relate to all three men and even more to this follow-up statement that “If their cases merit attention, it is because an amateur, by definition, is not backed by any power, by any network of alliances and friendships in the social milieu of the scientists and the university bureaucracy.” Now if Revel were still alive and in the US instead of France, he would obviously now need to add public policy think tanks and especially those tied to the Atlas Network to his list of what it takes to get recognized. I thought about Revel this past week when this paper came out by two researchers determined to make their university degrees front and center.,Privacy,Power,Politics&PensionsBehindESSA_4JRedits.pdf I wouldn’t say the report is wrong so much as irrelevant to the true purpose of ESSA.

The Russian word upravleniye does not have an “entirely satisfactory one-word translation” in English. It follows my mention of ESSA because the word essentially means steering or control of society, the economy, and the people themselves down to the so-called necessary ‘subjective factor’ of human psychology. It seeks to regulate likely activities and the scale of values that motivate and guide likely behavior. The 1976 book from the last post mentioned a 1971 Russian book The Scientific Management of Society that was almost instantaneously translated into English. Having covered a 1976 book by Turchenko in my Credentialed to Destroy, I recognized what such an immediate translation meant. The book arrived Saturday and, just as I feared, it is also the blueprint for ‘steering’ Western countries and their citizens, down to the level of their minds and personalities.

ESSA, and its companion legislation WIOA, are the statutory enactments of a comparable scheme for the Scientific Management of Society using data. It’s what the Open Data Initiatives being pursued all over the world (President Obama’s first Executive Order on the day of his inauguration in 2009) are also about. gets at that as well as covering the intentions of the same Boulding we covered in the last post. It is vitally important for us to understand that in order to treat cities, society, the economy, or other aggregates of people as ‘systems:’

“not only are man’s production activities necessarily subject to control, to regulation, but so is his social behaviour.

As for man’s intellectual activities, they, too, are organized and controlled by society, which moulds its members’ thinking in its own image.”

Clearly the effect of controlling values, attitudes, beliefs, emotions, and any other driver of behavior is not news to me. I wrote a book laying precisely that out. What is so unnerving is how closely the 1971 vision fits with what the public policy think tanks are pushing politicians to enact at every level of society today. Let me relate just a few of my personal experiences with think tank deceit so we can appreciate the true impact of what we are dealing with. I thought about it recently as that public policy major and fan of ‘data-driven decision-making’ by governments, House Speaker Paul Ryan, was lecturing Americans and Trump about ‘violence having no place in a campaign,’ while misportraying what was actually said. Ryan immediately made some comment about the rhetoric being a distraction from Republicans pursuing ‘their Agenda.’ He sounded precisely like someone who regards all of us as the Governed and himself as a ruler.

Interesting, isn’t it, that the consistent term in English used in that 1971 book for the people in a society that was scientifically managed by governments at all levels was ‘the Governed.’ It turned out to be a necessary component of the shift from capitalism to socialism and finally to communism. Another odd moment for me recently was listening to ‘conservative’ think tank employees insisting that a Hillary Presidency would be preferable to a Trump Presidency and looking at the attendees (especially from the tech companies) at the AEI Sea Island event. Is Trump the wildcard who might not be on board for this planned steering process of Upravleniye and that’s why he must be stopped? Was that why Jeb was the preferred candidate for 2016?

Last week I attended a breakfast called “At the Intersection of Education & Aging” that featured Dr Matthew Ladner, of the education-focused think tank and Atlas member, the Foundation for Excellence in Education, that Jeb Bush created in 2008. The presentation hyped the dangers to the state budget from an aging population if the state did not adopt the recommended education changes. Now I have to admit I went partly to hear Dr Ladner who had once responded to my point on Jay Greene’s blog that it was important to actually read a school or district’s charter and not simply to assume that the language was about academic quality. Dr Ladner commented back with a drawing of someone wearing a Tin Foil hat. I am a lawyer. Charters are legal documents intended to bind people to a vision they might not appreciate and when I point out that factual concern, Dr Ladner’s response was that I must be a kook. No interest in facts.

Likewise, the recommendations being pushed for K-12 education actually add up to Mind Arson given my knowledge of how they work as an avid amateur researcher with neither an education nor a political science degree like him. The legislators present at the breakfast would not know that, however. They were told x is a problem and y was the solution and that is what they will enact. The whole purpose of the public policy think tanks appears to be to control the narrative while politicians, blindly or not, adopt statutes that fit with all the details laid out in The Scientific Management of Society for the desired steering of people, places, and things.

Is that why Jeb created FEE two years after he began the Bipartisan, supposedly ‘state-led’ process, that just happens to use K-12 education to impose “a programme for standardizing men’s behaviour”? The Atlas Network needed an affiliate at that precise time that would focus on the crucial Subjective Factor needed for social control under the old Soviet-created blueprints?  In the last post I mentioned Boulding’s 5th grade Systems Analysis curriculum created in 1973 that “paves the way both for tighter scientific analysis of human and social behavior and for important moves in the direction of unified science.” Doesn’t that sound like Boulding and the Social Science Education Consortium sought to use the classroom in the US to also lay the groundwork for the Scientific Management of Society?

If anyone feels the natural desire to be apathetic to this new information, remember that we now know that in 1976 another well-connected think tank, the Aspen Institute, pushed interdependence going forward and systems thinking.  If planning and regulation are desired how useful is it to create a belief in malleable children’s minds that a “system is composed of two or more interacting parts.” Well, that pretty much covers most things that exist in reality. Now Boulding wanted young minds examining if these omnipresent ‘systems’ were “goal oriented or non-goal oriented; that is, there are systems that act in order to fulfill certain objectives, while others exist without any particular purpose or goal.”

A business that wanted to make a profit would be a ‘purposeful system’ then and a pond was the given example of parts that interact but “they do not interact together to achieve a common goal or purpose.” Now getting students to begin to analyze the world like this does a number of useful things for anyone wanting to encourage collectivism and social planning as a new norm. It focuses attention on dialectical processes so the student sees adaptation and change as normal and desirable. It creates the belief that people working together in any organization are not supposed to retain differing purposes or goals. By focusing the student on seeing a “city, for example, is not itself a goal-oriented supersystem,” the students are primed to believe that politicians will need to adopt goals on their behalf.

To do that, of course, politicians will not have direct knowledge and will need to rely on public policy think tank employees to tell them what the goals should be and how to best enact them. See why WIOA requires systems thinking in all students to be workforce ready? If Upravleniye needs an alliance of government employees and non-governmental actors to push the vision of Scientific management of Society as the 1971 book said, don’t we now have the rationale for the sudden proliferation of public policy think tanks starting in the 1980s and in earnest since 1990? Telling teachers to raise the question with students of “what must the system ‘know’ if it wants to reach its goals effectively?” prepares students to believe that society and an economy can be successfully managed and should be.

Telling them that people are poor because they ‘lack power’ and that “to bring about the desired result, the poor must communicate to the candidate that they are a bloc and that they have particular wants” encourages students to come to believe that all social and personal problems are solvable via political processes. Laying out classroom activities so that students will ‘relate system concepts’ directly to their daily lives really explains why people seem to have changed so much in what they can do and what they expect. It wasn’t accidental cultural change. With WIOA, ESSA, and Open Data Initiatives, we are all at risk of being governed in the sense sought by Soviet totalitarians unless we recognize how all these elements function together.

These false narratives pushed in the name of ‘public policy’ have a common direction and it was laid out in 1971, originally in Russian. Please do not continue to fall for the conflicts of interest surrounding these think tanks and what they or their employees push.

Better tell elected pols at all levels too where the phrase ‘the Governed’ really comes from as well.

And it is not Our Founding Fathers being quoted.

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  1. Brava Robin! Brava!

    Thank Goodness you are not indifferent to knowledge and that you have the determination and wherewithal to dig and dig to ferret out the truth for the rest of us who will never be indifferent to knowledge either.

    One gazillion Thanks!

    • Thanks for your kind words. It is hard launching these insights blind into cyberspace. further confirms this desired link between policymaking and behavioral science use. It is the same as the MR research from the previous post. I have read that World Bank report as well as ESSA and am quite sure that they were written to mirror each other. The crucial role Jeb and now Condi’s foundation plays is to then use education to create the desired mindsets that can be steered as part of the broader development policy.

      The MH vision is the Human Development Society and the phrase ‘evidence-based policy’ that pols like Ryan are so fond of that figure into ESSA as well as the Bloomberg What Works Cities that is also tied to White House behavioral initiatives is actually a euphemism for the use of behavioral science insights in the policymaking. It also is how the ‘return’ on Social Impact Bonds gets gamed. What would appear to be a risk is not if the private entities providing the upfront financing are measured on outcomes that allow behavioral science to assure that they come about.

      I am framing too here as I did in my book, except I anchor my framing in documented reality that is pertinent to what is actually being sought.

    • “we govern ourselves with the people’s consent’? What? We do not question people’s motives or we lose faith in our institutions. What an ego tripping [insert epithet of choice]

      Elected leaders who think they are entitled to use the levers of government power to ‘govern’ us are precisely what is wrong. I can certainly see the John Goodlad influence on Miami U and its public policy department bleeding out of its school of education.

      What a tone deaf piece of entitled work he is.

  2. The “Tin Foil Hat” drawing and “Kook” comments are not genuine. They are tactics, weilded like a “craft”, to silence dissent. This is going in churches too. This video tells about Global programs subverting churches and how church leaders being trained to silence and remove dissenters. The speaker is an orthopedic surgeon: This is very interesting.

    • Thanks kyrie. I did not take it personally, but it was one of those epiphanies like explaining to someone that the accreditation agencies act as the enforcers to make sure that anyone receiving voucher money has to be pushing the same non-academic vision and having that fact not change the sales pitch at all. The SEL shift and obscuring that reality is the whole point along with access to taxpayer money.

      Speaking of the whole point Brookings certainly let the cat out of the bag last night with this graphic report.

      Notice the references in the report to James Heckman and Angela Duckworth. That is the Science of Virtues initiative I wrote about two posts ago without mentioning that. I have also written about CASEL and those urban districts. Now we have the admission that they have been piloting an assessment that will measure what is best called the internalized ‘simplex’ structure that drives behavior. Simplex is the term used by researchers who then go to Mind Body and Education conferences like this one in Ft Worth, Texas in 2014.

      Very graphic confessions there of what is intended. Remember that Ft Worth is where Marc Tucker’s NCEE had an office in the 90s because of Texas’ huge role and that district in particular in piloting the New Standards Project that is the real antecedent of the Common Core. CCSSI just spread it to the remaining recalcitrant states. 2016 conference is in Toronto, which is where Michael Fullan is based. Not a coincidence since the 2011 conference was in San Diego where Michael Cole and Yrjo Engestrom are and ground zero for CHAT-Cultural Historical Activity Theory.

      • It’s a crazy time indeed when being especially interested in finding the truth gets one labeled a “truther”, and that’s regarded as a bad category!

        • What is needed is a blowback strategy against those who use these tactics with impunity. “Making a lie very big and repeating it” was a tactic touted by Hitler himself. I just read Berkley, just like the organization WorldVision (obviously not “Christian”) are both a CIA fronts. Maybe one could start with learning not to cringe at these kinds of comments, but instead look up these types of claims in order to root out what is really a big cloaking lie or disinformation. I found it very illuminating to watch the youtube slide shows summarizing the tactics of “Art of War”.

      • Thanks for this post, Robin. You articulate the intention of systems thinking so clearly. And knowing what’s unfolding across schools in CA, I see how it fits 100% with this horrifying agenda.

        Btw, Duckworth backed out of our CORE districts’ SEL pilot, claiming her work was never intended to be ready for large scale, high-stakes assessment. Even so, these surveys will be used as an accountability measure for schools in 2016-17.

        • Duckworth is involved through her Character Lab with both the national Growth Mindset study being run by the White House Behavioral Sciences Team as well as that Science of Virtues push out of U-Chicago. The CORE Districts have served their role and I believe are mentioned in that Pearson Intelligence Unleashed report.

          It is all quite clear to me now. I was at the grocery store and remembering I finished the book 4 years ago and then started the blog in alarm over that Planet Under Pressure conference and what was being pushed under the IDEA law. First post was end of April 2012 for me and now I can see it all and how everything fits. Hope you took some time off for Easter.

          This just came out and it makes it perfectly clear that evidence-based policy is all about upravleniye and treaing people and places as systems where the outcomes become the realm of public policy. Just as Boulding hoped. At the end paper it states that in mid-March the House and Senate quietly passed the Evidence-Based Policy Making Commission Act

          Unlike WIOA which hardly anyone mentioned and even then not accurately, this statute is totally dark with no Bicameral and Bipartisan, We are the Keelsman and you are the keels, announcements. I guess this is what emboldened that arrogant speech as Paul Ryan is the House sponsor and Patty Murray is the Senate. Not even co-sponsors of the other party to call attention to it and how closely it fits with upravleniye. So Patty Murray, that former teacher, has been the co-sponsor of WIOA with Johnny Isakson, ESSA with Lamar Alexander, and this with Paul Ryan.

          No wonder Ryan behaves like he is a sovereign and we are his serfs and bend over and be grateful and shut up.

          Gee, what do these pieces of legislation all have in common? Truly these men should just be honest and acknowledge that to them being “conservative’ is about the means of implementing Uncle Karl’s vision.

        • Here we have the Heritage Foundation pushing evidence-based policymaking.

          Here we have the leftist Pew Trusts and the MacArthur Foundation pushing it.

          Can you say convergence? I noticed Obama signed this legislation today and the actual act spells out need for certain experts to be experts on protecting personally identifiable information. Now we have the reason for all the deceit of Atlas member employees around PII. They have created the illusion that cybernetic steering is either not going on or does not matter as long as PII is not involved. When federal policy considers people to be steerable systems to be governed, then the lack of PII does nothing to stop the creation of that invisible noetic keel. It will not be invisible to the evidence-based policymakers.

  3. This was a really clear post and for some reason it brought to mind the class of Leadership participants in the Aspen Institute’s program
    that identifies future leaders that AI has put through their training program. The particular group from several years ago included Congressman Paul Ryan, Speaker of the Florida House Marco Rubio, Lt. Gov. of Georgia Casey Cagle, and Kasim Reed, present mayor of Atlanta. Seems Aspen Institute for Humanistic Studies has managed to have an influence in some important places.

    These folks and many others like them have been trained by AI in all of the arts of compromise and the dialectical process. Aren’t we lucky to have them making policy for us all.

  4. And then there is Carly Fiorina who spoke to the Progress & Freedom Foundation’s 2001 Aspen Summit on the subject of “Thesis, Antithesis, Synthesis: Policymaking in an Internet Age.” She was asked by a young journalist to reveal who was her favorite author. She answered , “Hegel. . . I use it every day. . . It demands holistic thinking.” Another potential leader trained in manipulative technique. Sigh

    • There was another Atlas member that used to put on those summits that closed shop several years ago. Basically it was financed by the tech companies. I actually went through the annual summits speaker links and why anyone would characterize this as about ‘free enterprise’ is beyond me. Like that Bobby Jindal Education Next report, everyone at Atlas seems to be relying on no one really questioning the meaning of the phrases they are using.

      I know you and Anita Hoge were very concerned about the Cruz campaign’s use of data. Thought you would appreciate this story in the next issue of The Economist

      I was just reading a 1976 book that really laid out the reasons for the duplicity and coordination among groups trying to obscure the reality of this cybernetic reorganization of the child’s brain structure and personality to allow Upravleniye.

      Basically the major funders of these think tanks want to steer and benefit from access to the trough without any public uproar or real scrutiny. I noticed that even Pearson in its Intelligence Unleashed report wanted to pretend that school was still about subject content acquisition. Instead what subject content there is is merely a tool for creating the desired internalized values, attitudes, beliefs, images, emotions, traits, etc.

    • I do not know why they consider that a victory. The most intrusive instruments are those used by local districts and there is no protection there. Furthermore that statute seems to say that only with a serious medical condition AND with a doctor’s or licensed therapist’s note can the parent avoid the state assessment. You and I both know Georgia’s Milestones are competency-oriented and grounded in David Conley’s theories. A parent in Georgia who reads my work and is aware of the true nature of assessments appears to have been stripped of their right to object.

      Why is that a victory? Last year’s supposed victory on Student Privacy in Georgia authorized adaptive learning of the most intrusive, neurologically oriented sort. It was a template actually created by the Foundation for Excellence in Education. They trumpeted its passage as a victory too. Now we understand how the intrusion is necessary to get at the Subjective factor needed for steering. That language appears to do the same.

      Meg Norris must be gleeful. I heard she was taking credit for writing it. Maybe that is the Capstone Project to get her ed doctorate.

        • It fits with Global Pulse which Sandy Pentland of Social Physics and MIT is a part of and what is laid out in that Omidyar report above I just linked. I am still reading it, but I used a purple pen to highlight this passage because it looks like that Ga statute closed much of whatever small door to Opt Out ESSA created.

          “It is not sufficient to pass enabling laws that look good on paper. Policymakers and politicians must also ensure that the letter of the law is followed, that vested interests are adequately combated, and that there are consequences for working against openness and transparency.”

          Also, we have this zinger “Approaching data in this broader, more holistic way means treating it as a vital form of public infrastructure, one at the heart of a society or nation, essential for its success [think of the use of the word success in the ESSA title], and embedded within wider social, economic, and political structures.”

          I would say Viva la Revolution!, but this is all mostly out of sight. None of us were invited to the 2015 Open Government Partnership Summit in Mexico City, Mexico even though we were certainly on the menu as an appetizer, entree, and dessert.

    • We have The Federalist pimping for the Classical Education vision again and once again we have links to Hillsdale.

      No mention of how much the charter schools stand to rake in under ESSA as long as what they are doing is ‘evidence-based.’ In other words must be using behavioral science insights to change the nature of who the child is and how they perceive the world. Since the author misstates what child-centered learning actually is as some kind of progressive self-discovery, the fact that she admits that Classical Ed is about altering the Child’s Identity and values gets missed. Good thing we have already looked into this and know that the rhetoric is different but the Upravleniye aim is the same. To continue our Russian lesson Classical Ed still wants to prescribe the internalized obuchenie that guides and motivates future behavior.

      And some books ARE boring. Nobody tends to call me boring either.

  5. You know, when I think of all of this spread out I am reminded of Marilyn Ferguson’s “Aquarian Conspiracy.” This is the formation of the New Age network she described in that book. It’s no wonder we tend to feel helpless when facing the extent of it.

    • I don’t feel helpless. The jigsaw puzzle is complete and the pieces I have are even autographed.

      I do not think that was to happen. Now we have to get rid of the deceit blocking people from understanding. People can do what they are paid to do, but they need to appreciate they will have a worse reputation than hookers given that children’s minds are the aim.

  6. From Steering To Delivery — What’s Expected?

    Robing mentioned a conference of CCSSI to be held in Toronto, Canada, in 2016. This is highly curious because isn’t this an American initiative?

    It’s true that Michael Fullan is prominent in the movement toward global education and would likely be involved.

    However, what is mind-boggling is that Sir Michael Barber who advised Tony Blair in the UK regarding both education and government generally is now advising our new Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

    Barber has these fascinating book titles (which I should read) to his name — “How to Run a Government: So That Citizens Benefit and Taxpayers Don’t Go Crazy” and “Deliverology 101: A Field Guide For Educational Leaders”.

    Since this conference will likely be “invitation only” I’m really wondering what topics and issues will be covered. Is there any way to get any clue what transpired at the San Diego conference in 2011? Should we be worried?

      • The first IMBES conference was in 2007 following its 2004 creation. Howard Gardner is on its Board by the way. Think of all I laid out in my book from his books. The next conference was four years later, then an interval of three years to the Ft Worth conference, and now two. What does that tell you?

        Plus you are forgetting what I laid out here . One of the books used was tied to Pearson and the e-governance admissions fit with what Paul Ryan said in his speech this week and President Obama’s statements in Argentina this week on no real difference between socialism or capitalism and to do what works. Plus, remember that the Council on Foreign Relations stated in that 2015 statement I put up on the blog that although there was no plan to merge the governments of Mexico, the US, and Mexico, that socially and economically they would work together implementing a common vision. At its core Upravleniye is the common pursuit and it is Bicameral and Bipartisan as that phrase goes.

        I was told offline that the Dalai Llama was at the AEI Sea Island conference so there’s our link to the ICT proposals in that post on governance and the Holos Consciousness he was involved with for the Club of Budapest, Ervin Laszlo, and Nicholas Negroponte of MIT’s Media Lab. With that we are back to Mitchel Resnick and Seymour Papert and constructivism and the Coding for All initiative the White House is promoting to the tune of $4 billion.

        I doesn’t all connect because I am straining, but rather because this is the final implementation coordination using education and the law. Both are my specialties and I have enough of the earlier blueprints to recognize that this is in fact what the Soviets described as a theory that would allow the Scientific Management of Society. That would also explain the tendency to keep bumping into Accenture reports as in that post or McKinsey or Deloitte or Boston Consulting. Society is just another ‘organization’ to be managed using the basic template Boulding created. They all ‘consult’ a great deal in your country as well.

    • Given what Barber said at the beginning of that Pearson “Intelligence Unleashed” report above, the answer is yes. Given what is laid out in the IMBES 2014 schedule the answer is yes. Here is the 2011 schedule that is not nearly as detailed.

      I know this Mind Behavior & Education is one of the areas where what I call cybernetics or systems thinking is getting to the classroom to alter brains because I read all the sessions in 2014 and recognize commonality to the cyberneticists like Norbert Weiner and systems thinkers like the Laszlos or Boulding. Remember I have read all their books going back decades, even the ones usually omitted from their cvs. I also recognize the name Paul van Geert from the 2014. I had already been looking into his DST-Dynamic Systems Theory and what Harvard is calling the Science of the Individual.

      This is global because the desire to steer, using data that need not be PII to be useful for Upravleniye purposes, is going on all over the world. Looting and planning within countries in the name of Equity for All and among countries pretending it is about Climate Change and CAGW.

    • I am still showing all the pdf files working, but longer addresses tend to get cut off by cell phones not wanting an address over x # of characters.

  7. Your description of the meaning of “upravleniye” is probably right. From what I know of Russian, “pravil’no” is an adjective meaning “correct” or “right”, often in a broad context. Similarly “pravda”, a noun, is “truth” which is supposedly what the Soviets printed in the newspaper of that name. So “upravleniye”, a noun, would be something about determining what is to be considered right — formulating or steering political correctness. We don’t have convenient prefixes like “u” that affect the meaning of the root “prav”, so we often need several words in English. It’s the same prefix in “ucheniye” mentioned in a post a while ago modifying the root “chenit'”.

    I sort of hope people will see a little different view of Russian culture and language, rather than just a dark spooky aspect of causing many real problems we discuss on this blog. It’s rather nice by itself, even if a bunch of jerks used the platform to do bad things.

    • I was quoting the definition from a footnote in the book. It was published by Progress Publishers in Moscow and even states it was ‘printed in the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics”. The translator from Russian was an L Ilyitskaya.

      Then you have the Russian quoting Americans sociology profs like Harvard’s Talcott Parsons from 1960: “The fourth group is composed of people in policy-making government offices. This is the highest, ‘societal’ level of control, the consummation of the integrity of the social system. ‘In a modern society,’ Parsons writes, ‘the societal level of organization clearly comes to a focus in political terms. There has to be a single focus to which all primary integrative problems can be brought. Through its trusteeship of the legal system, its relation to national security, and a level of other functions, government at the national level provides the essential level of organization’…It is here, at the ‘societal’ level, that the models and norms of social action are established and their observance is supervised.”

      That was in 1960 and the book was of course from 1971 and we know from my book Credentialed to Destroy that the 60s attempt at social engineering did not go as planned. The 90s effort known as Outcomes Based Education and tied to the New Standards Project and the attempt now known as the Common Core, Competency, and empowered by the federal statutes WIOA and ESSA acknowledges that the point of implementation and supervision needs to be at the state and local levels under the framework provided by the feds. We know, however, that it mirrors what is going on globally. Unfortunately, in the 21st century, political power wants to steer all aspects of society without having to worry about unauthorized innovation. Afanasyev is very vocal about unauthorized inventions or actions being unacceptable. Imposing the restraints via education and neurologically means there is no need for visible, top-down edicts.

      Performing its role in upravleniye the US Chamber of Commerce launched an initiative to perform its part of this steering process enabled by ESSA and required by WIOA.

      My husband is Ukrainian on his father’s side. They changed the family name at Ellis Island. He tells me all the gravestones reverted back to the names in Cyrillic? He had an aunt who would paint those lovely eggs. My son learned the term ‘dupah’ from his grandfather and proceeded to use it one time when I had him with me at a sports club because I was taking him swimming. We had a little talk after that.

      • Random comments:
        1. NN Taleb has written about the ‘top down Soviet-Harvard’ model of research and development. I thought of that when reading above about deciphering the ancient writings. He writes that most progress has come from the ‘stochastic tinkerers.’

        2. FYI the financial columnist ‘Mish” Shedlock is apparently Ukrainian and occasionally writes about what he hears from back home. His version and the US official version aren’t even close. It is eye opening.


    • My mother was a refugee from the USSR. Her family was not crazy about the pogroms. My son is presently in Russia and enjoying it, but he hasn’t much to say about Russian culture; it was pretty much eviscerated by the Soviets, and what is left is not very attractive.

      Perhaps David can let us know what Michael Barber has been publishing in Russian. It’s interesting that this part of his professional portfolio isn’t mentioned on his Pearson bio page:

      Michael Barber, Visiting Professor at the National Research University Higher School of Economics, Moscow
      Member of the Committee: International Advisory Committee
      Member of the Council: HSE International Expert Council on priority area of development ‘Public Administration’


      Book Барбер М. Приказано добиться результата. Как была обеспечена реализация реформ в сфере государственных услуг Великобритании / Пер. с англ. (под ред.: Я. И. Кузьминов, А. В. Клименко); отв. ред.: Ж. И. Смирнова. М. : Издательский дом НИУ ВШЭ, 2011.
      Article Барбер М. Три парадигмы реформы сектора государственного управления (перевод с английского Э.Г. Зверевой) // Вопросы государственного и муниципального управления. 2011. № 2. С. 74-86.

      • Welcome back. Take a look at what is being admitted to here.

        Barber wrote the Preface for the “intelligence Unleashed” report linked to above. It sounds like it is the student’s intelligence being unleashed, but that vision is really more consistent with the social planning available from having so much longitudinal info on student’s learning models and how they have been changed. Makes those experiences and tasks applicable to changing other personal characteristics with no need at all for PII. The Learning Registry does not care either.

        • Robin, I was amused that my latest three-minute diatribe to the CO State Bd. of Ed. during Public Comments reflected some of the themes you include in this post — the contributions of the non-credentialed amateur and the notion of “scientific management.” At the risk of boring your readers, I will reproduce said diatribe here:

          A report titled, “The Future of Jobs, Employment, Skills and Workforce Strategy for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, January 2016,” states in its introduction:
          “This Report aims to serve as a call to action….By evaluating the future labour market from the perspective of some of the world’s largest employers we hope to improve the current stock of knowledge around anticipated skills needs, recruitment patterns and occupational requirements. Furthermore, it is our hope that this knowledge can incentivize and enhance partnerships between governments, educators, training providers, workers and employers in order to better manage the transformative impact of the Fourth Industrial Revolution on employment, skills and education.”
          Compare this vision of a managed, bureaucratized world economy with the observations of Herbert Spencer, a biologist, social scientist and political theorist, written in the Great Britain of 1853. In this passage Spencer challenges the statist mindset that believes that nothing can be achieved without government involvement and direction:
          “Though society has, generation after generation, been growing to developments which none foresaw, yet there is no practical belief in unforeseen developments in the future. The Parliamentary debates constitute an elaborate balancing of probabilities, having for data things as they are. Meanwhile every day adds new elements to things as they are, and seemingly improbably results constantly occur. Who, a few years ago, expected that a Leicester Square refugee would shortly become the Emperor of the French? Who looked for free trade from a landlords’ Ministry? Who dreamed that Irish over population would spontaneously cure itself, as it is now doing?…A barber’s shop was not a probable-looking place for the germination of the cotton-manufacture. No one supposed that important agricultural improvements would come from a Leadenhall Street tradesman. A farmer would have been the last man thought of to bring to bear the screw-propulsion of steamships. The invention of a new species of architecture we should have hoped from any one rather than a gardener. Yet while the most unexpected changes are daily wrought out in the strangest ways, legislation daily assumes that things will go just as human foresight thinks they will go.”
          Here we have two radically distinct visions of human action: One free, creative, infinitely unexpected and surprising and springing primarily from individual human enterprise and inventiveness. The other what Lenin defined as Communism, namely, the “scientific management of human affairs.” I would invite you to plough through the 327 page proposal titled, “Colorado’s Combined Plan for Execution of Workforce Development Activities Developed in accordance with the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act,” imposing this vision of a static and sterile human labor assembly line in return for the promise of federal dollars.
          At least Lenin’s Five Year Plan had a shorter title.

          • Thanks Deborah. This is quite clear on what personalizing learning really means and that it is about getting everyone to common behavioral standards.

            It is from the American School Supt Association and has national meetings being discussed by these cutting edge districts that occurred in Salt Lake City, Utah.

            Did you see how Big Business blackmailed Georgia over that mild religious liberty bill? There really is a movement afoot that bars people from being able to express nonapproved belief systems now.

            Same Fascist mentality pushing these planned economy at the state and local level that gets to prescribe what people are to know and keep it limited. Workforce ready indeed. Bah!

          • This Brookings post makes the steering and enabling of public-private partnerships focus crystal clear.

            What a line that explains so much of what all these think tanks are pushing–“puts markets to work in pursuit of public policy goals.” That’s what ‘market-based’ reform really means public-private partnerships.

            Fits right in with the Workforce Planning as the purpose of education in a public sector-led economic development world. Maybe we will get Ghost Cities too like China. How many localities are already underwater on civic centers or industrial parks built with bond financing taxpayers are on the hook for as political leaders said it would all enable economic growth.

          • Deborah, you might like this:

            “Most of Taleb’s ire is directed at business schools, specifically the one at Harvard. At Harvard they “lecture birds to fly,” then arrogantly claim credit when the fledglings become airborne. He rails against the “Soviet-Harvard delusion,” linking an institution that’s graduated thousands with a state that killed millions. What is the delusion, exactly? It is a belief in a top-down system that tries to control and protect, purportedly for mankind’s benefit, thereby eliminating the natural stressors and necessary randomness that create strength and encourage enterprise. Dekulakization and course catalogs are symptoms of the same ailment.”


          • eclectic-thought you would want to see this.

            These false narratives are rampant and they are all conducive to Upravleniye. Competency is actually all about being willing to act on what is perceived. Dynamic Systems Theory backward mapping from what is needed noetically to allow steering without effective challenge or even probable recognition has the template of Perceive. Act. Think. Knowledge is about how to achieve goals and what motivates goals at all as in values and seeks to limit generally to what is conducive to practical action.

            Mercy we are headed towards a Dark Age unless the extent of these aspirations is more widely appreciated.

  8. Slow and steady the total plan moves forward. Yesterday, over dinner a family member who is a school speech therapist described how the principal won a grant for her Beaverton school to make breakfast and lunch free for all students. I was tempted to ask when the bunk beds would arrive but thought better, plus I could see my husband giving me the do not poke the bear look.

    This was in the email box over the weekend.
    “PHOENIX — At least half of all Arizona students could use public school funds to attend private schools by 2020 under a new proposal a House panel passed Wednesday.

    The measure comes in the wake of a bill that stalled in the House by Sen. Debbie Lesko, R-Peoria, which would have allowed all 1.1 million public school students to use the school voucher program.

    The new proposal Lesko is supporting would allow students participating in the free or reduced-lunch program to receive vouchers. The bill would only apply to about 5,500 students until the cap expires in 2020.

    After that, the more than 565,000 students that currently receive free or reduced-lunch could enroll in the voucher program, said Stacey Morely, who lobbies for the Arizona Education Association.

    Republican backers of the legislation said it expands school choice and allows low and middle-income students more opportunities.”–School-Vouchers

    • Lovely the school district where I live just hired the Beaverton Superintendent at a base salary of $295 K. Plus our former District Super, the model for the phrase Gypsy Principals, Gypsy Supers, was one of those selected last week as the Jeb Bush Created Chiefs for Change moves beyond having just certain State Ed Chiefs as members.

      I am scheduled to do a podcast this afternoon that should be available later this week. School Choice truly does seem to be essential to the entire Upravleniyeconcept because people are lured by supposedly having a choice into believing it’s all OK. Meanwhile, unbeknownst to them, any recipient of voucher funds, has to agree to view the child as Boulding’s ‘goal-seeking system’. The child’s very thought processes and emotions get tracked and manipulated and that gets hidden by the think tanks going back and forth calling the assessments–‘tests’. Only in the sense of monitoring for compliance. on the El Paso School District shows what the exemplar is supposed to be. Knowledge becomes about what do you need to know to be able to achieve the goals we have decided to instill in you for the benefit of the political class and its cronies in Big Business. Steer away! seems to be the 21st Century motto while the Faux Common Core crowd misleads on the nature of what is going on. Having the state legislature and governors decide that any child is merely a goal-setting system is not OK. Yet this faux federalism argument the Atlas member seem to adore as this false narrative about ‘competitive federalism’ shows.

      At least this from last week shows that the real aim of these think tanks is a planned economy steered at the state and local level. Hard to read that and not remember it was Karl Marx himself who insisted a key component of the Human Development Society would be to eliminate the economic consequences of living in a rural instead of an urban area. These Atlas entities also tend to be fond of Public-Private Partnerships I have noticed.

      • Recognize this vision? It’s the precise language we find in Oregon or Colorado or anywhere else pushing Transformational Outcomes Based Education.

        This is the vision Tom VanderArk’s group is touting, which ties it to the GEFF 2035 vision because he was at the meeting last year in Silicon Valley. The whole point is to get at and manipulate the child at the internalized level that guides and motivates future behavior as if they were a system.

        Instead of being legitimately angry about this unjustifiable tyranny, the narrative acts like this is all OK as long as Personally Identifiable Information on students is protected. That’s why the Faux Narrative is so harmful. It is obscuring the actual tyranny intended to limit the nature of thought itself.

        • I think so, but it was 2 1/2 hours of talking and the plan was to edit to two one hour. Left me feeling like my brain was jelly.

          On page 26 of that New America paper I put up yesterday they were talking about how to standardize and assess disciplinary knowledge in higher ed and speaking truth reflexively referred to psychology as the “science of the mind.” Yes and implemented and monitored via P-12 education by federal mandate under ESSA when properly understood.

          No wonder the paper’s sponsor Lumina believes it can run entire metro areas on data around the principle of Equity and Cradle to Career Whole Child education pushes. And for those who falsely believe ESAs are not a means to control all ed, it is the presence of the federal student loan program that the feds are using as justifying regulating what goes on in the name of education throughout higher ed. It also made it clear to me once again how much Bush 43 furthered the UN agenda. Margaret Spellings push that started this fits perfectly in carrying forward the Bologna Process to circumscribe higher ed globally. Fits into same year as Jeb commencing the NGA push around the COmmon Core and reforming high schools. The two-time Broad-winning Gwinnett Super who testified at a committee hearing I was at in August 2014 about the ‘state-led nature of the Common Core and the desire to reform high schools was named to the committee creating the ESSA regulations.

      • Robin said ” Meanwhile, unbeknownst to them, any recipient of voucher funds, has to agree to view the child as Boulding’s ‘goal-seeking system’.”

        How is this agreement implemented? Where are the words? I am just curious as to how this is enforced. It would seem that the language used would give the game away unless it was mostly made up meaning words like ‘rigor.’ In that case it would seem to be too ambiguous to enforce.

        BTW I think there is money to be made in STEM careers. No, I don’t mean working in science, technology, engineering or math. I mean the money to be made by liberal arts and education grads telling other people to go into STEM fields.

        • In the case of the DC vouchers they explicitly made the accreditors the control entities as in no accreditation, no right to get a voucher. I wrote about that and have called attention to it in various forums of Atlas members I have attended when the School Choice language thrown out did not fit my knowledge of the facts.

          I heard the backer of the Nevada program speak last October so I looked up the language there. It was not as graphic as DC, probably because people really hate it when I point out stuff like that that interferes with the narrative, but it did premise ability to receive vouchers as to being on a list of ‘approved entities’. I am paraphrasing from memory, but the gist of every program I have seen is that parents think they have a choice because they do get to choose. There is always some outside control on who is eligible and the rules on eligibility are not pointed out to parents. Obviously with the DC languages, anyone who has read Credentialed to Destroy understands the implications of what the Quality Standards do to what must go on in the classroom and what cannot.

          It somewhat similar to the implications of incorporating UDL into the Common Core and explicitly into ESSA. On that note the creator of CAST who developed Universal Design for Learning was one of the speakers at that IMBES conference in FT Worth.

          • Take a look at this graphic and that it was presented at the White House Forum on Education in mid-March. I had been recalling yesterday that the state partnerships to push the Standards for Teaching and Learning constructivist, concept-driven curriculum in the 90s were known as state systemicinitiatives. In Georgia it produced the inquiry-oriented Math and Science framework that every LEA participating 15 years later in the Race to the Top funding had to contractually promise to use to teach and conduct professional development.

            Now we have White House summits and philanthropies insisting that the way to close the Opportunity Gap in education involved systemic reforms in housing, job markets, the economy generally. I write about the implications of all these programs, but they also go towards my point that the sought Upravleniye starts at the level of the individual mind, but it now climbs to all levels.

      • I should probably add that the owner of Breitbart, Robert Mercer-hedge fund kingpin, has a daughter Rebekah on the board of Heritage last time I looked. Also on the Board is Larry Arnn, President of Hillsdale, which has the Barney Charter School Initiative that is pushing the Classical Education template that I have cpvered in depth in previous posts that stands to do really well under ESAA’s provisions on charter school groups using an ‘evidence-based’ template being able to get federal money for expansion.

        “Evidence-based’ policy is another word for using the behavioral sciences. We know that is true because we tracked Classical ED against the cybernetic template.

        I have written before that the ‘competitive federalism’ appears to be a smokescreen for pushing what the Dean of Emory Law School named progressive polyphonic federalism. covered that vision in January 2015 after a forum I attended hosted by the leftist American Constitutional Society. As I have also covered ACS began the Soros-funded Constitution by 2020 that launched in 2005. They also advocated for the same Con Con that Texas Governor Abbott and the Atlas member, Texas Public Policy Foundation, have also announced support for.

        Methinks Upravleniye apparently needs a new form of legal document with no reverence for the individual. Apparently everyone involved in public policy advocacy at a certain level must know this even if they haven’t heard of these Russian terms. I am working this morning to nail down some deceit involving ‘standards’ based reform’ when it commenced in the 90s that would explain why these Heriatge affiliates really want to pretend that the New Standards Project or the Joyce Foundation launched Standards for Teaching & Learning had not launched to push the same vision we now see with the Common Core. It also tracks back to that Boulding paper from 1973 covered two posts ago.

        This post really makes the links to Boulding and what is laid out in my book crystal clear at least to me. The ‘standards’ in NSP or CCSS or the states as well as the Competencies I covered in Chapter 4 are all the GOALS as in Boulding’s assertion that people are ‘purposeful, goal-setting systems.’ Success then under ESSA is achieving the goals and moving on to the next set of prescribed goals. All the hype about essential knowledge and skills as in TEKS-Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills is what do Texas students need to know in order to be able and motivated to perform these goals. It is not academic knowledge in the traditional sense except for CDIs (Core Disciplinary Ideas) and CCCs (Cross-Cutting Concepts and Themes) and other concepts and categories needed to guide perception in ideological ways amenable to Upravleniye.

        Talking about Type 1 or Type 2 instruction under TEKS is a diversion, even if well-intentioned or just naive, because the only point of subjects now is the cover to practice performing the desired practical actions and demonstraing adequate enough knowledge. Genuine academic knowledge imperils the ability to get people to perform as reliable, steerable systems of behavior. It’s dangerous that members of the Texas legislature leadership were speaking at that IMBES conference. This dastardly vision that really does track back to how to create the new Homunculus Sovieticus and Laszlo and Boulding’s systems theories and the GERG-Guided Evolution Research Group is now mandated for US classrooms per ESSA.

        Back to dotting the i’s and crossing t’s before writing again although with the length of this comment I guess I just did.

    • “The Bill of Rights Institute was also an exhibitor and participant in the NCSS Annual Conference in 2014 and in previous years. In the spirit of making our conference exhibit hall a marketplace of ideas, it it is open to a wide range of exhibitors. For example, both the Bill of Rights Institute (BRI) and the Zinn Education Project (considered to be on the left of the political spectrum) purchased booths at the NCSS exhibit hall, both groups paying about the same amount of money for the booth space, as they have in past years. Far from subsidizing the conference, the BRI and Zinn Education Project were only two of 208 Exhibitors. NCSS takes seriously its responsibility to create a conference that is a dynamic forum of ideas for the social studies community. We feature a balanced approach to ideology and points of view, as is demonstrated by the fact NCSS had both Howard Zinn and former US Education Secretary Bill Bennett as keynote speakers at the same conference in 2008. Last November, the keynote speakers were Ken Burns, Nicholas Kristof, José Antonio Vargas. In 2013, the keynote speakers were Taylor Branch, John Lewis, and Steven Paine, among others.”

      Oh shocker!

      • When I saw the word “American principles’ in that Missouri statutes I recognized we were dealing with a concepts first means of guiding perception that will likely tie quite well to the new definition of Liberty we have encountered. Likde school choice, market-based, limited government, free enterprise, everything ends up having little to do with the historic document and everything to do with quietly redefining what all these ideas mean.

        Also remember that WIOA pushes civics education for non-English speaking students and adults that I tracked to Paulo Freire’s concept of Liberation of the Oppressed. Might well have something to do with what is actually required of citizenship exam. Also remember the Communist Chinese imposed a citizenship curricilum on Hong Kong students after the lease ran out that was grounded in concepts of Universal Love and Kohlberg’s Stages of Moral Development. Kohlberg again was the mentor to Robert Kegan whose Key Competences are what the OECD’s PISA looks for evidence of and what the new Lumina Diploma Qualifications Profile was designed around.

        Also remember Sandra Day O’Connor is pushing this new view of civics and is simultaneously on the Board of the Rockefeller Foundation. Think of the civics principles and concepts as providing the shared meaning that enables CFSC=Communication for Social Change.

        Sonia Sotomayor is also on the Board of a civics curriculum entity while simultaneously being on SCOTUS. We know she is a not-so-Wise Latina who certainly behaves like she drank deeply from the well of Critical Marxism. Hard to imagine she would be involved if it was not consistent with a Zinn view of history.

        • “The reforms reflect growing calls in the UK – not least from the Confederation of British Industry and Labour’s Shadow Education Secretary Tristram Hunt – for education to promote character, resilience and communication skills, rather than just pushing children through “exam factories”.

          • Fits with the Center for Curriculum Redesign Four-Dimensional Education that has all the UN entities and affiliates involved.

            I do have this thoroughly, but the Faux Narrative crowd ha sucked away all the oxygen.

          • This certainly appears to be what the agreement on steering is about with a GW Bush admin and a Clinton one as well as Obama. Reminds me of that Bipartisan forum already awaiting the next Pres to allow a smooth transition.

            I have been focusing the cybernetic and system analysis on the mind and education, but upravleniye seeks a cybernetic steering of all human systems using the social sciences. Clearly evidence-based policy is how this gets accomplished and it does involve all levels of government. This is also what the Arnold Foundation is pushing so hard. Basically at every level of BEST Urie Bronfenbrenner wrote about, evidence-based policymaking is designed to steer on the basis of Equity and Inclusive Participation.

            I guess this really is the experiment Leontiev told Bronfenbrenner that the USSR hoped to achieve against the West.

            The whole idea of instilling Guiding Fictions via education or the media has been what I have been working on all week. Yet this is clearly also what guided Leontiev- “If men define situations as real they are real in their consequences” and Third Way advocating UK sociologist Anthony Giddens when he said (paraphrasing but I have the quote) “that it doesn’t matter if Global Warming is real or not, believing it is real allows the desired policy changes wanted anyway.”

            When I was tracing Dynamic Systems Theory to its initiation with NIH and other taxpayer funding to Indiana University in 1987 and then books published by MIT Press in 1994, they referred to DST as a biologically plausible hypothesis. I wrote in the margin that no one writes like that unless they are backward mapping from a mind capable of malleable manipulation without protest of the sort Paul Ehrlich and Robert Ornstein laid out in 1989 in New World, New Mind. No Axemaker Minds with their ability to defy the herd and decipher proffered talking points and memes. Only enough thinking power to engage in practical action in everyday life. That also fits with Flyv’s definition of Competency and Proficiency. No wonder both he and Ehrlich, decades apart, cite the goal as an Arational Mind.

            Now we have Lumina, also wanting to steer people and places and control outcomes per its Dallas convening of 75 metro areas in January 2015, writing reflexively that psychology is the ‘science of the mind.’ Making ed theories about implementing psych and sociology theories that can be guiding fictions if they are useful in results makes evidence-based policy about steering systems and creating Arational Minds.

            No wonder part of Results 4 America is What Works Cities. No wonder the US is running deficits as far as the eye can see. I think I need sunglasses to write about all this. The glaring implications of what is being attempted via legislation, education, and deficit federal spending and bond issuances is truly horrifying. The Rick Hess writing the Moneyball for Ed and Policymaking story in that Grant link above that came out yesterday is with American Enterprise Institute. The same think tank that just had that Sea Island meeting mentioned in this post.

          • Gotta love the mandatory volunteerism.

            ” The Breakfast Club decided all the students in the school should have the experience of giving. ( Bless their fearless teacher-leaders hearts ) Each class was assigned another class for whom they would ‘PERFORM’ random acts of kindness.”

            Well, there is the evidence for desired outcomes. Who needs Algebra?

            Your slavery is your freedom.

      • And look at the assumptions here and all the language about ‘defining the problem” and using data and ‘evidence-based’ policies.

        At one point there is even the calm disclosure that all this ‘public problem-solving for the common good’ is about achieving the UN’s new Sustainable Development Goals. That would be Ban Ki-Moon’s version of Uncle Karl’s vision by 2030 and both parties and all the previous admins since reagan seem to have Chief of Staffs and others pushing all this steering.

        Also think about how all these false federalism pushes make it that much easier for state and local levels of government to push this vision. It’s all about what what Boulding described as Systems of People, Things, and Outcomes and what the Soviets called The Scientific Management of Society. We just seem to be viewed as prey to be dictated to here.

          • Which link or all of the above? This should really send you running for an anchor chain built out of titanium to hold on tight with.

            Now notice it is Swiss National Science Foundation funding so it is global. Now throw in the Obama Administration turning over governance of the Internet to the UN and Google’s express advocacy of shifting to what appears to be uncle Karl’s Human Development Society using their UK subsidiary and RSA that I covered in January 2015.

            So we have Mind, Behavior & Society, Mind, Behavior, and Education, and now Media, Culture & Society and they are all pushing to control perception and guide how a person ‘constructs’ reality.

            All hiding under what is intended to appear to be a term grounded in the historic American experience–Governance.

          • I’m going to be sick. ( speechless from experimental evidence based policy link…)

            “3. Algorithmic reality construction and the formation of social order
            The governing character of algorithms, their role in reality construction, makes them a source and factor of social order. Social order is needed in societies to bridge the individual and the social, and can be judged on the coordination of actions and cooperation between individuals to achieve common goals (Hechter and Horne, 2003)”

            WHAT IS THE MATTER WITH THESE PEOPLE? They are vile in their elitist arrogance and presumptuousness . Do they imagine their own children captured in this web? Or are they excluded by virtue of their exceptional DNA?


            Not just the government, but the “education” establishments have been taken over by Narcissist.

          • Since I know what you think about all the references to Design take a look at this that popped up as I am still looking for something else. Notice the upload is long after the publication date.

            Now go to page 344 and think about the implication of this statement “Rather, inquiry-based education is future-oriented. It seeks to produce new knowledge and to develop inquiring minds among its students, minds trained to ask critical questions, including those that challenge the received wisdom of the past. As Clark says, the commitment to inquiry generates ‘a forward-looking attitude. When pos-
            sessed by its dictates, the orientation of faculty and students alike shift[s] from past knowledge to future knowledge: those caught up in inquiry. . . have a distinct preference for the new.”

            IB insists all its schools must push an inquiry approach even for students outside the Diploma Programme. It is also a requirement of MYP. In my area it is being used on all the high achieving suburban schools. So the kids are being used to implement future studies without saying so. I recognized it as an element of the Lumina Diploma Qualifications Profile the White House wants the accreditors to force on all higher ed.

            My. My. My.

          • Inquiry for the New. Acting for the imagined future, not what actually IS.

            How about how Wendell bloviates here:

            “At the frontiers of any given discipline, inquiry is usually very narrowly focused on some specific research questions generated from within the discipline itself. Typically, some bits of new knowledge are produced that advance the field into the future. But that future, at least in the short term, is limited to the future of the field itself.”

            Narrowly focused eh? Like on curing a disease? But no, that is small potatoes for Wendell. Much more valuable to have people design thinking and acting in ways that they imagine could benefit everybody in the future sans proof. No controlled double blind studies needed Thank You Very Much.

            Let’s just call Design Thinking/Future Thinking, “Manipulated Thinking” shall we ?

            Flaming arrogant idiots.

          • Except I can read this stuff and recognize what David Coleman said about how ELA would work. Remember that the Ford Foundation funded the creation of IB in the early 70s and also apparently Bertrand de Jouvenal’s in the 60s.

            Disciplinary knowledge and ‘thinking like an expert’ is precisely what Bell was describing. CDIs is even what the Next Gen Science Stnadrads call it.

            I have quite the convergence going on and it tracks to ESSA and K-12 thoroughly. Clearly my used book bill from this month will have me eating Red Beans and Rice.

          • “Let’s just call Design Thinking/Future Thinking, “Manipulated Thinking” shall we ?”

            Excellent idea! And while we are at it, can we start calling “conspiracy theory” by a new name too; “Lie detection”, as suggested by John B. Wells.

          • I call it admitted collusion around the levers of economic and political power. Regarding such deceitful coordinated efforts as ‘unthinkable’ requires an ignorance of people.

          • If you put more emphasis on the “ignor” part of the word, if gives a more descriptive sound.

          • Here is an interesting thread that says it is so much more; check out the third comment down :

            “The Military-Industrial-Academic Complex

            Wonder why academics scorn what they call ‘conspiracy theorists’, and have all these cosmological explanations which they then provide to the Pentagon to serve as a plausible underlying motive to pin on the supposed ‘perpetrators’ of black-op terror events like 9/11?

            Wonder why they do all that? Well, because these universities are all owned by the Pentagon. And it has been that way since World War II. The major bigshot Professors lead double-lives as spooks. If you somehow doubt this, go see Steve Blank’s presentation ‘The Secrets Of Silicon Valley’, where they go into just one such professor who doubled as a military spook.


          • I do appreciate that in this governance via algorithms link that they clearly define :

            “Governance can broadly be understood as institutional steering (Schneider and Kenis, 1996),”

            Thanks ever so much milords.

    • Look at what is set out here in the name of social sciences.

      Especially this quote: “I also wonder whether bureaucracies might also help to solve the other problem I evoked earlier – whether thinking specifically about how human and computational decisions might move us away from a citizenry of alienated individuals and towards a reconception of the shared virtues of belonging together to a place.

      Seeing algorithms – machine learning in particular – as supporting decision-making for broad collective benefit rather than as part of ever more specific individual targeting and segmentation might make them more accountable. But more importantly, this would help algorithms support society – not just individual consumers.”

      Gulp. Isn’t Upravleniye just the best timed additional word ever to describe what is clearly intended for us? And ESSA needs a false narrative because the truth is it was designed in light of this right to govern and steer as if we are no longer sovereign individuals in the least.

  9. If this has already been linked, pardon the redundancy. Some of the names/faces at this conference are familiar, as though I’d seen them on some link I had pulled up here recently. I’m not sure. I only became aware of this conference through a pop-up on my screen. I guess cookies have me pegged as a mindful type:

    It’s not too late to register; there are still a few tickets available.

    Shanti. Shanti. Shanti.

  10. Deborah, that’s quite an announcement you received! Unbelievable group of speakers. When I saw the president of Naropa University it took me back a few years to their first global education conference at which the Dali Lama was their keynote speaker. This is Theosophy, Buddhism, and everything New Age you can imagine. Would love to be a fly on the wall to discover their plans for us.

    • CP–please do not forget that the Dalai Llama was the co-draftor of the Club of Budapest’s Holos Consciousness aspiration for global education with Ervin Laszlo–systems thinker extraordinarire. Nicholas Negroponte of the MIT Media Lab is also a member and of course Mitchell Resnick and Seymour Papert are also tied to that Media Lab as is constructionism and Coding for All.

      My point is all these people are tied to education and the creation of the kind of mind amenable to manipulation for purposes of this oligarchical steering. This is the Holos Consciousness post from March 2014. Compare what it seeks with that conference Deborah brought to our attention.

      My mom duties have had me busy and distracted this week and I am currently watching Flight Tracker as my youngest and a friend are off with others for a Senior Spring Break trip. Hopefully I will be back writing by Monday. Everything has certainly come together nicely in recent weeks even if the hoped-for aspirations strike us as tyrannical in a supposedly free society. At least my narratives are all grounded in facts even if they can be unpleasant to confront. Better than locked in a constructed mental prison created in the name of public policy and Equity for All.

    • Yes and how everyone in the world uses the term Qualifications Framework, but since I have described the link between Competency and QF’s in Chapter 4 of my prescient book, the US is using a different term.

      It is a very good morning as everything continues to come together in ways that fits everything in my book, then what I have pieced together on this blog, plus what I know and plan to put in the sequel as the rest of the story. Truly breathtaking, but I will recognize something and look up the referenced book and discover it is now $120 and out of stock. That’s how being a blueprint works.

      It also explains all the deceit I had noticed by various Atlas member’s employees or ‘fellows’ surrounding APUSH especially. I also have a new phrase that very excitedly fits all these NSF-funded curricula and what HOTS is looking for proof of annually per federal edict–“conceptually netted evidence.”

      Youngest arrived safely on her trip so that is one less thing to worry about. Finishing a book today and we are all ready to go again. Truly the tools of public policy, affirmative use of the law to mandate the structures needed to guide behavior in desired ways, and education grounded in the behavioral sciences was how the MH vision was to be imposed in an Upravleniye society.

      And I can prove it and explain it now. It’s a pretty day here. I feel like humming “I know where this is going and I know how everyone planned to get there” to the tune of “I know where I’m going and I know who’s going with me.” I feel like a scientist whose hypothesis now predicts with all variables.

      • Wish I had a really big, goofy, graphic smiley face to insert here Robin. In the meantime.. YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!! 🙂

    • L.L. GACK! This from the link:

      “The competencies are presented through active verbs that declare what learners should do to demonstrate mastery. These active verbs are deliberately cast at increasing levels of difficulty or complexity.

      Active verbs. Common language. ERMAGERD. Make it stop…please…somebody!

      Nyet …Nyet… NYET!

      • Look at what is confessed to in this announcement from Frameworks.

        “Build public will,” “evidence-based communications,”–creating the narrative. Certainly puts the MacArthur Foundation’s enthusiasm for Coding for All and giving the Genius award to Angela Duckworth into proper perspective. Actually I wrote a post a couple of years ago where the author of the report they financed was using blatantly Marxist rhetoric.

        • Each paper I read gets more obnoxious than the one before it.

          One thing about narcissistic, totalitarians that drives me around the bend is that on top of making certain words de rigueur, each one with multiple meanings so that people’s thinking is befuddled, limited and lock step, as demonstrated here : (sustainability is used not in the Green sense but reinforces that magical thinking nonetheless aligning it with growth and abundance and not the reality which are limits and lack. )

          “The award, conveying a $1 million grant, recognizes exceptional nonprofit organizations that have demonstrated creativity and impact and invests in their long-term sustainability with sizable one-time grants. ”

          But also that totalitarians while prescribing limited vocab for the serfs will spend volumes blathering on about absolutely NOTHING to obscure the fact of what they are really saying which can be stated in about 3 sentences or less.

          In that entire piece all anyone new to Frameworks really needs to wrap their head around is this:

          “Today, our staff creates narratives about everything from adolescence to nuclear weapon reduction.”

          Simply stated: We are the Spin Doctors. The Temperature Takers. We find out what matters to you and we find out what our overlords want to matter to you and we write a story that you will make your own so that you think the way the overlords want you to think.

          The End.

          Oh and they pay us well to get you dummies to do their bidding.

        • Was just about to share that with you! Wow.
          Reading it made me sick. Think about the manipulation used to change the way individuals think, scientifically of course, no matter if the message is truthful. Small technicality, it’s truth if they ‘feel’ it’s truth.
          Remember when ideas were dropped from the sky by plane? Look at the advancement that has been made incredible.

  11. Sorry, I did not read the text of that Skillful website before I listened to the video.
    Obviously, its all about the tech vocational credentials and approved behavioral standards . Not college at all. I don’t know why I persist in imagining that the planners’ want actual, thinking people for employees.

    An aside: for years now I have read the various papers and links provided and scratched my head every time one of these experts insisted that “Our World was Changing” or ” Our New Economy” and “Complicated Changes” were going to throw people for a loop. I kept thinking what are they talking about? Yes the world is complicated . Yes, its always changing. Congratulations you grasped the obvious.

    It’s really only in the past year or so that I was able to fully accept that these charmers have been announcing their plans for collectivizing and centrally planning our economy for decades. Its always been a done deal in their minds. They just had to get education to fall into line with their agenda.

    Their agenda made no sense at all until I was able to embrace how education was being “revolutionized” to create the kind of human being who would never consider scratching their heads in confusion when someone insisted that the sky was purple even if it appeared blue.


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