Subservient and Malleable Students: DeVos Federalizes Our Moral Obligations

With former President Obama his means were sometimes shadowy, but his goals and views were quite forthcoming. Remember the openly announced “fundamental transformation” before his first election or the “you didn’t build that”? Neither was a mistake in his mind. In his early days in politics he openly expressed his annoyance that courts interpreted the US Constitution as imposing ‘negative liberties’ of what government could not do. Instead, he hoped for a more ‘positive liberties’ vision laying out what governments must do to meet the needs of all citizens.

The Transgender Ruling that the Trump Administration overruled last week involved a federal agency deciding to read statutory language prohibiting discrimination based as ‘sex’ as also prohibiting discrimination based on a student’s perception of their gender. I keep warning that internalized perception is the new favorite bullseye in education, K-12 and after, because it can invisibly alter likely behavior going forward. No need to give the manipulated student a head’s up as to what is actually going on. Let them simply wonder later why no one is ready to hire them simply because they have a college degree.

The Obama Administration simply said that the student’s perception of who they are is more important than the physical reality of penises in girl’s bathrooms and group showers. It’s who people are on the inside that matters legally. What got put in place solely by broad, creative interpretation though can disappear the same way, which is what happened last week. Maybe like me, you heard on the TV or radio that “all President Trump and Betsy DeVos did was leave this delicate matter in the hands of the states or localities.” That may be what President Trump and his Attorney-General meant to do, but Mrs DeVos issued a separate statement laying out the “moral obligation no individual can abdicate.”

That’s quite broad, isn’t it? What does the Education Secretary acting apparently in her imagined benevolent despot role impose as our new federalized moral obligations to each other? To return to that gossipy phrase from our childhood, “Do Tell.” Here goes:

“We have a responsibility to protect every student in America and ensure that they have the freedom to learn and thrive in a safe and trusted environment. This is not merely a federal mandate, but a moral obligation no individual, school, district or state can abdicate…We owe students a commitment to ensure they have access to a learning environment that is free of discrimination, bullying and harassment.”

Now that broad assertion of such a mandate is about so much more that “New Title IX Guidance.” It was controversial when President Obama began to sneak in such a mandate to model desired behaviors and control interactions among students to create a so-called Positive School Climate.  If the verb ‘sneak’ sounds too strong, this is a controversial area and it was pushed via regulation with little public discussion. Mrs. DeVos and fed ED are quietly continuing this very alarming declared right. The affirmative, ‘evidence-based’ remedy is to control each student’s internalized values, personal attributes, and emotional dispositions all in the name of a declared moral right “to learn and thrive in a safe environment.”

In the name of that goal, we get a new global emphasis called Positive Education that is supposedly “based on the science of well-being and happiness.” Each student has personality traits that are malleable to changes in instruction and classroom experiences. Do parents get a heads up as to the change in emphasis? Not really when it gets embedded in subject areas and class discussions that are really about moral dilemmas.

Your child is Succeeding. Your child shows Growth. Your child has met the school’s Learning Objectives. All of our students are showing Improvements in Achievement.

What parent will recognize the shift in what is actually being measured or what these terms now mean? How many parents will ever see the actual statement instead of some commentator’s false statement of what it did? Will students as adults recognize that education was used to manipulate, under force of law, the essence of who they are and how they view the world?

Next we will explore the nature of this new mandate. If there is to be an unknown “major paradigm shift in education,” the only way to avoid being its victim is to know it exists.

Does Mrs DeVos even know what she has declared and the history and purpose of these controversial ideas? I do and I am really hoping she simply put her name to a Statement someone else drafted because she thought it sounded nice and noble. The ramifications and likely remedies of her declared federal legal mandate to control the very bases of behavior simply never occurring to her.

Careful. Careful. Every progressive and tyrant in history sought to control this same internalized focus now declared a “federal mandate” in a release with an erroneous title that few are likely to read.

This is no way to get the feds out of the local classroom.



32 thoughts on “Subservient and Malleable Students: DeVos Federalizes Our Moral Obligations

    • Not fun, but the clarity with which I now get how EVERYTHING hangs together in a common vision is highly useful.

      To get back to what I first laid out in Credentialed to Destroy, the question is: “Is Betsy DeVos and Inadvertent Change Agent or a Knowing One?”

      • When activities appear to line up with an agenda, I always check where someone is educated and take a special note when there is a link to Oxford or Cambridge; plus I look at associations and touted texts and mentors. My number one clue is detecting any inverted scripture and their skill level of “doublespeak”. Is it a word here and there, or does it flow smoothly like a mastered language.

        • You left out the London School of Economics. It’s amazing how many so-called Conservatives have clearly actually been worshipping the vision of that Fabian window.

          They apparently all think the iron is hot now.

          • Bingo on the Fabians. I was thinking Hogwarts; oops, I mean Oxford and Cambridge, were the progenitors of all social engineering “magic”, including the Fabians and their LSofE; no?

            Here is a hard to find list of the books shown on the Fabian windows that the Fabians kneel before on each side in a worshiping pose:

            I have recently tracked down and ordered every one of those books because of what I have learned from Zygmund Dobb’s research on the Fabians.

            I just finished Dobb’s book, “The Great Deceit: Social Pseudo-Sciences: Socialist Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing” and am not quite half way through Dobbs’ book “Keynes at Harvard: Economic Deception as a Political Credo”; yikes!

          • The radical law prof creating the new vision of using the law to speed up the cultural evolution to new economic and social norms just mentioned this man as her co-author.

            Hoover Institution; Mercatus Center at George Mason–connected to PEPG, the Koret Task Force AND most importantly also CASBS, Douglass North (that Bradley funded new template for the social science created at Hoover we covered) and Neuroeconomics while Gillian Hadfield jets off to Davos where she is on working groups. The Right and Left truly are joined together just outside their fundraising talking points and the public’s perception.

          • From what I have looked at so far, and judging by who is making a point to discredit her, I vote that she is an “inadvertent” change agent. The exchanges look like a one-way beating by trained experts devoid of choreography; Wizards playing pinata smack with a muggle.

          • The implications of coating education with the feel good, but has deep implications of a civil right should have been known by any federal Ed Sec. Here’s two radicals in the Bradley Foundation funded/ Harvard School of Government’s Education Next explaining another area we are federalizing.

            Just got this offline scheduled in Boston for March 20, 2017 and Pioneer is now working openly with PEPG and Ogletree’s Center (Houston on Race and Justice) and others.

            The Right and Left Pincer’s have joined. This fits with what Ed Next called for in an AEI program commemorating the anniversary of the release of the Coleman Report sponsored by PEPG too.

            As you know AEI and Pioneer are both Atlas Network members. Having Howard Fuller involved is certainly a reason to misrepresent Tranzi OBE and competency-based education as happened in that report with APP on Catholic schools rejecting the Common Core. I am familiar with IFL’s work.

            This is the program I remember from 2016.

            I have heard Susan Patrick of iNACOL speak and they are involved with what is now being called Performance-Based Education in this Colorado pilot.

            Very clear why they want to federalize both our moral obligations and make ed a civil right. All this also makes the coordination and ultimate vision unmistakeable. I did get here first thank goodness. We may not be able to stop this initially, but we can change what we truly grasp and that is where we are.

    • Equity fits with the SDGs and makes the federal civil rights laws the enforcer instead of the Bipartisan language of ESSA no one wants to call attention to. Similar to Betsy DeVos’ statement in that respect. It sounds like a virtuous thing to do and the fact that it mandates a destructive and authoritarian behavioral science template is not on enough people’s radars. was just released by Stanford. The impact evaluation leg is the actual purpose of charters and innovation school districts. It should be read in light of what learning, competency-based education, standards, and social emotional learning really mean. , by the way, from last summer makes it explicit that the Hoover Institution and the Center for Advanced Studies in the Behavioral Sciences are working together to advance these troubling ideas. The inclusion of MIT Sloan implicates the GEFF Forum at Silicon Valley that the Laszlos were involved in, the report to Davos this past January, ISSS, and Sloan’s ties to the Skolkovo School in Moscow on this global vision of what learning now is and what humans can supposedly evolve their consciousness to. That was Tom VanDerArk’s nauseating take on the Russian GEFF meeting.

      No wonder the lawyers have been counseling school board members all over that they must defer to Supers such as yours or mine because “they have education degrees.” Turns out the purpose of those ed degrees and now the new vision for the law is to drive this cultural revolution being created at the level of the human mind. Locked into place as a malleable neurobiological fact.

      Maybe that SSIR article should leave off the preposition ‘for’ and simply write forthrightly–“The New Science of Designing Humans”. Then they could join the CASBS’ work and Hoover’s with PEPG at the Kennedy School of Government and even Peter Senge, Otto Scharmer, and Alex Pentland at MIT Sloan. Pulls in the UN Global Compact too. Plus MIT is UNESCO’s partner in the Belmont Challenge and the Future Earth Partnership.

        • See all the incentive there is to misrepresent what is really aimed at in competency-based ed and Tranzi OBE?

          The major donors to the think tanks pushing this all know these are created regulated markets where the private provider must meet the outcomes specified by governments. Phrases like school choice, standards, and virtuous living and good citizenship obscure that no one is hiding, once we get past the actual definitions, this neurobiological intent for ed reforms. No wonder someone like Betsy DeVos, whose heart clearly outstrips her brain, is so useful to politicians at all levels.

          Up from the swamp indeed.

        • Just got a chance to look at that and at least there the rewiring of the brain is metaphorical.

          Remember though that the UK-US Joint Statement on Subjective Well-being as the new purpose of government was issued in December 2013. Puts the what works mentality there into its Upravleniye true context.

          • He will fit right in if he pushes the agenda, doesn’t mind working with communists and using mixed bathrooms. He will discover the lack of manners and respect shown by students in OR. No southern manners here. Thanks for the warning.

          • If you treat psychopaths “fairly”, like they are reasonable, the upper hand will be, and pretty much already is, under the control of psychopaths because “our morally self-anointed tolerant betters” are handing it to them. The psychopaths and Luciferians have the better game; they have a plan of domination they are following while everyone else is busy trying to be secular, popular, inoffensive, politically correct, and shooting at their own protectors, while psychopaths are becoming our masters. The “education system” has been their vehicle from its beginning. This is the same group who wants 90% of the population gone; why would they tell us the truth about anything? The idea one can, and must, be “neutral” is a tool to hoodwink the gullible.

    • Notice that this article uses the phrases “scientific concepts” as synonymous with the phrase “content knowledge”.

      This is from today and does the same, touting “using STEM and English language concepts they learned in the classroom” to “solve problems in their communities.”

      Become a Change Maker District today!

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