Tickling the Brain to Invisibly Assert Control: Guard Rails and Common Rules, Student, Then Citizen

When I laid out the authoritarianism from the inside-out definition of the Chinese term–Tianxia in the last post, regular ISC readers may have seen the reference to a “common choice” and remembered that UNESCO has made “decision-making” a main focus of its education efforts globally. Likewise, last week UNESCO was one of the key sponsors of this event https://www.aiathens.org/ , where one of the highly influential speakers https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20210430005340/en/Bruce-Simpson-Former-McKinsey-Company-Senior-Partner-Hired-as-CEO-of-the-Stephen-A.-Schwarzman-Foundation-Co-CEO-of-Schwarzman-Philanthropies made a reference to the 3 Rs no longer being enough. He envisioned “tinkering with our brains” so that “Aristotle and Ethics” could be integrated into a focus on gaining knowledge via education.

It’s Tranzi OBE (covered in my book Credentialed to Destroy) all over again but now with access to Digital Technology and Immersive Learning Experiences tied to learning standards grounded at the neurological, intrapersonal level too few are aware of. It is how the Sustainability Agenda is actually to be implemented as an article in AI and Ethics called “Conceptual and normative approaches to AI governance for a global digital ecosystem supportive of the UN SDGs” laid out. It seeks to get to people at the level of “what people are able to do and to be” and have “government, private sector and others coming together to promote guard rails and common rails” so that people will develop “a common purpose” and “shared principles and values”. See why I brought the term Tianxia to our attention? We all see these same aims when Portraits of a Graduate or Learner Profiles lay out creating a common North Star to guide student’s actions.

Anyone who has read CtD and reads ISC understands what is really going on in education–K-12 or higher ed–but I was quite struck by two different quotes recently where the writers were responding to the Pandemic hype and what governments have mystifyingly decided they now can and MUST do, See what I mean? From this essay https://dailysceptic.org/reaping-the-whirlwind/ from December 7th:

…In each case, we find the same conclusion that to successfully govern complex, massified modern societies is not to thrash citizens to within an inch of their lives (the state riskily showing its hand), but, rather, to mould and shape those citizens into people who won’t ever need to be thrashed (the state remaining safely in the shadows).

Doesn’t that perceptive quote get at the aim I had in mind when I created the Invisible Serf’s Collar metaphor for what is really going on in education? The author may not be aware of the global education learning standards and competency frameworks but he grasps that their essence is government mandated action to ” help inculcate certain values, behaviours, habits, mores and beliefs within the hearts and minds of Italian citizens.” And not just Italy we can all add in unison. We also have the insightful essay–“The Death of Europe” cited to here https://nofrakkingconsensus.com/2021/12/13/2021-the-year-freedom-died/ that aptly recognized that:

we are living through a chilling overhaul of the entire relationship between the state and the individual, with the state empowered to such an extraordinary degree that it can now instruct its citizens on what to inject into their bodies, and the individual so politically emaciated, so denuded of rights, that he no longer enjoys sovereignty over himself, over that tiny part of the world that is his body and mind.

I think that is precisely right, but my point is that required vaccinations to avoid punitive measures and learning standards aimed at controlling hands, heart, and minds to create Habits that guide at an unconscious level are part of the same aim. The idea that Tianxia is an acceptable aim of governments in the 21st century. The belief that neurological synapses can be tinkered with to fit collective normative aims no one asked us to consent to. It all comes out of the assertions we are seeing all over the world that Wellbeing is THE Goal of Government in the 21st Century. That means there are no barriers to regulation, even if the realms to be dictated and controlled are far more out of sight than Lockdowns and required vaccinations.

That “Death of Europe” essay may have helpfully gone back to English philosopher John Locke’s assertion in 1689 that “even if a man ‘neglect the care of his soul’ or ‘neglect the care of his health,’ still the authorities have no right to interfere with him. No man can be forced to be healthful'”. Well, that kind of vision may have stoked the Glorious Revolution Locke had just lived through, and ultimately the American Revolution, but it is certainly in the way of all these 21st Century plans for us that require a common purpose, values, principles, and common mentally and emotionally tools grounded habits of “sensemaking”. That aim gets us back to the real meaning of the Social Credit System being pushed by the Chinese beyond its geographic boundaries once all these education initiatives and Pandemic remedies are better understood.

An Essay by Braden R. Allenby called “World Wide Weird: Rise of the Cognitive Ecosystem” published in Issues in Science and Technology lays out just how crucial control over cognition is for all these plans for us. As the article subtitle tells us that “social media, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, and the data economy are coming together in a way that transcends how humans understand and control our world”. Yes, that’s the aim, which is why I write. Quoting usefully, we should never forget what Allenby owned up to here:

As historical examples suggest, the emergence of the cognitive ecosystem has the power to transcend and radically reshape everything from individual psychologies to institutions to societies and geopolitics, and indeed the world.

That’s the real purpose of Critical Race Theory under its various aims or Intersectionality to give two current examples. To change how this world is seen and motivate beliefs about what must be done to transform it. Same reason learning standards now make Knowledge about Concepts that then must be tied to current real world examples illustrating Global Challenges. Interestingly, Allenby then pivoted to the Soviet Union in the 1970s as his illustrative example and its desire for what it called ‘reflexive control’ over people who had no idea they were being programmed.

To understand what this looks like today, and how it differs from the past, remember an example from the Cold War. During the 1970s, the Soviet Union developed a theory of ‘reflexive control,’ which involved structuring narratives and disinformation campaigns causing people, such as activists in the United States, to act in ways they would believe were voluntary, but in fact were predetermined by the Soviets to benefit their country’s interests, Such a strategy, while seductive, proved difficult to implement given the technological and geopolitical environment of the time.

Well, it’s no longer difficult to implement, which is why I included the Marc Tucker interview link in with the last post. It’s why it matters that the IEEE discussed here http://invisibleserfscollar.com/stealthily-weaving-cybernetic-citizenship-at-the-requisite-neural-level-in-the-name-of-universal-well-being/ was a major sponsor of that AI Athens Conference. Not only have they incorporated normative goals into their standards for educational digital platforms, but the US entity–NIST–that gave the Chugach School District in Alaska its innovation award https://www.nist.gov/image-19594 for its Competency-Based education learning standards, had a speaker at the conference–Elham Tabassi– who spoke about how closely NIST works with IEEE and ISO–another global standards setting organization. Guard Rails and Common Rules–that’s what standards are, even when what they target is the human mind, emotions, or the soul itself.

Allenby’s second case study was China’s social credit system and he recognized that digital technology and the “rise of the cognitive ecosystem” now allow the targeting of “the individual citizen” with “a degree of granularity”, which was previously impractical, if not impossible. Much like the quote above that recognized a subtler shift away from directly “thrashing” citizens, the Social Credit System which can use “data regarding many aspects of an individual’s private and public behavior” [now do vaccine passports make more sense regardless of the efficacy of the vaccine?] evaluates “how good a citizen that person is”. Do that exhibit characteristics and behaviors showing they adhere to the Common Rules and stay within the desired Guard Rails? Digital technology, the common learning experiences it can easily provide, and the tremendous data it produces when tied to standards offers “For the first time, this powerfully ubiquitous tool offers governments the ability to design social and cultural stability with reasonable efficiency and cost.”

It’s supposedly a way around “traditional authoritarianism” being implemented that represents a “new technological reality that the Chinese are using well, and the Americans and the West, so far, are not.” It may be true that the Chinese are successfully targeting the cognitive, social, and emotional realms of their citizens, but the truth is the West, and especially the US, are trying to keep up. I think it’s why we have had so much organized deceit around the Common Core learning standards and what competency-based education really is. I think it’s why we have the overlap laid out here between the targets being aimed at in the name of the Pandemic or Structural Racism and what must be transformed in the name of a new kind of education to be grounded and shrouded by the term Equity. It must be Equitable because it aims at All Hearts, Hands, Minds, and Souls.

The banner being raised and the rationale being offered change depending on the audience. The targets never do. Well, maybe, the lexicon of vocabulary does, but it’s why we keep track of the targets by the function of the tools used. Learning Standards being a misunderstood, global favorite.

Ubiquitous being one of my favorite words. Good to be able to spot Ubiquity, even when it utilizes a variety of words to obscure its continual presence.

See you in 2022.

44 thoughts on “Tickling the Brain to Invisibly Assert Control: Guard Rails and Common Rules, Student, Then Citizen

    • Merry Christmas to you as well. Certainly not the year I would have ever anticipated, but did manage to host the annual Christmas Eve dinner with a different menu than my traditional Bolognese with Pappardelle.

      Taking it easy today, but this post clearly tickled some brains that did not know anyone was aware of how all this tracks together. Biggest ISC post in several years on the day it came out.

      Here’s to continuing to grasp these plans for us.

    • The elimination of grades fits right in with a 2019 paper put out by the Beijing International Review of Education (which sounds like it would have Xi’s official stamp, doesn’t it?) called “John Dewey and Chinese Education: Comparative Perspectives and Contemporary Interpretations” by SU Zhixin. It mentions group work with no grades because of the change in the mission of education. It is graphic enough to own up to the proclaiming that:

      the nature of educational modernization was the modernization of the human being, that is, the transformation of human thoughts, thinking abilities, and socialization competencies.

      All these transformations, which fit with the Tranzi OBE laid out in CtD along with its updated euphonious name–Portrait of a Graduate– “are focused on quality education and the holistic development of students…[in order to serve the purpose of] creating a harmonious society.

      Or as another publication called it as I was following the Tianxia pathway again that led to Dewey again, it creates education to create the Ideal Personhood for a socialist-collectivist society.

      • All I know is chairman Mao went to Yale… I know personally Jesuits that marched across China in the aftermath of World War II. China is the lapdog of the United States. Thanks to the vatican

        • When did he go to yale?

          Lapdog of the US or is the US becoming the vassal of China?

          The Vatican is the sponsor of the Humanity 2.0 initiative and IMBES’ creation which we have covered. What exactly are you trying to say?

          • Mao attended an Asia-based educational program attached to Yale University. Not sure of the years of his attendance. I do know that in a more recent time frame, the CCP seized a major university set up by the Jesuits…this would have occurred about 10 years ago. it is not uncommon for the CCP to invite various bodies to set up infrastructure in the PRC and then to commandeer these facilities.

          • Just saw this today. https://rwmalonemd.substack.com/p/mass-formation-psychosis

            Can you imagine how much more sense all this would make if there were greater awareness of the Tranzi OBE push in the 90s that has now been renamed as Portrait of a Graduate or Learner Profile? Since the tech companies and social media are often financial sponsors of the transformational K-12 work aimed at creating desired neural receptors and pathways, they know exactly how to exploit them in the adults cultivate for the last 2 decades at least.

            Just imagine how useful K-12 learning standards aimed at creating “shared meaning making’ are to any aims at mass opinion formation. Imagine interlinking this discussion with how the hoped-for neural net actually works.

          • What I mean is well… the great thing about the internet is that it allows a nobody like myself to rub shoulders with the giants of academia like Robin Eubanks. So you might consider me like a kid with a spray paint can running amok. But then again, Paul Simon says that ‘the words of the prophets are written on the subway walls and tenement halls’.
            To be quite candid, I have a hard time reading your posts because you are clearly a few notches my superior in sheer brain power. Be that as it may I get the general substance and you have more than proved your point a hundred times over that the world suffers from a cabal of social engineers that get off on watching us wear our invisible serf’s collars. So if my comments seemed a bit off the wall, I apologize.
            My take on the whole China deal is that it’s a bit like the 9 blind men that try to describe an elephant. One grabs the tail and says it’s like a snake, while another touches a leg and says it’s like a tree trunk. China is just that big. But of course I agree with your conclusions about the educational quagmire.
            I gained an interesting insight into China from reading a popular book,”Wild Swans, Three Daughters of China” by Jung Chang. Although I disagree with her basic premise that the west is a bastion of freedom, what I found more interesting is what the book reveals about the cultural revolution. According to the author, Mao set about systematically destroying China’s cultural heritage, yet all the while being worshipped as he carried out this epic crime. It makes no sense what he did, until you understand that he was Yale educated. So I contend that he was a tool of western hegemony.
            If you look around us, virtually everything is made in China nowadays, which also leads me to think that China is a colony of the west. Of course it’s not that simple, and now we are most likely facing a ‘ tail wagging the dog ‘ scenario, in which a tipping point begins to figure out the scam. Either way it’s interesting times to watch.
            But as far as this blog is concerned, I only want to add that we often hear of wars ‘ and rumors of wars’. (Matthew 24:6 NWT ) …I am convinced that this is media generated fear porn, so while the world is a dangerous place, I don’t give much credence to war with China.
            The point I was originally trying to make is peripheral to the discussion however. It’s a debate I have with my friends over the identity of the king of the north in Daniel chapter 11. Some think that China is the king of the north, but I go with the flow and agree that Russia is the king of the north for reasons already mentioned. Thank you, and well-seasoned greetings from Holland.

          • Thank you for the kind words. To me it’s the commonality of expressed purpose and function that matters. It’s taking the same education practices and prescribed learning experiences and then labelling them as creating the needed ‘virtuous citizen’. If the change at a neurobiological level is the same as what China admits is about creating the desired socialist citizen ready to fit into the collective, then we need to be aware of that, even if the changes in the US are hidden behind rhetoric about the 21st century, Aristotlian ethics, or School Choice. It is worrisome to me how that overhyped panacea fits right into the UNESCO/OECD ‘non-state actors’ provision of services paid for by the public purse and thus as subject to it as if the entity were government owned. It’s a presumed port in the storm that actually may provide little respite from the remake the person from the inside-out agenda I have been describing since I first grasped the essence of Tranzi OBE and Dewey’s true agenda as I laid out in Credentialed to Destroy.

            Remember I had finished the transcript of the book and was aware of its insights into the true nature of ‘education reforms’ and how the Common Core was ultimately about Competency-Based Education when I decided to put the transcript temporarily aside and start this blog to begin the warning process. Now we get think tank affiliated online publications hyping CRT and then turning around and describing Competency-Based Education by function as the solution in a school supposedly ‘chosen’ by the parents seeking relief.

            I apologize for the gaps in writing this fall. Something happened in my real life that I have had to deal with. It’s the ultimate distraction. In my head the references to China are a part of the Educating for Democracy and Hewlett Foundation described transformation projects that certainly look like the Human Development Society Marx described in his early writings. That was to have been this fall’s project after a summer spent documenting all the connections as I listened in on all the training webinars for teachers and administrators. My apologies again that, as of now, everything has not been tied together more clearly in posts here at ISC.

            It is simply a matter of time to lay it out, not a need to find and document the connections. That has already occurred. I appreciate your input from Holland since that is where so much of the globally transformative programs like UNESCO’s that Benjamin Bloom created and IB have relocated to. The plan is for me to write more regularly now that I can think again and the holiday ‘grand productions’ are all over. The aspirations are global but the bullseye mechanism to be restructured is noetic, personal, and should not be invisibly being rearranged to fit the aspirations of the rulers for the ruled.

            This blog is all about not going quietly when the aspirations and implications can be laid out.

          • Well, I certainly look forward to your new posts…
            Now that the holiday hecticness is behind us , perhaps a joke is in order. I’ve thought about this a lot but I’m not sure if anyone else will think it’s funny so I resisted writing it down here but what the hey… here goes.
            I’ve followed this blog for some years now and discern that when you aren’t reading and studying and exposing shenanigans of a global nature, that you also like cooking.
            It often makes me think of the song ” Ode to Billie Joe” in which the family gathers round the dinner table to discuss local politics and other news, but is interspersed with “pass the black eyed peas.” Okay I will stop. For some reason this tickles my funny bone but I guess that is just me. At any rate I enjoy hearing about your favorite southern cuisine… there I said it . ( sigh)

            About China though, I forgot to mention my most powerful evidence that I think China is a colony of the United States. I think I mentioned it before but it’s CAFR1. This fellow, Walter Burien did an interview about 20 years ago with Catherine Austin Fitts exposing the fact that governments large and small are keeping two sets of books. While they cry crocodile tears and incessantly beg for more money they secretly have built up huge portfolios. This money gets plowed back in to reinvestment upon reinvestment until now it has reached staggering proportions. It’s called the comprehensive annual financial report.
            So since 20 years time has gone by, time has not stood still. They become more and more adept at covering their tracks, but what Walter Burien was saying already 20 years ago is that a lot of the investment is in Chinese industry..
            So even though I am no expert on China, I know what I know which ain’t much, but in any case I will not go quietly into this dark knight.

      • I have often heard it said that while the CCP controls the surface crust of Chinese society, there is magma flowing underneath. I LIVE in a “harmonious society” and the difference between Japan and the PRC is marked.

        Using Japan as a benchmark, though, I have had many Japanese who have recently attended programs at U.S. universities tell me that they were surprised by the level of conformity among students — did NOT feel comfortable expressing opinions that deviated even slightly from ‘right think’.

        • I was on a professional development webinar for teachers and admin’s nationally related to the Educating for American Democracy K-12 civics initiative and not believing in climate change as manmade and potentially catastrophic was given as an example of a view that could not be expressed because CAGW is supposedly :indisputable’. Probably along with the January 6 Insurrection narrative. After all, the Broadway cast of Hamilton says so now.

          Did you see this story https://wattsupwiththat.com/2022/01/08/swiss-researchers-using-brain-electrodes-to-stimulate-climate-concern/ to create the desired mentalization in the brain to change future behavior in desired ways. BS that this cannot be done to the masses. They just need the right ‘learning experiences, misdescribed so the real intended effect is obscured. Whether or not the Chinese are doing these things to their own people, they are certainly pushing this level of noetic manipulation globally and buying online platforms that further it.

          I am adding this from the head researcher’s page from the Neuro Social Lab because it fits with all the learning standards’ pitches about going to ‘self-regulation’. It also shows up in school charter language.

          My research interests lie in the social and neurobiological aspects of social issues such as fairness, altruism, intergroup hostility, prosocial behavior, norm enforcement and norm violation and selfishness. I combine tools principally from Neuroscience, Social Psychology, and Behavioral Economics to study social decision making.

          Key research questions are:

          Are humans inherently prosocial or does prosocial behavior require deliberate self-restraint?
          Are there any neural markers that explain individual differences in social preferences?
          Can differences in brain structure and resting brain function predict individual differences in social behavior?
          Can we modulate self-control processes in social contexts with brain stimulation techniques or pharmacological substances?
          Does self-regulatory training alter brain connectivity and morphometry and do these changes predict greater self-regulatory success in social contexts?

  1. ‘Yale in China’, class of 1919. Mao later became editor of the ‘Yale in China’ newsletter/journal. He also operated a bookstore located in a building owed by Yale.

    • That was the year of the Dewey visit. It lasted from 1919 to 1921. It was set up by some of Dewey’s Columbia students who had returned to China. The article I mentioned says Mao was in attendance at some of Dewey’s lectures and how much Dewey influenced the Chinese vision today in the reforms we have discussed based on the NCEE podcast.

      The Ideal Personhood link cited a 2016 book in its Biblio a book hyping the “teaching and learning principles of Xueji in the educational practices of the world today”. The more I read up on Xueji, like Tianxia, the more it reminded me of what the supposedly ‘conservative’ think tanks in the US are pushing in the name of School Choice, as well as the supposed remedies for the Common Core we have run into. It also reminds me of what Danielle Allen pushes as the needed mindset and practices for American Democracy. All roads headed to the same place in other words, whatever the labels on the road signs.

    • Happy New Year to you as well. https://www.learningforjustice.org/the-moment/january-4-2022-one-year-laterthe-capitol-insurrection was released yesterday to get the ‘future citizens’ in the ‘correct’ frame of mind.

      Some of the webinars I was on last spring for teachers had them proclaiming their need for counseling to deal with how they felt about January 6. Of course, the SPLC is the same group that had learning materials preprinted before anything happened in C’ville in anticipation that it would.

      Adding this https://boriquagato.substack.com/p/the-eternal-anxiety-of-the-thoughtless because the line “we fed them to jackals to save them from bunnies” is so apt.

      • I recall the specific letter written to a certain first lady and his time at what is now Education NW in Oregon. An insider for certain and obviously still remaining on the rewire the brain bandwagon. If things were not planned in advanced they certainly are taking advantage of the situation the past two years.

        • Oh, it’s long planned. Remember Faure chillingly laid out the planned implications of the now ubiquitous term- learning society–in his 1972 report for UNESCO that used to be embargoed. Torsten Husen then wrote more than one book laying out the planned vision and how crucial a new vision of K-12 education globally was. Tucker’s work has always been about enacting that same scheme.

          Now given the aspirations for what governments wish to do, think about the actual results of the curriculum released for classroom discussion today https://www.facinghistory.org/educator-resources/current-events/mob-violence-human-behavior-capitol-insurrection

          This Teaching Idea asks students to consider why so many people, including those who apparently had no plans to commit violence, participated in the Capitol insurrection, and it invites students to reflect on how even seemingly small choices that individuals make can contribute to larger acts of injustice and violence…Facing History uses the term insurrection to refer to the attack on the Capitol building on January 6, 2021, because a violent revolt against an institution of the government took place. Some news sources and government documents also use the term riot. For more information about these terms, read the AP article Riot? Insurrection? Words matter in describing Capitol siege.

          I pulled out those two quotes in particular from the documentably untrue write-up being presented as factual to children whose education now is largely conceptually oriented anyway. Notice the first sentence quietly recognizes the targeting of each student’s decision-making process. The second quote nurtures the idea that everyone now has an obligation to submit to whatever processes of subjugation government officials, elected or bureaucrats, choose to assert. That nurtured deference fits right into 21st century aspiractions of citizenship as an interdependent submissive cog in a government-led collective. This is all utterly totalitarian for anyone who knows their history.

          No wonder history had to be retooled into a role-playing activity to reimagine how the future can be restructured. If the role-playing activities in the US or UK fit with what the CCP required in its Citizenship curriculum for Hong Kong that has been in place for a decade or so now, where are we all really headed?

        • Look at what was announced yesterday and the ties to the Oregon Venture Fund, even a new Board member. https://www.prweb.com/releases/social_emotional_and_life_readiness_provider_wayfinder_closes_6_6_million_series_a_round/prweb18416021.htm

          Notice all the references in the alert to helping students finding their “meaning in life’ and also how Pennsylvania’s state Portrait of a Graduate makes this focus front and center. Talk about confirmation yet again that this is where Tranzi OBE went to live by function. Children as manipulable ‘systems’ subject to government’s plans for them.

          Wayfinder’s founder and CEO Patrick Cook-Deegan says, “For years, Wayfinder has been a leader in making education more meaningful and engaging for students. Today, there is an urgent need to help students connect to a deeper purpose and build the skills necessary to live a life aligned with that purpose. With this new round of funding secured, we have the team, resources, and vision in place to bring our category-defining curriculum to millions of students around the world at a time when it could not be needed more.”

          Remember Kenneth Boulding said explicitly that a common purpose is what creates any human, individual or collective, into a ‘system’.

        • It would be so much better if this author https://thefederalist.com/2022/01/12/california-district-pays-nearly-170k-for-curricula-teaching-children-to-become-leftist-co-conspirators/ understood the significance of the phrases–“Essential Questions” and “Enduring Understandings” to what is being cultivated. Instilled False Premises is a more accurate summation of how this instilled Cybernetic Neural Net is intended to work. The author acts like False Premises will be the effect. Yes and it’s the Stated Purpose as well.

          See Lynn Erickson’s work from years past here at ISC on how Enduring Understandings work and what else functions the same with different names. I called it Nomenclature Games recently in describing how it all works.

          • Curious if you saw the Davos speech where it was stated that humans no longer have free will, we are hackable animals? From his recent book.

          • I did not, but it fits with what I have found and where CRT is actually leading. Somehow CRT as it is implemented as Anti-racist education requires accessing the same Tranzi OBE level of Excellence that targets what is thought, wanted, and felt by the individual. Same as Tianxia, which is where I am going. It is all outlined and I was working on it yesterday morning. Had hoped to get it up today, but friend broke one foot and sprained another so I am making my turkey chili with chipotle sauce and tomatillos softened by the broiler and then turned into a salsa verde.

            Tranzi OBE has always gotten at the level of free will without it being obvious. I was thinking of john a powell’s interest in the unconscious and I wrote about the EU and OECD’s interest in treating people as programmable ACES–Anticipatory Cognitive Embodies Systems. Unfortunately, my work is correct, but harder to find as search results do not come up like they used to unless someone is already familiar with my work.

            Free will is an illusion in the Tianxia/Tranzi OBE/now Portrait of a Graduate vision.

            Did you see Larry Arnn essentially says the same thing, but describes it as the training of the soul? No wonder Barney Charter Schools work as they do.

          • Whelp – there goes my escape to Idaho from Oregon. Sandpoint was looking good until now.

            y. harari = In such a world, the last thing a teacher needs to give her pupils is more information. They already have far too much of it. Instead, people need the ability to make sense of information, to tell the difference between what is important and what is unimportant, and above all to combine many bits of information into a broad picture of the world.


  2. On the PRC, I can only comment on what I have experienced in my travels there (1999-2016) and, I grant that my impressions are based on self-selected individual and group encounters, which occurred mostly owing to various professional interests.

    Based on this, I would observe that I encountered highly-educated individuals who were either well-versed in international ‘everything’, or who were curious as hell about international everything.

    I did not EVER feel constrained in what I could say, nor did I feel my conversation partners did either. There is a whole lot of reading going on, and the seeking of information through VPN-protected web accounts.

    I would contrast this to what I experience in talking to American and particularly those who reside on the Coasts.

    If you want to have ideology and talking point vomited out on you, these are go to people.

    Robin, I heard on some broadcast, recently, that for the Chinese it has been we don’t do what we say we are doing; meaning that they kept core math and other hard science curricula in tact…and, exported the commie nonsense. This would comport with my experience of the Chinese as a VERY competent population group.

    If America needs a boogey man, I would look for somebodies closer to home.

    Just my humble opinion.

  3. I am REALLY clear on where the degeneracy in my own fields came from and Chairman Mao and the CCP are not on my list of suspects.

    • Multiple links by anyone but me gets caught.

      Now you are out. Went for a 6 mile mountain hike yesterday and stayed offline all day.

      Definitely over that torn quad tendon finally.

  4. Off the wall legal question for Robin. OK, I have had numerous, very frustrating encounters with the U.S. Embassy in Japan during this crisis. The language they use, when you can talk to an actual human is “commercial”, e.g. one guy said, “I’ve got to go, we are running a business, here”. Form messages are addressed to: “Dear Customer”. I can tell you that the ‘services’ they provide are quite limited relative to that of other embassies. And, it is ONE SIZE FITS ALL, whether you lost your passport on a ride at Disneyland, or, you need to be air-vac’ed out of a war or disaster zone. These gaps in whatever were very apparent during the 3/11 earthquake and are again with Covid-19. Problem is, the locals believe that Americans receive ‘services’ from their government.

    Are U.S. Embassies ‘for-profit’ enterprises?

    • I have never heard that, but given the lack of calibre of other Obama and now Biden appointments, it wouldn’t surprise me if the civil service/foreign service staff gets their attitude from the cronies nominated to be ambassador.

      Maybe the embassies have to bring in a certain level of revenue to keep their current budget in subsequent fiscal years, plus cost of living?

      • Here is the deal for Americans who are ‘in extremis’ be it in Kabul, or Tokyo. We will put you on a flight going somewhere. We cannot tell you the flight # or schedule in advance. You must be on stand-by and wait for our call. You may take a limited # of possessions on that flight. That flight will cost 3X the normal fair. We will hold your passport until the advance made for the flight is repaid. That is the deal!

        Further, the U.S. embassy in Japan has been in Covid-19 lockdown since March 2020, this despite virtually all Japanese government offices being open.

        On the ‘service’ front. Ten days after the 3/11 earthquake/tsunami/nuke meltdown in Japan, American citizens could still get no guidance from their embassy. The embassies of EU countries were handing out iodine tabs and instructing their citizens to evacuate. The only guidance I got from my embassy, or I should say AT my embassy came from members of the U.S. military who were there trying to
        get passports for infants. They were monitoring the situation via private cell-phone channels with their peers. It was these guys who told me to “Get off this island now!!!”

        • Since I can’t post a link, but I can say that ed chiarini dallasgoldbug already a long time ago called bs on fukushima. He said it sounded more like a hydrogen xpl0$*on…so…no worries…
          Proverbs 24:10 “if you become discouraged in the day of distress, Your strength will be meager.”NWT

          • I believe you. When I talk about analyzing by function instead of the Nomenclature Games CRT lends itself to (the Broadcast news coverage of the new Ga bill is ludicrously juvenile) https://www.frameworksinstitute.org/publication/framing-racial-equity-in-adolescence-messaging-strategies-for-social-change/ that came out yesterday is a good example.

            By function, that is CRT even if it never uses the term. Unfortunately, nobody but me zeroes in on the significance of Framing and Conceptual Frameworks for guiding perception. Why? My take is that most pf the privates and charters that wnt the $ from School Choice as the supposed remedy to CRT also have a focus on manipulating these so-called Higher Order Thinking Skills.

            If I go quiet for a day or so, check the weather. Now a winter weather advisory for where I live starting tonight.

            We are not having a discussion in the comments on that earthquake and reactor injuries being fake. I have deleted a subsequent comment. It detracts from the provably factual work I do at ISC and did in CTD.

      • I got some anecdotal data on this topic from a Japanese policemen. He said that the neglect of American citizens by their embassy in Japan as been a constant. He said he served in a precinct that caused him to have contact with many foreign nationals. He said that the Americans got no help with any kind of personal or national disaster. He said that after the 3/11 quake all the other embassies relocated the citizens as necessary, found them ‘safe’ accommodation. Not the U.S. He said he saw American kids with serious injuries, or mental illness completely ignored by their embassy. Finale statement: the American Embassy does not serve private citizens.

    • Thanks. I have covered Education International and how it is a lucrative jobs program for former pols and their children.

      I appreciate the link. Lost power in windstorm yesterday, but we are back in business today.

    • I am here. Had a sudden tragedy this past fall that I have had to come to grips with. Now writing, research, and thinking has become my escape again so I plan to get more active again.

      Unless the Internet acts up again as it did this morning, I should get back to writing posts more frequently again.

      In the meantime, that Quadrant piece is right on the money with where education has been leading us. Here is link again. https://quadrant.org.au/opinion/public-health/2022/02/covid-politics-and-psychology/

      Allegations of covid’s unprecedented dangers, structural racism, and Climate Change caused by human activities all force governments to step in a define new goals that only social institutions can control. All individuals must be made to change not just their behavior, but how they think and to submit to political power as if we are all subjects. It’s no wonder facts cannot be allowed to get in the way.

      We will cover that next.

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