Treasure of Social Comity Requires Sacrifices of Individual Sovereignty

Many of us have seen news reports in recent days on student walkouts in the Denver suburbs. The School Board wants to ensure that certain traditional areas are still emphasized in American history, while the students see the intervention as propaganda. The adults involved seem a bit shocked that what they see as facts is seen by high school students as an attempt to manipulate their belief systems. Why can’t the students properly understand who the People in the White Hats are in this controversy they seem to want to ask?

I think it would help if everyone understood high school is too late to introduce facts and knowledge into a curriculum that has long been about shaping values, attitudes, and beliefs in desired directions. The federal ed lab in Aurora, Colorado, McREL, after all, originated the transformational concept in K-12 education of Second Order Change many years ago to force irreversible change in students’ worldviews.

We can only repair the damage done if we appreciate what has happened in our schools and why. It relates to the e-Governance we started looking at in the last post as well as the creating the shared visions and collective purposes needed to effectively bind the individual to the decisions made by others. In his 1999 book The Double Helix: Technology and Democracy in the American Future, Edward Wenk laid out the new vision of politics our students are actually being prepared for. Government is to be “considered as a steering system and not simply a power broker.” This fits, attentive readers will remember, with the admitted use of conceptual understandings and the manipulated social construction of reality to create an invisible steerable keel in the students who are tomorrow’s citizens. Student-centered learning then instead of the subject-centered emphasis of old is necessary to build that keel. The ultimate consequences also fit with what Hayek warned us of in the previous post.

When the School Board tries to interject facts into the classroom, without appreciating that the keel is already there, it becomes easy for the adults closer to the classroom, who know what they have constructed over years, to steer the outrage. Facts=Propaganda if the Keel is already in place without parents, students, and most taxpayers knowing it’s there. Why is it there again? Ultimately, this generation of adolescents is being and has been primed to regard politics as a term used to “describe how elements of a diverse society use their power to bargain collectively, then strategies and tactics for their achievement, all within an agreed upon set of values and rules of engagement. This is American society in action.” That’s the vision of American society and politics the students are acting on, while the school board is still locked into a vision of traditional representative government.

“Consensus must be generated” so that governments can steer with a “high degree of harmony” towards a vision of Equity and social and economic justice for all. Many K-12 and college students have been thoroughly embedded in this vision for years. The Common Core is merely a means to make sure it is in place everywhere. Public or private. Suburbs, cities, or rural areas. To align the US with what is going on in other countries towards the same ends.

We adults are the ones who simply assumed that the education template had continued on much as it had previously been. Once social comity becomes the established goal of the future at all levels of governments, then “social functioning needs a consensus on goals and a mechanism for its generation and fulfillment.” We get that mechanism by K-12 and higher ed signing on, as well as the media, plus “whoever controls technology.” No wonder their related foundations are so involved.

ICT generates the visual images that serve as a “kaleidoscope” of what the future might be and are not bound by whatever has successfully existed before. Wenk wanted everyone to recognize that “Government is not mainly or the only machinery of governance. In American democracy, everyone should consider themselves part of government rather than holding it at arm’s length and figuratively holding the nose. Only by engagement through enlightened civic literacy, civic discourse and commitment can the diverse needs and desires of all be negotiated.” Hence the C3 Social Studies Framework and CCSSO prescribing desired Citizen Dispositions. As someone deeply steeped in history, this is a prescription for disaster, which is why accurate knowledge of the past is no longer being encouraged or much tolerated.

All the push surrounding Digital Learning and Laptops For All it should give us pause since Wenk recognized, and aimed for, what substituting those manufactured visuals and virtual reality would do to “critically alter the consciousness of the receptor.” That would be the student, your beloved child that you dropped off this morning and entrusted to a system intent on transformation. Well aware of the question that Wenk saw and intended to use: “What does information technology do TO us as well as FOR us.” In Wenk’s world government, industry, and people will all interact and then be bound by what the decision-makers decide. People are supposed to become satisfied with the ability to offer their opinions to “those who govern them.” If this seems like a scifi book or limited to one idealogue, it’s essentially the vision laid out by Marina Gorbis of the Institute for the Future in her 2013 book and speeches globally.

It’s essentially the vision of the future and our new obligation to function as a collective that Richard Falk (of the Carnegie and Rockefeller-funded World Order Models Project) laid out recently here . The new APUSH Framework and the La Pietra Conference we looked at in that trilogy of posts make much more sense when we are aware of a well-funded and determined effort across decades “about moving from the here of egoistic state-centrism to the there of humane geo-centrism.” Since Falk’s angry quotes at the time of the Boston Marathon bombing show he in no way wants a reality of hate to get in the way of his vision of the future, we can be sure that today’s tragic videos of sliced off heads will not change the vision either. It is up to us to recognize it.

Whether most of us are aware or not, Falk, the OECD, the UN entities, and public officials at all levels are pushing education and land use regulations designed to create the “citizen pilgrim” who “combines the identity of a participant in a community and the acknowledgment that the desired community does not presently exist, that its essential nature is to bond with a community that is in the midst of a birth process.” No wonder those Denver high school students believe accurate facts from America’s past constitute propaganda in the present. They are participating in a birthing process and many may hope to become midwives of it. No wonder we just keep encountering a required communitarian mindset lurking behind actual definitions of being Career Ready or having a Positive School Climate.

If everyone with political power globally is pushing a comparable vision of the collective future and that vision requires what Falk called “drastic shifts in political consciousness,” then preschool, K-12, and higher education will become dedicated to creating those very shifts. Those students are merely showing they are heeding the “call for an engaged citizenry responsive to the need and desire for a reconstituted future as well as a repaired present.” Why, it’s that Neanderthal School Board majority showing it has not yet yielded to the Transition clarion call that requires “infusing both political leadership and the electorate with the values and perceptions of the new realism.”

That again is the new realism that is actually not very realistic to those of us deeply grounded in knowledge of the past and conversant with what has ever created mass economic prosperity. No, we are apparently to be stuck with education designed to create over years “the engaged pilgrim devoted to the here and now of political action (as well as the pursuit of a visionary future), whether by way of exhibiting empathy and solidarity with the sufferings of those most vulnerable or by working toward innovative steps serving human and global interests.”

The good news in all this is that these students have been consciously subjected to behavioral engineering so that they will have Growth Mindsets that are malleable to change. They are only irreversible if parents, taxpayers, future employers, and the students themselves remain unaware of the deliberately constructed Worldview.

That they were subjected to fuzzy math and Whole Language precisely so that their perceptions could be manipulated.

The key to deconstructing the keel is to know it is there.

The key to defeating these open declarations of a planned transition to collectivism is knowing they exist.

Consider this post as joining my book Credentialed to Destroy: How and Why Education Became a Weapon  to be clarion calls towards defeating these collectivist aspirations. While there is still time.

Sounding the alarm truly is the beginning of the way back from the precipice.

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  1. We see the Common Core vision in action when we watch TV commercials.

    Everything is Diversity. The almost vanished white men are only allowed if they look gay, have a grinning non white girlfriend with wild hair, or are druggy looking hipsters displaying proper Occupy attitudes.

    This is the transformed world that white students now expect and demand. If their social surroundings don’t look like all these excessively repeated images of how things should be now, they feel like they are committing some kind of crime against human rights and Ebola victims.

    Let the fun begin when they are told that it’s their responsibility to pay for the common good, then forced to pay for it, while at the same time they are told their white privilege should be punished, and then is punished severely, and with their trained consent!

    • Hi stemcell-I wish I could say highlighting race was your imagination, but then we have talked about the NEA CARE Guide on this blog. This 10Cs Model of Diversity Awareness and Social Change was first written in the 90s effort but it had become front and center for what Harvard was pushing on the administrators of tomorrow and their profs when I wrote this about two years ago.

      I was also at the rollout of the Metro Atlanta Equity Atlas and later the Harvard Equality of Opportunity presentation and was horrified by the unjustified levels of grievances that have been nurtured. Vengeance is not too strong of a description for the anger and desire for justice, whatever the destruction involved.

        • Well, we know that emotions are a huge component of the desired K-12 reforms because they drive future action. One side is made to feel aggrieved and the other guilty. When history becomes about what it ‘felt like’ to live during certain time periods there is no prompt to intervene that information is not accurate. The purpose of whatever content gets through is either workforce related or how it influences how you interpret the world now.

          As that link to the 10Cs shows as well as the posts on Enduring Understandings, the C3 Social Studies Framework, and cybernetics generally show race is being unabashedly used as a lens for how people will interpret their life experiences. Way too many inner-city political machines rely on the reality that ignorant and aggrieved is easy to manipulate to the polls. Just imagine marrying what the Catalist database created for the 2012 Presidential election to the data for elementary schools in particular neighborhoods being thrown off by adaptive software. Political consultants will know exactly what buttons to push via media and targeted campaigns. Cardinal rule of the behavioral sciences is what young kids believe is coming from home.

          Adaptive software can then be used to have school create that desired noetic keel. It can monitor what curriculum creates what types of changes in which students. I was going to write precisely the post I did although there was a 2008 book I hoped to include too. The Denver students were just a timely means to illustrate the point of what the desired change looks like in practice. These students have had education as about values, beliefs, and perceptions so long that facts feels to them like propaganda. How dare anyone treat history as a body of knowledge instead of a means of viewing the world.

          • Anyone (skool kids) who watches the History Channel knows enough about the UFO Aliens, but mostly they know about the evil Nazis who made war on innocence and goodness. What they don’t know about the Nazis, they know about the Klan from the same source.

            But the Holocaust Narrative always is told from the “If YOU were there, YOU would have…” Then comes the horror show pictures.

            Empathy is too easy, so it should be suspect at the outset.

            What will Common Core do to build empathy with murdered Heather Graham’s grieving family, or with that of Colleen Hufford, whose head was hacked of by a diverse Muslim today in Oklahoma?

            “If YOU were there, you would have seen a Muslim come at you with a huge butcher knife and yelling about Allah.”

          • Oh My word. I have been working on analyzing TEKS as a type of Competency-based learning and have not been watching the news. shows what you are referring to.

            What a tragedy. Education that becomes about creating false perceptions of reality because that is what is politically transformative means that it takes a personal tragedy like the Twin Tower, the Boston Marathon, or this to get through. I had heard there was a raid in Atlanta this week that had multiple arrests that none of the media was covering because it is not the message desired and perhaps it might have fed hysteria on the eve of Rosh Hoshonah.

            I have written about how Facing History seems designed to create false beliefs about what led to the Holocaust. was that post.

            The description work-based violence seems misleading, just like Fort Hood. There goes my concentration. That poor woman’s family.

  2. Have looked at the Denver situation as a ray of hope that students can come through this horrible situation with enough intelligence left to begin to rebel. If there is some way to catch this moment and send some (you?) folks who can explain what is happening to those people in Colorado, maybe there is a chance to bring this light for everyone else.

    Colorado has experienced some of the most blatant examples of the results of these programs. Maybe there are people there who are finally willing to listen.

    • CPW-this is from a national law blog and sees this exercise by the students as suitable civil disobedience bringing a political school board back in check.

      Now being on a legal blog, you would assume this is written by a lawyer, but here’s the cv of the writer. He’s an ed prof at the University of Northern Colorado. All his degrees are in some type of education. So Educational Leadership wants to use the law and students to advance their agenda, even if it ignores laws currently on the books.

      The Curriculum Committee being discussed would be unacceptable in Georgia where school boards are now told by law firms, accreditors, and the GSBA that curriculum is purely within the provenance of the District Super and their Staff. That they are the professionals. Note that Weiler served as the state accreditation coordinator for Utah previously. He knows how accreditation now gets used as an offensive cudgel. So does Colorado. I have a file on the State Department of Education doing powerpoint presentations back in 2011 on how to use accreditation to coerce school districts and schools into the transdisciplinary vision.

      Whatever way it takes to remove the obstacles to forcing the schools and classrooms into compliance this time. Interesting spin from this blog that does see the law as a policy making tool, not a set of rules protecting the individual. This is where the part of me that was Order of the Coif and Law Review gets annoyed at the turning of the historic function of the law on its head.

  3. Thank you Robin, a very helpful post in understanding the changes. When reading the articles on Colorado, hard not to hold your nose. How many were salivating over the proof that what they have done is working.

    • Thanks LL. It was hearing the actual students that was so meaningful on top of having tracked Colorado going back to when they first piloted Achieving Excellence with Bela Banathy’s system work in the late 80s. He has a tag but it was much later that I knew of his ties to GERG as well as Mihaly Csiksentmihalyi who created the term excellence to describe aligning what students believe, feel, and want into a single impulse that drives future action. Well, they are acting.

      Looking into what school districts are advocating it consistently looks like what is globally called transdisciplinary. Colorado is there. It also is deeply involved with the marriage of government and industry that Wenk considers so crucial to his vision of the future. An entity called America Succeeds that other states are emulating. Interesting how so many involved have backgrounds with industries or entities we see acting as sponsors. Lots of ICT experience. Broadband as a human right funded by taxpayers is a rather lucrative business model. Lousy deal for taxpayers though.

        • Gasp! (Eye roll) NEA? The union was behind motivation for students to disrupt school board
          Meeyings here with bull horns and shouting chants with profanity. One sharp reporter noticed the bull horns marking with a sharpie, matched it up to the same one at an occupy PDX protest. What fine examples we have.

          • The NEA built the keel and knew precisely how to use it. They know precisely how they have trained those students to perceive reality. What emotions they have been playing to and what situations they have used to have the students learn to “feel the pain as if this were you.”

            Also never forget the NEA’s Purple America and Project Love initiative that is to be part of the actual school and classroom implementation.

            As we have discussed, people like our Ed Leadership prof whose post I put up this morning congratulating the students for their civil disobedience have spent their entire adult life living at taxpayer expense. There is simply nothing in their life experience that tells them there is anything wrong with governments steering societies and economies. They have no idea what productive effort by other people actually funded those paychecks. Calling governments parasitic is not an insult is factual, not an insult. Parasites to thrive long term have to be sure not to kill or substantially weaken the host.

          • Regarding the union being behind the student’s disruption of the school board; that is just the tip of the iceberg. Check out this 1957 issue of “The Communist” by the Communist party whereby they spill the beans on how US schools are a “front”. Fully admitting “schools” are intentionally prison-like; then encouraging our children to get involved in improving their environment (disrupt), then adding disruption by teachers, locking arms with students as co-inmates (ire aimed at parents, not “professional”, nor “informed” like themselves, who make their job impossible) as wards of same said prison, is a large part of their modus operandi:

          • Not to be prison-like anymore since you can bet Pearson’s REVEL will soon be coming to K-12.

            Immersed in virtual reality means we are back to using our senses instead of having a mental conversation through print. Huge difference which is why Wunk mentioned what digital media does to us and Radicals gleefully refer to it as a Trojan Horse. Instead of being able to look after themselves for the most part, education infantilizes the typical person so they feel they must look to others to meet their needs. When meeting needs is the purpose of government, there will be a lot of needs. A bit like foreign aid that flows into government coffers to meet citizens needs creates every reason in the world for a society to remain dysfunctional. It’s lucrative to those who are in charge and want to remain there.

          • Not to be prison-like anymore since you can bet Pearson’s REVEL will soon be coming to K-12.

            Immersed in virtual reality means we are back to using our senses instead of having a mental conversation through print. Huge difference which is why Wunk mentioned what digital media does to us and Radicals gleefully refer to it as a Trojan Horse. Instead of being able to look after themselves for the most part, education infantilizes the typical person so they feel they must look to others to meet their needs. When meeting needs is the purpose of government, there will be a lot of needs. A bit like foreign aid that flows into government coffers to meet citizens needs creates every reason in the world for a society to remain dysfunctional. It’s lucrative to those who are in charge and want to remain there.

    • Thanks LL. It was hearing the actual students that was so meaningful on top of having tracked Colorado going back to when they first piloted Achieving Excellence with Bela Banathy’s system work in the late 80s. He has a tag but it was much later that I knew of his ties to GERG as well as Mihaly Csiksentmihalyi who created the term excellence to describe aligning what students believe, feel, and want into a single impulse that drives future action. Well, they are acting.

      Looking into what school districts are advocating it consistently looks like what is globally called transdisciplinary. Colorado is there. It also is deeply involved with the marriage of government and industry that Wenk considers so crucial to his vision of the future. An entity called America Succeeds that other states are emulating. Interesting how so many involved have backgrounds with industries or entities we see acting as sponsors. Lots of ICT experience. Broadband as a human right funded by taxpayers is a rather lucrative business model. Lousy deal for taxpayers though.

  4. I asked my eighth grader, who has an excellent memory, what facts he had learned in American History. Every single fact he gave me related to the slavery issue.

    I told him that when I took AH in high school, we learned a lot of things that had absolutely nothing to do with slavery. He was unimpressed. I mentioned that one has to know a background of facts to draw conclusions about history, and that it seemed in history courses they were deciding which conclusions they wanted him to draw and providing the relevant facts. But that when I took history, it was a variety of stories and facts and the teacher could not always anticipate the conclusions we would draw.

    He said it sounded boring, to learn a bunch of facts.

    I guess they’ve installed keel, with various psychological bashing they’ve done in social studies class, despite my best efforts to open him up. This system is terrible.

    • David–I have noticed something similar with my youngest where she has been led to believe that any factual discussion of Islam that puts it in a troubling light is being bigoted. I let her siblings deal with that one. She had been carefully trained though to deflect criticisms as proof of prejudice.

      I still think it is good to know that keel is there and that you will find a way to undermine its efficacy.

      Please read the link above I just put up in reply to CPW.

      Doesn’t what that ed prof wants students to do to defeat the elected school boards’ members concerns sound eerily like what is going on this week at Colgate University? I know what that school costs and cancelling classes to join the protests is a slap in the face to hard working parents.

      Inequality of any nature is not comparable to de jure segregation from the 50s and 60s. But appreciating the distinction does take a store of facts, doesn’t it? Plus knowledge of the determined effort not to teach reading or anything else properly in urban schools.

      • I hadn’t heard about the Colgate protests. I like to think that if my child were cutting class for that, they would discover that they now had to finance the remainder of college education or otherwise. Though I don’t know if I could do that legally if NY requires me to finance it. I could finance community college and online courses on Coursera and EdX. (If the state would force me to finance “the style to which they had become accustomed” I’d better not start them off in private university.) The rest would be up to them if they want something else.

        In my old age I’ve stopped giving a damn about people who would do that to me. They can be leftists on their own dime. At that point a parent’s job is done anyway. OK rant off …

        When we protested in college at least it was for a good cause: the increase in tuition. And we weren’t a-holes about it either.

        “”Until those action plans are met, we will pursue our sit-in here at the Hurwitz Office of Admission building,” Sydni Bond, a student spokesperson for ACC, told Inside Higher Ed.”

        Sydni Bond should be arrested and invited to post bond.

    • Pa-I remember Laurie from the struggle in Seattle over math and the judge initially deciding school board had been ‘arbitrary and capricious’ in ignoring the evidence of the poor results of the math curriculum. Poor results, unfortunately, are the point since Axemaker Minds interfere with what Laurie would call the Network’s desire for Rule of the Oligarchs.

      • What is so frustrating is that parents here have an inkling that something isn’t quite right but don’t want to rock the boat and be labeled as “trouble makers”. In math, I have yet to find a parent in my district who is willing to really make a point to fight against the ridiculous math curriculum that reduced my math-understanding 3rd grader to tears on a regular basis. (That’s 2 years ago, and she is now happily plowing through Singapore U.S. version.) Parents will nod their heads and agree with me that they should not have to google their elementary student’s math homework and will fill in more details about how convoluted the process is, and how they think it’s crazy, BUT…they don’t take it beyond that. As a result, the school board hears that the parents don’t like math from me, but since no one is speaking up, they believe I have no evidence to support my claim. They are not interested in surveying district parents about the math curriculum. Math matters barely nick the surface of problem, I know, but I just want to know how to wake people up!!!

        • It’s partially waking them up and partially dealing, if possible (not always) with their fear of speaking out.

          My son was constantly and gratuitously accused of doing things. For years I didn’t speak up because I was playing defense all the time, countering false accusations.

          People got fired, but my boy still had a miserable time, something I still have to tell him is not his fault so he doesn’t lose his outgoing personality.

  5. Robin,
    You cannot unsee this vision can you? I have mentioned before that this worldview and vision is seeping into churches. I m currently sitting in a room at church feeling quite betrayed. No one will be left out this time will they? I refuse to let something shake my faith, however, I will be seeking a place that does not participate in this vision. Do have acquaintances that just don’t understand what you see?

    • My son calls it momma’s Illuminati Project to watch the steam come out of my ears. As a female attorney, most of my long-time friends are die-hard libs. The are not happy this is the end game, but know me too well to dispute my ability to accurately perceive what is not yet evident to others. As you know, that’s still not the point that I will write something. Accurate perception though is what flushes out the clear declarations of intent via blueprints.

      So we don’t talk about it when we get together. This restructuring will be quite lucrative at least in the short term for some lawyers so I have jokingly said it’s OK to pretend we no longer keep in touch for friends at big firms. It is what it is and no I cannot unlearn this. At the same time, the book especially lets it all be really clear. I was reading something Michael Fullan wrote in 2001 on the relationship between shared meaning first and then personal meaning. I read that and immediately recognized Vygotsky and saw what he was really trying to do. It’s Censorship before the fact and in a way that does not appear tyrannical because we are using K-12 to dictate what children do and think in order to lock in what the adult will then perceive. People have a predictable, exploitable worldview that they are not really aware of, but the hoped-for Oligarchs know precisely what beliefs and behaviors they have carefully sculpted.

      If the point is getting the prevailing majority to common perceptions, and it is, of course religion has to be targeted. It can neither be sponsoring alternative beliefs if this is going to work or continue to foster a reverence for the individual against the will of the group.

      I have read and documented so much I have never written about that will go into the second book. It will build on the first but really deal with the digital learning and emphasis on perception. Think of it as a sequel and explicitly global instead of global by implication if people are aware of how the Common Core links to what has already gone on in the UK, Europe, Australia, Canada, and Hong Kong in particular.

      • Macey and I both had experiences at church today. Although different they related in ways. We live a few hours apart. The catch is it is hard to argue with community service and helping the disenfranchised. We are called to give love. But… I can argue with the statement ” we are unified with DHS”. We are unified with our vision of generous justice.
        I suppose I will need to learn more about this vision, and see what it is they hope to gain from this. How inappropriate to drive a vision in such a way. Sometimes being the odd one that questions things often leads to loneliness, and social isolation from those who wish to follow the status quo. Thanks for allowing discussion on your blog.

        • There is so much here that is alarming.

          I do not want to hear about social justice by the way from the same people determined not to teach reading properly.

          The Rationing Society ultimately hurts the most the people who are most in need. There is no social justice in refusing to teach people to read properly.

          I tutored a high school girl a number of years ago and took in an old fashioned Geometry book to use to explain something to her. She might have been struggling in her classes but she wanted to know why she had never been able to have a textbook that just explained things. We worked together in the mornings twice week and she passed he graduation test. Her dad came in one morning to meet me and thank me for just explaining things to her.

          That should have been a norm. Not an unusual circumstance her junior year by a woman trying to also get a handle on what was happening in the high schools.

          • “Social learning happens when people think they’re similar to the people they’re learning from,”

            OR educators have been saying this for over a year, hire minority teacher to close the achievement gap. That was a disturbing article.

          • LL-remember what learning means. Ultimately it’s about social interaction that changes how students sees themselves, others, and the world. It’s changing values, beliefs, attitudes, or behaviors. My experience with administrators gung-ho to push this is that they are either Idealogues or abjectly stupid in a painful sense. I remember listening to one area super last year and the confused look on his face when someone asked him a question and recognizing that mentally and emotionally he was still a child. Of course he will push whatever gains him promotions. Wholesale change seems OK because there is no real understanding of the past or how the current world actually works or what causes problems. They will parrot what they are told, especially with the incentives involved.

            We read that article and find it painful. It’s being circulated though because the relevant people with power over the classroom are thought to view it as inspirational. Hopefully today’s will keep pulling things together. Did you know by the way that the same UNEP that wanted to control all innovation in the 21st century going to the manufacturing stage (in book, last chapter) is also the global entity in charge of the e-Governance Project? Not coincidental. Good way to control innovation if you get to prescribe what people do and think and how they will perceive experience and put and then monitor the desired mindset in place while the mind and personality remain malleable. People cannot protest what they do not know is there. Yet as we saw with the JeffCo high school students, the adults know precisely what hot buttons they have created to prompt action.

          • LL-all these teachers calling in sick and the signs given what the school board is asking is just further confirmation that Colorado, like much of your state, is thoroughly transdisciplinary now. That recognition and having a widespread recognition that they are at the Transformational OBE stage that is now working to be actively polytech is why there is so much pushback. When I first did the stories on Peter Senge after his work in Winston-Salem became an issue with parents, his and the Waters Foundation for the State of Nevada stated that Nevada was now using the concept of Student Growth that Colorado had piloted.

   These teachers are determined that the School Board and parents not appreciate how far gone Colorado schools are.

          • The previous Super in Fulton had the whole Board reading John Hattie’s Visible Learning and they were led to believe it was about preserving academics, not creating cybernetic mental maps. I bet this goes on in other school districts where the Board members think they are a Team with the administrators who are lying to them like Pinocchio. Knowing that the belief of certain school board members known to be academic advocates is the only thing keeping parents from rioting.

            Why with the stakes so high would adults not understand the incentives to lie? Taxpayer funded generous pensions for life.

          • LL-the acknowledgments of the intent to program behavior in that document shocked even me. I think in part it is just an acceptance on what is sought plus those behavioral graphs on thinking essentially have the students tracking their Delphian or SDD transition from “I used to believe, Now I believe.”

            This recent blog post by the Ash Center at Harvard that works with the UN entities globally to push this e-Governance and Governments must be the Guarantors of Social Justice mindset did this recent story on China.

            It fits with both circumscribing knowledge and censorship, but acknowledges that the knowledge that must be restricted is that there can be action beyond what is permitted by the State. You can criticize officials in other words, but how to get around edicts or how others have is Off Limits. That’s not inconsistent with deciding what the approved concepts and Ideas used to guide perception are, which is precisely what Deep Learning tracks back to.

            In your link it talks about correcting misconceptions, except the insistence on Transfer even when what you are looking at is actually not a System (like a person or economy) or not analogous means that undesirable conceptions get ‘fixed’ too. I know when someone is messing with me which is how I embarked on this story in the first place because I am a huge lifetime reader with a lot of knowledge. But the typical student these days will not have that factual base to dispute what they have been told.

          • Notice the interest in which groups used which concepts and which groups used more concepts than others.

            I can tell someone this is about nurturing group grievances along with constraining thought and creating predictable future tendencies to act, but there’s nothing quite like a PhD insider.

            So few Ed Doctorates these days involve any level of scholarship beyond this is what I agree to do and here’s my check.

  6. I only wish that more folks in education were directly aware of the threat to our way of life and western civ values. Before I discovered the site and read the book I had a certain anxiety and skittishness knowing something was wrong but not quite being able to put my finger on it. Now, it seems so obvious and I share the insights with my education colleagues. I challenge all to do the same. Only through dissemination of information and facts can we battle Leviathan.

    • Thank you Tom. This is not fun stuff to research, but it IS what is going on. The declarations are quite clear and building up. Sunlight is both the way out and the way to avoid ideas that have never worked before. We need to grasp this now, not 3 or 5 years from now. The book will remain the way in whenever it comes to people’s attention, but the long term pain will be so much smaller if that is sooner rather than later.

      Thanks for the support. Welcome to ISC.

  7. Robin have you ever ran into Robert Schuller in any of the mindfulness research? Been doing some tracking on the part of the movement that impacts Faith.

      • Yes, sadly I keep running into the name connected to the New Age movement and his teaching used to inform those implementing a new movement in the church called “seeker sensitive”. That is where I keep finding your research bumping into this Same movement connected to the newer social justice movement in churches. Not what I expected to see but the information is out there so I guess I am not the only one to come upon it.

    • This is an area I have spent much time studying and there is some information propaedeutic to the topic of “faith”. Former Romanian prisioner, tortured at the hands of Communists, Richard Wurmbrand’s, Congressional Testimony was the #1 requested government document 2 years in a row which gives some very important information on this subject of which one cannot navigate this subject without.

      Here is a paragraph that has been censored from the current edition of a book Wurmbrand wrote of his findings while imprisioned and tortured in Romania for “unauthorized teaching”.


      A gigantic organism has been created by the Soviet Secret Police to destroy the churches in the whole world. Their first aim is to cancel or minimise the hostility of religions toward Communism. Additionally, they seek allies within the churches so they may use clerical prestige to bring the mass of believers into the camp of revolution. The name of this department is Orginform. It has secret cells in every country, in every large religious organisation. One can assume that anti-Communist organisations and missions working behind the Iron Curtain are its main target. Communist agents specialising in propaganda and provocation infiltrate churches and missions to prepare the ideological disarmament of the faithful.

      Its first director, Vassilii Gorelov, was formerly an Orthodox priest, an apostle turned Judas. The head quarters are in Warsaw. The actual leader is Theodor Krasky.

      Orginform has one school in Feodosia for training agents for Latin countries and one in Moscow for North America. The agents for Britain, Holland, Scandinavia, etc., are trained in Siguel (Latvia) and those for Moslem countries in Constantza (Romania).

      These schools prepare false pastors, priests, imams, and rabbis; each must understand thoroughly their respective theology. Some of them entrench themselves in churches or missions by posing as refugees.”… You can read more from these pages here:

      Here is a link with helpful highlights on Wurmbrand’s Testimony with a link to the original document:

      • Thanks Kyrie. I am a person driven by facts. One interesting thing when searcing what you say here I see Rick Warren pop up. One of the people on my list of sources to this movement.

        • LL-when they start talking about a purpose focus they are really also close to the Humanist Psychologists like Carl Rogers and Abraham Maslow. When I first encountered David Conley’s definition of College Ready and all its purposeful behavior and goal language, It fits right into the psychology/social science template of how to guide future behavior.

          That is not to say anyone involved does or does not recognize that fact as they develop similar strategies under the heading of religion. It’s just that when it does come up and I look at it I am always stunned by how much ALL of what are social organizations are singing the same song with similar verbiage and much of the same intended destination.

          And to think 5 years ago I had never heard of Gramsci.

        • Career Pathways federal meeting in DC on the 23rd.

          I hope that is not the same Mark Greenberg who created PATHS and does so much positive psych work. Off to see.

          No, here’s his cv but he went to Harvard Law. The US Fabians really do intend to use the law and the ability to regulate to force the Human Development Model of a society without saying that upfront.

          • Well, it is an organization embedded in society. Bronfenbrenner’s Ecological Systems Theory may be a metaphor but the point really does seem to be to keep the average student or adult from recognizing that the only thing that makes these abstractions ‘systems’ is a widespread belief that they are. It’s the widespread false belief that they already are that tolerates all the planning and creates a willingness for individual behavior change.

            That fits with Boulding’s use of system and how system marries into the the Humanist Psychology and transpersonal psych theories. Basically the internal org that guides perception is manipulated to guide how ‘reality’ is viewed. When I read these books both the word ‘reality’ and the word ‘facts’ are generally in scare quotes just like that. Use education and organizational theory to change how any social entity portrays reality and people will supposedly respond in predictable ways to reconstruct people, institutions, and physical communities that currently exist.

            You will discover when your oldest goes off to college that when they are home they truly want your undivided attention.


            Nothing like a confession from California that CC is about cultivating social change and combatting individualistic notions of success. Then have an influential group like Learning Alliance touting that change in purpose. All about teaching kids to think in the desired ways. Hence the Invisible Serfs Collar metaphor or the reality of being yoked to someone else’s vision for your new future.

          • The NWO already has everyone else decieved. This is one of many tools used to go after what is left of the true church; their last and largest standing adversary. Keep in mind that everyone who claims they are Christian, or those sitting in the pews on Sunday morning, knowing or unknowingly, are not necessarily Christian. Also keep in mind the Pope, since the Counter Reformation, in multiple Papal Encyclicals, has been calling for a NWO, of which HE (as Vicar “in place” of Jesus) will spiritually lead of course. Researcher Chris Pinto repeatedly admonishes, and I have found to be true, that if one doesn’t know about the Counter Reformation, you can’t figure out what is going on today. Anyone knowing the Counter Reformation history would immediately be suspicious of this book.

          • Here are some quick facts to help understand the strange un-Christian wording on the cover of this supposedly Christian book written for Christians:

            To show that I am not trying to put my words in someone else’s mouth, please look up the following terms that describe the following language “skills” of Jesuit argumentation:

            Jesuit Sophistry
            Jesuit Casuistry
            mental reservation (Think Bill Clinton saying “that woman”. Note there are 2 diametrically different systems: System A: Catholic Encyclopedia condones this as legitimate. System B: The Bible says “But let your communication be, Yea, yea; Nay, nay: for whatsoever is more than these cometh of evil.)

            For an explanation as to what the goal is of this Aesopian communication, google “Jesuit Oath”

        • To help anyone discover the many tentacles of the New Age Movement, in this video lecture, former Zoology PHd professor and Historian Walter Veith show a vast collection of quotes that tie together the involvement of the UN, Freemasonry, the education system, from its beginning, elites, and the gammet of the players. Even if one doesn’t know anything about Freemasonry, this will fill in quite a few gaps on how this all ties together:

          • I know what you mean L.L. At least it’s video and very interesting. My daughter’s friend who graduated has sat through quite a few of the Veith’s lectures with us. That is how interesting they are. Each of his lectures probably summarizes a full term of very useful information. I wish I knew this stuff coming into adult life; I would have been a lot harder to fool.

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