Weak Humans+Computers+Expert Modelling of Captured Data, Is this Your Approved Vision of the 21st?

Sometimes it turns out that what feels like a coordinated effort to mount a political transformation without permission–an invisible coup for the most part–feels that way for a reason. We have already encountered Goodwin Liu writing in the Yale Law Journal back in 2006 that the illusion of a state-led common curriculum reform was essential to transition the US to a radically revised concept of citizenship. But at least he did not write about jettisoning the US Constitution and the current US governance structures altogether as “increasingly out of sync with today’s reality” and “products of a Newtonian view of the universe.”

Somehow “quantum physics” (italicized in the original for some reason. I suppose to be ominous in the implications)–“and the new technologies of the electronic information and communications revolution” (see why we stopped for a short political theory brief on why the prevailing mode of production mattered to Uncle Karl and his power-lustful descendents?)–are now held to be (published April 2013) “out of sync with many social institutions and practices, specifically with government systems, which are still very much locked into technologies of 200 years ago.” So says a “reknowned futurist” and the boss of Gaming as Education Advocate Jane McGonigal from the previous post. I suppose we can think of this as a tag team effort. One says Reality is Broken and the other lays out the complete vision for the future with insights from her childhood in Brezhnev’s Soviet Union.

Marina Gorbis says she emigrated to the US at 18 after her mother died and first voted in the 1984 Presidential election. Perhaps that accounts for her willingness in The Nature of the Future: Dispatches From the Socialstructed World to cavalierly announce that:

“Political realities are shaped by the social realities of their time and reflect the prevailing technological infrastructure, levels of knowledge, and citizen values.”

Marina says “written constitutions” generally and our current “political institutions are simply not up to the task of governance today.” She cites “global climate change, chaotic economic fluctuations, and a host of other emerging disruptions” as among the reasons that hey, hey, ho ho, Madison’s vision now has to go. So a manufactured by the lure of government grants supposed  climate “crisis” is coupled to the financial crises being stoked by too much government intervention in the economy already.

And the solution is “socialstructed governance” where assemblies of average citizens chosen because they are representatives of a state or region’s demographics work together with “experts in various fields”. The experts in turn will create models based on all the Big Data now available (thanks especially Marina notes to President Obama’s January 2009 Open Government Directive that opened the data in the government’s coffers to the “public”) and “simulations to review and analyze various options”. And the citizen representatives can then deliberate and discuss and then vote on public policy affecting everyone.

Now I wish I could joke that this is just Marina’s opinion but her Institute for the Future has high powered support apart from the fact that its education vision to get this all in place is precisely what we laid out in the previous post. It’s Chapter 4 in her book. But I have seen these visions she laid out before. It was also in last summer’s troubling National Research Council report “Computing Research for Sustainability” that I wrote about here http://www.invisibleserfscollar.com/blending-sustainability-and-education-to-gain-arational-nonlinear-minds-and-new-behaviors/ . No wonder that report referred to people as “socio-technical systems.”

Marina goes on in her vision for the future to say machines are just much better at rational thinking than people are. People she says are “emotional” and “situationally driven.” She wants to bring together the “best of humans and smart machines.” Supercomputers can do the “rational analysis…and we can rely on our human selves to formulate moral precepts, generate insight, [and] respond spontaneously to the unique circumstances of the moment .” The actual Common Core implementation in the US and related education reforms elsewhere make so much more sense when you read:

“Amateurs armed with good strategies (thinking skills) and access to the computational power of machines turns out to be a winning combination.”

With the purpose of that “new kind of machine-human partnership” being to “maximize not only our individual well-being but also the well-being of the community.” And I would think that the fact that all this is clearly being officially contemplated should give us pause before creating in 2013 a  pathway to citizenship for any groups that will shift the demographics substantially. We voters seem to be assuming a pathway to citizenship under our current political structures and documents and our politicians and their consultants are ramping up to jettison Madison’s magnificent document.

And I know Marina’s vision is not hers alone because beyond the gaming and digital learning components we have been examining in recent posts, the assumptions on when it is OK and even desirable to change political institutions and governance rules showed up in a 2009 Georgia Social Studies Presentation on Getting Ready for the Common Core. The presentation by Ben Crenshaw at the state DOE was on using Lynn Erickson’s Enduring Understandings. But Slide 13 listed definitions of Culture, Distribution of Power, Governance, Beliefs and Ideals, and Conflict and Change that I wrote down verbatim because they seemed to be incorrect and envision, in my mind, priming the students for change. Just the kind Marina Gorbis has now laid out in her book.

I want to get back to the gaming element of the story. First, this presentation makes it clear that gaming throws off so much useful personal data on “traits, abilities, aptitudes, personality traits ranging across very different domains of your personal makeup” that it constitutes a unique signature–a behavioral DNA.”  http://techonomy.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/21st-Century-Skills.pdf Which will obviously be highly useful to gathering Big Data for decision-making by committee.

Secondly Marina’s Superstructed Economy, which fits by the way with all the other economic and social visions I have laid out in previous posts, relies a great deal on values and feelings and beliefs. Which by now we know to be under deliberate assault in the classroom and in the intelligent tutoring and games being created both for education and just recreational gaming generally. Everybody seems to be using Mihaly Csiksentmihalyi’s Flow and they say so in their books and papers.

I want to go back to something else Willis Harman wrote in 1988 in Global Mind Change. He wanted to move beyond the rational mind as the decision-making gatekeeper and rely on emotional creativity and intuition instead. Which dovetails quite well with what Marina sees people bringing to the partnership with smart machines. Harman wrote that the “emerging vision emphasizes community in the small view, and global cooperation in the large.” Once again in sync. Must be that California sunshine and vistas. In a quote that is quite relevant to the real common core, Harman noted that “by deliberately changing the internal image of reality, people can change the world.” And Gaming and Visual Models of Systems and Enduring Understandings are all excellent ways to get at a person’s internal image of reality.

Here is the key part that makes intense visualization so important to the sought social, political, and economic transformation and Harman laid it out in 1988 (italics in original):

“Reprogramming the unconscious beliefs that block fuller awareness of our creative/intuitive capabilities depends upon a key characteristic of the unconscious mind, namely that it responds to what is vividly imagined essentially as though it were real experience. Thus, to revise the unconscious beliefs we need only vividly imagine new beliefs, as they tend to become true.”

I will take a brief break in the quote to point out this is where time and the relaxation that Csik has noted from Flow and the positive psychology and neuroscience insights the designers say are all being used to create these computer programs. Here goes:

“Because the unconscious beliefs have been reexperienced or reaffirmed repeatedly over a long period of time, the substitute beliefs and/or images must also be presented repetitiously over a period of time, preferably in a state of deep relaxation when the portals of unconscious are most open.”

It is that Mind Change and new Worldviews that are so essential to the real common core. They are necessary for the desired Transformations to be peaceable. Marina may say it will take decades for her to get the new kinds of consciousness changes by ICT tools that she wants. But the process via education has literally already commenced.

We didn’t get an invite but the Miss Marple of Education snuck in anyway for a peek.

Good thing too. Audacious plan. Invisible no more.

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  1. Ideologies, even good ones, always rise up only to crash and burn because the human factor is ignored and/or treated as though it can be easily overcome or reprogrammed to a standard of good for goodness sake. It cannot, though; time and time again, this is proven. What is clear for me now is that, given the global scope of consummate evil rushing over everything like a tsunami, we may now be at the point of no return. What that means, I can only guess at the potential outcome.

    It’s hard knowing and telling the hard unvarnished truth, isn’t it? Not unlike screaming in the void of outer space.

    • It would be even harder to know what I know and can prove and not tell it while these pushes are not fully in place.

      When I listened to an 8 minute video of Marina last weekend saying that we have spent 40 years building up this ICT infrastructure and now it is time for these tools to change us, I knew I needed to get her book. I had always planned the Willis Harman part of today’s post but when I got to the “Governance beyond Government” chapter and recognized the fit with Gaming and Digital Learning, I knew I needed to combine the discussions.

      I had to spend some quiet time yesterday coming to grips with this and then went to bed early. Got up and said let’s go tell this story some more. I still haven’t gotten to what was to be Part 3. Now it’s Part 5. Next. It’s been outlined for 2 weeks now and fully documented.

      • Robin, I live in a small community in North Georgia and even though the county I live in is still somewhat rural, the school my grandsons have been attending has been designated as a “theme” school. Their theme is “health and fitness” which seemed so “good”. It has taken several years to see where the whole curriculum was going, and we only just discovered Common Core this year but I can tell you the change from even four years ago has been dramatic. Both my daughter and I have been active volunteers in the school for he past six years and we have built friendships with the principal and the teachers, many of which have complained privately about the new curriculum, especially Singapore math. Coupled with staggering reports from other parents about the incredible sexual activities and porn access on digital devises at school, left unchecked, it was a no brainer that we should home school next year.

        You do know that shining light on the deeds of darkness makes darkness roar and seek to put your light out? We definitely are in the Matrix.

        • In education now, you push this and get lucrative promotions. And the lucrative consulting jobs or even another admin job after the original retirement. Or you can be quiet and keep your job if you go along. If you speak out, there will be no promotions.

          So admins more and more are either clueless, idealogues, or simply parasites willing to push whatever gets the next promotion. But it is a parasitical relationship. This does not add value and is detrimental to the students and the economy and this country.

          I am in Fulton with its horrific charter and an IB school to boot so I know what the end game looks like. And you are right the drug use goes up because the students feel betrayed. But hey we are on our way to a kleptocratic utopia. It will all be fine.

          • Robin, when the news got out that she was home-schooling next year, the principal asked her why and she told him flat out it was mostly because of Common Core. His response was stunning. Said Common Core was great and a advanced curriculum. My daughter wisely went no further.

            I have a particularly egregious tale about a school in Mid-Town. But I don’t think it would be wise to post it, for many reasons. It was the last straw for a young woman we attended the GHEA convention with in May.

        • “Those who are wise will shine like the brightness of the heavens, and those who lead many to righteousness, like the stars for ever and ever.” Daniel 12:3

          • Sara, I’d always choose being the light, leading to righteousness, whatever the consequence. 🙂 It’s good to go in knowing the potential though.

  2. So this “socialstructed” thing is to put together groups of people mirroring an area’s demographics.

    And as it turns out, Obama has another push to affect the demographics he doesn’t like of selected areas. I know this because my area, Westchester County NY, is one of the pilots where he’s trying to change our local demographic, saying we have to “affirmatively further fair housing”, and fair housing doesn’t mean that realtors don’t discriminate by race (why should they, a commission is the same shade of green regardless of which client pays it) but that the demographics (particularly racial) have to become more mixed. The problem he’s having is that our zoning is a local decision and there’s no apparent way he can force that to change, so that slums can be inserted where he wants them.

    Thinking hopefully, there is a lot of “risk” for the perpetrators of this edu-nonsense these days. One risk is the power of the internet used properly. Used naturally, where so much information and good teaching and learning material is simply out there for the taking. Learning from EdX and Coursera, or Wikipedia, even a bit of Kahn Academy here and there is nice to have. The internet wants to be used well, information wants to be free. It takes a massive bureaucratic nightmare to overcome that with even limited success. They are surely putting on that massive effort with Common Core.

    Another risk is that socially elite communities will “socialstruct” a curriculum that is excellent, and that other communities will want to share that, and it will be willingly given to them, and this will become an opportunity for the best educated citizens with the best intentions to drive educational content for themselves and others.

    I feel that all these good things can happen if we just keep the communists off the levers of power a bit longer. Create some confusion, extra steps they have to worry about. Robin, it’s great that you are bringing all these threads to light. Then when they appear we can be ready to subvert their “proper” application! Not sure if I have a natural inclination to guerrilla tactics, or if that just seems the natural approach here in the issues you mention here. But without the ability to direct Federal funding flows, it’s all I can think of to respond to many of the issues you raise.

    • We have the same social engineering happening before our eyes, montgomery county PA. they were able to trick us into zoning changes with promises of a boutique hotel. it never showed but alot of other things did, including a tatoo parlor and alot of new faces drifting around during the day and night. your ideas are good David but what happens to our kids in school now in this hellish deformation? we have seen some of its effects on our young people already. there is not enough time for me anyway to wait for an organic shift back to somewhat normal scholarship.

      also these kinds of assignments are breaking my heart and I know they are hurting our children. I have been fighting them in my own private school. the thing with common core is that depending on the degree of dementia of the teacher, determines the degree of eggregiousness of assignment and obama is going to make sure to find through personality data and lifeskills data colllected to find the right kind of people who are willing to abuse our kids with horrific assignments like below and think nothing of it or even obfuscate. Gates just gave Phila big bucks to prepare for master teachers. what might the criterion for that be?

      read also the comments

      and not only are they choosing themes for schools they are doing it in redevelopment shemes in towns, using the trusted delphi/visioning meeting.
      generally this kind of theme stuff is a cover to dilute what is really going on, and it goes up the chain… the truth is imbedded in a lot of superfluous nonsense and language and buzzy words to sparkle and distract the reader from the reality of maybe changing zoning, or changing charter etc… using pivot words to say 2 opposing things at once. the master trick of this prez et al.


  3. also by the way, I have been privy to redevelopment plans with overlays that literally wipe out half my town. the college student central planner who drew these lovely plans ( paid for by my taxes) completely rearranges our town and the one next to it, of course to bring the center of town to the train station and so many houses to be wiped out for happy trails and gazebo fields. ” oh don’t mind us who live in these houses you are wiping out” that is where the eminent domain is key…. central planners can dream. so like the others they are giving the planning of everything over to some very entitled school children who are indoctrinated with the tranformational lust, a red diaper mentor and a big grant. powerful.

    your last quote from Harman coupled with the Csik is a bazooka of a smoking gun, well done Robin.

  4. I wiped out my original comment , which was response to David I have a friend in Westchester county and I follow astorino and the story a bit, as it is the same problem we are having here. but like Robin reveals about Goodwin Liu’s strategy of illusion, they used it here with some success in the equity march through the suburbs here.

    I had also posted this link about common core assignments in an nyc private school which is also paralell to what i am seeing in my children’s private school.



    • Hi MadMommy,

      I have been reading through back postings and comments to catch up. Like you I am crazed but what I see going on. I also live in Montgomery County PA. I removed my kids from one private school into another because of a curriculum that was beyond repair.
      The new school is leagues better but I still have concerns about common core agenda creep.
      I’m also dismayed to hear about the Agenda 21 planning committees. I have been under the( mistaken) impression that Montgomery County had pushed out the ICLEI/Agenda 21 change agents. Sigh.


  5. I was able to pick this one up. Great job, and I can put at rest some of my 30 years of research that I’m going through. You seem to b4e on top of everything.

  6. Erickson, in her Structure of Knowledge, gives us the Structure of Propaganda. Ascending from Abstract to the Concrete (actually it’s descending on her pyramid) It’s a bridge to Newspeak. They realized that they could not just begin speaking in Newspeak, so they’re attempting to provide a ‘rational’ basis for it via Structure of Knowledge, EU’s. Add to it the subliminal things the behaviorists in the gaming community are working up . . . and the desires of intellectuals . . .

    Will Durant once described intellectuals as “those who mistake ideas for reality,” and that a society run by intellectuals would commit suicide very quickly. This is what we see today.

    “Assemblies of average citizens?” I picture Madame Defarge with a database and a fawning army of less-than-average citizens wreaking havoc—a reign of terror.

    I came across the document by the CCSSO that dealt with new standards for teachers called the InTASC model core teaching standards. I get the feeling they want to move in as many new teachers as quickly as possible and move out the old ones, stressing that they young ones should be leaders from they moment they join a faculty. Glossary in the back—interesting how they are defining ‘content knowledge.’

    • I wrote a post about those InTasc standards for teachers back in December. Wrote it that morning and then heard a few hours later that there had been a shooting at an elementary school in CT. http://www.invisibleserfscollar.com/coercing-teachers-to-be-social-and-political-saboteurs-what-can-be-done/

      Gorbis says in her book that we will be relying on neuroscience and behavioral economics to make decisions in the Socialstructed future she envisions. Where the group binds everyone but it’s supposedly to be in our best interest. The mention of neuroscience fits with what CASEL presentations say which is that this type of social and emotional and visual instruction is designed to create physiological changes to the Prefrontal Cortex. The mention of Behavioral Economics dovetails with the predominant background of people on the Advisory Board for the Ed Lab Eli Broad created at Harvard. That is supposed to be doing cutting edge education research.

      Gorbis also uses the word “amplified individual” a lot. She says it means a person tied into the ICT technology and thus able to now access and input into the collective intelligence. Interesting since Amplify is the name of the Newscorp sub Joel Klein heads up involved with education and inBloom and creating tablets in a partnership with AT&T. He is also heavily involved with that Broad EdLab. Joel Klein said in front of me last fall at a Chamber of Commerce luncheon I attended that Amplify was designed to create “new kinds of minds.” Everybody else seemed to think that sounded good because the heads were just a-bobbing. I was pretty horrified since I was familiar with Paul Erhlich’s book New World New Mind. So I came home and wrote a post about who benefits from these type of mind-sucking partnerships.

      At that point I was on the right track but only knew about half of why technology in the schools was so critical. I noticed that a key criteria in the doctoral program that recently credentialed our newest area high school principal had pushing technology as one of the prime conditions for getting the degree.

      • After discovering this blog and adding to the mounting information gathered from other sites, I must admit to being overwhelmed and I don’t know why. I’ve recognized what has been happening for many years. In 1999, shortly after closing my art and gift shop, I had time on my hands and used it to do online research. One thing led to another and I found a site filled with documentation that revealed the long-term “plan” to reconstruct society through education. That site is no longer available, of course, but it opened my eyes so that I could better connect the dots with heightened discernment.

        One aspect of the plan, that, to me, is the most diabolical, is the patience they are willing to practice. Humans tend to have short memories, are mostly disinterested in history and therefore are exceptionally malleable, if one is willing to go slow. All one has to do to successfully change the way people think is to gently ease them into what they perceive to be new and better thinking. Label it new improved modern but feed it one spoonful at a time and they will believe it was their idea, which is the dynamic that allows the planted seed to grow like a weed.

        Seems to me that we have reached the tipping point where those slow techniques have worked so well it’s time to speed it all up to the new Brave New World.

        “So this is where we are now. Information on a list, in a rule, a regulation, a curriculum,  takes precedence over teaching our children the life-long love of learning, the fundamental skill sets for acquiring any knowledge and the common sense to successfully, productively use it. “


        • Meema-the reason I use history in telling this story is to try to make it less overwhelming. One of the reasons I am now telling part of the story on the blog usually within days or a week or so of just figuring out that element myself is to get the info out there so people can get used to the shock to their worldviews it creates. Me too except I have had a couple of years now to get used to elements of this story. Plus I know I did not go looking for this. In many ways it found me and then I became tenacious in figuring out the whys of what was clearly going on. And also the determined lying going on by some ed admins and their glee at what they were doing. That always bespoke of something bigger.

          People need to get used to the idea that education has become a cultural weapon as part of a coordinated attempt to turn it into a political tool. It should be a public good but it is not necessarily one.

          What you are describing about using education to reshape society has a name–Dewey’s Social Reconstruction vision. I explained it here last summer http://www.invisibleserfscollar.com/are-educators-free-to-plot-mental-insurrections-in-students-with-impunity/

          To show you how much this vision remains current the SR school has been renamed within the last decade as Justice-Oriented Citizenship as I noted in a post a few months ago. It was be overwhelming if all this was launching without any understanding of the pieces or the overall blueprint. That was what was happening in the 90s. It is happening now but this time we do get to understand it and talk about it. Axemaker Minds matter to the freedom of all of us even if only a small percentage have one with razor shape edges. It is the ultimate herd defying instrument because it knows what it knows and why it matters.

          The weak human envisioned was not to be capable of epiphany knowledge. But the launch of the last leg happened when those detailed plans and confessions from the 60s, 80s, and 90s remained in print. It is one of the mysteries of this story to me why books that were too graphic and inflammatory to remain on library shelves were turned over for sale as used books. As if anyone looking for such an old book would not have known precisely why they wanted to secure a copy. Or the books I still cannot get but I can see that used copies go for hundreds of dollars. Which is another kind of validation of still current influence.

          • Robin,
            What has overwhelmed me is that all the bits and pieces have finally come together in one huge collective agenda. I’ve been aware of the hot spots here and there, but suddenly, all the dots are connected and it is clear for me now that underneath it all is a great evil. And I agree that there are different levels of cognition – from the determined perps to the idiots who are easily swept up in shallow meaningless sentimentality.

            On the topic of old books, I truly believe that digital books will exacerbate the way information and knowledge is manipulated to suit the agenda du jour. I can say this because I am a POD publisher and I know full well the upsides and downsides to digital printing. But even as I take advantage of the technology, I am a “book” person and I comb used bookstores for printed books to add to my library because I understand the value of words, ideas and knowledge captured in print and bound in a volume that cannot be edited or erased.


          • When I say I tiptoe through the footnotes, it’s a funny line but it is also true.

            I know what is going on and how it all relates because I intuited the likely connection or explanation for known events and then went about proving it. At that level the people involved have been confessional. Especially as I usually try to go back to when an idea was first developed and read what was said before something became notorious.

            The funniest reaction will be when someone tells me something is “just my opinion.” When it is not a matter of opinion at all. It is me faithfully reporting what someone said they were doing. That happened particularly with the high school’s foundation wanting to continue with using Spence Rogers and PEAK for professional development at the high school and raising money to do it. I wanted them to consider that Rogers said Mao Tse Tung was a good example of leadership and that he uses and promotes methods based on Csik’s Flow work. Their response was they did not want to even look at Rogers’ or Csik’s books that I offered to show them to prove what I was saying. That the weaker students preferred the classes organized around Rogers’ work. I said that’s because it is a psychological interaction and not what the parents are sending the kids to school to get.

            The PTA and Foundation still refuses to look at the books or even what PEAK itself says it intends to do. They have, however, now sent out a notice to all parents that the Principal’s Coffees are sponsored by the PTA and parents are not to speak unless called on.

            And that is precisely how evil spreads. It’s how it worked in Germany in the 30s and it is how it works in 2013.

            And because I know what is intended and just how evil this all actually is, I write. So hopefully parents and taxpayers in other schools will not have to endure expensive psychological assaults aimed at both teachers and students.

          • To write and write well is a dying art. Another casualty of modern education and technology. It follows that reading is a dying skill. Among the millennials I’d guess two thirds have a working vocabulary of about 200 words. Maybe. So writing what you know is not likely to reach those who need it the most because they are not interested. The admins of all school districts are educated enough to understand but aren’t interested in the truth because it would impact funds already spent. There are reportedly a number of districts in Georgia that have voted down Common Core but this puts them in a tenuous place because monies were spent and now they have no funds to buy another curriculum before school starts again.

            Sadly, it always comes down to money. Follow the money, they say, and you’ll find the reason many things are done or not done. I noticed that Texas slammed down C-Scope but the smaller districts are now scrambling to find ways to implement another curriculum. When I read that I wondered, what did they teach BEFORE CC came along?

          • They’d simply teach pure content. You know like what we use to call “knowledge.” It would actually be cheaper. Instead of running around in circles implementing the latest trendy ideas (UbD, UDL, Dimensions of Learning, Inclusion, Interdisciplinary, Transdisciplinary (whatever that means), Baldridge, STEM, and all that 21st Century Skills stuff).

            What is conspicuous about all if it is that it’s all about controlling how teachers teach, it doesn’t even begin to address content. They’re so concerned about the theory of pedagogy that no thought goes into what to teach. So teachers are left teaching virtually nothing in a very collaborative, 21st Century type of way—oh yes, and with lots of expensive computers.

          • “… the Principal’s Coffees are sponsored by the PTA and parents are not to speak unless called on.”

            This is remarkable. If it’s called a Principal’s Coffee, isn’t it sponsored by, or at least run by, the Principal? Robin I remember you wrote before about being told to shut up in these meetings, but there are some rules of normal English interpretation that are being stretched here to the breaking point.

            I also think you said the Principal is no winner and I guess he/she appreciates having the PTA run interference, but of course that’s a ridiculous situation, is he/she a man (woman) or a mouse?

          • It really is an unbelievable situation but it’s a classic case of not wanting to know that there’s a problem. I was kind enough to try to give them a head’s up that there was a serious problem. My book is not about my kid’s schools or the district but some of my insights that turned out to have national and international implications started at PTA coffees or powerpoint presentations or district newsletters with a new hire with an odd CV.

            Spence Rogers does not matter to the story of radical ed reform but he is connected to Csik and William Spady and they do. Transformational Outcomes Based Education does and that was a Spady-Rogers creation. My attitude was always you don’t want to be out on the limb I am going to saw off. I am not sawing it off because of you but by pushing Rogers the school has implicated itself it the “what is transformational OBE?” part of story.

            On principals, the previous principal was let go after an audit showed intermingling of funds. This was just after the new district super came from Charlotte-Meck, which has been a cutting edge urban district going back to ire over the demise of busing there. So the new super wanted that high school to start changing all the suburban high schools. But the IB MYP and Diploma Programme and a very mixed student body made the school a perfect candidate to shift the high school template. The Super brought in an elementary school principal from Charlotte-Meck who had spent 8 years teaching at an alternative high school and then led STEM for district. He came in announcing he was there to be a change agent and we needed to just accept it. For me, he was a goldmine of information because he was quite stupid. So what came out of his mouth tended to be important sound bytes. I took copious notes at every public function. He was telling me what cutting edge ed reform looked like in 2012 and what the current terms were. Mostly they were familiar but when they were not a quick search always unearthed good stuff.

            But he barely lasted a year before deciding to go back to Charlotte to be part of the Opportunity Culture Project the Gates and Carnegie Foundations are pushing there. We have a new principal who started about a week ago who I have not met. But he has the Edudoctorate that pushes technology and an agreement to push change and create communities of learners. And people in the previous 2 schools where he was an admin have said he will push whatever will get him his next promotion from the central office, whatever the outcry from parents or teachers.

            One of my kids was telling me that the other students are hoping the book will get the teachers back to teaching content again instead of just letting the kids device surf through their school day when they are not doing group projects. This is a generation that is associating school and teachers as adults who want to prevent learning. I am telling this particular story because I don’t think it is unique. I think it is the previously well-functioning schools that regularly sent people to the ivies that have a bullseye on them now.

          • No but I was working with the graphic designer yesterday on the cover. And my head is full of the implications of the last few weeks to what I now want to add to last chapter.

            My target is after Labor Day in September to have hard copies available. The blog ended up being a longer detour than I expected because quite frankly the implementation intentions were far more grasping and radical than I ever envisioned. It was important that they be dealt with in real time. The revelations from Robert Tucker’s books and the WOMP Project make what is in the book make even more sense. But the blog is really distinct and I want it to stay that way. I am trying to keep writing blog articles at the same time I am involved with the logistics of the book. If you have advice for me as a POD, email me at the Contact address.

            I downloaded some very graphic stuff just yesterday that the federal DoED is pushing but not being forthcoming about. My Big Data epiphany turns out to have if anything understated the real intentions. So it is important to what is going on that I not go black as all this is going forward. Although my posts may get more eratic on the timing. I am reading a book this morning that appears to me to be a set up. And it starts with a note from the Publisher on how honored they are to be publishing such a book. Feels like I am in the twilight zone but I suspect the book was designed to be cited as support in the future, not actually read. Marina referred to it.

  7. This is the whole ridiculous part of it. In the areas I taught, I had to write my own curriculum because there was no money allocated for my classes. Luckily, I am trained to do so, and my students made dramatic progress. I wouldn’t teach any other way. I would never teach in a scripted situation. It just wouldn’t happen.

    If we didn’t accept federal monies, we could get along fine. It is preposterous to think that professional educators couldn’t put a good curriculum together. The powers-that-be don’t want that to happen because they wouldn’t have control. Of course there may not be monies to pay teachers, but if parents really wanted to, they would work something out.

    I have a book from the Cato Institute called The Beautiful Tree that discusses how poverty stricken people in Africa and Maylasia pay to send their children to private schools because the private schools are so much better than the state run schools.

    There are solutions. We don’t have to put up with this b.s.

  8. You are right. We do not have to put up with this. It all collapses when parents grab their kids and walk out. And they know it. That is why all the secrecy. Kids could learn more from an old set of encyclopedia from a junk shop and a good teacher, a copybook and a pencil. The fear and hype and thick propaganda is the opression.
    We say no in numbers and things will change.
    Also calling out the cultural marxists, marxist humanists and the fabian socialists as well as the educorporacrats. I am sure you all look at crystal swaysy’s blog, she names names and prints the letters. We take away their false power. And i can tell you i will go get the stacks of old national geographics from 1924 to 1988 from my parents basement and a constitution and a harvard lit anthology and my kids and there’s the new curriculum. I will have to get my dad to do the math.

    They have successfully created the
    illusion but not buying it.

    • I love the idea of the old encyclopedias. You know the schools just throw them out. I had a friend who was a media specialist in a local school and he was going to throw out an old set of World Books and another set of encyclopedias because they were out of date. I have them today. They might come in handy someday.

      • Wikipedia.

        Is unbelievably fabulous. Especially for technical subjects, one could really get a good education by learning what is written there.

        Nothing against encyclopedias. I grew up with two in my house. But now there’s something I like much better. Something that feels like a repository of the best of human knowledge, regularly updated.

        The cdu-communists can be thrown over if everyone would just dump them and learn what’s out on the internet. But kids in grade and middle school are not mature enough to do this. They are the most vulnerable.

        • While i do like wikipedia it is a great place for a big phony or wacko to get legitimacy and misinfo to be treated as fact

          Also when the grid goes down a good set of books is more valuable to preserve history. Sort of the post apocolyptic one room school house.
          Look up somethibg rediculous on wikipexia and it will likely have a very credible looking presentation, ripe for a young mind to be decieved.
          A great platform to perpetuate The illusion.

      • Talk about waste. Schools spend thousands on junk fad books etc and throw them out regularly. So much for phony enviromentalism. Do as i say not as i do. Oh but be sure not to print out this email to save paper or reuse your towel when you stay at the ritz to save on their water bill/ the environment. Environmentalism/ saving the planet is relative to who is being preached to and whom is doing the preaching. The agitprop ” no money for school supplies and book” routine is a joke.
        An aside, our school gave up the ” smart boards” because they suck, back to chalk. Ha .

  9. There are ways to escape the brainwashing that is coming in schools, each with associated pros and cons of course:

    (1) remediate at home. Requires a good student willing to do more work and well-educated parents with some time willing to do the reteaching.

    (2) homeschool. Much the same pros and cons as (1). The internet makes these options far more viable than in the old days, but they’re still hard.

    (3) private school. But it should be a private school that’s not being ruined too. As a guess, and it’s just a guess based on my understanding of incentives but very little data, the very top independent schools will continue at least a while as they have been. They have less to worry about. If the accreditors don’t like them, it brings more disrepute on the accreditors than on them, at least arguably. Not everyone can afford independent school, and relatively few can get admitted to a top independent school.

    Now more than ever, individual initiative is key to escaping the maw of the state. It’s survival of the fittest, and here survival means that one keeps one’s wits and is able to develop a full personality. It was this way 50 years ago too, but the threshold was much lower. Maybe 20-30% of kids went to college, graduated and developed an independent habit of thought, add some people like my grandparents who did this without the benefit of university education. Society had maybe 25% of people who did some thinking that mattered. Percentages are simply my wild guesses.

    Now it’s been decided to reduce that percentage. Now, say 5% will be expected to think. If we want our kids to have that gift, they have to do something so hard that 95% of their age group does not get it done. The authorities have just designed a stickier system that’s harder to escape. It’s designed to catch 4/5 of that 25% who used to escape to intellectual freedom and drag them back down. That’s some pretty determined resistance, and they are using the most insidious tactics to defeat that slice, that one my describe roughly as the former upper middle class.

    If anything it’s more fair than before, because it’s possible to do this all by yourself with a huge amount of determination and an internet connection. Also, escape has the nice feature that it doesn’t stop anyone else from escaping. If I teach my kids, it doesn’t hinder anyone else from doing the same. The pie can be expanded by self-reliance and hard work, those old subversive virtues.

    The Communists are always liars. In preaching equality for all, and using the sly tactics so intriguingly identified by Robin here, they just create a bigger tar pit that will swallow almost all, that we have to run harder to escape. But escape is possible, for those able to travel an independent road.

    Trying to fix government is pretty hopeless. If it could have been done in Robin’s district, I am sure she would have accomplished it. Revelations 18:4 says “Then I heard another voice from heaven say: “‘Come out of her, my people,’ so that you will not share in her sins, so that you will not receive any of her plagues.” I continue to put my kids in public school, because I am paying for that school, it provides some good things and we even add value by tweaking them there, that quote from Revelations describes my goal, or ideal.

    • Hope you have a great Fathers Day David. Kudos to all fathers but especially those who read these intentions and respond with such a determination to protect their children’s Axemaker Minds.

      http://www.invisibleserfscollar.com/who-granted-permission-to-spearhead-societal-evolution-to-a-global-cooperative-consciousness/ is an old post from last September using Bela Banathy’s graphic intentions of using education to obtain total transformation.

      It is even more poignant to read now that we have encountered so much more detail of precisely how each of these 9 Dimensions is an integral part of the actual classroom implementation. And the overarching political, social, and economic vision redesigned around Big Data.

      As graphic as my last several posts have been they are mild compared to the books and reports I have and have not yet written up.

      This post by Daniel Greenfield http://sultanknish.blogspot.com/2013/06/the-end-of-control.html made me think of my systems thinking post. And how schools and higher ed and professional grad schools are now being consciously manipulated to force a cultural evolution among future voters. Lobbying for change to evolved systems with socially engineered ones. Which has never worked out well. I really don’t think supercomputers and Big Data and largely affective thinking are going to be the ticket. Unless you get to belong to the administering class.

      A speaker at a major conference in Europe recently said Digital Learning has become a levelling ideology that will destroy the middle class. I think he is right. Good to know we have voices on the other side of the pond also crying into the wilderness.

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