Whispering in the Ears of Princes and Parents: False Flag Education Narratives

For anyone counting, that would be two different metaphors in a single title, but since they each illustrate our unfortunate facts so well I have pulled them together to make a point. In the last post, before Mother Nature threw me for a loop, we had stumbled across proof that what is now called economic theory was merging with psychology and learning theories.  If you were like me, that came as a rather rude, but revealing, surprise. Anyway, while the body was weak, this mind just kept on delving into the implications of the last post as well as articles and reports coming out where I immediately recognize a false narrative at play. We talked about Professor Daniel Kahnemann’s work in the last post, but he did not win that ‘Economics’ Nobel alone.

The other recipient, Professor Vernon Smith, usually has his theories touted as ‘market-based solutions’ when some think tank is hyping them as a less than disinterested remedy. A little research though uncovered the fact that Dr Smith refers to his theories as ‘experimental economics’ and has confirmed, in a 2012 conference in Arizona, that the School Choice theories in general and the current darling being hyped as the be-all remedy, Education Savings Accounts, are products of experimental economic theories. Have any of the think tanks testifying these past several weeks to either house of the Texas legislature been forthcoming about that?

Back in 1985, at an Econometric World Congress we probably would have been bored at even if we had got an invite, experimental economics (EE) was discussed. These EE theories can be classified by what motivates the need to create them and to whom they are intended to be persuasive. Now that struck me as terribly useful as I sorted through all the false narratives flying around in education about the Common Core’s actual purpose, how School Choice really works, the actual purpose of SEL Standards, or the most recent false narrative around Evidence-Based Policymaking. That list is not exhaustive and it is always important to contemplate Cui Bono? Who benefits from the deceit and do they have financial ties to the pushers of the False Narrative?

The three categories of uses for these theories are “Are they Speaking to Fellow Theorists?” like academics where handing out an Education Doctorate or Sociology degree on the basis of someone’s willingness to act on a theory is grounds alone for creating it. Remember our Guiding Fiction discussion? If it changes how we behave and act in everyday life or what we force on others, that’s an effective theory even if it’s not true. A learning theory, for example, can be factually not true, but have the promise of neurologically restructuring students’ brains if implemented in the classroom. A theory that works, if implemented, is an example of the category two use of experimental behavioral science theories: “Does the theory allow us to Search for Facts?” Social or biological change is darn factual when it occurs.

Category Number 3 of the use of these theories is “Whispering in the Ears of Princes.” Having chased the false information in Donald Trump Jr’s heartfelt convention speech on school choice to FH Buckley’s book The Way Back, this category seemed an apt description why a false narrative can be needed. The personal intentions of any Prince with Power do not control the effect of a theory in EE once implemented. That’s a well-known fact of Implementation Science no one is likely to pass on to either the princes or the parents. Let’s face it, all the current hype about a database of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) on Students is another false narrative. It’s useful because it enrages parents and they look for solutions, like charters, privates, or ESAs. Omitted is the relevant fact that these institutions must themselves still assess the student’s internal states and values, attitudes, and beliefs for change. Otherwise, no more funding!!

That’s one of the dirty little secrets I suppose no one is supposed to recognize in time. What gets a charter renewed for a subsequent term or entitles a Charter Management Company to get federal money under ESSA to expand into other states is effectiveness at learning. If you can change values, attitudes, beliefs, or behaviors, you are an effective school. Learning occurred in the student changed. Parents though are unlikely to be too excited this is the actual purpose now of a charter or private school. So they need to be lied to about what all these terms mean. That seems to have been the reason for the sudden pivot in the May 2012 Pioneer Institute/ American Principles Project paper “Controlling Education from the Top” where a quote of what characteristics of a student the Common Core would be “assessing for” became PII in the next paragraph without warning or support.

It’s also a good reason for the same paper to consistently follow all references to “assessment” with the same parenthetical “(standardized tests)”. I finished my book Credentialed to Destroy (the same book the pushers of the false narratives feel the need to suppress) and it chronicles what the term ‘assessment’ was known to mean by spring 2012 and how it was to work under both Common Core and its successor, competency-based education. Both of these appear to be false narratives so that parents will never know that the supposed remedies in education they are being led to advocate for are actually also target their child’s internal states for change. Honestly, given the extent of my documentation now from this blog and researching two different books as well, I could turn this blog going forward into Nail Down that Deceit.

Instead, I am just giving Princes and parents both a warning and illustrating with just some of what I have documented. Speaking of Whispering to Princes, I noted in a previous post that FH Buckley’s explanation of the need for School Choice was both quite obnoxious to my mind and grounded in what seemed to be Marxian rhetoric. So Buckley is at George Mason (GMU) as was Professor EE, Nobel-Prize winner Vernon Smith. Supposedly the Mercatus Center there is Ground Zero for all the Atlas Network think tanks. Sounded like a convergence worth investigating to me. Imagine my Absolute Shock at discovering that in May 2007 the Krasnow Institute at GMU launched the Decade of the Mind global initiative. Did you gulp just now?

Just wait, before that in 2004, the Center for the Study of Neuroeconomics started, as a joint venture of GMU’s School of Law (naming it for the late Antonin Scalia makes a good shrouding cover), the Department of Economics, the Krasnow Institute, and the Mercatus Center. Ding. Ding. The Center is a place that studies “how our brains interact through our institutions to produce social, political, and economic order.” The Center also works closely with IFREE–the International Foundation for Research in EE founded by Vernon Smith in 1997 and based in Tucson. Tucson is where the now yearly conferences known as “Towards a Science of Consciousness” began in 1994 and it is now tied to a Center at the University of Arizona there. For those who are unaware, Arizona is also the state that has most fully embraced School Choice and ESAs.

So many facts, so little time is how I feel about what could come next in this post just to illustrate this problem. Let me pivot first though to the second metaphor. A false flag operation comes from the days of wooden ships. One ship would hang the flag of an enemy ship before attacking an ally in its own navy. Because the attack gets attributed to the country behind the flag instead of the country engaged in the attack, this actual practice became known as a False Flag Operation. I am borrowing the metaphor because it explains much of the deceit surrounding education reform over the decades and especially now. The same donors and think tanks who wish to financially benefit from an ability to use education practices to create a reliable, steerable keel within student’s brains and personalities do not want that reality recognized.

Who can blame them? But what is really being targeted and why and all the ties among the targeting entities is not really in dispute. Like so much of what I laid out in Credentialed to Destroy, it is simply not well known. So we seem to have a race between all these entities and me. They are tied to people wanting to profit from the deceit. I, personally, cannot bear knowing what I can prove without at least trying to alert as many parents and taxpayers as possible. Again, this is not personal, but factual. It looks like I only have time for one more example so it needs to hit as many points as possible. In November 2016 GMU and others are hosting a Congress in honor of the 20th Anniversary of an EE classic- Growing Artificial Societies.

I located a copy and it told me that it is knowing and manipulating the “agent’s internal state” that is the focus of experimental economics. That’s a good reason then for how Charters, ESAs, SEL Standards, and Competency-Based Education really work. Lots of reason for deceit then and there has been for a very long time. But I found the actual cited paper and discovered it was from the Santa Fe Institute (co-sponsor of November Congress) and was funded by the MacArthur Foundation (before they moved on to the Real Utopias project and Connected Learning). It explained the need to alter the nature of education so that the coursework all focused on altering the student’s internalized ‘classifier system’ that guides perception and how daily experiences get interpreted.

If that’s not startling enough (not to me but this is very useful language for illustrating the rationale for the PII deceit especially), we learn what fits with all of the proposed education reforms out there. Also remember the local level has always been the focus for education change. In the old “rationalistic view, the world is composed of definite objects, properties and relations, and ‘learning’ is the process whereby an agent forms a mental model of the world that correctly describes these features.”

My guess is that the typical parent being sold on Classical Education or what private schools offer still believes that quote describes the nature of education still available there. The reality though is we have shifted to the EE form of education where the student is being trained in “learning how to act in the world, rather than how to describe it.”

My goodness, just the realities we have discussed today give a myriad of reasons for all these false narratives that surround education. Best from now on to judge all education narratives not by the flag being flown or the rhetoric being used, but by the nature of the vessel and the financial interests that stand to benefit from the deceit.

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  1. Thanks Robin for your ongoing research and analysis. Your mind remains strong and alert despite the afflictions of the body. Your use of the word Princes reminds me of Matthew 20:25 – “The Princes of the Gentiles exercise great dominion over them, and they that are great exercise authority upon them”. Today, this multitude of self-appointed “princes” of the world are pointing their fingers of scorn, shame and superiority at those who expose their nefarious schemes. The cognoscente concern themselves with entrapment, not enlightenment. Carry On!

    • Thanks. I had not seen that when I wrote this post, but the timing is perfect. The 2012 “Controlling Education from the Top: Why Common Core is Bad for America” post from APP and Pioneer is by one of the authors to that link. PII remains a strawman to distract from what is really going on. Again the Mercatus Center factually is an Atlas Network affiliate of the two backers of the May 2012 paper. Whatever the personal knowledge of an individual, how this targeting of the “internal state” of the student and why it is targeted is not news to Mercatus, the Santa Fe Institute, Brookings, and all these other cooperating sponsoring entities.

      Just because I am so much fun when I am drilling into a false narrative, look for a paper called “The Neuroeconomics of Mind Reading and Empathy” by Singer and Fehr. PII is a feint to obscure the reality that cybernetic steering requires the control over what has been internalized. Charmingly, elsewhere the need for Bounded Rationality is covered. No wonder reading has to be constrained and math and science guided as Chapters 2 and # of CtD laid out.

    • Since you live in one of these communities, did you see this announcement from yesterday? http://t4america.org/2016/10/18/16-cities-join-t4americas-smart-cities-collaborative-to-tackle-urban-mobility-challenges-together/

      Speaking of steering, the PII False Flag Narrative may be obscuring the micro-level system that we would call the child’s mind, but cities are simply viewed by the Planning Set as another steerable human system. Wish I was only being ironic.

      • I did not see that come out, but very aware of the smart cities activities in PDX. Look at all the public private partnerships.
        “Just last week, members of the Lab were in Austin as part of our ongoing participation in NIST’s Global Smart Cities Challenge (GCTC), where the Portland team was selected out of nearly 100 other cities for the 2016 GCTC Leadership prize. As a result of this win, the City will receive a $20,000 grant to apply to on-going smart city work. In addition to the GCTC, this group is also participating in the Envision America initiative and MetroLab, as well as collaborating with a consortium of European cities utilizing FIWARE to develop and deploy smart city applications.”

        • Hence the deceit around Evidence-Based Policymaking and its ties to the second category of EE theories discussed in this post. SMART Cities throw off data and that data is both “facts” as validation or rejection of a theory about how a human system can be made to work with planning, new laws, and the installed cybernetic keel within the students who will become adults.

          Do you remember when I wrote about the Belmont Challenge? One of the partners beyond unesco, the US and UK, was the International Social Science Council. The new GEM Education Report referenced the ISSC 2016 report, which I read in the last week. It is all about the “revitalized research agenda on inequality” and how it will force shifts in the “social, economic and biophysical dimensions of human development.” If the data (fats) shows inequality in results, then there is an obligation under the SDGs US is now bound to to remedy using the human and social sciences. Education and the law are both now considered to be social sciences.

          This is from the Foreword that Irina Bokova wrote and virtually every entity that has been coordinating to create this false narrative around the Common Core turns out to be tied, in books and papers not being publicized, to this same global, MH vision.

          “the Report makes clear that understanding and acting effectively upon inequalities requires looking beyond wealth and income disparities to capture their political, environmental, social, cultural, spatial, and knowledge features…Countering inequalities requires robust knowledge–but knowledge alone is not enough. The challenge is to improve the connection between what we know and how we act: to mobilize the knowledge of the social and human sciences to inform policies, underpin decisions and enable wise and transparent management of the shift towards more equitable and inclusive societies. In this sense, investment in knowledge is a down-payment for informed change.”

          So these EE models are not harmless or esoteric. That’s what counts now as knowledge to unesco and the ISSC intent on global transformation. That’s why there is so much coordination across a spectrum that claims officially to be in opposition, but is clearly having sex beneath the covers at conferences we are not invited to.

        • Notice the reference here to a project in Oregon. http://www.thirdsectorcap.org/news/stanford-center-on-poverty-and-inequality-and-third-sector-to-lead-innovation-and-evaluation-program-for-reducing-poverty-and-inequality/ and remember Ballmer is tied to MS. This is how the agenda rolls forward and we have to wonder about ties between the Third Sector pay-for-Success model having started in Boston, the deceit from Pioneer on the nature of Big Data when they looked to three non-experts for their report and ended up with rec’s that magically followed what Sandy Pentland, UN Global Pulse, and MIT all wanted, and the pushes in ed that would essentially mimic Pay for Success. The new Catholic curriculum standards, after all, somehow magically function precisely like the template from the 80s everyone lies about. It virtually guarantees success because of how it works and dovetails with the criteria for “effectiveness”.

          I was sitting earlier. sipping my peppermint tea, and thinking about all the things I have learned in just the past year solely because people wanted to shut me up or rip me off. They all tie to the same people who want Pay for Success and steering of society and have since at least 1990. Back then though it wasn’t Hoover being funded to push this, but Brookings, with the Olin and Bradley Foundations as the funders. They wanted to create schools that would be “beyond public authority.”

          • I have glanced at the Catholic Curriculum Standards and read through the appendix on Assessing Non-Cognitive Standards. If I were a novelist, I would write the story of a brilliant sociopathic boy who goes through such a process, gets top scores in all the approved Catholic Dispositions, becomes the star of the school and virtually canonized by the doting staff — and then does something very, very wicked either to the school or to the country. The last passage of the book would say something like, “You thought you could manipulate me into a little plaster saint, right? You thought you could delve into the depths of my soul and pour in all your Truth, Beauty, and Goodness, eh? Well, I guess I spooked your metrics, buffaloed your polygraph, snowed your teachers. A hard-nose old-school priest telling me in the confessional to cut the bull**** and repent or I’d go to hell might have changed my trajectory…”

            My son just came in and told me I have been outlining a Catholic Dexter.

            These Cathucrats admit that all of this is invasive: “Unfortunately, students
            might not feel comfortable completing these assessments [questionnaire-style previously referenced] as accurately and honestly as they could if anonymity is not available.” But the “caution” that they urged earlier is not because they realize they are treading on sacred ground, but because alignment is difficult and it could be hard to get “accurate” results.

            I am seething.

          • I am not Catholic so I read it and recognize the broader template that gets at the student’s inside to control the outside and has papers, books, acronyms, euphemisms–all to obscure. To me though this is more obscene. These entities are telling parents and students they have found the port in the storm. Instead, they are being herded into a hurricane hole with no way out unless parents recognize the storm is still coming,

  2. While perusing this site a few things jumped out at me. I am not Catholic, however, I see similarities in Christian private education. Below is an interesting quote from a portion on Catholic Education standards. If affective has standards then affective is being assessed, right? Also noticed was a paper on CCSS in Catholic education by the Poneer Institute. I have not completed reading it but wonder if it presents a false narrative like the other report you have referenced. Lastly, I observed language all too familiar in other papers we have read containing verbiage like full human potential, human development. What do you think?

    “The dispositional standards involve the formation of character, beliefs, attitudes, values, interpersonal skills.”

    • Anyone who has read Credentialed to Destroy will see that the Catholic curriculum standards laid out there, which were released Monday, October 17, 2016, after last week’s troubling combo of both a false as well as partially and illicitly mined narrative are not “rejecting Common Core”. They are simply functioning in its real purpose of forcing competency-based education on all schools. The child in those curriculum standards is still being treated as a ‘system acting in an environment’ whose internalized values, ethics, feelings, beliefs, and attitudes need to be specified and then internalized via classwork activities. Yes, they simply use the term Dispositions to include all those subjective, internalized features that they too intend to assess in what would be called “high-quality assessments” in a public school. CCSSO is fond of the term Dispositions too. Educators Testing Service when it first began developing the authentic assessments that could theoretically measure these subjective capacities used the term Attributes.

      I will answer more in the morning as I shouldn’t be up now, but I still get physically uncomfortable and that wakes me up. Not terrible as I went to bed at nine because I get tired.

      On your human potential question, yes these terms keep coming up because this does all relate to the Marxist Humanism vision when properly understood as the Human Development Society. You are seeing some of the euphemisms. I have the added benefit of knowing what Daniel Bell wrote when he was at CASBS in the late 50s on what was intended through education. It’s part of the reason I can recognize it whatever the shroud and however lofty the rationalizing rhetoric. American Principles Project has a sister institution that is also based in Princeton with ties to Robert George. In 2015 that Witherspoon Institute published a book that speaks to your precise point. Guess what the title is? The Thriving Society: On the Social Conditions of Human Flourishing and it clearly has cybernetic aspirations that could use an internalized keel at the level of the child’s mind and personality. I will bold the cybernetic language from the quote on the amazon blurb. One of the essayists is APP founder Robert George who is considered to be a premier Catholic spokesperson to put it mildly. This book’s aspirations though go beyond Catholicism and even all faiths.

      “Between the scylla of utopia and the charybdis of despair the authors of these essays consider how modern society and its various institutions might be guided so that those who inhabit them may flourish.”

      Being a Whole-Body designed system is all for our own good you see. That’s why parents are being fed a false narrative about what is going on so they still believe this is about “learning about the world, rather than “acting in it.” Another Co-author John Haldane is in charge of that Baylor Forum next week that all the co-authors of the APP/Pioneer paper on by the Common Core standards are a bad fit for Catholic schools are speaking at next week. http://www.baylor.edu/ifl/index.php?id=934929 The fact that it is the Baylor Institute for Faith and Learning tells us this template is targeting all Protestant faiths too.

      One more point before I try to get some more sleep, John Haldane is tied to that same Templeton Funded Jubilee Center in Birmingham UK that is involved with the Science of Virtues project at U-Chicago and that redefined the definition of Liberty so that it is communitarian. We covered all that alarming material last spring. http://www.invisibleserfscollar.com/locating-the-internalized-information-guiding-human-behavior-so-it-can-be-controlled-and-transformed/

      Another co-author Candace Vogler just took money last year from Templeton as the Principal Investigator to create the “Virtue, Happiness, and the Meaning of Life” at U-Chicago. It looks into the “concept of self-transcendent good as a framework for investigating fundamental questions about virtue, happiness, and meaning in human life.”

      Sounds awfully communitarian again, doesn’t it? Lots of good reasons for a false narrative if the dual goal is to get the keel reliably and neurobiologically installed as well as get access to taxpayer money either through a charter or ESA or some type of credit. “We want to control what your child thinks, believes, values, and understands so he or she is amenable to our vision of what the future of the US should be” is not something parents really like going on behind their backs.

    • What if all this deceit and the timing of these Catholic Curriculum Standards and the tie into the charters pushing Classical Ed, the Science of Virtues, redefining liberty, pulling in the Baptists by hosting that forum at Baylor is all about creating the Makers of History called for by Marx and explained in my book. This post today from New Zealand but referring to a book that came out in US on September 26, 2016 indicates we have lots of things headed in the same direction at once. https://whatedsaid.wordpress.com/2016/10/22/what-if-education-was-about-improving-the-world/

      Prensky keeps asserting this is a new template but it’s not. It also fits with the misrepresentations APP and Pioneer are making in that paper. It’s easier for me to spot as I essentially have an encyclopedic knowledge on all this at this point and the library of used books and published papers to back it all up.

      • Pied Pipers In Education — A Bold Takeover Of World Narratives

        As we await a new US President speculation arises as to who will be the new Ed Czar in Washington? Linda Darling-Hammond (Clinton]) and Ben Carson (Trump) are names that have already come up. What shall be the tilt?

        But wait, the education scenario has international players who are steadfastly changing the “me” to “we” narrative — together we will change the world!

        I thought our Canadian nominee for one-person wrecking crew was Michael Fullan until we were alerted to Marc Prensky. He presents all over the world, 30 + nations. His new book, Education To Better Their World, is full of “Globally Empowered Kids” fixing the world instead of learning about it — K-12. He’s been to Canada 16 times in the last decade on 21st C Learning topics.

        These frequent flyers have a ready ear in the education field. What have we in store when people and politicians have to defer to the momentum these gurus are whipping up?

    • Having attended NCEA conference on 2014 i think where robert Marzano was Keynote it was pretty clear where everything was going. The Boston College/Loyola dastardly duo of Lorraine Ozar and sis tasked with Catholic apin on ccss. Watching them talk to a room of maybe 15 of us bumbling theough their doublespeak told me that their part was very small in this. The second order change in Catholic school ed involved bishops, blue ribbon panels and alot of pseudointellectual sjw’s getting invited to high level in service meetings, just slugging down the koolaid.. combined with the marketing ppp $$$ and the fabulous all seeing all knowing internet.

  3. All together now. March, March forward with deceit.

    “Emmett McGroarty, education director at American Principles Project, testified today before the U.S. Commission on Evidence-Based Policymaking about student data collection.

    You can watch his testimony below (it should be queued up, but if not go to 2:45:48).”


      • This model came up several times in the Excellence in Urban Education Conference I was at all weekend. http://purposebuiltcommunities.org/who-we-are/history/

        Look at who all is involved. I know from tracking the Rockefeller F work on Sustainability and Metropolitanism that Shirley Franklin was generally an attendee at the Bellagio retreats planning that vision. Given who is involved, what she also pursued while mayor. the present mayor being invited to the Bilderberg Conference lat year, CIFAL North America being in Atlanta, and apparently we are also the nexus of most human rights’ org’s based on what was announced this weekend, that Purpose Built Communities is simply a reflection of all those MH/SDG visions.

        Reminds me of a paper the Nelson Rockefeller Center created about how Atlanta wanted the computer consortium in the mid-80s that would become Sematech but lost out to Texas which simply had a far more coordinated Big Business/ Apparatus of Government entities history of cooperation. Supposedly, according to that report, Atlanta and Georgia said Never Again and set up something comparable and the same Cousins that created this initiative was behind the vision of establishing that council. I remember reading the paper and not having heard of the entity before but recognizing the names then and now. One member was someone I knew socially and I have never had the heart to tell him about the Turchenko vision he had become a part of.

        It looks to me like this is the cherished public-private partnership chasing after money from fed Ed, HUD, HHS, etc as well as from state programs. Started in 2009. Interesting timing, huh?

        I am adding this quote from the Approach page because it goes directly to our discussion of all the mentions of human flourishing and reaching full potential rhetoric.

        “With the Purpose Built Communities model, a growing number of communities are working to break the cycle of intergenerational poverty, and create a world where geography no longer limits human potential.”

        • It is called the Georgia Research Alliance and this is a brochure created to celebrate its 20th anniversary. http://gra.org/docs/3/GRA20thAnniversary.pdf

          Here’s the quote from Cousins I remembered: “One of the earliest proponents of using academic research to drive economic development was Tom Cousins, founder of commercial real estate
          company Cousins Properties. As an active supporter of his alma mater, the University of Georgia, he saw how a football rivalry between UGA and the Georgia Institute of Technology
          had devolved into real acrimony. Cousins said the president of UGA, decades ago, ‘could not be, not only in the same room, but in the same building with the president of Georgia Tech. Silly.'”
          And the same thing from Tech’s standpoint.”

          The founder of the state’s most prominent Atlas Network member, the Georgia Public Policy Foundation, is also on the Board http://gra.org/page/1010/board_of_trustees.html as well as Chris Carr whom the current Governor just named to be the State Attorney-General. There are actually quite a few of these people I know, have worked with, or dealt with socially. Purpose-Built Communities indeed.

          • Here is what future ready students look like. The quote below made me laugh.

            “To work effectively as a team, they first had to navigate cultural differences. Taylor Scobbie, from Calgary, Canada, said he tended to be the “brash, outspoken” member of the group, and sometimes risked offending his Latino team members by speaking his mind. “We had to learn to overcome these problems,” says Scobbie, “and realize where we were all coming from.”


          • I think I may have further insights into the PII deceit. http://press.princeton.edu/catalogs/series/new-forum-books.html

            New Forum Books makes available to general readers outstanding, original, interdisciplinary scholarship with a special focus on the juncture of culture, law, and politics. The series is guided by the conviction that law and politics not only reflect culture, but help to shape it.

            Nothing shapes culture like education that reshapes what a person has internalized to guide thought and future action. That is hugely apparent from those Catholic Curriculum Frameworks that are straight out of Whole Child Competency-based education rightfully understood and not as misdirected by that Pioneer and APP paper. The editor of that series is Jane and Emmett’s boss at APP. Coincidental? How about Amitai Etzioni as one of the listed authors? In that actual book, which I have, there is an actual conversation between George and Etzioni on what they agree on and where they differ.

            I had not realized until yesterday that Bill Bennett is a Senior Advisor to Project Lead the Way.

            Also this Behavioural Science Center has a list of papers on non-cognitive skills that puts their actual role in education and its interest in theories of probable future decision-making into the correct context. http://economicspsychologypolicy.blogspot.co.uk/2015/05/list-of-resources-on-noncognitive-skills.html

            They have changed the name of the blog there recently to clarify that Behavioral Science is actually interested in “Economics, Psychology, and policy.” We had figured that out in CtD and then followed its consequences here at ISC. Everyone funding these Atlas think tanks seems aware as well and wants to benefit from the “public-private partnerships” created to meet declared needs in the Managerial Society, cooperative commonwealth, Human Development Society, or just meeting SDGs by 2030. They are all referring to the same vision that is not being shared with us unless we know where to look. No wonder CtD’s publication freaked out these think tanks. They all intend to cash in on this behavioral science/governments nexus without being forthright about that with us.

            I read this yesterday and kept thinking of Pinocchio’s nose. http://conservativeleaders4ed.org/2016/08/01/bill-bennett-conservatives-weve-got-rare-opportunity-lead-education/ Each of the listed state leaders seems tied to School Choice or ed as workforce development or both.

      • Talking to Emmett after being steered to him by a group in 2011 or 2012 i now recognize as a collector outfit set up for catch and release in the right direction, for mom’s n Dad’s getting the picture and wanting to fight.
        Emmett had all the knowledge to fight but has not used it revealing his place in the game. He somehow got a platform from outta nowhere and marched alot of people round in circles.

    • I have been at an education program all day. That is not what I wanted to come back to. His point about how he “works almost full time with grassroots organizations around the country” from the 2:51:44 point is quite telling as someone clearly wants to foist the False Narrative on anyone who is paying attention. He essentially acknowledged that the purpose is to get people stirred up because he talks about the “vigorous and neverending pushback” when APP issues a call to arms apparently. That’s really troubling when, either out of ignorance or something more deliberate, the information stirring everyone up is either not true or not the relevant point. It all feels like “Look There!” while someone else is burglarizing your house through the back door.

      The “ever more data points collected about ever more personal information” is quite simply not how standards work. Either Jane and Emmett actually do not understand education standards, competency-based education, and Big Data, in which case they should quit writing policy papers on it and testifying, or they intend to misdirect attention from the real new purposes of school and K-12 education. It reminds me of the Student Privacy Statute that Georgia enacted that turned out to have been drafted by Atlas member and PEPG sponsor Foundation for Excellence in Education created by Jeb Bush. In the name of Student privacy it authorizes adaptive learning at the neuorophysiological level without any parent having a right to object.

      When I saw it had been enacted and emailed Jane what she knew about it, she said she knew it could be better and they would try to amend it in the next session. How do you undo having explicitly authorized adaptive learning getting at the internalized values, beliefs, knowledge, techniques, for rearranging based on whatever spec’s the government chooses? That’s far more intrusive than this Strawman Database of PII that APP keeps trying to make the focus of the story instead of what ‘standards’ actually do.

      This is just misdirection so that people fail to realize that it is the student’s consciousness being targeted and that is far more invasive and with the same concerns on the relationship between citizen and government as Emmett’s lofty rhetoric. Let’s apply those principles to the actual factual areas to be concerned about.

      • They have been told everything. They know. They did not just appear out of thin air with slick videos and policy commentary. They are part of the marketing. They are wasting time so the other marketing ops finish the job. Its a tually goid they are still around because it means it aint set in stone yet.

        • We know they are touchy about the true nature of the Common Core, the role of the Marxist Humanist template, the true function of the SEL Standards, the relationship between Competency Standards and the student as a system interacting with a physical and social environment, what HOTS really means, what curriculum standards actually are and who they track to. My favorite in the Cogs in the Machine was using a Bill Bennett quote on OBE being a Trojan Horse, given the actual story of the role he played on launching OBE under a different name when he was fed Ed Sec and Lamar Alexander headed the NGA back in 1985.

          Then there was defining the term ‘data-driven decisionmaking” with its own acronym and never using the term again in the paper. At another place the Cogs paper said “As a result, our society has move [I wrote sic in my notes because someone did not proofread paper well enough] closer to the Progressive approach of facilitating decision making by ‘experts’ when it comes to complex public policy issues.” Now that point would have been pertinent to the Evidence Based Policy Commission’s stated purpose and function, but Emmett stressed PII and Student Unit Record instead?

          All of these people make their living creating a narrative about what is going on in education. None of them are stupid so when something is not true it has to be because the falsity creates a useful Guiding Fiction for parents and taxpayers to believe. We are entitled to notice the erroneous information and then contemplate precisely who benefits, how, and where the Guiding Fiction will take them unless they get better information. In this case where ESAs and School Choice generally head is precisely the same Prog vision to create the amenable comrade for a Human Development Society that John Dewey wanted. Throwing his name out there is part of the false Narrative just like complaining about a planned economy. Why do you think so many of the benefactors of these think tanks have ties to banking, utility companies, tech companies, or defense contractors? They honestly think revenue is something you get as a result of having a government contract to provide stipulated good and services.

          If authors use Red Herrings we should pay special attention to the pathway we are being directed to as well as the one we are to reject. It is what it is and the deceit has become as much a part of the story as anything some admitted Prog at MIT, Columbia, Harvard, or CASBS put in writing that I possess.

          Like I said these deceitful False Narratives are fascinating when one has close to encyclpedic knowledge and documentation of what is really going on. I don’t think the authors have any idea of how often they were using terms of art with a very specific meaning

        • Am putting up this old post that talked about Benjamin Barber and his book A Place for Us: How to Make Society Civil and Democracy Strong as it is the same Barber Bill Ayers reveres who is the subject of the James O’Keefe Project Veritas/ Blacks who support Rep’s are F***ed in the head video. http://invisibleserfscollar.com/who-needs-pitchforks-to-get-political-and-economic-revolution-education-and-time-will-do-fine/ released about an hour ago.

    • Fits with this that came out today. http://www.nationalskillscoalition.org/news/blog/nsc-releases-toolkits-to-advance-a-skills-equity-agenda

      The Student Unit Record is pertinent to the Equity agenda and the desire to have workplaces reflect the demographics of the broader population. No wonder the spectators and pols were all flabbergasted with emmett’s testimony. Spent the morning tracking down what has been going on with my health, which gave me plenty of time to read. I have been able to track the Beauty. Truth. Goodness hype that both the Classical Schools via the Barney Initiative and others like Great Heart Academies and that Catholic Curriculum Framework use back to a transformational template Paulo Freire created in the late 80s. That’s a wonderful selling point for parents, huh? Also noticed that the co-founder of Great Heart, who is now their Super in charge of Texas expansion is a Pashara-Aspen Education Fellow. The Progs do not invite you to be a fellow unless you are pushing the prog template under the hood of the Hearts and Minds rhetoric.

    • Remember the phrase I used in CtD about “carrying each other’s laundry”? When there is in fact no firm evidence to back something up, but that fact gets hidden by numerous repeated assertions that simply cite to each other for support? That’s what this echo chamber surrounding SEL Standards, federal involvement in education, evidence-based policymaking, Classical Education, and the purported purity of APP’s motives. If their motives are pure they wouldn’t be pushing false narratives designed to push School Choice and using education to control consciousness while concerned parents believe they are getting correct info. https://whatiscommoncore.wordpress.com/2016/10/26/whats-wrong-with-a-federal-unit-tracking-system-video-testimony-from-d-c-hearing-on-student-unit-record-identifiers/

      I guess that is part of what is so hard for me. I know precisely where the deceit begins and just how much my insights have been mined when they seem useful to creating an appearance of authority and expertise on the subject of education and the Common Core. So many people and entities determined to create a false narrative and pretend that they are disinterested when there are millions in taxpayer funds at stake between charters and ESAs.

  4. If I didn’t know better–and actually I don’t–I would say that those of us who have followed what has been happening in education for some time are the least surprised by what has been coming out in the news during this election cycle. We’ve seen the corruption, experienced the deceit, and have been the targets of those who cannot do their own research and use ours as shields for their ambitions for many, many years. We have tried to be honorable and professional, but have found ourselves used over and over to further the agendas of the agents of change in this country. The last comments by you, Robin, have exposed a very wily fox in the henhouse and those who are promoting his “brilliance.” All they have proven is that they can read the information published years ago and tied it to what is happening in this step toward transforming this country. I find myself sickened by what they are doing and those who think they have uncovered the “answers” to our problems. Lord, deliver us.

    • The crucial fact is that they are also contradicting books Robert George, who started APP, wrote that also make it crystal clear that he envisions the targeting of consciousness and providing the “guidelines for practical reason as well. I have been going through his books as well as never written about materials on the state role in the mid-80s reforms. They were in fact the instigators of what came to be known as outcomes based education.

      I locked down today that both the Classical Ed Template being pushed as the Barney Charter School Initiative and the new Catholic Curriculum Frameworks are not just the behavioral science template for treating students as systems I know so well. It is also the same Prog Moral and Spiritual Framework that is tied to the MH vision or as it calls it the “Society of Abundance.” Same language, same goals, etc.

      I had tracked down the role of both the Olin (funded the George Mason Law program for judges to teach them “economics’) Foundation and the Bradley Foundation in creating a template for the transformation that would be beyond “public authority.” Reading one of my new books today that are actually 25 years old pulled up the Bradley Foundation’s role in a new vision of what history is to be and other disciplinary reforms. What we know in ESSA as the HOTS mandate. http://www.designedinstruction.com/reports/about_bradley_commission.html

      I have much more but I think it is important for me now to nail down the extent of the deceit going into the aspects of the false narrative that have come out in recent weeks.

      On your Lord Deliver Us statement, there are numerous reports out there making it crystal clear that any religious vision that violates the MH view of what should become the future here and now is no longer acceptable. I even tracked down a Greek Orthodox paper within the last two years just tracking the ideas.

      • So its not unreasonable to think that the entire ” Design Thinking” Hornswoggle never really had its basis in commercial product design as explained by ed admin. when parents’ asked ” what is design thinking?” No I think this was all a red herring as well. Design thinking is just more conditioning and indoctrination and practicing habits of mind supporting of a pre determined narrative a la the Bradley Foundation.

        Related to CPW’s Lord Deliver us statement I can second your take on the planned convergence toward a global religion of Gaia for all. Listening to NPR this am there was a Bishop or Cardinal rather high up in the catholic church spinning a revisionist narrative of the Reformation and Counter Reformation. The new perspective we are all to embrace was that both sides had it wrong and that really there should be a new way ( third way? Synthesis? ) of thinking of the primal split. Really, it is just too much.

        • My answer below to Kyrie also goes to your point about design thinking. Dangerously we are missing the point I covered in CtD that much of what works in an existing society and economy was never purposefully designed, especially not by political power that gets to escape the consequences of poor designs and flawed implementations. This quote though comes from a 1990 book that then Governor Bill Clinton wrote the Foreword for as he and Hillary had signed up Arkansas to be one of the states pursuing the opportunity, with funding from Bill Bennett’s fed ED, to pursue a vision for schools and ed reform for the 21st century. I think this need for a proclaimed vision is what I believe drove the Pioneer/APP paper calling on Catholic Schools to reject the Common Core as well as all the articles and presentations hyping classical ed as a solution. It also fits with what parents advocating for ESAs as a solution falsely believe they can still get from private schools and online learning vendors.

          “Assuming that the reader is convinced, as I am convinced, that there is a need to bring about fundamental reform in schools and assuming that the reader agrees that the knowledge-work metaphor provides a useful frame for discussion, what else is needed? There are, I think, three imperatives. First, some mechanism must be created for articulating and disseminating a vision of schools that is compelling within the local context. Secondly, a strategy must be created for developing and marketing the vision in a way that meets local needs. [I would add a qualifier from our subsequent experiences that “is perceived to meet local needs. A Guiding Fiction that gets the desired laws in place works just fine when the whole point is to both control consciousness and get money without robbing a bank. That sends one to prison. Lying about the nature of ed reforms, unfortunately, does not].

          Finally, decisions must be made about which structural elements must be changed to pursue the vision, and a strategy must be devised for ensuring that these changes are made and institutionalized. The rest of the book is addressed to the issues raised by these three imperatives.”

          On institutionalizing the needed changes in the structure, the Pioneer/APP paper called for rejecting the Common Core assessments and then the next week, on the same day that the Catholic Curriculum Framework and its Learning progressions came out, the Center for Assessment released its graphic for districts wishing to pursue high-quality, integrated, and innovative assessments. Just the thing for innovative private, charter, and parochial schools to use as well and not just innovative local school districts. Coincidental? I don’t think so and the Center is just over the state lines from Massachusetts as New Hampshire was like Arkansas in also pursuing these same reforms in the 80s.

          Remember that to a given individual their religion may be a sacred and revealed belief system, but for an elite intent on controlling consciousness it is an obstacle that must be looked at (assessed), measured, and then experiences and activities provided until it alters as desired. That alteration and noetic reengineering is Learning in the 21st Century. The only way out is for enough people to grasp that essential fact and quit deferring to these think tanks, politicians, priests and ministers, professors, and anyone else pushing the poisonous belief that is=n the 21st century in the US our internalized belief systems are no longer a No Go Zone for governmental interference.

        • Ever since ESSA passed no one minces words anymore about what is intended. http://www.p21.org/news-events/p21blog/2071-basic-elements-of-quality-project-based-learning

          Unless they are part of the effort to get more charters, ESAs, mislead on the nature of SEL Standards or Evidence-Based Policymaking, etc I suppose. Anyway we look at it though that is still the template for all schools, public or private, parochial or charter. Plus that Vicki Alger paper above from the Independent Institute makes it crystal clear that homeschooling will cease to be a port in the storm with the advent of ESAs. Otherwise, why would Alger conclude by mentioning what “high-quality tests” homeschoolers would be able to use. Quality always means getting at the subjective internalized within the student.

          Notice that Project Management Skills are now being sold as “for the social good.” http://pmief.org/ Somewhere in hell Uncle Karl is giggling as if someone just gave him an Iced Lemonade and said “they still remember you and honor your evil philosophy.”

    • And the drumbeat from the Atlas Network on how to get this vision in place and put it beyond public authority rolls on. http://www.independent.org/pdf/briefings/algerbriefing.pdf

      Standards-based architect for ELA and New Ager down to his yogi guru James Moffat laid out a vision in the early 90s that functions just like ESAs. Strikingly so.

      I am adding this comment now that I have finished reading this paper. First, all the bootstrapping of the Milton Friedman name should not alter the fact that all the Vernon Smith research I covered on Experimental Economics has Milton cited repeatedly as his theoretical forbear. It’s about the theory behind government edicts to “create markets” as opposed to direct regulation. It is not a market between private individuals deciding what they want and are willing to pay with their own money. The obligations imposed to regulate “qualified providers” are simply hidden. No mention on how Texas has no cap on charters and thus the most in the country because that would have gotten in the way of the narrative about the monolithic public-district schools.

      Offline we have been having a discussion of all the private schools and charters in California turning to the MAP–Measures of Academic Progress and how parents do not really get what it measures or what it means to be tied to David Conley’s Competencies if they are even told that much. The ending of the paper above then was chilling as it also used the word testing when the actual term is assessment so it feeds into all the omnipresent deceit that it appears to be those tied to Atlas members creating the false narrative who are the only ones still using the term “standardized tests.” That means as here that the assessment still performs its behavioral science role of measuring and standardizing what the student has internalized because the parents have listened to the deceit about what the Common Core actually is. They seriously need to read CtD. It also gives the reason for all the PII deceit.

      Here are the money quotes of the herding effects the false narratives were designed to create: “Another supply-side growth area with significant potential is the realm of student testing. Parents are increasingly concerned that many tests their children take are not aligned with subject standards [a term that again doesn’t mean what parents are being led to believe in a coordinated, downright collusive, false narrative] and may be collecting private, non-academic information.” Gee, whose recent testimony does that sound like? Gee, what author of the push to mislead on Evidence-Based Policymaking works for an online provider that would be eligible to benefit from ESAs?

      Here’s the Gravely Concerning quote though from the conclusion that goes to why my book had to be suppressed so that the Common Core could be misexplained by both those affiliated with Atlas members as well as those aligned to the 1980s and 90s actual pushes around standards-based education and what was then called “hard content for all students” and who funded the curriculum and assessment redesigns and who implemented them. So much deceit for a very long time. [my bolding]

      “Many homeschooling parents, for example, do not want to use any standardized assessments [notice this is the first time the word ‘assessment’ and not ‘test’ is used] that are aligned with the Common Core. In response, a number of smaller companies now offer standardized tests that are guaranteed 100 percent Common-Core-free. ESAs would help increase the number and kind of high-quality tests because parents can use ESA funds to pay for testing fees as well as test preparation.”

      We are talking now of homeschooling parents but some how they must now be concerned with taking “high-quality tests” now? Is that in fact a condition of ESAs? Is that only being pointed out in oblique references in white papers to legislators and not to homeschooling parents in non-deceitful terms? Secondly, if a parent had read my book they would recognize that this is still describing competency-based education wanting to measure both what is internalized as well as the external skills. That’s the purpose of Learning Progressions as my book laid out. That new Catholic Curriculum Framework also uses as it is also competency-based when correctly understood. Yet it too will be touting itself as 100% Common-Core-free while the student in the Catholic school using such a framework AND the homeschooled kid whose parent has been misled about the nature of the Common Core AND the private school kid using MAP are all being socially reengineered at a neurobiological level.

      The goals of standards-based reforms in K-12 education and its new name of personalizing learning or competency-based education were always to control human consciousness without that aim being apparent to parents or taxpayers. This report and ESAs generally as well as most charters now as well as what the actual template is in Common Core schools are all headed in the precise same direction. ESAs simply make that hard to see and leave parents with no way out, especially if “high-quality assessments” measuring growth or achievement are a condition of access to those ESA funds.

      • Thank you. MAP, has such a long standing history that the Ed world only sees it measuring reading and math. It is not an easy one for parents to fight back on. Most teachers and schools are taught in training that it is a positive assessment that is heavily used. To even suggest it is measuring psychological aspects of the child would be laughed away as simple conspiracy.

        Our new principal chose it by pressure from accreditation as a lesser of the evils choice. So dissappointing, yet expected. Unsuspecting parents think they have escaped the public school ilk. When it comes down to it we are paying for the environment of the student.

        Parents are feeling trapped. We can shed light on this by writing about it, giving testimony, etc. but what can we actually do about it? Even stunningly accurate frightening information puts no dents in the forward motion of these people.

        • I think it’s because most everyone who is alarmed has been directed to the coordinated purveyors of the false narrative. The assessment considers your child to be a system and wants to get at the affective, conative, and cognitive aspects of what they have internalized is what MAP does. It’s also what the Georgia Milestones measures, which is also based on David Conley’s work. This is helpful and from 1993. http://www.cse.ucla.edu/products/reports/tech354.pdf Eva Baker was on the Gordon Commission and it was CRESST that the Hewlett Foundation looked to with Robert Kegan and Peter Senge to make sure that SBAC would get at the desired deeper learning and conative and affective elements of the student as a system.

          These are the elements of reality of what instruction and assessment are targeted at that make Jane Robbins and Emmett start chirping in unison about databases of PII and evidence-base policymaking when the entire purpose of competency-based ed, personalizing (hyped in the Alger paper), and standards-based reforms going back to the 80s is centripetal, not centrifugal. Hence the name common core of learning covered in my book also going into mid-80s. Centripetal means moving toward common goals or outcomes.

          There was a centrifugal ride at Six Flags when I was a kid where the spinning ride would force us against the wall and the floor would drop. Pulling out in many different directions is what APP keeps suggesting these databases are all about. It’s actually about what did students of given personal characteristics and backgrounds (who can remain completely anonymous for these purposes) have in terms of learning experiences and other classroom practices and activities that caused them to change in terms of their values, attitudes, beliefs, ethics, or behaviors. That is what is being measured any time a test or assessment is referred to as “high-quality.” It has to be getting at and measuring that subjective, internalized change within the student. It could not be more intrusive nor is it aimed at anything other than sculpting what used to be called the New Socialist Man. This time though no one but me and this blog is really giving an accurate heads up. Everything is designed to control a person’s consciousness so they are amenable to the planned radical changes in culture and being a subject in a politically directed, managed society and economy that purports to be able to provide Equity for All.

          That’s why the interests of Robert George disclosed as editor of New Forum Books on changing culture and his own books on controlling the internalized bases of decision-making matter to why APP would be so intent on obscuring the actual purpose of K-12 education reforms. The deceit gets the function and any outrage is directed at pushing for charters and ESAs that actually give even greater control over consciousness without any outrage. The fact that he assigned Bruce Ackerman’s We the People: Foundations book to his 2002 Con Law class according to the syllabus matters because I have that book and know it pushes a change in the nature of what the US Constitution should be to force the MH vision on us. It matters when he keeps thanking Amy Gutmann with her Democracy Education template ISC has covered for her insights into the Making Man Moralscript. It feels like an old Star Trek episode when Jean Luc Pickard used to say to his underlings “Number 1, Make It So.”

          All we get in terms of a Heads Up is the CCSSO mentioning the ‘Dispositions’ to be a Good Citizen. Did you notice the Catholic Curriculum frameworks used that precise term? It’s not about PII and it again is a centripetal process that the Catholic Church also clearly wants. Given that conference at Baylor this week so do the Southern Baptists.

          I am trying my best and the documentation could not be more clear. Accurate info though might get in the way of what Trump advisors are telling him about School Choice as a panacea in case he does win. He has no idea that it is actually the nitroglycerin accelerant desired all along. Efficacious Performance without Effective Scrutiny. That’s what the Atlas members want in education and healthcare. They just love these cronyistic public-private partnerships. I am afraid the megachurches just love the millions of dollars that now go with being a faith-based provider to illegal immigrants.

      • I just had a hunch confirmed. I’ve always been suspicious of the use of the Socratic method for instruction, and I’ve been aware that is pushed hard in Barney schools and “Christian classical schools,” apparently including Great Hearts.

        Remember when North Carolina was considering replacing Common Core standards with the “critical thinking” standards of Richard Paul and Linda Elder? I don’t know what happened to that push, but I did confirm that the Foundation for Critical Thinking is very high on the Socratic method. http://www.criticalthinking.org/pages/socratic-teaching/606

        • David Purpel created A Curriculum for Justice and Compassion in Education that was cited in yet another book and it explains the template that all these schools are using including, unfortunately, the Catholic Curriculum Frameworks. He explains that the exemplar is the Society of the Sacred Heart Schools which happen to have (at that time. Now another has appeared a Girls School in princeton New Jersey). He explains the fondness for the Socratic Method as used to create the principles and concepts that everything will be filtered through.

          In that piece Joy Pullmann wrote for The Federalist cited above touting the New Classical School in Indiana she used the descriptions “systematic history” and “disciplined-based Science”. These are actually terms of art going back to the Unified Science Math English Social Studies Curriculum Project from the 60s. It’s what I have been working on this week in between doctor visits. Can’t imagine why I would have developed high blood pressure, can you? At the moment I am plowing through the 1990 Politics of Education Association Yearbook to get a full handle on just how much everyone has lied about what went on in the 80s, how it relates now to ESSA, the Common Core and competency-based education, and what yesterday’s fraudsters are up to now.

          Until this last week I had not fully grasped just how closely the US was following the Soviet cybernetic template of Piotr Galperin at the precise same time.

          Funny you mention that Richard Paul push as Donna Garner in Texas was touting him too. I explained on this blog what the implications actually were and it went poof. Told me though what we are surmising the Atlas members want to control consciousness every bit as much as any admitted Prog prof like a Michael Apple or Henry Giroux. They simply hide behind language we are suppose to make false inferences about or open deceit. Sorry. If it’s provably false we do get to notice.

  5. The nature of the vessel is “Socialist”, (that is what the lairs really mean when using the word “socialize”), using contrived “social sciences” buttressing “legitimacy” with phony doctorates, across disciplines (anthropology, psychology, social studies, law, economics, etc.) to progress the US away from the “law/ethics” culture and system toward a “Technocracy” that infiltrates the legal system in order to do away with it. This has been in the making way before John Dewey.

    The shocking, horses mouth, heavily footnoted details are described in the book, “The Great Deceit”. The text is posted here: https://archive.org/details/TheGreatDeceitSocialPseudo-sciencesSocialistWolvesInSheepsClothing

    • This is from the Purpel Curriculum for Social Justice and Compassion which wishes to have classwork concern itself, just like the Classical Ed template and the Newman Society page with the new Catholic Curriculum Framework, with the “essences of the true, the good, and the beautiful.” This enables a “discourse directed at justice and compassion.”

      You say this goes back further then Dewey. Purpel takes it back to the Exodus story and Moses and comes up to Dewey. Here’s a quote before I go further nail down the False Narrative first created in the 80s.

      “However, to be liberated from oppression is a necessary but not sufficient condition for meeting our commitments…the Exodus story has two major points. First, the escape from Egypt represents one dimension of liberation–an escape from oppressive political, religious, and economic conditions, and the energy to escape emerges from a divinely inspired criticism of the very foundations of the oppressed society. Second, the work of finding the ‘promised land’ involves the task of dialectically relating the sacred imperatives with the actual building of a worldly community. It is not until the Israelites are at least partially free from their bondage that they are ready to be in touch with the sacred. As harrowing and dangerous as their saga of escape is, the trials and tribulations that the Israelites face [I really wanted to insert Grit!, Perseverence!. and Rigor! in the middle of this quote at this point] as they embark on building their new life are even greater.

      The story of the trek to the ‘land of milk and honey’ is one of rejection of the sacred imperatives, rebellions, counterrevolution, confusion, doubt, despair, disarray…Moses’ leadership swings, which ultimately leaves Moses taking on the role, not of general or king, but of teacher. In this sense Moses came to see that he could best lead his people to the promised land by teaching them the skills required to make a just world, a notion reechoed by John Dewey four millenia later in his concept of education as the process by which we can engage and make a world.

  6. You can take the history even further back to the Garden where Satan (“the great deceiver and counterfeiter”) temps Eve with a lie. The great battle we are in comes down to “God’s way” (Creationist – based on law-doesn’t change) or “Man’s way” (Socialist-based on man-constant change).

    Moses was a fundamentalist Creationist abiding in the “Covenant” law/ethics culture of the Hebrews whereby God is King. John Dewey, whose admitted purpose was to turn the US to National Socialism (I quoted the source on your blog before), was following Marx who was “Initiated” and partook in a “Faustian event”. Marxism has no original thoughts, but only used inversion of God’s Word whereby he combed and flipped scripture. If one doesn’t read the Bible; they will never be able to spot it; nor will they believe it. Grab any random page out of Das Kapital and have a non-Catholic committed student of the Bible read it and they will tell you it is all inverted scripture.

    Catholicism is man made, non-Creationist, “Roman”, and it changes. “Catholic Curriculum Framework” is part of the “Socialist” camp.

    The book “The Great Deceit” gives a few ties of Socialist Technocracy to Rome:

    ” Roman tyranny inspired world socialism From the very beginning the early socialists emulated the worshippers of the ancient Roman tyranny.”

    “Iggers explains: “The influence of the Catholic Restoration traditionalists on their thought was freely admitted by the Saint-Simonians.” 32 The Catholic Restoration traditionalists advocated an adoption of the old Roman form to organize Europe, Asia, North Africa and the Americas. They desired one gigantic empire controlled by a single government The early socialists borrowed this concept. Today, their political heirs conveniently avoid mentioning the reactionary sources of their internationalism. Thus, original socialist collectivism was based not only upon the closed static society of medieval Europe but also upon the degenerate Roman Empire.”

    “Saint-Simon, an aristocrat, created a philosophy designed to counteract the French Revolution and to push back the world to an industrial feudalism under a political structure patterned upon the old Roman Empire. Ludwig von Westphalen, a Prussian aristocrat, absorbed Saint Simon’s teachings and passed them on to Karl Marx, who later became his son-in-law.”

    “the papacy is no other than the ghost of the deceased Roman Empire, sitting crowned upon the grave thereof” – Thomas Hobbes “Leviathan”

  7. As a devout Roman Catholic, I will not pass over these aspersions on the Church unremarked, but I refer any interested reader to a lengthy defense of the Church which I posted at ISC some years ago. Here and for now I will say only that Marxism/socialism is to the Catholic Church as Simon Magus is to Peter, and add a plea that I think is especially appropriate at this historical juncture:

    Kyrie eleison, Christe eleison, Kyrie eleison.
    (first sung ordinary prayer of the Mass)

    Lord have mercy, Christ have mercy, Lord have mercy.

    • I figured you would want to say something and are in a much better position than me.

      On topic, when I was looking into funding for the Opportunity School District in Georgia and its fancy video hyping it as a means to protect ourselves from future criminals http://www.gaopportunity.org/ I discovered it is being hyped as Dark Money. http://mediamatters.org/blog/2016/10/17/atlanta-journal-constitution-exposes-dark-money-funding-behind-georgia-school-takeover-campaign/213887 Since I have been ruminating a great deal recently on how the False Narrative Dispensers keep turning out to have ties to the Bradley Foundation out of Milwaukee, that chart and the presence of all that pink really caught my eye. Notice too that although Bradley is not listed as a donor to the Mercatus Center, which we now know wants to control our consciousness while calling it Neuroeconomics and partnering with the Santa Fe Institute, it is tied to the creation of the Donors Trust, which functions like the Tides Foundation to obscure precisely where the money originated.

      Just a bit more searching pulled up this communitarian vision of Bradley for using philanthropy to reshape society from 1997. http://dev.hudson.org/content/researchattachments/attachment/1257/giving_better_giving_smarter.pdf I noticed that page 17 is almost verbatim what Emmett McGroarity said before the Evidence-Based PolicyMaking Commission. Except that report is all about promoting evidence-based philanthropy using the terms “results-oriented” or “what works.” Lamar Alexander chaired that Commission and he was also the keynoter to the 50th anniversary commemoration of the release of the Coleman report in March. Clearly the Bradley Foundation likes his work more than we do and has for a long time.

    • Yep. love how they go back and forth between the terms data, personal data, and Big Data as if they are synonymous. Notice at the end the writer came out at precisely the place called for in the Pioneer paper Emmett, Jane Robbins, and Joy Pullmann wrote that this same MO site touted almost as soon as it came out. http://missourieducationwatchdog.com/pioneer-cogs-in-the-machine-report-on-data-collection/

      At the time I read it and knew no one who wrote it either understood Big Data or wanted to make sure readers were misled much like the switcheroo in the May 2012 Pioneer/APP paper mentioned in this post. Regardless of the particular reasons this inaccurate papers keep being published, what it called for as well as this post you just linked is precisely what MIT prof Sandy Pentland called for in his book Social Physics . Since he is part of the UN Global Pulse and the SDGs are to be enacted via data and an obligation to Equity that doesn’t need anything to be personally identifiable, all these misdirections factually enable the UN’s Equity for All by 2030 vision.

      Notice the Bradley Foundation is quite familiar with evidence-based policymaking too as that is what they want philanthropy to be investing in. There’s a reason Emmett was on a different page than all the others testifying. His testimony’s function (whatever his or anyone else’s personal intent), like all the coordination among various state anti-CC compatriots who appear to coordinate which messages to hype and which to deep six, is to create a plausible Strawman to misdirect concerned parents and taxpayers attention. Anything not to actually appreciate the consistent aim across the board in education and to increase the drumbeat for remedies that benefit private ed providers like charter CMOs and ESAs. This post then turns around and badmouths private entities even though that Civic Commission report I just linked pointed out that “regardless of what changes government policymakers may pursue in the years ahead, the private sector must reform itself if it is going to play a substantive and effective role in aiding individuals and reviving communities.”

      Using data of course that need not be personally identifiable to constitute the needed evidence, results, or outcomes (they are all synonyms for data), that show effectiveness. If the author had actually read the reports she has cited to, as I have for the most part fully, she would know that they all use data as I do and as Bloomberg and the Bradley Foundation itself does and not the way it is used in these Pioneer and APP papers or as it was used in this testimony or in the letter sent to Congress misleading on the nature of SEL standards back in June.

      Mercy me, all these websites and individuals are just determined to show they are engaged in a ‘common enterprise’ intent upon a ‘common purpose’–taxpayer money. Fascinating really.

    • The Rockefeller Foundation released this documentary yesterday on redesigning communities, cities, nations. http://resilienceage.org/ Said it is part of a $500 million (they said more than half a billion) effort over past ten years. Given their financing of the Learning Metrics Task Force recently and hosting the meetings at Bellagio the redesign of people as the steerable micro-level is part of this effort, even if that aspect is kept under wraps. After all, they have their Atlas Network allies pushing that enabler via deceit over School Choice and ESAs and other invisible enablers of the needed transformation at the noetic level.

      The new round of antibiotics is kicking in and I do finally feel better. Am working on all the deceit again now and the use of the red herrings (frequently larceniously appropriated from my work and then manipulated to go in a altered direction than the facts actually support). The cardinal question then becomes what is the direction of that underlying trail that the Red Herring wishes to obscure? What remedy is the erected Strawman trying to get parents to advocate for and what are the actual, misunderstood and falsely described, purposes of that legislation?

      • Here we see the convergence again. Those full service community schools match nicely with human flourishing.

        “The old mindset of health as strictly physical is deeply locked in our zeitgeist. As a result, it challenges our ability to fully link drivers of poor health such as unsafe housing, discrimination, poor food access, toxic exposure, loneliness and low job security to overall health and well-being. The old paradigm also tends to place a lower value on community health, environmental health, nutritional health, spiritual health, and mental health. Because the standard attitudes about health prevents us from adequately discussing health with policy makers, the devaluation of these key upstream drivers of health hampers our ability to make systemic transformation consistent with the needs and values of community. Alternatively, a holistic model must by definition include all the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual dimensions of health. At its core, the whole person model emphasizes resiliency and supports and promotes one’s ability to actually thrive. Through this change in perspective and priorities, we can start to imagine how a truly healthy individual might look and feel. And we can imagine the types of neighborhoods, communities and work environments that would support and facilitate flourishing individuals. The whole person model requires measures that are both qualitative and quantitative, which are far more expansive than our traditional bio-physical measures of health, such as blood pressure, and include measures such as career satisfaction, adequacy of financial resources, community support, in addition to a sense meaning and purpose”

        • Once education becomes about fostering well-being and health has the same goal as opposed to the treating illness approach, they have the same goals. Suddenly the emphasis in addition to tracking and changing what has been internalized and then changing the nature of all those external environments–schools, communities, cities, workplaces. All treated as steerable human constructions that can be redesigned using data.

          If you want to see what the False Narrative looks like in a single page or less take a look at this. https://gabaptist.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/resolution-concerning-common-core-edcation-standards.pdf I don’t know if Tanya travels to other states, but I have never seen or heard of Jane Robbins of APP speaking in Georgia without Tanya being close by like a sycophantic puppy dog and General Enabler. That Baptist Church also began on land my grandfather donated to create the church. I was there that Saturday morning and heard Bill Evers speak as well. http://concernedwomen.org/images/content/ConfrontingCommonCoreEvent.pdf I remember because he struck me as only wanting to tell part of the story. Now that we know about the deceitful Closing the Door on Innovation and the role pincer role played by the Fordham/Stanford/Harvard coordination over the Kennedy School of Government’s PEPG–Program on Education Policy and Governance the need for that Right pincer narrative makes perfect sense. I didn’t know until I started doing the research into the Georgia Opportunity School District deceit that the Bradley Foundation is not just a PEPG sponsor, but it finances their Education Next publication. Since the Gates Foundation also supports PEPG, much of this ant-Gates hyping is simply to create a strawman of ire and to make more charters and ESAs the needed remedy.

          I just finished reading Cogs in the Machine fully and it too represents a mining effort from my book and this blog and then lying to readers of the report anytime it is inconvenient as was done in the Catholic Saying No to the Core paper recently. I had never read it fully because it was so clearly on the wrong trail. It really is not kosher to give a shout out to Cristel Swasey for her Datapalooza compilation, while mining the footnotes in my copyrighted book repeatedly to make a case. Tells me precisely what information must be hidden, what can be discussed, and what can be mentioned but only to mislead about.

          All to drive the needed legislation and get access to taxpayer funds. On the point of human flourishing, APP and Pioneer are willing to concede the managed economy role, but they clearly do not want anyone to recognize that managing the economy is not an end. It is the means to get to Marx’s Human Development Society. That end is what all the Atlas Network entities are also coordinating around, which is why they promote Amartya Sen and William Easterly’s work and why they misrepresented Hayek as I noted back in January.

          What a twelve months this has been as now we have the deceitful means being used to obscure the actual story in addition to the actual story. It has been an emotionally stressful time, but clearly necessary to truly learn what is going to happen via K-12 education whomever the next President is.

        • Following up on the Interpersonal Neurobiology claim on SEL Competencies I linked to below and found this in your state tying it directly to what Mindfulness seeks and for what ends. http://www.peaceinschools.org/events/2016/4/2/mindfulness-the-brain-interpersonal-neurobiology-mindfulness-in-education

          This fits too with what Kevin Ryan explains in his book on Character that ties to that Catholic Curriculum Framework and the APP/ Pioneer white paper creating the false narrative for it. He explains the difference between a Values focus and a Virtues focus. Come to think of this it would explain the NIH interest in the Science of Virtues at U-Chicago we also tied to the Templeton Foundation and redefining Liberty. Now we can tie it to the Witherspoon Institute via John Haldane and the Baylor conference.

          That Bradley Foundation hack was certainly fortuitous timing as they seem to be involved in so much of the false ed narrative and the state ambush chambers for alarmed parents upset about the Common Core. No wonder there appears to be so much coordination. I really think if there was an award for best metaphor to describe the underlying reality the Right/Left Pincer would be it.

          Jim Shelton calling for “transformative personalized learning” at last week’s iNACOL conference. https://www.edsurge.com/news/2016-10-31-is-personalized-learning-the-real-key-to-solving-equity-issues-jim-shelton-s-2016-inacol-keynote?mc_uid=8e418eabace01562056a64b868f50021&utm_source=EdsurgeLive&utm_campaign=87725b0830-2016-11-02-EdSurge+Newsletter+Ver+299&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_0f1ec25b60-87725b0830-292067965

          In the name of Equity and thus supposedly forced via civil rights laws.

  8. I was poking around New Forum Press, Robert George, ed. There is a collection of essays by Peter Bauer. Guess who wrote the introduction? Amartya Sen. It’s almost worth ordering the book to find out how she falsifies him.

    • Basically there has been a party going on and a consensus narrative and what appears to be a long-term coordinated strategy on how to sell it to us without our recognizing what is being sold.

      I wish I was stretching here to find connections. Instead they are hard to miss once we look into the sunlight instead of the proffered lenses.

      Don’t miss the book with Amitai Etzioni. I have that too.

      • Just had someone who lives in Wisconsin confirm that the Bradley Foundation has been hacked and their banking records taken. July 19, 2016 letterhead from the foundation vp of finance directing that $150 million in their funds be made available for the benefit of clinton campaign on July 22. Robert George is on their board and they are the financing behind so much involving “school choice’.

        Looks like my Left and Right Pincer analogy could hardly have been more apt. Told you that in education what hillary would knowingly push as President and what Donald Trump would naively push under the School Choice banner were actually headed to the same place.

        • I read about that but not on any site that is known as a credible news source, just bloggers. Seen the letter on Reddit but the validity was being questioned.

          • I talked with someone in Milwaukee area this morning and they said it is being regraded locally there as true. I had been looking into the foundation and it was created in 1985 with part of the proceeds from selling the company to Rockwell International. The last page of that philanthropy doc has the foundation calling for “democratic capitalism.” It goes on to state that its “aim is to encourage projects that focus on cultivating a renewed, healthier, and more vigorous sense of citizenship among the American people and among peoples of other nations.”

            That does sound like the MH vision. Since I pulled my copy of Benjamin Barber’s book after watching the PV video and he has been forthright, let’s compare: “The transformation of the role of work in our economic system will hence have to await the transvaluation of our civic and moral systems–something at which we will have to ‘work’ exactly in this new public sense.” I will pause in the quote to point out this sounds precisely like the Kevin Ryan book on Character and he was one of the authors of the APP/Pioneer White Paper on why the Common Core was bad for Catholic Schools. He is also speaking at that Baylor Conference that would have been last week.

            Resuming the quote: “Citizenship can again be our most human of all occupations…In a provocative realization of Marx’s prophecy anticipating a new world of abundance no longer rooted in endless labor, our society is moving toward conditions that could nourish the resuscitation of civil society.”

            Really fits too with the vision from Making Man Moral. Everyone seems to have a vision of forced altruism. I am sure they are disputing it. It would hurt the Opportunity School District in Georgia which already seems headed for defeat and all the School Choice work currently going on in so many state legislatures, especially Texas. Pointing to one piece of paper to show duplicity is so much easier than gradually piecing it together from reports and ties and false statements.

          • Lookie here at what was finished last year while Richard Thaler was a fellow at the mischievously omnipresent Center for Advanced Studies in the Behavioral Sciences. http://www.law.harvard.edu/programs/olin_center/papers/pdf/236.pdf

            So ironic that this paper is up at the Olin Center at Harvard since the Olin Foundation worked hand in hand with the Bradley Foundation on so many of these ideas on how to put K-12 ed reform “beyond public authority.” Same Olin Foundation that financed the training of judges in ‘economics’. That paper is called “A Behavioral Approach to Law and Economics.” Lots easier to assume nonrational actors for policymaking purposes when K-12 ed reforms being pushed via misexplained Common Core, School Choice, and charters no one reads actually require education to create those very same Head, Herta, and Hand integrated development and instilled Habits of Mind.

            Nothing gets the blood flowing like a law review article in the afternoon. At least I no longer have to proof them or spade them as in law school.

    • Looking at yet another paper on the joys of SEL Standards which certainly fits with what I have been saying and why there is so much deceit on SEL Standards. The article used the term “interpersonal neurobiology”. Once again we have acknowledgments with pictures that these ed reforms truly are about physiologically reshaping the student’s brains. http://www.drdansiegel.com/uploads/The%20Neurobiology%20of%20We%20-%20Patty%20de%20Llosa.pdf

      This tracks to the Gates-financed The Data Workout: How It is Impacting Teaching and Learning, which would also explain all the deceit around evidence-based policymaking too. The goal is to alter consciousness at a biological, lasting level without having that reality understood.

  9. On the Bradley Foundation webpage:

    “Strengthening American democratic capitalism

    The Bradley Foundation seeks to strengthen the American democratic-capitalist system under which the Bradley brothers prospered. It believes that democratic capitalism, properly understood, accords men and women the dignity they deserve as human beings, blah, blah, blah.”

    They’re also into competency-based government and flourishing:

    “Supporting limited, competent government

    The Bradley Foundation believes that ordered liberty with a limited, competent government leaves civil society and citizens, like the Bradley brothers, with more freedom to both flourish and solve problems effectively on their own, blah, blah, blah.”

    • This is the factual discussion we ought to be having on the Ethical Use of Big Data in Education if accurate information instead of misdirection was the whole point. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3rz6nnRlHGI&app=desktop Since it occurred about two weeks ago at the Princeton CITP-Center for Information Technology Policy Robert George himself could have been there.

      The speaker is Elana Zaide who is also a privacy lawyer and a Visiting Fellow at Yale Law’s Information Society Project. It is well worth the 37 minutes and she is clearly worried about many of the same things I have been trying to bring to people’s attention. The title of the presentation was “The Promise and Peril of Personalized Learning and the Rise of ‘Algorithmic Credentialing’.

      As I have noted before, the Bradley F owns the Encounter Books publisher and gave Instapundit’s Glenn Reynolds a contract to write the book The New School: How the Information Age Will Save American Education from Itself. In its Preface he mentions he did not know much about K-12 when he began writing on it (he has also written several Braoadsides) and thanks the Hoover Institution for all its helpful information. As we now know, the Hoover Institution is involved in PEPG and the Bradley F finances its Education Next publication which launched the publicity for the Right Pincer Closing the Door on Innovation in 2011. Essentially The New School touts what PEPG wants and what I recognized and covered in CtD as where the Common Core led to competency-based ed. Zaide ably discusses what the implications of competency really are and how it revolutionizes in ways I also have worried and written about on what education has now come to mean that are not apparent to parents and taxpayers.

      The New School trumpets digital learning platforms and competency-based learning in ways I found naive when I first read it. It accomplishes Hoover’s wishes though as well as the Bradley F that these platforms and the theories also going on in charters and in any Virtual Learning Environment not really be accurately understood. Zaide is an expert. I’m an expert. This is the kind of discussion that ought to be going on in this area, but all this testimony, coordination of blog support, white papers that aren’t true and mislead–al these suck the oxygen of facts away from the subject of K-12 education. Bradley clearly has an agenda that needs to be appreciated as well as these other blog sites and think tanks. Everybody wants revenue, but some also want the oitrage in order to mine it for new pieces of misunderstood legislation. We can only pierce through to grasp the chains that are supposed to bind us lastingly at the level of our minds and personality when we have factual discussions like Zaide and I have on these topics.

    • I just saw this post from summer 2012 and realized the significance of it being Jamie Gass from Pioneer at the anti-CC program at Roswell Street Baptist in June 2013 that I attended. http://www.city-journal.org/html/massachusetts-exception-13491.html

      This ties with the May paper from 2012 that Emmett and Jane wrote. Pincers, pincers. No one was supposed to know. Then I track down not only the real story, but all this coordinated deceit and then track it back into the 80s and 90s to grants and efforts no one has talked about.

      He is the Director of their Center for School Reform. The opposition to CC from the Atlas members or their employees was always to drive support for more charters and ESAs. The problem is that there is a paper trail in the old books that still exist and footnote to other books. Once you know the names, it is not hard to then locate the materials, download, and copy them.

          • The integral development of ‘head, heart, and hand’ is how Kevin Ryan, a co-author of that Why Catholic Schools do not need the Common Core paper from APP and Pioneer, put it in his book on Character development that also ties to the Santa Fe Institute via the introduction. Everybody–public, parochial, private, online, charter, etc. has converged around the same template, but we are not supposed to recognize that. Hence all the coordination and pretending to be on opposite sides of the need for Common Core.

            Plus Tom VanDerArk is on the Advisory Board of the Global Education Futures Forum http://edu2035.org/pdf/what_is_GEF.pdf whose troubling work we have been tracking. Notice Alexander Laszlo, Ervin’s son, is as well. The ISSS he is President of absorbed the General Systems Research Group hatched at CASBS that created charter theory in the first place. This appears to be a coordinated effort because it is. Bela Banathy was also a President of ISSS.

            With all those systems theorists tied to all these proponents of ‘head, heart, and hand’ education, isn’t it nice to know that Kevin Ryan’s Boston University is a partner to one of the NSF-funded Science of learning Centers where students are simply called in graphics -Whole Body Systems.” MIT and Harvard are also partners which works well as MIT is a partner to the Global Education Futures Forum with Skolkovo in Russia and both are partners in Charles Fadel Center for Curriculum Redesign with UNESCO, OECD, the World Bank, and the State of Massachusetts. Think of that when you read of the Massachusetts Exception and what they were actually piloting in those 1993 ‘reforms’.

            Finally, to keep pushing the connections, Fadel also has Character as one of the Four Dimensions of the new vision for education. The one that actually ties back to the 80s when Lamar Alexander was the Tenessee Governor and headed NGA, Bill Bennett was Reagan’s Ed Sec, and Chester Finn had just joined fed ED after starting this with Diane Ravitch when both were ed profs. http://www.philanthropyroundtable.org/site/print/1982_educational_excellence_network

            Just because I have decided to wait until after the election to write the next post, doesn’t mean I am not quite busy getting ready for whomever the next Pres is with all the pertinent facts.

  10. Thank you for sharing that video Robin. She was an excellent speaker. Quite tactful and politic as well with the subject. I’m sure she knows the powers she is up against in academia. And Law.

    • You are welcome. I am not sure she is standing up to anyone, but simply having an accurate discussion as to what is really planned that was being presented to insiders. Because I know the template I am paying attention to what insiders are being told in a broad range of related areas. It’s also why I know about this related drumbeat. https://www.livingcities.org/topics/impact-investing that is simply trying to profit from taxpayer dollars while gaining the ability to steer the ‘systems’ beyond the micro-level of the individual’s mind and personality, all the way up to the municipality itself.

      For those unaware Living Cities is connected to the foundations of virtually every Too Big to Fail commercial bank as well as the big investment banks. It was started by the Ford and Rockefeller Foundations going back to their urban renewal coordination in what would become Lincoln Center.

      http://www.routefifty.com/2016/11/municipal-model-place-based-impact-investing/132920/?oref=rf-today-nl details the interest in Dallas. Looking into that collaborative we find taxpayers funding a new grocery store in a previous ‘food desert’. This looks just like the Atlanta Model of Purpose Built Communities http://purposebuiltcommunities.org/general-chatter/the-atlanta-model-for-reviving-poor-neighborhoods/ with the accompanying charter. All using the so-called Evidence Based Policymaking theories and taxpayer money into private hands.

    • This is another excellent overview of what “evidence” really is in the context of learning and policymaking. https://www.edsurge.com/news/2016-10-30-the-case-for-learning-engineers-in-education?mc_uid=*|EDSURGE_ID|*

      Much like HOTS or SEL Standards or the purpose of Conceptual Frameworks and cultural ‘lenses’ in an AP course, these are all areas where there has been active coordination to deceive the public and taxpayers as to what is coming. Understanding all this as I do and as the investors in these Pay for Success and Impact Investing schemes do (because they are told in the desired meetings) makes the payouts virtually guaranteed. Now if there is overlap between the funders of deceit and the beneficiaries pf these behavioral science/public-private partnerships to engineer the Human Development Society, the reasons for the False Narratives and the subterfuge suddenly become quite clear.

    • As a former history major like me, it turns out the Gates-funded David Christian BIg History that horrified us in a post several years ago is coming at us without those names but National Endowment for the Humanities funding and sponsorship. http://www.nchs.ucla.edu/catalog/world-history-the-big-eras

      I have been tracking the Bradley Foundation’s work in the 80s from just after its formation. It appears to me (having read the Left Pincer in the Harlan Cleveland work at the same time laid out in CtD) that the Bradley Foundation was pushing the Marxist Humaanist vision for curriculum from the get-go and the use of Ascending from the Abstract to the Concrete. It certainly explains all the deceit over the APUSH coursework and why neither Stanley Kurtz or Jane Robbins have been willing to explain what Conceptual Frameworks actually are. Imagine my surprise that the same Thomas Bender who hosted the La Pietra Conference that Kurtz is willing to write about, but not fully explain had been on the Bradley Commission on History in Schools a decade earlier along with Diane Ravitch and William McNeill. It proves just how on the money I was in what is really being shifted in APUSH and what it ties to.

      Good time to reread that Trilogy that commenced here. http://www.invisibleserfscollar.com/mischievous-masquerade-apush-as-the-sought-coherent-framework-justifying-intervention-in-history/

      Everything is coming together. For anyone unaware, the Ethics and Public Policy Center where Kurtz is a fellow had a Board chaired by the same Robert George who founded APP and the Witherspoon Institute. He is also on the Board of the Bradley Foundation. I had always wondered as you know why neither Jane nor Kurtz would accurately explain what a conceptual framework was. I assumed someone they worked for wanted to make use of that same Ascending from the Abstract to the Concrete means of controlling perception. Bingo since that is precisely what the Bradley Commission said in its 1989 final report. The Commission’s work began in 1987.

      My dotting i’s and crossing t’s as we await Tuesday’s results continues. I have documented so much of the actions that seem to have fed all the deceit and the desired role for the law and public policy think tanks to enable the transformation without it even being obvious. Fascinating really.

    • Here’s some pertinent levity. http://www.steynonline.com/7590/sanctity-and-dispossession

      Plus it’s been five o’clock longer here than there. Made an angel hair pasta with crabmeat (claw), pesto. mushrooms, and lemon zest.

      Whatever happens tomorrow, I have used this time to document intentions that are the intentions of both administrations. It’s just that he would change course when he became aware of what these terms really mean and who financed what and coordinated with whom and how they tie to those creating transition plans. I guess I have been making transition plans too. Today was a good day and at least tomorrow is the last day of antibiotics.

    • Listen to this http://www.valuesandcapitalism.com/video/the-lambs-agenda-reconciling-righteousness-and-justice-in-american-politics/ This is from Atlas member AEI and the Ethics and Public Policy Center is where Stanley Kurtz is a Fellow and where Robert George chairs the Board.

      Reconcile Righteousness and Justice. If you listen it is a very communitarian, MH vision of Christianity, but most people will not recognize that.

      Joy Pullmann is also cited as being involved with many of this group’s events. This is just a sample of what comes up. http://www.valuesandcapitalism.com/joe-carter-and-joy-pullmann/

      The Acton Institute is also an Atlas Network member and very involved with School Choice and microschools. They had someone at a program I was at about a year ago.

      Here’s the more general bio they have up. http://www.valuesandcapitalism.com/joy-pullmann/ No mention of a Cog in the Machine or why SEL Standards are about a database of PII.

        • Well, it certainly will be a new chapter in terms of the CiC role and someone who clearly loves this country. I remain terribly worried though that so many of the announced ed advisors to Trump have clear ties to so much of the False Narratives. That’s not an allegation, but a factual description of the entities and institutions they are associated with, the conferences they have been at, and the books and papers they have written.

          Is there anyone in the Trump orbit who knows this or who recognizes the links among the Common Core, the Global Learning Metrics laid out here in the conference that starts tomorrow at Arizona State https://education.asu.edu/globalmetrics/program , and how the oft-announced Block Grants and School Choice actually work, whatever the President-elect’s personal desires to help all children. I have been very carefully documenting all this in case this day did dawn. Thank goodness it did, but the Trump train on ed is not going where he desires. At least that can be proven factually and we are not dealing with a Marc Tucker acolyte.

          Notice at that link not just all the unesco entities and George Mason repeatedly, but also that Pasi Sahlberg is no longer just a Finnish ed prof. He now has a position at ASU as well. Remember ASU has has close ties to Knewton and its learning platforms. Crucial for recognizing how ASU is in a position to push Global Learning Metrics with the Arizona position on School Choice as well as the Center for Sustainability at ASU.

          • So Sad to see the Masters of the Universe in such pain. When I talk or write about encountering the same visions over and over and the same people, I am not kidding. This popped out as I was looking for a copy of the 1980 Rockefeller Commission’s Report on the “Humanities in Everyday Life”–their plan for the remake of K-12 education as the ‘highest priority’ to get to their Bellagio vision.

            https://assets.rockefellerfoundation.org/app/uploads/20131001210617/Democracy-Philanthropy.pdf No need to infer. Remember too that Judith Rodin’s background is psychology and that she was also Pres of U-Penn where the social scientists went to create their work on steering human ‘systems’ after the Club of Rome chose the hard science Guiding Fiction instead of the consciousness altering social science choice.

          • I knew nothing about this Townsend McNitt that popped up suddenly as the transition ed advisor with Gerard Robinson. Where did Evers go? Looking her up, look at this– http://cpjustice.org/public/page/content/cpj_history

            It feels like a pinball machine of disturbing elements we have all mused over. I feels like the Agenda was lying in wait in case trump was elected knowing how little time there was until the inauguration if you start from scratch.

            http://cpjustice.org/public/page/content/mission is even worse in terms of what looks like piggybacking on a harried transition period to push quite the agenda.

          • I think I’ve mentioned before that my sister in law is a typical Portland social justice warrior. My brother told me via text that she literally couldn’t function beginning last night through today. Fits of tears, her country is ruined her ‘people’ minorities, lgbtq) are oppressed and victimized . In reality she is a white middle aged , middle class heterosexual woman. The force is strong here.

          • My college grad spent part of last night in front of the fireplace having us stop the tv coverage so she could read the various absurdities from her social media feed. We talk about ‘conceptual lenses’ and their function to guide perception and consciousness itself from an early age. What we are seeing is how entrenched their use already is and how the media and politicians rely on their unconscious presence to function as dog whistles to activate Habits of Mind. I don’t know your sil’s age, but we do know that Tranzi OBE has had an entrenched place throughout Oregon since the 90s.

            Either Donald Trump is the caricature he has been made out to be (which those of us watching him know is BS and none of us were surprised at the inherent graciousness he showed at 3 am in that acceptance speech) or the disconnect between the reality that is assumed and perceived and embedded neurologically will have to confront it has been lied to. The Californians especially who developed the CORE Districts especially love the phrase–MESH–for what they want to embed now via educational processes. Mindsets, essential skills, and habits of mind–are mostly unconscious and when you think you are acting purposefully and reflectively making decisions a student will actually be using the conceptual categories, themes, principles, etc. intentionally pushed via ed to control that decision-making. People become a controlled, programmable system in terms of how they react to experiences, interpret them, and make meaning of the world around them and their interactions with people.

            What we are seeing with the reactions to this election is how much that vision of how people can be manipulated in how they see the world is already in place. Their Guiding Fictions tell them Trump is a monster and hillary is lightness itself trying to break that supposed Glass Ceiling on behalf of females everywhere. The fact that she is the monster is clear to anyone who has dealt with the Clintons or read wikileaks or recognizes pay to play or the Benghazi lies.

            I have never forgotten the Trump Air stories when a wealthy New Yorker sent his planes to help bring soldiers home after the first Gulf War. I taught my children that the essence of who you are is how you treat the disenfranchised when no one is looking. Those of us paying attention and who see reality by staring into the sun when we need to know there was only one choice for President in 2016 that offered us a chance not to slide further into anarchy. If you must play Russian Roulette or perish, you take the gun with at least one empty chamber, not the one with a bullet in every chamber. Watching that standing ovation yesterday as huma abedin entered the room was so telling about the all chambers filled bullet we have just dodged.

            A 1991 book of Chester Finn’s just arrived yesterday as I triple check the rest of the story I have been quietly documenting as I fought both the sinus and respiratory infections. Finally off antibiotics! Woohoo!! Sometimes it’s the little things that make us feel liberated, huh?

  11. SIL is 36. Younger years spent in Portland, went through Portland schools. She’s been immersed in her people a very long time. Spending weekends at the Saturday market playing the bongos and smoking. Attending the Eugene country fair, a openly communist hippy nude party and mooching off anyone for a ride or free food.

    It has been very interesting to watch them frame this argument over the last 24 hrs. A very organized (preplanned, I suspect) group. Making this about racism, gender bias and calling the decision a whitelash. I suspect the protest is meant to help create the desire to return the statist back to a leadership post. See the chaos ? You need us to make this right for you, we’ll solve it, we’ll save you.
    Not shocking to see their lenses on full display since we are aware of it but shocking to watch the dog whistle blow and see the soldiers March immediately . Good Lord, they have created monsters.

    • Yes, but I am a very good investigator and look what has just popped out. http://public.callutheran.edu/~mccamb/renyi.htm

      That link I put up also confirms it was the Rock F behind “systemic school reform’ in the 80s in addition to what I had traced back to Bill Bennett at fed ED, Lamar Alexander at NGA, and what Chester Finn and Diane Ravitch hatched as the Educational Excellence Network. They also funded James Comer and the development of the Whole Child to make personal development the focus of public ed. Now I am wondering if they did not arrange for Rockwell to buy the Bradley Companies to create the Right Pincer subterfuge. It would fit with what I have and also Boeing buying the McDonnell company and suddenly we have lots of funding for those foundations funding steering complex systems and creating the Partnership for Character Education that is Kevin Ryan’s work (Catholic CC co-author of APP/Pioneer paper).

      That Rock F link says their purpose is to gain increasing social control and create a “science of human behavior”. It looks to me like these Collaboratives in Humanities and Arts Teaching work like the math-science partnerships that led to me writing CtD in the first place.

      Speaking of monsters, my daughters tell me there is a rumor rampant on campuses and among young adults that Trump wants to eliminate birth control and females need to hurry to get IUDs before his inauguration. Talk about a dog whistle.

      • Okay, Collaboratives for Humanities and Arts Teaching (CHART) from your link above Robin looks a heck of lot like this POGIL program for the sciences. https://pogil.org/about

        This bit O’ dreck is being implemented “strategically” along with traditional curriculum, I am assured by her teacher, in my daughters 10th grade Chemistry class.

        Oh and her Geometry class is using Exeter Mathematic Insititute’s Curriculum designed for use by ” Urban High School Teachers” Also Marzano based. Vocab controlled.

          • Sorry more… in Geometry the kids are being evaluated on their ” Writing on the Wall” Marzano based, managed/controlled word meaning, smart board, presentations with a rubric that is entirely affective.
            Criteria like:
            Shows confidence
            makes eye contact
            speaks clearly or my favorite the typo immediately after Speaks Clearly which says
            Speaks Cleary

            I am not making a “word” up here.

          • They are literally controlling the Tools of Thought for most kids in that class unless they just happen to be a voracious outside reader or, like you, recognize the underlying template.

            When I say this vision of competency-based education that School Choice simply extends everywhere treats the student as a system I am not being smartalecky. Student-centered or personalized learning wants to get at what is internalized by each student that is emotional or a habit and that will thus guide and motivate action unconsciously. It also wants to provide the lenses, concepts, principles, understandings that guide perceptions and interpretations when the student is consciously thinking and making decisions. The students feels autonomous but is actually every bit as controlled as any comrade in the USSR without feeling that way. It was developed in the USSR, remember? Lots of coordination across that not so Iron Curtain though even at the height of the Cold War.

            Basically everything going on in ed now was foretold in the past and I have the original plans over and above what is in my book. That is still the foundation though. Also reread Chapter 4 on Competency and especially the ties to Civic Attitudes. It makes so much more sense now as to why the ABA wanted that to be called Competencies as well. It’s about what guides future physical and social interactions in a given environment or context.

        • I went looking for that 1980 Rockefeller Commission paper “Humanities in Everyday Life” precisely because I was guessing it was about the equivalent of what the Next Generation Science Standards call DCIs-Disciplinary Core Ideas and CCCs–Cross-Cutting Practices and Disciplinary Practices. The last is what the ‘prof’ in the video calls thinking like a Chemist. We have also encountered it as thinking like a historian and our good friend Flyvberg simply called using the tacit knowledge of an expert (without the underlying body of facts). It is essentially role-playing. Remember that anytime you have ‘Guided’ anything the profs are backward mapping from Concepts and Principles someone wants the students to internalize as to how they interpret experiences and what they notice or ignore in the first place from day to day life. We have met them under a variety of names which is why they have tags such as Lynn Erickson’s Enduring Understandings that IB likes; Grant Wiggins and Jay McTighe’s Understanding by Design; what Harvard’s Project Zero calls Understandings of Consequence. It is inductive. It guides how you make sense of the world and is why the phrases sensemaking and meaning-making go with standards. This is also what the ESSA required Higher Order Thinking Skills is getting at contrary to what is in that Cogs in the Machine paper.

          But then I don’t write false narratives for any think tank paymasters, do I?

          This also is pertinent to this just released Student-Centered Learning Research Collaborative where the guinea pigs are in New England. http://studentsatthecenterhub.org/introducing-the-student-learning-centered-learning-research-collaborative/

          If you downlaod its Concept Paper found here http://studentsatthecenterhub.org/researchcollaborative/#Studies you will see a heading of “Thinking with and Through the Disciplines”. POGIL and CHART and the conceptual frameworks in APUSH that neither Jane Robbins or Stanley Kurtz ever accurately explain are all examples of DCIs. One of PATHS mentioned in CHART later moved on to be the Director of the National Writing Project. Remember Writing Across the Curriculum? Essentially that was an earlier name for what we now call CCCs–Cross-Cutting Concepts and Themes.

          You may want to reread Chapter 3 of Credentialed to Destroytoo on what constructivist math and science are really about. The curriculum is simply a tool to change the student, not a body of knowledge to be acquired.

          By the way, part of what I have been working on so diligently since the last post is to track this into the mid-80s and tie it to Bill Bennett when he was Ed Sec under Reagan and Chester Finn was under him and Lamar Alexander headed up the NGA as Governor of Tennessee. The materials that I have that are definitively about the fed-state cooperation to launch what became known as Outcomes-based Education is full of references to shift to higher order thinking skills and away from a fact-oriented curriculum. It is shameful given the narratives they later created. It all came out of my wondering about all the organized deceit and false narratives and intellectual property theft.

          • Thanks Robin. Maybe I should take heart that my daughter is tanking in the class. She cannot stand how it is being taught. Her 15 year old resentfulness is not a happy effect however.

          • The POGIL videos make it clear this is how it is being taught in colleges and universities as well. My old boss is on the Board at Franklin & Marshall. Made me sad.

            Introducing this in high school when it was not the elementary or middle school model is just cruel. It has to be in anticipation of hoped-for changes in the nature of college.

            I just remembered that Wharton is sponsoring this Reimagine Education 2016 conference on higher ed desired changes in early December. http://www.reimagine-education.com/conference/

            The President of my alma mater, Davidson, is scheduled to speak and I wondered why she is not telling the parents and my fellow alums she is talking about whether the classroom is now obsolete. That’s just what some one paying 60K a year wants to hear, especially if they have taken out a second mortgage. Download that Agenda for the conference. That’s the vision then everyone assumes we are switching to.

      • There was a line in this CHART link that broke my heart. The one about 10th grade world history students who could not read. So rather than teach them to read they had them evaluate card board cutouts of ancestors skulls ” decide on the basis of
        evidence and hypothesis which belonged to pre-hominids and which to homo sapiens.” Very Experiential. Very Dewey. Very Controlled Thinking. It got worse as it continued. Consensus this Consensus that. Group this and that. And the steering to “no clear answer ” as the answer as Synthesis.

        Behavioral Poison.

        • I know. The caricature of “basic education” was breathtaking in its distortions, and the references to reading a clear effort to deceive about the nature of the problem.

          • This New Zealand teacher and blogger is a reminder of how the drive to target the internalized basis of behavior and the Sense of Self is global. https://whatedsaid.wordpress.com/2016/11/13/a-beautiful-question-and-a-whole-school-inquiry/

            Hope she is not too shaken by what appears to be a substantial earthquake there this morning. As an aside, I went to a presentation yesterday put on by 4 different Atlas members and ESAs are indeed the whole ballgame and the reason for all this deceit, which in my mind amounts to coordinated fraud to get taxpayer money. When I asked a question about the “high quality assessments” called for in the Independent Institute/TPPF paper that would entrap homeschoolers in having their internalized ‘systems’ measured and monitored (I didn’t phrase it like that, but simply asked if the assessments were an essential component of ESAs), a well-dressed man on the 2nd row shot me a look of pure unmitigated hatred. I haven’t been looked at like that since I asked Robert Avossa, now the Palm Beach, Florida Super and a member of Jebby’s Chiefs for Change, why the SEL was such an integral component of the IB Diploma Programme and that that was the element the parents were concerned with.

            Proves what I had feared and suspected. For the Marxian Human Development Society planned by both sides of the pincer action for our 21st Century to work, EVERY CHILD has to have their internal compass reengineered. The Heartland employee, Lennie Jarratt, automatically shifted my question about assessments to answering using the not equivalent at all, must continue the deception word tests. I also got a copy of the December issue of School Reform News and there was an ad for Vicki Alger’s new book so there’s a direct tie-in to that ESA paper to what I attended yesterday.

            Did you know that publication, issued ten times a year, is sent to every legislator in every state legislature in the country? Quite the coordinated juggernaut I have tripped over tracking the reasons for both a False and a Stolen Narrative.

          • Excellent Shout by Diana West. Hope she keeps ’em coming and shows Robin’s work to others like her.

          • Thanks. It is nice to be recognized. The only way out of this conundrum of what is actually wrong in education and what the remedies are vs the accelerants is to recognize the false narratives. On that note, I am trying to figure out why Emmett McGroarity’s testimony to the Evidence-Based Policy Commission, down to the use of the same word-dossier-tracks so closely to what the ACLU and BadAss Teachers among others also desire. http://www.studentprivacymatters.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/letter-to-CEP-w-signers-final-11.14.16-pdf.pdf

            It really augments my assertion that pro- and anti- CC at the think tank level is proferring the same vision while misleading the public on its nature. Probably because where everyone is going fits so well with this vision for education. https://gemreportunesco.wordpress.com/2016/11/14/the-cop22-kicks-off-practical-discussions-about-the-role-of-education-within-climate-change-responses/#more-8847

            Being honest would certainly have a detrimental effect on grassroots fundraising I imagine.

          • I can’t help but notice that the Parents Coalition for Student Privacy paper has as their logo another stylized “Humanist Man”.
            At this point wherever I see a version of that image on display on any group website or paper I know pretty quickly they are likely controlled information or deliberate disinformation of some kind or another.
            Not a scientific test of honesty I’ll grant you but it has been a consistent barometer for me over time.

    • This goes directly to the point with your sil and also what having education create an internalized mindset is literally designed to do. http://blog.dilbert.com/post/153080448451/the-cognitive-dissonance-cluster-bomb

      Notice scott adams recognizes that reassessing the situation goes to what he calls self=concept and K-12 education calls “Identity”. The new Reschool Colorado Framework for the Future of Learning issued last week on November 8 has it targeted as “Sense of Self”. It is part of the 3-legged school to be cultivated along with Transferable Competencies and Agency. No shout-out to Albert Bandura except in the margin as I took notes. This matters because it is clearly again viewing the student as a system embedded in an environment and RS has ties to Rick Hess of American Enterprise Institute. Having Gerard Robinson of AEI as one of your ed advisors brings in Robinson’s boss’ vision even if I did not have Robinson and Hess repeatedly mentioned in the PEPG annual reports. Of course I read and downloaded them all before I ever wrote about them here at ISC.

      The Special Snowflakes we are seeing this week at colleges and universities and too many workplaces given the noncircumspect emails sent out to employees show what Tranzi OBE under its various names really targets. Let’s quote from the Colorado Framework on “Why a Sense of Self?” from the same state that hatched Bill Spady and Spence Rogers and Tranzi OBE as well as Marzano’s Thinking Skills. Colorado was also one of the 8 piloting states involved with the ed reforms Bill Bennett hatched working with Lamar Alexander of NGA.

      Why a sense of self?

      * A clear sense of self serves an internal consistency of who one is across time and multiple social identities (e.g., race/ethnicity, profession, culture, gender, religion)

      * A sense of self serves as an internal framework for making choices and identifying next steps.

      * A sense of self provides a stable base from which one can act in the world.

      This is the bullseye P-12 ed reforms at the UN, national, state, and local level aimed at for decades. Misleading parents and the public about this bullseye is the reason for all this coordinated deceit we have recognized from the think tanks, certain blogs, and their acolytes. Mislead the grassroots is the name of the game. Certainly don’t let them recognize that the Student Privacy statutes and Model Charter legislation (something else Gerard Robinson was connected to) and School Choice generally all make the targeting of the internal less visible but also more effective, especially as misled parents worry about Student Unit Records or Personally Identifiable Information.

    • Of course they are. I am about to start comparing this to Brer Rabbit insisting on being deathly afraid of the Briar Patch. He knew that was his Get Out of Jail Free Card that looked like the ultimate trap. This is the final boxed in trap that appears to be the remedy. I have an astonishing amount of material going back roughly three decades on this. It is not my gut instinct.

      I did hear at the Saturday program I was at that the Catholic schools are closing because they can’t compete with free charters. ESAs, according to the Heartland Institute, are the answer.

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